Temple of the Etherians

the path to the 2880o

Temple of the Etherians .

was abolished by the EMANCIPATION PROCLAMATION on January 1. Although chattel slavery F . flourish.” with the sole intent of depleting Southern manpower reserve in slaves and enhance Union cause abroad. Library of Congress. index. and exist to this very day as evidenced by the continued domination of the world by EUROPEANS. and murderers of the frigid North (EUROPE.” 9 vols.. the perverse devices that inaugurated and sustained this savage institution still thrive.E. (himself a racist and bigot. THE CHILDREN OF ANU uli have been systematically under attack (through machinations varied and diverse) on every imaginable front by the XANTHOCHROI neanderthal vagabonds. from the inhuman(e) barbarism of chattel slavery (inaugurated by one REV. 1863 via PRESIDENT ABRAHAM LINCOLN. md. ISLE OF THE GENTILES). and all which falls between and beyond. conquistadors. in particular the preceding 475 years.kuzinduka the path to the 2880o or the past SIX MILLENNIA. to augment the labor force in the then West Indies for the economical and material benefit of Spain and Portugal) to the brutal murder/lynching of REGGIE ELLIS on Detroit’s eastside during the summer of 1990. see the ‘Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. but “as a fit and necessary war measure for suppressing said rebellion. BISHOP BARTOLOME DE LASCASAS in 1517 C. 1953) not for the benefit and welfare of THE CHILDREN OF ANU uli.

AND CULTURE (WORLD VIEW). Unfortunately. and yet others unmentioned for lack of time and space. and pollute their psyche(s). undoubtedly bespeaks ethos. to .Chattel slavery may well be abolished. what has happened to OMON ODUDUWA_THE CHILDREN OF THE BLACK ONE WHO CREATES LIFE WITH HIS BREATH_uliuniversally is that they have been compelled. pathological male/female camaraderie. promiscuity. all the while feeding their unsuspecting mind(s) the poison necessary to dull their senses. or color. one which confers to its victim(s) an almost euphoric sense of freedom that affords them the supposed unique opportunity. child abuse and molestation. disempower their aptitudes.. and who still benefit from the spoils of slavery to this very day. allowing for dictation of reality and aberration of SELF. for reasons already enumerated. PEOPLE. vernacular. notwithstanding. etc. COMMUNITY. out of its vile ashes arose a more subtle and sophisticated form of servitude. race. poor self-esteem.). murder. community. rape. world view. and more importantly. terminology. as evidenced by the behavior exhibited daily via the vast majority of brown skinned people. nevertheless. Unbeknown to the masses of THE CHILDREN OF ANU uli is the uncontested fact that language. creed. at least temporarily. at home and abroad (cultural amnesia. This ‘subliminal seduction’ called by some ‘mental slavery’ has reaped havoc on THE CHILDREN OF ANU uli resulting in self-hatred and a warped conception of (their) people. etc. to achieve any goal perceivable in the same land amid the some people who held their ancestors in unprecedented bondage just four generations previous. and culture that runs so deep in most MELANITE PERSONS that it has become a bottomless pit.

ologies and nuances. You are not a Nigger! Perfection is your birthright! Reclaim your destiny! Ye are gods! The beginning.. ideas and symbols. JAMES FACING MT. KUSH MESSAGE TO THE BLACKMAN BY ELIJAH MUHAMMAD LET THE CIRCLE BE UNBROKEN BY DONA MARIMBA RICHARDS BLACK GODS AND KINGS BY ROBERT FARRIS THOMPSON FROM BABYLON TO TIMBUKTU BY RUDOLPH WINDSOR . among other things. NIGGERS. SOURCES BLACK ATENA BY MARTIN BERNAL ICEMAN INHERITANCE BY MICHAEL BRADLEY ANAJAH: EVERYBODY’S ROOT BY PRINCE DAVID EBERE SCRIPTURES OF AN AFRICAN PEOPLE BY CHRISTIAN GABA STOLEN LEGACY BY GEORGEW G. KENYA BY JOMO KENYATTA WHAT THEY NEVER TAUGHT US IN HIGH SCHOOL BY INDUS K. tying up their minds in maleficent appellations. behavior modes. which has blinded them to the 2880o of UTARATIBU WA KUTIZAMA DUNIA.M. and gross misnomers that has caused said people to denominate themselves.. archetypes.dawn the veil of Occidental idiosyncrasies. perverse terminology.

