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Competition Mechanics Final

Competition Mechanics Final

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Published by: Ernesto Baconga Neri on Nov 21, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 The Street Is The Stage!
1. The crew should have a minimum of six (6) and maximum of twelve (12) members. Gendercombination is left to their discretion.2. All members of the crew should be bona fide students of Xavier University.3. During the screening, the crew should submit the following:a. Fully Accomplished Application Form downloaded viacsg.xu.edu.phb. Accomplished Waiver & Release of Liability Form downloaded via csg.xu.edu.ph
(just click thehip hop icon)
e. Photocopy of crew members’ school IDs These requirements must be enclosed in a brown envelope with the name of the crew written at theflap.5. Walk-in applicants will be welcomed provided they have the complete requirements. Also, teamsshould decide which of the 2 screening dates they will attend
(November 27 and 29, time andvenue to be announced at the facebook event page named “HIPHOP EXTREME”).
6.A selected number of group participants from the screenings will advance to the Championships.Selection will be based on the teams with the highest scores.7. For the Championships, the 3 teams with the highest scores will be declared as winners: GrandChampion, 1st Runner-up, and 2nd Runner-up.
Crews’ dance routine should have the look, posture, music, soul, groove, funk, and attitude of hiphop.2. The duration of the dance should be a minimum of 2 minutes, and a maximum of 3 minutes.3. The crews should incorporate a minimum of three (3) street dance variety, any old school or newschool style of hip hop (ex. locking, popping, krump, house, stepping, breakdance, wacking, tutting,vogueing, party dances, hip hop choreography).4. No vulgarity, obscenity, and explicit contents are allowed.5.Props that are not considered as an integral part of a crew’s “attire” are prohibited (ex. canes,chairs, tambourines, musical instruments).6. Attire may include accessories such as hats, scarves, caps, gloves, jewellery, etc. Removing piecesof clothing during the performance is permitted provided it is not offensive or out of character.7. Any costume malfunction resulting team members being exposed are grounds for deductions.Please make sure to have dress rehearsals prior to competition to work out any costume problems.8. Teams may choose to dance different routines at the Screenings and Championships, provided thatthe dance routine is still in accordance with the rules of the competition.9. Performance order will be determined by the event organizer via drawing of lots.
All music will be played through a laptop. Therefore, the crews’ competition music must be savedon a flash disk, which would be given to the organizer for duplication of the audio file.2.There is no maximum or minimum number of songs/recordings that may be used in the routine, andmay be edited to enhance choreography and personal performance.3.The competition music must not contain inappropriate, lewd, or offensive language.
An extraordinary circumstance is an occurrence beyond the control of a team that affects theirability to perform at the beginning or any time in a routine. An extraordinary circumstance is notlimited to the examples listed below and may be declared at the discretion of the event organizersand/or judges.For instance:a) Incorrect music is played or cuedb) Music problems due to equipment malfunctionc) Disturbances caused by general equipment failure, i.e. lighting, stage, venue, or sound system.d) The introduction of a foreign object or disturbance into the performance area, before or during aperformance, by an individual or means other than the team.
In case the routine is stopped by an extraordinary circumstance, the event organizers and/or judgeswill review the situation, and upon confirming a decision and correcting the problem, the team willbe re-introduced, and will be allowed to re-start their routine.
Claim of an extraordinary circumstance presented by the group after the routine has beenperformed will not be accepted or reviewed.
1.It is the responsibility of the group members, manager, or choreographer to report a groupmember’s injury or illness to the event organizers.
If at any time, prior to or during competition, a group member becomes ill or injured, or his/herphysical or emotional condition is at risk by participating, he/she may be declared ineligible tocompete, and may be disqualified from the competition. The event organizers reserve the right towithdraw any competitor who appears to have such serious disability or injury or needs of medicalattention.
 The event organizers reserve the right to request the submission of a physician’s writtenauthorization for a group member that is deemed medically or emotionally at risk by the eventorganizers to compete.
First-aid station will be provided by the event organizers.
 The judges will score the teams according to the judging criteria on a 100 point system.1. OVERALL EFFECT (25 pts)Confidence/Showmanship, Intensity, and Projection (10 pts)- Team’s ability to exhibit a dynamic and energetic routine that leaves a lasting impression on the judges and the audience. There’s appropriateness of music, costume, and choreography. Projection of the crew members is consistently strong throughout entire routine with an uninterrupted display of confidence measured by facial expression, eye contact, and body movement. The crew membersshould perform with enthusiasm, passion, and a natural ability to “sell it” on stage.Entertainment Value/Crowd Appeal (5 pts)- Ability to evoke feeling from an audience through use of high energy, showmanship, genuineexpression, and emotion.Street Presence/Attire (10 pts)- This is the capability of the crew members to demonstrate an authentic and uninhibitedrepresentation of hip hop dance. Street presence includes attitude, energy, posture, and street style.Clothing and accessories worn should represent and reflect the real character and natural style of theurban street environment with a unique look that sets the crew apart. Crew members do not have tobe identically dressed or in a uniform, individuality of dress is encouraged. Crews may wear stylizedclothing representing their routine’s theme. Theatrical costumes are not typical of the urban street (ex.storybook characters, animals, Halloween costumes, etc.), and are not recommended.2. CHOREOGRAPHY (40 pts)Creativity (15 pts)- Choreographing and presenting the routine in a fresh, unique way with signature moves that areoriginal and creative. Story, transitions, music editing, clothing, and a unique look and style thatstands out from other routines.Variety of Street Dance Styles (15 pts)- A minimum of three (3) dance styles must be performed in a routine to receive variety points. Themore styles a crew includes and performs correctly in the routine, the higher the variety score will be.Crews should include a broad selection of street dance styles selected from the list below withoutexcessive use of the same move or patterns. A varied range of styles should be shown in thechoreography of arm, leg, and body movements. The following are a list of Street dance styles fromearly foundation to present:LockingPoppingB-boying/Girling (breakdance)Wacking/Punking TuttingVogueingHouse DanceParty dances or Club dances (popular or trendy dances)Hiphop dance/ChoreographyKrumpingStepping/Gumboots

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