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IlINOVIS" Too"y was founded january 5. 1979.

by Sotguru Sivoyn Subrumwliynswnmi PUBLISHER: Sotguru Sivayn Subrnmuniynswami

duly, 1997 .--.-;--....,
"'2.9& to strengthen all Hindillineages. Publish'<l by Himalaynn Academy, J07 Kaholalele
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JULY, 1997

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Church and State: us Judge Foists Prayer
and Commandments on Courtroom 17
Cults: Heaven's Gate Tragedy Discloses
Media Bias 22
Heritage: Kerala Temples: Magical
Monuments in Wood 27
Religion: K:-enya's Kinetic Service Ethic 34
Sacrilege: SONY Apologizes for
p,..erosrnith's Controversial CD 47
l!1sight: F).fteen Core Hindu Precepts for
Parents to Pass On to Children 30
Astrology: Was Suicide in their Stars? 36
Discipline: Beating the Devil Out of Kids 40
Leisure: Call it a "Nice-Word Puzzle" 48
~rt:' Satish Gupta Paints Indias Soul 52-
f Publisher's Desk: Preparing to Pilgrimage
Through the Mind in Meditation 6
Editorial: Hinduism Denied Cult Status 8
My Turn: Heaven's G~te Did Not Open 9
Letters 14
Healing: Tools to Tame Pubescenoe 44
Minister's Message: All About, -HonOring 50
. , Quotes &Quips 10 Evolutions 44
, Dlaspora 11 Digital Dharma 54
: Briefly 20

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Of Inspired Talks
(e-mail) Daily News Summary
PUBLISHER'S DESK Meditating together: A family shares quiet moments in a foresJ. Fa-
ther has taught good posture, breath control, and indrawing atten-
tion first to the body's heat, then the nerve currents/ then the pow-
er within thl3 spine. Soon pure awareness is experienced .

Meditation: the . in rllllIling around the block three times. A powerful meditation
fills and thrills us with an abundance of energy to be used cre-

I(ey Is Preparation
atively in the external world .during the activities of daily life.
Great effort is required to make inner strides; we J;Ilust strive very,
very hard and meet each inner challenge. .
But what to meditate upon? What do we focus on during medi-
tation? Usually the sincere devotee will have a guru or spil7itual
You've heard you are not your mind, boco/ or emotions. guide' and ~llow his instructions. He may have a mantra, or sound,
which he concentrates upon or a particular technique or attitude
Here's a way to experience that reality every day. he is perfecting. If he has no guru or specific instructions, then
here is a raja yoga exercise that can enhance inn'er life, making it
tang]bly real and opening4Jmer doors of the mind. Use it to begin
BY SATGURU SIVAYA SUBRAMUNIYASWAMI each meditation for the rest of yoUl' life.
Simply sit, quiet the mind and feel the warmth of the body.
EDITATION IS A LONG strong inner strides. The finest times to Feel the natural warmth in the feet, in the legs, in the head, in the
a pilgrimage into the meditate are just before sunrise and neck, in the'hands and face. Simply sit and be aware of tha:t'
itself Generally, we be- sunset. The period of meditation should , warmth. Feel the glow of the body. This is very easy, because the'
aware that there is such be from ten minutes to one-half hour to physical body is what many of us are most aware of Take five or
thing as meditation after begin with. ten minutes to do this. There's no hurry. Once you can feel this
the material world has lost it attraction By sitting up-straight, with the spine warmth that is cre::rted by the life force as it flows in and through
to us, and previous desires-no longer erect, the energies of the physical body the' body's cells, go within to the next step. .
bind us to patterns of fear, greed, at- are transmuted. Posture is important, es- ,The second step is to feel the nerve currerits of the bO'dy. There
tachment and ramification. We then pecially as meditation deepens and are thousands of miles of nerve Cl!lrrents in each of us. Don't try to
seek through philosoRhy and religion lengthens. With the spine erect and the f~el them all at once. Start with the little ones, with the feeling of
to answer the questio~s, "Who am I? head balanced at the top of the spine, ):he hands. Now,Jeel the life force going through these nerves ener-
Where did I come from? Where am I the life force is qui.ckened and intensi- gizing the body. Try to sense t11e subtle nerve~ that extend out and
going?" We ask others. We read books. fied as energies flood freely through the around the body about three or four feet. Tune into the currents of
We ponder and wonder. We pray. We nerve system. In a position such as this, life force as they flow through these nerves. This is a subtle feeling,
even doubt for a while that there is a Truth to be realized or that we cannot become worried, fretful, de- and most likely awareness will wander into some other area of the
we with all our seeming imperfection can realize it if it does exist. pressed or sleepy during our meditation. mind. When this happens, gently bring it back to your point of
Oddly enough this is the beginning of the meditator's journey on But if we slump the shoulders for- concenrration;'to feeling the nerves within the body and the ener-
th"e path, for we must empty ourselves fully before the pure super- ward, we short-circuit the life energies. gy within the nerves.
conscious energies can flow freely through us. In a position such as rhis, it is easy to The third step takes us deeper inside as we become dynamical-
When we try to internalize awareness too quickly through vari- become depressed, to have mental argu- ly aware in the spine. Feel the power within the spine, the power-
ous intense and sometimes fanatical ways, we reap the reaction. ments with oneself or another, or to ex- house of energy that feeds out to the external nerves and muscles.
Meditation goes fine for a brief span, but then externalizes again perience unhappiness. So learn to sit dy- Visualize the spine in your mind's eye. See it as a hoHow tube or
according to the pro'gramming of our family and culture. To per- namically, relaxed and yet poised. The channel through which life energies flow. Feel it with your inner
manently alter these patterns, we hjive to work gently to develop a first obser'vation you may have when feelings. It's there-subtle and silent, yet totally intense. It is a sim-
new lifestyle for the totality of our being: physically, emotionally, thus seated for meditation is that ple feeling. As }'0U feel this hollow spine filled with energy, realize
intellEtctually and spiritually. This we do a little at a time. ~isdom thoughts are racing through the mind that you ru;e more that energy than you are the physical body
tells ~s that it cannot be done all at once. We have to be patient substance. You may become aware of through which it flows, more that pure energy than the emotions,
with ourselves. If we are impatient on the path, failure is in vie;vv. many, many thoughts. Also, the breath than the thought force. Identify yourself with this energy and begin
We are going to fail because instant spiritual unfoldment is a fairy- may be irregular. Therefore, the next to live your true spiritual heritage on this E,arth. As you dive deep-
tale concept. It is far better that we recognize that there will be step is to tr.ansmute the energies from . er into that energy, you will find that this great P9wer, your sense I

difficult challenges as the subconscious looms up with all of its the intellectual area of th~ mind through of awru;eness and your willp9wer are all one and the same thing. '
conflicts and confusions, heavy and strong. If our eventual goal is the breath, in just the same way as the The fourth step c'omes as we plunge awareness into the essence,
clearly in mind and we have a positive step-by-step plan on how to proper attitude, preparation and posture the center of this energy in the head and spine. This requires gJ eat
reach that goal, then we won't,get excited when something goes transmuted the physical-instinctive en- discipline and exacting control to bring awareness to the point of
wr ong, because we view our mental and emotional storms in their ergie? Through regulation of the Ifreath, being a\~are of itself-pure awareness~ not aware of any object,
proper and temporary perspectii('e. thoughts C\!e stilled and awareness moves ..; '-'!".........". feeling or thQ!lght. The Yajur Vedas states, "Sublest of the subtle,
In the beginning, it is best to find a suitable room that is dedi- into an area of the mind which does not greatest of of the great, the u.tman is hidden in the cave of the
cated solely to meditation. If you were a carpenter, you would get think, but conceives and intuits. we are counting to the beat of the heart. This exercise allows -heart of all beings." Go into the physical forces that flood day and
a shop for that purpose. You have a room for eating, a room for There ru;e vast and powerful systems of breathing that can stim- awareness to flow int.o an area of the mind that is intensely alive, night through the spine and body. Then go into the energy of that,
sleeping. Now, you need a room just for the purpose of meditation. ulate the mind, sometimes to excess. Deep meditation requires peaceful, blissful and conceives the totality of a concept rather deeper into the vast inner space of that, into the essence of that,
When you find it, wash the walls and ceiling, clean the windows. only that the breath be systematically slowed or lengthened. This than thinking out the various parts. ' into the that of that, ~d into the that of that. As you sit in th!s
Pt~pare a small altar if you like,bringing together the elements of happens naturally as we go within, but can be encouraged by a After you have quieted the body and the breath is flowing reg- state, new energies will flood the body, flowing out through the
earth, air, fire and water and any divine images that inspire you. simple method of breathing, called pranayama, during which the ularly, close your eyes. Close your ears and shut off the external nerve system, out int{) the exWrior world. The nature becomes
Establish a time for your meditations and meet those times breath is counted: nine counts as we inhale, hold one count, nine sense perceptionS. Having thus quieted the outer forces, we are very refined in meditating in this way. Once you are thus C'entered
strictly. There will be days when you just don't feel like meditating. counts as we exhale, hold one count. The length of the beats or the prepared to meditate. Just sitting is not enough. To meditate 'for wifhin yourself, you are ready to pursue a meditation, a mantra or ,I
Good. Those are often the best days, the times when we make rhythm of the breath will slow as the meditation is sustained, until even ten or fifteen minutes takes as much energy as one would use a deep philosophical question.


- - -- - -------------~

24l&1t&Ta I

EDITORIAL fessional cult, requiring blind obedience of

neophytes (called interns) , making them MY TURN
work 36 to 72 hours at a stretch without

Cult Status Denied ~

- t
sleep, feeding them drugs and cafeteria food
until they submit their weary wills to the
leaders who live luxuriously on the dona-
tions of aspiring doctors. Clewly, if we think
This Suicide Got ,
it's good to preserve human institutions
An apocryphhlletter we received, explaining
why Hindus are discriminat~d against
which "brainwash" y.oung minds with the
persuasions we call:bulture, the science we
call medicine anG! the rites we ca'll religion,
No One to Heaven
then we can no longer denigrate the institu-
tion of the cult. Before legislation was enact-
ed, most cults were nothing but the other
Blame the wrong-thinking philosophy of
man's way of life. You ~an easily see why
governmental controll:s so very needed.
Heaveiis Gate, not the 'Eastern·faiths
From the Office of Cult Regulation and Licensing Of course, some orgaRizations, like some families, are harmful, so
United States Department of Justice,Washington, DC we have two designations: Grade A (for altruistic) and Grade B (for BY SWAMI BRAHMAVIDYANA,NDA SARAsWA),I
To Acharya P'alaniswami, Editor, )finduism Today bad). Our manual defmes a Grade B qualifier as "a malevolent
group, often with a charismatic leader, which deceives and abuses
OR THE MEDIA TO ASSOCI- .one body, it enters another, Loving Ganesa, at once simple,
" .l REETIN(;S FROM A VERY HIGH PLACE. WE ARE TRULY SORR,Y members' and causes real harm to the society In which it functi~ns."
ate the lunacy of Heaven's . depending on the actions (kar-
application for recognition as a US-Approved cult, Grade B licensees include dangerous groups that arm themselves
Gate suicides with Eastern ma) of the individual. Such
~Jr"'f''''''''rl 1ast year, has been delayed. As you may know, al- with automatic rifles, preach fear and hate and stockpile cyanide. deep and practical. teaches ever so /
beliefs is the height of igno- siinple and beautiful concepts
everybody in this country either wants to start a cult or Grade A groups include churches and institutions. Indeed, most of
rance. The philosophy of Heaven's were so twisted and contorted
one down, ane! this offiGe (established by Bill Clinton to our licensees are'Christian. The reason behind this predominance is many ways that Ganesas grace
Gate members was man-made by a warped mind.
monitor and license cults) has been inundated wi~ requests. When not governmental bias, but Congressiohal expert testimony that
, and not based on scriptures, • Heaven's Gate group mem-
tHe 39 members of a Christian group iIllSan Diego, California, left ChristiaI).ity dwells on the End of the WorlcP, the Apocalypse and the
. whe~eas the' Hindl!! philosophy is bers spoke about spacecraft can be attained by sincere devo-
their "containers" prematurely on March 23 [story on page 22], the Day of Judgment. Psychologists, have concluded that when groups
a timeless gift from God to and ascending in these to
enormous outpguring of media awareness helped us to acquire new hold the idea that the ,end is near, coupled with the belief that their
mankind. heaven. Their concept, in light
funding, and so we are able at last' to process your application. leader is the Chosen One (as with "Do" of the Heaven's Gate group), tion, song, prayer and meditation
There are three' kinds'b f proof: of tne seriousness of the E~r-
That said, we regret to inform you that your application has been you have all the ingredients for being a legitimate cult.
perceptional, inferential and scriptural. nal Vedic Dharma kno':"'n as Hinduism, is
denied, and .¥.ou will not-qualify for special tax breaks available to our We realize that the US press does sometimes ineptly brand East- to bring greater harmony,
Perceptional evidence is a -very weak fOl;m utterly silly. These people lived in a dream
licensees. By iaw, you are entitled to an explanation of this decision. ern religions as cultish, but their misjudgment will not help your-
The US government takes no position for or against c~lts. While of proof Basicafly, it says, "I see, therefore I world, hoping for a better experience out-
group to receive recognition from this office. That brings us to your
believe." But this proof fails very e?sily. An side of this world. Hinduism, on the other contentment and spirituality into
cults have historically been viewed as dreadful, dangercrus and even failed ·application. In your submissions, you have noted that we have
inferential 'evidence is, "Where there is hand, teaches one to live in the material
wicked, it is our'view that, like pharmaceuticals and nuclear fuels, not approvehl a single Hindu cult, an9. you have said this strikes you
smoke, there is fire:" Fire may not 'be visi- world but to not allow the material wdrld to ones daily life. An BOO-page il/us-
t~y can have a salubrious social impact if properly controlled by u~, as unjust. Scholarly informants assure us that Hindus just don't quali-
, ' ble, ~ut we infer the existence of fire look- live in the mind. It teaches the individual
your trusted elected officials. After all, we run the military, arguably fy. They cite the OsholRajneesh phenomenon in the '80s, but note he
ing at smoke. Sometimes, both these proofs to see the Omnipresent Lord in all beings
the most sophisticated, lethal'and well-equiped cult (we mean that in was a renegade Jain, not a Hindu. Transcendentpl Meditation is high trated resource by Satguru
the most positive sense of the term) in the world. As you know, the fail, and that is where the third~ scriptural and objects.
on many cult lists, but they make no claims of being Hindu, and the
evidence comes in. This is the greatest proof In all that has been said of the Heaven's
word cult is not inher~ntly negative. It derives from the same linguis- only danger they pose is a ruinous loss of follower( anxiety. .
tic root as culture and cultivate. In the sad case involving the Heaven's Gate Gate group, there seems to be no mention Sivaya Subramuniyaswami, $ J 9.95
It may seem discriminatory, but there are no credible Hindu cults.
leader and members, we note that their of God or praying to God. The fact is that
Our staff constantly counsels citizf1ns who think cult is a four-letter We have c~ncluded that this is your fault, not ours. Why? Hindus
philosophy was not based on scripture,l>. this group was not guided by spirituality plus Shipping (US $2,
w()rd and hold the fallacy that free- don't possess the narrowness that any
ACllording to HindU/scriptures, even con- but by a misguided man. This is clearl~
dom ~s protected by staying away resourceful cult nurtures i~ memoers.
templating suicide is a sin, what then to the case of the blind leading the blind, He
from-powerful people. To them, a Hindus see God everywhere and in Foreign $4), Also in bookstores,
cult controls one's life and guides speak ot: actually committing it! Our scrip- who associates these sorry individuals with
everyone. That belief renders them
tures hi'ghly praise the human form, which the lofty teachings ,of Hinduism is dearly
ones thinking. It is an organization, inept in the arrogant arts and the so-
is considered t@ be the rarest and most looking for a scapegoat, and, that too, a 1-800-890-1008
with a central authority figure, that cial and psychological antagonism~
precious of all lives. He who willingly gives sHent one.
imposes strict niles on members which are the bread and butter of 1-808-822-3152
and may restrict what one eats, up his body is punished by God. His soul is In my opinion, Hindus shoutd send let-
reputable cults. Moreover, they are
when one sleeps, what entertain- put into a lower form of life. It is made to ters to editors' of l1ewspape:t;s, magazines http://www. HinduismToday.
quite incompetent when it cOIl)es to
wander around, and it knows no rest. and such to express their outrage.
ment one watches and what bopks the requisite skill of forcing their be- kauai.
I think the Heaven's Gate group were Hinduism is a tolerant religion, true, but we
oil:e can read. It may even monitor liefs" on others, thinking, as they do,
members' sex life, forbid the free ' meant to die when they did: they would. tend to remain qUiet even as sO¥1eone de-
that all paths are worthy and each
use of certain language, require not have even lived a moment long~, but nounces our faith right in front of u~ I am
soul will ultimately attain spirituallih-
still God will punish them for taking their not by any means propagating violent or
that official clothes be worn and
dem~d obedience while denying
eration, with none suffering eternally I
in Hell: They are, to put it quite plain-
lives. The reason being that although the belligerent behaviors towards those who LOVING
time of death" right q,own to the exact mo- attack our faith. But I am saying, that we
all challenges to leaders' authofity. ly, too occult to be a cult.
Under that defiflition everyone's grandparents ran the original cult If ever these shortcomings are rectified-and especially ifyou or
ment, is determined even before 'birth, the
method of death is pot.
should become more familiar with om; own
, religion and defend it with a calm and
operation-the family. Families do all the above, and more. So do the your affiliated ashrams and,temples could offer some verifiable proof
Other concepts which were completely rational voice.
Boy Scouts, the White House, boarding schools, the armies and pris- of commitment to'a Messiah or a millenarian worldview or if Hindus
misunderstood by this group are reincarna- HIMALAYAN ACADEMY PUBLICATIONS
ons of every civilized nation, Olympic-bound sports teams !IDd virtu- are ever implicated in a mass suicide or if your tradition ever miti-
tion: and karma which are highly scientific SWAMI BRAHMAVIDYANANDA'is the director of I 07 KAHOLAlELE ROAD
ally every religious order ever founded. In fact, a good argument can gates its stubborn universalistic openness toward other paths-we
and logical truths. The soul carmot exist .o n the Satyanan'da Ashram, Florida, USA He KAPAA, HI 96746-9304 USA
be made that the medical profession is the worlds highest-paia pro- will be pleased to reconsider your application.
earth without the body, and when it leaves has been teaching yoga fo r the past 27 years.

