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How many times have you heard someone say, "Ninety percent
103 Oldtowne Rd. of all UFO sightings can be explained," etc.? Or said it yourself?
Seguin, Texas 78155 Wherever did we get that figure from? How valid is it? How valid are
any UFO statistics? The fact is, we don't have the slightest idea how
BOB PRATT many people have seen UFOs. Many (most?) people never report
Editor their sightings, for various reasons. And many sightings that are
reported to the media or police die right there. Some witnesses are
ANN DRUFFEL referred to local UFO investigators or someone life the National
Contributing Editor UFO Reporting Center in Seattle, but how many? There is no single
LEN STRINGFIELD agency that collects all the sighting reports. And how many
Associate Editor investigators clutter their files with data on IFOs? Why should they?
So, how valid are UFO statistics? Does it even matter? What we do
MILDRED BIESELE know is that in the files of researchers and organizations around the
Contributing Editor world are the investigation reports on hundreds of thousands of
WALTER H. ANDRUS, JR. sightings of what can only be called unidentified flying objects. Those
International Director are the statistics that count.

In this issue
By Milos Kremjl
Promotion/Publicity By Bob Gribble
Books/Periodicals/History By A. J. Gevaerd
ROSETTA HOLMES By Jacques Bonabot
Promotion/Publicity UFO TECH NOTE: Voice Stress Analysis 11
GREG LONG By John Schuessler
Staff Writer By Stan Gordon
Landing Trace Cases By Paul Norman
Medical Cases Plus other news and features, including Computer Networks and MUFON, p.
17; Bright Planets in 1984, p. 18; In Others' Words, p. 19; and Director's
DENNIS W. STACY Message, p. 20.
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MUFON Representative for Yugoslavia

Nine amateur astronomers were

among a number of inhabitants of Split,
Yugoslavia, who watched an
unidentified flying object for about ten
minutes on the starry evening of
October 3, 1983.
Two weekly newspapers, AS and
Illustrovaha Politika, reported that the
amateur astronomers had gathered at
the municipal observatory in Split.
Two of them, Tonci Qsibov and
Ivica Vucemilo, were in the cupola,
where they were observing the
constellation Vulpecula through a
telescope, watching for meteors.
The others were in the club one
floor below, working on theoretical
astronomy under the tutorship of one
of them, Goran Ergovic.
A few minutes after 8 PM, their
study was suddenly interrupted when
Osibov and Vucemilo began shouting Diagram shows how smaller object moved around main object
excitedly. The seven studying ran up to
the terrace and all watched as a peculiar instruments. It was then 8:10 PM. another, smaller object that gave off a
object flew at great height from the The object maintained the same strong orange light. The new body
direction of Solta Island toward Kastela height and speed for the next four began to circle slowly around the front
Bay. minutes, but the intensity of the bluish- part of the primary object and it was not
Their first thought was that it was a white light kept changing. possible to observe it all the time.
satellite, but then they decided it It flew over Ciovo Island, Kastela This lasted for three minutes, and
couldn't be because of the brilliance Bay and the peaks of Kozjak and then the orange-colored object seemed
and because it kept changing in seemed as if it would disappear at any to fuse with the blue-white one, which
intensity. moment behind the peaks of Marjan. then turned a bit to the right, grew more
They continued to watch and, But... and more red and headed north at a
unable to determine what it was, they "It stopped!" shouted Ergovic, fairly high speed.
decided to carefully observe it and who had been following it through the It disappeared beyond the forests
chart its movement, watching it telescope. of Marjan in three minutes.
through the telescope and other In the next moment he spotted Impressed by what they saw, they
were inclined to believe the object was
most probably a UFO, having
coresponded to descriptions of UFOs
they had often read about in
newspapers and literature.
Their observation diary reads that
t h e y o b s e r v e d an " u n u s u a l
phenomenon" and emphasized the fact
that "any similarity to airplanes or
satellites should be out of any
They calculated the object's
(continued on next page)

Sept. 19, 1983, 8:55 PM, six minutes. As the craft departed from
Tompkins Cove, New York: A Bob Cribble, director of the area all of the windows on her car
square-shaped object — estimated to the National UFO Reporting fogged-up.
be 40 feet in diameter and showing four Center in Seattle, Washington,
brilliant white lights — was observed in has graciously consented to Dec. 20, 1983, 5:30 PM,
a stationary position over high voltage furnish the MUFON UFO Riverside, California: A small sphere
electric transmission lines. The three Journal with a monthly — estimated to be six-to-eight inches in
witnesses were riding in a car and roundup of reports of UFO diameter and having pegs protruding
reported that the object followed them sightings received by the from the surface — approached to
and approached to within 200 feet of the center. Although most of the within 20 feet of a car at windshield
car. The witnesses fled to a neighbor's incidents must still be level. Constantly pulsating from red to
house and observed the object until it thoroughly investigated, it was silver, the bright ball maneuvered in
moved away. From inside the house felt that Journal readers would front of the car for about 45 seconds
they could hear a humming sound. appreciate knowing what is before moving away. According to the
They had the object under observation currently being reported driver, other cars were nearby and
for about six minutes. throughout the nation. The should have seen the object.
names of all the witnesses in
Dec. 7, 1983, 9 PM, near the accompanying report are Dec. 26,1983,9:33 PM, Omaha,
Cedarburg, Wisconsin: A car with a on file at the Center in Seattle. Nebraska: Several witnesses
mother and two young children had just observed a square object descend
exited from the northbound ramp on I- between two buildings and stop at
43 when they noticed a brilliant white that point the mother observed a huge about the second story level. Estimated
light descending from the sky and object as large as four jet aircraft and to be about three feet in diameter, the
approaching their vehicle. As the light shaped like a cooking Wok. Lighted object had an X-pattern of white lights
got closer, the driver stopped the car openings were observed on what was on its underside. After viewing the
and got out for a better look. The light described as the front end of the craft. object for several seconds at a distance
stopped when it was directly overhead The witness heard no sound as the craft
at an estimated altitude of 200 feet. At hovered overhead for approximately (continued on next page)

