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Student Nr : 43248802 CGM1502 Assignment 2

Table of content. 1.Problems in communication and preaching 2. The dialogical power of sermon.

Problems in communication and preaching. 1.Economical influences: Make people think about their economical health constantly 2.The Spoken Language: Understanding and interpretation. 3.Transmission: We tend to think people know what we are speaking about. 4.Contact: Does the congregation hear the message. 5.Feedback: Can the listener give feed back to the preacher, do they fully understand the message 6.Comprehension: Do the people of the congregation comprehend the message that the preacher upholds to them. 7.Acceptance: Do the people in the congregation see all the people or even messages told by others as acceptable. For instance accepting people from a other race. 8.Internalisation: Do the people in the congregation understand the whole of the message not only intellectually but also wholeheartedly. 9.Action: Does the congregation find the message of the preacher substantial enough to give them a sense of direction. 10. Personal views and experiences: Listeners pay attention to certain things a preacher says if it is to do with their personal experience. 11. Filtered listening: Listeners tend to make their own conclusion on what is said. 12.Reduction of the message: People seem to filter out only that which the find relevant to themselves.

The dialogical power of sermon. 1. 2. In structuring a dialogical sermon a person makes use of listener interaction. Some points to be looked at are: Phrasing, sermon forms, discussion of sermons, preaching workshops, and all the latter with opinion leaders.

Homilies where a text out of the bible is discussed and dealt with. Narrative sermons where a story is told. 3. Opinion leaders: People to spot the need for innovation and then present it to a holistic community so that all of them may also share in the fruits of their opinion. References: Study Guide for CGM1502 . Extensive dialog and communication over the bible texts are dealt with in Sermon workshops 4. is it put in a rhetorical way.Phrasing: Is the phrasing so that it can be answered by anyone. Sermon forms: Can be dealt with in textual form where a text is discussed.

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