TEACHER Assalamualaikum……a very good morning to Mr. Chairman, all beloved teachers and my fellow friends. a. b. a. b.

Today, we would like to present to all of you a Choral Speaking. Huh? Choral Speaking? What is that? You want to know? Then just listen to us carefully okey….. Shh……let’s listen cafully.

Ladies and gentlemen…… Everyone wants to be clever, smart and intelligent, right? So, if we want to be clever, we have to study. Of course we need a teacher. Without a teacher, then we study with…..syaitan……haa…..do you want to be friend with syaitan? Sure you all don’t want, right?..... Friends, who is a teacher? A teacher is a person whom gives and shares his knowledge to others. No matter how young is he, if he teaches a person even a letter, he’s still a teacher….. (oooo….its like that). Teacher is a very noble profession. Why not? From teacher we learn everything. From A to Z, 1 to 100. Have you ever thought from who does a person learn to become a doctor, engineer or even a prime minister?.....(from who?....tell us?). Haaa……who else if not a teacher? So, it is clear that a teacher plays a very important role in shaping the next generation. How is our manners towards our teacher? How can we take care of our teacher’s heart?(hmmm…….) First of all, we must always respect our teacher. We should never ever call them names such as Teacher Lia the Plump or Sir Jamal the Lion. (ish ish ish….no no no……). It’s clear that we don’t have any sense of respect to our teacher if we call them names and soon we will start to fight our teacher’s words (ee… creapt…..nauzubillahiminzalik). Honorable audience. A student should also take care of their teacher’s heart. We can do this by helping them around or paying attention to their teachings. Haaa……if a teacher scolds you, don’t be mad. Those things are to teach us to become a better person. A sane teacher will not punish us without a reason. There must be reasons (like what)….like unfinished homework, taking a nap in the middle of a class, discussing during exam and so on. Have you ever saw a teacher punish his or her excellent and hardworking

Ops! a a a ……even a simple thing like that there’s still many students out there whom didn’t commit towards their studies. our teacher doesn’t get mad at us and they even try to change our bad attitude (how kind are they)..even if there is. No. Is it fair for them to be treated like that. What is it? What else…. em. See you next time…. No. Sometimes. all teachers in any school has only one dream.These days. right? (hmmm…that’s right). You know.. That actually means he loves us…… Ladies and gentlemen….let us explain. when we were naughty.. of course not…. What a very simple thing to to…. what we have to do? What? Focus in our studies of course. a lot of teachers out there are being accused in many types of accusations.Yup! only that. that doesn’t means he hates us. Is it fair? Of course not! (em. that’s all from us. Oooo…..Bye…. Teachers are willing to sacrifice anything to ensure their students success. One?. They’ll give us another chance. only one big dream. Honorable audience. Not at all. But why we have to celebrate Teachers Day on 16th May every year? Hmmm….to see their students success in their life. The statements that we gave just now show that a teacher is a very noble person..Audience. em! Really unfair). Always……So.. Is it true? Of course it is..the most important thing that we must do is to respect them..Yes.. actually a teacher doesn’t hope that his or her students will repay him or her with valuable things. They never punish us when we make our first mistake. Only that?.remember…. So. If a teacher scolds or punish us.student? (have you?) no……. This is to make the students to love and appreciate their teachers. Looks like it is very simple right? But it is a dream that is rarely achieved... . The government has agreed to choose 16th May every year to appreciate teachers. the teacher must be insane.

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