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Department of Panchayati Raj, Bihar

Administrative structure of Bihar (A Background)

Revenue Villages


Panchayats 8,463
Panchayat Samiti


CD Blocks 534
Sub-Divisions 101

9 Divisio ns

1. Overall Status of PRI CB&T in the State

Last elections held in May-June, 2006 Next elections proposed in April- May 2011

Tentative Calendar of PRIs Elections: Notification - 05/02/2011 1st round of Election : 15/04/2011 Last (8th) round of Election : 14/05/2011

Basic statistics of PRIs (Tier Wise)

(Background Cont.)
Gram Panchayat Panchayat Samiti Zilla Parishad Gram Kacheheri Total
Members 115876 Members 11035 Members 1124 Members 115876 Mukhiyas 8463 Pramukhs 531 Chairpersons 38 Sarpanch 8463 Total 124339 Total 11566 Total 1162 Total 124339




iapk;rh vke fuokZpu] 2006 vkj{k.k fLFkfr

Details of the Elected Representatives and Functionaries of PRIs Trained

YEAR 2006-07 BRGF ER FUNC. MRP DRP RGSY Other Total Remarks FUNC. FUNC. ER ER 121639 121639 Note (State Lt. No.- 6356 Plan) dt. 06.11.09 to MoPR 12728 12728 (State Plan) 134367 6458 30 140930 (UNDP) 1726 1770 277067


2008-09 2009-10 Total

75 44

119 1726 134367 6458 134397

Proposed training programme under BRGF in 2010 - 11


(FROM 01.04.2010 TO TILL DATE)
YEAR From 1st April, 2010 onwards BRGF ER FUNC. 64615 2095 RGSY ER FUNC. 00 00 Other Remarks ER FUNC. 1. Total no. of ER of PRIs 00 40 and Panchayat Sachiv 139000. Training has been completed under BRGF in all districts except Aurangabad 2. Report received from 24 districts 66750








Proposed training programme under RGSY in 2010 - 11

2. State Specific PRI CB&T strategy / approach

Business meet conducted on 18.01.10 where 26 organizations participated. Desk appraisal of proposals submitted by agencies conducted. Capacity Assessment of the State for capacity building and training completed (June 2010), report awaited from Raman Consultancy.

3. Use of training and reference materials

Course Curriculum, Daily Schedules, Micro Plan, Monitoring formats, Operational Guidelines etc. prepared before conduct of training. ToT Module 1 Prashikshakon ka Prashikshan Module for training of PRIs ER 4 1. Apni Pehchan Panchayati Raj ka saral parichay 2. Jimmedari Bhagidari, Yojana aur Anushravan 3. Jankari Sarakar ke bikash ebam kalyan ke bibhinna karyakram ebam yojanayen 4. Hisab Kitab Bittiya prabandhan ka saral parichay

3. Use of training and reference materials

Module for training of PSs 8 published/10 1. 2. 3. 5. 6. 7. Bihar Panchayati Raj Adhiniyam, 2006 (Yatha Sansodhit) Adhiniyam ke adhin gathit bibhinna niyamabaliyan Lekha sandharan ebam budget Bibhinna bikashatmak karyakram Soochana ka adhikar ebam janashikayat Janma mrityu adhiniyam, bibah nibandhan ebam shikshak niyojan niyamabali 8. Kalyanakari Yojanayen

10. Samanya adhyayan (Rajaswa ebam bhoomi sudhar, jana swasthya ebam anya) Resource Material for training of GK - 1 Flip Chart for Trainers 60 pages

4. Need and evidence based training design

Training Needs Assessment (TNA) of ERs and Functionaries of PRIs planned under UNDP-CDLG Project - RFP & ToR prepared Special training needs of EWRs will also be assessed (Study on effectiveness of EWRs of PRIs under UNDP-CDLG Project) Selection of organization completed, work will start after election. Workshop for pre-testing/ preview of the draft revised ToT module (5th 7th Oct, 2010) where some selected resource persons (DRPs & MRPs) and Faculty/ Principal of the training institute of the Department. In this workshop the necessary revisions of the ToT module has been done.

5. Use of Modern Technology in CB&T Programme

1. SATCOM For establishment of satellite receiving station, Beltron has been provided 3.59 Cr. MoU has been prepared which is being finalized in consultation with Department of Science and Technology. Helpline A helpline has been established and functioning. Helpline No.- 0612 - 2200019 Uploading on Panchayat Portal Data & Department orders, circulars are being uploaded on Panchayat Portal. Uploading on Plan Plus Plans under BRGF are being uploaded on Plan Plus. E Panchayat DPR has been prepared. IT Cell - IT Cells have been established in all Panchayat Samitis of Bihar.

2. 3.

4. 5. 6.

6. Provision of handholding support mechanisms at the panchayat level

Creation of IT Cells: 515 cells created at intermediate panchayat level for e-support to PRIs. Training module/Reference materials developed to help support routine functions of ERs. Helpline established. Gramin Bharat, weekly program telecast by Doordarshan, Patna E-Panchayat Computers to be provided to all panchayats. DPR prepared. Strengthening Divisional Training Centres 9 centres provided with fund - organised training of DRPs who in turn imparted 7 days training to the ERs and functionaries of PRIs.

7. Exposure visit and study tours

Exposure visit of 232 ERs of the State under CDLG project visited Hibre Bazar (Maharashtra), West Bengal, Orissa etc. 26 PRIs and Officials of PRD visited beacon panchayats in West Bengal under CDLG project. 100 (appx.) ERs of the state participated in National Conference held on 2nd October, 2009 in New Delhi on the occasion of beginning of Year of Gram Sabha (from 2nd October, 2009 to 2nd October, 2010). 77 ERs of the state participated in National Conference held in New Delhi on 23rd 24th April, 2010.