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Guidelines for Designing IDEAL HOUSE with PERFECT VASTU The following !re the guidelines to design !

nd "onstru"t !n ide!l house whi"h houses #ros#erit$% #rote"tion !nd #e!"eful en&iron'ent in the house It is essenti!l to underst!nd !nd inter#ret these ground rules !nd then !##l$ ( The '!in door of the house should #refer!)l$ )e lo"!ted in !n$ of the e*!lted #ositions fro' the +orthe!st "orner ( either fro' +orth of +orthe!st or fro' E!st of +orthe!st Doors "!n !lso )e in the South of Southe!st or ,est of +orthwest )ut in no "!se% should the '!in entr!n"e )e fro' the "enter of !n$ dire"tion Also the '!in entr!n"e or door should )e !&oided in !ll the following four dire"tions% n!'el$% +orth of +orthwest% E!st of Southe!st% South of Southwest !nd ,est of Southwest There should not )e !n$ o)stru"tion or w!ter )od$ -ust o##osite the '!in entr!n"e .!l"onies should )e #l!nned tow!rds the E!st !nd +orth !nd should )e definitel$ !&oided in the South !nd ,est If )!l"onies in the South !nd ,est "!nnot )e !&oided% then l!rger )!l"onies 'ust )e #ro&ided tow!rds the +orth !nd E!st C!re should )e t!/en while #ro&iding )!l"onies so th!t ! "ut or trun"!tion is not "re!ted in the +orthe!st "orner ( The /it"hen should )e ide!ll$ situ!ted in the Southe!st "orner of the house !nd !s !n !ltern!ti&e in "ert!in "!ses% '!$ )e in the +orthwest "orner% )ut in )oth "!ses% the "oo/ing #l!tfor' should )e !rr!nged to f!"ilit!te "oo/ing while f!"ing e!st onl$ The 0it"hen should ne&er )e in the +orthe!st "orner !nd it should !lso )e !&oided in the Southwest too% !s )oth lo"!tions will "re!te #ro)le's with res#e"t to the he!lth !nd fin!n"e of the in'!tes ( Roo's in the ,est !nd E!st "!n )e used for dining The !##etite "!n )e sti'ul!ted in the dining h!ll )$ h!&ing the w!lls #!inted in light #in/ or or!nge A re"t!ngul!r dining t!)le is the 'ost #referred In the dining roo'% while e!ting% one should sit f!"ing E!st or ,est

( Gr!ins !nd other food "!n )e stored in the +orthwest se"tor Oil% )utter% ghee% 'il/ !nd other oil$ li1uids "!n )e stored in the Southe!st of the +orthwest roo' ,hen ! gener!tor or tr!nsfor'er is to )e lo"!ted outside the #lot% it should )e #l!"ed in !n o#en s#!"e in the Southe!st se"tor As ! se"ond "hoi"e% it '!$ )e #l!"ed in the +orthwest se"tor ( The o&erhe!d w!ter t!n/ should )e lo"!ted in the Southwest "orner of the terr!"e #refer!)l$ in the ,est of Southwest ( Penthouses% if )uilt% should )e in the Southwest "orner of the terr!"e le!&ing !n o#en s#!"e in the +orth !nd E!st ( The #r!$er roo' should )e #l!nned in su"h ! w!$ th!t it is #l!"ed either in the +orthe!st "orner or in the "entr!l #ortion 2.r!h'!sth!n!3 of the house The #i"tures of the god should tou"h the w!ll on the E!st side in the #r!$er roo' f!"ing ,est4 in'!tes should #erfor' their #r!$ers f!"ing E!st for )etter "on"entr!tion !nd de&otion ( +o g!r)!ge should )e thrown or du'#ed in the +orthe!st "orner of the )uilding or #lot !nd the +orthe!st should !lw!$s )e /e#t free !nd "le!n ( He!&$ e1ui#'ents su"h !s the grinder% fridge% et"% should )e #l!"ed tow!rds the South !nd ,est w!lls in the /it"hen E&en in the storeroo'% r!"/s should )e )uilt on the South !nd ,est w!lls ( R!inw!ter should flow ,est to E!st or South to +orth !nd ulti'!tel$ flow out fro' the +orthe!st "orner of the house or #lot ( The +orthe!st% +orth !nd E!st w!lls should )e de"or!ted with #hoto fr!'es% 'irrors%

!nd #!intings of gods !nd with w!ll#!#er with n!tur!l s"ener$4 where!s the ,est% South !nd Southwest w!lls "!n )e de"or!ted with s"ener$ in ! dull or '!tte finish ( The South w!ll "!n )e used for h!nging #i"tures of de#!rted souls Pi"tures of li&ing )eings '!$ )e hung on the E!stern w!ll ( It is !lw!$s !d&is!)le% !nd it is "onsidered #rofit!)le% to #ur"h!se !ddition!l !d-!"ent #lots on the +orthe!st% +orth !nd E!st sides ( Under no "ir"u'st!n"e% should one !"1uire !n$ #lot !d-oining the South or ,est sides of one5s #lot An$ !d-!"ent l!nd !"1uired on the South or ,est side "!n )e dis!strous to the #erson ( The '!ster )edroo' should )e in the Southwest "orner% while other )edroo's "!n )e in the Centr!l(South !nd Centr!l(,est dire"tions A )edroo' in the +orthwest is !lso re"o''ended )ut should )e used !s ! guest roo' or onl$ for d!ughters .edroo's should )e !&oided in the Southe!st "orner ( It is #refer!)le to h!&e "hildren5s roo's in the ,est or +orth Children should h!&e their stud$ des/s in the +orth or E!st of the roo' !nd the$ should f!"e E!st while stud$ing ( One should slee# with one5s he!d #ointing tow!rds the South Children% howe&er% "!n slee# with their he!ds #ointing tow!rds the ,est +o one should slee# with their he!ds in the +orth ( The )edroo' "!n )e #!inted in light to dee# )lues to indu"e slee# Green is !d&ised for stud$ roo's to #ro'ote intelligen"e S!nd!l6 $ellow is !d&ised for the #r!$er roo' The li&ing roo' should )e lo"!ted in the +orth or E!st se"tors of the house He!&$

