Haier Pakistan
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Resoursce Person : Sir Sajjad Mohsin


Haier Group
Haier is the world¶s 4th largest Home appliances manufacturer and one of China¶s Top 100 IT Companies. Haier has 240 subsidiary companies and 30 design centers, plants and trade companies and more than 50,000 employees throughout the world. Haier specializes in technology research, manufacture industry, trading and financial services. Haier 2006 global revenue was 107.5 billion.


Global Organization Haier Global Organization European Union 3 East Europe 3 1 2 6 2390 15100 North America 2 5 3 12260 China 42 7 36 13000 East Asia 3 4 1650 Mediterranean 3 2 2660 West Asia 2 2380 South Asia 7 1 3560 Worldwide Network Trading Company Design Center Manufacturing Industrial Park Sales Network Overseas 22 8 30 3 45800 Global Africa 4 1 2520 Southeast Asia 5 1 2670 Australia 2 610 15 58800 We Reorganize the Resources Worldwide and established Competitive Designing. Manufacturing. Purchasing. We are selling in more than 100 countries. Marketing and Service Networks all over the world. .

computers . dishwashers. of Subsidiaries Listed Subsidiaries Over 240 Haier Electronics Group Co. listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Qingdao Haier Co. washing machines.4 billion Average annual growth of 68% between 1984 and 2005 No. Ltd. mobile phones. commercial air-conditioners.Company Facts Headquarters: Employees Financial Information: . Ltd. microwave ovens..China Over 50. Listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange Business Scope Technology research Product development and manufacturing Trade Financial services Key Product Lines Refrigerators/Freezers. televisions..000 worldwide Haier¶s global revenue in 2005 reached RMB 103.

000.Washing Machine 8.Mobile Phones: 10.000.000 pcs .000 pcs .000 pcs .000.000 pcs .Refrigeration/freezers: 12.Production Capablity ‡Yearly Output (pcs/year) .TV Sets Ovens: 5.000 pcs .000 pcs .Dish Washer 1.000 pcs .500.Air-conditioners 5.

Haier Pakistan .

What is Haier Pakistan Joint venture with Haier China & RUBA Group State of the art facility in Pakistan Fastest growing Home Appliance Company in Pakistan Redefine home appliances market in Pakistan Upgrade lifestyles of our customers .

Marketing Department Introduction Media of Marketing Internet /Interactive Market Suggestions & Recommendations SWOT Analysis .

the company adopted the strategy of pricing the products at a premium and providing additional features . Haier entered Pakistan by establishing its own subsidiary in late 2003.Marketing The overview of Haier's entry and expansion strategies into the Pakistan consumer durables market. Contrary to its competitors.

Haier Pakistan Compatitors Competing Factors HAIER PEL ORIENT High High Medium Price Medium TECHNLOGY High Medium Medium QUALITY Medium Medium Medium MARKET EFFORT Medium Low Medium DURABILITY Medium Medium High SERVICES High Low .

. their analysis is as follow: ‡ ‡ STRENGTH: ‡ The strength of Haier is their brand image and their brand has a good name in the market and they created this image industrially and globally. ‡ The SWOT analysis of Haier depicts their standard in the industry. Weakness. So.SWOT Analysis ‡ SWOT analysis means to analyze the strength. opportunity and threat of any organization.

They are financially strong and their standard is also very high. . Their manpower is very low. So. They can overcome their weakness by putting some more efforts and making their manpower strong and efficient. ‡THREAT: The major threat of Haier is their rivals. Waves and Orient etc. they are trying to expand their business in Middle East and Russian states. But Haier is trying to face their threats effectively and they are trying to make their name stronger in order to make their threats less fearful. But some other factors like their strength and opportunity make them less fearful. ‡OPPORTUNITY: They have lot of opportunities.SWOT Analysis ‡WEAKNESS: Weakness of Haier is the manpower. They have a strong competition among their rivals because their rivals are also strong in the market like Pel.

Promotion ‡ Haier spent a considerable amount of time on deciding its brand strategy for Pakistan s markets. Initially. the focus was on the fact that it was the second largest home appliances company in the world and a global brand delivering the latest technology and use several ways of advertisements like ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Electronic Media Advertisements Print Media Advertisements Newspapers Billboards Internet .

Value Chain Analysis .

Sales Department Indirect sales ‡ Manage the franchise network ‡Ensure achievement of sales target of franchise ‡Coordinate with other departments for development programs ‡Training of franchise staff Direct sales ‡Meet assigned sales targets throughout the year ‡Maximize customer satisfaction and minimize churn ‡Generate new accounts and manage old ones .

while its net profit increased by 49.149 billion. stating that its operating revenue increased by 8.46% year-onyear to CNY33 billion.64% to CNY1. .Financial Report Haier has published its annual financial report for 2009.

Financial Analysis .

Human Resource Department .

