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Revit Samples

Jennings Blanc

Project 1.The Harvard square project is a studio assignment I had originally done by hand. This is one of my earlier studio projects that address circulation and creates views. Project 2. This project was part of an assignment in my structures 3/ Arch detailing course. The purpose of the assignment was to produce detailing using CAD or BIM. Project 3. The Salvation Army project was a renovation for a women’s rehabilitation center in the Southend of Boston. The goal of this project was to redesign the fifth floor of the facility. The concept behind the renovation was independence, liberty, responsibility, and re-connection with society. In this building, the fifth for was the last tier in the rehab process. Project 4. The storefront project in Chinatown was a competition I participated in the past year. The goal was to design I storefront that would provide and energy, cost, and/or an environment benefit to the store owner. My teams design uses a glass bottle wall as a trombe wall system to mediate heat from the sun during cooling and heating seasons.

News Stand Project Jennings Balnc BAC: Project 1 Site Plan 2 Revit Samples .Harvard Sq.

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Strcutures 3: Cafe/ Library Jennings Balnc BAC: Project 2 4 Revit Samples .

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Salvation Army Renovation Jennings Balnc BAC: Project 3 6 Revit Samples .

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Chinatown Green Storefron Competeion Jennings Balnc BAC: Project 4 8 Revit Samples .

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