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Jungian Cognitive Function Questionnaire Overplan: Tendencies --(conv. into)-- Temperament -- (div.

into) -- Types Questions - indicators of tendencies with high predictive value

15 uestions ! " functions --- total : 1#$ uestions % sections ---- &$ uestions ' section( 5 per function (alfa-epsilon)

Question )ategories: 5 in num*er + % . per cat. ,lfa- -ntroversion ' .!traversion /eta- 0ensing ' -ntuition ( Thin1ing ' 2eeling 3amma - 4euroticism (as 1st) 5elta- 4euroticism (as " th) .psilon- Optimalism

6a!imum points for function- 75 6inimum points for function- 15 8ungian )ognitive 2unction Questionnaire Comments, critiques and questions are all very welcome!

9ro*a*ility scale for answering :ery li1ely 7" - 1$$; <i1ely 55 - 77 ; =nsure ' indifferent &5 - 55 ; =nli1ely #% - &5 ; :ery unli1ely $ - ## ;


)hoose one of the num*ers in the scale a*ove to answer each uestion. The scoring of these uestions is intricate( so >guessing the function? under each uestion and *iasing your result accordingly will only undermine your effort in ta1ing this uestionnaire. 9lease reflect honestly on

your answer *efore passing on to the ne!t uestion. 9art ,. 1. - tenaciously pursue my am*itious goals( sometimes without reflecting much. #. @aving true( deep feelings for something or someone is much more important than striving to *e a person of good actions *ut of no true empathy. %. - enAoy ta1ing care of the needs of those people whom - should ' am supposed to love ' esteem. &. - thin1 out my own logical theories and principles and then use the real world facts as mere e!amples or evidence for them. 5. - often gravitate towards guessing what is implied( not said( or is missing in whatever that is in front of me. B. -Cve always had in me a calm and deep affinity with nature and the physical world. 7. 6y well-*eing is highly connected to how energetic my *ody feels in its surroundings. ". - often shut myself off in order to *rood over what - have studied and o*served and gain new insights and inspiration. D. -Cm very vocal a*out giving people what they ought to have and not what they want ' wish to have. 1$. .veryone should *e seen as an individual and should not *e pigeonholed( categoriEed and classified in a demeaning way. 11.- find it emotionally gratifying to ta1e care of people and their morale( -Cm always there as the sympathetic shoulder to cry on. 1#.The more difficult something seems to *e to understand logically( the more determined - am in inventing a new logical e!planation for it. 1%. -Cm always eagerly waiting for my life to change and ta1e a turn for the *etter. 1&. - tend to *e strongly reminded of certain people or their traits when - concentrate my senses on particular o*Aects and vice-versa. 15. - am very in touch with my wild animalistic side. 1B. Fhen - am *efore a phenomenon( it tends to trigger mysterious images in my mind( apparently unrelated to the phenomenon or myself. 17. -Cm constantly preoccupied with 1eeping or improving the efficiency of people ' things around me. 1". - tend to 1eep strong ressentment against people who have mistreated me and ' or insulted me in the past. 1D. - could not even imagine my life worth living without all my social connections in it. #$. Only those people who guide themselves with cool( dispassionate reason are really worthy of admiration. #1. 6y uic1 tongue and wit sometimes get me into dangerous( un1nown situations. ##. - tend to indulge in recreating the strong internal reactions( impressions and memories -Cve received from nota*le past e!periences. #%. - pay little attention to the sym*olism ' the message underlying a story+ a story should Aust *e good plain entertainment. #&. - often *ecome fi!ated with o*scure pro*lems and possi*le happenings of the far future or past that no one considers much. #5. -f - could get rid of my personal feelings and wea1nesses( - would then definitely get more things done. #B. -f - find that someoneCs position is totally contrary to what - have deep faith in( then none of their arguments and facts will *e valid to me. #7. - love feel-good stories of people who overcome great odds due to all the love and support they receive. #". - have often a hard time willingly e!pressing any 1ind of strong emotion. #D. .very ordinary situation in my life seems to me li1e a closed room or prison.

