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Brand Energy & Infrastructure Services recently hosted
its 4th Annual Charity Golf Tournament
Brand Energy & Infrastructure
Services recently hosted its 4th
Annual Charity Golf Tournament
at Pelican Point Golf Club in
Gonzales. The tournament
benefitted Combat Marine
Outdoors, a nonprofit
organization dedicated to aiding
in the rehabilitation of Marines,
Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors and
Navy Corpsmen recovering
from traumatic injuries sustained
in combat.
Fifty-seven teams participated
in this year’s tournament,
which raised $65,000 for
Combat Marine Outdoors.
There were also 20 food and
drink tents. Brand would like
to send a special thank you to
the Geaux Seven Chapter of
Blue Star Mothers of America,
Blue Star Mothers of
Thank You
Supporting Our
4th Annual Golf
Combat Marine
For more information on how you can help,
contact Pam Van Norman at (225) 754-1121
or email
Louisiana — Chapter 1, Military
Order of the Purple Heart and
Sgt. Michael Gibson with the
Glen Oaks High School Color
Guard and Junior Reserve
Officer Training Corps.
For more information,
contact Pam Van Norman at
(225) 754-1121 or email
Parents, Teach
Your Children
To Lie.
In generations past, loving
parents taught their children
the simple and unnegotiable
lessons of conduct necessary
to ensure a fulfilling life and
to maintain a civil society -
Do not lie, cheat or steal.
Respect the land, the law and
each other.
Following such rules of
conduct would instill sound
ethics and a strong character-
both of which are honorable
traits we’re told and would
promise us a valued place in
our society. Equally, not
following such rules of
conduct would promise
punishment in the home or
arrest in public.
These lessons were so valuable
they were passed down
through the generations and
in many homes are still
practiced today.
Decay and depreciation enter
a society when any one of its
members refuse to participate
in the rules of conduct and
instead behave uncivilized by
harming others by way of
stealing or even killing. And
as a means to avoid the
penalties for their actions that
they know the civil world will
impose, they instead and
without shame demand
defense of their own civil
rights. They expect the civil
world that they never
participated in to offer them
mercy. And if their wishes are
not granted and their freedom
restored they will protest
unfair treatment.
This land of ours is governed
by law to regulate the actions
of its members and is
enforced by imposing penalty.
Justice is to ensure peace and
a genuine respect for all
people. A lack of fairness or
justice for all is in fact defined
as injustice.
Justice and the judicial system
are fair by design. Injustices
arise when an offender of a
society seeks for and receives
more compassion than a
victim. And by way of
American law and American
rights educated professionals
who are sworn to defend all
the people through its courts
must hear the case.
When we the people are no
longer “we” and instead “I”,
the mindset of having a civil
society is changed. When
peace and respect are granted
to the offenders it is injustice
and teaches us that the rules
we are held by have in fact
This is a confusing message
for our children of present
day unless we teach them the
new truth about civil living-
do lie, do cheat and do harm
to your neighbor and simply
scream foul play and the
world will grant you mercy.
Or, maybe the squeaky wheel
has had enough grease and
instead needs replacing.
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Ascension Chamber
Holds Business Expo
The Ascension Chamber of Commerce held
their Third Annual Business Expo on
Wednesday, September 3, 2014 at the Lamar
Dixon Trade Mart from 2:00pm-5:00pm.
This networking event included over 85 local
businesses ranging from restaurants, to health-
care, to banks and insurance companies.
Including vendors and guests, approximately
300 businesses were represented at the expo.
Carlico Café and Don’s Seafood provided
food and drink tastings and Jambalaya Festival
Association’s very own Wally Taillon served
his famous jambalaya. Over 100 door prizes
were given away throughout the event.
Waguespack & Associates Insurance and All
Star Ford teamed up to sponsor a chance to
L to R Sponsors
Mike Waguespack – Waguespack Insurance • Jenny Heroman – Eatel • Chris Geraci – UCB
Jon Hirsch – St. Elizabeth Hospital • Sherrie Despino – Ascension Chamber of Commerce
Jessica Szomi - DLFCU • Matt Pryor – Pujol, Pryor, and Irwin Attorneys at Law
win a new car. The Ascension
Chamber would like to give a
special thanks to our sponsors:
Baton Rouge Coca-Cola, Dow
La Federal Credit Union,
EATEL, St. Elizajyhtbeth
Hospital, United Community
Bank and Waguespack &
Associates Insurance.
Know When
You’re Being
I recently read an article,
written by a guy that clearly
explained one of the easiest and
most successful text strategies.
It’s done by (hopefully!) single
men and quite often done to
multiple women at once. It’s a
high reward, low risk strategy.
You see text tethering is all
about one guy keeping many
women on the hook with
perfectly timed and tactical text
messages. In this tethering
strategy, there are no phone
calls, no real relationship, and
only last minute dates.
See, typical text tethering may
come after a date, perhaps a
week or so later, and a text
might say something like this:
“I can’t wait to see you again,”
or “I miss you,” or “Wish you
were here”. All very kind
things to say, but not via text
message especially when there is
no other form of
communication happening
within the “relationship”.
This is something my girlfriends
and I have discussed for quite
some time now. If a guy wants
to talk to you or go out with
you, then he will make a
legitimate attempt to do so.
He will call you regularly, he
will ask you out on dates, and
he will make a sincere attempt
to get to know who you are
and what you are about. An
occasional text message just
doesn’t stand up to a genuinely
interested guy.
So, ultimately, if you feel like
you’re being served a tethering
text message, don’t go for the
volley when there’s an ace
player in the midst.
You’ve been served!
I was recently talking to a
friend of mine that said the
state of his relationship wasn’t,
well…“fantastic”. So, I
thought he must mean that
the excitement of the new
relationship fizzled. Then I
asked myself, “Does
Fantastic fade”?
Does the passion sustain
throughout a couple’s
relationship? I think the
obvious answer is no, but
when you dig a little deeper,
the answer is more complex
than you might think.
How long does the romantic
high last? Some experts say
2 months to 2 years, but I’ve
personally witnessed couples
whose romance never waned.
I’ve also heard of couples that
never had sparks initially, but
developed chemistry over time.
It’s proven that there are
stages of love and relation-
ships. Of course the first stage
of a relationship is the
romantic stage, where many
feel good hormones, similar to
a drug high, are pumping
through your body!
My personal opinion is that
initially chemistry is great in a
relationship, but after a few
years couples lose that feel
good hormone and then go
through a power struggle.
If a couple resolves conflict in
a healthy and respectful
manner then the couple moves
on to a deeper kind of love.
At this point different
hormones are produced.
Instead of getting that “in
love” hormone high, these
new types of hormones give us
more of an attachment
feeling with our partner.
So, if you realize you can’t
actually stay in that giddy, in
love stage forever, and can get
past the power struggle stage,
the reward of a lasting
relationship can be far better
than you ever imagined!