"object" was a natural phenomenon heated balls. Besides, they move

(Yugoslavia, continued) that results from a change in air extraordinarily fast while the unknown
pressure which "formed electric loads object was visible for ten minutes and it
course across the sky covered about in the shape of a ball and a secondary floated for three minutes in one spot at
120 degrees, moving from the direction light that enables them to change their a very great height."
of the constellation Vulpecula, passing shape, size and direction." Ergovic said the group's
through Lyra and Draco and coming The newspapers also said the nine calculations indicated that as the object
under the center of Ursa Major before amateur astronomers stated that what moved between Cape Marjan and
heading north. they saw was "only atmospherics." Ciovo Island, its speed was 257
Ergovic reported that later that This angered the amateur kilometers an hour and its height was
same evening, at exactly 10:01 PM, he astronomers. 60,641 meters.
saw another object as he was going "None of us ever gave such a The other witnesses were Dragan
home. statement," said Ergovic, "and on the Nakir, Dragan Solic, Darko Selakovic,
"I spotted a smaller object in the basis of our observations, we most Ante Denic, Ivan Babic and Ergovic's
sky that moved in the same direciton," determinedly r e f u s e such an brother, Zoran.
he said. "It emanated a strong orange interpretation. Split is on the Adriatic Coast
light. Together with some passersby, I "The object was oblong shaped approximately 100 miles southwest of
observed it for a full nine minutes." and of whitish-bluish brightness while Sarajevo, site of the 1984 winter
Newspaper reports said the atmospheric clearances look like Olympics.
(G nibble, continued) bedroom window — was aimed into the
right eye of the witness. The man said
1984 Symposium to be
estimated to be 500 feet, the object he could feel heat and pain in the eye at July 6-8 in
ascended at an angle and moved out of
sight. No sound was heard.
the time. During the estimated five-
minute duration of his experience, he
San Antonio
said he could hear a whirring sound and The M U F O N 1984 UFO
Dec. 27, 1983, 10:30 PM, noticed the faint outline of a "being" Symposium will be held at the Holiday
Indianapolis, Indiana: A small disc- outside the window, then everything Inn North-Airport Area in San Antonio,
shaped object with eight bright green suddenly vanished. His wife said she Texas, July 6, 7 and 8.
lights descended from the sky and examined his right eye and that it was Rooms will be $35 a night, double
landed in an open field across the street "all bloodshot" and that the left eye was or single. Reservations can be made by
from the home of the witness. After very normal. writing to Sales Department, Holiday
about ten seconds, the bright lights Inn North-Airport Area, San Antonio,
suddenly went out and the disc was no Jan. 9, 1984, 6:30 AM, near TX 78206. Be sure to mention that
longer visible. Hoping to see the disc Capron, Indiana: While driving his reservations are for the MUFON
take off, .the, woman' continued to truck down a country road, the witness Symposium. The hotel's phone number
observe the area for an hour before observed a large meteor-like object ,in a is 512-349-9915.
retiring for the night. A second .report high speed vertical descent to, the left of Tom Deuley, president of
was received from a woman driving in his vehicle. He lost sight of the object MUFON of San Antonio, the host
the,same area during'the 1 same time, for a few seconds at tree level. Sudden- group, will be chairman of the
period. She observed a fixed group of ly, an object covered with white lights symposium. Speakers will include:
bright green lights descending from the appeared at treetop level on the left side Dr. J. Allen Hynek, director of the
sky and appear to land in a corn field. of his vehicle, maneuvered around Center for UFO Studies; Barry J.
behind the truck, then passed the truck Greenwood, state section director in
Jan. 4, 1984, 10:40 PM, on the right side and moved down the . Massachusetts and co-author of the
Crescent, Iowa: For about 60 seconds highway and out of sight. The'driver book Clear Intent (Prentice-Hall,
a stunned witness observed a bright described the object as looking like a publication date May 15); John
light with a red glint make an angular football turned up on end, metallic-grey Schuessler, deputy director of
high speed descent from, high altitude in color, about 150 feet tall and moving MUFON; Alan C. Holt, NASA scientist
and come to an- instant stop. The light about 50 feet off the ground and about and MUFON research specialist;
then shot across the sky at high speed, 100 feet from his vehicle. He could Marge Christensen, state director for
making several 90-degree turns and detect no sound ,and observed the Massachusetts; C y n t h i a H i n d ,
then making another instant stop. Then object for about one minute. MUFON Coordinator for Africa; and
the light went into a high speed vertical Paul A. Norman, MUFON state
climb and faded into the clear night sky. Jan. 9, 1984, 8 PM, about 15 director for Victoria, Australia.
miles north of Mojave, California: A
Jan. 7, 1984, 3:45 AM, Near Volkswagen camper drove under a
Edenton, North Carolina: A father submarine-shaped object while driving
and his 15-year-old son watched in south on U.S. Highway 395. The driver
amazement as a ' meteor-like object and front seat passenger said the object driving on Route 208 West, the driver
maneuvered at high altitude and high had several red lights on the bottom, and passenger observed a strange
speed, making several 90-degree turns, appeared to be stationary over the object with lights descending and
Ipop-to-loops, up and down movements roadway at an altitude of about 100 feet moving away from their car. After
like the line pattern on an oscilloscope, and that it had a diameter about twice driving another 300 feet they spotted
instant reverse of direction and'instant as wide as the highway. The driver another object directly over the
stops and starts. 'The aerial display stopped the camper on the shoulder of roadway and shaped like an inverted
continued for 50 minutes against a clear the highway and the four passengers parabolic radar antenna. The car
sky. got out to watch the object as it moved passed directly under the object; which
away to the north. They could hear no was moving slowly ,at an estimated
Jan. 8, 1984, Night, Framing- sound. Later when they stopped for gas altitude of 200 feet. When the driver
ham, Massachusetts: A narrow shaft they talked to several people in four moved the car to the side of the road
of green light — beamed thru a other cars who said they had also seen and stopped, the object increased
the object. We received two additional speed and moved away toward the first
reports from witnesses who saw the object, which was about a mile away.
MUFON object from two different vantage
He estimated the object to be about 75
feet in diameter and he said, he could
103 OLDTOWNE RD. hear no sound coming from it. The
SEGUIN.TX 78155 Jan. 9, 1984, 10:30 PM, duration of the incident was about five
Hawthorne, New Jersey: While minutes.
How do we finally pry the lid off Some documents suggested Bill Moore know about, and go for
government UFO secrecy? include those relating to the intrusion of legislative jugular vein."
One way is to get Congress to doit. UFOs over the nuclear weapons One person f a m i l i a r w i t h
How? storage areas at Kirtland Air Force government operations also suggested:
By organizing a letter-writing Base in Albuquerque and the landing of "Emphasize the fact that there are
campaign aimed at pursuading a UFO outside a U.S. Air Force Base at a lot of people in the intelligence
Congress to hold open hearings on Bentwaters, England (No. 188, October community and the Department of the
UFO secrecy. 1983). Air Force, many of whom are now
This suggestion came at an Said Bryant: "The thing is to retired, who have a lot to contribute —
informal meeting of MUFON members separate the executive and legislative but out of FEAR, absolute fear, won't
and other researchers at the second branch and make the legislative branch say a thing, and until that threat is lifted
annual conference on Exploring do its homework. In other words, have they won't come forward and talk."
Unexplained Phenomena, held at the a subcmmittee of the Senate MUFON members who write to
University of Nebraska in November. Intelligence Committee, which is their congressmen might also want to
Ray Boeche, organizer of the headed by Barry Goldwater, hold send a carbon copy to MFUON
conference, said he had had some luck hearings and. subpoena witnesses from Headquarters and keep us posted on
in 1983 in setting Nebraska Senators the ranks of retired military and from what the reaction is from your
James Exon and Edward Zorinsky to sources that maybe Len Stringfield and congressmen.
question the U.S. Air Force on UFO
"Senator Zorinsky has agreed to
take a list of 10 to 15 of what we feel are
the most pertinent questions to be SAMPLE LETTER
answered regarding UFOs and he will
direct them with his endorsement and Following is a sample letter that can be That tip shows a deliberate,
his push for correct answers to the used as a guide in writing to your sustained effort by certain federal
appropriate agencies," Boeche said. Senator or Congressman: agencies to collect and analyze hard-
"It's easy to pay lip service to this, core UFO date — along with an equally
but how many of you would be willing to Dear : sustained effort to keep the results of
go home and write to both of your If we were to have a public opinion that analysis secret.
senators and say, 'I want answers to poll on the question "Do you believe the In a nation founded on citizens'
this'?" U.S. Government has leveled with the participation in governmental decision-
There were 20 to 25 men and American people on the UFO making and on the public's right to
women at the meeting and all raised problem?" I'm afraid that more than 75 know, the continued federal policy and
their hands. per cent of the respondents would practices of UFO secrecy — ranging
It was agreed that (1) the letters answer "No." from agencies' denial of access to
should not be identical and each letter That's one of the inferences I official UFO-related records to total
should be tailored to the writer's would draw from a recent UFO suppression of data on alleged crash-
individual interests, and (2) the letters research conference at the University landed UFOs and their retrieved
should be accompanied by copies of of Nebraska-Lincoln. Another occupants — ought to be enough
several previously classified inference is that unless the U.S. incentive for the Congress to review
government documents relating to Congress acts to hold open committee that policy.
UFO incidents. hearings on the scope and purpose of Enclosed are copies of official
"Demand an explanation why official UFO secrecy, the public stands documents that have been obtained
those documents exist," said Larry to remain ill informed (if not mis- under the Freedom of Information Act
Bryant, who has campaigned against informed) about the continuing role of that show definite UFO intrusions into
government UFO secrecy for a long the federal government in UFO highly classified areas of some of our
time. research. military bases. How can this happen?
"Zero in on secrecy, not on lights in Periodic "leaks" of official UFO- Why does this happen? Why does the
the sky or Project Blue Book, but zero related documentation to the public, government keep such things secret
in on those documents that point to the plus recent actions under the U.S. from the public?
tip of the iceberg. Stress the fact that Freedom of Information Act on the part It is time for Congress to require
UFO secrecy exists, that the Senate of privately funded UFO researchers, the Executive branch and the various
should know about it and that the point to the tip of the iceberg that has agencies involved to explain why they
citizens are opposed to it." international implications. are keeping such matters secret.
18.00 D 18.01-18.03




These sketches were made by a red, relativly round object come

German UFO organization, shooting down out of the clouds. The
Gemeinschaft zur Erforschung object positioned itself above some
unbekannter Phanomene (GEP) electric power transmission lines about
following investigation of a sighting on 350 meters southeast of him.
May 24,1983, in Juchen, which is near After a short time, the object
Grevenbroich, West Germany. began to build a "ray field" over the lines lasted about ten minutes altogether.
The lone witness in the case is in the shape of a pyramid. The field was The ray field built up in five to ten
Jurgen R.,. 14, a grammar school red with the inside area a lighter shade seconds, existed for one to two minutes
student who was standing with a walkie of red. It was also transparent and he and then began disappearing, taking
talkie at the edge of a field about 30 could easily see trees and bushes seven to eight minutes before it was
meters behind his parents' house. through the ray field. completely gone.
It was about 6 PM when he saw a A short while later, the ray field Jurgen heard no sound from the
began to slowly disappear — but from object and GEP could find no other
the top down to the ground. After the witnesses. In a report to MUFON,
ray field disappeared, the ground still Hans-Werner Peiniger of GEP said the
"glimmered" for another ten seconds or investigators believe the youth was
so. telling the truth and they have
About 20 to 30 seconds later, the concluded the sighting is authentic.
object accelerated back into the sky GEP's investigation indicated the
and disappeared. object was about 68 meters above the
Throughout this time, Jurgen was ground and that there was a cloud layer
unable to contact his CB partners, with at an altitude of about 200 to 300
only hum-like sounds coming from his meters. The object itself was round with
radio. a flattish bottom. Its size was estimated
Jurgen estimated the sighting to be 10 to 15 meters in diameter.
MUFON Representative in Brazil