8 HIN D U ISM T OD AY. Ju ~Y, 199 7


a.tUIPS /

"We shoul'd ye~rn for the Divine Spirit with confidence POP C U L T. U R E
~ I •

and with a.feelingof ~Ioseness as to a father and mother." .Rock Star with
Sri Karunamayi Hindu Planets
. A deeply devout man lived down in a val-. "Now I am become death, the destroyer of NJ.ot band named after an In-
ley. He had absolute faith that C{od would worlds." J. Robert Oppenheimer (1904---1967) dian.empel\.or poet combines Laugh club works out in India
always look alter him. One day a great quoting from the Bhagavad Gita as he Indian rhythms, Sanskrit
mantras and pop melodies. YOGA
storm came. It rained for days, and the . watched the mushroQ..1n cloud of tlW first
Lead singer Crispian Mills, son
vaHey flooded. The waters submerged the
first £loor of his home. As he looked out
'atomic bomb rise in the New Mexico, US4-
desert on July 16, 1945
of actress Haley Mills, says, Laugh Asanas
"We have lost touch with spiri-
from the second floor, a rescue boat came tualism in the West. Kula is ORE THEN 100 LAUGHING
by. "Come. We will save you," t1!e rescuers There once was a salesman who knocked on about spirituality, innocence
and a bright future. " In 1993,
M clubs now provide Indians
with venues for chortlirig exer-
cried. "Thank you," the man replied, "but the door of a Buddhist monk and. tried to
God will save me. You go help the others in sell him a vacuum cleaner. The Buddhist The cover of the USCR's March report on Sri Lankan Refugees he lived in a Hindu temple in cise. The Wall Street Journal
India, and last year returned to reported that Dr. Madan j
need." They tried to convince him to join monk thought about it for a minute and said, SRI LANKA Bharat for his Hindu wedding. Kataria started by organizing a
them, but finally gave up and left. The / "OK, I'll take one-but no attachments." Last September, Mills asked that group of five jokers at his home
flqod continued, submerging the entire War's Ravages Finally Told Columbia Records wait for a in Bombay. The meetings grew
house. The man took ~efuge on the roof A Mahatma Gandhi visited London in 1932. He plantery alignment at exactly , in number and now the good
5:05PM, Sept. 29, to sign on Kula. doctor has "popularized an an-
helicopter flew (wer. "Come. The dam has
broken upstream. ~e will save you," the
toured the city wearing traditional dhoti and
khadi shawl. People who met him were
Finto the war-torn Jaffna areas in the north of the ancient is-

land of Sri Lanka. In August of 1996, two representatives.of the

cient yoga breathing and yoga
posture" that exercises all 32 fa-
rescuers cried. "Thank you, no," the man shocked with his "ba,rbaric" attire, and he was privately-funded U.S. Committee for Refugees-policy analyst cial muscles. Club members
calmly replied. "I know beyond any doubt the subject of ridicule-notably by Churchill Hiram A. Ruiz and research assistant Katie Hope-were grant- from all ag~s and walks of life
If even a single one of the senses is uncon- that God will save me." They tried and himsel£ On one occasion Gandhi accepted an ed permission to visit Jaffna by the Sri Lankan government. line up, stretch and warm up
trolled, -all knowledge leaves a p'erson just tried t«: convince him. But h~ remained. invitation to tea from King George V, "Emper- Their thorough March 1997 report details, with interviews and with a few "ha ha has" and ''ho
recommendations, the plight of over half a million displaced Sri ho ho's." They gradually move
as water drainsofrom a leakinKwater vesseL The waters continued to rise, and the man or of India." When asked afterwards if he felt Lankan Tamils under key categories: conflict assessment; Jaffna on to a rib-splitting workout
M~nu Samhita, Verse II. 99 drowned. He soared into the inner worlds underdressecl, G~dhi replied, "His Majesty city security issues of rape, disappearances, checkpoints; the that devotees say opens the
in hfs soul body and found himself face to had enough clothes on for both of us." possible food crisis facing 500,000 civilians in the Wanni area breathing, builds self-confi-
"Fasting is possible. You can"stay without face with God. "I trusted you," he cried. under the control of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam; dence and evep alleviates high
food for a week or ten days, Feasting is also "Why didn't you save me?" God answered, Those who have worldly desires suffer detention center conditions and asylum in India. Copies of the Crispian Mills tunes into stars blood pressure and arthritis.
report may be obtained from:
possible. You simply~o and eat all you "I sent you a boat and a helicopter. What from restlessness even in"the solitude of the u. s. COM1UTTEE FOR REFUGEES, 17 1 7 MASSACHUSETIS AVE. , NW, SUITE 7 01 TRENDS
want. Many people are really fast when more did you want?" , forest. Those who have disciplined their WASHINGTON, D .C., 20036 , USA; PH; 202-3 4 7 -3 507

th~y end their fast: They are fast in getting senses, they practice austerities ~ven while MULTI-NATIONAL
to the refrigerator." Swami ,Satchldananda Life is like photography. You use the nega-
on the need to follow the "middle path" tives to develop. Swami Beyondananda
liv-ing in a crowded home,
Hitopadesha, Chapter 4
S ELF ~ E S S .S E R V ICE Muslims Protest US Statue


Rsword and the Koran has looked down from a marble frieze
FOR INSTANCE, I DON'T EAT THEM. ~E " UNBORN" APPEAR- depicting history's great lawgivers upon the US Supreme Court
I STILL HUNT MICE... I ance in the Himalayas since 1935. In February the Council on American-Islamic Rela-
of a young ascetic known tions called for its removal. The coalition of Muslim groups
as Haidakhan Baba ("men- claims it is an insult to Islamic tradition and that the sword re-
VEGETARIAN, I'M ALSO AN dicant of Haidakhan vil- flects stereotypes of Muslims as "intolerant conquerors." The
ENVIRONMENTALIST. lage") in 1970, was be- council's executive director, Nihad Awad, said "Muslims do not
I RECYCLE 'EM, lieved to be the return believe that the prophet can be symbolized in any picture or
of an immortal Hindu artistic sculpture." In rejecting their request, Chief Justice /

yogi. Babaji passed away William H. Rehnquist said the frieze honors the pmphet and
in 1984. In 14 years he carved will not be altered. Literature describing the £reize, however,
a pristine Hindu path: purity, will be changed to reflect Muslim sentiments on the issue.
simplIcity in living, the perfor- Kashmiri Muslims responded to his decision with demonstra-
mance of the Vedic fire wor- tions and a protest letter to the US. The situation is similar to
ship, chanting of God's name- the Hindu 1996 protests over Muslim artist Maqbool Fida Hus-
Om Nama Sivaya, meditation sain's 20-year-old nude painting of the Goddess Saraswati.
and service. Today Haidakhan Baba Haidakhan Hospital logo


Pooja, Devotional and Wedding Items
Pre-packaged items for Ganapati sitting (or dancing), Ram
Swami's Stamp havans • Religious statues
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Durga, Shirdi Sai Baba, Hanuman,
lish, Sanskrit, Gujarati Fax: 510· 793· 7026 Santoshi Ma, Tirupati Balaji, Vishnu,
SSwami Vivekananda's 1897
landing in Colombo, the first
and Hindi • Kohlapur
chappals, silk paintings, Pooja Shiva Nataraj, Krishna, Krishna with
Cow. 3 to 5" (7 to 12 cm) high. $19.95
stop after his "victory tour" to brahmni booti, kut, agar,
tagar, bhojaptra, lotus
International to $39.95. $3.50 shippg. Catalog.
Discounts for retailers and temples.
the West, with a centenary
stamp. Jbbiliant Hindus and seed • Men's, children's kurta, pajamas, sari blouses, sari falls - Nirvana Collection-
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rupted his address. Swami re-
strained his audience, saying,
"Let us practice a bit of non-
violence, even if they do not."·
Bearded Sri Reddiar wors1iips 529-year-old Sivalin&.a unearthed in Tamil Nadu, India Moneesh Gifts and Books Timeless Values
Lanka's 1997 Vivekananda stamp I
IN DI A tive powers, was made in 1368 • Religious Books: Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism, Leading thinkers such as Swami
in the Vijayanagar kingdom. Judaism, Islam, Christi'anity and other modern faiths. Chinmayananda and Thich Nhat
Unearthed After 529 Years Later, to protect it from invad- • Religious Statues: wood, stone, metal, crystal-l in. to 5 ft. Hanh offer their perspectives on
ing Muslims, it was chemically • Pooja Items: incense, dhoop, floral oils, beads and malas. the values that help us face the
1985 done in past lives as revealed in treated, covered with beeswax • Clothing: kurta pyjama sets, silk saris and punjabi sets, pooja . challenges of today.
Reddiar was having difficulty
progress building a
the planetary positions of one's and copper acet-a.te and buried clothes, wool shawls, cotton, rayon and silk prayer shawls.
• Natural Remedies: homeo, bach flower, vitamins, ayurvedic
ISBN 1-880687-11-9
US$lO plus $3.75 postage.
birth. Pundit ~ari discovered 32 feet under the bottom of a
small Ayyappa temple in Tamil remarkable correlations while temple pool. Only by un- and herbal preparations, massage oils and and more. Tel: 215-396-0390 or 888-269-7323
Nadu. ·He went to Vellore's Pun- matching Reddiar's planets earthing this Sivalinga would • Posters and Pictures: posters and calendars of deities, all sizes. http://www.chinmaya.orglpublications
dit Sri J. Hari for an astrological against the text. With prolific Reddiar be able to finish his • And much, much more • Mail Order Inquiries welcome. Chinmaya Publications
reading. The pundit used as a precision, he unfolded 13 pages temple. He pIOceeded as Pun- Free Catalog: Moneesh • 467 Brickman Rd. , Hurleyville, 560 Bridgetown Pike
guide the 3,300-year-old text of of interpretative predictions dit directed and dug up the NY 12747 USA. Tel: 914-434-8990 • Fax 914-436-5878. Langhorne, PA 19053-7210 USA
the Tamil siddhar [master of that explained how a 7-inch-tall Lingam. The ancient text man-
spiritual knowledge] Theiryar. Sivalinga made of five "poi- uscript and Pundit's predictive
It details the fruits of deeds sons," which would have cura- notes are all open for study.

THE VEDAS That which is neither conscious nor unconscious, which is We offer a wide selection of Roy Eugene Davis,
invisible, impalpable, indefinable, unthinkable, unname- Sri Chinmoy's inspirational a widely-traveled teacher,
able, whose very essence consists of the experience of its and instructional written author and direct disciple of
God's Word, own self, which absorbs all diversity, is tranquil and be- works, including essays, Paramahansa Yogananda,
nign, without a second, which is what they call the fourth poetry, plays and extensive " has taught in the kriya yoga
Sages'Voices state-that is the at·man. This it is which shou1d be known. answers to questions asked tradition for more than four
ATHAllVA VEDA, MANDUKYA UPANISHAD 7 by seekers. decades.
Lead me from unreality to
reality. Lead me from dark- He is the Supreme Brahman, the Self of all, the chieffoun- Music includes soul-stirr,ing Request information about
ness to light. Lead me from dation of this world, subtler than the subtle, eternal. That audio and video perform- his books and classes in the
death to immortality. thou art; thou art That. ances by Sri Chinmoy and his USA, India, Europe and
YAJUR VEDA, BHIHADAHANYAKA ATHkRVA VEDA, KAIVALYA UPANISHAD 16 students on instruments from other countries.
UPANISHAD 1.3.28 allover the world.
He should be known as one liberated while alive. He is Center for Spiritual Awareness
Subtlest of the subtle, great- blessed and is of fulfilled duties. After giving up the state Just published- p.o. Box 7-H
est of the great, the atman of being liberated while alive, when the time arrives for his Sri Chinmoy's long-awaited Lakemont, Georgia
is hidden in the cave of the quitting the body, he enters on the state of disembodied trilogy, Commentaries on the Vedas, the Upanishads and the 30552-0007 USA
heart of all beings, He who, liberation, even as the air attains the state of nonmovement. Bhagavad Gita: The Three Branches of India's Life-Tree
free from all urges, beholds Him overC0mes sorrow, seeing SHUKL~ YAJUR VEDA, PAINGALA. UPANISHAD 3.5 and a 4-CD set of selections from Sri Chinmoy's fifty Peace Tel: 706-782~4723 • Fax 706-782-4560
by grace of the Creator the Lord and His glory. Concerts offered in honor of the 50th anniversary of the http://www. • E-mail
KRISHNA YAJUR VEDA, SVETASVATARA UPANISHAD 3.20 The one who has not turned away from wickedness, who has United Nations.
no peace, who is not concentrated, whose mind is restless- In India:
Perishable is matter. Immortal, imperishable the Lord, who, he cannot realize the atman, who is known by wisdom. Call or write for our free catalog! A Master Guide to Meditation (Rs. 55)
the One, controls the perishable and also the soul. Meditat- KRISHNA YAJU1\ VEDA, KATHA UPANISHAD 2.24 The Book of Life (Rs. 65) by Mr. Davis.
ing on Him, uniting with Him, becoming more and more Heart-Light Distributors Motilal Banarsidass
like Him, one is &eed at the last from the world's illusion. Verses are drawn from varjous sources. Those taken from The Vedic PO Box 85464-H 41 U.A. , Bungalow Road
Experience by Prof Raimon Panikkar are available at www.Hin- Seattle, WA 98145-1464 USA Jawahar Nagar, Delhi 110 007
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A New Incarnation of the Bita's Truths
LETTERS Books by Swami Shankar Paramahansa Yogananda penetrates to
Impacting India tional orgaruzation. I myself, as a twenty-two There are only a few details of worship Purushottam Tirtha: the Bhagavad Gita's psychological
THE PUBLISHER'S DESK ARTICLES ARE FAN- year member of the society, struggled with an.sJ. practice that we share with Pashupatas, and metaphysical depths, revealing its
taj>tic. Gurudeva is really bringing forward many of ISKCON's shortcomings. Like most Kalamukhas and Lingayats. This influence Yoga Vani innermost essence. Many long-lost
the pure teachings of Saivis£ In India, members, I chose to continue to work with is only upon the external ritual worship. The Instructions for the attain- truths come to life in his new transla-
child beating, child labor and child abuse Prabhupada's society to advance the high original esoteric teachings of this sampra- ment of Siddhayoga during tion and commentary, illuminating the
are so common. Gurudeva is ~ rare soul who ideals he taught us, while overcoming the im- daya, which are obviously more Kaula Shak- sadhana. eternal questions found in every heart.
really upholds dharma. We hope religious pediments we faced. Despite all obstacles, ta than Saivite, remain strong and distinct postpaid: US$13.50 (USA) God Talks With Arjuna:
institutions will read the article "Bad Money, ISKCON continues to grow and have a posi- Unlike Virasaivas, our followers recognize $16.50 (Canada) The Bhagavad Gita
Good Money" (May '97) and cllange their tive impact on the lives of our cdf).gregation the Vedas and other brahmanic Hindu 1,224 pgs, two vols. w/slipcase, US$42.
approach when collecting donations from and society at large. Last year, ISKCON cel- scriptures. , But we recognize the Tantras Guru Bani Self-Realization Fellowship
the public. Such articles will have a good im- ebrated its 30th anniversary with events at [Shakta and SaivaAgamasJ as more author- 100 ways to attain inner 213-342-0247 USA (9-5 PacifIc)
pact on the Hindus in India. 400 temples worldwide. Each Janmastami, itative than Vedic scriptures. Thus, purely peace. How to live a spiritual
TNA RAJASHANKAR millions flock to ISKCON temples for dnr- tantric ideas and practices predominate rp. life-for monks and families.
BANGAWRE, INDIA shan. 1997 will mark the opening of major tills tradition, which is both Shakta (tantric) postpaid: US$9.50 (USA)
" temple complexes in Delhi and Bangalore, and Saivite. ·' , $12.50 (Canada)
and the world's fIrst Hare Krishna Hospital The erroneous statements about Tantra The Divine Vision of Radha Krishn
Jai, Gurumayi! in Mumbai. Our Food for Life project has Sangha were the result of HINDUISM To- Ayurvedic Products Distributors-wholesale or retail
catalog: $1.00 (free via e-mail) • Consultations • 2-year by H.D. Swami Prakashanand
I HAVE BEEN READING YOUR MAGAZINE FOR fed 85 million meals to the needy in 70 coun- DAY'S editors misunderstanding our original
Ayurveda CertifIcation Courses in person or by correspon- Saraswati, is a practical guide to
some time now. It surely has been an en- tries. Reporting from Chechnya about information given to them because of incor-
ric;:hing medium in my life. Often I have felt ISKCON's work during the war, fIle New rect translation and differences in language. dence (either by post or via e-mail). experience the loving Bliss of Radha
Krishn or any other form of God
that HINDUISM TODAY has been a kind of York Times stated, "Here they have a reputa- STANISLAV A.GOROKHOV
Ayurveda Holistic Center explained in our scriptures. It gives a
torch-bearer for me, shedding light on the tion like the one Mother Theresa has in Cal- TANTRA SANGHA, MOSCOW, RUSSIA
aspects of my oym being which I did not cutta." This April in South Africa, ISKCON ": clo Swami Narayan Tirtha Math crystal-clear view of the path to
82A-H Bayville Ave • Bayville, NY 11709-1671 USA supreme God. (US$30, 462 pgs.)
know existed within me. I have read quite a organized and catered a one-day event for
Tel/fax: 1-516-628-8200 • Ask for Swami Sada Shiva Tirtha International Society of Divine Love
bit of the writings of the great Indian saint 40,000 school children to promote cultural Actively Engaged .
Swami Muktananda. Thereafter I was eager diversity and tolerance. President Nelson , IN YOUR ARTICLE ("MANJUL BHARGAVA: E-mail: Barsana Dham • 400 Barsana Rd
to read and learn more about his successor, Mandela gave-the keynote address. The list Chalks up the Morgan Prize," MATH-A-MA- Austin, TX, 78737-9075 USA
Web: Tel: 512-288-7180, Fax: 512-288-0447
Gurumayi Swami Chidvilasana,nda. The ar- goes on and on. Despite the protests of a few GICIAN, May '97), it was erroneously print-
tide by her ("Ministers Message," April '97) detracters, Srila Prabhupada's movement ed, "His grandfather Dr. Purushottam Lal (Free interactive dosha self-test and articles) http://www.isdLorg
came as a wonderful surprise. Her article should be judged by its honest accomplish- Bhargava was a renowned scholar of San-
turned out to be like a revelation for me. Her ments, and the millions of people whose lives skrit." which gives the impression that he is
message is like a key which unlocked for me it helped change for the better. currently inactive in his fIeld. We would like
the deeper meaning of Swami Muktananda's ANNUTAMA DASA to emphasize the fact that Dr. P.L. Bhargava .
teachings, the most central teaching of NATIONAL DIRECTOR OF COMMUNICATION, ISKCON is actively engaged in writing books on In- Chinmaya Family Talks and Camps
which is, "God dwells within You as You." POTOMAC,MARYLAND,USA dology and delivering lectures.
She has so beautifully expounded further on MRs. MIRA BHARGAVA One week of discourses on By Swami Tejomayananda.
the same. I have savored every bit of her ex- Correct Russian Lineage NEW YORK,USA the Shrimad Bhagavat by An optimum blend of spirit-
tremely profound, yet amazingly simple THE ARTICLE ON THE TANTRA SANGHA OF Swami Tejomayananda of ual, cultural and personal
message. I am so deeply convinced that Russia ("Tantra Worship Catches The in-Rus- Chinmaya Mission. experience. Experienced
even if I were to hold on to a tiny bit of her sia," RUSSIAN REVIVAL, April '97) inaccurately Peace's Prayer August 10-18, 1997 teachers offer the essence of
teachings and ponder over it constantly, her described the Sangha's tradition and prac- I REALLY FELT HURT FOR MY FELLOW TA- San Francisco State University Hindu scripture at all levels:
teachings would open up a whole new per- tices. We are not in any way Pashupatas or milians after reading the article ("Sri Lan- adult, youth, and children.
spective of looking at and living life more Virasaivas, nor Kalamukhas [various Saivite kan Tamils Tell Tales of a Desperate Dias- • Shrimad Bhagavat • Bhagavad Gita
purposefully. I want to thank you most sin- lineages]. Unlike the Virasaivas, we do not pora," COVER STORY, April '97). If all the discourses by Swami .Shrimad Bhagavat
cer~ly for introducing your readers' to Swa- perfgrm pujas to personal Sivalingams. We people are killed and the land destroyed, , Tejomayananda. .Other texts • Meditation
mi <%idvilasananda and look forward to carry them around the neck only as a symbol, what will both parties have to rule? They • The Essentials of • Interactive groups
more in the future. not as an object of worship. We are Tantrikas ; have lost everything. Then there'll be no use Self-Realization-3 talks • Drama; cultural programs
NUTANGUPTA beionging to the Vatulanatha Parampara of of crying over spilled ~. I hope and pray to by Swami Chidananda. • Arts and crafts
MUMBAI, INDIA the Rahasya Kaula Sampradnya, a branch of Lord Ganesha that parties will sit down • Art, crafts, bhajans, • Recreation, and more...
the Shakta -oriented upasampradaya [sub lin- for peace talks, for the sake of the people. prayers and recreation
Hare Krishna is Alive and Well eage1also known as the Kali Kula Krama sys- MURUGAPPAN for children. Family Camps: .
DESPITE THE INACCURATE CLAIMS OF A tem in Kashmir Tantric Saivism. MALAYSIA • Morning and evening arati. July 18-25 Washington, DC 301-384-5009
paid advertisement in HINDUISM TODAY The Rahasya Sampradnya, (secret tradi- • Interactive group discussions. July 27-Aug 3 Allendale, Michigan 810-732-4255
("Betrayal of the Spirit," page 46, May '97), tion), teaches three ways (fIrst, middle and • Evening Cultural Programs: Stage productions of Sri Aug 4-10 Vancouver, Canada 604-433-3441
the Hare Krishna movement is alive and highest levels of the same Tantric Path) to Letters with writers n~e, address and daytime Rama Janma, Sri Krishna Janma and Krishna-Rukmini Aug 10-17 San Francisco, CA 408-998-2793
well. When our founder-acarya, His Divine God: t he path of Pashu (easy, not esoteric, phone number, should be sent to: Vivaha.
Grace A.G Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupa- Hindu tradition), also known as the "right- Letters, HINDUISM TODAY • Recreational activities. Vedanta for spiritual growth • Values for lasting happiness.
da, passed away in 1977, ISKCON faced se- handed path;" the path ofVira, or heroic es- 107 Kaholalele Road
rious challenges. Most disciples were young oteric tantric '1eft-handed path;' and the KAPAA, HI, 96746-9304 USA Chinmaya Family Spiritual Camps impart the essence of TalkslJnana Yagnas:
or faxed to: (808) 822-4351 Hindu philosophy and heritage to adults, youth, and children. July 7-11 Buffalo, NY 716-633-1633
converts and the institution was barely 11 path of Divya, path of highest level of or e-mailed to:
years old. Mistakes were made, and unfortu- Tantric sadhana. As tantrikas, S\vami Sada- Chinmaya Mission San Jose July 12-18 Toronto, Canada 416-663-6553
nately, some leaders went astray and caused shivacharya and his disciples follow and Letters qay be edited for space and clarity and may 1050 Park Avenue, San Jose, CA 95126-3036 USA Chinmaya Mission West • Krishnalaya
the society much pain and embarrassment. teach this tlrree-fold Tantric Path of Kula, appear in electronic versions of HINDUISM TODAY. Tel: 408-998-2793, 415-493-9020, Fax: 408-998-2952 PO Box 129, Piercy, CA 95587-0129 USA
This is not unexpected for a large interna- not the path of Pashu alone. .... INDICATES LEITERS RECEIVED VIA E-MAIL E-mail: Tel: 707-247-3488 • Fax: 707-247-3422!events
14 H"'INDUISM TODAY JULY , 1997 15

Teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda ,
The bliss of Dr. Vasant Lad, Ayurvedic knowledge the Judeo-Christian
God-awareness is Physician and Director of the God," not the gods of other
not an exclusive Institute, with visiting faculty, faiths, Moore said. "We are not a
possession of offer the Ayurvedic Studies nation founded upon the Hindu
saints and yogis, Program, seminars and pri- god or Buddha." Only Christians
but belongs to you vate consultations. have been invited to lead the
as well. "Self-real- prayers, but the judge's clerk,
ization," explained founDED In mo Yearly Curriculum: Scott Barnett, said he did try to
Paramahansa DH contact a local rabbi but couldn't
• I: Introduction to philosophy,
Yogananda, "is the pnRnmnHnnSn theory and systems (Fall). reach him. While Moore would
knowing-in body, IIOGnnnnOn • II: Introduction to Ayurvedic
not invite representatives of oth-
mind, and soul- assessment (Winter). er (eligions, he would not stop
them. "That's their right," Moore
that we are one with the omnipresence of God; that we do • III: Intra. to management of
imbalances (Spring). said.
not have to pray that it come to us, that we are not merely
Some of the judge's supporters ".
near it at all times, but that God's omnipresence is our
were troubled that Moore was in-
omnipresence; that we are just as much a part of Him now as • Correspondence Course by
sisting on his own religious free~
we ever will be. All we have to do is improve our knowing." Dr. Robert Svoboda, Ayurvedic Physician
dom but limiting its practice to
Through a series of printed Lessons for home study, you • Weekend and Intensive Seminars: Ayurvedic Cooking, Psy-
one faith only. "My personal view
can receive Paramahansa Yogananda's complete and accu- chology, Herbology, Pulse Reading, Sanskrit, Jyotish, etc.
is that our founding fathers
rate instruction in the Self-Realization techniques of medita- • Panchakarma-purification and rejuvenation by licensed staff:
would have permitted prayer
tion, concentration, and pranayama. This in-depth program oil massage, herbal steam, cleansing diet, herbal therapy, etc.
from other denominations," said
explains practical "how-to-live" principles for harmonizing • Ayur-yoga-integrating Ayurveda and Yoga for the purpose
former U.S. Sen. Jeremiah Den-
body, mind, and soul and is offered on a subscription basis of returning each person to his or her balanced state.
ton, who lead the Pledge of Alle-
for a nominal fee to help cover printing and handling. • Ayurvedic and Western herbs, extracts, oils, books, audio
giance at the Aprn 12 rally
For a free catalog of books and recordings, or further and video tapes and a quarterly journal.
information, please contact our international headquarters at: GoY. Fob James, who has
vowed to callout National Guard
Self-Realization Fellowship • 3880 San Rafael. Dept. 7HTG Write/call for our mail order catalog and information:
troops to defend Moore's beliefs if
Los Angeles, CA 90065-3298 USA The Ayuvedic Institute • PO Box 23445
Albuquerque, NM 87192-1445 USA necessary, said he doesn't think
Tel: 213-225-2471 (9-5 Pacific) • 24-hr fax: 213-225-5088
In my God I trust: The Ten Commandments are displayed behind Ju dge his j,.labama court Moore is being intolerant of non-
Visit us on t~e Web: http://www.yogananda-srforg Tel: 505-291-9698. Fax: 505-294-7572
Christians by refusing to invite
? =
. ---" CHURCH AND STATE them to pray in his court. "I think that's his
call," said James, a rally speaker. "You might

That Old-Time Religion ;

ask Congress how many Hindu or Muslim
leaders they have had to lead prayers." The
U.S. House of Representatives' chaplain,
who invites about one pastor a week during
Spiritual experiences of Swami
Shri Anandi Ma-Master in
the tradition of Kundalini Sivananda Radha
Judge posts Ten Commandments in courtroom; sessions to give the opening prayer, said
Tuesday in Washingtqn that he recalled a
Maha Yoga, will be offering by Julie McKay .. Hindus ~~not
inv_ited" to pray; before his sessions Muslim giving it at the request of a con-
public meditation programs in: , gressman. Imam Siraj Wahaj was invited by
Through the stories of Radha
Rep. Nick Rahall, a West Virginia Democrat,
• New York, NY: June 27 & 28 and Krishna, the author relates UDCE ROY MOORE DISPLAYS A PLAQUE the right to practice Christianity in his and gave the prayer in 1991. "There's no ex-
Tel: 212-877-7339 the story of Swami Radha's
of the Christian Ten Commandments in Etowah County Circuit courtroom. clusion that I know of," said the Rev. James
• Portland, ME: July 11 & 12 love affair with the Divine. Even the US. Congress passed a resolution Ford, a Lutheran who has been House. chap-
his courtroom and opens sessions with
Tel: 207-799-4449 By bringing these two realities prayer. And the judge, a Baptist whose in support of the judge (House Concurrent lain for 18 years.
• Antioch, CA: August 1 & 2 together, she allows us to see fight to J.ceep religion in his courtroom has in- Resolution 31) on March 6 stating "the sense The Anti-Defamation League of B'nai
Tel: 510-649-3005 the potential for each person spired a national rally, invites others to pray of the Congress is that the Ten Command- Brith, which has filed a brief opposing
• Cleveland, OH: Aug. 15 & 16 with a desire to focus on . with him-as long as they're 'not Muslims, ments are a declaration of fundamental Maore's side in the lawsuit, is concerned that .
Tel: 216-261-8498 hislher spiritual path. This Hindus or Buddhists. "They do not acknowlc principles that are the cornerstones of a fair the'judge appears to be Ep1dorsing a sRecific
book confirms that this edge the God of the holy Bible on which this and just society and the public display, in- religion to the exclusion 'Of others, s~d Jay
search is not in vain. Julie country was founded," Moore says. cluding display in government offices and Kaiman of the ADLS Southeast regional of-
Shaktipat initiation will be McKay, a student of Swami
Tens of thousands attended a rally at the courthouses should be permitted.' Repre- fice in Atlanta. "If I had a problem ... and I
offered by appointment each weekend. "With Shaktipat, the Radha since 1979, worked closely with her for seven years Alabama Capitol on April 12 to show their sentative Scott of Virginia complained that was in front of Judge Moore-and he knew
student is saturated with Divine Energy. After Shaktipat, the until Swami Radha's death in November, 1995. It was this inti- support for Moore, including national con- "the courtroom loses its neutrality when it what I did for a living and he knew my
Kundalini is permanently awakened and, like a mother, con- mate contact that allowed her to write this very personal story servative leaders like Ralph Reed of the endorses as pecific religious doctrine, and faith-I would feel tha; would bias his atti-
stantly cares for and nourishes her infant. One may be of Christian Coalition and the Rev. Don Wild- one Federal court has already decided that tude," said Kaiman, who is Jewish.
any religion, caste, or creed to benefit; for all persons, the "This is a charming, stirring and elevating love song within a mon of the American Famiiy Association. . the posting of the Ten Commandments in a Other critics noter;!. that Muslims worship
field of inner joy is the same. After Shaktipat, the Shakti will love song... a modern Gita Govinda."-Georg Feuerstein, PhD, The judge has won wide suppor~ from con- courtroom is unconstitutional." Others com- the same God as Jews and Christians, just in
take the student to the ultimate goal, without doubt." author of Structures of Consciousness . servaMve groups, as well a's Alabama politi- plained legal rulings were driving all s~s of a different way "With all due respect to the
cians and congressional leaders, as he ap- any religion from public view: . good judge, he is clearly wrong," said Leon J.
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dicted a long term in office' for now ex- the replacement rate (the rate at which .--time ofhirth can, in fact, be a big mistake
Prime Minister .H.D. Iileve Gowda. But 'one p~pulation remains stable). "Birth rates are beca,:!se there are no many really}ood as-
Bangalore astrologer, Ranganatha Desika, declining in f.,sia, South America and in trologers who can take into account all the
made a very contrary and uncannily accu- third-world mitions," says Wattenberg. "I different aspects of astrology to make the
rate prediction published in India Today think this is the biggest news ofthe centu- best decision. Also, there is no really good
(March 31st edition) that the PM would ry. I'm baffled that the story hasn't been . time, because all time has a good part and
exit office on April 27. He was just a few . universally disseminated. Fertility in China a bad part." HINDUISM TODAY columnist Dr.
days off and IndIa is coming down rapidly. At this Devananda Tandav911 says if the C-section
rate, they will be below the replacement is medically required, then "a propitious
INDIA'S FUTURE MAY INCLUQE ASEAT on the rate in an9ther decade or two." time could be elE,cted... " but he otherwise
United Nations Security Council under a decries the use of surgery or drugs simply
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four non-petmanent members to the 15- asks the Associated Press over Cal~utta's ef-
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I )


20 R INDU1SM TODAY J1:J LY, 1997
Comet Express: (jar left) The Heaven's Gate iveb page as it was lasPupdat-
ed. Everythose close to the grotfp did not realize this I'Red Alert" (a '17attle
stat-ions"'command from the Star Trek TV series) meant they would com-
mit su..icide the next day. (above left) Depict-ion of the benevolent aliens
they expected to join on the spaceship. ~bove right) The supposed com-
panion to Hale- Bopp appears to the right of the comet in this amateur pho-
tograph. The Saturn-like rings are likely an artifact of the telescope's op-
tics. (right) Shroud-coverfJd Heaven's Gate members dead in their beds at
the San Diego mansion. Visible are their identical black pants, new Nike
shoes and neatly packed suitcases and 3-foot purple tria:ngular cloths cov-
. eringJtheir faces.
• .J
CULTS Bonnie Lu Trusdale Nettles, a nurse he met group to b~lieve they were destined for res- a theory might in the past not get much
while undergoing treatment at a mental in- cue from planet Earth by aliens. However, publicity in the mass meclia, but the Inter-