44253 Hwy. 42 ( 1 mi l e f r o m P o r t V i n c e n t )
We are Growing to Fulfill Your
Full Service Salon Needs
A Perfect Choice
with Layne Gautreau
Today’s pearl jewelry is not
something your grandmother ever
dreamed of having. The exciting
new designs available these days
are no longer limited to plain
strands of round pearls in different
formal lengths.
Pearl jewelry today comes in
dozens of eye-catching new
combinations for necklaces,
bracelets, earrings, and pins. There
are classic round pearls blended
with brightly colored gemstones,
pearl designs made up of many
different strands of pastel pearls,
and elegant pearl and diamond
combinations of exquisite beauty.
There are also many new styles
featuring freshwater pearls in
round, semi-round, and oval
shapes with gold or silver spacers,
and there are richly colored, high
gloss Tahitian pearls in fascinating
dark shades including purple,
green, peacock blue, bronze,
beige, and silver.
Among the many fashion trends
this year are white gold lariat
necklaces with rainbow pearl
accents, pearl station necklaces
with individual pearls separated by
different lengths of gold chain,
and lavish torsade necklaces and
bracelets made of twisted strands
of multi-colored pearls.
Pearls have always been one of the
most popular gifts. Now they’re
even more alluring and appealing
than ever.
September – Sapphire.
Wisdom and clear thinking are the
personal traits of those born in
September. A gift of brilliant blue
Sapphire symbolizes loyalty,
sincerity and faithfulness. The
sapphire belongs to the corundum
group, classified by their hardness
which is second to diamond, the
hardest mineral on Earth!
Jewelry Doctor
Is your watch really
Going Swimming?
Most watches are not actually
waterproof. In fact, all watches
sold in the USA cannot legally be
called waterproof. Instead, the
term “water resistant” is used to
describe the ability of a watch to
withstand some exposure to
water. And the degree of water
resistance is usually marked on
the watch’s face.
How much water resistance you
need depends on your level of
activity. A watch that is water
resistant to 30 meters can be
splashed with water but not
submerged. A watch with 50m on
the dial can be submerged (such
as in the shower) but not for any
length of time. A
rating of 100 meters
is OK for swimming,
diving, or snorkeling,
while a rating of 200
meters means the watch
can be used for
recreational scuba diving.
A rating of more than
200 meters is essential for
those participating in
active water sports and
serious divers.
• Competitive rates
• Commercial office cleaning
• Carpet & hard floor cleaning
• Weekly or as-needed
• Garbage removal
• Detail cleaning
41428 Glen Williams Rd.
Gonzales, LA 70737
Professional Cleaning
for Commercial Offices
Did You Clean Behind the Desk? ... I Will!
Contact Sarah Lieux
For a Free Estimate
Lic #: 081467
10 Things about
Shakes You May
not Know
1. Energy – Proteins are probably the
best source for energy. Most smoothies either
come with, or can have protein added to them
easily. Unlike fats, proteins don’t need to be
converted to another form, before they can be
used. Unlike sugars, proteins provide a sus-
tained energy source.
2. Feel Full – Proteins will leave your
tummy much more satisfied than starches.
1 – 20oz protein smoothie will leave you not
only satisfied, but can be your entire meal for
breakfast, lunch, or dinner!
3. Tasty – Many foods high in protein are
delicious! A smoothie with some protein in it
can be one of the best tasting things you eat
in your day! Who doesn’t like creamy milk
chocolate protein with some delicious
peanut butter?
4. Variety – Protein smoothies come in
endless flavor combinations. At Sunset
Smoothie we have anything from a Bahama
Breeze (strawberry, banana, coconut,
pineapple) to a Super Green (blueberry,
peanut butter, vanilla whey, banana, and
1whole cup of spinach) to an Incredible Bulk
(chocolate, peanut butter, banana, oatmeal,
choc whey, and choc muscle milk). You can
literally try something new every day!
5. Lose Weight – People who con-
sume more protein tend to eat less because
they feel full. Protein is satisfying, aids in mus-
cle tissue repair, and also gives you energy for
your busy day! Put down the bag of chips and
come get a delicious protein smoothie!
6. Maintain your body – During
strenuous activity such as a sport, yard work,
or a workout, little tears occur in our muscles.
Proteins are needed to repair these tears, which
in turn, strengthen the muscle. After you weed
the garden or hit the gym, come stop by
Sunset Smoothie and we’ll help you out!
7. Tone muscle – Non athletes/gym
goers can still benefit from adding protein into
their diet. People often struggle to lose weight.
The more healthy, lean muscle a person has,
the more weight he/she will lose due to
the simple fact that muscles have to be
maintained. Our body utilizes calories to
work towards the repair and maintenance
of our muscles!
8. Cellular level – Proteins are
known as the building blocks, because they
are required to build every type of cell in our
body. Any damaged cell, such as a busted
blood vessel, is repaired with proteins.
9. Create chemicals – Good
chemicals that is! Our body relies on a wide
variety of chemicals to function, many of
which are created from proteins.
Antibodies are key components of
the immune system. Enzymes act
as catalysts for chemical reactions.
Hormones send messages to
the brain. Proteins are required
to create all of these. A protein
smoothie is doing all kinds
of good by keeping you
healthy and full!
10. All ages – Smoothies are great
for anyone. From a young toddler to an elder
person, there is something for everyone.
Extras are also available in smoothies.
Since smoothies are blended fruit
beverages, the items that can be added
in are endless!
Tyler Terrebonne
With this coupon only. One coupon per visit.
Not valid with any other offers.
Expires Expires Oct. 31, 2014
With this coupon only. One coupon per visit.
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Expires Expires Oct. 31, 2014
With this coupon only. One coupon per visit.
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Expires Expires Oct. 31, 2014
With this coupon only. One coupon per visit.
Not valid with any other offers.
Expires Expires Oct. 31, 2014
All Proceeds Will Benefit
EA & St. Amant High Schools
For more information on the event,
call James E. LeBlanc at (225) 445-5766, Don Hanna at (225) 802-5450,
Derek J. LeBlanc at (225) 313-5775, or Tommy Trahan at (225) 572-2426.
You can also contact Sherri Jenkins at (225) 644-4820.
For More Information Contact:
Bret Hughes (EA) 571.0807
Camile Trabeau (STA) 573-2530
Monday October 27th
Pelican Point - Links Course
FREE New Patient Exam,
and X-rays.
May not be combined with other coupons.
Limited to one person in each immediate family.
• IV Sedation
• Invisalign Certified
• Laser-Assisted Decay Detection
• Porcelain Veneers
• Implants
• Wisdom Teeth
Calvin G. Bessonet, DDS, FAGD
13375 Hwy 73, Suite 1 • Geismar, LA 70734 • Call: 225.673.6910 • www.
By Calvin Bessonet, DDS,FAGD
More than fifteen percent of
American adults suffer from
chronic facial pain. Some
common symptoms include
pain in or around the ear,
tenderness of the jaw, clicking
or popping noises when opening
the mouth, or even headaches
and neck aches.
