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Lecture by Mat Jakobi Rethinking Australian History

- Showed a humourous but confronting clip called Racist Raylene.

- How can I collect information to include cross-curricular activities? How can we ensure that the
information is contemporary and accurate?
- Indigenous Australian communities are matriarchal.
- It is so important to balance out historical interpretations.
- Think about different ways of including content which covers several perspectives. Avoid reproducing
partial content as the whole truth.
- Always depict Aboriginal peoples traditionally colonial discourse.
- Avoid overuse of the Rabbit Proof Fence movie.
- A good history teacher needs to find that space to tell multiple stories for a complete understanding.
- Post-colonial perspectives challenge colonial ideas.
- An Aboriginal family has the highest number of members in the Armed Forces in the world wars.
- History of Wars The Conversation.
- Consider Indigenous perspectives in Australian history.
- Acknowledge Aboriginals rightful place in the history of Australia, and currently.
- Decolonize the classroom, and work at breaking down stereotypes.
- Consider the different literature used to describe Australian history choose sources with care to
demonstrate several perspectives of historical events.
- Celebrate Harmony Week/Diversity Day. Etc. to include Indigenous perspectives to give recognition to the
special place Indigenous Australians have within the population.
- Aboriginal Australian did not vote and were not included in the Australian census before 1967, but many
chose to enlist in great numbers for major conflicts. Ask the students why this was so?
- Teach students how maps, anthems and flags differ for Indigenous Australians.
- Consider the difference in the meanings of land, place and possession for Indigenous Australians versus
white Australians.
- Look at the role of protests in Australian history.
- Captain Cooks cottage (which was transported from England to Melbourne) was vandalized on the 26
January (Australia Day), 2014 what are the advantages and disadvantages of such political protests?
- What was the actual intent of the White Australia Policy, and following policies?
- The repatriation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ancestral remains and sacred objects from
communities and placed in museums, universities and private collections. Was this right? What can be
done to resolve this injustice?
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