%$. - am usually very s1eptical and ' or pessimistic a*out new trends and innovations that differ significantly from what - am used to. %1. - am fearful of my loo1s *eing seen as >average? ( >plain? and >un-impressive? *y other people. %#. - would very much li1e to eliminate the need for constant sensual( superficial desire from myself. %%. Fhen - notice an interesting happening ' process( - am a*le to uic1ly devise a plan to turn it into a useful application with its own standards of performance and rules. %&. - am often preoccupied a*out whether certain actions are really humane ' morally correct or not( regardless of what authorities say. %5. - want to wor1 with others to create a *eautiful( harmonious society. %B. Only a profound( rigorous( individual logical e!amination should determine what should *e *elieved and what should not. %7. 6y greatest talent is that - can easily manipulate( contri*ute and lin1 up ideas that - read ' hear a*out. %". - have the highest respect for authorities( time-honoured practices and instituitions in general. %D. The smartest people are the ones who can fully and easily adapt to the reality of things( with no delusions of wanting to change it. &$. - have *ig plans to change the world.

9art /.

1.-ntelligence is at its *est a means towards a profita*le( successful life. #.- only disclose a*out my self or my wor1 when - am sure that it will *e truly and honestly appreciated ' loved *y someone( the way - thin1 it should *e. %. - feel great when - *ring myself to e!perience or act according to what is seen as highly appropriate and appreciated *y the great pu*lic (e.g. cultural events( charitiy events( ceremonies). &. -n discussions( the most logically sound argument should always uietly win out. 5. - enAoy *rainstorming ' *ouncing off outrageous( silly ideas with other uic1-witted people. B. - am most attracted to o*Aects that *ring me vivid( nostalgic remem*rances. 7. - am always on the loo1out for whatever that *rings me the freshest and strongest sensations. ". Geading *oo1s is an intensely intimate( almost erotic activity to me. D. 9eople should ta1e full responsa*ility for their lives( and shouldnCt *e *laming others for ma1ing them feel *ad a*out themselves. 1$. The more unlovea*le and wic1ed something or someone seems to me( the stronger is my desire to achieve personal harmony with them. 11. - *uild relationships with people mainly *y the disclosing of personal facts (on myself( friends and relatives( others). 1#. ,ll things are *ased on su*tle logical principles that the average person Aust wouldnCt ' wonCt understand. 1%. - often feel the desire to e!plore the world to satisfy my larger-than-life curiosity. 1&. 6y self-growth is *ased on stoicism( patience( and attention to details. 15. 4othing is more important than the Cright here( right nowC. 1B. - tend to immediately Audge a*stractions ' ideas as either *eing good or wic1ed( according to the ideas - have stored in the *ac1 of my mind. 17. 6y moral code does not allow me to tolerate e!ceptions on the rules - impose on others : it is or it isn't. 1". - often isolate myself to nurture my wounded feelings and spirit. 1D. 0ometimes - *elieve - have many personalities *ecause - try too hard to gain the sympathies of the different people around me.

#$. The more dettached ' aloof - *ecome to the people around me( the stronger - feel. #1. - see the world ' universe as *eing all chaos and randomness( with no real order( unity and continuity. ##. 0ometimes( - canCt help to perceive certain familiar *eings and phenomena in the world as *eing good or evil( even when theyCre really not. #%. - am prone to indulging in pop culture trends. #&. 0ometimes - get depressed *ecause - canCt seem to demistify ' realiEe where my unfathoma*le and relentless imagination is trying to lead me to. #5. -f there were no clear( strict laws on the duties of people( theyCd waste their lives in pursuit of petty( vile sentimentalisms. #B. - would have no pro*lem at all in presenting only the evidence that would defend the ideals dear to my heart. #7. 0ometimes( people need inspiration from a *enevolent entity to *ecome aware of what *ehaviours are truly good and evil. #". Fillingly giving out ' see1ing compliments and friendly( warm affirmation to ' from others is a notorious form of human stupidity. #D. - could never *e a specialist *ecause - always have the need to draw analogies and see the *ig picture *etween various topics. %$. There is no space for the e!travagant( enthusiastic approach in the world -- only for common sense and steadiness. %1. - can ' could never concentrate long enough or interest myself in the useless theoretical things taught in school. %#. - often e!perience *odily illusions and moments of *lurred reality and fantasy. %%. - always first determine the most effective pathway or se uence of actions towards completing a tas1. %&. - am very interested in understanding and tal1ing a*out my own intense( deep-running emotions. %5. True personal fulfillment would come if we would uit our selfish pursuits and devote ourselves faithfully to the common social good. %B. - enAoy fine-tuning the comple! inner structure of concepts or o*Aects. %7. - am very a*le to tal1 a*out a serious intellectual topic *y way of witty Ao1es. %". The a*ility to withstand the fatigue of dull( repetitive wor1 is essential for happiness and prosperity. %D. 4atural conse uences donCt upset me : >it was good while it lasted?. &$. .m*racing the endless spiritual ' imaginative inner life is the only way to overcome our raw( meaningless earthly human e!istence.