Two joints and several jaw
muscles make it possible to open
and close the mouth. They work
together when you chew, speak,
and swallow. These structures
include muscles and ligaments, as
well as the jaw bone, the
mandible (lower jaw) with
two joints, the TMJ’s
(temporomandibular joint).
The TM joint is one of the most
complex joints in the body.
Located on each side of the
head, these joints work together
and can make many different
movements, including a
combination of rotating and
translocational (gliding)
action, used when chewing
and speaking.
Several muscles help open and
close the mouth. They control
the lower jaw (mandible) as it
moves forward, backward, and
side-to-side. Both TM joints are
involved in these movements.
Each TM joint has a disc
between the ball and socket (see
diagram). The disc cushions the
load while enabling the jaw to
open widely and perform
rotating and translocational
movements. Any problem that
prevents this complex system of
muscles, ligaments, discs and
bones from working together
properly may result in a painful
TMJ disorder.
Diagnosis & Treatment
A dentist can help identify the
source of the pain with a
thorough exam and appropriate
x-rays. Often, it's a sinus,
toothache or an early stage of
periodontal disease. But for some
pain, the cause is not so easily
diagnosed. The pain could be
related to the facial muscles, the
jaw or temporomandibular joint,
located in the front of the ear.
Treatments for this pain may
include stress reducing exercises,
muscle relaxants, or wearing a
mouth protector to prevent teeth
grinding. They've been successful
for many and your dentist can
recommend which is best for
Several conditions may be related
to TMD, but they can be quite
varied, and they are often
difficult to pinpoint. TM
disorders can result when the
jaw muscles or jaw joints
are affected.
The joint, ligaments, and muscles
used for chewing and grinding
food may all be involved. In
some cases, it is not possible to
clearly determine the causes. In
some complex cases, where more
than one doctor is involved, it
may be difficult to get a
consensus on treatment.
Some TM problems result from
arthritis, dislocation, and injury.
All of these conditions can cause
pain and dysfunction. Muscles
that move the joints are also
subject to injury and disease.
Injuries to the jaw, head or neck,
and diseases such as arthritis,
might result in some TM
problems. Other factors that
relate to the way the teeth fit
together—the bite—may cause
some types of TMD. Stress is
thought to be a factor. TMD
affects women of childbearing
age more than men, or older
men and women.
There are several ways the TMJ
disorders may be treated. Your
dentist will recommend what
type of treatment is needed for
your particular problem or rec-
ommend that you be referred to
a specialist. Treatment may
involve a series of steps. The
step-by-step plan is in your best
interest because only minor,
relatively non-invasive treatment
may be needed.
Diagnosis is an important step
before treatment. Part of your
clinical examination includes
checking the joints and muscles
for tenderness, clicking, popping
or difficulty moving. Your
complete medical history may be
reviewed, so it is important to
keep your dental office record
up-to-date. Your dentist may
take x-rays and may make a
“cast” of your teeth to see how
your bite fits together. Your
dentist may also request
specialized x-rays for the
TM joints.
Estate Planning:
Not Just for the
Rich and Famous
The recent tragic and unexpected
deaths of Robin Williams and Joan
Rivers have put a spotlight on
celebrity estate planning. Following
Robin Williams’ apparent suicide,
and Joan Rivers’ unexpected passing,
questions were raised as to how their
families would fare financially. While
the topic of one’s own passing is
difficult to both consider and
discuss, these tragic and unexpected
deaths demonstrate how quickly
circumstances can change, and how
important it is that everyone have an
estate plan in place.
At his death, Robin Williams owned
two large properties in California,
worth nearly $25 million in equity,
placing his net worth at an estimated
$50 million. Joan Rivers was also
worth a significant amount of money,
with recent estimates pegging her net
worth at about $150 million. It
seems an obvious fact that individuals
with such large estates should engage
in extensive estate planning.
However, individuals with much
more modest estates should also
engage in extensive estate planning,
for many of the same reasons that
those with large estates do so.
For instance, it is important to
most people that their hard-earned
legacy is passed on to their heirs in a
particular way. In order to ensure
that one’s wishes are realized, some
formal, legal document outlining
those wishes must be executed. This
can take the form of a will or a trust,
depending on what it is that the
particular individual is trying
to accomplish.
For example, after Robin Williams’
passing, it came to light that he had
established at least one revocable
trust during his lifetime. A revocable
trust is a trust that can be altered at
any time during the life of the trust’s
creator. Assets can be transferred
into that trust during the creator’s
life and will then pass to the
designated beneficiaries following the
grantor’s death, without the necessity
of succession proceedings. Avoiding
succession means that the trust
documents remain private, and do
not become a part of public record.
The two very valuable pieces of real
estate owned by Robin Williams are
held in the name of his revocable
trust, allowing those pieces of
property to pass to his designated
beneficiaries without any succession
proceeding. Creating a revocable
trust and transferring a significant
amount of his estate into that trust
was likely important to Robin
Williams because it kept the process
out of the public eye. Estate
planning of this kind can also be
beneficial to everyone as succession
proceedings can often become a
contentious, complicated, and
long process.
The existence of Robin Williams’
revocable trust gives his family one
less thing to worry about in the
wake of his sudden, tragic death.
Instead of having to worry about
complications with the estate, or
long, costly, and possibly contentious
succession proceedings, the family
can instead focus on their grieving.
The value of this piece of mind
cannot be overstated, and applies to
all individuals; famous or not, with
large or modest estates.
Another important consideration
when engaging in estate planning is
the existence of a living will. Joan
Rivers’ passing demonstrates how
unpredictable life can be. The
seemingly healthy 81-year-old was
placed on life support after going
into cardiac arrest during what was
supposed to be a routine procedure.
In an instant, Ms. Rivers’ family was
faced with a number of difficult
decisions. While it is known that Ms.
Rivers executed a legal document
appointing her daughter Melissa as
her healthcare agent under her Power
of Attorney, it is not known whether
Ms. Rivers also executed a living will
to guide her daughter in making the
difficult decisions required in end of
life decisions.
A living will is a document that
explains one’s wishes regarding what
you want to happen if you are being
kept alive by artificial means. Living
wills typically include a provision that
clarifies one’s feelings about life-pro-
longing treatments in the event of
incapacitation. Making decisions of
life and death with regard to a family
member is no doubt a difficult,
painful process, and having a living
will in place can certainly help to
make that process slightly less
painful for your loved ones.
Regardless of the type of estate
planning that is chosen, it is
undeniably important that everyone,
regardless of fame or wealth, engage
in some sort of planning. By doing
so, you are not only ensuring that
your legacy pass to your heirs
according to your wishes, but you
will be also making things much
easier for those loved ones you
leave behind.
Mrs. Melancon has engaged in the practice of
law in Louisiana for the past 17 years. The
primary focus of her practice is estate planning,
special needs planning, elder law and probate.
