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the authentical Latin, diligen tly conferred with the .Hebrew, Greek, & other Editions in di.uers languages:

With Arguments of the- Bookes and Chapters, .AtJnotations) Tablej; (5"· other helps, for better:-vnderftanding8fthe text = fordifcouerie of Corruptions in fome /ate'tranjlation'):

IWdjor clcAring Controuerfes in ~l'gion.

By the English Colledge of Dovray,

liJUTiuis ItqUJS in g4lldio de jom; bus Saluattn is. Ifaix.I!.

You shal draw waters in ioy out of the Sauiours fountaines.



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1 M. DC. X X xv.

G E 0 It G I V S COL V t: N :E It I V 5 S. Theologie Doctor , & ciufdcm in Academia. Duacena Profeflor,

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~'r'f~~~~~~~'t't~~~~~


N.fJ S ivfrafcript;, in alma DUd.cenfi -vniuerJitate Sacr~ ThuJiogite 'Doiiores et/ Profoj[ores, hanc eAng!llandTt, Veteris Teftamtnti tranf/a:io.1Jem, quam tres diuerfi' eius n.ltionis erud,tijJtmi Theologi , non folum fide/em, fed propter diuerJa qUte ei funt adiunfia , 'VAlde l'tilem fidei C~thollc~ tpropagdndte actfJ,end£ , (7 bonis monbus pl'omDuendis, JU'Iii teJlatl: quorum teftllnonia ipforum'[yngr4phis munlta vid: mus , cuit« item Tran(latiorJis & Annot aionum d.UUore5


nobis de fidei integ,ri!d.te J ft} erudttionis !r~.!1antia probe fun.

noti : his rebs« adduElt (7 nixi , j'ruEluo_/e ~uulgllrifojJe cen{uimu!. Dusci 8. ~uembri.r. J609_

G v ILL 'E L M V 5 EST T V 5 ~acr~ Theologie DoCtor, & ill Academia Duacenli Profeflor,

n J. It THO L OM At: V S PET R. V s Sacra Theologia Doctor, & in Vgiueriitate Duacenf Profeflor.





T LAS 'r through Gods goodnes( men dcarely beloued) we fend you here the greater part of the OldTellamenr , as long finceyotl receiued the Ne'N !) faithfully trantlared into English

-;J_ ~ The refidue is in hand to be finished: and yom

defire thereof shal not 00'.)\1 (God profpering our intention)

De lana fruftrare. As for the irnpedimenrs , which hitherto !hec~ureof

~. , ( :.lela)" 10 fer-

haue hindred this worke , they al proceeded as many doc rinc torrh this

know) of one general caule , our poore eflare ii? banishment. Engli!)hBible. \Wherein expecting better mcanes , greater difficulties rather

enfiied, Neuertheles YOll wil hereby the more perceiue Oll!_ feruenrgood wil , euer to Ierne you, in that we haue brougb

forth this Tome, in the hardefl rimes , of aboue founy yeares,

:ince this College 'Vas 1110fl: happily begun. Wherefore '\-V{

nothing doubr.bur you ourdeareir , for whom we hane dedi-

cared our lines, wil both pardon the long delay, which we

could not preuent ,and accept now this fruit of our labours,

'Nith like good affection ~ as ve« acknowledge them due ~ and

offer the Iarne vnto you.

. Ifany-demand~ why it isnow allowed rohaue the boJYIWhy.:md how . Scriptures in vl1lgar tongs _, wbich generally is not permiucc it is a 110\\ cd to hsuc helie

. A 2 but ,Srrjptllr('~ in


vulga.r tongs, b h ~ d - I t f h d

ut ill the tree tacre OIllY, or urt er eclaration of this and .

other like points we remit you to the Preface before the New [Teflamenr, Only here, as by an Epirome,weshal repeat the [iimrne of al that is there more largely difcuffed, To this !irft queflion therefore we anfwer, that both iuf] reafon & highef] authority of the.Church.iudge it not abiolutely neceffary ,n or alwayes conuenient , that holy Scriptures should be in vulgar

SC":-iptures tongs. For being as they are.hard to be vnderflood.eueu by the beIng bhard adre learned.reafon doth dictate [0 reafonable men.that they were

not to erca .

