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I*m Broken, My heart strings have lost their tune Fianc has le t me, !herell "e no #ugust honeymoon

$e oun% a ne& love, But I think he &as a rai% to ace the truth $e nee%e% a mother, !here &as no &ay he coul% re ute

'omeone he coul% trust, !o ee% him an% &ash his clothes #n% to truly un%erstan%, !hat &oul% al&ays "e her role

I &ill recover, I shoul% eel lucky, it &as not me !o "e sa%%le% to that (o", !o "e stuck in a hole, or everyone to see

For man is the king, Everyone &ill orgive him )hats the "ig %eal any&ay* !he irst girl &as (ust a &him

"y !im !hayer