Link each word in the left hand column with the correct description on the right. Vocab 1 Germination 2 Photosynthesis 3 Carbon Dioxide 4 Water 5 Leaves 6 Root 7 Root hairs 8 Stem 9 Temperature 10 Petals and nectar 11 Stamen 12 Stigma 13 Pollination 14 Fertilization 15 Seed dispersal • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • a Description The process by which a plant produces its own food. The liquid taken up (or absorbed) by plant roots. When a root emerges from a seed. The gas that plants remove from the air. This holds up the plant and carries water to the leaves. The parts of the plant shaped to absorb the sun’s energy. A factor that affects the healthiness of a plant. This hair-covered organ anchors the plant. These absorb water and minerals from the soil. The transfer of pollen from one plant to another. These attract insects to a flowering plant. The male part of a plant where pollen is produced.

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• m The top of the carpel (the female part of a flower). • n • o The movement of seeds away from the plant. The joining of pollen and an ovule.

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