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Presidential election debate heats up

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Sigma Phi Epsilon to host concert

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Katerina Gonzales Staff Writer

SHPE’s Noche De Ciencias inspires young students to the sciences
The CSM Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) hosted the Noche de Ciencias event Saturday, October 27. Noche de Ciencias, or Night of Science, is an outreach event put on by SHPE chapters across the U.S. and caters to families of Hispanic background with children in elementary or middle school. The event seeks to reach families who might not be considering sending their kids to a prestigious college, especially a science and engineering school as Colorado School of Mines. Brandon Rodriguez, the outreach chair for CSM SHPE said, “This is about getting more students interested in science and engineering and specifically targeting students that might not otherwise consider it a viable option. So we’re hoping to relate on a personal level that, ‘Hey, we made it to college and you can too!’” The event grouped the families into three separate stations – an information session for the parents in English, Spanish, and an experiments section for the students. The information sessions included presentations on the different types of colleges such as private versus public, different majors or interests students could go into, the college application process,

The CSM Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, or SHPE, hosts an outreach program for young students.

Men’s and Women’s soccer play UCCS

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What are your Halloween plans?



Caution: paper may entertain

and the benefits of a college de- sion, students were given bags [lunch] – that was my favorite part.” gree. The focus was on entering of rocks, minerals, shells, bones, At the end of the night, SHPE engineering and science and the metals, and other artifacts. They hoped that the event inspired specific route students should take were given a small lesson in geol- the students to pursue science, in order to one day attend Mines. ogy and investigated the grains technology, engineering, and Another presentation high- and artifacts to figure out what mathematics. Ezekiel, age 12, lighted the financial investment kind of civilization was on earth who definitely has many dreams that college offers, including how at the time. for the future said, “When I grow to pay for college. The presentaWhen asked what his favorite up… [I want to be an] engineer. Or tion emphasized ob placement part was, 4th grader Jack Vogt those people who dig for bones – rates and median starting salaries responded, “I don’t know… every- a paleontologist. Paleontologist for CSM graduates. Parents were thing. Well I liked finding rocks and engineer. I want to build an Iron encouraged to consider a univer- all this stuff. Well, the rocks and Man suit. I want to be everything.” sity like Mines for KATERINA GONZALES / OREDIGGER their children’s future and seek resources such as federal and state aid, scholarships, and even student loans since the time to repay student loans for engineers is much lower than that of other majors. In the experiment stations, the students first made straw pap e r ro c k e t s i n order to hit a target. They were encouraged to think about what goes into design, and also what would make the rocket fly better. In another ses- Attending students made straw paper rockets at the experiment station.

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october 29, 2012

Arnaud Filliat, Assistant Copy Editor
UCLA, California - Astronomers disagree about why the infrared light they observe exceeds the amount of light emitted from known galaxies. Light emitted from regions of space that are neither stars nor galaxies are referred to as fluctuations. Continued on Page 3

Norway - A team of researchers found that the marine worms known as priapulids develop their intestines in the same way as humans, fish, frogs, and starfish. The team led by Dr. Andreas Hejnoly from the Sars International Centre for Marine Molecular Biology, found that these worms even use the same genes as humans. Continued on Page 3

Boston, Massachusetts- Scientists at Boston Children’s Hospital developed “RAGE Control” a fast-paced video game that involves shooting at enemy spaceships and avoiding friendly spaceships. Continued on Page 3

England- Scientists at the University of London recently developed a new method of oral vaccination which could help boost immunity to tuberculosis and influenza, as well as prevent C. difficile for which there is currently no vaccine. Lead scientist Dr. Simon Cutting developed the method through the use of probiotic spores. Continued on Page 3

Japan - A new report from researchers in Oxford and Japan investigated the impact of smoking on mortality in a large group of people who were living in Hiroshima or Nagasaki in 1950. Continued on Page 3

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Headlines from around the world
Arnaud Filliat, Assistant Copy Editor
East Coast states from North Carolina to New York declared states of emergency as Hurricane Sandy moves north after killing 41 people in the Caribbean. Numerous power outages that could last until election day are possible in the New England area. The storm is expected to make landfall between Long Island and Ocean City, Maryland early Tuesday morning. Economic growth picked up in the third quarter as consumer spending offset cutbacks in investment by businesses. Worries of an impending fiscal cliff set to drain about 600 billion dollars from the economy hampered business spending, which dropped 1.3 percent in the third quarter. GDP expanded at a two percent annual rate as consumer spending, which accounts for 70 percent of U.S. economic activity, grew two percent. A car bomb exploded in Damascus on Friday breaking a temporary truce in the Syrian conflict. State television reported that the car bomb killed five people and wounded 32. The Syrian military responded to attacks by insurgents, following an announcement that it would cease military activity but still react to rebel actions during a four-day Muslim religious holiday. Police in Belgium are investigating the murder of Nicholas Mockford, a British oil executive for ExxonMobil who was shot in Brussels. Mockford and his wife left a restaurant at about 10 pm and crossed the street when an assailant hit Mockford’s wife several times trying to steal her bag. A second attacker then fired three shots at Mockford who died at the scene. Authorities are investigating the case from multiple angles and family members said they believe Mockford may have been the victim of a professional hit. Sudan blamed Israel for an explosion at an arms factory in Khartoum that killed two people on Wednesday. Sudan has blamed Israel for similar explosions in the past, but Israel has refused to comment. The explosion at the Yarmouk Military Industrial Complex sent ammunition flying through the air, damaged nearby buildings and caused panic in the area. Officials showed a video from the site revealing a huge crater and what appeared to be a rocket lying on the ground. Since the start of the child sex abuse scandal regarding the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), 300 victims have told police they were abused by BBC TV host Jimmy Savile. Savile hosted TV shows, worked for charities, and was awarded a knighthood by Queen Elizabeth II. He was a British celebrity. Savile died last year, but the BBC has been the focus of this scandal as new allegations were made against nine other BBC staff members. The BBC is central to British culture, with even Prime Minister David Cameron weighing in. He said, “These allegations do leave many institutions, perhaps particularly the BBC, with serious questions to answer.” Students at Rice University in Texas will be able to take a class called “Scandinavian Fantasy Worlds: Old Norse Sagas and Skyrim.” According to instructor Donna Beth Ellard, the course will include playing certain quests of the popular game “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” for homework. Ellard is part of a growing number of college instructors who are using games as effective teaching tools in collegelevel coursework.

Local News
The Denver Police Department and the Denver Broncos are warning football fans about the dangers of counterfeit football tickets. With the arrival of Peyton Manning, the police are expecting an increase in fake tickets, especially for big games. The only way to guarantee tickets are legitimate is to buy them from the Bronco’s ticket office, Ticketmaster, or the NFL Ticket Exchange. More than a dozen flights from Denver to East Coast destinations were canceled Sunday in anticipation of Hurricane Sandy (otherwise known as Frankenstorm). Cities affected included New York, Newark, Boston, and Washington D.C. A firefighter was hospitalized for smoke inhalation after fighting a house fire near Pine Sunday morning. The firefighter was taken by ambulance to the Elk Creek fire station and flown to the hospital from there. There was some risk that he had inhaled cyanide. Eric John Raber, 36, was arrested on suspicion of attempted robbery in Boulder County. Authorities say he entered a Chase Bank on Canyon Boulevard in Boulder and passed a note to a teller demanding money. After a few minutes, he took back the note and left. He did not acquire any money and turned himself in within half an hour. Commerce City residents are being urged to check their watersofteners following an announcement that California-based Aquakleen Products Inc. may have improperly installed up to 150 systems. The news appears after a case in which Aquakleen was ordered to pay $927,000 to a couple who drank water contaminated by a connection between their home’s drinking water and sewage systems.








