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Course: Here comes super bus 1

Teacher of English: Level: primary
1 optional hour/ week
class: 1 B
number of stuents: !"
#nit of learning: $y family
Topic: %oonight &erry'
$ain focus: speaking skill
(ims: ) to give ss practice in speaking an listening/ comprehension skills
- to introuce vocabulary concerning family
- to recycle vocabulary relate to clothes* colours an parts of the boy
L(+%#(%E ,#+CT-.+/ (//#$E0 1+.2LE0%E
- greeting someone ) ss have alreay learnt T. BE 3present form4
- escribing people5 s appearance an how to ientify themselves6
- -ntroucing family members ) ss are familiar with oral commans* parts of
- (sking things the boy* counting 1) !7* clothes* colours*
position3 right* left* up* own4 an classroom
(+T-C-8(TE0 89.BLE$/
-f ss o not unerstan the oral commans or the tasks* they will be translate into 9omanian6
(-0// $(TE9-(L/: a real camera* flashcars3parts of the boy* family4* tape* cassette recorer* T:
set* vieo player* vieo tape3Here Comes /uperbus4* te;tbook* activity book* a puppet han* meals
mae of paper* poster "* a hat6
(CT-:-T< 1 2(9$E9
Aims: - to warm ss up
- to have ss describe people s appearance( Catch the anster ame!
"imin: #$ min% &nteraction: "-S' S-S
Ss are as(ed di))erent *s about themselves(name' ae' state o) health' )avourite colour! and sa+ the
chant,Paul -inn .att,%
" wal(s around the classroom with her )iner puppet spea(in in the detective s voice: / 0rent1 0rent1
"his is 2etective 3ush spea(in% "here s a anster in this class%"he anster is wearin44& repeat: the
anster is wearin44444Can +ou see the anster5 Conratulations1 "he ss who uesses the anster
will et a medal%
" does the same with 6-7 ss usin the same structure pattern%" as(s a volunteer to ta(e the role o) the
(CT-:-T< ! CHEC1-+% THE 89E:-.#/ 1+.2LE0%E
A&.: to review vocabular+ related to parts o) the bod+( 8im s ame!
"imin: #$ min &nteraction "- S
" shows 9- #$ )lashcards at the )ront o) the class and as(s ss to loo( at them )or # min% A)terwards "
removes all the cards' ta(es out 6 and shows the rest o) the cards in a di))erent order% "he )irst s to
uess which cards have been ta(en out is the winner% Ss sa+ the chant / & ve ot #$ little )iners,%
(CT-:-T< = LE(0) -+
(-$:- to et ss into the new topic
"imin : min &nteraction "- S
" ta(es a picture o) a roup o) ; ss and e<plain that the word / cheese, is used to ma(e people smile
when a photo is bein ta(en% " sa+s:, "oda+ is =err+ s birthda+% Let s sin / >app+ birthda+, to
" pla+s the tape and ss clap hands while sa+in the chant / ?amil+ photoraph,%
A)terwards " ives them the )amil+ and cat and do )lashcards% Ss hold up t:heir )lashcards when
the+ hear their member o) the )amil+%
(CT-:-T< " 89E) L-/TE+-+% 2-TH :-0E. 3 /T.9< " 4
A&.S -to reconise and use new lanuae related to )amil+
-to ive ss practice in listenin@ comprehension
timin : min interaction S-S
" pla+s the tape while pointin to the appropriate picture on the poster )i<ed at the )ront o) the classroom and
usin lots o) estures% " introduces new words( icecream' a lass o) water' television proramme' vanilla'
chocolate! and ss repeat them in chorus%
(CT-:-T< > 2H-LE L-/TE+-+% 2-TH :-0E. ,.9 %E+E9(L #+0E9/T(+0-+%
A&.S:- to et ss understand the video stor+ / Aoodniht =err+,
- to use reetins and )amil+ words
timin : &nteraction "-S' S-S
" pla+s the video tape and ss watch the video stor+ repeatin the reetins when necessar+%
(CT-:-T< ? 8./T) L-/TE+-+% 2-TH :-0E.
A&.S: -to ive ss practice in spea(in
- to practise the new lanuae( ame / Sa+ odniht to mumm+' dadd+' randma' randpa and
timin #$ &nteraction A-' "- S
" divides the class into : roups and ives each roup the name o) one o) the characters in the stor+% All the
ss must close their e+es e<cept those in =err+ s roup%t points to one o) the characters in the stor+ on the
poster% "he activit+ oes as )ollows:
E%( " points to mumm+ on the poster!
=err+ s roup: Aoodniht mumm+1
.umm+ s roup with e+es closed: /Aoodniht =err+1,
"he ame can be continued b+ swappin the names o) the roups%
(CT-:-T< @ E:(L#(T-.+ A H.$E2.91 (//-%+$E+T
A&.S B to evaluate ss wor(
- to assin ss homewor(
- "imin : &nteraction "- S
" rades some ss and accounts )or them%ss are assined to ma(e a mini- proCect b+ stic(in small photoraphs
o) their own )amil+ as homewor(%