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l Objective

To lead, organize and direct the production operations of a high quality manufacturing
company, utilizing my management and coordination experience and abilities in team
development, planning, and process improvement. This will result in improved efficiency,
increased customer satisfaction, and greater profitability.

Qualifications & Accomplishments

A seasoned and successful management professional with over 20 years of progressive
experience in the electronics and automotive sectors, strong knowledge of stamping, tool & die
design, and process engineering, and a strong record of improving both product quality and plant
productivity, leading to the following selected accomplishments.

λ Designed and developed revised tooling to reduce the labor cost of a high-volume product and
eliminated the need for an employee to perform a post molding operation. This idea then applied
to other items and generated an increase in production of 18%.

λ Investigated the cause of a persistent problem in producing stamped steel parts that met
customer standards. Discovered that excess oil coating from the supplier was creating pressure
points. Worked with the supplier to solve the problem and eliminated reject items.

λ Accepted the challenge of providing a prototype for an important client over the traditional
Christmas holidays. Sourced the necessary materials, performed the tool design and manufacture,
and successfully generated an acceptable unit for the first working day in January. The customer
was delighted and signed a purchase order for $600,000.

λ Led a team of 55 employees in the design and manufacture of dies up to 65000lbs. Organized
and scheduled the tasks, trained and motivated the team members and successfully met all
deadlines and requirements, while keeping costs within expected guidelines.

λ Diagnosed the cause of unacceptable levels of tool breakage for a particular product.
Discovered that the machine operators had not been properly trained in the correct procedure for
this item. Redesigned the tool holder to eliminate any need for special training and any
possibility of repeating the error.

Professional Development
λ NTTF of Nettur- Tool Engineering Program
λ Seminar - Management and Communications Development program
λ Numerous courses in Motivational Training and Leadership
Technical Skills
λ Progressive forming die design, manufacturing and operations
λ Roll forming operations, designing cut off dies/Automotive dies
λ CNC/Automation process/ Lean Manufacturing/Continuous Improvement
λ Knowledge in stamping operations, set up dies on the presses up to 1000T
λ Successfully manufacture new product according to Q/A for p-pap run.
λ Knowledge in tool steel material machining and H/T and tempering process, jig & fixtures and
gauges designing, manufacturing and calibrating.
Work Experience
Automotive Tooling & Land Consultant
S&D International Group Inc. 2006-
Give guidance for forming progressive die design concept , develop critical shape for design and run
p pap for QA. Organize presentation for business group and show how to create wealth through land
syndication & development in booming Alberta.

Senior Manager
Commercial Spring & Tool Company Ltd. 2005-
Reviewed new die design concepts with designing team, lead and organized production dies for each
week, scheduled new die works on the CNC, EDM etc., improved the existing die design and managed
the budget of the tool room, ordered parts and material for new & old jobs, sourced out jobs to meet the
dead line, implemented the recommended changes in the plant by H&S committee.

Project Coordinator
Canadian Automation & Tool Inc. 2003-
Developed the blanking shape, made prototype parts for customer, got quotations for sourcing job,
scheduled and organized all machine works both shifts, ordered parts and arranged for heat treatment

Group Leader
Brock House Canada 1989-
Set up rotary piercing die in line with the rolling mill, checked the tube welding periodically, set up the
shear dies for the production, developed rolling product by redesigning the rolls

Lead Hand 1980-
Designed new cut off dies, ordered parts and materials, performed troubleshooting, arranged jobs for die
makers, machinists, reviewed improvements to the production process.

Asst. Tool Room Engineer
Afco Limited 1977-

Hobbies & Interests: Travel, Listening & Reading self improvement CD, Books.

Language Skills: Hindi, Malayalam

References: Available upon request