The Jardim Alvorada Affair is the state of Parana in southern Brazil. The blood started to run wildly in my veins
study of a UFO abduction involving principal witnesses are Jocelino de and I began to get nervous. I don't know
sexual relations and dialogue with the Mattos, then 21 arid an electrician or why, but-we'began to walk towards a
crew of a UFO. It is an unusual case linesman, and his brother, Roberto tree in the rhiddle of a plowed field. I
because of its (strangeness. It occurred Carlos, then 13. didn't want to:; go in that direction but
in 1979, a relatively poor year for UFOs The incident began about 11:30 something compelled me and my
in Brazil. PM and continued until about 1:30 AM. brother to walk towards it. It was
This case will show us much more The brothers had gone to a sister's difficult' for us to walk because it was
than we already know about UFO house to watch a religious program on plowed and already prepared for
abductions. Rarely does a UFO TV (April 13 being a religious date in •planting. . .'•' . • ,• . .
abduction show sexual relations Brazil), but because the ceremony was "When we were immediately
between the witness and the not going to,begin until about midnight, below the big tree, we both fell down to
extraterrestrial. they decided to go home. the ground! The-strange object was
This case has some resemblance about 10 to 15 meters away from us and
to the Villas-Boas case, which also Consistent about two or three meters, above the ,
occurred in Brazil about 20 years ago. In every interview, the brothers' ground. It was floating silently, and
But the Jardim Alvorada Affair is far stories were consistent, changing only that's a|l I can remember except that I
more interesting and shows us not only when occasional new bits of informa- heard a kind of voice that said
the episode of sexual relations but also tion were dredged up. Here is something like, The job is not ended,
points out 'the interest of the alien Jocelino's narrative as told to us in our we will be back.' I do not know how I
group in our development in genetic first interview with him: heard that voice but I remember it as in
reproduction. "My brother drew my attention to a dream. .
The crew of the craft introduced a strange star. He was astonished by its "Some time later .we woke up with
themselves as a kind of "team for presence and I said to him it was only a difficulty. Neither of us could walk by
research and study of Earth and human star and he need not be afraid of it. As ourselves and.I helped my brother up
civilizations," something that they we continued walking down the stree, and he helped me up. We held each
called "Unity Agripo." the star looked as if it was following us, other and walked towards our house.
The case was investigated by and it astonished me too. We took a long time to reach the house.
CPDV, or the Center for Flying Saucer "When we arrived at the corner It seemed so far. We were dirty with
Research, although at the time of the where we normally turn right to go mud and I was feeling a strange and
investigation the group was called home, we felt a strange sensation. My sudden hunger. I've never left like that
OPETOVNI, or the UFO Theoretical before.
Studies and Research Organization, "Our legs were so weak. We were
composed of 30 to 40 members. The trembling. Some minutes later we
investigation included a number of reached home and as we were about to
interviews with the two main witnesses, open the door our legs became weaker
who are brothers, and ten hypnotic and we fell down suddenly, breaking the
regression sessions, which were carried door open.
out by Dr. Oswaldo Alves, an MD. "My mother and brothers were
Although there were no other waiting for us. They ran towards us and
witnesses to the abduction, there were helped us up. We explained to them
a number of other people who saw the what had happened. At first they
UFO in the vicinity and one couple took doubted us but later they went outside
three photos of it with a Nikon camera, with me and I pointed out the star,
the photos showing a bright spherical which was still there.
object crossing the sky inside some "As we stood looking at the star,
clouds and in front of the moon. silently hovering almost over the trees,
The incident occurred on the night A. J. GEVAERD about 300 to 350 meters away from us, I
of April 13,1979, in Jardim Alvorada, a MUFON Representative
suburb of the city of Maringa in the for western Brazil (continued on next page)
began to tell my family what had Photos taken in sequence (left to right) night didn't recognize, touched the object to
happened to me and my brother. of April 13,1979, with object passing moon my left arm, and gestured to me to get
"When I started telling them this, and clouds as shown below inside. From that point, we walked a
the object seemed to observe us from little bit and we arrived in another room
that distance and suddenly my brother MOON
full of computers and there was some
and I received some kind of a shock, so BEHIND kind of command display on a table. It
strong it hurled us to the ground. CLOUDS had different lights that I did not
"My mother, another brother and recognize and cannot explain.
my sister were not touched. My mother "After that, they took me to
told me later that when they touched another room full of motors, things I
me or Roberto, we felt electrified, or had never seen before! They were not
something like that. We did not feel hot and there was no noise. The motors
electrified, but we couldn't move even a were conic or something like that.
finger. "Then they took me to another
"Then the star went away and we room where there were some
could stand again." photographs similar to those of earth. I
Some time later, after a number of accelerate, rapidly. I felt my body could see that the photographs were
interviews, Jocelino agreed to undergo chilling, something bad. It was the same fixed on the wall in a kind of video-tape,
hypnotic regression. All the hypnotic with my legs, in all my body, a bad a TV screen or something like that. I
regression sessions were tape sensation. could not distinguish it very well.
recorded, and the transcriptions now "Then we arrived in another room
make ,up part of a book (not yet Floating full of equipment like hospital
published) called The Jardim Alvorada "We continued walking. It seemed equipment. It was a medical room.
Affair - The Cosmic Connection, by A. that it was impossible for us to think of They asked me to lie down and as I did
J. Gevaerd. anything else. The only objective was to so, they examined me. Then, after this
The following is part of the reach the place where the star was. examination, they collected sperm, a
transcription from the second hypnotic When we arrived, we fell down to the small amount. (Note: Later sessions
session with Jocelino. Although he ground. We stayed in that position for indicated this was done by inserting a
sometimes refers to himself and his about two minutes, and after this time tube into his' penis, with the sample
brother as being in the craft, only somebody came and caught us and being collected in a plastic package
Jocelino entered it. took us up to a height. We were taken similar to cellophane.)
"...the moment we turned the floating to that height. "Then they made me sit down on a
corner, something started pulling, us, "I was astonished to see something kind of table. They put some
attracting us to the star. We fought so incredible in front of me. Then a door instruments in my head and they spoke
against it, but couldn't. Suddenly, we was opened, at the side, and I went in. among themselves in a language that I
started to walk, and walk... It seemed Then there were two men in the did not understand.
as if we were walking very slowly and doorway. One of them came in front of "Then...(Jocelino stopped for
then we were walking very fast. me and looked at me very attentively.
"My heartbeat started to "He took up an object which I (continued on next page)

The following is reprinted from the published a simple narration of the facts him there and also brought him back."
English summary of the October 1983 in the GESAG Journal of March 1980 Prevost confirmed that he likes to
SVL (Belgium's Studiegroep voor under the title "De Zaak Fontaine" (The have a laugh and added: "How can one
Vreemde Luchtuerschijnselen) Fontaine Case). imagine extraterrestrials coming to
Journal, edited by Wim Van Utrecht. It was Jimmy Guieu, founder of the abduct a buffoon?"
"Institute for Advanced Studies," By why then this set-up? The
science^fiction writer and author of two "prime witness" explains:
books on the UFO phenomenon, who "By inventing this story I got a
By JACQUES BONABOT gave unwarranted attention to the public. It was a way of setting people
three heroes in his book Contact together and to pass on to them my
On November 26, 1979, at Cergy- Cergy-Pontoise. message..."
Pontoise, France, not far from Paris, By means of a local radio in Brest For Jean-Pierre Prevoist wanted to
three young peddlers, Frank,Fontaine, and afterwards in the newspaper Le introduce a new way of living: "Knowing
Jean-Pierre Prevost and Salomon Parisien of July 7, 1983, one of the that people are not interested any more
N'Daye, created a sensation in the witnesses, Jean-Pierre Prevost — who in traditional religions and that they
French press with their claim of a close had not ceased drawing attention to the need some support, I thought of
encounter during which Fontaine was affair since November 1979 by clairning extraterrestrial beings..."
abducted by "extraterrestrials" and he was in contact w i t h the Since the Cergy affair, he had
released one week later. extraterrestrials, and more precisaly indeed tried to establish various sects
Many doubted the authenticity of with "Haurrio," whom he said he but always in vain.
this abduction. The gendarmarie encountered. in January 1980 — Nevertheless, Prevost does not
showed little interest and GEPAN .confessed. explain why he waited carefully for four
(Groupe d'Etude des Phenomenes "I confirm that the Cergy affair was years before he admitted the hoax. One
Aerospatiaux Non-identifies, the official a hoax from the beginning to the end," should know that after three years
French government agency studying he said. "I am the only one to be held there is proscription of what is called
the UFO phenomenon) discovered responsible. I organized and put "outrage a magistrat" (the statute of
obvious contradictions. together the whole story. I can prove limitations had run out? — Ed.)
Several French researchers it." The newspaper Quesf France
mentioned their doubts about the affair, And the proof he gave consisted of printed a similar account and added
but all this could not prevent the story's a very easily verifiable comment: that "Frank Fontaine, hero and victim
being published on the other side of the "Frank Fontaine had spent the eight of the event, has been in prison since
Atlantic in American magazines. days of his 'disappearance' in the the summer of 1982 because he
As far as we were concerned, we apartment of a friend of Pontoise. I took committed several robberies."

