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Published by eddfungus
AP biology essay questions from 1961 1962 1996
AP biology essay questions from 1961 1962 1996

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Published by: eddfungus on Jun 01, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1961:Describe and compare the excretory system of a flatworm (Platyhelminthes),an earthworm (Annelida), and a grasshopper (Arthropoda).Include labeled diagrams with your answer.1962:a. Compare the digestive system of a planarian with that of an earthworm.b. Compare the body wall of a hydra with that of a tapeworm.c. Compare the circulatory system of a crayfish with that of an earthworm.
DO NOT ANSWER THIS QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1967:Nitrogenous waste products are excreted by animals in various forms. Many aquatic animals excrete ammonia, birds and reptiles excrete uric acid, and manexcretes urea.Describe the formation of two of these waste products and discuss theadaptive value of these three methods of nitrogenous excretion.
1996:Structure and function are related in the various organ systems of animals. Select two of the following four organ systems in
: * respiratory* digestive* excretory* nervous For each of the two systems you choose, discuss the structure and function of two adaptations that aid in the transport or exchange of molecules (or ions). Besure to related structure to function in each exampleAdditional
NON-AP Exam question:Using page 639 of your textbook, describe the cleavage patterns, coelomformation, and fate of blastopore. You may use diagrams to supplement your written descriptions but you will not be given any credit for them. Plagiarism willresult in a forfeiture of all points.
1961:The flatworm, earthworm and grasshopper have very different kinds of excretorysystems. With the flatworm (Platyhelminthes) being the most basic, then theearthworm (Annelida), to the grasshopper (Arthropoda ) being the most complex.The flatworm has only one pore for mouth and anus, but the grasshopper and theearthworm has 2 holes, one for the mouth and one for the anus. The flatwormuses the nephridium as their excretory system. In the diagram below, you cansee this pore. For the grasshopper and earthworms, its quite simple also. Thefood goes in one end and pops out another. The solid waste of a earthworm,called castings, are very important for a healthy soil. The earthworm uses anexcretory pore called nephridia, which is also used in all the other annelids. Eachsegment contains this pore and the pore is connected to a metanephridia whichare primitive kidneys for the worm. The nephridium can be seen in the diagrambelow. The grasshopper excretory system is the most complex. The grasshopper like the earthworm has two openings. Body fluids goes are drawn to themalphigian tubules in the abdomen of the grasshopper. The body fluids arereturned to the body but the nitrogenous waste continues to the grasshopper’sgut. Finally, the nitrogenous waste is excreted as uric acid. In the diagram, youcan see the malphigian tubes of a grasshopper.
a.Planarians Earthworms
One opening for mouth and anus.Two openings, one for the mouth andone for the anus.Has a pharynx for food getting. Has a mouth for food getting.Gastrovascular cavityMouth, pharynx, esophagus, crop,gizzard and intestineSuck for food.Uses lips to grabfood
b.Hydra Tapeworm
2 germ layers3 germ layersBody wall creates a mouthThe body wall is the mouthCan release toxic needlesHave tiny threads to attach
c.Crayfish Earthworm
Opened circulatory systemClosed circulatory systemOne dorsal heart5 heartsRespiration occurs through the bodysurface, gills, trachea, and/or booklungsRespiration occurs on the surface of the skin when its wetUses copper to carry oxygenUse hemoglobin to carry oxygenBlood is with body fluidBlood is separate from body fluid

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