English 10
Requirements and Syllabus for English 10B
Ms. Kratt
Room 114
(586) 723-2514

In order to pass this course, you must complete assignments and tests with
an average grade of 60% or higher, practice the rules of classroom behavior,
and participate in class discussions and activities.

This class will focus on reading literature and historical pieces that
have influenced our lives as Americans. In addition, you will develop
your grammar and writing skills through a number of activities that are
related to the reading selections.

The text we will be using is: The Language of Literature for short
stories and poetry, The World on the Turtle’s Back, trickster stories,
The Crucible, Gothic literature, A Raisin in the Sun, Of Mice and Men,
amongst other supplemental books and materials.

You are required to keep a journal notebook. Writing exercises and
activities will be kept in your journals. I plan on checking them at the
end of the units we cover. You are responsible for bringing this to class
every day. This one-subject notebook is designated for English only, as
I will sometimes collect them overnight or for several days.

PG-13 movies pertaining to our curriculum will/may be shown in class

All assignments and tests will be graded on the following
A = 100-92 A- = 91-90 B+ = 89-88 B = 87-82
C+ = 79-78 C = 77-72

C- = 71-70 D+ = 69-68 D = 67-62

D- = 61-60 E = 59 or less
The class is also weighted as follows:
Homework/classwork- 35%
Journals- 20%
Quizzes- 10%

B- = 81-80

Ms. Kratt

English 10

YOU are responsible for making up any assignment/test/quiz due to an
absence. You have ONE day to make up an assignment following ONE
excused absence.

You will have up to one week to make up a test or quiz, regardless of
your amount of absences (excused). These must be made up before or
after school. If you are absent on your last make up day, you will be
given a zero. NO EXCEPTIONS!

It is my goal that you understand the material and assignments we will
cover. If you are having difficulty with any of the assignments, please
let me know and we can arrange a time to meet.

Bathroom privileges: use the bathroom between classes. If you need
to use the restroom during class you must ask. If it becomes a pattern
of you leaving then you will not have restroom privileges in my class.

Required Materials:
1. Textbook
Bring your textbook every day to class.
(We will have book checks throughout the semester/year)
2. Writing Utensil: pencil or pen-(blue and black ink only)
3. 1-inch binder with 8 divider tabs
4. Loose leaf paper
Recommended Materials:
1. Highlighters
2. Personal copies of the readings
Classroom Procedures
Attendance and participation are very important in this class. An
excessive number of absences, excused or unexcused, could result in failure.
You are responsible for making up any assignments/quizzes/ tests when you
return from an absence. You must be in the room by the time the tardy bell
has rung. Students who are late disrupt my instruction and the learning of
others. After 4 tardies you will be given a tardy detention.
Dress Code: Students are expected to follow Chippewa Valley’s dress code.
It is your responsibility to consult the student handbook for specific policies. If
one is not dressed appropriately they will be asked to leave the classroom.

Ms. Kratt

English 10

That means there are no hats/hoods allowed and if you’re asked to return
your backpack to your locker you will be marked as tardy.

In-class behavior:

Come to class prepared. Each day you will need to bring your books,
notebook designated for English only, writing utensil and a positive
attitude! I do not keep enough spare supplies for everyone, so if you
forget yours you need to ask a classmate.
Listening rules! Idle conversations, note passing, and other distractions
prevent you (and me) from meeting the day’s objectives. Do not talk
while I am talking, and do not disturb another student during class
discussions. Always raise your hand when you have something to say.
You will get your turn. Disrespect is not tolerated in my classroom.
If an announcement is made over the PA system you will stop talking
and pay attention. If a visitor comes into the room, do not talk to
No sleeping. There are no exceptions to this rule. Get plenty of rest.
You will be awakened, and if necessary, sent out of the room.
No eating! Do not enter the classroom with food; you will be asked to
throw it away.
No cell phones. My classroom is a RED room. Cell phones should be put
away at all times unless noted by the teacher. This is your first
warning; the first time I see it, it will be sent down to the main office
with a referral. This includes charging them. You may not charge your
phone in my room.
If you fail to observe classroom and/or school rules you will be given a
warning or be referred to your principal. Disrespect, unacceptable
language, and unacceptable behavior is not welcome.
No lining up at the door at the end of the hour. When the bell rings I
will dismiss you and you may get up and leave.

Classroom conditions: do not write on desks or make any other marks.
They do not belong to you! Please leave the room in order when you leave;
pick up papers, wrappers, etc., and throw them away. My desk, things on and
behind my desk and my cabinets and the Smartboard are OFF LIMITS. These
are my supplies. I do not touch your stuff, so do not touch mine.
Computers: you will have access to the computers if I say you may use
them. Otherwise they are off-limits.
Can I go to the bathroom? If you must leave the classroom during class
time, you must ask permission. If you abuse the privilege, it will be taken
Assignments/tests: homework is due at the beginning of class time. Unless
it is an excused absence, assignments will be accepted just one day late, but

Ms. Kratt

English 10

your grade will be dropped one full grade. In any case, I will not accept
late/makeup work once I have passed the assignment back to the class. Get it
done and get it in! You have one week to make up tests/quizzes following an
absence. No exceptions!
Cheating: cheaters will not prosper! You will not only fail, but the grade will
count as double. Do not cheat on tests, and write your own papers in your
own words. Plagiarism is cheating! I will catch on fast; it is not worth it!

English 10

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