Gevaerd, continued they told me in thought (telepathically) unable to move.

that they were for peace and that their "They made me lie down on the
some minutes and the hypnotist tried to objective was to study, to understand, ground , exactly the way I was before
make him less concerned)...but it the earth. They spoke to me about life, they caught me. Then I came to my
scares me so much....After some the fights and the wars and I really senses."
minutes a woman arrived in the room. thought they were for peace, that they ***
She touched me. She caressed me and were peaceful people, friends.
it excited me. Then we started to make "Then they told me: 'We think it's Jocelino and Roberto have for a
love. time to leave you.' They took me by my long time been ashamed to live among
"After (the relations), she stopped arm and we went the same way we had their friends and family. They live
and told me: 'Perhaps the seed will walked to get to that place until we silently, talk little and don't participate
come alive.' I did not understand arrived at the door. I jumped to the in communal life. When we first talked
anything. ground together with them and they to them, almost a year after the
"She went out of the room and went floating ahead to where they could incident, Jocelino was still disturbed
they spoke between themselves and catch me. I felt myself paralyzed, totally and looking for help.
UFO TECH NOTE: Voice Stress Analysis
Copyright© 1984 by John Schuessler

UFO investigators are generally controlling the membranes of the vocal a nominal state, free from pain, hunger,
sincere, dedicated volunteers who cords are working muscles, subject to a fatigue, wild emotional swings, and not
spend countless hours and dollars in phenomenon known as physiological under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
their quest for answers in this complex tremor. This is a minute, sub-audible Questions should be formulated in
field. Periodically, they waste a lot of oscillation which corresponds in a way to permit the Sympathetic
their effort because of deliberate frequency and nature to Alpha traces in Nervous System to react to relevant
fabrication on the part of witness. This brainwave patterns. questions that indicate chicanery.
may be because the witness wants to These tremors cause the muscles Irrelevant questions can then be
enlarge upon the story, wants publicity, to constrict at an uncontrollable rate. structured in a way to permit the
or just wants to try and fool the expert. According to the literature on Voice Parasympathetic Nervous System to
On the other hand, there has been Stress Analyzers, the change occurs at null out the reaction and'return the
an increase in attempts by professional the rate of the physiological tremor and body to a baseline state. This can be
charlatans to use their tools of deceit to corresponds to the amplitude of accomplished by use of control
intimidate witnesses and investigators movement caused by the tremor. This questions and outside issues.
alike. Some investigators have gotten causes frequency modulation of the The user of the Voice Stress
out of the field because they do not like voice fundamental at the frequency of Analyzer has a responsibility to be,
to associate with such characters. the physiological tremor and thereby properly trained by the manufacturer of
Others continue to waste their time and creates the sub-audible changes in the device and then to use the device in
money on such fraudulent activities voice. a proper way. A .person has a right to
because they are too dedicated to give The amplitude of the tremor is know if someone is lying to him,
up. Still others are considering legal directly related to stress. A non- especially if he is to invest his time,
action, a long and expensive process, to stressed person has minimal tremors; money and reputation on an activity
even the score. but as he stresses, the tremors with that person; but that does not give
But, there is another answer — the increase. Therefore, superimposed on license to operate in an unethical
use of electronic analytical methods. the audible voice frequencies are manner.
One such method is Voice Stress inaudible frequency modulations As a word of caution, some states
Analysis. The Voice Stress Analyzer whose strength and pattern relate to do not permit the use of lie-detectors,
has been likened to a lie detector the degree of psychological stress. voice stress analyzers, or other
without wires. Adherents claim it is Certain functions of the body must devices. State laws should be checked
considerably more accurate than the lie function on an automatic, self- before utilizing any of these devices in
detector, while critics claim the regulating basis, operating below the an investigation.
opposite. This Tech Note will not try to threshold of awareness. Some What should an investigator do if a
resolve that issue. examples are breathing, beating of the subject is found to be lying? One
The specific objective of the Voice heart and other life-supporting answer might be to reconvene on
Stress Analyzer is to use the human processes. These bodily functions are another day and repeat the testing,
voice as a medium of detecting and controlled by the Autonomic Nervous utilizing a new set of questions. A
evaluating psychological stress, System. Since the voice is operated by review of the case data should be
thereby eliminating the wires and muscles under the control of the conducted to see if it matches the
attachments of the lie detector that are Autonomic Nervous System, the results of the testing.
often a contributor to stress in the speaker cannot control the minute, If the investigator is convinced the
witness. sub-audible changes that occur in his subject is lying, then he should close the
Therapists specializing in stress voice. He can neither cause them nor case and apply his resources to some
detection and reduction recognize the suppress them by voluntary action; other case. Even then, he should be
relationship between the psychological however, the Voice Stress Analyzer courteous, but firm, and permit the
state and they physiological response can detect them. subject a face-saving exit. As responsib-
and work on the psychological state to Use of the Voice Stress Analyzer le investigators we should be interested
reduce the stress. It is a treatment that should not be taken lightly. Before in the data and refrain from playing
works. conducting a test, the investigator games with liars. We cannot solve their
The human voice is affected by should collect all available data, study problems.
stress, both on the conscious and the that data, and formulate a set of test
unconscious level. The muscles questions. The test subject should be in
By Stan Gordon
Slate Director for Pennsylvania

When one is involved in had been sent to investigate an incident seemed to stop at the same time that
conducting research into any involving an unusual substance falling the circle faded away.
phenomena, it is essential to investigate from the sky, but there had been no About 20 minutes after the
these cases on a direct basis with those mention of a UFO involvement. sighting, Mr. Parker went outside and
who took part in the actual occurrence. A short time later we were able to noticed small particles of bright orange
Many times second hand information make contact with Mr. Parker'and color on his porch, as well as over the
can be totally false or be a distortion of obtained the first hand details. Parker trees in the surrounding area. It was
what actually occurred. explained that he and his wife were soon discovered that the substance had
An example of this was a UFO watching TV when at about 3 PM they also fallen in areas about half a mile
incident reported on October 21,1983, heard a loud sound which gave them ; northwest and southeast of this
near Rpckwood, Pennsylvania. We had •the impression that several aircraft location. The material was not present
been contacted a few days after the were flying together over the area. prior to the sighting of the unusual
occurrence by a close relative of the They went outside to look, but no donut-shaped ring.
two eyewitness, who wanted to make aircraft >were in sight. They did, Mr. Parker, thinking that this
us aware of the incident. however, observe a strange doriut- material could be of some type of
. .Mr. and Mrs. Parker*, the two shaped object that was a bright pink hazard, then notified the state police. A
observers, had been renting a cabin in color that was motionless. The object trooper arrived at the scene, took some
the scenic area where ,the incident appeared to be approximately 39 feet in samples of the flourescent orange'
occurred, but had returned to their diameter, with the ring section material, and then notified the
home in Florida shortly afterwards. The appearing to be about 9 feet in P e n n s y l v a n i a D e p a r t m e n t of
relative went on to explain that the thickness. Environmental Resources, who arrived
couple had heard a loud, high-pitched They could look up into the center, at the scene a few days after the actual
sound at approximately 3 PM on the of the donut-shaped structure and event. They, as well as our PASU unit,
day of the occurrence. When they went could see the cloudy sky above. After obtained samples of the residue for
outside to see what was causing the about a minute, the circle of pink began laboratory analysis.
noise, they observed a large round to dissipate. After hearing the details of the
object in the sky that was dropping The sound which , had been
some type of material from it. prevalent during the observation (continued on next page)
The relative gave me the address
arid phone number of Mr. Parker in
Florida, but it would be a short time
till I would be able to contact him.
Within a few hours after this initial
phone call, our PASU UFO Hotline
began to receive other calls from
individuals who had heard of this
incident as well. Further details
revealed that the UFO allegedly
hovered low over the cabin, then
descended into the woods and landed a
short distance from the witnesses. At
this point an occupant from the craft
was reported to have emerged.
According to these informants, the
Parkers then notified the state police of
the incident. This story was, of course,
of interest to us, but the Parkers had to
be contacted before we could begin an
evaluation of the case.
In the meantime, we contacted the
state police, who verified that a trooper STAN GORDON. State Director for Pennsylvania
Gordon, continued we believe that we have identified the
substance. It is called Dayglow, a water-
actual event, we began to realize that soluable material that is a bright orange
there seemed to be a natural color. According to our informant,
explanation of the sighting. The rumors Dayglow is used by aerial spraying What A Real UFO Is
of a landing were unfounded. The contractors, who use this substance to 1
< .1 ' '