The ·Spaceship Suicide stitution. She left her family behind to join earlier groups who announced exactly when net is a method of communication that PFQ-
Applewhite in a nomadic ex;i~tence, camping and where it would happen have been em- v.ides equal access to the legitimate and the
their way across America. Together they barrassingly stood up as the promised flying far-fetched, to the responsible report and the
concluded they were the two witnesses saucer failed to arrive. -Applewhite initially outright fraud. The website which advocates
mentioned in the Christitm Bible's "Book of believed that a real flying saucer would land the existence of this accompanying object
Revelations." They slowly collected followers to pick them up-armoupcing so in 1975. (and a coverup by world governments) is
Eastern Faiths falsely implicated as 39 members of a radical Christian by holding meetings where they frankly de- That never happened, and he too was derid- just as available on the Internet as is that of
, clareB. that they and whoever choose to fol- ed. Uter his belief change(i to one of shed- NASA or any of the irorlds observatories.
UFO cult die in hopes of joining an alien craft following comet IJale-Bopp low them would be picked up-by spaceships 'ding the "vehicle," the body, to allow tran~ But what was a harmless argument over
and taken to heaven. They went by the port of the soul to a new physical body some photos-all of which were explained or
name "The Two" or "The UFO Two" and by aboard a spacecraft crewed by ET-like dismissed as hoaxes-became something
N MARCH 23, 1997, THE FIRST man" and join him on a, spaceship a variety of nicknames, lastly "Ti and Do," ali~ns. Though'he and his followers clid not very different when Applewhite decided the
members of Heaven's Gate, following Comet Hale-Bopp. after the musical notes in the Western scale. know when thi§ might occur, they were con- object was indeed Ti's spacecraft and initI-
a . self-described "cult of Even as refrigerated coroner's vans "Unidentified Flying Object" (UFO) has tinuously on alert for departure. Apparently ated earnest preparations for the group's sui-
cults," mixed phenobarbital removed decomposing bodies from come to name an entire movement of people they awaited fulfillment of the prophecy of cide. In January, Applewhite posted a four- ,.
sweet pudding, washed the hous~, Eastern faiths, the New who beheve alien spacecraft are visiting the Revelation 11.12: 'f\nd t.hey heard a great page message on the Web and 95
it down with vodka, covered Age and the Jillternet became theI Earth. voice from heaven saying Ul).to them, 'Come newsgroups entitled "Undercover Jesus Sur-
their heads with plastic bags and suffo- scapegoats in a desperate search for Bonnie-Ti-dieQ. of cajlcer in 1985, ~d up hither.' And they ascended up to heaven faces Before Departure." He wrote, "I am
cated to death. Fifteen more took their some kind of rational explanation oJ after that Applewhite-Do-continued the in a cloud; and their enemies beheld them." about to ' return to my 'Father'S Kin-gdom.
own lives the next day in the swank, this bizarre incident-the largest organization, claiming that Ti was now in When Cemet 'Hale-Bopp appeared, Ap- This return requires that I prepare to lay
$1.6 million rented mansion pear San " mass suicide in US history. Parallels heaven waiting for the others. He insisted plewhite-now openly saying he vias Jesus down my berrowed human body ... as I did
DIego, California. On the third day, the were drawn with the People's Temple his followers regard their physical bodies as retumed-took this to be a sign that the end . approximately 2,000 years ago as Jesus."
remaining nine died. When disCQvered suicide of 900 persons in Guyana in "vehicles" and forbade sex among mem- had come. Earth was about to be "recycled, Members went to Mexico to buy the lethal
the next morning by a former member, the 1970s, the Branch Davidians bers-even to the point of castration for sev- , spaded un<ffir." Ti-whom Applewhite said drugs. Those in San I}iego bought a tele-
each body was neatly laid out on a cot deaths in Waco, Texas, in 1993 aneY eral of the men, including Applewhite him- was really the "Holy Father," as in "Our Fa- scope to check on the supposed spaceship
or bed, dressed identically in black ~ the Solar Temple suicides in Europe self. Everyone wore black and kept their .ther WhO art in heaven ... "-was piloting a trailing the comet, but returned it a week
pants and brand new black Nike sneak- Applewhite: Group's leader on their farewell video tape and Canada in '94 and '95. These hair trimmed short. The group s upported spacecraft, follOWing in the wake of :tIale- later when they wer'e unable to locate any
ers, partly covered with a purple I groups' obvious common denomina- .themselves by odd jobs as they wandered Bopp which had come. to transport them- such object. Nevertheless, preparations pro-
shroud, identification in one pocket, a five- turned to Earth. Tragically, this charismatic tor~Christianity-was unwanted knowledge about the United States, and fmally by de- the ascent into heaven, w hich they Veld to ceeded apace, and the day after Hale-Bopps
dollar bill and some coins in another. A former opera singer and son of a Presby.ter- for Americans, and the media was loathe to signing Internet Web pages frSlm their San be a physical place. closest approach to Earth on March 22nd,
packed suitcase sat nearby. ian Christian minister had convinced 21 fe- mention it is as they recounted the strange Diego mansion. They were proficien:t prs- an
These b~liefs were reinforced by inter- the suicides began.
Their leader, Marshall Herff Applewhite, male and '17 male wetl-educated, middle- history and theology of Heaven's Gate. grammers and counted among their clients net-wide debate over whether an unidenti- Searching for Blame: HINDUISM TODAY'S
died.with them, shortly after proclaiming on class Amerioans, ages 26 to 72, to kill Applewhite had been assembling his cho- many local businesses. _ fied object was indeed accompanying Hale- analysis of media reports suggests that bias
the Internet that he was Jesus Christ re- themselves, attain the "Level Beyond Hu- sen group since the 1970s, initially with Heaven's Gate was not the first Ameri'can Bopp, as, three photographs suggested. Such in wording and emphasis repeatedly shifted
the blame apd "responsibility as far East as spawned from corrupted truths." A word is already something wrong, something Swamis contacted wanted circumstances is a poor I choice to
possible, and J?!ayed down or covered up the count on the 470-page book published on twisted'about Eastern beliefs. It is a subtle by tIINDmSM TODAY make. The soul is left in a ·state of limbo,
Christian baSIS of Applewhite's pltiloSQphy. thOO website found Jesus 331 times, Bible bias, one which obscufes the very real judged the Heaven's earthbound, aimlessly floating on the astral
A few publications did nor do this. For ex- 41, but guru only 3, and no mention at all of Christian basis of Applewhite's philosophy Gate group misguid-· planey,where it remains untiJ-the time death
ample, The Washington Post, citing experts Vedas, dharma or mqksha. . and tries again to shift the blame to the East. ed, and their goal of would have occurred naturally Then it rapid-
su~h as Jim Lewis (whq had actually known In analyzing Applewhite's pltilosophy, Protest can change detrimental de scrip- reaching a spaceship ly r~incamates into exactly the same unwant-
the group, unlike most other 8!Cperts sound- most publications would cite "Christianity" tions. In a March 28th Reuter's wire service impossible, but were ed karmic situation it sought to escape.
ing forth ·on Heaven's ~te) said, 'l\pple- and "Eastern beliefs," as dual sources. Each report titled "Ma~s suicide shows no sign of sympathetic to their The issue for Hindus is not so much that
white never strayed entirely from hi~ Chris- time Christianity was mentioned, it would shaking U.S. cults," a swiftly-issued correc~ .sincerity and disci- of suicide, but the continuing media slant
tian upbrInging, and to the end his theology be carefully qualified. For example, tion replaced "Church of Scientology, a pline in searching for which attributes the Heaven's Gate incident
was bas~d on the Book of Revelation." Like- . Newsweek called his philosophy a "strange movement that has been accused of driving a higher mea1'iing to to some cornJ.pting Eastern influence. As
wise, the Sacramento Bee quoted University brew of twisted Christian theology." Th~n members to suicide and bankruptcy" with life. From the Hindu was found rec~ntly with an offensive music
of California professor of sociology Dr. John they said it also contailled, "~lements of "Church of Scientology, a U.S.-based inter- point of view, suicide album cover [see page 47] and by the
R. Hall that "all kinds of' Applewhite's views Eastern religions." Not "twisted elements," national religion"-obviously a result of pro- committed as a means change the Scientologists finessed in their
h e~im
n ? ~T~
y of escape from un- case, protests can and do work. ,.1 ,.,
were "long-standing beliefs in Chriss1t:ian
: i:t :::'
Elsewhere, a: single, loaded _
word-guru- was sufficie~t to
skew, the facts. NewsweeK re- and misrepresented. Whereas sires and the intention of the
port~d, "The most . important
cause of death may have been
the cult's guru." Yet, according
Suicide: Upside/Downside Padmani and the others surely
rose to a higher level of being-
because they died to pleserve
person, he may be reborn in a
miserable state in a human
form, or he may enter into low-
to that magazine's own four- their honor, not just to satisfy
page analysis of Applewhite's Flve swamis critique media, spaceships and suicide their cm;iosity. To grasp the j
philosophy, its single, tenuous Truth, one has to let go of one's
connection with Hinduism was own ego and misconceptions.
his "vision of time as cyc1i<;al." Swami Atmarupananda is philosophically free to do. It beliefs or Hinduism. It is pure- One is not enlightened
ti!me magazinel too, wrote, "the (Vedanta Society of Southern was, I think, a mistake to fol- ly a Western or American phe- overnight, nor is one enlight-
future-guru ... " Now, in the West, California, San Diego): I am in low someone with a promise nomenon. Almost all of these ened by chasing after a comet,
guru has come. to be .~ common the area where the suicides that had no verification outside tragedies have occurred in or jumping on the bandwagon
word, used for media guru, stock ' happened. In reporting on the of his own words. That's the Christian groups. It is the re- of some cult. We need to still
mp,rket guru, software ·guru, Heaven's Gate suicide, the me- value of a tradition, it is time- Swami Chetanandanda (Head, case). In these situations sui- our own mind and become
more or less, as in ,India guru dia showed more restraint than tested in the experience of Hltyananda Institute, Oregon): cide leads to a higher reincar- humble, responsible and re-
means any kind of teacher. But usual: with some exceptions, many, and that's the value of From the Hindu perspective, nation. In other cases, such as sourceful human beings. If we
when it comes to religion, guru, they didrit rush to demonize scriptures, which are the the idea that going fwm one attempting to escape difficult want to leave our mark on the
means just one thing: Hinduism. the participants as they often recoJ"ded experiences of oth- place in a physical universe to circumstances, suicide might er species. There is a defInite
There are no Ciitholic gurus, u.o ers. Perhaps the participants another place in a physical uni- be an unfortunate decision. rule in the universe. One can-
PJiotestant gurus, no Muslim gu- had a personality flaw which verse is an advancement is Suicide simply would be an ex- not escape it. Whatever a per-
rus, no Buddhist gurus. Apple- made them susceptible to the ridiculous. Because the soul is tension of the unfortunate cir- sons' mind is before death, agi-
white- wh.o did call himself'Fa- influence of one man's strange eternal and one, suicide is not cumstances-circumstances tated, envious, worldly,
ther John Do- was not labeled promise. But the followers of considered such a terrible thing that one will inevitably face non-Godly, etc., in a similar
minister, priest, imp,m, roshi, Heaven's Gate also showed re- under certain circumstances. It countless times until they are state is he reborn in this very
... is not terrible when suicide surmounted. world. Thinking of going into a
lama, pastor or chaplain in the markable -sincerity, singleness '"
of purpose, discipline, purity, ::; takes place under conditions by spaceship by committing sui-
media, but guru, and not to QL-____________________
"' Swami Bua Mahar~ (lndo-

mean "remover of darkness," no matter how mistaken they cide is the product of a sick
the word's real and literal sense, were in their basic premise. sult of failure of the modern American yoga-Vedanta Soci- mind. The public must be
but -Row as . "cause of death." Such good qualities never go to Western culture and religion. ety, Hew York): In the wake of aware of such cults and not fall
The term for Hinduisms highest waste. No genuine sacrifice, The media portrayal of such this' suicide, some persons have for them. There are three main
religious guides, souls often of even if misguided, goes to incidents is very unfair, trying tried to compare this abhorrent indications of such cults: A)
immense personal attainment, do with strange religious phe- waste. To believe that people to "pass the buck" as well as act to Hindu beliefs and pmc- They do not worship an om-
had been su~oned to imply nomena. However there was that are sincerely motivated place the blame "at the door of tices. Some cite Gandhi's will- wor1d, then let it not be written nipresent personal form of God
sinister legdership. . once again this strange and to- and good-hearted but mistak- Eastern beliefs." In principle, I ingness to "fast to death" or the in blood and tears, But in the as prescribed in our main scrip-
Applewhite did not call him- tally unfair association of the en in the obj~ct of their moti- do not support suicide-it is self-im.molation of Padmani sweet sweat of our own unno- tures; B) Their way of worship
self a guru, and he did not fql- Heaven's Gate with Eastern re- vation will, because of that not right-but in practice there (and all women of the Jaipur ticed and unselfish service. is more or less secretive; it is not
low Hindu teachings. In fact, he ligion. Just as Jews, Christians mistake, be in any sense com- are exceptions which can be palace) during the terror of the open to the public, and they
stated, "One of the major tools ' and Muslims have voices to re- pletely lost is a hellish doctrine, acceptable and have their own Moguls in the 16th century. H.D. Swami Praushanand like to remain aloof from the
of Lucifer i:s the New Age move- spond to unfair treatment in and contrary to the Hindu tra- use/need. [The threat to fast to There is no comparison what- Saraswatl (Founder, Barsana general society; C) They be-
ment- Theosophy, Ascended the media, so Hindus need the dition which recognizes good- death] as in the case of Mahat- soever between the Heaven's Dham, Texas, USA): Intention or lieve in the supernatural power
Masters, channeli:Q.g, Eastern re- same: not a fanatical voice that ness-and the triumphant ma Gandhi, whose method which you are preserving your Gate deaths and the countless action of committing suicide is or existence which they may
ligions, mysticism, yoga, Christ imagines insult at every turn, power of goodness-wherever was nonviolent and selfless, own personal integrity or con- Hindus who have embraced sin according to Hindu religion. call as God and talk of joining
cOJ;lsciousness within, and the , but a reasoned and balanced it is found. was alright and even laudable. serving limited resources used death rather than compromise Human life is a gift of God to with that, but they don't believe
'~ are God' concept. All are a. voice that responds to genuine But the same can and has been better by others (self-sacrifice). their honor. The Heavens Gate receive His love and vision; it is in the gracious kindness, love
fantasy and a .trap. " He 'else- prejudicial treatment. I think Prabhushrl Swami Amar Jyotl explOited by some others for It is not terrible to sacrifice members have not risel). to a not for destrOying willfully. The and the vision of Supreme God.
where wrote ''karma is a coun- the act of the Heaven's Gate (Founder, Desert Ashram, Ari- the wrong purposes, stubborn- oneself for the real possibility higher level, but have sunken to consequence is always a down- 4
terfeit," "reincarnation at birth members was a mistake, but I zona, USA): It is unfair to asso- ly, as brats would do selfishly to of advancing important human- a lower one. Like many other fall of the soul. Depending ABLE AT: 'H1NDUlSMTODAY.KAUAI.HI .'u slRE·

is a completely inaccurate con- also see much good, as a Hindu ciate these things with Eastern get their own way. itarian ideas (as in Gandhi's lost sows, they were misguided upon the non-Godly beliefs, de- SOUROEsis UICIDElLEJillERSVIEWS.liTML

cept," and "mantras ... are

Saraswati Devi: A Remarkable CD Marriage Rites and Rituals of Hindus
Enjoy 75 min. of Sanskrit and Hindu Marriage Samskara by
Hindi songs composed and
performed in a North Indian
Dr. Prem Sahai. HINI911
classical style by Aditya Ver- This book is a guide and MARRH\6E
ma, a dynamic young artist
whose musical lineage draws
practical manual for under-
standing, conducting and

from the greatest teachers and recording the marriage

performers of Indian music, experience. Dr. Sahai gives
Pundit Ravi Shankar and step-by-step procedure in a
Ustad Aashish Khan. clear and organized but not
overly complicated manner.
A musical tribute to the By studying this book, a
Goddess of inspiration and couple can deeply appreciate
beauty. Saraswati Devi the profound step they are
celebrates classical Indian taking in their lives, and PREMSAHAI

music and the ancient tradi- consciously embrace with joy

tion of Mantra. "This album is an auspicious beginning for the fullnes of this noble rite of passage. It is designed not
me," says Aditya Verma who sees his music as the means to merely to inform, but also to become a lifelong part of the
share Indian culture. family archives.
-Composer: Aditya Verma - Vocals: Kala Ramnath Ettumanoor Siva Temple: The conically roofed sanctum sanctorum is surrounded by auxiliary buildings in this typical K.emla temple
-Tabla: Narendra Verma -Narration: G.S. Birla "Highly recommended. A must to go back to our ancient tra-
ditions" - Hinduism Today - 150 pg. Hard bound. us$15.00
US$15 CD & $10 Cassette, $4 shipping and handling.
Overseas, add an additional $4. Available through
Other mantra recordings available. Ask for free catalogue:
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erala Siva Temples
India's southern state is blessed by a unique
Now Introdu cing:
tradi tion of ornate wooden temples
By VRINDAVANAM S.GOPALAKRISHNAN high point is the hour-long divine kudamat-
WO THOUSAND AND MORE TIMBER torn, a competition wherein mahouts upon
temples dot Kerala's verdant landscape. two rows of fifteen cap,arisoned mighty
Devotee's devotion have created them in tuskers face each other offering a rapid
BAZAAR OF INDIA IMPORTS is proud to equal numbers to Lord Siva, Lord Vish- changing of fans, umbrellas and other deco-
announce a new line of hair and nu and the Goddess. Yet somehow this is es- rations from atop their elephants.
body-care oils which are all natural, pecially Siva's land. Among His temples fa- But festivals are grand only while they last;
free from animal-based products, mous and popular are the Mahadeva temples for inspiration and solutions to the mundane
at Chengannur. (Alappuzha), Ettumanoor, problems of life, devotees seek Si,Ja's help
and never tested on animals. Kaduthuruthy and Vaikom (Kottayam), Er- .closer to home. Consider the plight of an un-
nakulam in Kochi City and Vadakkumna- named socialist-minded professor at a major
Ayurvedic Bring-Raj Hair Oil-Traditionally used in India for hair growth and than (Mahadevar) in Thrissur. Whether by college in Kochi City. Despite his best ef-
rejuvenation . • Sesame Seed Oil, Ayurvedic Eclipta alba, Sid a cordifolia, Withania daily puja or elaborate rituals and festivals, forts, no suitable marriage. alliance had beer)
somnifera, natural fragrance. these temples are the mainstay of religious founc;l. for his daughter, who was fast ap-
Ayurvedic Amla Hair Oil-Women in India use this cooling formula to keep their life for twenty million Keralite Hindus. proaching thirty. Ignoring the father's pro-
long hair healthy and beautiful. Maintains and nourishes hair. • Sesame Seed Oil , Jas- When it comes to festivals, nothing sur- tests about "superstitious ritual worship," her
mine, Ayurvedic Emblica offidnaiis, Piper longum, linospora cordifolia, natural fragrance. passes Porram, one of India's most spectac- mother, also a senior college teacher, took her
Ayurvedic Brahmi-Amla Oil-Amla conditions and nourishes your hair while ular. It is held every April befOl;:e the abode to the monthly Mangala Gauri Puja (photo,
Brahmi (also known as Gotu kola) strengthens and adds body to it. • Sesame Seed of Lord Siva at Thrissur. A hundre4 thou- page 28) conducted at the Pavakulam Siva
of the body for a complete healing massage. Good for skin con-
Oil, Sida Cordifolia, Emblica officinalis, Plumbago zeylanica, natural fragrance. sand people attend the non-stop, thirty-hour Temple in Ernakulam. The goal? A very
ditions caused by Vata or Kapha imbalances. • Sesame Seed Oil,
Ayurvedic Maha-Narayan Oil-With 11 ingredients, it is one of India's most Ayurvedic dashmool, Trianthema monobyna, Vitex negundo, celebration featuring '6ne-hundred gold-ca- unsocialist plea for divine intercession.
ancient massage oils. Its heat-producing effects provide pain relief and is especially Glycyrrhiza glabra, Myrica nagi, natural Fragrance. parisoned elephants and concluded with Mangala Gauri Puja offers three results:
beneficial for elderly people, athletes or anyone suffering from sore muscles or arthri- fireworks costing US$150,000. On this day finding a husband, bearing a child and hav-
Ayurvedic Guduchi Oil-Excellent for massage to pacify
tis . • Sesame Seed Oil, Withania somifera, Aegle marmelos, Salanum indicum, Sida
cordiolia, Trianthema monogyna, Paederia foetida, Asparagus racemosus, Crocus
Vata and Pitta conditions. Traditionally used to relieve headaches all the Deities of ten neighboring temples- ing' a long marriage. As in many of Kerala's
and other heat-related symptoms . • Sesame Seed Oil , Tinospo- mostly of the Goddess-visit Lord Siva, temples, it incorporates vaidhyavidhi, ayur-
sativus, Moschus ~oschiferus , Piper nigrum, Nardostachys jatamansi, and more.
ra cordifolia, Glycyrrhiza glabra, Rubia cordifolia, Nargostachuys, Vadakkumnathan, ("North-facing Lord"), vedic preparation of medicated and sancti-
Ayurvedic Dash-Mool Oil-A blend of 10 herbs can be applied to various parts Prunus cerasoides, Nelumbo nucifera.
each upon ~er or His own elephant. The fied ghee given as prasadam (sanctified of-
ferings). For three days preceding the puja,
Free information available by mail, or view our complete catalog on line . Fast and reliable service. We ship anywhere in the world. All aboard: Caparisoned tusker at women observe a strict vegetarian diet, re-
BAZAAR OF INDIA IMPORTS . Dept . HT . 1810 University Ave . Berkeley, CA 94703-1516 USA Vadakkumnathan Porram f estival cite '~um Nama Sivaya" 108 times morning
Tel: 1-800-261-7662 or 510-549-9986 • Fax: 1-510 548-1115 • [-mail: boii@boiLcom • Web: www.boiLcom
/ ,
other than thos,e of the Hindus"-one main
reason, he believes, behind ilie poor mainte-
nance of most temples. Also trade I.JniQllS
formed among temple staff have resulted in
~ significant number of communists work-
.ing in the temples and a cpnsequent loss of
sanctity, to Swami.
The Hindu Ikyavedi has .Qow created a
"Kerala Devaswom Board" administrated by
Hindus whjch seeks 'first t~ oversee all the
private temples left in the state (about ,300
small rural sanctuaries), and then to take
over ilie rest-at least 2,000-from the gov-
ernment. But given ilie trend in india,
where major temples such as Tirupati have.
just come under complete·government man~
agement, such transfer is unlikely. Some
devotees don't wait for administrative re-
forms. 1'he Kaduthuruthy Sivan temple was
Busy tempi": (clockwise from top left) Women pray in a neglected state but wiili the concerted
for suitable husbands, children or long niarriage at efforts' of a few devotees, is being-renovated
Emakulam. Drummers and hom players at Por- at a cost of US$35,000. "The money just . 1
ram festival. Yagna fire worship at Emakulam. pours in from the devotees. It is the grace of I
Ayyapan devotees at Kaduthuruthy temple. Lord Siva," says Mr. Kaimal, president of ilie
renovation committee.
It is espeCially auspicious to-visit ilie three
Siva-'sanctmiries of Ettumanoor, Kaduthu-
ruthy and Vaikom all in one day. Ettuma- Procession: Kathakali dancers and drummers leading the temple elephants '1
noor, in particular~ is f~ous for I
the miraculous cure of epileptic
fits and stomach ailments. "Lerd
Siva saved my Vfe," says Pi.Ira-
mattom Mani. He suf.fered fits
after contracting cerebral malar-
The Lord's Wooden Wonders ,
ia in 1973. "Even after undergo-
,ing ayurvedic aria allopathic Princess Aswathi ThirunalGouri on Keralas Temples
treatl{lents for years, there was
no cure, and the frequenoy of fits ERALA TEMPLES are a complementary contrast beams and painted along the
increased. I even considered sui~ evolved from the resi- to the lush rainbow back- walls in a runnipg canvas of
cide. Then I took refuge in the dential form, this ground nature has provided multiple scenes.
Ettumanoor temple in 1})78 and " metamorphosis from for this enchanting land. Its In keeping witl(the funda-
in a couple of weeks I $ cured. house to temple being unique conical roof with copper or mental simplicity 'of concept
Ever since then I never had any tt) Kerala and not seen any- clay tiles crowning the central of ilie Malayalee mind, the
, attack of this disease. My family where else. These temples, sanctum has a ~enerous slope, outer entrance had padipi
and evening.after lighting a lamp and avoid large area w~th compound walls surround- Jagatguru Sathyananda Saraswati. He is Ma- and I are fully indebted to the lo- hence, were brought puras, simple single
all wrong thoughts. At least ten ladies were ing the chuttambalam (building constructed dadhipathi (head) of the Sree Rama Dasa tus feet ~f Lord Siva," said Mani. wiiliin human,scale or double-storied
recently blessed with marriage after attend- around the sanqtum sanctorum). The roofs Madom, near Thirvananthapuram and also The princes of erstwhile Tra- and endowed with vi- stylized, tiled wood-
ing just three pujas, the events organizing are made of treated hardwood (teak and chairman of Hinp.u Ikyavedi (United Hindu vancore and Cochin states built sual modesty. The con- ~n structures instead
secretary reports. And what about the social- rosewood) and covered with copper sheets. Forum) which seeks to{ransfer control o£ ilie Siva, Vishnu and ~akti templ~s centric development of • of th~ ornate, impos-
ist professor's daughter? "In a fortnight, to Up to 100,000 deepa (oil) lamps are perma- teplples from the government to Hindus. throughout their kipgdoms. With Kerala temples with ing rajagopurams
our surprise, a suitable proposal came up, nently mounted on the compound walls. The 'temple's lands were encroached upoU proper maintenance, these the Sreekovil (sanc- (entry towers) fa-
and both the families have accepted it," re- Kerala's temples are uniquely warm, friendly by neighbors, and then legally transfe, red to , wooden structures last easily 300 tum) in the middle of vored in the other ,
ports a family member. This teplple also con- and accessible. One feels the presence of the the encroachers as part of 1960 government years. The challenge now for the I the central open C01>l.rt- South 'Indian states.
ducts a monthly abheeshta bhala siddhi yag- Deity immediately upon dr~wing near, un- land refonfts. Thus, explained Swami Sath- Hinc'fu. community is to continue YaI'd surrounded by a The most important
nam (roughly, "ritual resulting in.,fulfilling of like the experience of approachirJ;g some of yananda, many temples have no property to invigorate and care for ilie , row of built-up spaces auxiliary buildings,
ambition"). Begun just last year, it now at- the great stone temples of Tamil Nadu. except the acre of land upon' which they sit. temples, and - erect new ones. is identical to the tradi- especially since the
tracts so many devotees-more than ten Krishnam Embranthin, a temple head All these temples are now controlled and ad.! Preferably iliese will be in the tional nalukettu, the 15th century, are the
thousand-that closed-circuit TV was set up priest, says, 'i\ll of these temples were rich ministered by Devaswom Boards, statutory traditIonal wood styl", .although Malayalee-home. In- beautifully worked
to broadcast the ceremony to crowds gath- until 80 years ago, but now 80% cannot meet bodies constituted by the government for concrete (oheap and fireproof) is I stead of the vertical ex- Intricate: Interior ofVadakkumnathan temple koothambalam, halls
ered in and around the temple. ' day-to-day expenses." When the temples fhis purpose-as is the case in ail other In- gaining ground. The.true miracle , pansion favored else- for dance and music.
Xerala has some 700 Siva temples, spread were built by the rulers of various small dian states. Only Hindu temples are so con- is that even after centuries of where ill India, these temples, for Kerala is the delight of the Her Royal Highness is a -
from Shucheendram, now in Tamil Nadu's princely kingdoms, adequate cultivable land tro1led; oilier religions manage their proper- Christian and Musli:m incursions, as,do the homes, favor axial or rain god. "' member of the royal family of
Kanyakumari Clistrict, to Kasargode in the was alloc~t~d fer meeting expenses. But ty and affairs without government oversight. and 'decades of c6mmunist rule, ' circumferential expansion. Ornate figures, .themes and Travancore--one of the great
North bordering Karnataka. Most are built since the arrival of the British and the sub- Swami Sathyananda said the temple revenue Hinduism in Kerala has not only 'f-he temple's simplicity of patterns are intricately carved builders and benefactors of
of WGod in the unique Kerala style. Sixty are sequent creation of secular India, 90% of the collected by the boards goes to the govern- remained strong but is actually' style and subdued coloFin~ in ilie wooden ceilings and" Kerala's Hindu temples.
classified as major temples and occupy a temples have lost their wealth, according to ment treasury and is utilized for purposes in resurgence. _

