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Lie Charts

Lie Charts

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A New Book Explains How Kinsey Perverted a Nation with False Science
by Marcia Segelstein
A New Book Explains How Kinsey Perverted a Nation with False Science
by Marcia Segelstein

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Published by: Judith Gelernter Reisman, Ph.D. on Sep 27, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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36 SALVO Issue 18
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ust three years ater World War II
ended and thewar heroes returned home, Americans came underattack again. This time, it wasn’t brutal dictatorsand their armies leading the assault, it was apseudo-scientist named Alred Kinsey. His 1948 book,
Sexual Behavior in the Human Male,
shocked the nationand lit the spark or what would become the sexualrevolution. America would never be the same.
compass upside down, ultimately causingwhat had long been considered wrong tobe embraced as right.
Outrageous Research Findings
Sexual Behavior in the Human Male,
 Kinsey claimed to have scientic data prov-ing that, based on their sexual practices,95 percent o American men could rightlybe accused o some kind o sexual oenseunder then-current law. Here are somestatistics rom the book, based on what isDr. Judith Reisman continues to lit the veil on the worko the celebrated academic and author in her latest book,
Sexual Sabotage: How One Mad Scientist Unleashed aPlague of Corruption and Contagion on America
. GraspingKinsey’s infuence provides the solution to the puzzle o whytoday’s children are growing up in a world so vastly, righten-ingly dierent rom the one those World War II vets knew.Kinsey ed America a pack o lies, starting with hisclaim that sexual behavior widely accepted as wrong was,in act, commonplace. From there, he pushed the lie thatsuch behavior was normal, and nally, he advanced the liethat it was good, healthy, and to be encouraged. Thus, bydegrees, Kinsey and his minions turned America’s moral
Lie Charts
A New Book Explains How KinseyPerverted a Nation with False Science
By Marcia Segelstein
Autumn 2011 SALVO 37
now widely acknowledged to be raudu-lent research:
• 67–98 percent of men had premarital sex.• 69 percent of white males had at least
one experience with a prostitute.
• 50 percent of husbands committed adul
• 50 percent of farm boys had sex with
animals.Regarding the last statistic, Kinsey wrotethat humans engaging in sex with animalsis “biologically and psychologically part othe normal mammalian picture.”Absurd and grotesque as that deni-tion o “normal” is, it gets much worse.Reisman writes that Kinsey was the rstacclaimed scientist to avow that “virginityis unhealthy, promiscuity helps marriages,pornography is constructive, obsessivemasturbation and bestiality are never prob-lematic, bi/homosexual sex acts are normal,and children are . . . appropriate sex part-ners or adults.”Included in the
Human Male
was a “Heterosexual–homosexual rat
-ing scale,” which purported to illustrate,based on “both psychologic [
] reactionsand overt experience,” the degree to which men werehomosexual or heterosexual. The scale indicated (based onKinsey’s interviews) that 10 percent o the male popula-tion was exclusively homosexual, most men were squarelyin the middle (presumably bisexual), and
were exclu-sively heterosexual.In 1953, Kinsey published
Sexual Behavior in the Hu-man Female
, which contained statistics equally shocking tothose in his
• 50 percent of women had premarital sex.• 26 percent committed adultery by age 40.• 28 percent went through an active homosexual period
lasting more than three years.Together, the books began to erode America’s Judeo-Chris-tian moral underpinnings.Who provided the basis or such implausible statistics?
According to Reisman, from 1941–1945, 68 percent of Kin
-sey’s total sample o males was made up odrat dodgers, violent elons, homosexuals andother aberrants . . . [B]y 1946 Kinsey added “1,400convicted sex oenders in penal institutions,” “twohundred sexual psychopath patients” and well over600 sexually abused boys. In sum, 86% o deviant“subjects” dened the Libido o The Greatest Gen-eration.As or emale research subjects, Kinsey selected—andpaid—prostitutes to represent American womanhood. Healso loosely dened “wie” as someone who had lived“at least a year” with a man. With such interviewees, it’sno wonder that he came up with high rates o premaritalsexual activity and adultery.
Extolled in the Media
Kinsey’s claims being both shocking and titillating, an eagerand willing media was quick to spread the word. The Au-gust 24, 1953 issues o both
magazines ea-tured articles on Kinsey, with
also putting him on thecover. The
article included a graph with this caption:
Sexual Sabotage
How One Mad Scientist Unleashed a Plague of Corruption and Contagionon America
by Judith Reisman
38 SALVO Issue 18
“MEASURE OF INDISCRETION is shown in Dr. Kinseys nd-ings: 85% o men and 50% o women have had premaritalsex experience; 50% o men and 40% o women have beenor will be unaithul ater marriage.” The magazine told itsreaders that Kinsey and his team o researchers knew more“about women than any men in the world.”The September 4, 1953 issue o
quoted Kinseyblaming marital unhappiness on “the church, the schooland the home.” Newspapers around the world covered his“scientic” ndings, while Kinsey himsel spread the wordby lecturing at colleges to overfow crowds. The hippie cul-ture o the 1960s was being spawned.Kinsey was extolled or his “daring sexual honesty,” asReisman puts it, while members o the Greatest Generationwere labeled “hypocrites.” Seeds o doubt were sown be-tween spouses, and in children about their parents. Reismanwrites:As the delicate connection between Judeo-Chris-tian morality and intimacy came unglued, insecuritycrept into relationships, undermining marriage anderoding amilial bonds. . . . Kinsey argued that theGreatest Generationwas
wildly immoralthat we needed to re-consider our legal andsocial restrictions.It should be noted thatKinsey did have critics,among them a committeeo the American StatisticalAssociation, which con-demned Kinseys methodol-ogy and sample selection.Committee member JohnTukey said that a “randomsampling o three peoplewould have been betterthan a group o 300 cho-sen by Mr. Kinsey.” The criticism centeredaround the acts that male prostitutesand prison inmates were wildly over-rep-resented in Kinsey’s sample, and that onlya sel-selecting group would willingly beinterviewed about taboo subjects.Gershon Legman, the “erotica” bib-liographer or the Kinsey Institute, wrotein 1964 that Kinsey’s studies were “sta-tistical hokum” designed to disguise his“propagandistic purposeo respectabilizing ho-mosexuality and certainsexual perversions.” Butthe critics’ voices weredrowned out by a choruso approving voices thatrepeated Kinsey’s lies sooten that they nallycame to be widely ac-cepted as act.
Pervasive Impact
Thus did Kinsey, whoseacademic specialty wasinsects, dupe the worldinto believing his “sex science.” Academ-ics bought it and taught it. Students be-lieved it, and it wasn’t long beore “reelove” became the dening phrase o theGreatest Generation’s children. The 1972best-seller
Open Marriage
, with its sug-gestion that indelity could enrich a mar-riage, became a hot topic o discussion. Itsauthors, Nena and George O’Neill, claimedthat “what really went on in the sexuallie o America had at last been madepublic through [Kinsey’s] rigorous scientic
Gershon Legman, the “erotica” bibliographeror the Kinsey Institute, wrote in 1964 thatKinsey’s studies were “statistical hokum”designed to disguise his “propagandisticpurpose o respectabilizing homosexualityand certain sexual perversions.”
ExclusivelyheterosexualbehaviorIncidentalhomosexualbehaviorMore thanIncidentalhomosexualbehaviorEqual amount of heterosexualand homosexualbehaviorMore thanIncidentalheterosexualbehaviorIncidentalheterosexualbehaviorExclusivelyhomosexualbehavior
The “Kinsey Scale,” frst published in
Sexual Behavior in the Human Male,

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