.laboratory analysis had indicated that determine the actual' spray pattern Editor,
the substance was some type of dye, • emitting from the aircraft. In his critique, "What Are UFOs?"
but, the actual identity cou|d not be . The unusual ring seems related to (No. 184, June 1983), Mr. Bob
determined. this emission from the aircraft. It seems Wanderer appears to be 'confused
PASU, in trying to track down the likely that some type of spraying about what I could possibly mean by the
source for the observation, made operation was taking place over the use of the term "real UFO." By real
contact with numerous agencies, some Rockwood area. UFO, I merely mean those pesky,
of which included the U.S. Air Force, *** objective, out-there UFOs that are not
The U.S. Geological Survey, The *Pseudonym for the name o/ the actual witness, the conscious or unconscious creation
Department of Agriculture, the U.S. which is on file with MUFON Headquarters. of the witness. By the word real I mean
Forestry Service, Civil Air Patrol and *** • the invariable, the objectively
Correspondence may be sent to (PASU),
The Pennsylvania Game Commission. Pennsylvania Association For The Study Of The determined in Time and Space. I'm glad
None of these sources could give us a Unexplained, 6 OakhillAvenue, Greensburg, Pa. to note that Bob is concerned about
lead as to why this substance would be 15601. The Pennsylvania UFO Hotline Number is what is real.
used. 412-838-7768. Willard D. Nelson
After several weeks of searching, Villa Park, Calif.
Copyright© 1983 by Paul Norman

