Reported Speech

I. Change the tense Direct Speech Indirect Speech Simple Past Sam said (that) he was hungry. Past continuous Sam said (that) he was drawing .

1. Simple present

‘I am hungry,’ said Sam.

2. Present continuous
‘I am drawing ,’ said Sam

3. Past continuous

Past perfect continuous

‘I was reading a book,’ said Sam Sam said (that) he had been reading a book.

4. Simple past

Past perfect

‘I ate an apple yesterday,’ said Sam. Sam said (that) he had eaten an apple the previous day.

5. Present perfect

Past perfect Sam said (that) he had lost a key.

‘I has lost a key,’ said Sam.

6. Past perfect

Past perfect

I had been to China before,’ said Sam.

Sam said (that)he had been to China before.

II. Changes some modal verbs

can must *need

could had to need

may will

might would

III. Change the time words Now, At present Today/ Tonight Last… Then / At that time That day / That night

The … before / The previous … two days before / earlier

ago (two days ago) Yesterday Next…

The day before / The previous day The next… / The following … The next day / The following day

Tomorrow This These Here That Those There

IV. Other changes ‘What time is it?’ asked Sam. Sam asked what time it was.

‘Have you seen my key?’ Sam asked Ann. Sam asked if / whether Ann had seen his key.

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