Evaluation of HR Department ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ HR Department HR Planning Analysis and Design of Work Recruitment and Selection Training and Development Performance Evaluation Compensation and Benefits and Safety .

training and development. training and development. Then after it. Below. there are HR executives for Recruitment and selection. which only assists Manager Human Resource. There is also an HR assistant. and compliance.HR Department On the top of HR department is a General Manager Human Resource followed by a Senior HR manager. and compliance. . the HR administrator. there is an HR Administrator. Performance appraisals. There are also HR officers for Recruitment and selection. Performance appraisals. which work under relevant HR executives.

.HR Planning ‡ Planning is inevitable. or even in your personal live. Whatever you are doing in an organizational setting. but sometimes you have to face a situation when you are not prepared. A good professional and company must be able to handle such situations. you must plan it.

the need of the that department. ‡ Work for employee s motivation. ‡ check on employee s performance ‡ Developing career plans for their employees. ‡ Whether there is need for recruitment in the organization. ‡ Placement of their employees.HR Planning ‡ Human resource planning in the Haier is basically performing different kind of functions which are as follows. ‡ If there is demand from any department. they (HR department) identifies. ‡ Convenience to their employees. .

Employee Services ‡Payroll information ‡Leave and medical record ‡Final settlements and provident fund ‡Policies and procedures ‡Employees record and recreation .

Effectiveness & OD ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Training plan Talent management Performance management Employees retentation Orientation employee communication .

benefits and incentive .Staffing and Compensation Staffing plan and HR budgeting Management trainee and internship program Interviewing and selection Headhunters Compensation.

Structure Of HRM .

the activity HR department performs that first they compile the whole job duties. .Job Analysis When HR department is asked or demand for more employees in any other department. responsibility grade. work unit and placement and afterwards they prepares the job description.

.Job Discription ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Job title: Includes the job title for which it is being advertised Department: For which department the job is required Responsibilities: Includes the key areas to perform. autonomy and power. Specification: Includes the basic skills. ability. experience and Gender: They specify the gender for the particular Working location: Sites where he/she has to place for job educational background At the end the HR department specify the address of their particular regional head office and main head offices for these advertisement where the candidates send their resumes. knowledge.

HRM Human resource department performs different kind of functions/practices in this regard to make its effort more and more effective. ‡Recruitment & Selection process ‡Performance appraisal ‡Training & Development ‡Reward Management ‡Employee Discipline . . are as follow.


Submission of cases in proper order. Ability to handle difficulty . some of them are as follows:Regularity and punctuality attendance. Capacity for ensuring prompt disposal of work.PERFORMANCE MANAGEMNT SETTING PERFORMANCE STANDARDS AND EXPECTATIONS The PM&DC has set various performance standard for various jobs. Knowledge of procedure and regulations.

‡ 10.In personal traits. perseverance and devotion to duty. he should be intelleligent. cooperative. . Allocation of work so that no man is unduly burdened. Middle management is required to train/help and advise less experienced staff. ‡ 9. integrity and polite.Maintenance of record.PERFORMANCE MANAGEMNT ‡ 6. Standard of work. ‡ 8. ‡ 7. Maintaining discipline in the section. ‡ 11.


‡ORGANIZATIONAL CAREER MANAGEMNT Process by which an individual formulates career goals and develops a plan for reaching those goals. Organization¶s Roles ‡Providing job information ‡Implementing effective placement process ‡Supporting human resources system ‡Offering education and training . Career Management The ability to keep up with the changes that occur within the organization and industry and to prepare for the future.

Performance Appraisal ‡ Objectives of Performance Appraisals ‡ To measure the work performance ‡ To motivate and assist employees in improving their performance ‡ And achieving their professional goals ‡ To identify employees with high potentials for advancements ‡ To identify employees training and development needs ‡ To provide a solid path for career planning for each individual .

Key Principles of the Haier .

Performance Appraisal ‡ Objectives of Performance Appraisals ‡ To measure the work performance ‡ To motivate and assist employees in improving their performance ‡ And achieving their professional goals ‡ To identify employees with high potentials for advancements ‡ To identify employees training and development needs ‡ To provide a solid path for career planning for each individual .

Training to new comers: Haier provide the training not only to its employees but also to its new officers working outside the organization like franchise workers. A. Training development phase . the training needs are provided at various levels like whenever they introduced the new technology and when they entered in the new place. B.Outline of Training Programs Training needs analysis: Haier Pakistan identifies the training needs at different levels and provides them to their employees in sense to enhance their skills. sales officers etc. they provide training to them.

Training Programs .

Planned process for training & development .

.Managing Performance Performance management has three parts: ‡Defining the performance ‡Measuring or appraising performance ‡Feedback of the performance.

Developing skills in performance Management is wise investments that will help Telenor achieve its Goals.Process of Performance Management Performance management is one of the most important parts of a Supervisor s or team leader s job. Managing employee performance includes: Planning work and setting expectations Monitoring and measuring performance Developing the capacity to perform Periodically rating performance in a summary fashion Recognizing and rewarding good performance .