Official Australian investigation of suburb of Maldon said "dark shapes" Rev. Lional Browning, and his wife, of
unusual aerial phenomena was in could ' be seen within the craft. A Cressy, a small town near Lonceston.
progress even before the foo fighter era policeman reported the object hovered They observed a grey cigar-shaped
of World War II. As far back as 1930, a near the ground near where he was object with vertical bands on the side
squadron-leader was sent by the standing and he could see shadows of and a "rod" projected from one end,
Australian Air Force to Warrnambool, people inside before it sped away. which might have been an antenna.
Victoria, a town west of the Otway A radio announcer, who sighted Rev. Browning had been skeptical
Ranges, on the north shore of Bass the object from another suburb of about "flying saucer" reports but stated
Strait, where people had reported Melbourne, said he was saying goodby it was no normal aircraft because it was
"aircraft" flying over the coast. to friends when he heard a sound like a descending below stalling speed. After
The official investigator found that dial tone of a phone. "It travelled at a about a minute the "ship" stopped and
the objects were not aircraft belonging fantastic speed, yet it appeared to be hovered for about 30 seconds, at which
to Australia or any other power. They moving slowly, as if time and speed had time five "saucers" swooped out of the
could not be identified even as aircraft. become distorted." clouds as if joining a mother ship.
In short, they were unknown objects. When it reached its lowest point, He estimated they were at that
After retirement, the investigating shapes like human forms could be seen. time about three miles away. He
officer became a highly regarded He said, "We were too amazed to talk described them as being flat on the
member of the Victorian UFO for several seconds, we were so bottom, with domes on top.
Research Society (VUFORS). He was impressed that each of us wrote down ***
Sir George Jones, the former Air our individual impression and they On February 15, 1963, a disc-
Marshall of the Royal Australian Air tallied almost exactly." shaped object with a transparent dome
Force, during World War II. The object was last seen travelling descended to a low level near a milking
Note that this first documented toward Bass Strait. shed at Willow Grove, near Moe,
official investigation of unidentified *** Victoria. The main body of the object
flying objects took place on the shores The newspaper SUN displayed was described as battleship gray.
of Bass Strait, which has become the this front page headline on December The UFO hovered a few seconds
outstanding "flap area" of Australia, 16,1954: NAVY FINDS SAUCERS ON before flying away. During that time the
where strange sights in the sky and over OUR RADAR. The encounter was an cattle panicked to the extent they could
its waters reach back for two centuries outstanding radar/visual case. The not be milked. For a period of many
and beyond. During October 1978, incident had occurred three months weeks the cattle avoided the spot over
UFO activity reached an all time peak, prior, in September, but the story did which the UFO had hovered. Charles
consummating with the greatest not become known to the press until Brew was the only witness to the
mystery in Australian aviation history, December. sighting, although his son Trevor, inside
the Frederick Valentich Case in which A Navy fighter was flying to the shed, heard the swishing sound
the young aviator disappeared in an Australia's Navy Base at Nowra just made by the object.
encounter with a UFO. after dark when two disc-shaped Although, the sighting was of short
*** objects took up positions, one on each duration, VUFORS investigators made
Within a seven-day period in June side of the aircraft. The pilot requested the 90-mile trip from Melbourne and ,
1954, an object described as cylinder or a radar check, which was done. Three found that official investigators had
cigar shaped was reported over the blips showed up on the radar screen. already been there. The witness
suburbs of Melbourne. One witness Nowra directed the pilot to developed a headache, which he rarely
said her wristwatch stopped at 6:23 PM execute certain movements to identify ever had but did not realize the pain was
and the batteries in her small flashlight himself from the two objects. The associated with the close encounter
went dead while the object — about 30 UFOs gradually drew away and until an official inestigator had
feet long by 15 feet high — was nearby. vanished. All the movements were questioned him.
At close range, a canopy with a confirmed on the radar screen. A scientist who accompanied the
window on top could be seen. There *** official investigator took rock samples
was a window at each end of the silver One of the best sightings to come for analysis, an indication that at least
colored cylinder as it rose above a from the Tasmanian side of Bass Strait 20 years ago, Australian officials were
house and sped away. occurred in October 1960. An object
Witnesses in the Melbourne was sighted by Anglican Minister, the (continued on next page)
Australia, continued which the field was burned off. up, at which time smaller objects flew
*** out of the main object and continued to
making radiation and human physical Other restrictions regarding maneuver with the larger UFO.
effects resulting from close encounters information on UFO encouncers are At the time this operation was in
with unidentified flying objects. evident. For example, a UFO was progress radio communication failed.
*** filmed by the captain of an airliner while Communication was restored after the
There is a strong possibility that a on a flight to Port Morsby in New objects flew away. The objects were last
UFO caused the death of 19-year old Guinea. The captain reported the seen after they joined again "as if at a
Gary Taylor at Bourkes Flat, Victoria, incident to Townsville control. He was single command" before speeding
while he was driving to St. Arnard on instructed not to have the film away.
April 7, 1966, three days after a UFO developed until he returned to ***
encounter which had taken place at the Australia. Upon his return, two officials In Victoria, an interesting buildup
same spot. (See No. 145, March 1980). were on hand to take the film. of UFO activity began in September
Ron Sullivan, of Maryborough, *** 1977 along the Murray River, near
Victoria, saw an object rising from the Australia has its share of UFO Leitchville. This flap reached a peak in
ground. As he drew near, he could see it encounters involving aircraft. On December. The UFOs were not only
was disc shaped with beams of light in August 22, 1968, UFOs sighted from a demonstrating their mysterious activity
every color of the rainbow. Suddenly Murchison Air Services charter flight in the sky, they were landing in the
his headlight beams were drawn in the were reported by Captain Gordon paddocks and leaving physical traces
direction of the object and "bent" in a V Smith and Captain Walter Gardin. on the ground. VUFORS investigators
shape back toward the road. They were flying from Adelaide to spent a total of 30 days within a three-
The case was investigated by Perth. The pilots were interviewed by a month period interviewing witnesses
VUFORS and the Victorian Police. The psychologist, who sent Captain Smith's and compiling reports, some of which
UFO had left a depression in the freshly personal report to VUFORS. are still to be published.
plowed ground. There were no tracks An object was first seen by Captain One of the more spectacular
leading to the spot were the depression Gardin. He immediately aroused sightings began on the night of
was made. Captain Smith, who was asleep. The Decmeber 13, witnessed by 12
A few days after the incident, a time was shortly after 7:30 PM. The two observers who climbed to the top of a
motorist phoned VUFORS that he had pilots observed the large object open milking shed to watch the display. A
been approaching from the opposite large UFO was first seen by Mr. and
direction and saw the object in the Mrs. Tom Church at a low altitude
paddock but had fled but he was MUFON Amateur Radio Net descending at about the landing speed
concerned that he had not reported the of an aircraft.
incident to the police for fear of the Joe Santangelo (N1JS), manager After it hovered, three objects
violation. of the MUFON Amateur Radio Net and were seen flying from the main object
Twelve years later, VUFORS Regional Director, has submitted his within three minutes. One of the
found further confirmation that a UFO annual activity report for 1983. Twenty- smaller UFOs flew 25 miles within two
was indeed at the same location were five different stations participated by minutes before it took up its position
Gary Taylor had crashed into a tree checking-in each Saturday morning at between the witnesses and Pyramid
opposite the depressed spot in the field. 8:00 a.m. Eastern Time on 7237 KHz in Hill. Within five minutes two other
Another driver who had been following the forty meter band. They were objects flew from the parent object and
some distance behind the victim also N1BDC, WlBIs, N1JS, W1LHV, took up positions between the large
saw the lights from the object. He W1ZFI, W2COF, N2COO, WB20GS, UFO and Pyramid Hill.
reported that he thought the lights had K3COZ, K 3 H W H , W B 3 H W U , During the course of four hours,
blinded the youth who crashed. KA3JJC, WA3QLW, K 4 H X C , the witnesses saw what they thought
The encounter occurred during a W A 4 N K Z , W A 4 R P U , N5AFH, were meteorites falling to the ground.
major flap in Victoria. Just prior to the WA5CTJ, W5UAA, K8MRS, K8NQN, All of the "meteorites" fell within the 25-
death at Bourks Flat, a science teacher WD800B, W8ZDX, WAOOBN, and mile zone as if they were being drawn
at Westhall High School, together with WAOTEQ. into the zone by a magnetic force.
scores of students, watched a silver- David L. Dobbs (K8NQN) andLes About one in every three
colored object rise out of a paddock Varnicle (WA3QLW) shared the net "meteorites" curved up before burning
near the school and soar into the sky, control responsibilities with Joe. Bob out. They fell at about the rate of 15 per
leaving the grass depressed in an Grattan (WA4NKZ), State Director for hour. After four hours all witnesses
oblong football shape. Viginia, has utilized his computer and were asleep. An interesting case for
The incident was investigated by word processor to update the MUFON follow-up hypnosis analysis.
VUFORS including interviews with Amateur Radio Directory. Joe also
witnesses. Later, military vehicles were took advantage of his computer and
seen in the paddock and men word processor to compile his annual
examining the depressed spot. After report.
When is a "meteor" not a meteor? Feb. 28,1904, which has been reported Case 5. Oh August 1, 1871, at
.When it hovers, maneuvers, changes in many standard references. The three Marseilles, France, a '"remarkable
course, and has an angular, size many "meteors" are have moved meteorite" [sic] was observed to move
times that of the sun or moon.1 in "echelon" f o r m a t i o n , first slowly across the sky, its course
In response to my review of his southeasterly below the clouds, then carefully plotted against the star
book UFOs: The Public Deceived, turning and climbing up through the background. It moved in an easterly
Philip J. Klass continues to insist that clouds, and disappearing to the west direction for about 10 minutes," ...
so-called "fireball" meteors can last for northwest. The angular size of the lead remained for a moment stationary,
minutes, and thus Jenny Zeidman is object is given as " apparent area of then, changing its course took a
wrong in concluding that the UFO in about six suns" (i.e., about 3° of ;arc), northerly direction...[then] to the west,
the October 18, 1973, Ohio helicopter the second "meteor" about 1° of arc, and again stopping...." Another course
case 2 could not have been a meteor and the third about l/2°. The sighting change to east, another stop, then a
because the sighting , lasted several lasted, "over...two minutes." The rapid perpendicular fall toward the
minutes. In support of his contention, reporter, later to become a prominent horizon, during which " gave out
he sent me copies of five "meteor" Navy Admiral; noted: "The near [bjrilliant scintillations." Sighting
reports in which the phenomena were approach of these meteors to the duration 'was close to 20 minutes. The
observed for 1 to 18,or more minutes. surface and the subsequent flight away apparent size was at first about half that
Mr; Klass annotated his paper to from the surface appear to be most of the sun or moon. (Source: Nature,
the effect that Jenny Zeidman says "...a remarkable." (Source: Monthly Oct. 5, 1871.)
meteor-fireball, under the most Weather Review, March 1904:) This article is dedicated to Phil
favorable conditions, could not be Klass, who accepts that meteors of
visible for more than 30-40 seconds." Case 3. On July 8, 1868, at the gigantic proportions can silently
The enclosed cases were intended to Radcliff Observatory in Oxford, maneuver through our skies, hover,
refute this "naive" contention, and were England, a motionless cloud-like change course, and otherwise defy
"DEDICATED to Richard Hall, who phenomenon "about 5° in length and 1° conventional knowledge. Dr. Bruce S.
accepts the 'Zeidman Limits' as in breadth" (i.e., about 10 times the Maccabee has stated elsewhere, ajso in
'Gospel'."i In my book review, I had apparent size of the sun or moon in response to Klass, the principle that
endorsed Zeidman's statement. The longest dimension) was observed near conventional phenomena advanced as
endorsement, however, was based on Polaris, the North Star. It appeared explanations for UFO : reports must
well-established facts of/observational comet-like. Then " appeared to start .obey conventional physics. These
astronomy, not oh faith. into motion, taking a course directly "meteors" obviously fail the test.
I repeat here my (unanswered) west.. .leaving a train behind of a greater It is 'also noteworthy that the five
challenge to Mr. Klass to have, the breadth than itself...[and] disappeared cases all date to the late 19th and very,
current president of the American below the N.W. horizon." At one point early 2Qth century, and that Mr. Klass
Meteor Society review Zeidman's it turned south, then, turned north apparently was unable to cite any
report on the Ohio case and offer an again, remaining visible for "nearly four modern cases based on instrumented
independent opinion on the fireball minutes." (Source: English Mechanic, data — or even anecdotal data from
hypothesis. July 10, 1868). experienced meteor observers — to
A brief review of the cases which support his strange contention. In fact,
supposedly establish the reality of long- Case 4. On February 5,1883, near it is an untenable position and I once
lasting fireballs instead, amusingly, Arvika, Sweden, "...a meteor of more call upon him to retract the,
establishes the reality of some very unusual size and appearance was meteor hypothesis for the Ohio
strange aerial phenomena, not one of observed...." It first moved from helicopter case.
which could conceivably have been a southeast to northwest, then after NOTES
meteor. about 18 seconds reversed course and 1. The arc of the sky from horizon to horizon
headed back southeast. (A very covers 180° or half of' a complete cirlce.
Case 1. On November 20,1902, in remarkable meteor!) "During its Phenomena observed against the sky
Australia, a slow-moving "fire ball" was progress to north-west... the meteor background may be measured (angular size) by
how many degrees of arc they fill ("subtend").
observed for four minutes by an made several digressions from its Both the sun and moon subtend approximately
a s t r o n o m e r at the Adelaide plane....At the point of changing its '/2°. It would take 360 suns or moons placed rim to
Observatory. No details of the observa- direction, when it was so near the rim to reach across the sky from horizon to
tion are given. (Source: Charles Fort, surface of the lake that its path was horizon. Objects or phenomena of the reported
based, on Australian newspaper reflected, therein, it possessed a distinct apparent size in these cases would be up to 6-10
times the angular size of the sun or moon!
reports). tail...." It finally disappeared to the 2. A Helicopter-UFO Encounter Over Ohio,
southeast after "nearly fifty seconds." Center for UFO Studies, P.O. Box 1402,
Case 2. The U.S.S. Supply case of (Source: Nature, March 1, 1883.) Evanston, IL 60204, $9.00.
By WALT ANDRUS following list of equipment required and of COMPUFON, PSAPR, and any
Considering the large number of suggested manufacturers: organization that would like access to
personal computers presently being (1) A computer such as the Apple such information. He hopes to establish
used and the potential for greater II, TRS80, IBM-PC, Exidy Sorcerer, a nationwide network of reporting
utilization in the future, it is wise for the Osborne, Epson, Hewlett-Packard, stations.
Mutual UFO Network to seriously Commodore 64, using a program that Michael's proposal is in its infancy;
evaluate how this electronic device may permits the computer to communicate however I have brought it to your
be used to perform many clerical over an RS-232 interface with other attention to give MUFON members
functions in our office, store vital computers within the same "network." another idea of how computers may be
information, and comunicate UFO (2) A Coupler or Modem: (either used in Ufology.
sightings and investigations with other direct or acoustic type) which connects We have been accumulating a file
UFO organizations, investigators and the computer to the commercial on computers, peripherals,
researchers, just to mention a few. telephone line. manufacturers, models and prices in
The Fund for UFO Research is (3) Some preliminary working preparation for the day when the
considering setting up a computer standards: In order for two computers Mutual UFO Network can purchase
oriented quick response UFO report to communicate with each other via the appropriate equipment to become an
"hotline" system. They have invited telephone, both must agree in advance integral part of a telephone-connected
people who have equipment for upon the data transfer rate (called the UFO communication system. A
communicating by telephone with a "baud" rate. . .for bits per second. Dr. thorough evaluation of the equipment
distant computer to adivse them of the Haines has recommended 1200.) available and the cost to provide the
type of equipment that they possess. Full-duplex is also recommended, essential services in the MUFON
The minimum requirement for this if one does not need to see on his or her headquarters office is presently
would be a so-called "dumb" terminal. CRT screen what is being typed or underway. However funds are not
Other types of equipment include a being sent out to the other computer. available in our budget to make such a
typical home computer, plus a modem, Otherwise use half-duplex. This will purchase.
plus a display. An information storage provide the user with a duplicate of After determining exactly what
capability (tape, disc) and a hard copy what is being transmitted on one's own functions and processes we will expect
device (printer) would be helpful. video display. the computer to perform, using
The Fund is seeking people who Like the Fund for UFO Research, available software programs, and the
have equipment that is no longer Dick Haines is requesting information necessary peripherals, a manufacturer
needed to donate as a tax deductible on potential users to ascertain the and model will be identified. Knowing
gift. They would cover the costs of feasibility of setting up a computer exactly what will be expected of the
shipment of any equipment that they network within Ufology. It is necessary computer, hardware and software, a
accept. Dr. Bruce Maccabee has to know how many computers and unit may be purchased in the most
contacted MUFON to determine our peripheral equipment now exists. feasible price range to fulfill the
computer capabilities so as to be a part Another proposal has been intended purpose. As funds become
of the "hotline." We must sadly admit received from Michael D. Hart, a available, MUFON will purchase one
that our headquarters office is not so M U F O N m e m b e r in S e a t t l e , piece of equipment at a time until the
equipped or has the funds to purchase Washington, to establish what he has planned goal is reached.
equipment at the present time. elected to call "The COMPUFON As suggested by Dr. Bruce
Dr. Richard F. Haines, Director of Information Network" (Computerized Maccabee, MUFON would be very
the North American UFO Federation Unidentified Flying Object Network). receptive to donations of compatible
has also proposed the development of a Mr. Hart, in his correspondence, is computer components as a means of
network for the interchange of UFO advising that he will be initiating a new establishing a UFO hotline, word
related information between service on a continent-wide basis to processor, UFO case file, etc. At this
researchers with micro-computers. gather information relating to UFO time, we are setting up a special bank
The large number of UFO researchers activity. He is an online member of the account for the purpose of receiving
possessing the necessary equipment CompuServe Computer Network and tax-exempt, donations and gifts to be
makes such a development a thus has access to two mainframe earmarked specifically for the purchase
reasonable goal for the near future. He computer systems which have vast of a computer.
is also proposing that a study storage capabilities. As one of the largest UFO
committee be established within the He will be gathering information organizations in the nation, it behooves
NAUFOF for the standardization of that is sent to him on a weekly basis and MUFON to maintain its position of
computers within the field of Ufology. compiling it into an information recap. excellence by joining the world of
Dr. Haines has submitted the This recap will be mailed to all members computers to better serve Ufology. .
(Constellation locations of planets at mid-month and evening/morning visibility. Compiled by Walter N. Webb, MUFON
Consultant in Astronomy.) •

