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Henry, Christie, Carruthers, Douglas, McGhie Eggs and Egg Cookery Composition, Structure, Quality and Nutritive Value of Eggs Grade 10S 6 December 2010

General Objectives: Students of Food and Nutrition in Grade 10 should understand and be aware of the importance of eggs in the human diet Specific Objectives: Students should be able be to: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Content: Identify and describe the structure of the egg Explain the structural composition of an egg Explain the nutritive value of an egg Identify the different grades of eggs Test for freshness of egg Appreciate the importance of eggs Structure of eggs Composition of eggs Nutritive value of eggs Quality of eggs Text: (Food and Nutrition by Anita Tulle Charts x2 showing (a.) structure of an egg (b.) grades of egg Handout ( tips to test for freshness of eggs, structure of an egg) Eggs x 3 Drinking glass Water Thong Saucer Candle

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Teaching Methodology: Direct Instruction, Co-operative Learning Prior Knowledge: The students should have previous knowledge of rich sources of protein. Presentation: Introduction: The teacher will asked students to divide themselves into four groups.

The teacher will randomly hand out coloured strips of paper which have been labeled with the names of the structures. The students will be directed to label the chart accordingly with the colored strip.. They will do this simultaneously. bananas. Step 3: The teacher will . snap their fingers. “why do you think eggs are important in the human diet?” Step 2: The teacher will write the responses of the students on the white board. The teacher will then ask the student with the respective strips to either clap. stamp their feet and thump on the desk. cherry as well as an egg.The fruit basket: The teacher will hand out strips of papers with the names of 3 different types of fruits . apples. Step 1: The teacher will ask the students the question. Three strips representing one fruit will be given respectively as well the strip of paper with the egg.