9art ). 1. One of my highest drives is to prove that - am *etter than everyone else. #. Heeping a strong sense of inner personal uni ueness is very important to me. %. - always feel a need to *e accepted and *elong to the social groups ' communities -Cm ne!t to. &. - uite enAoy spending time alone doing impersonal pro*lem-solving( ta1ing things apart (concrete o*Aects( ideas) to see how they wor1. 5. - am very drawn to people and o*Aects that *ring me the greatest sense of new potential and adventure. B. - can uic1ly and easily repeat practical activities *ased on unconscious memory stored from my first e!periences. 7. - am very sensual and rely a lot on my physical senses to act and react uic1ly in the spur of the moment. ". - am very self-a*sor*ed( always lost in daydreams. D. 0cience is superior to the arts( as it is a much more o*Aective and rational representation of

reality. 1$. - often retreat to a dream world in which - am the protagonist in search for happiness. 11. - enAoy pu*lic demonstrations of affection (95,). 1#. /ecause - am uite self-critical( - do not li1e getting warm praise all that much. 1%. -Cm always imagining many new ways to change ' innovate an e!isting framewor1. 1&. Fhat - most value a*out myself are my self-survival s1ills and practical wisdom gained *y ta1ing on the world. 15. -Cm most pragmatic : >do whatever you want as long as it pays off?. 1B. - have always nurtured an original metaphysical worldview of my own. 17. - have strong wor1aholic tendencies. 1". - see things entirely as *eing more or less valua*le to me( not *y how much they weight in cost and *enefit to others. 1D. - usually get very indignant and outspo1en when - perceive the faintest attac1 on the people and values of my social group. #$. - only enter emotional relationships after much reflecting and coming up with solid( logical reasons to do so. #1. ,n intelligent person is always filled with far too many dou*ts and uncertainties( even on the seemingly o*vious facts. ##. - tend to thin1 that is there usually only one right and sure way of doing any one tas1. #%. Fhat loo1s good is often good in nature( what loo1s *ad is *ad in nature. #&. - often have strong suspicions ' *eliefs that - am the center of the world and that everyone is doing( saying things or conspiring against me. #5. - uic1ly get rid of people that seem to me as unruly and un-efficient. #B. - would never go against loyalty to my own values( even if it would result in great success ' prosperity. #7. - am fascinated with gossip and easily retain information a*out other people. #". - have strong anti-social tendencies. #D. - have an outgoing imagination that runs wild uite a lot and always distracts me from the matter at hand. %$. - am often fraught with many irreducti*le fears and catastrophic ideas whenever an unfamiliar situation suddenly comes up. %1. 2inding ways to uic1ly gather material wealth is the only real way to achieve freedom and happiness. %#. - find it very important to fortify my *rilliant ideas against all the shallow( deceptive ideas that are always popular out there. %%. - passionately unleash irresisti*le( logical arguments to convince others to wor1 towards a goal or accept my point in a discussion. %&. - often dream of getting into the shoes of different 1ind of people to 1now how they really feel the world. %5. - am very a*le to ta1e the lead in social situations and give out a message to the people. %B. - tend to do inner mental calculations using e!ternal data relative to things that many people donCt notice. %7. The world around me does not seem very imaginative: itCs rather easy for me to figure out its patterns. %". - enAoy concentrating on hands-on activities that re uire steadfast discipline and rigour in details. %D. <ife is all a*out having a good time. &$. - am very much a strong-willed dreamer. )omments( criti ues and uestions are all very welcomeI