28 HIND U ISM TOD A,Y J l\LY , 1997 JULY , 1997 HINDUISM T O DAY 29
Five Parenting Guidelines
Paneha Kutumba Sadhana
q~q:;e~ ~

1. Good Conduct-Dharmachara ~q+Jt 1'(

Loving fathers and mothers, knowing they are the greatest
influence in a child's life; behave the way their dear children
should when aduits. They never anger or argue before young
ones. Father in a dhoti, mother in a sari at home, all sing
to God, Gods and guru.

2. Home Worship-Dharma Svagriha ~q~ ~ .

Loving fathers and mothers establish a separate shrine room
in the home for God, Gods and guardian devas of the family.
Ideally it should be large enough for all the dear children.
It is a sacred place for scriptural study, a refuge from the
karmic storms of life.

3. Talking about Religion-Dharma Sambhashana ~q~Cl:tI~~

Loving fathers and mothers speak Vedic precepts while
driving, eating and playing. This helps dear children
understand experiences in right perspective. Parents know
many worldly voices are blaring, and their dharmic voice
must be stronger.

4. Continuing Self.-Study-Dharma Svadhyaya ~

Loving fathers and mothers keep informed by studying the.
A basic blueprint to guide the passing of dharma to the next generation
Vedas, Agamas and sacred literature, listening to swamis and
slokas on the following three pages are the result.
panditas. Youth face a world they will one day own, thus
of the wotld, today\; Hindu youth are routinely tempted by On the right are the Five Parenting Guidelines, developed with parents prepare their dear children to guide their own
ways and tested by other religions. 'Ji'hey often face the understanding children are constantly learning, and that
a crisis of fait1\. when confronted with such typical questions their learning must be guided carefully. Parents provide a good ex- future progeny.
as, "What does it mean to be a Hindu? Why do Hindus wor- ample to their children, being certain that, they are taught the Hin-
ship cows? What do you believe?" They toG frequently dis-
cover they do not know the answers, and they turn t@their parents,
du religious heritage and €ulture along with: ]lious values, ethics,
strength of character and discipline. Their religious education is al- 5. Joining a Fellowship-Dharma Sanga ~4~"1
bewildered. Consequently, loving fIindu parents worldwide have most always in the hands of the mother and father. Children need Loving fatheF~ and mothers cho0se a preceptoF, a traditional
called for a common religious code to teach their sons and daughters. and seek guidance, and only the parents ean truly provide it.
They have asked, "What is the minimum I must do to dispatch my On pages 32 and 33, the five precepts constitute the essential satguru, and line.age to follow. They support their lineage
duty to my religion ana my children?" The World Hindu Federation Hindu beliefs, and the five practices are the corresponding obser- with all their heart, energy and service. He in turn provides
of Nepal discussed this need at its international conference in Bali in vances performed in expression of these beliefs. The modern Hin-
late 1992. In response, the publisheF of H1NDUISM TODAY, a member du child raised up with these precepts and praetices will soon be- them clear guidance for a successful life, material
of the WHF advisory board, told the Bali Mahasangha that he would come a fully functioning hUman being, one who is tolerant,
work with his research staff to prepare the minimal duties for parents devotional, fair, fearless, obedient, secure, happy, selfless, detached and religious.
to pass on the Sanatana Dharma to the next generation. The fifteen and traditiona1.


30 H~NDurSM TODAY JULY , 1 997
Five Precepts. Paneha Shraddha • q%{~ Five Practices. Paneha Kriya • q%i bf;'l11
. .

1. God is All in all-Sarva Brahma ~ ~ 1. Worship-Upasana \3qlft~1

The dear children are taught of one Supreme Being, all- The dear children are taught daily wOFship in the family
pervasive, transcendent, creator, preserver, destroyer, mani- shrine room-rituals, disoiplines, chants, yogas and religious
festing·in various forms, worshiped in all religions by many study. They learn to be secure through devotion in home
names, the immortal Self in all. They learn to be tolerant, and temple, wearing traditional dress, bringing forth lov~ of
knowing the souls divinity and the unity ot all mankind. the Divine and preparing the mind for serene meditation.

2. Holy Temples-Mandira qPe:'( 2. Holy Days-Utsava \3ct'iq

The dear children are taught that God, other divine beings The dear children are taught to participate in Hindu festivals
and highly evolved souls exist in unseen worlds. They learn and holy days in the home and temple. They learn to be
to be devoted, knowing that temple worship, fITe-ceremonies, happy through sweet oommunion with God at such aus-
sacraments and devotionals open channels for loving pieious celebFations. Utsava includes fastiing and atten:ding
blessings, help and guidance from these beings. the temple on Monday or Friday and other holy days.

3. Cosmic Justice-Karma ~ 3. Virtuous Living-Dharma ~

The dear children are taught of karma, the divine law of The dear children are taught to live a life of duty aI'ld gQod
cause and effect by which every thought, word and deed conduct. They learn to be selfless by thinking of others first,
justly returns to them in this or a future life. They learn to be being Fespectful of pareRts, elders and swamis, following
compassionate, knowing that each experience, good or bad, divine law, especially ahimsa, mental, emotional and physical
is the self-created reward of prior expressions of free will. noninjury to all beings. Thus they resolve karmas.

4. Uberation-Samsara-Moksha ~ft 14: -qrar 4. Pilgrim age- Tirthayatra (ft~l{ 1S11

The dear children are taught that souls experience righteous- The dear children are taught the value of pilgrimage and are
ness, wealth and pleasure in many births, while maturing taken at least once a year for darshana of holy pers~ms,
spiritually. They learn to be fearless, knowing that all souls, temples and places, near or far. They learn to be detached by
without exception, will ultimately attain Self Realization, setting aside wor~dly affairs and making God, Gods and
liberation from rebirth and union with God. gurus life's singular focus during these journeys.

5. Veda, Guru: Scripture, Preceptor ~ ~ 5. Rites of Passage-Samskara ~W;I '(

The dear children are taught that God revealed the Vedas The crear children are taught to observe the many
and Agamas, which contain the eternal truths. They learn to sacraments which mark and sandify their passages through
be obedient, following the precepts of these sacred scriptures life. They learn to be traditional by celebrating the rites of
and awakened satgurus, whose guidance is absolutely birth, name-giving, head-shaving, first feeding, ear-piercing,
essential for spiritual progress and enlightenment. first learning, coming of age, marriage and death.
Happy 50th: Prof Singh lights a
lamp to commemorate the Jubilee

donations from the local Hindu pop-

ulation. He handed over a check for
Shs. 82,260 (us$l,443), collected by
the Sthanakvasi Jain Sangh, to the
headmast'er of Jamhuri High School
to meet the tuitions of deserving
students. DUring a meeting with the
President of Kenya, H. E. Daniel
Arap Moi, he gave Shs. 300,000
(US$5,263) for the president's Moi
Street Children Charitable Founda-
tion on behalLof the Hindu Council
of Kenya. Team spirit: Members practice drills at a
Singh, an ex-professor of nuclear training session, called Shakha (above).
physics at Allahabad University, B SS donates wheelchairs to handicapped
spoke to a receptive audience of I yn.u ............. .
mostly African students at Nairobi /

University, saying," "The modern members. Rendering service to the society

age has seen a conflict between sci- is not,only helpful to the society but also el-
ence and religion. Einstein says 'Sci-
ence without spirituality is blind
evating to the doer." /
Some youths complaip.ed the khaki shorts,
and religion without science is lame.' part of the uniform of the BSS, are a source
In our ancient literature science is of ridicule, and youths are repelled from
called aVidya and spiritual knowl- shakha because of this dress. Shri Rajju
edge is called vidya. The necessity replied, "We have that problem in Bharat,
of using both has been beautifully too. But the outfits are more comfortable for
expressed in one of the slokas of . games and other ?-ctivities. And when we
Isopanishad. 'With the help of sci- march in uniform it makes a great impact
ence conquer death, and with the and a sense of pride. If you are proud of it,
help of spirituality attain bliss.' This it will be all right."
is what is needed today.:' One evening Prof. Singh spoke to Sangh
At every stop and turn, Shri Rajju members gathered from allover Kenya:
was _ bombarded with questions "There are 30,000 Hindus in Nairobi, in
about the RSS, Hinduism and life in about 6,000 families. We'have in our contact
general, especially by young people. about 4,000 swayamsevaks (religious work-
Asked how to ,inspire youth to be- ers), probably from 400 families. There
come future leaders, he replied, •. should not be any Hindu family which had thousands of temples, what good will one between Asians and Africans."
"We consider youth the most impor- not come into our contact." Prof. Singh'is in- more do. Prof. Singh replied, "There aFe In Mombasa, Prof. Singh visited the
tant part of our organization. We sistent that the entire family participate in three temples sacred and most revered by Swaminarayan temple and the famous Jain
make them think, 'This country and Sangh activities. He remarked, "Sometimes Hindus among thousands of temples demol- Mandir on Langoni Road. At the Patel Samaj
society have given us I so much. I hear people remarking that the children of ished by Muslim rulers. Hindus want to re- he spoke about the sad state of corruption in
What have we done in return?' " very good swayamsevaks do no.t come to build them. The mosques at these sites are India's political life. "This is a ~ad and
Several youth told Shri Rajju they shakha. This should not happen." not holy for Muslims like Mecca, Medina or shameful matter. Why have we come to this
felt the RSS-style shakha (one-hour Some/ ladies in Kenya complained their Jerusale;p.. Now lakhs of Hindu pilgrims are stage? For· us it is very simple. We have not
training llleetings) with their para- husbands were neglecting their families and visiting these places. They return with a paid attention to morality in life, to dharma
military-style - organization were spending too much time in daily sha~ha, hurt feeling and ill-will towards Muslims. If ane! to propagation of moral values."
outdated-they could not attract the camps and other activities. Shri Rajju re- these 'three places are restored to the charge The RSS was founded jn India in 1925 by
By LILADHARJ . BHARADIA, KENYA tacular afternoon. Unlike in India where the youth in Kenya where there is a tremendo~ sponded, "The wives, sisters and mothers in of Hindus and g~and temples are built there, Dr. K.B. Hedgewar as a voluntary organiza-
ITH GARLANDS IN HAND, HINDUS RSS is constantly defending itself against ac- influence of Western culture. Shri R~jju ad- our families must be given an understanding Hindus will forget the historical wrongs tion of Hindus, initially to aid India's inde-
and non-Hindus, VI,Ps and well- cusations from so-called secular Hindus of vised, "In India it is also the case. Material- of our work. They should have more associ- done to them, and there will-be goodwill be- pendence movement. Today its aims are pri-
wishers gathered on January 10, being too radical, in Kenya the organization ism is nilin"g. The West is economically well ation with our work and evince enthusiasm tween Hindus and Muslims. So this is not a marily to uplift Hindus worldwide by
1997 at Nairobi's airport tb welcome has unquestionably been a stabQizing and off. But it is riddled with many problems, it it. Swayamsevaks stand in front of the question of one more temple, but of restor- inculcating in its members-two million
Prof. Rajendra Singh, 75, head of India's unifying force. such as alcoholism, drugs and violence. Our Bhagwa Dhwaj (the RSS flag) and take a ing goodwill. Muslims have to hand over worldwide-a spirit of..service and self-sac-
Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. The beloved During his stay, Shri Rajju, as he is affec- people are aping the West and forgetting' vow to make the sarnaj strong. A number of these places to Hindus to win their confi- rifice. It is active in religious education, so-
leader had come to inaugurate celebrations tionately known, undertook a whirlwind that ours is the world's oldest civilization. It mothers and sisters are prese:nt here. When . dence, with whom they have to live." cial s'ervice and nota.bly effective at disaster
marking 50 years of service by the RSS in tour of BSS projects in Kenya. At the Deen is not a question of attraction but of under- swayamsevaks from their families spend When asked about the misconceptions relief in time of earthquakes, cyclones and
Kenya (known locally as the "Bharatiya Dayal Bhavan he presented fifteen am- standing Hindu thought and the p}lrpose of . time in Sangh work, they should understand and misunderstandings among the African other calamities.
Swayamsevak Sangh," or BSS). putees with "Jaipur feet"-artificiallegs in- life, Shakha activities are not old-fashioned. that their menfolk do not waste their time people toward Asians in Kenya, Shr( -Rajju Prior to his departure to South Africa
Seven thousand Hindus from over 32 in- vented in Jaipur, India, and gave wheel Sometimes they are just not appreciated and on idle pursuits." said, "The service activities undertaken by (and later Mauritius), Prof. Singh told mem-
stitutions from all across Kenya joined to- chairs to the handicapped and sewing ma- given due credit. A society becomes great Concern was expressed by several that the BSS-HCK such as medical camps, help- bers of the Sangh: "The Ken{'a BSS has com-
gether in the "Virat Hindu Sangam" to hon- chines to Individuals, all part of a program by molding its youth, bringing unity among the Sangh's wisK to build a temple at Shri ing the' disabled and helping educational in- pleted 50 years. At the same time, we have
or Prof. Singh. Processions, bagpipers and to promote self-employment. In keeping all sections of the society and inculcating a Rama Janmabhoomi is drawing criticism in stitutions and I?oor students create goodwill not completed our chosen mission. This feel-
marching bands were all part of the spec- with RSS tradition, all gifts were a result of sense of patriotism and discipline among its Kenya from many 'who argue that amongst among Africans. This will bridge the gap ing prompts us to hasten the work." ...,./

