REPORTING VERBS REPORTED STATEMENTS Accept, admit, agree, announce, answer, apologise, beg, complain, declare, explain, inform, insist, mention, offer, remind, reply, state EXAMPLE

Present Simple  Past Simple:

-Students go to class every day--> He said students went to class every day

Future Simple Conditional:

-Students will go to class every day--> He announced they would go to class every day


Inquire, question, request, wonder, want to know, ask

Yes / No questions:

- “Does the lesson start at 11.00?” she asked She asked if the lesson started at 11.00 • Wh-questions: -”Where is the gym?” the girl askedThe girl asked where the gym was


Order, shout, demand, warn

She said:“Don't be back late” She ordered me not to be back late She said:“Let's start tomorrow!” She suggested starting the following day


Advise, suggest, recommend, invite

CAMBIOS EN LOS MODALES ESTILO DIRECTO / INDIRECTO Can  Could May  Might Must  Must / Had to Will  Would

CAMBIOS EN OTRAS PALABRAS Y EXPRESIONES ESTILO DIRECTO / INDIRECTO Now  Then Today  That day Yesterday  The previous day Last week  The previous week A month ago  The previous month Tomorrow  The following day Next week  The following week Here  There This / These  That / Those

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