Month Venus Mars ' ' Jupiter Saturn

< ,' i'

Jan. Oph -AM Vir- AM Sgr -AM- Lib -AM

Feb. Sgr- AM , • ' Lib- AM, Sgr : AM:' r 'lib - A M
Mar. Aqr -AM Lib- PM/AM Sgr -AM , Lib - PM/AM
Apr. Psc- AM . .. '• Lib - PM/AM Sgr .-AM' ; Lib - PM/AM
May Ari- AM* Lib- PM/AM Sgr - AM , ,,Lib -, PM/AM
Jun. Tau - AM/PM* Lib - PM/AM Sgr - PM/AM Lib - PM/AM
Jul. Cnc -PM* ,Lib- PM Sgr -PM/AM- Lib -PM
Aug. Leo - PM* Lifr; PM Sgr - PM/AM Lib -PM
Sep. Vir- PM Sco PM '.'. ..Sgr -PM • -Lib -PM
Oct. Lib- PM Sgr- PM Sgr -PM Lib - PM*
Nov. Sgr - PM - Cap -PM Sgr -PM • • ' , Lib - AM*
Dec. Cap -PM Cap -PM . Sgr -PM Lib .-AM ,

*Probably not visible

Constellation abbreviations:
Aqr - Aquarius Leo - Leo Sco<- Scorpius
Ari - Aries Lib - Libra Sgr - Sagittarius
Cap - Capricornus Oph - Ophiuchus , Tau - Taurus
Cnc - Cancer Psc - Pisces Vir - Virgo

Director's Message, Continued Seminar at the Civic Auditorium of provide literature that can be handed
Veterans Memorial Building in Culver out by pur people and answer questions,
Saucer Research (C.P.D.V.), the City, California, featuring Stanton F. about the organization to interested
largest Brazilian UFO organization. Friedman, William L. Moore and David people.
Another valuable addition to our Froning. Jean Waller, State Director This will require obtaining
team from Brazil is Cynthia Newby for Oklahoma, conducted, a Field permission from the individual book
Luce, who has an M.A. in Experimental Investigator's Training Meeting in store owners or managers prior to the
Psychology and resides in Sao Jose do Norman, Oklahoma, on Saturday, April or May 1984 release date and
Rio Preto. Having lived in Brazil for February 18, 1984. advising MUFON the quantity of
many.years as a U.S. citizen, Cynthia is Ken McLean has .announced that brochures needed. It is essential that a
bilingual in Portuguese and English, the P.R.O.-U.F.S.s Contactee Summer representative of MUFON is present to
which will make her ideal for translating Conference will be held June 14 to 18, distribute the brochures and answer
UFO sighting reports and investiga- 1984, at the University of Wyoming in questions if the cooperative program is'
tions originating in Brazil. Cynthia was Laramie. This particular weekend was to be effective. An alternative, to
recommended by Mrs. Cynthia Hind, selected so there would not be a conflict decrease shipping costs, would be to
Continental Coordinator for Africa, with the dates for the MUFON 1984 provide a master copy of the brochure
and served as her translator when Mrs. UFO Symposium. and have it printed in each person's
Hind delivered a paper at the April 1983 *** locality. Please give this proposal
Second International UFO Congress of Jim Leming, Acting State Director serious consideration since timing if of
Brasilia, Brazil. Both Cynthia Newby for Montana, has suggested that the the essence. '
Luce and Mrs. Cynthia Hind will be upcoming release of the book Clear MUFON has received a few
attending the MUFON 1984 UFO Intent by Larry Fawcett and Barry J. donations from members to be applied
Symposium in San Antonio, Texas this Greenwood (Prentice-Hall) would be to financing the North American UFO
July. an ideal time to promote the book and Federation with suggestions that/the
*** MUFON in a cooperative program at individual members not be assessed but
On January 28, 1984, MUFON of the book stores in each of our localities. to rely on donations to this worthwhile
Southern California sponsored a UFO It has been proposed that MUFON cause for unity in Ufology.
Lucius Parish