She is also accredited by the VA to give advice
regarding veterans’ benefits. For more
information, please contact her at
222-744-0027 .You may also visit her website
By Linda Melancon
Chase Roy, PT, DPT
For additional information, feel free to call our clinic at (225) 744-3631
and talk to Chase Roy, PT, DPT or email us at
Dutchtown Physical Therapy along with Downtown Physical Therapy -
Highland Road are pleased to announce a new program that addresses
concussion management for young athletes.
The Comprehensive Concussion Management Program
• Consists of education, balance, coordination and neurological testing which allows us to
determine a pre-injury baseline.
• This baseline can help identify developmental and physical factors which can be addressed to
improve your child's sports performance.
• In the case of a concussion, this program allows us to compare the post injury results to your
child's pre-injury objective baseline data.
• The data collected during the pre-injury baseline can be used to help you and your child's
medical provider make sound decisions and ensures your child's safety. The program helps
take the guesswork out of decisions regarding returning to play.
Educating and managing sports concussions are crucial for young athletes and we are
working hard to help the Ascension and Baton Rouge area parents have the opportunity to
keep their children's head safe.
Call us today to have your child tested.
36501 Mission Street, Suite A (Inside Fusion Health & Fitness) Prairieville, Louisiana 70769
225.744-3631 • Fax 225.744.3647
wi t h Mar i l yn Bowman
for your Home
Your alarm wakes you up at
6:30 in the morning. One
minute later the lights in your
room automatically turn on.
You get out of bed and walk
down to the kitchen to get a
fresh brewed cup of coffee and
catch up on the morning news,
which, conveniently, is already
playing on the TV. You check
the time and head back to your
bathroom where the shower is
on and heated up. When you
finish, the bathroom lights turn
off as you leave the room.
Dressed and ready for work,
you head out to the garage.
Last year you had to deal with a
garage door opener. This year,
the door opens automatically
just like your programmed it to.
At work you get a text from
your thermostat alerting you
that the temperature is going to
drop. You open up your home
automation app and schedule
your thermostat to increase the
temperature 30 minutes before
you usually get home.
And while such a scenario
might seem far-fetched --
or, at least, expensive – it’s
possible due to the increasingly
connected world we live in. It’s
the Internet of Things: the
virtual representations of
real objects in a connected
structure. It’s your weather app
“talking” to your thermostat
to ensure your home is as
comfortable and efficient as
possible. It’s motion sensors
detecting movement and
turning on hallway lights so you
don’t trip in the middle of the
night. It’s pulling up your
home automation app and
shutting the garage door that
you accidentally left open. In
short, it’s what makes home
automation a reality.
When it comes to home
automation, your options will
be primarily dictated by your
budget. Interested in home
automation but not sure if it’s
something you want to fully
commit to? For about $249 you
can pick up a Nest Learning
Thermostat® that features Wi-Fi
connectivity and software that
programs itself based on your
usage and schedule. If you’re
looking to add a little more
automation, Belkin’s WeMo®
system allows you to quickly and
affordably automate individual
lights and devices with easy-to-
install motion sensors.
Of course, once you discover
the convenience of home
automation, we wouldn’t be
surprised if you decided to step it
up a bit. For some, this means
going the whole nine yards and
installing a whole-house system
that links all your home’s major
components (lighting, HVAC,
media, security). If this is the
case, you’ll want to talk to a
licensed home automation pro.
They’ll be able to design and
install a secure system that
delivers the features you want at
a budget you can afford.
If you’re less concerned about
having a smart home and more
so about having a safe home,
home automation is a great way
to improve your home’s security.
From motion sensors to video
surveillance to fire and water
monitoring companies offer
customizable security solutions
that keep you safe when you’re in
your home, while letting you
keep tabs on it when you’re not.
The convenience of home
automation is not without its
drawbacks. Privacy and security
will remain an issue so long as
your devices are connected to
wireless networks. However,
given the pace at which technol-
ogy has, and will continue to
evolve, it’s safe to assume that
these issues will be resolved
sooner than later, making home
automation a standard feature in
every home.
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Rotolo’s Launches
Family Night in
Ascension Parish
Weekly Family-Friendly Event
Goes Over Big! Rotolo’s Pizzeria
launched Family Night Monday
August 18th at its two Ascension
Parish locations (Gonzales &
Prairieville), featuring new Kid’s
Menu, make-your-own pizzas for
children 12 and under, as well as
children’s entertainment and new
Fruit Sparklers. The entertain-
ment varied from location to loca-
tion and was a hit with both kids
and parents alike.
“My three little ones had a great
time at Family Night. The balloon
artist kept the kids’ attention so
well and they loved their bal-
loons.” said Lee Stromberg.
“It was really fun seeing my kids
making their own pizzas and mak-
ing faces with the pepperoni they
chose. I might have a couple of
future chefs on my hands!” said
Christy Baker.
The all-new Kids Menu includes
many other favorite entrées such
• Make-your-own Personal Pizza
• Baked Macaroni & Cheese
• Crispy Chicken Tenders with a side of
Zapp’ s chips
• Plate of (penne or spaghetti) Noodles
lightly tossed in butter
• Famous traditional Spaghetti with an
Italian meatball
The kids really loved the new Fruit
Sparklers drinks, too! These fizzy
treats come in three flavors:
• Rotolo Razzle – Sprite, cranberry juice
& a splash of cherry juice
• Rotolo Fizz – Sprite, orange juice and
pineapple juice
• Rotolo Berry-Licious – lemonade
& strawberry flavoring
If you’re a fan of flavored milk,
they’ve got you covered there too
with chocolate or strawberry
Rotolo’s Pizzeria invites families
throughout Ascension Parish to
participate in Family Night, avail-
able every Monday from 5 pm – 9
pm at the Prairieville (17530
Airline Hwy., Ste. C) and
Gonzales (1402 N. Burnside)
If you are running out of space?
We are the place.
Storage Space Available
This Month at Moran’s Marina in Port Fourchon
This Month at Moran’s Marina in Port Fourchon
Inshore Trips
Consist of leaving out at 6 am and fishing for specks and reds, occasionally drum and sheephead as well, arriving back at
the dock for 3pm. Trips consist of live bait and artificial techniques Live bait, ice, tackle, included. If you have a favorite
rod by all means bring it. Food and drinks available upon request.
Colder months we usually fish Leeville and Golden Meadow marshes.
Warmer months we typically fish Barataria and Timbalier bays, beaches, and the western barrier islands.
Offshore Trips
Consist of leaving out at 6 am and arriving back at the dock between 4-6pm. These trips are the most commonly booked
trips, we generally target bottom species, live bait mangrove fish , and troll the rip when in season. Fish you can expect
to catch on these trips include snapper, grouper, amberjack, wahoo, blackfin tuna, lemon fish, dolphin.
On these trips we generally travel up to 60 miles out.
For More Information or to Book a Charter Call Today (985) 396-2728
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Chad Reinhardt was born and
raised on the waters of South
Louisiana. He began deck
handing in high school on vari-
ous charter boats in Cocodrie,
Venice, Grand Isle and
Fouchon areas. Chad has
been fishing Inshore, Offshore
and Blue water trips for Cajun
Made since 2009. He enjoys
catching fish more than the
customers and will do what is
necessary to make your trip
with Cajun Made a memorable
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Gram Theft Parsons
…”20,000 roads I went down,
down, down-And they all led me
straight back home to you…” from
“Return of the Grievous Angel”
by Gram Parsons.
