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Sustainable Tourism and Education

to overcome Poverty

Safe: STEP is in a rural, farming community in Bali, with a good hospital just 800
meters away. Risk assessment and evacuation plans are all in place.
Affordable: Book directly with STEP and ensure a tried and tested, action-packed
program at minimal cost, with maximum support for the local community.
Fun: beaches, jungles, and volcanoes, homestays, markets and temples !experience
the real Bali with SMK Payangan High School students as your hosts.
Easy: Stay at STEP !Balis only non-profit hotel and the hub of all our service
learning and education projects. STEP aims to be a model of economic, social and
environmental sustainability " with all profits going to improve education.

Service Learning: Volunteer alongside SMK Payangan students and professionals

on projects which meet real needs within their community.




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