34 .\
AS ·TROLOGY rity in relation to the world. Mars and Sat-
urn give malefIc results when they have no Nutrition, Sexual Energy and Sept. 25, 26, and 27, 1998

Stars of Suicide benefIc association or aspects, which they

di~ not in these cases.
Looking to the charts, Applewhite has
Healing by Dr. Vinod Verma

A practical guide for using

Ayurvedic concepts to nour-
Miami, Florida USA
"The Integration of Yoga and
Science in the 21st Century"
You will learn and practice
pisces rising (a water sign) with. malefIc
ish the body, refine ones the simple and easy aspects
Born just days apart, Rev. Jim Jones and Marshall Rahu (node of the Moon) occupying the ris-
ing sign in the constellation of malefIc Mer- sexuality, and balance the of Yoga according to your
Applewhite led their followers to identical fates ' cury, aspected by malefIc Saturn. Mars was. body and mind for healing. needs, nature and personality.
Practical and theoretical ses-
placed in the 5th house, Cancer (a water
sign), in a debilitated condition. • Dr. Verma shows how sions with yoga teachers and
B }" CHAKRAPANI ULLAL , ,Mars also occupied the constel- nutrition, the bodys life force masters, medical doctors,
Los ANGELES lation of malefIc Mercury, hav- and healing are inextricably scientists and Yoga therapists
HE EXTINCTION OF THE ing a mutual aspect by a malef- linked-a facet of Ayurveda from Europe, USA and India.
Heaven's Gate group at the ic Saturn. Moon and Mars he~ largely ignored in the many • Practical workshops on yoga
urging of Marshall Apple- exohange signs (trade places) books now available on techniques for elevation of
white was riot the fIrst time ther-eby supporting each other's Ayurvedic nutrition. human consciousness and
our society was shocked by a quali1:ies, and increasing the awakening of the primal energy.
mass suicide [see article, .page malefIc impact of these planets. • Verma discusses food products that are commonly available • Medical, clinical research on Yoga techniques.
22]. At least in America, minds The Moon, even though seen to the Westerner and how these food products can be used • Improving and awakening mental and psychic faculties.
immediately recalled the tragedy to be benefIcial to Pisces rising, to enhance vital energies and solve sexual problems. • Theory and study of improving behavior and personality.
of.the People's Temple in Guyana, became malefIc beduse it was • Ways to minimize stress in contemporary lifestyles.
impelled by the infamous Rev. only hOl!rs away from the New • She shows us how to manage our mental, spiritual, and • Practical application of yoga techniques for increased con-
Jim Jones. With unCqmly accura- Moon, thus becoming so weak physical energies for optimum wellness and healing. centration and relaxation in learning situations.
cy, Vedic astrology could have as to have lost: all benefIc influ-
foretold of the delusional behav- ence. The Moon is also conjunct Illustrated with 40 black & white drawings. Paper, US$14.95. You can attend, volunteer to help, or sponsor activities.
ior and dangerous magnetic ap- Mercury arid Venus, both malef- Call or write:
peal of these prophets of death. ic and marakas (killers) for We encourage you to order this book from your local Swami Brahmavidyananda Saraswati (pictured)
"In looking at the birth charts Pisces rising. The only positive bookseller. If you are unable to do so, please contact us: Institute of Holistic Yoga, Satyananda Ashram
of Applewhite SUld Jones (born planet placement is of Jupiter, Samuel Weiser, Inc. • Tel: 800-423-7087 or 207-363-4393 3800 SW 89th Ave, Miami, FL 33165-5428 USA.
three ~ys apart), we fmd chill- ruler of his rising sign, placed in Fax: 207-363-5799 (USA) Tel: 305-225-3876 • Fax: 305-229-0400
ing similarities in the planetary the powerful angle of the 4th
dispositions, signs and' the influ- house. This inspired him to-
ence of constellations. Jones' wards education and a desire to
chart indicates a more powerful teach. .
personality due to a strong rising At the time of the Heaven's
sign, many planets in abgle-hous- Gate suicide, the Saturn major
es and an exalted Venus in an dasha and Sun sub dasha were
angle-house. Rut they both active, accentuatiJ;lg the inimi-
sfurred a common mental orien- cal incifcations of Applewhite's
tation-a rich fantasy life and an Saturn and Sun. FUrthermore,
orbit of creative imagination the suicide took place exactly
which tended to overwhelm when the Sun, Saturn and
their grasp of reality. This confu- malefIc Mercury were conjunct
sion of fantasy and reality was Presaged by the planets: Charismatic Rev. Jim Jones in 1977 in Applewhite's rlsing 'sign,
created by a predominance of Pisces, with the Moon hours
plan~ts in watery signs, planets in Mercurial Mar~)tself was placed in a debilitated con- away from eclipse. Thus, all the malefIc ,
constellations, and afflictions to Mercury dition in a watery sign in the constellation of forces conjOined on the rising sign, which
and Moon. ' . ME(rcury. The combination of Mercury, .-culminated in activating the best of tll.e
This flood o£ water,}, influences also ef- which is ephemeral and flighty, and Moon, worst of his characte~
fected a certain amount of charisma, which is wate.ry and emotional, resulted in a Jones had a strong 'and fIery Sagittarius
warmth and persuasiveness. Compounding passionate, volatile and unstable mind. rising, ruled by Jupiter, which resulted in a
this was a powerful Jupiter (more so in the In Vedic astrology, the Moon t considered certain amount of idealism and passion. His
case of Jim Jones) which resulted in their re- the most important indication of one's mind Pisces 4th house was occupied by Venus,
markable leadership qualities. Jupiter is con- . and emotions. Thus, we can gain important Rahu and Moon, all in the constellation of
sidered 'the grandest teacher. And here we insight the nature of these individuals malefIc Mercury. ~e 5th house ruler was
fInd individuals whose essential role in cre-
ating their cults was thaf of the ultimate
by looking to their Moon. Here, the Moon's Mars, placed in the 8th 'house, house of vio:
own watery nature and the added Mercurial lent death. So we: see a powerfully persua-
Sacred Malus
convincing mentor who had ,the power to influences created a temperament of pas- sive personality with a convergence of that help Rromote
impose fantastic paran6id beliefs with utter sion and instability. FUrthermore, the ad- malefIc forces affecting the mind and asso- harmony ~ prosperity. Call today to receive your
conviction. verse relationship between the Moon and ciated with death. At the time of the People's
Another common trait relates to their 5th Mercury resulted in psychosis and paranoia, Temple suicide, Jones was passing through a FREE Book on the history and
house, which $overns the intellect, discrim- wh~h was an obvious aspect of their de- major cycle of the Moon, sub-cycle of Rahu.

~t olfeenadewelers
ination and pu.roa punya, merits and demer- mentia. Magnifying this, the mutual aspect Thus the inherent tend~ncies of both men efficacy of the sacred Rudraksha.
its of the last life. Both Jones and Applewhite of Mars and Saturn in inimical constella- c.ould have been anticipated. Would it have
had their 5th heuse i~uenced by Mars. both charts created fear and insecu- made a difference had we known? .,.;

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India's Art ofAyurvedic Cooking
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tent of spanking, hitting and Yoga JournaJ
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Out of Them, a scholarly, sta-
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Straus ,with contributions by
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50 other scholars. Hands off: Prof Straus lambastes the lash
will provide a stipend for the The book derives its name
frorp the Christian idea of original sin and American public, even the thought of no
being possessed by the devil. Now many physical discipline is ludicrous. Will there
The Fifth 0
ctober 1
education and adjustment of
parents believe in a modern version- the ever be a time when parents will not feel the International
No!el Mar 1-1iI;7, 1997
future Kumaris as they re-enter
stubborn or willful child. Straus calls it "vir- necessity to spank? Straus says yes, but it
San Dieg On Hotel
tuous violence" because few books or agen- will happen slowly. Like smoking, which
cies on child rearing advise was condoned a genera- -:::--:::--:::::-:=_""""::-......._"""":__~____-=J;....-.::...__________-=~;ys;~~o*' Cqlifornia
the world after their time of

sacred service to the Gods.

against hitting a child. He
states that this reflects an al-
most overwhelming approval
tion ago and condemned
today, hitting will eventu-
ally emerge as an anti-so-
A ST R 0 L 0 G Y .
BErlN BEHARI, author, lecturer, from Deihl, India,
IS acknowleded as one of the foremost Vedic astrologers.
Vedic Astrology was developed by the ancient NIRANJ~N BABU, Vedic scholar from Bangalore, India, is an expert
of corporal punishment by cial act with serious costs FACULTY In the field of Va stu Shastra (similar to Feng Shui).
sages of India over 5,000 years ago . Called Jyotlsha,
the American public. to public health. the Science of Light. It Is renowned for its spiritual depth
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and accuracy In predicting future events. Keven Barrett Andrew Foss Drew Lawrence
damage they may be causing the first country to make Marc Boney Dr. David Frawley William Levacy
thei; children, who learn that spanking illegal, followed This Symposium will introduce Vedic Astrology Kenneth Bowser Hank Freidman Ann Muldoon
1-800-890-1008 Ext. 235 to the general public and provide a forum for:
love and violence go hand in by Norway, Finland, Den- Kathleen Burt Dennis M. Harness, rhO Alex Nagel
1-808-822-3152 Ext. 235 h~d. Employing graphs and
bar charts throughout the "'
mark and Austria. This
was one of the frrst indica- * The education of the general public in the
principles of Vedic Astrology
James Butler
Rob Calef
Dr. K.S. Charak
Edith Hathaway
Richard Houck
Nallnl Kanta Das
T.R. Raghunath, rhO
George Roman
Dr. Dlnesh Sharma
http://www. HinduismToday.
book, Straus presents statistics ~
which indicate that corporal ~
tions that the idea of rais-
ing children without hitting * The eXChange and discussion of Ideas
and techniques in Vedic Astrology Christina Collins
Hart de Fouw
Linda Johnsen
James Kelleher
rrlnce Hlrlndra Singh
Atreya SmIth
kauai. hi. us/ashram/
punishment leads to delin- ~
quency as a child and crime ~
was taking hold outside
academic life. •.
* The presentation of modern research findings
validating ancient astrological principles Ronnie Gale Dreyer
Brendan Feeley
Sat Sin Kaur Khalsa
Robert Koch
Dr. Robert Svoboda
Chakrapanl Ullal
as an adult. Problems such as ~
depression, suicide, drinking, ~ I!!!!!!!!II_".
Straus is now involved in
an experiment in which
* The promotion of professional standards in the
training and practice of Vedic Astrology .-------------------------------------------------------
o Please register me for attendance at the International SymposIum --, I
on Vedic Astrology, October 2-7, 1997, at the Del Mar Hilton Hotel, I
wife ' or husband beating, ,one small city is engaging Substantial Savings for early registration! Del Mar, CA. Endosed Is payment of $_ _ for _ _ Registration fee(s) I
ENDOWMENTS masochistic sex and lowered earnings are in a community-wide project to become a
shown to be likely results. Straus feels that "no-hitter community." The program is de-
RegIstration fees
for main symposIum: Pleas< mall this reglstraHon form with
Send more Information on the Symposium and hotel accommodations
Optional pre-conference Introductory classes and post-conference
Intensives will also be offered. I
by putting an end to corporal punishment, signed to reach parents directly and is based $195 by June 30, 1997 payment by check, money order or I

HINDU HERITAGE ENDOWMENT many other kinds of violence in the world on the idea that parents need support from $245 after June 30, 1997 credit card to the Institute address 1----. Name _______________________________________ I
below. Registrations paid by credit I
($25 Discount for ACVA Members) Address ___________________________________ I
107 KAHOLALELE ROAD can. be prevented. ' their relatives, neighbors and friends to card may also be faxed or phoned In. I

KAPAA. HI 96746-9304 USA What is most alarming is the near-total re- change hurtful attitudes. S City, State, Zip ______________________________ I

sistance Straus receives to the idea of com- INSTITUTE. OF VEDIC ASTROLOGY I

TO ORDER WRITE TO: LEXINGTON BOOKS Telephone (day/night) _____________________________
r.o. BOX 2t49· SEDONA, AZ 86339 I
INVESTING IN THE FUTURE OF HINDUISM plete abstinence from hitting. To the 866 THIRD AVENUE, NEW YORK, N. Y. 10022, USA
rhone (520) 282-6595 • fAX (520) 282-6097 I
I VISA/Mel - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -_________ Exp.Date----1__ I
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ,

: ,41
~f'~~~~~~~"~~~=-,=~" ~~~~~=~ r~
Ayurvedic Herbal Products Custom Tours to India An Ancient God's Visible Grace
Combining 5,000 years of Kali Travel is uniquely qualified to
wisdom with state-of-the-art organize custom-made tours to satis- It began on September 21,1995, when an image of Ganesa in a New Delhi temple be-
technology. fy the needs of any type of group, gan sipping milk. Then, this modern miracle took on global dimensions as, over sever-
organization or individual and to al months, it was witnessed by millions, in temples, shrines and homes worldwide .
• All products grown naturally structure an itinerary appropriate to How timely that, only days before, Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami had finished his
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• Tylophora Plus • Macuna Plus God,God,God you-wanted-to-know-but-were afraid-to-ask book about Ganesa, the divine and
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Penang, West Malaysia
Exceptional Answers to
E-mail: http/
Eternal Questions
Every spiritually-inclined human being will be enriched by the path re-vealed in
this 1,008-page volume. India's vision of the Divine is depicted in all of its infinte
variety here: meditative, devotional, philosophical, scriptural and yogic, answering
SrVANANDA ASHRAM the vital questions: What are life's ultimate goals? How can I achieve them? How

~~.a//I~ 7emfde do Hindus view family, sex, sin, worship, death and nonviolence? What are the
foremost schools of Hindu thought, and what do they teach? Dancing with Siva is
the masterful work of Sivaya Subramuniyaswami, a traditional satguru immersed,
673 Eighth Avenue - Val Morin Quebec - Canada JOT 2RO Swami Vishnu-
for half a century, in an ongoing global Hindu renaissance.
1-8 19 - 32 2 - 32 2 6 1-8 19 - 322 - 13 79 Fax: 1- 8 19 - 3_22 - 5 8 76 . i tL:, ' \ 1927-199)
~ English-speaking Hindus, yoga enthusiasts, and anyone interested in Sanskrit lit-
Sunday JunelOth-29th July 1st-9th Thanks and Appreciation
erature and culture will be overjoyed by this remarkable refere'nce work of Hindu
Chandika Homa We wish to thank all the devotees who helped
Mariamman Temple to make last year's program so successful. We
belief and culture .... Quite simply-the best English overview of Hinduism avail-
1st Anniversary Celebrations I especially thank those who worked so hard to able today.-Napra Review
install the Mariamman and Navagraha statues
The first anniversary of the in their new shrines. Special thanks to those The swami concisely answers 155 key questions, ranging from "What is the ulti-
Mariamman installation will be who built thebeautiful 18 foot tall Chariot for mate goal of earthly life?" to "How are Hindu marriages arranged?"
celebrated with special ten-day the Kaavadi festival. ... a 40-page timeline, a 200-page lexicon of Hindu terms, a comparative guide to
pujas, each sponsored by a different major religious traditions, and a primer for teaching religious principles to chil-
Some of the wonderful projects planned for
family. The tenth day will conclude next Summer include the completion of an dren ... enriched by extensive scriptural quotations and reproductions of Rajput
the series of pujas with a grand outdoor kitchen and dining hall. These will be art.- Yoga Journal
pongala festival. used for feasts and celebrations. We plan to
construct 18 steps for Lord Ayyappa , as at 1,008 p .• $19.95 paper. lavishly illustrated. ISBN 0-945497-47-4
SundaYI June 29th Vars Sabarimalai, and continue the steps to the
HIMALAYAN Shipping: to USA, add 10%, to other countries, add 20%
bottom of the hill.
Our 6th annual !bngala celebra- Ofcour;e, theTemple requires funds for the These two titles are also available in:. Australia: Yoga in Daily Life Tel: 02 9518 7788, Fax: 02
SubramanyalAyyappa Temple's PUBLICATIONS 95187799. Canada: Int' Yoga in Daily Life: 604 524 2942 Fax: 604 524 1395. Europe: Om
tions will commence with a special completion of all these works. All donations
third anniversary with the ; in time and/or money are very much Vishwa Guru Deep Hindu Mandir PH/Fax 3611143504 email: • India: Munshiram
Homa for Devi from 6-9am, after Manoharlal Publishers Delhi: PH: 11-777-1668 Fax:11-751-2745 • Bangalore: Jiva Rajasankara Fax:
conclusion of speciaI9-da" appreciated. Checks and money order; 107 Kaholalele Rd
which fire from the Homa pit will should be drawn in favourof ' Sivananda
91-80-839-7119 email: Malaysia: Hinduism Today / Sanatana Dharma Publi-
Chandika Homa in the momjf1g Kapaa, Hawaii 96746-9304 USA cations: PH: 03 331 9242. Mauritius: Saiva Siddhanta Church PH : 412-7682 Fax: 412-7177. New
be taken to start the cooking fires.
followed by the evening Sa,~§w:a
Ashram Temple: Contact the Temple manager Zealand: India Emporium Tel: 09 3773733 Fax: 09 3733300 • Russia: (Russian Language edition of
Atraditional Tamil festival if you desire a receipt fortax deduction. Be Tel: 1-800-890-1008,ex.238 Dancing with Siva) Centre of Tantra Sangha Tel: 70 95 465 0339 Fax: 70 95 972 0230 email: tantra @
Kalashabhishekam and SaRasia sure to send your full postal address and 1-808-822-3152,ex.238 • Singapore: Hinduism Today / Sanatana Dharma Publications: Tel: 957 66 012. South Africa:
especially for women for women,
Sankabhishekam. phone number along with your donation. Fax: 1-808-822-4351 Wizard's Warehouse Tel : 021 461 9719 Fax: 021 45 1417 • Trinidad: Aswinee & Narendra Persad
for the well of all. Tel: 809 662 8741 Fax: 809 662 3351 • UK: Hinduism Today Tel: 0171 9379163 Fax: 0171 460 1819
e-mail: E-mail :
http// • Also available from India Ink on the Internet at:
Hindu Students Council Celebrates
AWARDED: Dr. Purushottamlal Bhargava
Freedom Festival 1997!
Ayurvedic Principles by Indian President Shankar Dayal
Sharma, for his eminence in Sanskrit
scholarship and pro-
Freedom Festi~al 1997 Committee Invites you to Participate in and Actively
Support the Activities to Commemorate the Momentous Golden Jubilee of India's Independence.