I saw where Baton Rouge played
host to Don McLean a few weeks
ago-the singer-songwriter forever
associated with the 1972 Song of
the Year “American Pie”.
The song is a recounting of
“The Day the Music Died”-that
February 3rd day in 1959 when a
plane crash killed teen idols Buddy
Holly, Ritchie Valens and J.P.
Richardson (“The Big Bopper”).
I’m surprised that no creative
soul ever bothered to write a
copycat version about the events
of the early 70’s when rock lost
three members of the “27 Club”-
Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and
Jim Morrison.
Every guitar player who ever
picked up a Fender Stratocaster
tried valiantly to emulate
Hendrix’s wild psychedelic solos-
even though he was playing them
left-handed on an axe strung
upside down.
Likewise, every blues singer
wanted to wail like our Port
Arthur neighbor Joplin when she
lost her “Bobby McGee”.
And every William Blake
mystic-“The roads of excess lead
to the palace of wisdom…”
-wanted to “Break on Through to
the Other Side” with Morrison
and The Doors.
But the drugs of those times
took their toll and all three died at
the age of 27 within 10 months of
each other in 1970-71 leaving us
children of the 60’s wondering
where the next legends would
come from.
The Beatles had broken up so
they weren’t coming back to save
our musical souls like they had in
1964. But there was a glimmer of
hope from Southern rock bands
like Lynyrd Skynyrd who claimed
fans throughout Dixie when they
answered Neil Young’s scathing
“Southern Man” with “Sweet
Home Alabama”.
And from out West, groups like
the Eagles were starting to
incorporate elements of country
music into rock-a strategy that had
worked for several artists in the
60’s including Ray Charles.
For us sons of the South who
had grown up on Hank Williams
but could also pick out “Black
Dog” by Led Zeppelin, it was a
welcome change.
And leading the charge was a
charismatic, long-haired country
boy from Waycross, Georgia,
named Gram Parsons.
Parsons was the classic “walking
contradiction” when he signed on
with the Byrds to play keyboard.
He was now a member of one of
the most popular rock bands in
the country, yet he often wore a
Nashville-style Nudie suit and
cowboy boots. The Nudie suits
popularized by country singers
often had individual designs-Porter
Wagoner’s had a wagon wheel,
for example.
Gram’s suit had some 5-leaf
marijuana plants and numerous
colored pills stitched into the
outfit and red flames roared up
from the bell-bottomed pants.
After September 19, 1973, some
remembered it as an eerie omen of
things to come.
Parsons was a huge fan of
George Jones and Merle Haggard
and he persuaded Byrd’s front
man Roger McGuinn to move the
band to a more country style.
After the band scored a big hit
with a distinctively country version
of Bob Dylan’s “You Ain’t Going
Nowhere”, the Byrds were even
invited to appear on the sacred
stage of the Grand Ole Opry.
The long-haired youngsters
endured the catcalls raining down
in Ryman Auditorium and won
some moderate approval with
“…Nowhere” when the rednecks
realized these “hippies” could
really play and sing.
A Merle Haggard cover was
supposed to follow but that’s
when Parsons shocked the Opry
establishment by stepping up to
the mike and announcing, “My
grandmother’s been listening to
the Opry all her life and this is a
song I wrote for her.”
He then launched into his
haunting classic “Hickory Wind”
to the dismay of the Nashville
establishment that banned the
band for life. However, several
performers waiting in the wings
including Opry regular Skeeter
Davis were seen applauding the
Byrds as they left the stage.
Years later after leaving the
Byrds, Parsons and bandmate
Chris Hillman would write a song
about Nashville’s iconic radio and
TV host Ralph Emery called
“Drugstore Truck Driving Man”
to commemorate the event. A
modified version of that song
directed at then-governor of
California Ronald Reagan was
performed at Woodstock by
Joan Baez.
Parsons and Hillman formed a
new band-“The Flying Burrito
Brothers”-which was met with
critical acclaim but little financial
success. That just seemed to fire
Gram up as he pushed even harder
to get the world to accept his
self-proclaimed Cosmic American
Music (He hated the term
“Progressive Country”.).
After the demise of the
“Burritos”, he hooked up with a
female singer who looked like a
goddess and sang like an
angel-one Emmylou Harris. The
duo hit a harmony with George
Jones weepers and Parsons’s
originals like “Las Vegas” and
“Grievous Angel” that struck a
chord with all the “truckers and
the kickers and the cowboy
angels…” who had one foot in
the rock world of the 60’s and
one foot in the Southern
country world.
Parsons even influenced one of
the greatest rock and roll bands of
all time-the Rolling Stones. On a
visit to England, he met Keith
Richards and stayed with him
after refusing to go to South
Africa on a tour because of the
apartheid policies.
There, the two played guitars
together-among other things-and
one of the Stones’ biggest hits-
“Honky Tonk Woman” was
originally recorded as a country
song (Check out “Country Honk”
one day when boredom overtakes
you.) apparently thanks to
Parsons’s influence.
The strange trip that was Gram
Parsons’s life does not even
compare to the strange set of
events surrounding his death.
Gram was obsessed with UFO’s
and would often go out to a place
in southeastern California known
as Joshua Tree with McGuinn,
Hillman and Richards to look for
flying saucers and get high. In
fact, a song called “Mr. Spaceman”
was a hit for the Byrds-and clearly
a country-inspired record.
On September 19, 1973,
Parsons returned to Joshua Tree
with some friends to celebrate the
completion of a new album. After
day-long drug and alcohol use, he
was found unresponsive in a
modest inn and taken to a local
hospital. He died in the Hi-
Desert Memorial Hospital at the
age of 26-two months short of the
“27 Club”. Now the story-be it
myth, legend, exaggeration or any
combination of the three-really
gets weird.
Gram and his manager Phil
Kaufman had made a pact at the
funeral of a mutual friend that
whoever died first, the survivor
would take the other guy’s body
out to Joshua Tree in the desert,
have a few drinks and burn it.
Enter Gram’s stepfather Bob
Parsons who had pulled some
by Bill Delaune
shady deals in-where else-New
Orleans-and believed if he got the
remains back to Louisiana, he
could lay claim to Gram’s money
using the Napoleonic Code.
When Kaufman learned of Bob
Parsons’s plans, he did what any
ex-con who had served time with
Charlie Manson would do-he took
to drinking and devised a plan.
After downing a fifth of courage,
Kaufman recruited Michael
Martin-an old hippie with a hearse
he used for “camping” and headed
for the airport.
The drunken duo arrived at the
loading dock just as a flatbed truck
with Gram’s casket rolled up.
Kaufman somehow convinced an
airline employee that the family
had changed its plans and wanted
to ship the body on a privately,
chartered flight.