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october 29, 2012

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stopping at any time still reduced future health risks. The researchNorway - Priapulids are a ers concluded that future health group of marine worms that live in risks to young smokers in Japan shallow waters. The fact that differ- are similar to those in other counent animals share a common way tries and that they can be avoided of forming the gut suggests origins by quitting. of the human intestine are much England - The researchers disolder than previously thought. covered that the bacteria Bacillus The similarity between these subtillis, which can form spores animals and their intestines most that can last millions of years belikely developed over 500 million fore germinating under the right years ago when the first bilaterally environmental conditions, act as symmetric animals appeared on ideal vehicles to carry antigens and Earth. According to the research- promote an immune response. ers, priapulids are important for Cutting said, “Rather than requiring understanding the evolution of needle delivery, vaccines based on animals because they have experi- Bacillus spores can be delivered enced little change since the Cam- via a nasal spray, or as on oral liqbrian Period. uid or Japan - The When galaxies form and c a p findings have nothsule. merge together, the dark ing to do with raAldiation exposure ternafrom the bombs, matter halo gets larger and t i v e l y but are instead t h e y based on data re- the stars and gas sink to the can be ceived by the Life adminmiddle of the the halo. Span Study (LSS) istered which was initiated via a in 1950 to investigate the effects of small soluble film placed under the radiation on over 100,000 people. tongue, in a similar way to modSurveys obtained smoking ern breath fresheners. As spores information for 68,000 men and are exceptionally stable, vaccines women who were followed for based on Bacillus do not require an average of 23 years to relate cold-chain storage alleviating a smoking habits to survival. Ac- further issue with current vaccine cording to the study, the younger approaches.” a person was when they started According to the researchers, smoking, the higher the risk in later this method of vaccination would life. eliminate the pain associated with Smokers who started to smoke needles and be safer to administer, before age 20 lost nearly a decade inexpensive to produce, easier to of life expectancy and had more store, and reduce concerns about than double the death rate of life- adverse reactions. long non-smokers. Boston, Massachusetts The researchers also exam- This game is being used to treat ined the benefits of quitting. Those children with anger problems who who quit smoking before age 35 are often uninterested in psychoavoided almost all excess risk therapy but eager to play video among continuing smokers and games. As the children play, a

monitor tracks their heart rate and when it goes above a certain level, the player loses the ability to shoot at the enemy spaceship, meaning that to improve they must learn to keep calm. The study compared two groups of 9 to 17 years olds who had high levels of anger. One group received standard treatments for anger including cognitive-behavioral therapy, presentation of relaxation techniques and social skills training for five consecutive days. The second group got the same treatment but spent the last 15 minutes of their psychotherapy session playing “RAGE Control.” After five sessions, the gamers were better at keeping their heart rate down, showing decreased anger scores on the State Trait Anger Expression Inventory. The gamers also gave their therapy experience higher marks than non-gamers and showed statistically significant decreases regarding the intensity of anger at a particular time, the frequency of angry feeling over time, and expressions of anger towards others or objects. The researchers are planning another clinical trial to test whether taking “RAGE Control” home to play with parents and siblings will increase its effect. UCLA, California - One explanation says that the fluctuations are from very distant unknown galaxies, while another says that they are from faint galaxies that are much closer. Recent research by UCLA professor Edward Wright and his colleagues presents evidence that these explanations are wrong and proposes an alternative. They say that the explanations are not supported by the data from the NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope. The researchers propose that the small number of stars that

were kicked to the edges of space during violent collisions of galaxies may be the cause of the excess infrared light. They argue that scatterings of light emitted from the galaxy halos that extend beyond the outer reaches of galaxies are produced by these stars that were thrown from their galaxies. According to Wright, “Galaxies exist in dark matter halos that are much bigger than the galaxies; when galaxies form and merge together, the dark matter halo gets larger and the stars and gas sink to the middle of the the halo. One star in a thousand does not do that and instead gets distributed like dark matter. You can’t see the dark matter very well, but we are proposing that it actually has a few stars in it -- only one-tenth of 1 percent of the number of stars in the bright part of the galaxy. One star in a thousand gets stripped out of the visible galaxy and gets distributed like the dark matter.” For their study, the astronomers used the Spitzer Space Telescope to produce an infrared map of a region of the sky in the constellation Boötes. By understanding the origin of this infrared background, the researchers hope to understand when all of the light in the universe was produced and how much was produced.



Priapulids are a group of marine worms that live in shallow waters.


The best of both worlds
Enhance your technical undergraduate degree with a Master of Science in Engineering and Technology Management (ETM). A growing number of engineers and scientists have taken advantage of this unique graduate business education program. Join us for an Info Session & Reception to learn about the benefits of the ETM Program and to meet the ETM faculty and students. • • • • Thursday, November 1st at 6:00 p.m. Student Center, Room 236 Refreshments will be served Please RSVP to

A-Basin opens for the season
Michelle Danaher Staff Writer

Research was gathered using the Spitzer Space Telescope as pictured above.

Engineering and Technology Management

Fellowships Avai


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Division of Economics and Business • Colorado School of Mines

Arapahoe Basin, located just off of Loveland Pass, is a mountain known for opening early. The conditions at the ski area are nowhere near perfect, but they are consistent with what one might expect this early in the ski season. The snow on the mountain is COURTESY KRASNAYA_POLYANA mostly man-made, but nature has helped out a little bit. There are now two runs open. They are both groomed blue runs, good for cruising. The runs are sufficiently covered and there are not many rocks exposed. There is a small terrain park with four rails and two small boxes for those looking to practice some of their smaller tricks. As there are only two ski resorts open in the area, lines are unavoidable. The crowd tends to be light in the morning and peak around noon. Weekends are significantly more crowded, as more people make As there are only two ski resorts the trip from Denver. open in the area, lines are an issue.

Although the lines can be long, Arapahoe Basin has a high speed chairlift, so it is not a long ride to the top. The crowds will thin out as the season progresses and hopefully the snow will continue to improve. Even though conditions are far from ideal, for those who truly enjoy skiing or snowboarding, the trip to Arapahoe Basin is worth it .

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Third presidential debate Ytterbium violates centers on foreign policy atomic parity
Arnaud Filliat Assistant Copy Editor
Last week was the third and final presidential debate between the two leading presidential candidates, President Barack Obama and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. The debate centered on foreign policy and highlighted Romney’s lack of experience in the subject. During the debate, Romney pointed out that the US Navy is relatively small compared to the past by saying, “Our Navy is smaller now than at any time since 1917. The Navy said they needed 313 ships to carry out their mission. We’re now at under 285. We’re headed down to the low 200s if we go through a sequestration. That’s unacceptable to me.” Obama’s rebuttal was the most watched moment and was highly televised following the debate. He said, “You mentioned the Navy, for example, and that we have fewer ships than we did in 1916. Well, Governor, we also have fewer horses and bayonets, because the nature of our military’s changed. We have these things called aircraft carriers, where planes land on them. We have these ships that go underwater, nuclear submarines.” According to news outlets and social media, Obama won the debate due to Romney’s lack of experience in the subjects discussed. The debate’s focus was on foreign policy, but the candidates often turned questions COURTESY WHITE HOUSE around and made them about domestic issues such as jobs, the economy, and education. The moderator, Bob Schieffer, at one point even said, “Let me get back to foreign policy.” In the debate, Obama attacked Romney’s lack of experience when he said, “Governor here’s one thing I’ve learned as commander-inchief. You’ve got to be clear, both to our allies and our enemies, about where you stand and what you mean. You just gave President Obama attends a meeting with the Prime Minister of Pakia speech a few weeks stan for the Nuclear Security Summit- a part of foreign policy. COURTESY FLICKR ago in which you said we should still have troops in Iraq. That is not a recipe for making sure that we are taking advantage of the opportunities and meeting the challenges of the Middle East.” Later in the debate Romney talked about his plan of action for Syria saying, “Working through our partners and with our own resources, to identify responsible parties within Syria, organize them, bring them together in a - in a form of - if not government, a form Former Governor Mitt Romney gives an interview to supporters at a of - of - of council rally in Paradise Valley, Arizona while on the campaign trail. that can take the lead in Syria. And then make sure they have the arms necessary to defend themselves. We do need to make sure that they don’t have arms that get into the - the wrong hands. Those arms could be used to hurt us down the road. We need to make sure as well that we coordinate this effort with our allies, and particularly with - with Israel.” He also attacked Obama’s lack of leadership in the issue when he said, “What I’m afraid of is we’ve watched over the past year or so, first the president saying, well we’ll let the U.N. deal with it. And Assad - excuse me, Kofi Annan came in and said we’re going to try to have a ceasefire. That didn’t work. Then it went to the Russians and said, let’s see if you can do something. We should be playing the leadership role there, not on the ground with military.” The debate ended with the candidates’ closing arguments. Obama went first saying that over the last four years our nation has made progress out of policies that gave two wars, record deficits, and the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. He also said, “Governor Romney wants to take us back to those policies, a foreign policy that’s wrong and reckless, economic policies that won’t create jobs, won’t reduce our deficit, but will make sure that folks at the very top don’t have to play by the same rules that you do.” Obama then added that he wants to build on America’s strengths and make sure that the US has the best education system in the world, along with developing the economy by bringing manufacturing jobs back to America. In his final words for the debate, the president promised to listen to the voices of Americans and fight to make sure that America continues to be the greatest nation on Earth. Romney however criticized the current leadership and said, “The president’s path will mean continuing declining in take-home pay. I want to make sure take-home pay turns around and starts to grow. The president’s path means 20 million people out of work struggling for a good job. I’ll get people back to work with 12 million new jobs.” He added that he wants to get people back to work and work heavily with Democrats to come to agreements on policies between both parties. Romney also said that Washington is broken and that he knows what to do to get this country back. Finally he ended by saying, “We need strong leadership. I’d like to be that leader with your support. I’ll work with you. I’ll lead you in an open and honest way, and I ask for your vote. I’d like to be the next president of the United States to support and help this great nation and to make sure that we all together remain America as the hope of the Earth.” According to experts, the final presidential debate is unlikely to sway many voters. With the election virtually tied in the poll, be sure to make it to the polls as every vote counts.