For Pubescence
ficiency in Shastras.
Formerly Professor Freedom Festival '97 is a series ofl year-long activities to be held throughout the USA and Canada.
of Sanskrit at Ra-
jasthan University, Conferences: Regional coh~ rences will proviCte great opportunities for all of us learn more about the achievements,
India, and Professor
Hatha yoga, exercise and a pitta-reducIng diet: of Religion at Mc- trials and tribulations of tne people of India and define the future role of Indian people the world over. Guest
Master University, speakers and upcoming conferences are shown below (these are subject to change).
prerequisites for boys and girls during puber~y Canada, Dr. Bhar-
gava is the author of
"" numerous research Region Venue Date / Contact
BY DEVANANDA TANDAVAN, M . D. papers and books on Indology. He is
currently engaged in producing new Southeast Georgia Tech, Atlanta May 30-June 1 Dinesh Harursampath 404-885-9412
E HAVE EMPHASIZED below as a guide. The emphasis- editions of his celebrated books Midwest Univ. of Michigan ·Sep.19-21 Jwalant Lakhia 810-926-15-1'3
that exercise is very during the years of puberty Founders of India's Civilization and New E",glar:lEl.J MIT at Cambridge, MA Sep.26-28 Chandran Bandhopadhya cDall' ,.ef u 617-227-3023
should be on bitter, swe~t and India in the Vedic Age. /
important for boys and
girls going throl!gh pu- astringent tasting foods. The
Wasli. DC TBD Oct. 3-5 Vin'Od~Nair-.mnair@welchli J k.W~410-666-0755
berty. Exercise is one of the time of the year, the freshness CONVERTED: From Christianity to Hin- Can a a Univ. of Toronto Oct. 17-19 Paresh Trive i'"Paresh 905-607-2897
main activities that stimulate the and variety of foods and how duism. Mr. P Paul Edwin, a scientist Southwest Houston Jan. 2-4 '98 Sandeep Gupta san deep 281-499-9624
body to work normally and stay they are prepared may alter the and researcher, became a Hindu in a

West Coast TBD TBD Ajay Shah ajay@mercury.aichcm.a izona.ed 619-484-4564
in good health, and is of tWQ effects of the diet. While simple ceremony by the Arya Samaj in
types. Hatha yoga, an organized preparing food, mothers should . New Delhi. A Tamil, his forefathers be-
form of asanas, or physical pos- also keep in mind the health came Christian under the British Raj.
tures, will maintain healthy requirements of.other :glembers On another occasion, Philip Charles, a
functioping of the muscles through stretch- of the family. This may require making British man who reins as the World TBD: To B8 Decided
ing and contracting. Minimal asanas to separate dishes for the various doshas, or Karate Champion, embraced Hinduism
perform daily are called Surya Namaskar. individual bodily constitutions, and the and now uses the name Chinmaya. Seminars: Day-long seminars on more than 50 campuses throughout North Americ~ wl ~1 explore Indian tlistory and
Done slowly,' they exercise every muscle in different age groups within the home. Few ~e. Prese I tations by scholars and students, discussions, exhibits and shows.; 0 drganize a semirtJr in your
the body and aid in proper respiration. fats or oils should be used for cooking, and REVIVED: From a near-death experi- region, call Jwafant Lakhia 810-926-1513 Study Centers: Re€lt1la s udy centers are being held
The second form of exercise is called should not be reuseCl.. Use heat-producing ence, Shrimati Capideo, 75, was said to
spices and vegetables very sparingly.
thro ghout Nbrt America to learn about subjects ranging from Indian history to ( hilosophy to current society. To start
aerobics. Aerobics will raise the heart and be clinically dead for 17 seconds by
respiratory rates, resulting in an increase in Pitta-aggravating vegetables to avoid doctors following her collapse in a Siva a study center, c II Rashmi Gupta, rgupta@neucom .edu 330-869-2197.
metabolism. Some of the best aerobic exer- include beets, raw carrots, chilies, daikon, temple on the island of Trinidad. A yo-
cises are walking, jogging, swimming, run-
ning, calisthenics and team sports. -T he .
eggplant, olives, onions, peanuts, pumpkins,
radishes, spaghetti squash, spinach and,
gini for the last 36 years, Ma said that
while doctors tried to restore her pulse
India Darshan: rt exhibitions and multimedia presentations on Indian,~y, culture, arts of India.
heart rate should be raised to 60% to 80% tomatoes. All fruits should be ripe and she saw Lord Siva come towards her
of its maximum (270 minus age) and main- , sweet. Avoid apricots, bananas, berries, with His arms open. "I went into the Golbal Freedo Prayer Meet: On August 15, 1997, midnight (India.?time) , prayer meets will be held throughout the
tained for about 15 to 30 minutes. After cranberries, green grapes, grapefruit, kiwi, Lords arms as a child longing for her world to salute Mother India and party for the freedom, peac,..?and prosperity of India and the world. Request your
exercising there should be a cooling-off lemon, lime, papaya, peaches, rhubarb and parent's love." She continues to visit the
period to allow the heart and respiratory strawberries. Grains to avoid are brown temple every day.
city/town to obsenve this event. For details call Arvind Sant,( 718-979-6144.
rate~ to return to normal. During puberty, rice, buckwheat, corn, millet, dry oats, rye .-.-/
team' sports are beneficial for boys, helping and guinoa. Stay completely away from DISCOVERED: At least on paper, a new Essay & Art Competition: Focus on Indian histor , Hindu culture & heritage. $4,000 in awards for different age
them get through this period without ex- lentils, brown sugar, molasses and old hon- sub-atomic particle by nine-year-old groups. Contact Priy,a Pandit, 708-386-7826.
cessive wet dreams anel will help them to ey~ Other foods to steer clear of, especially Tathagat Avtar Thlsi of New Delhi. The
harness sexual fantasy and avoid carnal if acne is present, are alcohol, chocolate, boy-genius plans to test his theory of
temptations. coffee, ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, pick- the particle's existence, dubbed the
Acne can be a problem, due to a high les, salt, tea and vinegar.' -I "Thlitron," in a particle accelerator. His For more information or to send your suggestions or to sponsor these programs, please contact our main office
pitta, or a fire humor condition. There are Parents can help guide their growing - mother says she first realized her son
no good creams or other applications that . sons and daughters into a happy, healthy, was special when he corrected her in- at: Freedom Festival 1997, P.O. Box 9185, Boston, MA 02114. Phone: 617-742-7193 Fax: 444-8725
can help, except for very advanced cases in successfYl young adult life by keeping come tax ac- E-mail:
which an antibiotic cream can be used. themselves informed and talking regularly counts at age
Keeping the skin very. cleq.n is important, . and ffankJ.y with their youngsters about the three. At age six
and light exposure to sunlight'is acceptable natural, wonderful process called puberty. he calculated This great evenf\wlll not be successful without your support. Please donate
if a screening agent is applied to prevent the value of pi
burning. Still, most creams are nostrums. DR. TANDAVAN, 77, retired nuclea( physi- to seven deci- your time, money or other resources for this once-in-a-lifetime event.
A pitta pacifying diet is necessary to cian and hospital staff president, lives in mal places. His
overcome the excessive pitta influence. Chi'cago, where he specializes in alternative latest ambition FF97 programs are cosponsored\ by: Friends of India Society International (FISI), Hindu Swyamsevak Sangh (HSS), USA & Canada,
Acceptable f~ds are too numerous to men- healiJ1.g arts. Visit his home page at the is to win a India He ritage and Research Foundation (IHRF), India Quality Group (IQG) India Development and Relief Fund (IDRF),
tion but a list of foods to avoid is given HINDUISM TODAY ·Website. Nobel Prize. Math prodigy National Federation of India American Associations (NFIA), the official agent appointed by Indian embassy.
Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America and may other organizations.
Dha7~; Graphics CD For the Mac. Reg. $249. Special offer for HT readers, only $199
Hindu Protest Fo·rces,
ha."-both unnoticed by the AHADC.
Then there is Aerosmith's unexpected ex-
planation about the image's s1:>urce. The orig-
inal picture was taken without permission
from a book by His Divine Grace A. C.

So~r tQ Re~ake CD
Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, founder
~500+imalesrenec~nl Here it is-the Hindu art CD of ISKCON, and published by the Bhaktive-
danta Book Trust International (BBTI). Ac-
of the decade. Trek into the
cording to Aerosmith, "Upon being informed
India's rich traditions heart of mystic India with
this spectacular collection of
New anti-Hindu defamation coalition gets results 0f the origin of this image, the band went
through all of the pIOper channels to obtain
and spiritual culture imagery drawn from the
treasurehouse of Hindu spiri- EROSMITH'S LATEST CD, "NINE LIVES" 140,000 copies. At that rate, it wquld take
licensing approvals for its use from this Trust.
Having obtained this permission, Aerosmith
went straight to the top of the pop more than 30 weeks to sell out. This is not ac- believed that no further issues existed."
tuality. This CD contains a charts whenjt was released March ceptable, Tanna ·said. "Why should we have The BBTI is the official repositor,l and
wealth of clip art, Aums, pat- 18th. It also' went straight to number to continue to walk into Tower Records and copyright holder of all'Srila Prabhlllpada's
terns, textures, sacred sym- one on the hit-list of the American Hindu see a two by three foot display of this cover?" wr..ttings, as well as paintings done by many .
Anti-Defamation CoalitiOI1 (AHADC) re- The AHADC considers the matter far from ISKCON artists. According to their state-
bols, borders, finished cently ~nvened by the Vishwa Hindu Pari- settled, and intends to pursue the recall of ment of April 28 to HINDUISM TODAY, they
graphics and some rare Raj- shad of America. The reason? The CD's sac- did not learn of the use of the im-
put scans. Great graphics for an ashram bulletin, a rilegious cover. What at first glance looks age until "after the cover was pro-
like the classic image of Lord Krishna danc- duced" (but before it went on
yoga book, Web page or multimedia presentation. ing upon and subduing the multi-headed
serpent Kaliya has been digitally trans-
sale). Determining that they could
not risk losing a copyright in-
Aums formed into a creature with a cat's head and
· a women's torS0. According to -Luke Burland,
fringement lawsuit against giant
Sony (wherein the loser might
& Illustrations . spokesperson for Aerosmith, the band was
unaware of the image's source or significance.
have to pay''aIl the winner's legal
fees-perhaps more than a million
But not for long. The AHADC launched dollars), they opted for a financial
an all-out offensive against the CD, mostly settlement. "Our rationale was: If
throllgh a World Wide Web site (hindunet. we couldn't ~top them, at least we
orglanti_defamation/sony/). 'Within weeks it should make it hurt," said BBTI
was visited by 10,000 people, 1,400 of whom president Madhava Puri das.
signed on-line protests to Sony and its sub- Terms of the settlement are a se-
sidiary Columbia (producer and distributor cret, but Tanna was informed it
· of the album), Aerl:lsmith and several major was "well in excess of a hundred
chaiFl, stores. These companies were bom- thou~and dollars." The BBTI says
barded with e-mail, faxes and phone calls, the money will go toward "the
conveying everything from riglfteous indig- building of the, new temple and
nation and threats of boycotts to promises to city project in Mayapur, India,
interfere with Sony's la,rge India business and to fight future infringements."
and even violent retaliation. But Tanna queries>" Do we really
Patterns & Borders Sony and Aerosmith got the message. In want to use this tainted money to
an April 16 call, Joseph Salvo, senior lawyer build a temple?' is the ~uestion
for Sony, told Chetan P Tanna, attorney for Hindus really want to ask. '
othing lends a sense of Indian-ness to a design AHAD~, that an apology would be issued
N better than traditional borders and patterns. Clip~rt
There are hundreds to choose from on this creative
and the offensive cover withdrawn. On
April 18, Aerosmith, through their New York
On April 26, in response to
HINDUISM TODAY'S request for a
statement Annuttama Dasa, Di-
public relations firm, Kathryn Schenker As- rector 0f Communications of
CD. Fall in love with the visual magic of Bharat and sociates, issued an 'apology and stated their ISKCON of North America, is-
any images are or-
enhance your personal or institutional image.
M ganized in
themes, like nature,
"deep concern and dismay at the notion of
having offended any religious group. At no
· point did the band intend to haqn or show
sued a rare rebuke to their affili-
ated organization. "The BJ3TI
made a big mistake to not just
disrespect to the Hindu community, nor.did fight this all the way. Frankly, no
Deities, people, borders, they intend to denigrate any religio~ image. one in ISKCON was consulted
symbols, etc. Use the The image will be replaced in all future runs about the decision. to negotiate
Fetch browser to get a with a completely different image." with Sony. Many members are ex-
quick overview, then And so 'it might have ended, except the is- tremely angry about the album
sue had nines live, too. First, contrary to the already-issued CDs and will continue to and incensed to know the BBTI decided not
double clic on a page for Sony'sJawyers first representation (that they ' protest to Sony, Columbia and individual to fight. Sadly, the BBTI did not consult Sri-
a detailed preview. will a"ttempt to recall CDs on the market al- stores. HINDUISM TODAY has added its com- la Pralilhupada's followers and thus failed to
ready), Aerosmith was only promising to re- plaints about the obscene depiction of Lord upholCl that heritage." .-
make the cover for any new ones. And with Ganesha which appears on the CD itself, ADDRESSES: DON JENNER, PRESIDENT, COLUMBl'A REcoRDS,
four million already produced, that could and the denigfating lyrics Of one song which USA. BHArI'IVEDANATA Boo:.: TRUST, FARBORET 101, S-242
amounUo none, pointed out AHADC attor- say, "I wanna be·a Hare Krishna, I'm gonna WAY, NEW YORK, NEW YORK 1001 9 , USA. ARAnC, P.O. Box
ney Tanna. In the first week, the CD sold tattoo a dot on my forehead, ha ha ha ha 44'505, HOUSTON, TEXAS , 77244- 1505, USA.

Macintosh format only. No PC version available.

12 13 4 "Standing inside oneself:"
English for samadhi
5 Brahmacharis may sometimes have to
• • ;..> • • away sensuous thoughts
6 Jains say: " .... .. no creature on earth."
7 ,Mrs. Peron of Argentina
8 In the ..... . of luxury; materially secure
9 Sanskrit prefix meaning "after," "near
to" or "under"
Early civilization in India was far from
· .... . say historians
Akbar's rute hastened the ...... of the
Moghul Empire
12 Introductory word in Vedas meaning
"now then" ..-
13 !ill early God of the Semitic people
18 Vaishnava Rajput princess (with ''bai'') ,
19 \Agamas detail tllis aspect of Hindu life
23 Reciprocal of sectant (trig.)
·24 Sher Shah's 1540 ...... drove away Hu-
Surrounding Iraivan Temple is an mayun
25 These are found on crystals
extraordinary botanical garden 26 An ~normous collection of Sanskrit
paradise, providing an area of Solution in hand: Kumar Balani and his puzzling computer produce one-of-a-kind pesers 27 The garden island, homeof HINDUISM
contemplative, natural beauty. ENTERTAINMENT 28 ...... Darsana, a December-January
festival in India
Pilgrims enjoy groves of plumeria,

konra;' hibiscus, heliconia, native

Dharma's PUlzzle Pioneer 29 Argentina's grassy plains
30 Indian physicist who won a Nobel Prize
31 First of seven hellish regions of con-
sciousness (hips)
Hawaiian plant species and more. There are no cross words in his brain-teasers 32 Hindi film actors Bobby and Sunny
34 Skilled sculptor qualified to work in
At the entrance to the 5 I-acre Siva temples
ACROSS: 41 Domesticated South American llama 37 Subconscious inclination (driving force)
sanctuary is a forest of healing F YOU FIND IT DIFFICULT TO SOLVE Instead of.being deterred, the word-wield- 1 Latin religious song: Vies ... .. . 43 Temerity, impudence, perhaps audacity in Sanskrit
the special crossword puzzle on the ing Balani became determined-even ob- 5 A guFUS disciple: a shishya (synonym) 44 An org. of Indian-Americans 42 Hindu· ascetics may vow to keep an
rudraksha trees. Send US$ 12 to right, consider yourself fortunate that . sessed. "I was still not satisfied, so I worked 10 Pseudo yegetaFians eat this seafood ' 45 Six ...... s from Siva's eye created Lord · ..... aloft for years
you didn't have to create it. This first-of-
its-kind puzzle contains 68 words out of 80
the puzzle over and over until I came up with ·
a puzzle containing 68 ';"ords that were either
14 tn 15 across, Hindus ...... small strips Ifurtikkeya 43 " ... ... Mantra:" us~d in puja .and in
purchase a single-bead necklace of of wood . 46 In Sanskrit, the instinctive mind chanting
that pe1tain to Hinduism and India. That is from the book, related to Hinduism and India 15 Fire pit in Hindu puja ceremonies 47 Belief in Satya Sai Baba's teachings 46 Sanskrit prefix meaning "great"
a sacred rudraksha, receive as our 85%. And, as brain-teaser builder Kumar or words on which clues could be written to 16 Hindu sacred order, cosmic law, truth 48 Humanitarians ..... ., "Serve your fel- 47 The manipura chakra signifies the
Balani affirmed, it was not alt fun and relate them to Hindu concepts. I am pleased 17 The soul under Siva's foot of obscuring lowman." .. .... of sight
gift another bead to plant and sup- games, even with the help of his intrepid with the result, and I must than~ HINDUISM grace, as seen in icons 49 God's purpose is seen in nature, said 48 A fellowship of Hindu devotees .
computer. "It was an arduous task, involving TODAY for the request for a puzzle with near- 20 Hindu denomiNation of Devi wor- this Greek 49 " ...... of Four" (associated with widow
port the Iraivan Temple project. a time-consuming multi-stage process. But ly all Hindu words-it was a real challenge!" shigers 52 ..... . lekhana sadhana: writing an affir- of 39 Across)
the result is well worth it. I learned that if Balani was born in Poona, spent most of 21 An. : ... . goal, e.g., no more rebirths matGm 1,008 times 50 South Asia: ...... with largest popula-
one perseveres, ~uccess is inevitable." ,his early years ill India and migrated to the a
22 At Karnavedha Samskara, baby's ears 56 South Indian Saivite poet who lived in ....tions of Hindus
1-808-639-8886 Admit it. We take the dilemmas of puzzle- Philippines in 1960. .-!Ie started dabbling ...... pierced . / the 1500s 51 ' Sannyasins never imj,ulge in this desire
making for granted. But aft~r hearing Bal,ani w,ith puzzle creation in 1965, during his first 23 Hindu hierarchical social system based 60 Suffix after "one:" unity of human soul 52 Origin of most devotees of Dada (ashan
http://www.HinduismToday. year of high school at San Sebastian Colle~,
detail how he solved this puzzle's creation co- on occupations with God Vaswani nundrum, you just might take your puzzles Manila. He used class newsletters ~d the 26 Most subtle of the five elements 61 A ... ... soul has gone through dnly a 53 " .... .. Darsana:" one of six Hindu
more seriously. Balani explained, "First, I school newspaper, The Sebastinian (of 29 Tamil for bindu, source of creation few rebirths philosophies
manually keyed in over 1,200.words from the which he was editor), as his outlets. Now, 30 100 ergs of energy per gram of material 62 World-famous Sitarist: .... .. Shankar 54 Some Hindus ... . . , about their particu-
lexicon of Dancing with Siva, J;tinduism's Balani's occupation is his export business, 33 Indiana city near Lake Michigan 63 India. :::... , a well-known lar sect ..-
Contemporary Catechism. But 1,200 words Asia Connection Ltd., in East Brunswick, 34 Hindu sacred text or a Hindu teaching Delhi attraction 55 A Lincoln Center show item
RUDRAKSHA resulted in only about eight words from the
lexicon getting into the puzzle. So I manually
New Jersey. His family and business keep'
him fully occupied, but he still publishes a
35 Hindu priests ... ... first ::(fter pujas, in
olden days
One Of Squmba's generals (Mahabharata)
Reincarnation is a new .. .... to some
57 Where hatha yoga may be practiced
58 Asteya restrains Hindus from debt, or
inputted another 1,400 words from the index plethora of puzzles. "My primary concern is . 36 B0dy of listeners, (abbt. ) Westerners having an .. ....
FOREST of the book, plus anpther 500 words from a that the readers enjoy my puzzles," Balani
stresses. But he also strives not to make the
37 Partner of vigor and vitality 59 Hinduism tells a person to find, not
list I had previously developed on Hinduism. 38 Some Hindus remember G.od only DOWN: · ..... from oneself
Armed with 3,100 words, I was finally able to puz zles too easy, being aware that the when they .. '.. .. ' 1 NBA Coach Hank , .. ... and family
SAN MARGA IRAJVAN TEMPLE create a 15 x 15 square puzzle containing 32 age Indian immigrant is well-edncated. 39 Chinese propounder of an 'ism' incom- 2 ".. ..... tattv a," an assudha tattva, repre-