"h!ndeliers or f!n"$ l!'#s should not )e lo"!ted in the geo'etri"!l "enter of the roo's The$ '!$ )e #l!"ed slightl$ tow!rds the ,est or South of the roo' TVs !nd "o'#uters should ide!ll$ )e #l!"ed in the Southe!st "orner of the li&ing roo' or stud$ roo' The$ should not )e #l!"ed in the +orthe!st "orner or Southwest "orner Tele#hones "!n )e #l!"ed in the Southe!st or +orthwest "orner )ut not in the Southwest or +orthe!st ( Li&ing roo's "!n )e #!inted in white% $ellow% light #in/% light )lue or green Gre$% red !nd )l!"/ !re to )e !&oided ( Alw!$s /ee# the "enter of the roo'% )uilding !nd #lot% free fro' !n$ lo!ds% weights% #ill!rs% "olu'ns% )e!'s% w!ter )odies% et" ( It is #refer!)le to h!&e the st!ir"!se tow!rds the South% ,est or Southwest of the )uilding )ut it '!$ )e in the Southe!st or +orthwest% de#ending on other #!r!'eters St!ir"!ses should )e !&oided in the +orthe!st% +orth !nd the E!st ( Cir"ul!r6s#ir!l st!ir"!ses !re gener!ll$ to )e !&oided The nu')er of ste#s in ! st!ir"!se should )e odd% in"luding the l!nding ste#% !nd the$ should rise fro' E!st to ,est or fro' +orth to South It is )etter to '!/e sure th!t the ste#s !re )$ the South !nd ,est w!lls% !nd th!t it should )e "onstru"ted in su"h ! w!$ th!t the 'o&e'ent is in ! "lo"/wise dire"tion while going u#w!rds% th!t is fro' the ground to the higher floors ( Toilets should )e lo"!ted in the +orthwest "orner of the )uilding or in the +orthwest "orner of the roo's ,here +orthwest toilets !re not #ossi)le% Southe!st toilets !re !llowed Other !ltern!ti&e dire"tions for toilets !re Centr!l(South or Centr!l ,est Closets in the toilets should f!"e +orth or South% !long the +orth(South !*is4 !nd should not f!"e the E!st or ,est See figure for !ll #ossi)le lo"!tions for toilets !nd )!throo's

( Toilets should )e !&oided in the +orthe!st% +orth !nd E!st ( 7irrors in the toilet !nd dressing roo' should )e on the +orth or E!st w!lls ( A )!throo' in the E!st se"tor is 'ost #referred !s the )enefi"i!l r!$s of the 'orning sun "!n enter !nd #ro'ote the he!lth of the user ( In the offi"e or stud$ roo'% the t!)le should )e #l!"ed in the ,estern or Southern side so th!t one sits f!"ing the E!st or +orth +o e1ui#'ent% furniture% "u#)o!rds% et"% should )e #l!"ed tou"hing the +orth or E!st w!lls !nd if it )e"o'es un!&oid!)le% the$ should )e /e#t !t le!st 89 or :9 !w!$ fro' the w!lls ( C!sh )o*es "!n )e lo"!ted in the roo' tow!rds the +orth 2tre!sur$3 .ut if the )o* is he!&$ 2su"h !s ! s!fe% he!&$ !l'ir!h3 then it should )e /e#t in the Southwest "orner !nd the door of the !l'ir!h should o#en tow!rds the +orth ( The stor!ge or lu')er(roo' "!n )e lo"!ted in the Southwest% !d-!"ent to the 7!ster )edroo' ( If #ossi)le% the house should )e e*tended )$ 8 feet to ; feet in the +orthe!st dire"tion to ensure the +orthe!st dire"tion!l )liss for the household Growing tulsi !nd other )enefi"i!l her)!l #l!nts in the +orthe!st will #ro'ote good he!lth !nd #ros#erit$ ( Pi"tures of l!nds"!#es de#i"ting 'ount!ins should )e hung on the South !nd ,est w!lls onl$ L!nds"!#es "ont!ining w!ter% su"h !s #i"tures of l!/es !nd ri&ers should )e on the +orth !nd E!st w!lls Pi"tures of e!gles% )!ttle s"enes% !nd "!rni&orous !ni'!ls should not )e used for interior w!ll de"or!tions Pi"tures of horses% "ows !nd ele#h!nts "!n )e used for de"or!tion #ur#oses

( The dire"tions of E!st !nd ,est !re i'#ort!nt !s f!r !s o)t!ining the energ$ fro' the sun is "on"erned The i'#ort!n"e of the dire"tions of the +orth !nd the South lies in the flow of '!gneti" w!&es whi"h flows fro' +orth Pole to South Pole Therefore southw!rd #ortion of e&er$ )uilding should )e higher th!n the northw!rd #ortion .esides this it should !lso )e /e#t in 'ind th!t the in"lin!tion of l!nd% )uilding% floors of roo's et" should )e tow!rds +orth(E!st In other words the #!rts in the ,est !nd South of the )uilding should )e slightl$ higher th!n those in the +orth !nd E!st +ote < Pi"ture onl$ used for Re#resent!tion Ple!se "onsult ! good &!stu e*#ert )efore using !)o&e infor'!tion