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Every big mountain that attacks solemn skiers, Has a ghost in the oo!s

Where a skier lost his li"e, #isse! making a move, here he shoul!


a ghostly "i$ture near a tree,

The one that claime! his li"e Skiers s ear that they see him, Through the "alling sno , in the "aint light

% soul that

oul! not move on, on!ering hy he !ie!

He "eels he has to haunt, It

as &ust a terrible acci!ent, as nothing sinister to hi!e

%n! there

O" course

ith a su!!en !eath,

The soul has trouble un!erstan!ing %l ays be"ore hen he ma!e mistakes,

He al ays ma!e a har!, but sa"e lan!ing

'ut he &ust can(t acce)t the coroner(s "in!ings, That it as &ust a terrible acci!ent

'ut his ghost still remains, The skier(s soul is still trouble!, that(s evi!ent

So the haunting goes on, I guess it ill be that ay "or a hile,

*ntil that trouble! soul can a!mit, He as rong an! ith heaven can reconcile

by Tim Thayer