9948 - Deign Department

Unit to be Designed :- Load Test on the Bridge Girder Required data :W L


Depth of Water (If Any)

Typical Elevation 1) Pier Numbers between which span is to be tested Relevant Drawing Numbers (for super / sub structure) Relevant Design document (for super / sub structure) Name of the Designer (Consultant) Name of the Proof checking Agency 2) Details of Bridge Super Structure :

Schematic Section

: : : : :

(exact location)

Span of Girder Distance between piers

m (C/C of bearings) m (C/C span 'L' ) m m m (if any) (Box, 'I', Voided, Slab) (Rail / Road) (New / Old) Nos. (Empty & Full)

Provide more details if available; or any contractual specifications related to load-test etc.

Number of Lanes Width of Deck Depth of Girder Camber / Gradient Cross section Type Type of Loads Steel / RCC / PSC Age of Girder to be tested

3) Load-Test Set up :-

Governing Load case Loading by Static Platform - or - Trucks

Make and Dimensions of Truck planned (including Axel Loads) Method Statement of Loading / Unloading Method of Calibration / Agency to estimate deflection 4) Safe Bearing Capacity of the Soil Depth at which SBC is available below Ground level Depth of Ground water Table below FGL. 5) Site Conditions Type of Service below the Deck (Rail / Road / Water etc.) :

T/sqm m m

Depth of Water, velocity etc. (if any) Clear Height available below soffit 6) Material Availability : New Old / available 7) Any relevant Information available : 8) Design / Details Required by what date :

m m (to estimate staging)

(Give Details)

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