While Kaufman signed a
phony name to the paperwork, a
policeman pulled up outside
threatening the entire operation.
But incredulously, the officer
helped the body snatchers load the
casket into the unlicensed,
liquor-filled hearse. Despite hit-
ting a wall on the way out, Martin
and Kaufman left the airport with
the body of Gram Parsons.
They stopped at a service station
and filled a gas can with premium
fuel (“I didn’t want him to ping,”
Kaufman later said.) and headed
out for Joshua Tree.
When they reached a place
called Cap Rock, a formation near
the Joshua Monument, they
unloaded the coffin, doused it
with gasoline and lit it.
A giant fireball erupted into the
desert night sucking Gram
Parsons’s ashes into the starry sky.
Soon, the highway patrol was in
hot pursuit, but according to one
officer, “encumbered sobriety”
prevented the law from catching
up with the cremators.
Kaufman and Martin laid low
for a couple weeks and then
turned themselves in on
November 5, 1973-Gram’s 27th
birthday. They were fined $708 in
damages for the coffin and $300
each for body snatching and
Kaufman then threw himself a
party to raise money to pay the
fine-“Kaufman’s Koffin Kaper
Koncert”, it was called-with music
by Bobby “Boris” Pickett and the
Crypt Kickers of “Monster Mash”
Bob Parsons never made a
dime off Gram Parsons and died a
year later.
Gram Parsons-like Hank
Williams, Elvis Presley, Jimi
Hendrix and so many others-was
so far ahead of his time that he
could shake, rattle and roll the
status quo and get away with it on
sheer talent. Unfortunately, these
geniuses got caught in the same
sticky web of drugs that took away
so many of their peers.
Gram’s buddy Keith Richards
(How is he still alive?) gave a
fitting eulogy-“He loved country
music, but he really didn’t like the
country music business and didn’t
think it should be angled just at
Nashville. The music’s bigger
than that. It should touch
If you happen to be reading this
on or around September 19, pull
up an old Gram Parsons’s song on
YouTube and see what you think.
Then find some of those bands
like Synyrd and see what you get
when you combine Southern rock
and country. Maybe Cosmic
American Music.
A few closing notes…There was
a movie called “Gram Theft
Parsons” made in 2003 starring
Johnny Knoxville as Phil Kaufman.
Some of the accounts of Gram’s
death in this article were stolen-I
mean –borrowed from excerpts
from Kaufman’s book.
If you wish to comment-good
or bad-my e-mail is The first
two letters are for Gram and the
Byrds, the “lyky” in the middle
are for Lynyrd Skynyrd and the
seven is for my baseball idol
Mickey Mantle.
uA small tribute-but a
tribute nonetheless.
Hey Dr. Rob,
I’m sending you
a selfie.
Do I l ook
al ri ght ?.
2 22 25 5. . 7 74 44 4. . 4 49 90 05 5
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Doug & Sally
Boi l ed Cr awf i sh Ar e Her e!
I’ve heard some
dumb things.
After 12 years of publishing
this Bully article I wonder where
the next inspiration will come
from and everyday life provides
it without fail.
It befuddles me everytime as to
how much human fodder there is
out there to exploit.
This month the news media broke
the news the day before the 4th of
July. The very popular pinic favorite,
watermelon, is also a soothing
pleasant enhancement to a relation-
ship with the same effect as Viagra.
The only catch is that you don’t
need to eat the red juicy part. A
person needing this personal lift
needs to eat the rhine.
Now I love watermelon and I
didn’t need any encouragement
to enjoy the flavor of the fruit
but now I am going to be like
Popeye and jump on the rhine
like Popeye loves spinach.
I can see me eating a melon like a
squirrel eats a hickory nut. I’ll eat it
from the outside in.
Can you imagine couples asking
questions like, “Did you chill the
melon? No. “I left it out on the
porch to keep it HOT!!!!!”
Now what do we do about
thumping the melon to
determine the melon’s ripeness.
Are ripe, hollow sounding melons
the best or should we grab the
stiffest, greenest rhined melons
available. “The greener the rhine,
the better the time,” I say.
I don’t know what to think
about the research but if it works I’ll
be planting melons like I plant
tomatoes. I don’t necessarily need
these melon rhines but why look a
gift horse in the mouth.
This past month I had the
opportunity to take a bass fishing
trip with one of my best compadres,
Mike Rambin.
Now Ram claims to be a great
fisherman but he can be a pain in
the butt sometimes. I remember one
time I went fishing with him and he
was so obstinant that I’d wanted to
jump in the water, swim to the bank
and drive my own car home. If I’d
only taken my keys!!!
It’s really sad to look at his
fishing poles. They are black.
They look like they have been
dipped in tar. I believe he got
them in a garage sale or found
them and strengthened them by
dipping them in tar. Either way I
feel sorry for him.
On this particular fishing trip
the subject of fishing license came
up. I had just purchased my license
because as all Louisiana fishermen
know fishing license expire on
June 30th and need to be renewed
after June 30th.
Ram said, “I purchased my license
in October of last year. I ain’t
buying another until my year is up.”
Inspection stickers last 1 year,
bowling dues 1 year, most
everything that a person needs
to purchase as a liscense for last
for a 1 year cycle. As I spoke to him
and pointed out that the law was the
law and a new license was needed as
of July 1st.
He asked the profound
question, Why?” Who decided that
July 1st was the beginning of
A resident fishing liscense cost
$9.50 for 365 days of fishing in
Louisiana unless you purchase it
after July 1st. He then said, “All of
the 49 states of America follow a
common sense approach that a
license purchased for 1 year, lasts 1
year.” Only in Louisiana you can
buy a yearly license that cost $9.50
for 365 days and also cost $9.50 for
1 day if you want to go fishing on
June 30th, the day before July 1st.
There is no ‘FISHING SEASON’
and unless the Wild Life and
Fisheries CAN’T read simple
numbers indentifying when 12
months is up. I believe he’s right.
I love this state but quite frankly
we must be stupidest state in the
union. I guarantee the Wild Life and
Fisheries has computers tracking our
hunting license, which
corresponed to seasons. Can’t their
computers count 12 months.
I doubt it. It would require
someone to have a brain and to
actually use it. Common sense
requires that we look at today’s
system. Seems a little hinky. I bet
someone is getting paid on the
side !!!!!!!!
Thoughts from Bully
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Pest & Termite Work
Useless Random Facts
with Kellie

A one ounce chocolate milk chocolate bar
has 6mg of caf feine.

Americans did not commonly use forks until
after the civil war.

Airports that are at a higher altitude require a
longer airstrip due to lower air density.

Antarctica is the only land on our planet that is not
owned by any countr y.

The deadliest natural disaster in the U.S. was the
Galveston hurricane of 1900, which killed between
8,000-12,000 people

When a family cat died in Egypt, family members
would mourn by shaving of f their eyebrows. They
also held elaborate funerals during which they drank
wine and beat their breasts. The cat was embalmed
with a sculpted wooden mask and the tiny mummy
was placed in the family tomb or in a pet cemeter y
with tiny mummies of mice.