In Others' Words UFO NEWSCL1PP1NG



will keep you informed of all the latest
United States and World-Wide UFO
activity, as it happens! Our service was
started in 1969, at which time we
A summary of the "crash/ issues. c o n t r a c t e d with a r e p u t a b l e
retrieval" cases investigated by The Aquarian Press of Great international newspaper-clipping
Leonard H. Stringfield is the subject of Britain, in conjunction with ASSAP bureau to obtain for us, those hard to
the "Anti-Matter/UFO Update" (Association for the Scientific Study of find UFO reports (i.e., little known
column in the January issue of OMNI. Anomalous Phenomena), is publishing photographic cases, close encounter
and landing reports, occupant cases)
Writer Casey McCabe gives a brief, but a series of titles on various types of
and all other UFO reports, many of
fair, review of the evidence for such unexplained phenomena. which are carried only in small town or
events. The f i r s t of these, THE foreign newspapers.
The January/February issue of EVIDENCE FOR UFOs by Hilary "Our UFO Newsclipping Service
SATURDAY EVENING POST has the Evans, is now available. It is an overview issues are 20-page monthly reports,
first installment of a two-part article by of the UFO subject which the beginner reproduced by photo-offset,
Donald A. White, "Flying Saucers: Are would find quite useful and which older containing the latest United States and
They Us?" As the title suggests, White hands might also wish to review. Canadian UFO newsclippings, with
our foreign section carrying the latest
emphasizes the theory that UFOs are All the basics — photographic British, Australian, New Zealand and
time travellers, returning to their past evidence, visual and radar evidence, other foreign press reports. Also
(our present) from the future. While no medical effects, abduction cases, UFO included is a 3-5 page section of
possibility can be ruled out, some of occupants, "Men In Black," the "Fortean" clippings (i.e. Bigfoot and
White's reasons for rejecting other governmental view, paranormal other "monster" reports). Let us keep
theories of UFO origin appear to be phenomena, etc. — are summarized in you informed of the latest happenings
based on faulty reasoning. seven chapters, with the eighth chapter in the UFO and Fortean fields."
For subscription information and
Dr. Bruce Maccabee contributes being devoted to Evans' personal
sample pages from our service, write
an interesting and much-needed article assessment of the subject. today to:
to the February issue of FATE. In Part I He believes there are at least four
of his presentation, Maccabee asks if sources of UFO reports; psychological UFO NEWSCLIPPING SERVICE
there are any "TRUFO" (TRue UFO) in nature, biological objects which Route 1 — Box 220
sightings which remain unexplained manifest as balls of light, secret Plumerville, Arkansas 72127
and which cannot be placed in the governmental devices, and "structured
"Insufficient Information" category. He artefacts of extraterrestrial origin."
then gives good examples of just such The book has several photos and Arcturus Book Service, 263 North
cases. The concluding part of the article illustrations, as well as a bibliography/ BallstonAvenue, Scotia, NY 12302. The
will be in the March issue of FATE, with reading list and an index. A nicely-done price is $5.95, plus 85<f postage &
additional contributions slated for later paperback, it can be obtained from handling.

PROFESSIONAL FORUM because research specialists and many manuscripts to the editor of the
of our members have specialized Journal, Bob Pratt, along with a record
By WALT ANDRUS talents. Each paper must be identified of the reviews and comments.
by providing the author's name, Publication would be at the sole
In our effort to upgrade the degrees or educational level, and your discretion of the editor based upon his
MUFON UFO JOURNAL, James M. MUFON Title or occupation. assessment of general interest, long-
McCampbell, Director for Research Drafts of submitted papers will be term value in the literature, clarity, and
has suggested Professional Forum as forwarded for preliminary screening to competition from other submittals.
the vehicle or title that is characterized Mr. McCampbell. Worthy material Such procedures are envisioned to
as a place for open discussion among would be distributed for review to appy to only a small fraction of the
many people. appropriate MUFON consultants for Journal content so as to preserve the
We want to encourage our most comments on the technical soundness major portion for articles of general
qualified people to contribute articles of the article in all fields that we have interest.
that analyze the available data on UFOs covered. Suitable revisions or Please forward a l l . articles
and provide insights pertaining to their adjustments would be negotiated with pertaining to the Professional Forum to
professional specialties; Contributions the authors, whenever necessary. At MUFON at 103 Oldtowne Road,
are not limited to only consultants, this stage, Jim would forward the Seguin, Texas 78155.
Walt Andrus
On January 6, 1984, the MUFON Chancellor Massengale here at the Michael D. Swords, Ph.D., a
Metroplex group in the Dallas, Texas University of Nebraska - Lincoln. This professor at Western Michigan
area elected not to host the MUFON statement is not correct. Mr. Klass University in Kalamazoo, has become a
1984 UFO Symposium when Lindy contacted Mr. Russ Free and myself new Consultant after attending the
Whitehurst, the replacement chairman only and did not directly contact the Nebraska Conference and reading the
for the Rev. G. Neal Hern, secured Chanclelor. It would be appreciated if MUFON UFO Journal as a former
employment in Houston Texas. The you would correct this erroneous subscriber to the Frontiers of Science.
lack of an enthusiastic and dynamic impression that the Chancellor was He has already submitted technical-
chairperson discouraged the host contacted directly and that the scientific articles for publication in the
committee, resulting in their decision. Chancellor's office conducted any Journal. As a teacher, he has the
Not to be discouraged, the San Antonio investigation or held interviews in unique ability to write technical articles
MUFON group voted on January 12th regard to this matter." that are down-to-earth and readily
to host the 1984 symposium in San Due to the e x c e p t i o n a l understandable by the lay person.
Antonio, Texas with Tom Deuley as cooperation of Mr. Mortenson at the Dan R. Wright, State Director for
Chairperson. conference, it is imperative that this Michigan, has appointed the following
As noted in my Director's Message matter should be clarified. Mr. two ladies to roles of greater
in the November 1983 issue, a few Mortenson is to be commended for responsibility: Mrs. Dorothy I. Lewis,
revisions were being made in the recognizing the ploy by Philip Klass and presently a Provincial Sectional
featured speakers. The following initiating the original letter of August 23, Director for Lambton County in
people will submit papers for the 1983, to Dr. John yost, Assistant to the Ontario, has been additionally assigned
proceedings and speak: Dr. J. Allen C h a n c e l l o r , thus keeping t h e as State Section Director for adjoining
Hynek, Barry J. Greenwood, Mrs. Chancellor's office advised. St. Clair County in Michigan. Over the
Cynthia Hind (Zimbabwe), Paul B. *** years, Dorothy has been lecturing on
Norman (Australia), Mrs. Marge UFOs, and making radio and TV
Christensen, John F. Schuessler, Alan appearances throughout the Sarnia,
C. Holt and Tom Adams. More details Ontario area.
will be forthcoming in the Journal as Harriet Beech of Lansing,
they develop. Michigan, has been promoted from
According to Steve Lewis, one of Field Investigator to State Section
the producers for the ABC-TV Night Director for Ingham, Eaton and
Line program, the planned UFO special Jackson Counties. Harriet has
has been delayed until something attended all of the recent MUFON
newsworthy breaks concerning UFOs. UFO Symposiums, thus becoming well
Since all of the preliminary filming was acquainted with MUFON's goals and
done at the University of Nebraska, Dr. objectives. As an executive secretary,
Hynek and Walt Andrus will probably KENNETH R. McLEAN
she has typed many of the UFO sighting
have only one day advance notice when Michael A. Lewis recently reports emanating from Michigan for
they will appear live from the nearest submitted his resignation as State Dan Wright.
ABC-TV affiliate station. The ABC-TV Director for Wyoming due to business William G. Hinrichsen, Continen-
news team thus feels prepared to lead responsibilities and recommended tal Coordinator for South America, has
their competitors when the next Kenneth R. McLean, a former State recently approved the following
significant UFO news item breaks. Section Director in Colorado, for this organizational alignments in Brazil:
*** position. Mr. McLean, who resides in Jose Victor Scares, who has been
In the October 1983 issue Laramie, Wyoming, has both a B.S. in MUFON's Representative for Brazil
(Number 188) of the MUFON UFO Psychology and a B.A. in Journalism. since 1974 and living in Gravatay,
JOURNAL in my Director's Message He attended the MUFON 1982 R.G.S., will now become the Sectional
concerning Philip Klass' attempt to Symposium in Toronto, Ontario, and Representative for Eastern Brazil.
scuttle the University of Nebraska the University of Nebraska Conference Professor A.J. Gevaerd, a colleague of
UFO C o n f e r e n c e , Robert A. and has been very active in the Mr. Scares in C.P.D.V., has been
Mortenson, Director of Conferences sponsorship of the P.R.O. - U.F.O.s appointed Sectional Representative for
and Institutes, provided the following Summer Contactee Conferences at the Western Brazil. Prof. Gevaerd lives in
correction in his letter received January University of Wyoming with Dr. R. Leo Campo Grande, M.S. and is the
6, 1984. Quoting from Mr. Mortenson's Sprinkle. Ken will be soon announcing coordinator of the Center for Flying
letter, he has said: "Your message the appointments of new State Section
indicates that a call was made to Directors to fill vacancies in Wyoming. (continued on page 18)