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Injectable Wrinkle Fillers Recommendations to the public Medical devices injectable wrinkle fillers are defined as invasive surgical

devi ces long term. Their characteristic "invasive" implies the potential complicatio ns, in addition, its wide use in people without the disease and the large nomadi c them in the field of aesthetics have required special surveillance by health a uthorities in terms of dissemination of information, market control and vigilanc e. The definitions of terms commonly used in sales brochures and technical docum entation relating to injectable wrinkle fillers are available in the glossary of Afssaps website. Injects? The doctors, dermatologists and surgeons. Where? The injectable wrinkle fillers are designed to be injected into the skin at a sp ecific area of the face shown in the package insert (lips, glabella, nasolabial folds ...). Using this type of product in another part of the body that indicate d in the leaflet was not intended and may therefore have serious consequences on the health of the person. What conditions? Before the injection of fillers wrinkle: It is recommended to mention the practi tioner's medical history is recommended to mention the dentist aesthetic treatme nts earlier concerning the nature of the product previously injected. For it is strongly recommended to use an absorbable product after using a non-absorbable o n the same site of injection it is important to learn about the risks and side e ffects may occur after injection filler is not recommended for use in a non-reso rbable aesthetic purpose: The experience of using non-resorbable injectable prod ucts showed that the delayed onset of complications, type granuloma is usually c aused by the presence of final product. The emergence of this inflammatory react ion is more favored than the duration of presence of the implant is permanent Du ring and after the injection of fillers wrinkle: It is important to draw: - the aesthetic procedures, including number of injections, the time between two injec tions - products used - face areas targeted - the volumes used to store data and candidates over a period of 15 years and provide all this information into a " Book aesthetic candidates. It is important to report any serious adverse Afssaps Afssaps - May 2010