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SHOPPING MALLS A Complete the quiz. You wont know the answers. Youll have to guess!

1 Where is the worlds largest shopping mall? a) The United States of America b) The United Arab Emirates c) China 2 How many shops has it got? a) 750 b) 1,200 c) 1, 750 d) 2,500 d) Japan

3 Where is the worlds smallest shopping mall? a) The United States of America b) The United Arab Emirates c) China 4 How many shops has it got? a) 1 b) 4 c) 6 d) 10 d) Japan

Listen to your teacher and check your answers. Give yourself 1 point for each correct answer. Whats your final result?

SHOPS AND FACILITIES Add vowels to complete the words. sh _ _ sh_p, f__d st_r_, sp_rts st_r_, g_m_ sh_p, ph_n_ sh_p, c_n_m_, c_f_, r_st_ _r_nt, b_rg_r b_r, s_p_rm_rk_t, What other shops and facilities can you find in a mall? Which do you usually go to?

BUILD YOUR OWN MALL You are going to plan a small mall to be built near your school, on the grounds of the old cemetery. Theres space for ten shops, a three screen cinema, a small sports centre, a skate park and a food court. You have to decide: a) What shops you want to include and where (there are spaces for shops on the ground floor b) Where you think the cinema, sports centre and food court should go (there is a large first floor space, and additional space on the roof) c) Parking space is included under the mall so you dont need to worry about that! Discuss your decisions and complete the plan.

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Teachers notes Aim: to recycle/activate vocabulary to talk about shops, to recycle/consolidate use of comparatives and superlatives (grammar point in current CB unit) Procedure 1 You may want to kick off by asking students about the shopping malls in the area: which are the biggest, best, which they go to most often, do they go with their parents or their friends, do they like going there, why/why not, what they do there. 2 Hand out the quiz to do in pairs or groups. Stress that they have to guess if youre into game shows could give it a betting twist they have to decide which answer to bet on. 3 Read out the text below to check answers. Alternatively give them it as a reading text, or yet another alternative, use it as a dictogloss/dictation. 4 [could be an alternative point at which to leasd the discussion in 1?] 5 Vocabulary brainstorming either ask them to complete the words given, or ask them first to brainstorm shop names and then compare their list with the one given. Depends how giving they are as a group. [This can be used as a simple listening/ a reading text / a dictogloss The worlds largest shopping mall is in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. It has more than 1,200 shops. It opened on November 4, 2008. It also includes a hotel with 250 rooms and 20 cinema screens. The worlds smallest mall is in Dixonville, Alberta, in the United States. It has six shops, a bank and a caf.] 6 Either brainstorm shops and other facilities in a mall and then check answers against the disemvowelled list on the handout or follow the procesure as given ask the students to complete the words on the handout and then add some more of their own. You may want to skip the discussion questions and go straight to the task 7 Use the task as is. You may want to ask each group to present their plans while the other students make a note of the facilities, and/or write a short description.

See Chris roland teenangles powerpoint for more on shopping mall ideas