During early pregnancy, approximately 250,000
neurons develop per minute. After birth, a
newborn’s brain grows nearly triples in size
in its first year.

If all the tires Americans throw away each year were
stacked on top of each other, the pile would reach
32,000 miles high. A greater distance than the
circumference of the earth at the equator
(24,901 miles).

Over 100 years ago, the Chicago post of fice refused
to deliver about 25,000 Valentine postcards because
their messages were not nice. The caustic cards were
called “vinegar Valentines.”

One of the greatest predictors of love is proximity.
Physical closeness leads to increased emotion, and it
is not unusual to hear stories of bosses falling in love
with their secretaries. On the other hand, scientists
now think that at a critical time in childhood
(sometime between ages 4–6), boys and girls who
live in close proximity lose their ability to fall in love
with each other, perhaps preventing the destructive
act of mixing one’s DNA with close kin.
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Although hunting and fishing can
be very enjoyable sports there are
certain fears and dangers that go
along with the two. It could be that
because of risks the sports are so
exciting. Some hunters are fearful of
the dark and really don't care to be
out in the darkness by themselves. I
spend a lot of time by myself in the
darkness. Darkness does not stop me
from doing my thing, but I must
admit that concerns of my
surroundings amplify as the day
begins to lose light.
It's amazing to me how many
people go into the woods without a
compass or GPS. I don't own a GPS,
but I will always bring a compass with
me into the woods. Knowing my way
in and out allows me to venture far
away from my starting point. There
are plenty of hunters that are afraid to
get off the beaten path for the fear of
getting lost. Rightfully so. If you ever
get lost you will experience one of the
most uncomfortable feelings of your
life. Getting lost will turn a man into
a wild animal instantly. My dad found
two people that had spent the night
lost in the Tensas woods one night.
When they saw him in the woods the
next morning they refused to leave
him and let him hunt. After my dad
got them to the road and many
thanks had been given there was one
last sentence uttered by the lost
hunters and it was "I'll never come
back here again!"
If there's one thing most people
are afraid of in the woods it would
have to be snakes. I'm not really
scared of snakes and they don't keep
me out of the woods. That's not to
say that I don't look carefully for
them and the right species will sure
enough send me in the opposite
direction quickly when I almost put
my foot on it. It's amazing that more
hunters don't get bit by snakes than
they do. When traveling through the
woods I look only directly in front of
me. I don't care to look all around
me for snakes. A snake that's several
feet from a person that doesn't feel
threatened as far as I know has never
tried to chase a man down. While
hunting I try avoid going through
particular spots such as tree tops,
water holes or thick cover where most
snakes will hide. I'll usually go around
those spots if I can to avoid a
confrontation. Believe it or not, more
people get bit by snakes around their
house gardening than hunting or
fishing. Naturally I've ran across and
will continue to see my share of
snakes in the woods. I've been struck
at several times and I almost kissed a
rattler in a tree top while trying to
drive deer out of an area on a warm
November day. Although I was only a
couple inches away from him, he
never attempted to strike or rattle at
me. To this day I've never seen a
copperhead or rattlesnake get
aggressive with me unless I've stepped
on it. I can't give the same credit to
the cottonmouth. They definitely
have a different temperament. Those
snakes can be very mean and will very
often hold their ground. There's been
times when I've seen that big white
mouth open from a distance of ten or
more feet away.
There's times I'll kill poisonous
snakes and there are times I'll just
turn and walk away. Let's face it, if
you kill one you really haven't done a
whole lot because there's plenty more
out there. One thing for sure, I'll
never harm a non-poisonous snake. I
hear too many people say they kill
them all. That's really not smart
because snakes have their place in the
environment and a non-poisonous
snake is no more harmful than a
butterfly. I don't fault anyone for
killing a poisonous snake, but every
woodsman should learn to distinguish
between a venomous snake and a
non-venomous snake it's really not
that hard to do....
Till Next Time,
"Watch Where You're Stepping,"
James "Goosie" Guice
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Robert Ambeau, a local resident of Gonzales,
Louisiana, has been a Commercial Hot Air Balloon
Pilot for over 28 years and counting. He has
over 1,800 hours as pilot in command. He has
won numerous hot air balloon competitions
throughout the years. The 2013 Louisiana Hot Air
Balloon State Championship was Ambeau’s
fifteenth State Championship, he is also a three
time winner of the Mississippi State
Championship, and the Southeast Region
Champion. His ballooning achievements also
include four Key Grab competitions, 1988 Rookie
of the Year, and BFA National Champion Points
Leader. These competitions have taken Ambeau
across the entire country and Puerto Rico.
A true born daredevil, Ambeau says he has
enjoyed heights ever since he was a small child.
He has skydived, flew ultralights and powered
parachutes. As a young adult he worked as an
ironworker on tall buildings and bridges. Ambeau
says this fascination with height has led him to
where he is today, flying hot air balloons around
the country.
Ambeau got his start in ballooning by being
approached to be a sponsor at a local balloon rally
being held here in Gonzales. He decided to
participate and invited his friend Coy Casso to join
him. They were to get a ride, but as the weather
wasn’t cooperative they were not able to. They
heard from a Pilot at the event about a large
Balloon Event held in Albuquerque, New Mexico
and decided to go.
They went to Albuquerque and Ambeau was so
excited at being around 600 balloons that he
knew he wanted to do this. The next day, he
bought a balloon shipped it home and started
taking lessons, and loved every second of it.
Ambeau says he was approached by Coca-Cola of
Baton Rouge in 1989 at the Nationals in Baton
Rouge to fly for and represent them in their
advertising program. It has been an ongoing
honor to this day to represent such a professional
group of people. John Miller of Coca-Cola of
Baton Rouge and all the marketing staff have
been a Great Supporter of the balloon activities
throughout the years. Ambeau will be flying
the Coca-Cola Balloon at this year’s 2014
Ascension Hot Air Balloon Festival as he has
in previous years.
Ambeau says that flying in a hot air balloon is a
thrill that few have the opportunity to experience
in their lifetime and he is excited to be able to
take people up to experience this thrill. His
favorite part of flying is taking people up for their
first flight and seeing the excitement and thrill on
their faces. They will remember this thrill the rest
of their lives.
Ambeau also enjoys the competitive aspect of
competition in the balloon events. He says that
flying to heights of thousands of feet in order to
drop down on the target is a thrill he never tires
of. Ambeau says he has never lost the
excitement because every flight is different.
Ambeau is looking forward to seeing everyone
again this year at the Lamar-Dixon Expo Center on
September 26th and 27th 2014, for the 2014
Ascension Parish Balloon Festival.
If you are interested in a hot air balloon
flight, Ambeau can be reached at his
email at .
