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How much money can you make

The amount of money an individual will earn or possess depends upon 2 important factors viz.,
efforts in the right direction and the dhana yogas in his/her natal chart. But for few people money
comes the easy way, some earn through lotteries, and some through programmes ! Here we
discuss few astrological rules for money making through efforts and also through luck or game
According to the Maharishi Parashara if the 2nd
and 11th lord combines together in the 5th and
9th houses, it will lead to lot of money. In
modern parlance we can say that the person
will earn in lakhs easily.
If the 2nd and 11th lord combines with 5th and
9th lord and are placed in 5th and 9th houses, it
will lead to money in crores.
For the people who make money through lottery or game shows, here are the astrological factors
written by our great Indian saints.
The planets should be strong from Indu Lagna. Indu lagna is the special lagna, which is used just
to calculate the money and wealth of a person. If the planets from Indu lagna are weak,
especially the 2nd and 11th lord, then there will not be much of earnings.
Also the Ekdasamsa chart is used for judging the wealth of an individual.
*First and foremost, there should be a good transit happening; also many planets should be there
in Kendras and Trikonas.
*Saturn should be transiting the 5th and the 9th house, and Jupiter must me in Trikona of 2nd
and 11th lord.
*The running Dasha and the Bukhti should be of Raja Yoga.
The above points are the most important factors to make instant money, or one can easily say that
there will not be huge windfall of money.
The same rules can also be used for athletes and cricketers, who make huge money in
endorsements and advertisements.

If the 11th and 4th lord are connected. temples and other spiritual activities. the money will be saved and spent usefully. Will Love materialise into Marriage ? based on 5th and 7th houses Many people will get attracted to opposite sex or fall in love and many of them wish to marry their love . If the 11th lord is in a fixed sign. If the 11th lord is in a moving sign it will be difficult to save the money. also depends upon the sign of the 11th lord. In most cases it will be 30 points. In Kala Chakra dasa the 2nd and 11th lord from the Dasha must be very strong. Whether the earned money will be spent intelligently or will be wasted. the Ashtavarga points of the 2nd and 11th lord must be more than 24 points.Moreover. the money will be used to buy property or to acquire education. If the 11th lord and 9th lord are connected then money will be spent on gurus. 6. If 11th and 3. But will it materialise for all ? . 8 and 12 lords are connected then money will be wasted and it will be not be much of use for the person.

One of them must be sublord of 7th cusp. if 12th house strong significator is sublord of 7th house.The simplest way to know is by krishnamurthi paddathi (K. Else it will cause seperation/divorce and legal issues in marriage. then this person will fall in love with the person they marry. Now see who all are significators of 5th house. partner will seek seperation/divorce. Cast the horoscope of the native in question and see who is the sublord of 7th cusp. Also note 6th. However. Now total significators can be of any number. So. and it is sublord of 7th cusp then this planet has the maximum authority to give love-marriage either during its bhukti or during a bhukti of any other planet placed in any constellation owned by it.P). If its 4th order significator. in which significators and sublords decide if a particular issue will materialise or not. If that happens to be primary significator. Same way. if 5th cusp sublord is strong significator of 4th house. one of the 5th house significator should be the sublord of 7th house. then love relation will break. if 7th cusp sublord is a strong significator of 5th house. If a planet is repeated in all orders of significators. For love marriages. the chances are weak. How to confirm if a person can get married to a certain person ? . Each house can have 4 types of significators Primary significators will be those planets who are placed in the constellations owned by the occupants of 5th house secondary significators will be those planets which occupy the 5th house 3rd order significators will be those planets who are placed on the constellations owned by 5th lord 4th order significator will be the owner of 5th house itself. 6th house significator should not be sublord of 7th house. then love will definitely materialise into marriage at some point of time. 1st and 10th house significators as they deny marriage and 4th house significator implies seperation from lover.