107 KAHOlAlELE ROAD words relating to Hindui'sm-forty-percent of Try it. But don't strain your brain! .,..; patible with Hinduism senting form The solution will be published next rrwnth.
KAPAA. HI 96746-9304 USA the total 80 words. That was only after going NEW J ERSEY 0 8816 USA. E-MAIL: KB ALANI @ASIACONNEC- 40 Unethical acts can ... ... one's karma 3 Formerly Sultanabad, in western Iran
through some 20 trial puzzles!" TION.COM . WEBSITE: WWW.PUZZLE-MAN IA.COM
125th Jayanti Celebrations
MINISTER'S MESSAGE sun, the moon, the air, the water- every-
thing belongs to me. All these stars are and World Tour of the PanchaJoka Murti of His Holiness
mine. The people are mine."? When you
Sri Sri Siva Yogaswaml
Puj8: With Honor, ho~or the creation, you will feel this.
Honor your own body. Remember that
'{'hen you eat, you are offering food to the
Divine that resides inside this body. When
Canada 1997
Offer ~verythin8 , -
people are agitated, they eat more. Take your
food, not in a hurry, not with violence, but ,
with a sense of offering. This also is puja.
Have you ever looked at your breath with
August 7- 14
August 16
honor? Hav~ you ever thought, "This breath
Puja worship rites awaken bhakti-intense is so beautitUl, moving in and out; without
August 15
August 16-17
it, my body would be thrown away." With
loving devotion that leads to transformation honor, look into your breath. With this --: International Seminar on Saiva Siddhanta, attended by scholars from India, Sri
, depth of worship, all your feverishness will Lanka and the world Children's compet itions in speech , essay, hymns, etc.
BY SRI SRI RAV! SH-ANKAR be transformed ,into love. Publication of a souvenir on Saiva Siddhanta Exhibition of works of His Holiness
Honoring leads to devotion. Surrender SATGURU SIVA Y OGASWAMI, 1872-1964 Sri Siva Yogaswami and more.
happens. Surrender to the Divine brings
ONORING IS A SIGN OF DIVINE LOVE. THAT HONOR- total rest from all anxieties, from all want-
ing is called puja. The ceremony of puja imitates ings. Life has burned down with so many Wodd Tour of the Murtt In celebration of the 125th anniversary year of his birth, a small gold-plated, five-
what nature is already doing for you. The Divine various wants. In every direction,' life is metal stat~e of Sri Lanka's great spiritual leader, Satguru Yogaswami , begins a w orld tour to join devotees at the many Siva-
worships you in so many foFms. In puja, you offer ~ foune! to be weary. Devotion brings that thondan Nllayams and more than 35 Tamil temples and communities. As he travels, celebrations and satsangs will be held in
• everything back to the Divine. ~ total rest- a healing touch to the life which Canada, USA, Europe, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, M alaysia, Singapore, Mauritius, Seychelles and finally Jaffna, Sri Lanka,
Flowers are offered in puja. The flower is a symbol of love. ~ has been moving in so many directions. where the statue will be permanently installed.
The Divine has come .to you in love through so many forms: ~ The mind always looks for charms, mira- Anyone wishing to attend, contribute scholarly m aterial or lend support in any way, please contact:
mother, father, wife, husband, children, friends. The same love " d es, events, excitements. Yet once it goes SRI SRI SIVA YOGASWAMY's SIVATHONDAN C ENTRE, CANA D A PO Box 73008, Westford Plaza RPO, 2131 Lawrence Ave East,
comes to you in the form of the Master to elevate YQU to the ~ , there, the charm ceases to exist. The charm
Scarborough, Ontario M1R-5G5 TORONTO: Sivanesan, 4 16-293-4697' Thirunadarajah, 416-266-435 , fax: 416-499-9382
level of divine love, which is also your own nature. Recogniz-- ::; of the mind is a continuous mirage; it is
ing this floweriI}g of love from all sides of life, we offer flowers. ~ always farther, it is always somewhere else. • Satkunendran, 416-422-5069 • MONTREAL: Murugan Temple, 5 14-683-8044 OrrAWA: P.A. Moorthy: 613- 737-9809
Fruit~ are offered, because the Divine offers you fruits in ~ When the flame of devotion is lit, the crav- Sponsored in Canada by the Sri Sivay ogaswami's Sivathondan Centre Co~sponsored by the Hindu Temples &. Hindu Religious SOCieties of Canada
due season. You offer grain, because nature provides you ""--'""--'----~ ing mind melts away like wax. As the mind
food. A candle light and a cool camphor light are offered; in the melts, the flame of devotion becomes more alive and intense.. ,
same way nature continually revolves the sun and moon around Charm is always an outside influence. Devotion is an inner flow-
you. Incense is offered for.fragrance. All the five senses are used in ering. Devotion starts from where you are, whereas a charm is
puja, and it is performed with deep feeling. Through puja, we say something that pulls you away from your Self The charm never
to God, "Oh, whatevcl- you give to me, I give back to you." Puja is lasts for long. Unless you are lit in devotion to the Divine, your life
honor·and gratefulness. will remain restless. In devotion, in that process of burning, long-
,Have you seen children? They have small little pots and dishes. ing will arise in you. With love, there is bound to be longing. If
They sometimes pretend that they make toast or/tea. They come to there is longing, know that the~e is also lov~. They ar~ two sides of The M aster Course, Level One By Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami
the mom and say, "Now, please have some tea." They serve you.
There will be nothing in the cup; it is all in their imagination.
the same coin; they cannot be separated. Usually when longing
arises, we are in a hurry to finish it off But this longing is fortu-
An illu.strated children's course in seven books, teaching love and worship of
God Siva. Based on the holy Vedas, and p resented in the con text of tradi-
Sail1ite Hindu (J(eligifm
<NQI ~ mJIIU~ ~ ~ lUf
They play with you. Whatever you do to them, they also do. They nate and very beautiful. It will transform your mind so totally. tional Hindu philosophy, culture, family life and values. Excellent resource
put the doll to sleep. They feed it and bathe it. In the same way, Devotion is your nature. When you rest in your own nature, for parents and teachers. Subjects include God and Gods, our soul, the world,
puja is an expression of what the Divine is doing for you. Puja is a there is no conflict. But usually we feel a conflict. We fEtel bad
mixture of imitation, honor, playfulness and love. It is all these about a negative quality we have or something that we did. A Mas- right conduct, karma, dharma and reincarnation, each presented in simple
things together, made language. The course has been adopted by the Fiji school system, and it is
. into a soup. . , ter is one who lifts these burdens from you that you yourself can-
used extensively in numerous other countries- Malaysia, Singapore and
When you are In deep love, you naturally want to offer some- not carry- and kindles in you devotional love. Offer everything to
thing. Somebody from California sen.t a big parce~ to me. It was the Master: your anger()'our frustration, all your bad feelings and· Mauritius among others. Each book is presented in three or more languages.
filled with candies anc:i' candles. Now, the person who sent it good feelings. Your negativity pulls you doW!). Your positive quali- Prominent swamis, pundits, scholars and lay persons of all sects have given
knows that candies and candles can be got here, too. And th.e cost ties bring pride and arrogance in you. Your whole life beC'Qmes a enthusiastic endorsements.
of the airmail is much more than the candles and candies. But in big weight. When you offer it all, you become free. You become Paperback, beautifully illustrated, 8%'; x 5Y2". Each book, approx. 150 pg.
love, you want to offer something anyway. light like' a flower. You can again smile and rejoice in the moment.
Usually when you love something, you want to possess it. And in What remains in you is pure love. English-Hindi-Tamil version: US$ 15 (USA or Canada), $20 (world) ship- ,..iUuatnllttd~"~t..w.. I_ioftud.
_ofGod$j,.InIfi<_of ..........
ping included. Available from: HIodopll~..k_.,.t...... t.miIyUr.
the process of possessing, you make the beautiful thing ugly. Puja ~ (t •
is contrary to that. Puja means honor and worship, offeting one's ~ rJ f -
self You appreciate, you adore, you recognize beauty. Worship is .~ . '(,J /~ HIMA~AYAN ACADEMY PUB~ICATIONS
107 Kaholalele Rd· Kapaa, Hawaii 96746-9304 USA
just the opposite of wantitig to possess. Usually our relati9nships do ~
not flower 1:0 this extent. Instead we start demanding. Husband and \ Tel: 1-800-890- 1008, ext. 238Fax: 1-808-822-4351
wife, master and servant, there is a demand. "I have done so much. " ~" . E-mail: • Web:
for you. Now you must do this thing for me." Demanding is con-
trary to honoring. The way to preserve a relationship is to honor. Also available ' ENCUSH-HINDI-TAMIL VERSION: UK: Hinduism Today, tel: 0171 9379163, fax: 0171 460 1819 email:
Honor the ereation. Look at a tree With honor. Feel grateful for SRI SRI RAVI SHANKAR, 41, founckd the worldwicf:e Art of Living . easanl Fiji: Then India Sanmarga Ikya Sangam, Mr. N. K. Naidu: tel: 679 660199, fax: 679 660 761 ' ENCUSH-
its being here.It purifies the poison that we breathe out. It makes Foundation, Healing Breath Workshops, and Sanaj Samadhi medi- MALAy-TAMIL VERSION: Malaysia: Uma Publications, tel: 603 441 1617, fax: 603 441 9395 ' Sanatana Dharma Publications
the air fresh. Have you ever thought, "These trees are mine. The tation programs. He shows peoPle how to regain their smile. tel: 0333 1 9242 ' Singapore: Sanatana Dharma Publications, tel: 95766012 • ENGLISH-F RENCH-TAMIL VERSION: Mauri- '
tius: Saiva Siddhanta Church, tel: 230 412-7682, fax: 230-412-7177 • Denmark: Abhirami Amman Temple c/o Mrs. V. Sri
Pal an, tel/fax: (French or Tamil spoken) 45 9718 0192.
50 a rNDursM T ODAY JUL Y, 1997
An ,A rtist
After facing his
mortali ty, Satish Gupta
now celebrates life
death. Three years ago, noted Delhi \fu;jn V,al~~av,a h0L~ ~aees tfu0 gh
artist Satish Gupta discovered he had a this magnificent 800 page volume.
brain tumor. The chances of survival This hand-made hard bound
were fifty-fifty. He recalls, "Before the 11" x 14" volume with its 249 pages
surgery, I was almost suicidal. I had no will death of his father in a plane crash. He with- been working on a series called Poems to the ......IIiII!""""!~~!!!!_=~...iI' of color photos will take you and
to live." The tumor was removed successful- drew into his own world, creating a perfect Sea, painting as many oceans and seas of the your family on a wonder of discovery.
ly, and his surgeon told him, "It's really a re- world with paints and paper. After attending world as he can. He takes 30-foot-Iong
birth. Don't waste this life~" ' D.,elhi's College of Art, he earned a scholar- scrolls, paints'on them with water-proof inks, SEE OUR ELEVEN PAGE ADVERTISEMENT ON THE INTERNET
. Three years have passed, and Gupta has ship to Paris at the Ecole des Beaux Arts. sometimes writes a poem on them and sub-
remembered those words every day, almost
like a prayer. He affirms, "Now I feel each
day is so precious. We waste so much time,
so much energy over trivial things, but life is
Visitors to Delhi may encounter Gupta's merges them into the water. He's done this in
work as soon as they step onto Indian soil. A the Mediterranean, Pacific, Atlantic, North
massive 260-foot-Io!1g mural of Indian life by Sea, English Channel and the Caribbean
him graces the arrival lounge. Rebirth seems Sea. Once immersed, the work gets worked
so grand. W~en you come so close to losing to have inspired him to create as much beau- over by the waves and water, but that's part OR FAX INQUIRIES To: 310-837-0243 (USA)
it, life becomes very, very special." ty as he can. Besides his desert and of the process. Later the art is dried, ana the
Gupta's close encounter with death has im- seascap,es, he is working on sculpture. Cur- impressions of the water world remain.
pacted his work. He observes, "It gives you a rently -ae's doing a significant piece for an Gupta is a Hindu but is open to all faiths.
deeper understanding, a deepe.r perspective. atrium in a corporate building in Delhi. The He says, "I think religion can be very beau-
I.can empathize much more with people. I 24-foot-high sculpture depicts the deities of tiful, and it can be very ugly, too. Unfortu-
can almost get into their soul and paint the 'five elements-Agni, Prithivi, Vayu, ' nately, the ugly part of religion-the com-
them." The artist is the son 'of the late free- Vishnu and Brahma-in five columns, each munalism and orthodoJCy-takes over, and it
dom fighter Deshbandu Gupta, and as a child made of a different metal and weighing sev- can be used by a handful of people to really
was profoundly infll\enced by the untimely eral tons. For the past two years, be's also control the masses. It can'be a-power thing.
But if you go deeper into it, it can be so
nourishing." He adds, "What's beautiful
about Hinduism is that it's all-pmbracing.
When I painted the priest at Pushkar, there
were Muslims coming in and praying. They
were fed like all the other worshipers."
I Gupta's first night in Pushkar was unfor-
gettable. He reoalls, "It, was a dark night/and
tl}.e hills were silhouetted against the moon.
There was this white temple which wci.s
bluish-indigo in the moonlight. The y.ntique
door was open and through it I saw the priest
playing his harmonium at midnight. There
was no one else there, and he was singing
bhajans all by himself I stood iliere, outside
in the dark, for about 45 minutes, listening to'
him. He wasn't aware of me at all. I was so
taken up with the id.ea that this man would
just sing to the Gods, not for an audience, not
for,any thing. I've painted him twice, and it
was a wonderful experience." ..,.;

Doleful and dour: Two of the suqects cap-

tured on canvas by Satish Gupta: Meena
(left) and the courageous Kasim.


instqlling Cyber Patrol
Web , . after receiving reports of Cyber
patrons using library
Police computers to view sexu- A-shram
ally explicit, graphical
THE WORLD WIDE material on the Web. OME ONE FOOT TO-
I Web's doors have
been wide open to any-
Cyber Patrol maintains
two databases: a Cy-
C wards me. I 'Will
come a thousand feet to-
one, including children, berYes list of 40,000 re- ward~ yoa" beokons Sri
who want to play violent searched sites contain- Karunamayis new home
shoot'em-up games or ing only appropriate page. A lew minutes. at
sneak-a-peak at XXX material for children, Aroma's web-ashram im-
adults-only websi.tes. and the Cyber Not list of mediately transports you
But not anymore. Oyber nine categories of 15,000 into a mood of cyber-pil-
Patrol is the Internets websites deemed by its grimage as you follow
latest version of an elec- review committee to Intel chief Dr. Craig Barrett at PC school opening her blograprucal history
tronic nanny. The soft- have potentially offen- BUSINESS of intense sadhana and
ware is designed to sive material. One cate- service. Sri Karunamayi
block access to websites,
partioularly those which
unfortunately includes India's Cyberskools is truly one of Hin-
duisms Web mission-
promote violence, porn- websites of recognized aries. fIer site is a virtu-
ography, gambling or ex- religions and legitimate N CONJUNCTION WITH THE NATIONAL COUN- al mini-catechism with
tremist politics. !Installed
on a personal computer
Or an Internet server, it
manages Internet access,
provides ChatGard®
(but non-Christian) al-
ternative spiritual com-
munities. Appeals are
possible, and one such
banned group, Avatar-
I cil of Science Museums, Intel established in
1996 two state-of-the-art multimedia labs
called Intel Cyberskool in New Delhi and
Mumbai. The labs give school children, teachers
and parents easy access to Pentium-processor
inspired talks on chaFac-
ter building, meditation
and the do's and: do.p.'ts of
Hinduism. Anunas quo-
tations are some of the
which prevents children Search (AvatarSearoh.- based multimedia computers, educational soft- Web's best, and Gl~votees
from divulging com), has devel- ware and the Internet. The Intel Cyberskool at can subscribe to·her
-g personal • oped the the National Science Centre, New Delhi, has pro- quarterly magazine and
3 informa- AvatarPa- vided over 25,000 students with hands-on expo- download her photos.
~ tion on- trol soft- sure to multimedia computers. Intel is also work- Back in the real world,
~ line and has an option ware which checks if ing with the JIVA Institute, ERNET (Education follow Anima on her
.. to limit the total time your URL has been mis- Research Netware) and other organizations to world tours using online
"~ spent on the Web. Some takenly banned by Cy- help schools purchase total computing solutions calendars and maps. -
~ US libraries have begun ber Patrols censors. at subsidized prices. (globeworks.comlkaruna
DATA to be the top 1,000, added HINDUISM To-
hourly, daily and weekly
visitor statistics on yours doesn't Tepresent the DAY to the list, and sev-
WebStats and over 8,900 website world's major religions. eral days later HT was
links in thir- Ohristian sites ranking near the top,
THE PEOPLE AT WEB- ty-eight cat- are predomi- #20 in the average num-
I side Story are now egories, nant, and a ber of daily visitors-
offering a free web page ranging ~~~~P" Hindu pres- just one above
statistics service that from adver- ence is conspic- Have your
provides a simple, easy tising to Web uously absent. Among Hindu webs1,te counted
way to monitor the out- resources. We were sur- the 252 home pages not among religions best at
reaCh of your website. prised to find that the one Hindu website was wss5. websidestory. com!
Here you can view religion section, touted -, listed. Undaunted, we world.html

"We are always livin8 at His feet. WhQm shall we wQrship

Qther than kJim? And we have every right tQ worship Wim.
kJe is Qur "life Qflife and the Eye Qfthe eye."