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Cell Model Name ___________________ Period ___

Material used in Why material

Structure/Organelle Function/Job
model used?
Cell Wall

Cell Membrane




Golgi body



Parent signature ________________________

Dear parents,
In class today we made models of cells. Your student needs to show you the model he/she made and explain what a cell is, what each
part of the cell is called, what it does, and what things they used to represent them. Once your student has done this please sign the
pink sheet. Students need to return only the information sheet not their cell models. Thank you for your help and participation.
Ms. Chabries

Instructions for students that are absent

Create a model of a cell using a variety of materials. In class we use clay, small candies, marbles, pipe cleaner, macaroni noodles,
aluminum foil, bubble wrap etc. You can use what ever supplies you have available to you at home. On the worksheet under plant
and animal, put a check mark in each box if the organelle is in that type of cell. For example if a cell wall is in plant cells but not
animal cells you will put a mark in the plant column, but not the animal column. In the Function/Job column, you will write what
each organelle does for the cell. For the material used in model column you will say what type of material you used to represent that
particular organelle. For example, if I used clay to represent the cell membrane, then I would write clay in that column. In the column
Why material used? you will give a reason for using the material that you used. For example, if I used glue to represent cytoplasm, I
would say “I used glue because it fills in the space in the cell and helps hold everything together.