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110v Dc System

110v Dc System

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Published by Dani Khalid John

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Published by: Dani Khalid John on May 20, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1.DC system consist of:a.Battery b.Battery chargec.Loads2.Battery IntroductionIf two electrodes of different metals are immersed into a proper solution or chemicals, a chemical reaction will occur such that therewill be voltage (EMF) across the electrodes. Those arrangements arecalled cell. Batteries are combination of two or more cells.3.Types of Batteriesa.Alkaline/Nickel cadmium batteryPositive electrodes – Nickel Oxides + Cadmium Oxides b.Negative electrodes – Nickel – Ironc.Electrolytes – Potassium Hydroxides in distilled water 4.Charging & DischargingWhen the cells are connected to loads, current will flow from negativeelectrodes to positive via the load connections. This is calleddischarging. This flow of current causes all the properties of theelectrolyte and the electrodes to change and this reduces thecapabilities of the cell to provide voltage.To normalize the reduction and its properties an external DC current(charger) is introduced to the electrodes. This is called charging.5.Specific Gravity5.1is a method of measuring its contents or density of solution inwater (S.G for water = 1).5.2Measurement of specific gravity is done using hydromete5.3S.G for acid battery= 1.25 to 1.28
S.G for alkaline battery> 1.120 Note; hydrometer used for acid not to be used for alkaline6.Terminal Voltage6.1The output voltage for individual cells6.2Values varies depending on manufacturer and setting but insub-station normally:Acid batteries- 2.2 to 2.25 voltAlkaline batteries- 1.4 to 1.5 volt7.Battery Ratings7.1Usually battery rating is rated at Ampere-Hours8.Battery charge8.1To inject DC current to battery to charge battery8.2Consists mainly of a rectifier that converts AC to DC8.3It can be single phase or three phase input rectifier. Thethree phase rectifier is superior and more stable (low ripple)8.4Battery charger is rated at the maximum current output itcan produce9.Charging Facilities of A Battery Charger 9.1Float chargeA system where the rectifier + battery + load connectedtogether to maintain the DC voltage and at the same timecharge the battery.9.2Boost chargeCharging batteries to higher voltage and current. This is usuallydone when:a.Commissioning

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