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october 29, 2012

Deborah Good Managing Editor

Researchers at the University of California, Berkley recently reported measurements of a “large parity-violating effect in ytterbium.” Graduate student Dimitri Dounas-Frazer explained that, though the group is encouraged by their results, their work in decreasing percent error continues. He began his talk by explaining the importance of atomic parity violation and by defining it generally. In a broad sense, research on the topic is motivated by the diverse applications of atomic parity violation, Dounas-Frazer said. It allows table-top testing of the standard model, testing which is complementary to work at CERN. It also serves nuclear physics in that it allows further probing of nuclei. The effect arises mostly from the symmetry of the universe. The two main forms of symmetry are rotational symmetry, which is connected to the conservation of angular momentum, and inversion symmetry, which is connected to the concept of conservation of parity. The universe is symmetric under rotation, meaning that if two scientists rotated relative to each other conduct identical experiments, the results should be the same. However, the universe is not symmetric under inversion, meaning that the mirror image experiment might not have the

same results. This lack of inversion symmetry gives rise to parity violations, which can be physically interpreted. Analysis of parity violations is made more complicated by the presence of electromagnetic fields on Earth, but is still possible. Dounas-Frazer also discussed briefly the history of the field and the more technical side of the analysis. He outlined the major open question: “Are inconsistencies in cesium vs. thallium measurements and vs. the predicted values in anapole moment analysis due to experimental error, interpretation error, or some other cause?” He then discussed his research group’s investigations. DounasFrazer and the team at University of California, Berkeley sought to investigate these effects in a third element and selected ytterbium because of its size and the fact that it has five stable isotopes. The experiment vaporized the element and analyzed the vapor. The team found a result in 2010 which seemed fairly reasonable but had an error around 12 percent. Dounas-Frazer explained that analysis of the main quantities of interest requires error much less than one percent. The group has therefore spent two years scaling down the error and preparing a cross-check for the experiment. Their next goal is to determine isotope ratios and examine the neutron skin of ytterbium.

Ytterbium is an appropriate size and has five stable isotopes.

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october 29, 2012

No Fair Fights Saints Row: The Third is to play at Sigma a slight disappointment Phi Epsilon
Emily McNair Staff Writer Kyle Santi Staff Writer
Unwritten Law, Pepper, Finch, Shinedown, and The Greeley Estates. This coming Friday, November The concert will not just host 2, the men of Sigma Phi Epsilon NFF. A live DJ will be present will host a live concert featuring after the concert as part of the the band No Fair Fights (NFF). after party, which is also a cosA live DJ will be there after the tume party. Guests are strongly concert. In addition, Sig Ep will encouraged to wear a costume also hold a costume contest with to the party. A contest will be prizes to be given out to the best held for the best costume worn individual costumes or themed and for the best group costume. group of costumes. Whoever wins will NFF has been No Fair Fights is sure receive prizes that performing since will be announced 2002 after getting give an awesome at the concert itself. their start in DenThe concert performance, and will be held at the ver. Since then, NFF has segued Sigma Phi Epsilon from punk rock to the costume party house at 1807 West a more “aggresCampus Road just sive, melodic, post- with the DJ is not to west of the campus hardcore sound” as and will be open to be missed. a short description the entire campus. of their history exIt is the red buildplains. NFF has had great suc- ing in-between the Sigma Alpha cess in Denver by playing on Epsilon house and the Fiji house. KBPI, KTCL, and KCSU. They The concert runs from 8:30 to had their music play on multiple 9:30 pm, but the doors open at seasons of MTV’s Real World/ 8:15. The party will last until 11 Road Rules Challenge as well as pm. No Fair Fights is sure give an on FX’s hit series “The Riches.” awesome performance, and the NFF played in Denver as part of costume party with the DJ is not the Vans Warped Tour in 2003, to be missed. The men of Sigma 2006, and 2011, and opened Phi Epsilon look forward to seeing for several national acts such as you there.

f e a t u r e s

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The Third Street Saints return in the third installment of the popular Saints Row franchise. This time, the leader of the Saints must retake Steelport all the while avoiding the police and STAG, a group of highly trained commandos meant to curb gang activity. One of the game’s stronger aspects is how it portrays the life of a gangster. It explores many different facets including legitimate business ventures, territory control, and some darker topics such as prostitution. Many of the darker topics recur throughout the story and the extent may surprise some players who are unfamiliar with the franchise. The game is also fairly strong in the amount of customization it provides‚ something not bad for this type of game. There are nu-

merous choices for the protagonist and players are encouraged to change the character’s appearance throughout the game. Even standard gang members can have different appearances, and choices update as players progress through the story. Sadly, vehicle customization is not as open. Players have only one stock car that can be modified, which gets boring quickly. Additionally, the story is not quite as interesting as many other games out there. Although many of the missions are entertaining, they are not as in-depth as they could be. Most of them simply act as a structure for killing enemies. After a while this does get monotonous and there is little to change that. Even side missions follow a similar path. They all fit under one of several categories and all missions in each category are essentially the same. The only differences between them are the enemies and

scenery. A little more variety in gameplay would have made the game much better. The Saints non-player character (NPCs) are not exactly the most exciting people either. Although they do vary in personality, each one has one area of focus for gameplay. For example, an NPC named Kinzie only gets involved when technology is the focus of the story. The specialization makes the game somewhat predictable. After a few hours of play, it becomes boring. It only gets better when a different character is introduced. Overall, Saints Row: The Third‚ is a reasonable game. The monotony of many of the missions overshadows some of the better aspects, such as character customization. The gameplay is not anything special, but is entertaining. Saints Row: The Third is not for the faint of heart, but it is a reasonable distraction from reality.

