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Inside the MaxFire - Understanding and Troubleshooting the MaxFire Room Heater_2009

Inside the MaxFire - Understanding and Troubleshooting the MaxFire Room Heater_2009



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Published by Quark's Corner
2009 Service Manual
2009 Service Manual

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Published by: Quark's Corner on Nov 04, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Inside the MaxFire
Understanding the MaxFire Room Heater2009
Notice: This is an unfinished manual. I am still working on the troubleshooting section which when completed will be added to this document. I felt it would be best served in its raw state now as the heating season begins. Comments at this point are welcomed.For errors or suggestions, please “PM” Quark on the iburncorn.com Bixby Forum.Thank you for your patience.Quark 
This page is intentionally blank.
 iiForward:This document is written for all levels of experience and knowledge of the MaxFire stove; how it works andhow to troubleshoot it. For the beginner, there may be information that may be far too technical. For theaverage user it is meant to enhance the experience of using the MaxFire. For the advanced user and repairperson, it is meant to give insight to the sequence of the operation of the MaxFire and to make troubleshootingand repair easier and quicker. When the MaxFire is running well, there is no need to know much more thenfilling it with fuel, empting the ash drawer and some adjustments of the trim pot knobs. If the MaxFire is notrunning well or not at all, it helps to know what each part does and the sequence of the operation of the stoveto make an informed assessment of the problem and where or what to look at. Although one may gain a lot ofknowledge from any manual, hands on experience is still the best teacher. It is also helpful if one “toys orplays” with the trim pot knobs to see what happens to the flame and the operation of the stove at differentsettings of the trim pot knobs. How the flames looks and what it is doing is the key to keeping the stoverunning at its’ optimum performance.When we look at the MaxFire (and UBB) from the outside, we see clean lines and something that fits into thedécor of a room. On the Control Panel is a Touch Pad with four buttons and eight LED’s. We also see thehopper, firebox and ash bin drawer. It seems simple enough. Now let’s look inside of the stove. By removingthe right and left side panels we now see one or two printed circuit boards, two motors, two fan/motors, threeswitches, three sensors and a wire called a thermocouple. Now it’s beginning to look a little more complicated;but if we were to take out every part and lay them out on the floor, each part would not look as complicated.Just knowing this makes the stove a little less scary and easier to understand. But it still doesn’t tell us a wholelot about the how the stove works. To understand how the stove works, it helps to know what the function ofeach part is. So let’s look at the parts one at a time to get an idea of what each is and what its function is.Although I have tried to be as accurate as possible, the information contained within has been accumulatedthrough my experience working with the MaxFire stove and working as a Tech Support Rep. for Bixby energySystems. This manual will cover on the software released by Bixby Energy and not the beta versions. You willfind more information on the 2.71 version of BixCheck on the “iburncorn” web site. When you reach the sectionabout troubleshooting the stove, remember that there is more than one way to track down a problem. My beliefis to go for the simplest approach first. Also keep in mind that there are three separate entities we are dealingwith; the stove, the fuel and the operator. I have learned that biofuels are not like natural gas, propane or fueloil. The biofuels have a much more complicated aspect to them, namely where they were grown, moisturecontent and the way the growing season happened. To troubleshoot, we must first decide which is theproblem, the stove, the fuel or operator error? Most of the troubleshooting section will be dealing with corn asa fuel. As there are so many variables, keep in mind this is just a general guide but it will apply mostly to allBiofuels.Never be afraid to ask a question because you think it is dumb or silly. The only dumb question is the one notasked. Sometimes it helps to talk to someone just to hear yourself asking the question. When working alonewe can become stuck in one direction, so we must keep an open mind and be prepared to walk away.Sometimes just getting up and getting some fresh air and thinking of something else can give you a newdirection to look in. The purpose of this manual is to give you as much information as possible.Read on and enjoy.Alan MalleyTechnical Support RepresentativeBixby Energy Systems

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