The Language Centre of Sunway University College offers English language programmes, designed to equip students with the language skills needed for other academic programmes.
Programme Profile
The Intensive English Programme equips students to study courses in English at the college level. It is a full-time intensive English proficiency programme. On achieving the required proficiency level, students are ready to enrol in other academic programmes. Higher-level students may also take a special preparatory course for either IELTS (International English Language Testing System) or TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language).

Entry Requirement
Post-SPM students who wish to improve their English language proficiency. International students with some English language proficiency.

Additional Information
All applicants for the IEP are required to sit for a Placement Test at the point of entry, after which they are placed within the four levels of proficiency in the IEP.

Major Features
• Four (4) Instructional Levels • Flexible placement with two main teaching components: Oral and Written. For example, students may be placed in Level 1 for the Oral component but Level 2 for Written. The English Placement Test ensures the right level. • Highly qualified and caring lecturers with dynamic and learner-centred approaches. Individual attention and special guidance are available so all learners’ needs are met. • Useful and varied learning activities include reading programmes, research skills, presentation skills and project-based learning. • Textbooks from renowned international authors. • Student access to computer labs with Internet access as well as an up-to-date library. • Multimedia self- access learning to speed up progress. • Student Welfare Programme and career testing. • A truly international campus with students from 80 countries.

Fee Structure
Application Fee Tuition Fee Self-Access Lab Fee Library Deposit Student Resource Fee International Administration Fee (for international students) RM 300 RM 2600 (10 weeks) RM 250 (10 weeks) RM 700 (refundable) RM 220 (10 weeks) RM 300 (10 weeks)

ACADEMIC CALENDAR INTAKES 4 January 2010 5 April 2010

5 July 2010 23 September 2010

DURATION 10 weeks with 200 hours per level (Full-time)

Level 1

Level 2 Diploma in Business Administration / School of Computer Technology (Diploma programme), School of Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure Management (Diploma programmes)

Level 3

Level 4 Achievement of English Proficiency + Entry Pre-requisite

Pre-University Studies / CAT / ACCA / School of Computer Technology (Degree programmes) / IELTS / TOEFL

Victoria University / Monash University Sunway Campus American Degree Transfer Program / Sunway University College Degree Programmes

International English Test Preparation
These are courses designed to prepare students for the following English language tests which meet the language entry requirements for overseas tertiary education. International English Language Testing System (IELTS) Class FEE STRUCTURE EXAMINATION Students can take the test throughout the year at approved IELTS test centres. INTAKES 11 January 2010 12 April 2010 Application Fee RM 100 Tuition Fee RM 750 (excluding examination fee)

12 July 2010 27 September 2010

DURATION 10 weeks with 30 hours (Mon & Wed: 5.30pm - 7.00pm , SMILE Lab 1) Optional Deposit Student Resource Fee

RM 700 (refundable) RM 220 (10 weeks)

Test Of English As A Foreign Language (TOEFL) Class EXAMINATION The test is conducted throughout the year at Prometric Testing Centre. INTAKES 12 January 2010 13 April 2010 FEE STRUCTURE Application Fee RM 100 Tuition Fee RM 750 (excluding examination fee)

13 July 2010 28 September 2010

DURATION 10 weeks or 30 hours (Tues & Thurs: 5.30pm - 7.00pm, SMILE Lab 1) Optional Deposit Student Resource Fee

RM 700 (refundable) RM 220 (10 weeks)

Vacation English School
The Vacation English School (VES) is a dynamic programme designed to encourage students to broaden their use of English through a diverse range of activities. Developed to improve students’ English proficiency as well as to give them a taste of college life, the VES provides students with ample opportunities to enhance listening, speaking, reading and writing skills through: • exposure to Malaysian culture • interaction with international students • creative and useful learning activities • excursions and workshops

The Vacation English School Curriculum
The English course is an interactive core of the VES experience. We have a team of friendly, enthusiastic and fully qualified teachers who make learning meaningful, valuable and enjoyable.

Outside the Classroom
Our programme of customised activities and excursions provides the perfect opportunity for students to use what they have learnt in class. Some of the highlights include: • City Tours • Community and cultural projects • Drama workshops*
*Subject to availability

• Visit to the Sunway Lagoon Theme Park • Field trip(s) • Weekend Home-stay with a Malaysian family*

COURSE DURATION 3 - 4 weeks (negotiable) INTAKE MONTHS January, February, April & July (subject to availability)

Successful Completion
At the end of the course, students will be given a certificate of attendance and a report of the progress they have made.

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