Club cycling rolls through Mines
Sydney Liming Club Sports
The CSM Cycling Team has grown into a perennial powerhouse in collegiate cycling since its rebirth in 2005. In the last decade, the team has brought home the 2007 Mountain Bike team Omnium National Championship, 7 individual National Championships, 8 team podium appearances and 28 individual podium appearances at the National Tournament. The CSM Cycling Team is a co-ed club sport that races competitively in races all over the Midwest. The team consists of about 80 members with 35 active racers. In the fall, the team competes in mountain bike races across Colorado. In the spring, the team competes in road races across Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming. Members who qualify also get to compete at mountain and road nationals that are held across the U.S. The team has two main fun-

Saints Row: The Third offers great character customization but can become monotonous.

draisers throughout the year. In the fall, there is a mountain bike race at Sol Vista. In the spring, there is a road race in Golden. In 2011, the race brought around 250 competitors to battle it out in a time-trial up Lookout Mountain. The CSM Cycling Team is always looking for new members. An orientation meeting is held every semester so that students can learn about the club and how to join. Any questions regarding the team can be sent to club-cycling@

The Mines club cycling team races competitively all around the Midwest. w w w . O R E D I G G E R . n e t

Whitney Welch Staff Writer

Vegetarian egg Toned Bones cooks up rolls: Hasslehealthy and tasty food free and healthy
Ramiro Rodriguez Staff Writer
1. Preheat oven to 425° F and line baking pan with aluminum foil. 2. Heat 1½ tablespoons of vegetable oil in a large skillet or wok. 3. Add cabbage, carrots, onion,bean sprouts, vinegar, sugar and soy sauce to skillet and sauté on medium high for 5 to 7 minutes. 4. Set aside vegetable mix. Reduce heat to medium heat and scramble eggs. 5. Add eggs to the vegetable mix. 6. Fill egg roll wrappers with ¼ cup of vegetable mix, roll and seal wrappers with a little bit of water. Repeat until all wrappers are filled. 7. Place egg rolls on lined pan. Brush with remaining vegetable oil. 8. Bake for 15 minutes and enjoy. Recently opened in downtown Golden by local owners, Toned Bones offers American-style food, serving dishes such as wraps, burgers, steaks, and seafood. There are plans to add a breakfast and dessert menu and extended restaurant hours beginning at 7 am. The restaurant is currently open from 11 am to 9 pm Sunday through Thursday and open 11 am to 10 pm on Fridays and Saturdays. While the restaurant’s name suggests healthier fare, it does not consider itself a health food shop. Toned Bones offers standard American food, while taking additional measures to make each

page 6

f e a t u r e s

october 29, 2012

A staple of Chinese cuisine, egg rolls are among the most popular Chinese foods. This recipe recreates the deliciousness of a restaurant egg roll without the hassle and health concerns associated with frying. The recipe makes 16 egg rolls. Ingredients: 1 package of 16 egg roll wrappers 2 cups of chopped cabbage 1 chopped onion 3 chopped medium carrots ½ cup bean sprouts 3 eggs 2 tablespoons vegetable oil, divided 1 tablespoon vinegar (white or apple cider) 1 teaspoon sugar soy sauce to taste Directions:

dish as healthy as possible. They Toned Bones offers specials to accomplish this by maintaining Mines students and faculty with flavor and using creative cooking weekly offerings that are available techniques, as well as “smarter” every Tuesday available through ingredients such as their Twitter page, olive-oil mayo and Toned Bones offers @tonedbones. Beorganic vegetables. tween these speAs their website standard American cials, free wi-fi, instates, “We believe credible food, and food, while taking its modern and upmeals should encourage wellness additional measures scale interior, Toned while still tasting Bones creates an great. Eating out to make each dish as atmosphere where should never be a students can relax, war for the waist- healthy as possible. eat, and perhaps line, but rather a even complete chance to energize your body for some homework. Anyone who enthe day ahead.”Toned Bones also joys eating great tasting food and takes this approach to the environ- not having to worry about it hurting ment and only uses recyclable or their health or wallet should stop reusable packaging and low en- stop by and try their delicious ofergy lighting. ferings.


Nintendo’s “Cave Story” is a must-play
Ramiro Rodriguez Staff Writer
ful sorceress. The Doctor wants to experiment on the Mimigas and turn First released in 2004 as a them into mindless monsters freeware PC game by develop- whose only desire is to destroy. er Pixel, Nintendo has recently As the game progresses, the ported the smash indie hit “Cave player slowly uncovers secrets of Story” to its 3DS hand held gam- his past, as well as the past of the ing systems. game’s other This version is It has the amazing characters. similar to the origiThe player nal, but includes sense of discovery and attempts to many refinements stop the Docand additional diffi- exploration found in tor after unculties. covering the At less than $10, “The Legend of Zelda,” true nature of it is definitely a game his plot, along the fun of “Metroid” with secrets worth buying. The plot of “Cave about the and “Castlevania,” and m y s t e r i o u s Story” focuses on an amnesiac pro- a plot that few games floating island tagonist named in which the Quote who awakgame takes can match. ens in a cave identiplace. fied by the game as The plot is “Start Point” with no memory of much more involved than just this his past. summary, but it is impossible to He eventually wanders into a describe it further without ruining village populated by Mimigas, a the joys of the game. race of sentient humanoid rabIn “Cave Story” there are bits. Many of their number have many different locals to explore, been abducted by a mysterious, such as the Egg Corridor which but sinister figure known as the contains many Sky Dragon eggs Doctor and his minions Balrog, a that are used to escape the islarge robot, and Misery, a power- land, as well as the Outer Wall, the edge of the floating island that the player scales in order to fight the Doctor. The player fights the Doctor and his minions with a variety of weapons, from the low level “Polar Star” to the “Nemesis.” The game is simplistic, but not in a negative way. It is uncomplicated, endearing, and a beautiful throwback to early platform games like Metroid. It has the amazing sense of discovery and exploration found

Create restaurant quality egg rolls without the frying!

Toned Bones considers itself a healthy lifestyle eatery, rather than a health foods shop.

in “The Legend of Zelda,” the fun of “Metroid” and “Castlevania,” and a plot that few games can match. “Cave Story” is a must-play game, regardless of what system is used to play it.

“The plot of ‘Cave Story’ focuses on an amnesiac protagonist named Quote who awakens in a cave identified by the game as ‘Start Point’ with no memory of his past.”

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october 29, 2012

“Invention of Lying” proves provoking and enjoyable
Ramiro Rodriguez Staff Writer
Imagine a world with no lies even by omission and no sense or concept of deception. People are blunt in their honesty to the point of cruelty. There is no concept of fiction. This is the world of Mark Bellison (Ricky Gervais) in “The Invention of Lying” until Mark discovers the ability to lie and deceive. The ability to tell non-truths came to him after a series of poor events starting with an unsuccessful date with Anna McDoogles (Jennifer Garner), who was not interested because of his awful financial situation and terrible looks. The next day he is fired from his job as a documentary writer and is unable to pay his rent. He learns to lie after withdrawing the last of his money from the bank. He says that the computer is wrong about the amount in his account and requests the amount he needs to pay his rent. From this point on, Mark uses his ability to lie to regain his job, become successful, wealthy, famous, and eventually accidentally start a worldwide cult of the “Man Who Lives in the Sky.” “The Invention of Lying” is an immensely clever high-concept film that brings an interesting element to the normally humdrum and vapid romantic comedy. It is able to entertain on many different levels, from the characters’ blunt and cruel comments to each other to the thought-provoking idea of a world without deception. The romantic element between Mark and Anna progresses slowly, normally a terrible quality for a romantic comedy. However, this style of romance is clever considering that the movie presents a world is vastly different from our own. Furthermore, the movie implies that religion is only able to thrive thanks to lies and deception, since the concept of religion does not

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exist until Mark accidentally creates “The Man Who Lives in the Sky.” Ultimately, anyone who is a fan of intelligent, thought provoking comedy or Ricky Gervais should enjoy this film.

“The Invention of Lying” offers a clever and entertaining plot.

Better your burger with bison
Ramiro Rodriguez Staff Writer
Few dishes can top the great taste of an amazing hamburger. This recipe aims to recreate the flavor and satisfaction of the best hamburgers. Some of the more premium ingredients can be a bit pricey, but when the goal is to create an exceptional burger, only the best will do. Ingredients: ¼ lb ground bison 1 slice of cheese of choice (the picture shows a year aged cheddar) 4 shiitake mushrooms ½ cabernet-red onion 1 tbs of olive oil 2 tbs of ketchup 1 tbs of balsamic vinegar 2 tbs of Worcestershire sauce 1 leaf of romaine lettuce 1 Kaiser roll Black pepper to taste Salt to taste Start by dicing the onions and mushrooms, making sure to have a consistent size to ensure even cooking. Place the now diced onions and mushrooms in a bowl and stir in ketchup and balsamic vinegar. Set aside and shape the ground bison into a patty after adding black pepper to taste. Rolling the ground meat into a ball, passing it from hand to hand, and pressing on it creates a nice patty shape. Bison meat tends to be more lean than beef, which means that there is a better chance of the ground meat crumbling. Avoid being too rough with the patty now or when frying. Take a spoon and press the bottom against the patty. In this indentation, add a tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce. To cook the patties, oil a pan and place it on medium heat. Once the pan is hot, add the patty. Flip it every thirty seconds, but remember to be gentle. Make sure to use a spatula. Cooking should take about six minutes. Occasionally add some of the remaining Worcestershire sauce to the pan, in the area near the burger. For those with digital thermometers, make sure the meat is at least 155º F, if cooking to FDA standards. Once the patty is done cooking, remove it from the pan. Add cheese and put it in the oven. Next, increase the burner temperature from medium to medium high and add the diced onion and mushroom. Fry the onions until golden brown. Remove the onions and mushrooms, and set aside. Take the Kaiser roll, slice it in half, and fry the bread to warm and toast. Once this is done and the cheese is well melted on the patty, add the patty to the bottom bun, the fried and diced vegetables to the top, and the leaf of romaine lettuce in between.

