Pawana-Mukt Muktā āsana Series-By Swāmī Satyānanda, Founder of Bihar School of Yoga Pawana

Group 1-Anti-Rheumatic Exercises

Exercise 1-Toe bending-Toes of both feet backward & forward-legs rigid. 10 times. Exercise 2-Ankle bending-Feet back and forward-bending from ankle joints-10 times. Exercise 3-Ankle rotation-Right foot clockwise & anti clockwise-10 times each Left foot in same manner. Both feet together.

Exercise 4-Ankle crank-Right ankle on left thigh. With left hand, rotate right foot clockwise 10 times. Then anti-clockwise 10 times. Similarly with left foot. Exercise 5-(i) Knee bending-Bend right leg at knee and clasp hands under right thigh. Straighten the leg, without heel touching ground. Bend again and stretch-10 times. Same with left leg. Exercise 5 (ii)-Knee crank-Instead of stretching, hold right thigh near trunk and rotate lower leg 10 times in circular motion. 10 times clockwise and 10 times anti-clockwise. Same with left leg.

Exercise 6-Dynamic spinal twist-left and right side looking back-10 times. Exercise 7-Half butterfly-Right foot on left thigh, press knee 10-15 times. Then left knee

. Exercise 8-Knee rotation-In same position rotate knee holding with hand-clockwise and anticlockwise 10 times each. Similarly with left knee. Exercise 9 (i)-Full butterfly-Soles of feet together close to body. Knee pushed to ground, bend forward. (ii) Place hands on knees and push them to ground 20 times. (iii) Keeping hands behind back, move knees up & down 20 times.

Exercise 10-Crow walking-Walk in squatting position, keeping hands on knees. To clear bowels, drink 2 glasses of water, then crow walk for 1 minute. Repeat 3-4 times. Exercise 11-Hand clenching-Hands in front. Stretch fingers and close fist tightly-10 times. Exercise 12-Wrist bending-Fingers stretched, up & down-10 times. Exercise 13-Fists closed-Right fist rotated clockwise and anti-clockwise 10 times each. Then left fist and both fists together.

Exercise 14-Elbow bending –(i) Arms in front, palms up and hands tight. Fold arms and touch shoulders, then straighten. 10 times. (ii) Same work, but arms stretched sideways. Exercise 15-Shoulder socket rotation-Arms bent sideways, touching shoulders. Rotate clockwise 10 times, then anti-clockwise. Exercise 16-Neck movement-(i) back & forward 10 times. (ii) Right & left tilt 10 times. 16 (iii)- Head rotated clockwise & anti-clockwise 10 times each.

AntiAnti-Gastric group

Exercise 17-Leg rotation-Lie on back. Right legs straight rotate clockwise & anti-clockwise 10 times each. Then do with left leg. Then both legs together. Exercise 18 (i) Cycling-raise right leg. Forward cycling motion 10 times. Backward motion 10 times. Same with left leg. Then by both legs together.

Exercise 19-Leg-lock-Bend right leg and press chest with thighs by pulling with interlocked fingers. Exhale and then stretch again. 10 times with each leg. Then bend both legs together and straighten. Exercise 20-Rocking & rolling-(i) Lie flat on back. Keep interlocked fingers behind head. Bend both legs on chest. Roll body from side to side-10 times, keeping elbows on floor. (ii) Hold knees with locked fingers. Roll back & forward-10 times.

Exercise 21-Naukasana (boat pose)-(i) Lie on back. Inhale, raise legs, arms. Head & trunk. Head & feet raised by 1 foot. Arms at same level. Retain position for some time. Exhale and lie down. Repeat 5 times. (ii) Repeat same process, but clench fists and raise body as much as possible. Inhale while raising and exhale while lowering. Eye exercises In sitting position (or lying)-(i) Stretch right fist. Thumb should face eyes. See at far wall or space. Then see thumb. Bring thumb slowly near face looking on it. Slowly eyes will see nose end-10 times. (ii) See up & down-10 times. (iii) See left and right 10 times. (iv) See along diagonals-right top to left bottom, other from left top to right bottom.-10 times each. (v) See far wall clockwise & anti-clokwise-10 times each.

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