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Voki Lesson Plan

Class Title: Art

Lesson Title: Using paintings to represent our world
Grade Level: First-Third Grade
Author: Stephanie Bushman
Students will
1. Learn how paintings can be used to represent our world
2. Learn about how, even when pictures don’t look like their subjects, they are still
representative of the subject
3. Learn about the style of Picasso
1. Pictures of DaVinci, Monet, and Picasso paintings.
2. Paper plates
3. Construction paper cut outs
4. Glue
5. (
Class Duration: 1 day
1. Discuss with students how paintings can represent our world
2. Start with direct representations (examples: DaVinci)
3. Next, discuss how paintings represent the world, even when they don’t look exactly like their
subject (example: Surat, Monet, etc).
4. Then, discuss how Picasso distorts his pictures. Do they still look like people? Why? Note that
Picasso’s eyes are often painted outside of the “face” and not always in the place we expect
eyes to be.
5. Hand each student a paper plate. This will be their face.
6. Pass out colored pieces of paper in multiple colors and shapes.
7. Ask the students to create their own face using the construction paper to represent their eyes,
mouths, etc. Encourage them to think “outside of the box”-in Picasso’s style; eyes are not
always straight across from each other, etc.
8. Ask the students if their “eyes” look exactly like their eyes in real life. The shapes aren’t round
like our eyes, so how do we know they are supposed to represent our eyes?
9. Ask the students to create a non-human Voki character to say a few things about Picasso’s
style. How did they imitate his style with their plate?

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