it really

grows on you.
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Learn how the mines fund has made a difference for you at
Try this premium version of your typical hamburger! w w w . O R E D I G G E R . n e t

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Life looks for life Eastwood, Timberlake shine The stars above Mines
John Bristow Staff Writer
Humans look at the skies for many reasons. The skies are eternally beautiful no matter where on Earth they are viewed from and no matter the season. There may be economic reasons as well; Earth is bound to run out of resources eventually and within reason, space can provide what is needed. There is a question that remains unanswerable that seems to have been implanted within the depths of society – “Does life exist beyond Earth?” From all evidence, humanity is stark and alone in the universe, but then again, the sample pool is about as limited as they come. If humanity is to be alone, then the forces directing life must be exceedingly uncommon and worth looking deeper into here on Earth. Given that laboratory scientists come closer every year to actually developing life and the basic building blocks have been easily synthesized, it is much more likely that life does exist out among the stars. There are many factors that could contribute to why no life has been seen. For one, the universe is vastly big. If every single star had a single planet that had developed life, the chance of interaction is still near to zero. Even from several million kilometers away, the signs of life on Earth are reduced to electromagnetic pulses that rapidly disperse as distance increases. It is irrational to presume that every star system has life bearing planets, unless the factors leading to life are extremely common. Therefore, the distance between possible life bearing planets is an extreme beyond extremes. Even more limiting is the variable of time. Humanity has been producing radio waves for a minor fraction of our existence and there is a chance that the massive differences that tear apart society may yet end life before ample time has been provided to get an accurate glance across the cosmos. It is clear that despite the odds against us, humanity wants there to be something beyond our own reality. False as they probably are, there is a reason that UFO and alien sightings are bizarrely common. There is a possible need in the human psyche for there to be a force beyond our own. Now in a world of science rather than demons, life beyond Earth fits the bill. Any life that humanity may encounter has equal chance to be significantly more primitive than us, provided humanity is doing the exploring, or is significantly more advanced if the life comes to us. To any society behind us, humanity may yet be the advanced gods that their culture has fables of, and to us, anything beyond our technology could certainly take on the role of miracles. Mostly though, humanity continues to look because being alone in a vast universe is a cursed and lonely fate, while not being alone is rather comforting. May the stars shine brilliantly in your skies.

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october 29, 2012

in “Trouble with the Curve”
Katerina Gonzales Staff Writer
As the MLB playoffs wind down, feed baseball fever with “Trouble with the Curve.” Although not likely to become a classic, “Trouble with the Curve” is a good film to watch with friends or family. Clint Eastwood stars as Gus, an aging scout for the Atlanta Braves. Gus is in the final year of his contract in an era where sabermetrics and statistical analyses are becoming more valued for player evaluation than older methods. A few members of the Braves front office are beginning to doubt Gus’ ability to sign good prospects. In the city, Gus’ daughter Mickey (Amy Adams) is focused on her career while attempting to balance her social and romantic life. Gus and Mickey do not have the greatest father-daughter relationship; Gus likes to be a hermit watching baseball in the Carolinas, while Mickey gives him his space. As the draft nears in June, the stakes become higher for Gus as he must evaluate a high school baseball star. However, his eyes are failing him. Stubborn as he is, he tries to go on with his day-today life. Mickey gets a tip that her father is struggling and is convinced to go out to Gus’ territory to try to repair their lack of communication. Thus, Mickey ends up joining her father on his scouting trip, bringing her own eyes and baseball knowledge, while possibly jeopardizing a partnership in her company. The plot has a few holes, but the overall story is satisfying and not in a cliché way. The film was partially shot the Georgia and captures the heart of high school baseball. The two lead performances in the film are noteworthy. Eastwood brings his wryness into his character and Adams balances that well, infusing confidence and emotion into Mickey. Justin Timberlake and John Goodman co-star. Overall, “Trouble with the

Curve” is definitely worth watching. This is not a film about the technical elements of baseball that will dazzle sports nerds, but it is a film about family, loyalty, and chances, which are what baseball is really all about. “Trouble with the Curve” comes out on DVD and Blu-ray December 21, 2012. Rated PG-13.

This week in Colorado History
Demolition and Drunkenness
Deborah Good Managing Editor

“Trouble with the Curve” showcases a star-studded cast.

in making friends in that section for the aforesaid aspirant and his co-hunters for office.” The man “The Colorado Transcript” an- concluded he was in need of nounced this week in 1910 that convincing and drank most of the the Overland Hotel, once “one of whiskey. The “Transcript” hints at the most famous of western hos- their belief that the Republican telries” was to be demolished by doped the alcohol, but given the its owner, Woodmen of the World, paper’s Democratic leanings, this a fraternal organization similar statement should be taken with a to the Freemasons founded in grain of salt. Illinois natives residing in DenOmaha, Nebraska in 1890. The Woodmen decided to take this as ver organized the Illinois Society of Colorado a first definite step towards The “Transcript” hints at their this week in 1910. The the creation “of a permabelief that the Republican goal was to “preserve the nent home for Golden doped the alcohol, but given recollections and traditions camp.” Plans already ex- the paper’s Democratic lean- of the great prairie state, isted for the camp, and ings, this statement should and to obthe Woodbe taken with a grain of salt. serve its anniversaries.” men were Hon. John W. excited about the prospect. The “Transcript” in- Springer was elected president of tended to donate a brick wall to the new society, and all Illinois natives were invited to join. the effort. The Tigers had “whetted their A Republican attempt to woo voters with alcohol went awry this appetites with the Mormons” and week in 1910, when their target were preparing to take on the “was obliged to spend a couple “somewhat carnivorous” Miners. of nights in the county jail.” De- What pursuit Colorado College spite the county office seeker’s was battling Brigham Young Uniofficial temperance position, he versity and the Colorado School provided an Evergreen man with of Mines in was not disclosed, a gallon of whiskey “to be used though football seems most likely.