as distinguished from the emotional or subjective elements: opposed to PATHOS. the way of the world within the sphere(s) of divine order. the universal or objective elements in a work of art. of a racial. n. GODS AND GODDESSES of the blue. the progeny of myhla_the Shining Beings whose effulgence illuminates the eye of . the characteristic and distinguishing attitudes. 1. 3. [Ibo] 1. or other group. [Nguni] THE CHILDREN OF ANU uli. green. UTARATIBU WA KUTIZAMA DUNIA. ABA NTU ABAMNYAMA. as it pertains to the land and its people. XANTHOCHROI. [Aswani] 1. n. n. comprising the fair-haired EUROPEANS. [Greek] in Western ethnology. 2. occupational. 2. ETHOS. n. 2. ABIBIMAN. . the mother continent. the unified spiritual totality of the multiverses. 2.GLOSSARY n. the earth-heart. political. n. and red hues. n. 2880o (TWENTY EIGHT EIGHTY DEGREES). habits. [Asumeriy] the collective sum of the first quadripartite circlets (symbolizing the first four primordial movements of creation) each represented by the number 7 and multiplied by the 101 to infinity. the geometric and spiritist system of the sun. p1. [Greek] 1. etc. [Akan] 1. UMUNTA EZEAYANAH D’ELI HA TI. CHILDREN OF THE SUPREME SOURCE OF CREATION (THE BRIGHTNESS) fashioned from the royal dust and ground of the earth-heart. one of the groups of CAUCASIAN races.

1. 3. Ancient Africans smoked cannabis. THC. Cannabis usage increases creativity and relaxes the mind. Get Your Copy Today! http://www. and sets the record straight about ‘cannabis sativa indica. corrects misinformation.geocities. 2.’ C ommon LIES which are accepted as truths about marijuana.’ but is this ‘wisdom weed’ as the Rastafarians call it really a door to a higher state of consciousness or just another machination used by the rulers of the darkness of this world to eclipse ‘the temple of man/woman’ from the full light of THE FIRST SOURCE and keep them in the ungodly embrace of KALI forever relegated to wobble in the ‘maya’ resulting in an endless cycle of births and deaths? Sojourn with PRIEST RA-EL MAHANEM ELIOENAI as he dispels popular myths.com/ether_utopia . Cannabis is an natural herb and not a drug. Potent TRUTHS which are denied or ignored about marijuana. 5. Cannabis destroys brain cells and retards the body’s neurotransmitters. 4. Smoking cannabis is an impetus to spiritual blindness. 2. 1. The Bible and other holy books advocate the use of cannabis. the substance in cannabis which produces the euphoric effect was added to the original hemp plant through genetic engineering by fallen angels. Smoking cannabis does not cause cancer. 3.Coming Soon from Elon-Beth-Hanan THE HOUSE OF GRACE Ye h o a d d a n Zaphnath-paaneah MarijuAgainst ana The C ase hwhy Marijuana authored by The C Against ase This popular euphorigen has once again made a strong comeback as the first ‘get high’ staple thanks in great part to the sophistry of the so-called ‘hip hop generation.

’ and ‘THE CHURCH OF THE PERFECT MAN.’ He holds a DOCTORATE in the fields of THEOLOGY and COMPARATIVE RELIGIONS from the UNIVERSAL LIFE SEMINARY.00/FREE WILL OFFERING METAPHYSICS kuzinduka the path to the 2880o and ‘SA-MERF HEN-KA AABI’ of ‘THE TEMPLE OF THE ETHERIANS.com/ether_utopia . In the way of hwhy . guidance. His life stands as a testament to the divine serenity of . May they find everlasting joy and peace with NANA ONYAME (GOD) among NSAMAN PA (the worthy ancestral beings who constitute the pristine community in heaven).’ ‘THE HOUSE OF GRACE.geocities.$2. MONK’. LOVE (GOD). and TRANSFORMATION (GODLINESS). ‘RABBONI’ RA-EL MAHANEM ELIOENAI is ‘HEAD This work is dedicated to the great men who are now ancestors that played a pivotal role in helping me become who and what I am today. and healing through TRUTH (BALANCE). he offers counseling. ZADOK BENYAMIN YIS’RAEL ANDREWS SHAKIM SULIAMAN BOLONGONGO NANA CLEVELAND AND NANA KENNETH THORPE NDUGU MARK BATTLE Temple of the Etherians http://www.

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