Robert Ambeau Rising to the Challenge
Dreams Come True of Louisiana held its
18th Annual Na Na Sha Dance at Lamar
Dixon Expo. When preparing for an
event you have no idea what the out
come will be. We were all surprised
this was our best year ever for
this event. The band, as usual
was great, the crowd of close
to 1000 enjoyed their
evening and showing
the DCT video really
Dreams Come True Dance
showed everyone just exactly
what Dreams Come True is
about and was the highlight of
the evening. So many people
came up to thank various DCT
members for doing what we do.
Every year the Iron Warriors
puts on their event “Blessings
of the Bikes” and Dreams
Come True is their chosen
charity and gives us a nice
donation. This year DCT
received $15,000 from Iron
Warriors and $2,000 from
(the wives) Side Arms.
Once again we had dream kids
who were of age working the
Celebrating Life and Family Days
“Azalea has been a big blessing in dealing with my
in-laws! The care my in-laws have received has gone
beyond our expectations. There is not a word that
describes our gratitude. Thank you.”
“My mom has been a resident for over five years and we
are very pleased with the facility, the people and the
whole experience. Thank God for Azalea Estates.”
The fun and caring employees at The Azalea Estates
retirement /assisted living community in Gonzales, LA
makes living for those in need of
assistance a true blessing.
2305 S. Pur per a Avenue, •Gonzal es, LA 70737
225. 644. 1028
Watermelon Eating
Champion 2014
concession stand. They want to
give back and help future dream
kids to receive their dream,
because who better than a
dream child knows exactly what
receiving a dream brings to
the individual!!!
The Jambalaya Festival
Association organized and
cooked their World Class
Jambalaya. We can’t do what
we do without our great
supporters: LeBlanc’s Food
Stores, Mockler’s Beverages,
and Lamar Dixon Expo along
with so many other great
supporters, to many to name.
Dreams Come True extends our
warmest and most grateful
thanks to everyone who was
involved for making the night
so successful.
Ascension Magazine
Supports Dreams Come
True and the Hopes of the
Dream Kids
Patients that qualify for
rehabilitative services under the
60% rule (CMS 13) include:
1. Strokes
2. Burns
3. Traumatic/Non-traumatic Spinal Cord Injury
4. Congenital Deformity
5. Major Multiple Trauma
6. Traumatic/Non-traumatic Brain Injury
7. Neurological Disorders including but not
limited to:
a. Multiple sclerosis
b. Motor neuron diseases
c. Polyneuropathy
d. Muscular dystrophy
e. Parkinson’s disease
8. Fractures of lower extremities
(hips, knees, ankles)
9. Amputations/Prosthetic Training
10. Joint Replacements, especially bilateral
joints (hips and/or knees)
a. If single joint, can still qualify if
BMI > 50 or age > 85
b. If single joint, can still qualify under
40% with a medical condition
Significant functional impairment of ambulation
and other activities of daily living including:
11. Polyarthritis/Rheumatoid arthritis
12. Osteoarthritis, severe or advanced
13. Joint Inflammation
40%of the patients do not have to meet
CMS 13 diagnosis, but may have a medical
condition with progressive weakness, progressive
loss of function, and/or debility.
For example, a cardiac patient who has CHF and
has progressively become weaker or a pulmonary
patient with COPD who is experiencing debility.
Other diagnoses/conditions include:
Your stay at UMRH
will include:
All patients have private rooms and flat screen TVs.
Patients have three non-consecutive hours of
therapy a day at least five days a week throughout
their stay. Patients and family members are
encouraged to participate in their care.
Meals and all dietary services are managed
by a registered dietitian.
We have daily physician
rounding and
consultant physician
An interdisciplinary team approach for patient
planning, goal setting, and providing care.
This team is led by our physiatrist who
collaborates with primary care physicians
and consultant physician specialists.
Nursing is led by a Certified Rehabilitation
Registered Nurse (CRRN).
Physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech
therapy certified in Vital Stim, along with our
registered dietitian, social worker, and case
manager are other members of the team.
The team meets weekly to monitor patient
progress and make adjustments to the plan, goals,
and/or care in order to meet the patients’ needs.
Referral Process and
Inquiries Welcomed
Contact us at
A clinical liaison will contact you within two hours.
We accept Medicare, Private Insurance, Medicaid.
Our Values:
• Quality
• Compassion
• Honesty
• Teamwork
• Service
333 East Worthey Road, Gonzales
• Cellulitis
• Diabetes
• Dysphagia (difficulty swallowing)
• Laminectomy
• Lymphadema
• Pain management
• Pneumonia
• Pulmary disorders
• Coronary Artery Bypass Graft
• Cardiac disorders
• Myocardial Infarction (MI),
• Short-term IV therapy
(7 to 14 days)
• Wound Management,
• Dialysis
Prep Time:
30 minutes
Cook Time:
6 minutes
15 jalapeno peppers (cut in half
length wise – seeds and pith
1 cup small diced white onion
¼ cup small diced red bell pepper
½ cup green onions (sliced)
8 ounces cream cheese (softened)
10 ounces pepper jack cheese (shredded)
1 lb baby boiled shrimp – rough chopped (90/110)
15 slices of bacon (chopped)
15 slices of bacon (cut in ½)
1 tsp fresh minced garlic
¼ cup bread crumbs
Salt, Red Pepper, Black Pepper to Taste
In a pot, bring water to a rapid boil and blanch the jalapeno halves for
approx. 2 minutes then immediately scoop them and place them in an ice
bath to cool. While the peppers are cooling, in a large mixing bowl, add
your cream cheese, pepper jack cheese, garlic, green onions and shrimp.
Sauté the onion and red bell pepper until tender then add to the cheese
mixture. Next, sauté your chopped bacon until crispy and add to the cheese
mixture. (Grease too… YUM) Add the bread crumbs to the cheese mixture
and mix well. Generously stuff the peppers with cheese mixture then wrap
the pepper with ½ a slice of bacon and secure with a toothpick.
Now decide how you want to serve them….. Grilled, fried, baked….?????
If frying, pre heat oil to 350 degrees. Dust the peppers in flour then into
and egg wash, then back into the flour and fry for about 5 minutes or until
golden brown.
If grilling or baking, cook peppers for about 8 minutes or until bacon is to
your desired doneness.
Cajun Stuffed Peppers
Executive Chef
Ben Jarreau
Cooking Gourmet at Home
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Cold Appetizers
Party Sandwich Trays
Gumbos and Soup
Fried Seafood Trays
Pasta Pans
Hot Dishes
Hot Appetizers
Cold Appetizers
Party Sandwich Trays
Gumbos and Soup
Fried Seafood Trays
Pasta Pans
Hot Dishes
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A I R L I N E H W Y A T H W Y 7 4 I N G O N Z A L E S
Latil’s Landing
Houmas House Plantation & Gardens
Invites You to Experience
Daily Tours:
Monday, Tuesday 9AM - 5 PM
Wednesday-Sunday 9AM -7 PM
Cafe' Burnside:
11 AM- 2 PM daily
Latil's Landing:
Wednesday through Saturday 6 PM- 9 PM,
Sunday Brunch 11 AM - 3 PM;
Reservations Required
Latil’s Landing
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E x e c u t i v e C h e f

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