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october 29, 2012

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The Knight, the Seer, and the Child Priestess Rolanda
Nicole Johnson Staff Writer
Previous chapters can be found online at Queen Cassandra was sleeping by the time Rolanda returned from the council. Several of the queen’s handmaidens were by her side, clutching their prayer beads tightly in their small, white hands. Pendants of solid blue topaz hung from their frail necks, etched with Salacia’s likeness. “Queen Cassandra,” Rolanda bowed her head. “I have just come from the council. I bring grave news...” The queen raised her head slightly. “Rolanda, fetch some hot water with some lemon and some of my medicine. Then we shall talk.” Rolanda resisted the sneer tugging at her thin lips. “Of course, Your Grace.” She bowed slightly and turned so her robes swirled outward like a whirlpool behind her. Rolanda couldn’t help but smile as she poured from the bowl of steaming water the palace pumped in from the hot springs below. Grabbing a half a lemon, she squeezed the juice into the Queen’s cup and grabbed a pinch of the powder the Queen kept near the lemons. Ha, medicine indeed. If only you knew, poor fool. She swirled the cup until the grains disappeared into the liquid, releasing a pungent citrus smell. However, this time when Rolanda brought the cup to the queen’s lips the woman had the gall to wave it away. “I’ll not be spoon fed like a child.” She raised a hand to the bedmaids. “Go attend your duties.” “Would her Grace like a prayer or song this afternoon?” “What have your words done for my eyes? Go, I say.” She turned so her gaze was straight at Rolanda. Although she was blind and had been for years, somehow the queen always managed to make it look like she could see straight through you. It never failed to give Rolanda chills. Another week, maybe two and the shrieking bat would be dead and her eunuch of a husband would be too busy chasing serving girls’ skirts to care about running his kingdom. “Yes, Your Grace. If you have need of me, I will be in the temple.” Rolanda bowed once more before following the giggling handmaidens out of the queen’s chamber. The girls immediately headed towards the king’s chamber. For a brief moment, Rolanda felt pity for the queen. She had refused to take another lover after her precious Sir Caldon disappeared and the king only laid with his queen once a year when alcohol consumed him. Rolanda kept her head slightly bowed as she swept through the corridors and down multiple staircases. Everyone she passed was either weeping or keeping themselves busy so they hadn’t the energy to do so. Brennus had struck quite the chord amongst the populace. Even hours after the executions, people were still looking over their shoulders as they went about their work. Some clutched prayer pendants close to their chest as they worked, praying for strength from their patron goddess. Rolanda tried not to laugh at the poor fools. Her own pendant felt heavy and warm beneath her heavy robes. As she neared Salacia’s temple, the pendant seemed to come to life and pulled at her to walk faster towards the temple. The temple was quite small next to the Grand Temple dedicated to Yuki. The bricks were painted a dark navy blue with whites and grays to represent rushing waves and currents. Flowers ranging from pale pink to bright green were planted around the base of the temple walls. Several plants stretched up and climbed up using cracks in the brick walls. A steady crowd of people were coming in and out of the temple. Each nodded their respects to the priestess as she passed through the main worship chamber. A towering statue of Salacia looked down upon her people with her eyes half closed and her gaze directed to her outstretched fingers. Her dress, partially made from the water pumped out of the statue, tumbled like a waterfall into the fountain below where people knelt. As Rolanda passed, she overhead some praying for safe return of some ship that had been lost at sea. Rolanda almost felt sorry for the poor mortals. The souls of their loved ones were likely converted to Naonet’s shadow dancers by now. At least they would be more useful than the blubbering women and children praying to a rock as if it could do anything. She pulled the hood of her cloak over her face and exited through one of the side doors to a small library of the temple’s ancient texts. Two other priests were waiting for her. Once she closed the door behind her, they pulled out a book from one of the shelves. After a small creak, the shelf swung open and revealed a dark staircase leading down. Rolanda grabbed a torch and led the way. As the shelf slid shut behind them, the temperature began to rise until a thin layer of sweat beaded along Rolanda’s brow. At the bottom of the staircase, the three came to a black door with symbols carved along the edges. Rolanda retrieved the pendant from under her robes and held it out in front of her. As she passed it along the door in a zig-zag pattern, the gold writing along the edges began to twitch to life. In a blink of an eye, they zoomed to the center of the door and merged with each other. The golden pool of light grew bigger and brighter until it consumed the whole door. A black spot emerged from the center and grew to the length of the door. Rolanda stashed away her pendant and stepped through the portal. Once the other two had also passed through, the portal closed and the golden pool broke back into writing along the door frame. The room was small and death’s putrid stench oozed up from the stone floor. A pool of molten shadow bubbled from the center of the room. Rolanda and the two other figures strode forward and dropped to one knee, retrieving a dagger from the inside of their robes. Rolanda noticed the shadows around them tense in anticipation. The rush of air around them sounded like a sigh as they gently pressed the tip of their daggers against their palms until a line of red emerged. The pool in the middle stopped bubbling for a few seconds before starting again. This time it bubbled faster and the bubbles were bigger. “Lord and Master Naonet. We bring great news.” A column of bubbling goo emerged from the floor and slowly twisted into a humanoid shape. The figure was covered from head to toe in darkness except for half its face, which was scarred from burns. His eyes were a dull gray and his hair was white with streaks of red, gray and black. His smile was yellowed like burnt parchment and his tongue as black as charcoal. Shadow dancers giggled like small children as they jumped about their creator. “I shall decide what is good or bad. Report, each of you.” He nodded towards Rolanda. “You first, my sweet.” Rolanda stood and unhooked her robe and shrugged out of the blue to reveal a red robe beneath. The garment was much thinner, which Rolanda was grateful for in this intense heat. The sweat was dripping off the back of her neck, sending chills down her spine. With one eye she kept watch over the shadow dancers who had come with her master. She ignored the knot that twisted in her stomach and counted herself lucky to be on the devil’s right hand than against him. “We have just come from the council. The new High Senator is as malleable as we thought. The pendant is working like a charm. All the seers, whether they are real or if we whispered their names in his ear, are now being hunted as traitors of the land. If any are unconvinced, the bombing of the Grand Yuki temple will be tied to several well-known seers. Any words they say will fall on deaf ears.” Naonet nodded. “What about our new recruits?” The figure to Rolanda’s left stood and stood next to her. “We’ve brought in three hundred more within the last month from outlier villages. Most have been resistant but your children are persuasive. In another year, we’ll have enough to conquer Wynlan city. The Trinity Knights will never know what hit them.” Naonet smiled. “Excellent. Now tell me about my child.” Rolanda and the other two looked at each other. “Your child, Master? You mean the one who was stolen years ago?” “Some of my shadow dancers found her alive in a village just outside the Goshken Forest. They got the wrong one though. Luckily they were able to track her to Wynlan before they lost her scent. She’s in the city, that’s for sure. I want her found alive. I need her heartstone.” The third figure cleared his throat. “Two of my agents rescued a young woman from an attack on a village near the Goshken Forest. Should I bring her to you, my liege?” “Yes, yes. It would also be prudent for Cassandra to meet an unfortunate end before she could see her daughter. Her husband will have no choice but to declare war on the murderer. Make it look like the Trinity Knights. It’s time the people saw them, but in a less than flattering light.” “It shall be done,” the third figure answered. Naonet’s voice began to fade in and out and sounded more like hissing steam. Naonet leaned his head to the left, cracking several joints. “This Brennus also intrigues me. Bring him to me as well.” A loud groaning sound filled the room. “I expect larger numbers for my army when next we meet. Steal from the homeless in the cities, particularly children. They have the strongest souls.” Naonet’s form collapsed back into the pool and the shadows stood still once again. The temperature dropped considerably so that Rolanda could see her breath in front of her. Rolanda turned to the other two figures. “I’ll take care of Queen Cassandra. Bara, make sure Brennus makes it to our next meeting. Hallon, I want to see this girl your agents found.”

Imagine Dragons creates diverse album
KC Kent Staff Writer
Imagine Dragons, a funky and fresh music group, is about to lose its statue as a hipster group. Formed in 2008 in Las Vegas, Nevada, they are quickly working their way to the top of indie rock charts. The band received their big break this summer, when they toured with AWOLNATION. Their new album, “Night Visions,” was released this year and contains combinations of guitar, drums, mandolin, and occasional synthesizers to make for an original, catchy sound – a sound which has helped them become successful both in the alternative rock category and in the indie rock scene. Released on the extended play (EP) “Continued Silence,” “Radioactive,” one of the band’s more popular songs, contains dubstep sounding bass tones, synthesized vocals, and electric guitars. Like most hipsterindie songs, the lyrics could mean any number of things depending on the listener’s interpretation. One line goes, “I’m waking up, I feel it in my bones enough to make my system go welcome to the new age… I’m radioactive.” These particular lyrics from the chorus of the song could imply that old bones are entering a new age or they could be philosophical, implying everyone is doomed to nuclear war. The lyrics and the inflection of singer Dan Reynolds’ voice complement each other well. At just a hair over three minutes, the song is over entirely too quickly. Another single released from the same EP, titled “It’s Time,” is more indie than modern rock. Clapping keeps the beat and mandolin carries the tune. This song addresses the listener directly as “you” and was obviously written about a past relationship. Although the song has thoughtful lyrics, the tone that Imagine Dragons tends to sing in does not command the listener’s attention. The sound of all four band members singing blends into the background music instead of standing out against it. The music in general has a fast enough pace to not put the listener to sleep and is not harsh and poppy like much of the music on the radio. This album would be a great alternative to listening to classical music while doing homework. “Night Visions,” has already sold a total of 178,000 copies. The album showcases the diversity of the band with influences from pop, rock, indie, dubstep, folk, and hip-hop. Not all of the songs are great, but as a newer band, Imagine Dragons has a lot of room to grow and settle into its own style. The variety of sound on the album makes it a good listening choice for any occasion.