ones marriage without legal sanction by the parents occurs. siblings etc. he will lead a happy wedded life. if the other formalities as per K P. If 5th house and 8th house have a common significator. one should not think that the native is getting married. 7th. Ruling Planets : are owner of lagna(ascendant). When the 7th house is not prominent in ones chart with beneficial aspect by Jupiter or Moon. owner of the weekday. but 7th sublord is connected. one will experience serious love affair ending suddenly. Ruling planets in A’s chart must match sublords of 2nd. If sublord is connected to only 7 and 11 houses then it will be friendship which will get physical too but no legal marriage as 2nd house (family) connection is missing. if no 2nd house sublord is connect to any ruling planets. If atleast 2 ruling planets match with 2 out of 3 sublords of 2nd. married life. then love will end without marriage. if became debilitated and occupied the 12th. Similarly Ruling planets in B’s chart must match sublords of 2nd. A planet. then one will face difference of opinion with lovers. When Venus is exalted in the 12th to a Mesha lagna native. If the same 7th cusp sub lord is a significator to 1st or 6th or 10th his marriage is denied in most cases. 5th and 11th cusps but not to 2nd and 7th. and not conjoined the lord of the sign. If he is a significator to 2nd and 11th houses. indicating legal bondage. then both will have physical relation but no marriage. ones marriage is promised. If the sub lord of 7th cusp is a significator to the 11th house and sits in the 6th bhava. This subject of ruling planets and sublords can be applied to all relations including parents. . 7th.Take Horoscopes of both persons A and B. especially Venus. his marital bliss is zero for him or her. sublord of the 1st cusp. kids. 11th cusps are one of the significators of same houses. owner of constellation in which moon is placed. 11th cusps and is vimsottari dasas are favourable for both then we can conclude that both will get married. 7th and 11th cusps in A’s chart. due to the higher sanction of the houses 2nd and 11th of both bride and groom. 7th and 11th cusps in B’s chart. If the planet(5th house significator) is Retrograde. children and divorce Marriage analysis in K. Marriage or a living together relation or romantic relation will happen to a person only if one of the sublords of 2nd. If it iMarriage. If ruling planets match to sublords of only 1st. owner of moon sign.P astrology MARRIAGE: The 7th cusp sub lord indicates ones marriage. are favourable. which ever it is. and conjoined with the lord of the sign.

and if he signifies the 8th house. the child in the womb of the mother will die before or after the birth. your spouse will develop hatred towards you and will be mentally seperated. Relation with Spouse : Check sublord of 11th cusp. one will deliver more than one child.6.7. Simham. if the sub lord of the 7th cusp is significator to 1st &6th —or 6th and 10th with an afflicted Venus in the chart.. the consent and agreement by the parents of the opposite sex in question.If 2. Divorce comes because. DIVORCE: Marital divorce is indicated.11 sublords are connected to only 1. and Kanya. whose sub lord of the 7th cusp is a significator to III-VI-XI. the significator of the 3rd house and connected with the 2nd house and also becomes the significator to the 11th house. Venus gets neechathva (debility) when she occupies Kanya rasi. If that sublord occupies 12th. If Mars is connected with 3rd house. If it occupies 2nd house in your chart. that particular child can go in adoption. then person will remain single forever. else not. CAREER WIFE: If the sub lord of the 4th cusp signifies 4th or 8th or 12th houses or any of the above houses. If the significators of 2nd 7th 11th house who indicate marital matters. . one becomes pregnant. he will destroy the younger ones. If the 3rd cusp lord is connected with Kethu or Rahu. 6th houses in your chart. they will always be suspiscious and insulting in their words and acts. This shows the feeling your spouse will have on you (as 11th is their mind). If the same is connected to the barren signs viz. one is promised to have younger brother or sisters. ADOPTION: If the 4th cusp sub lord is deposited in a dual sign. the lady cannot get pregnant. At times the lady will deliver twins in attempt. Her debility will be cancelled if the lord of Kanya rasi occupies the sign of Venus and gives Neechbhanga Rajayoga PREGNENCY: If the sub lord of the 5th cusp signifies 2nd or 5th or the 11th in connection with fruitful or semi-fruitful signs. Mithunam. If the sub lord of the XI cusp is in the star of a planet which is Mercury or other planet which has occupied a dual sign such as Gemini or Sagittarius. and one gets success in their divorce appeal CO-BORN: To know whether a child will a have co-born. and if the sub lord himself is Mercury.10 significators. Love Marriage : If sublord of 7th house is significator of 5th house and above condition of marriage is satisfied then one will marry the person they love. See its position with respect to 7th house. the wife or husband. More over one should judge the chart of the adopting person. Mesham. one will get a girl who is an earning woman. if they are also significators to the 3rd house there will be the agreement and if it is also a significator to the 9th house. which indicates legacy. Or Pisces.

and become the significator to 3rd or 8th or to the 12th the native may be imprisoned.OVERSEAS AFTER WEDDING: If the sub lord of the cusp signifies the 9th or 12th and to the 3rd house and connected to the 7th house which refers to ones wife or husband. you should have the 3rd house significator’s period in operation. The word connection in any manner is to be understood in K. then lovers will insult/disappoint you. he will not face such confinement etc. is that a relevant planet should have occupied the sign or star or the sub of a particular planet denoting the wife or the husband as the case may be in question. it is understood as separation.P. s combust. then the wife or husband will go foreign after marriage. Therefore confinement or imprisonment are also comes under separation. If Rahu is at 12th bhava or if he is the sub lord of the 12 cusp. . For leaving your permanent residential place. If Rahu has occupied the star of retrograde planet at birth. In general if one leaves the present residence.