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Dated: Oct. 29, 2011 M/s. Latent Dynamics Engineering Solutions Pvt Ltd. T.C.

13/1151(4), 'Blue Dale Arcade', II Floor, Kannammoola, Medical College P.O., Trivandrum - 695011, Kerala, India. Dear Sir, As per Your mail inquiry please find our lowest rates under:Rates for New Fire Fighting Equipments (Rates are supply only) Descriptions Qty. Nos. Supply of Single/Double Headed Hydrant valve confirming to IS 5290,with ISI mark of 63mm dia oblique type with instantaneous hose coupling , MAKE MINIMAX . a. Single Headed Hydrant Valve 20 b. Double Headed Hyrant Valve 20 Supply of GM collecting head (FBC) consisting of 3 nos 63 01 mm dia , Inlet valve of GM conforming Supplying of hose cabinet to accommodate one/two pieces of, hose reel of 15 M length along with one pair of male and female coupling , and one/two branch pipe. The cabinet shall be made out of 18SWG MS sheet with glass front and hinged door for Internal OR external hydrants . a) Hose cabinet of internal type (Double door & to 20 accommodate two hoses) RRL hose pipe 15 mtr. With G M 63 mm dia male female Coupling & with copper winding (Male & Female Coupling 40 Make MINIMAX and RRL hose New age.) Hose reel drums with 20 mm dia 36 mtr. hose & nozzle, hose reel drum confirming IS: 884 20 (Hose reel drum make MINIMAX, hose padmini/jyoti/dose and G M shut off nozzle)
‘Minimax’ ABC type Stored Pressure 5 kgs capacity Fire Extinguisher, Bearing ISI Mark IS: 13849. ‘Minimax’ Co2 type 2 kgs capacity Fire Extinguisher, with screw-down type valve, internal discharge tube, horn

SN 1.

Net Rates ( Each) Rs.

2. 3.

6300.00 12190.00 10725.00






6. 7.

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3075.00 3995.00

20 01 1960. Bearing ISI Mark. Thanks & regards For FIRE SOLUTIONS (Channel Partners MINIMAX DIVISION) RAHUL NARANG #9810686202 . IS:10204 40 5715.5 kgs capacity Fire Extinguisher. Delivery 3 to 4 weeks.. Payments 50% with purchase order and balance against PERFORMA INVOICE.8. 10. 2. discharge. internal discharge tube. Bearing ISI Mark IS: 2878.00 2025.00 9. Rates are ex our office. & suspension bracket.. with screw-down type valve. ‘Minimax’ Co2 type 4. one meter high pressure rayon braided hose. Vat & taxes as per applicable extra. DISCOUNT 23% ON FIRE EXTINGUISHERS & 10% ON HYDRANT ACCESSORIES. 4.00 TERMS & CONDITIONS:1. ‘Minimax’ Mechanical Foam type 9 ltrs capacity Fire Extinguisher. Bearing ISI Mark IS: 2878 Minimax’ Water Co2 open nozzle type 9 ltrs capacity Fire Extinguisher Bearing ISI mark IS: 940. 3. horn.