“Night Visions” offers a variety of sounds and genres.

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october 29, 2012

The Football Informant Drums in the deep
James Kergosien Staff Writer
Sometimes you can get lucky. Even the best of the best occasionally show weakness. Anyone can beat anyone else on any given night. Just look at Florida State, for instance, who managed to lose to NC State. It could happen, right? And why not with us? This is the internal monologue of Alabama’s opponents, those who are in the way of this juggernaut and have to hope against hope that it can be beaten. This week, I am one of those people. After all, my team is in the top five in the country, and it has hung with Alabama in the past two meetings, even winning once. Who have the Tide played, really, to prove that they are really as good as the results say? Don’t forget the importance of home field, and it looks like the offense is finally coming around… maybe. I could go on and on, but the rationalizations serve only to hide the truth – I, like every LSU Tiger fan, am scared as all hell right now. There’s a Balrog coming up the tunnel, and the only thing we can really do is run for our lives. That is what happens in the aftermath of games like this week’s, when Alabama eviscerated eleventh-ranked, unbeaten Mississippi State 38-7. The scoreboard hides the reality of the situation: Mississippi State played every bit as well as an eleventh-ranked team should. Alabama was just so much better that it didn’t matter. The Tide appear to have no weaknesses. The defense is playing as well as last year’s bunch, if not better. The offense, although not elite, has enough weapons that they will score more than enough in every ball game. They have scored 33 points or more in every game; their opponents have combined for less than double that number. Over the entire season. Alabama is allowing 8.1 points per game. They are ruthless, and never slow down. For the first half, Mississippi State had no answers on offense, but in the third quarter they finally hit a rhythm. Following yet another spectacular Crimson Tide punt, the Bulldogs drove 99 yards from their own one-yard-line, needing just a few more feet to get on the scoreboard and maybe get back in the game, 24-7. Quarterback rollout, swarm of crimson jerseys, interception. Game over, Crimson Tide style. Other things happened around the world of college football this weekend, of course. Georgia shockingly played up to its potential, exposing the flaws of the Florida Gators for all to see, in a nine-turnover bloodbath of a game. USC and Oregon State had their faint national title hopes extinguished in agonizing road losses to Arizona and Washington. Nebraska demonstrated rather pointedly that Michigan is just not very good. The only teams that look elite right now, other than the Tide, are Kansas State and Oregon. Notre Dame rode the luck of the Irish to another controversial win, this time at Oklahoma, but although they are (it pains me to say it) actually really good this year, they still play close games too frequently to be great. Auburn continued its death spiral in a home rout against Texas A&M. Ohio State kept on winning, but no one paid attention to the probation-bound Buckeyes, who once again are easily the best team in the Not-So-Big Ten. And the Crimson-clad beast roared its challenge into the night, daring any man to stand and face it. I hope for the best, despite my fears. I will continue to come up with reasons why it could happen, reasons why it will happen. I will do anything in my power to make it happen, up to and including writing an entire column that serves as an elaborate jinx. Because someday this flaming monster will meet its end, someday there will be a lone man on a bridge, crying “You shall not pass!” I can only hope that it is this day.

Men’s soccer tops UCCS with hot second half
Jared Riemer Staff Writer
The Colorado School of Mines men’s soccer team defeated the UCCS Mountain Lions by a score of 4-0, Friday at the CSM Soccer Stadium in Golden, Colorado. With the win, the Orediggers clinched the No. 2 seed and a first round bye in the RMAC tournament. Mines, now 11-4-2 and 8-3-2 in the RMAC, scored first in the thirty-sixth minute when Zach PageBelknap headed an Alex Nass free kick into the back of the net. At halftime, the Orediggers maintained their lead with the score remaining 1-0. Coming out of the break, the Orediggers looked to extend their lead and succeeded by scoring three goals in eight minutes. The second goal of the game came in the fiftieth minute when Tesho Akindele found the back of the net off of a Jace Dinkel pass.

The next goal came less than three minutes later off of a give-and-go between Baski Baker and Akindele to make the score 3-0. But, the Orediggers were not done yet, and in the fifty-eighth minute, Akindele scored again, heading a Nass free kick to secure his third hat trick of the year. The final goal sealed the game at 4-0 as Mines closed out the remaining 30 minutes in the near-freezing weather to record a solid victory heading into the conference tournament. With his hat trick in Friday’s game, Akindele has scored 19 goals this season and is CSM’s all-time leading goalscorer with 54 total goals. Nass recorded his ninth and tenth assists of the year in the game. This was the Orediggers ninth shutout of the year. Overall, mines outshot UCCS 19-10, and 8-3 on shots on goal. The team will no doubt be looking forward to the RMAC tournament set to begin at the end of the week. Junior Tesho Akindele, above, had three goals in the Oredigger’s win against UCCS Friday.

Lady Orediggers fight No. 18 UCCS to a draw

Extra time yields no goals
Jared Riemer Staff Writer
The Colorado School of Mines Women’s soccer team played the No. 18 UCCS Mountain Lions to a 2-2 draw in double overtime, Friday at the CSM Soccer Stadium in Golden. This brings their record for the year to 12-4-1 overall, and 9-3-1 in the RMAC. In the early goings, the Lady Orediggers had two corner kicks and three shots, but could not net the first goal. In the nineteenth minute, UCCS struck first from 20 yards out to take the early lead. Barely ten minutes later, in the thirty-first minute, Mines’ Bree Archuleta tied the score at one apiece on an assist from Anna Evans at point blank range. The tie was short lived, however, as three minutes before halftime, an own goal by the Lady Orediggers gave UCCS the 2-1 halftime lead. Mines came out of halftime looking for a goal to keep the game in hand, and in the fifty-first minute, Anna Evans delivered her thirteenth goal of the season to tie the game at two goals apiece. The score would remain deadlocked at deuces heading into overtime. The cold was clearly setting in, as only three total shots were registered in the extra sessions. The Lady Orediggers outshot UCCS 21-10 overall and 11-7 with shots on goal, but despite the disparity in total shots, the Lady Orediggers were happy to get the draw as it keeps them in contention for the conference crown heading into the last game of the year.

With Friday’s draw, the Lady Orediggers still have a shot at taking the conference title.

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october 29, 2012

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Study Break
Mindsseason is here! at Mines Halloween
Arnaud Filliat Assistant Copy Editor
With Halloween right around the corner and temperatures finally beginning to feel like late fall, this week Minds at Mines asked, “What are your plans for Halloween and what do you think of the cold weather?” My plans for halloween are party, and the cold weather is great. I’ve already been skiing a bunch of times and it’s sick. I’m a Blackhawks supporter. Brandon Gesior

Well right now I’m a cowboy. For halloween I don’t have any plans, I’ll just see what comes up and go along with it. For the current cold weather I like the cold. I’ve had three days of snow so far two in the past two days. I’m having a blast in the cold, freaking snow, I’m stoked. Joe Meyer

I’m Vermin Supreme. My plans are being President of the United States of America and giving everyone a free pony. I love this cold weather because I got this nice jacket with my full beard I’m enjoying this nice crisp weather. Tyler Anderson

I’m a teletubby, Tinky Winky. My plans for Halloween are hang out with my friends and go to party. The current cold weather, well this costume is really warm so I love it. Ben Newberry

I’m a Native American Indian, kinda like pocahontas – it’s pretty sweet. My plans for Halloween are basically to be here and volunteer for slackline and hand out candy. I think the cold is the sweetest thing ever because I’m excited for skiing and snowboarding. Rachel Hallanan
ALL PHOTOS ARNAUD FILLIAT / OREDIGGER Editorials Policy The Oredigger is a designated public forum. Editors have the authority to make all content decisions without censorship or advance approval and may edit submitted pieces for length so long as the original meaning of the piece is unchanged. Opinions contained within the Opinion Section do not necessarily reflect those of Colorado School of Mines or The Oredigger. The Oredigger does not accept submissions without identification and will consider all requests for anonymity in publication on a case-by-case basis. Submissions less than 300 words will receive preference.

Across 4. Passenger vehicle 6. Wartime Japenese emporer 7. Promise 9. 01/04 until noon 11. 7 Across of 14 Down 13. Edginess 15. General idea 16. Perchance 17. Large reference work 20. Fronded, flowerless plant 21. Special occasion clothing 22. Chap

Down 1. Deliver 7 Across incorrectly 2. Central Asian desert 3. Repeated guitar line 4. City of Northern Italy, capital of Emilia-Romagna 5. Symbol also called Hakenkreuz 8. Famous Venetian “spanner” 10. Non-clergy 12. Gathering intelligence by observation 14. Regrets 16. Extinct New Zealand Bird 18. Architectural drawing 19. Currency introduced in 1999

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october 29, 2012

Meyer Hall windows to be re-distributed
Deborah Good Managing Editor
Shock swept the corner of Illinois and 16th Streets last week as the physics department made an announcement that shook the tight-knit community to its core and led to concerns about the natural order of the planet. Windows in Meyer Hall are to be redistributed, declared staff. “Too long have students toiled in the basement with no light and no hope while professors hogged all the sunshine and the fresh air,” declared Dr. Smith. “We want to be a department that is welcoming and encouraging to the undergrads, even at three in the morning. Not to mention, 247 [the computer lab] is absolutely rancid.” Windows were expected to be moved via quantum mechanics until they were distributed in as statistically valid way amongst all rooms. Even rooms underground will be included; their windows will be added via periscope-like devices which funnel sunlight into areas such as the machine shop. Speculation abounded that the unexpected proposal was driven by the reactions of accreditors during their recent visit. One spoke to “The Oredigger” under the condition of anonymity: “It was pleasant enough on the third floor, but once, I got confused by all the stairs and went down instead of up when I came in. I saw…” The usually hardened engineer took a moment to collect himself. “I saw, well actually I more felt, this sense of impending doom and darkness. It was terrifying.” Professors were outraged at the plan. “What do you mean, I’m only going to get 0.465 of a window?” one asked, expressing the general faculty concern. “Is that the same for everyone? Can I see a plot of window distribution, with error bars and a standard deviation?” One broke ranks to say, “Seriously, my office is super-close to the lecture hall and I have to put a clothespin on my nose. If window re-distribution can get even a little fresh air into those kids’ clothes, I’m all for it.” Though excited by the chance at seeing the sky, the plan’s greatest beneficiaries were still dubious. Some cited the building’s mystical pull and argued that the windows were a lazy quick fix for the building’s major possessiveness prob-

Experiences in 151 as Staff psychic gives horoscopes told by Fred Fresh, ‘18
John Bristow Staff Psychic
gains are probably due to random chance. Ophiuchus - Are you looking for a new sign to be part of? Join Ophiuchus, the sign to be if you want to be an astrology hipster. Meetings will be help this Thursday to determine a sign mentality, for now though look us up on facebook and google+! Cancer - Face it, these days nobody wants to be Cancer anymore, besides being the butt of astrology jokes, the medical association is just nasty. This week, at most, Cancer can offer you free refills with every drink and purchase of fries. Virgo - Don’t trust fortune cookies this week or messages at the bottom of tea cups, all of them have an agenda and at least for now, that agenda is messing up your hair. Not that the agenda needs much help. Try a moisturizing shampoo. Gemini - This week you will be able to meet up with the secret group at [redacted message]. Do not forget to bring your [redacted], [redacted], and [especially redacted]. When you run into the dire scarecrow be sure to head [redacted] and do not forget to tell your [redacted] that you [redact] her. Taurus - There is suspicion that the members of the Gemini sign will wage war against you this week. They did it to Pisces last week and you don’t see any sort of a report from that front anymore. Keep your guard up and sleep with an eye or two open. Sagittarius - Did you just see that happen above, Gemini totally took out Taurus, sucks to be them I guess. Also sucks to be you this week, your friends will invite you out to go bowling, unfortunately the bowling place will be out of shoes in your freakishly bizarre size. You should really get that looked at. Scorpius - This week you will find yourself at every cross-street that a Libra is passing by, thus, lights will eternally be red. Learn to plan out routes using right-turns only.

lem. One student described the building’s pull: “I found an 8-track of ‘Hotel California’ in Meyer once. I thought it just meant we needed to clean up, but really it was a sign!” Others informed “The Oredigger” that they were excited, but needed a diagram explaining how the windows would move. Some requested extra office hours and a large white board to discuss the problem. Elsewhere on campus, reactions were mostly disinterested. One math major specifically commented the problem was nothing to Chauvenet’s ongoing spooks.

Katerina Gonzales Staff Writer
Through a sudden time anomaly caused by the particle accelerator under Kafadar, “The Oredigger” was able to interview a freshman taking EPICS 151 during the Fall of 2014. The results were somewhat shocking. In the future, there is a shortage of cookies on campus since only 20% of the Mines population has the skill set needed to produce cookies. As a result, the Fall 2014 semester of EPICS 151 is a course on cookie design. The following is a transcript of an interview with the exasperated student, as the stress of designing cookies caused him to monologue for several minutes. “The Oredigger” was unable to get a word in edgewise. “I don’t like EPICS. Our project is irrelevant to my major, since I am in Economics and people told me I won’t be sad in my time at this school. But it’s a class we gotta take, I guess. Our team seems good so far. One guy is really good at Solidworks, one girl is a good sketcher (although a terrible baker), and another guy has baked cookies before. So we got experience. I am left with the role of the writer, which shouldn’t be too bad because I don’t hate writing as much as a lot of people, even though my Prof. says I need work on oral communication, but what can you do? I’m sorry that I’m rambling… Anyway, we have done significant hours researching how to make and market these cookies. We went and asked a few Chemical Engineering majors since we thought they might understand some processes that go into baking cookies, but all they knew was how to brew beer. But, after looking on Wikipedia, I think we know how cookies are generally made, and we found a scientific article in the “Cooking Corner” ar-

With the upcoming elections, this week the signs will not be presented in date order but instead will be vying for your vote, as your friendly neighborhood psychic, I have ordered them from what I consider to be best to worst. Libra - For the upcoming week, all those who consider themselves to be Libras can expect every stoplight they are presented with to be green and all dirty laundry to suddenly shed all dirt. While there are no repercussions to the green lights, you may want to watch out for the mess created by your clothes constantly shedding dirt, stains, and annoying logos. Aries - You want a seat at the front of the class? It’s yours! What if you prefer to hide in the back messing around with your My Little Pony/Pokemon crossover fanfiction? Take a seat! If you choose Aries, any place you want in your classes is at your wish. Please note that the powers that be cannot guarantee spots for every Aries. Capricorn - This week is the week to make your dreams come true, but only if your dreams consist of finding deals on firewood, hard candies, and riding electric lawn-mowers. Where others may find at most 15% discounts on these seasonal items, if you keep your eyes open, you may find deals upwards of 17%! Leo - You are powerful, in control, wise, and calm, provided you are playing table top role-playing games this week. All rolls involving these traits will be above and possibly beyond average, you may even find a 21 has suddenly appeared on your trusty 20-sided dice. Don’t show your dungeon master though, he may confiscate it. Aquarius - Your talents will flourish and you will finally be able to understand the delicate intricacies of 18th and 19th century American literature. Nothing more, nothing less, any other noticed

chives that we cited in our report. We chose the chocolate chip design for our cookie project. We felt it was a well-liked variety and the materials to produce it are not too numerous. Our client is based in Antarctica, where there are not many cookies. We are told that the winner will get to go and bake there, but we don’t know if we want to win because it’s so much work to present and produce more cookies, especially in Antarctica. I suppose we’ve learned a lot though. Kitchen safety was my favorite Friday workshop. But our team has collectively gained 5 pounds and I need to run an anal-

ysis of the costs this is putting on our team, weight gain included. We have invested much of our own money into prototype experiments and our unprocessed dough has been disappearing, as I think my roommate has been eating it. My subsystem being the dry ingredients. I’m really stressed out for the Subsystem Analysis coming up soon. I must make three sketches or Solidworks drawings to add to the portfolio. And probably rewrite everyone else’s subsystem report. [sighs] I think it’s my hardest class this semester.”


Future EPICS students tackle cookie shortage and complain about the course.

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