of aJ. not wnue nor ordained to be read indifferetly of al men.Expe-

h~hny t~ke riece alto teacherh.that through ignorace,ioy ned ofre wah pri-

arme by rea- d & Iiimori di S' h d {l

dill!! holy Scri- e pre umpuon _, nl:tny rea 1l1g cnptures aue erre gro y

ptures. by mifcnderftanding Gods word. \V'hich though it be rnott ,lib d, p'lr~ in it-feif-?'Yet the Jere btin~ adulterAttd j.s ..uperiloJt.s (1aith Terrul.) il-J ;~;t;'b. tbe flile corTUpted. S. Amb. obierueth;thatwhcretlu ux: u ttue,tbe .Ati~J I.. 4d interpretacion hath cTrours.S. Anglin. alto teacheth.rhar iJfre[Jes & per_! tr: lIer fo doc?ri11ts,enrAgling fault S .o tbrowing t /Ie downe headl'cg int» the dtpth,dot ITy;a. tI" other".?ife [priJlgvp but wilen good (or true )SCT;ptlms Are notwe! (6- nU~1) 18. in ,"derftood,6 wlie dJ4t,w/",/J In the j.s not wei Vtjd'rflood)~ alfor~sh.lJ6boltil) loG. Auo",bed. For the fame caufe 5..Hicrome vrrerly diiallowed.rhat E.pifl· al forts ofrnen & wome, old & yong.prefumed to read & ralke ~~ j.e,

of the Scriprures.wheras no Arti\,!n t no trAds-man dAre "t(feme to ItAd, AniejtludUt.,-wIJic,b be bdth not jirjlleaTJltd. Seeing rherfore that dagers and hnrrs happen in rnanie , the careful chiefPaftours in Gods Church haue alwaies moderated the reading of holy Scriptu-

res,according to per(os,times,& other circultancesjprohibirin g (orne, and permitting (orne, to haue & read [he in their mother Scriptures tong.So S.Chrifo. tran~ted the Pfalmes & fome other pans of tT~n{]atcd into holy ScriptUl es for the Armenias, when he was therein banish-

diners tenss, .. The Sl ... &G 1 f: h h h Bible i hei 1-

o met. auoruas Ot 1S ay t ey aue tel e In t ell' a- BjJ,l. was trafi:lted into ltalia by an Archbishop of Genua. ~tn. Into Frcnchin the time of King Charls the Fift ,efpecially be- I ·4· caufe the waldeniian heretikes had corruptly tranilared it, to maintaine theirerrours. \V e had forne parts in En glish tr.af1Jt ed

~y Venerable Malmesburie wimefferh, And Thomas ub. r. ArundeI.,Archbishop of'Canturburie ,in a Conned holden at Hifi· c. Oxford,firi6Hy ordained, that no hereticaltranflation fer forth 1;~woJ by wicliffe & his c6plices;nor anie other vulgar Edition should lib. I. be fuffered,til it were.approued by the Drdinarie of the Diocefe

alledcinz o ~

Readine- of' Scriptu~es moderated,


alledging S. Hierorns iudgement of the djfficulrie & danger in tranfiating holie Scriptures out of one tong into an other. And rherfore it mufl needs be much more dangerous, when ignorar

people read alfo corrupted rranflations. Now fince Luther and A co!ur_nnious his folowers haue pretended. , that the Catholike Romane faith flLugghethon of

. ut cra.ns

& doctrine should be contrarie to Gods written word, & thaz .

the Scriptures were not Iiiffered in vulgar languages left the

people should fee-the truth, & withal thefe new Maifters cor-

ruptly turning the Scriptures into diuerstongs , as might bell

ferue their owne opinions; againft this falfe fuggeftion an pradife,Catholike Paflours haue,forone efpecial remedie ,fet

forth true & Iincere Trailations in mofr.lan guages of the Latin Church: But fo,that people muft read the with licence of their

fpiritual in forrner times they were in like fort li-,

mired, Such al[o of the Laitie , yea and at the meaner learned Clergie,as were permitted to read holy Scriptures, did not pre-I

fume to interprere hard places,nor high Mylleries , much le!fei

to difpute and conrend.but leauing the difcuflion therof to thei\\"h~t part of

1 d r: hed h & d h dli d . , bl 'Scriptures be

more earnec ,learc carat er .. note t e go ie an irruta e:moficonue-

examples of goodJ.ife,& [0 learned more humilirie.obedience.eiee for vulhatred offinne.feare of God, zeale of Religi6, & other venues. gar readers And thus holy Scriptures may be rightly vfed in anie tong, t.

So. T;"'. telUh,to ArgUt,tHoTTell,to inftTuEt;niuflice,tbAt tbema ~f GQdma} be peT ftit,& ,. (as S. Pauladdeth)mftTuiltd to euerje good 'Work_.t, when men labour rather (4C, r. to be dIeTS of Gods wil & 'WDTd,tIJen rlAlitrs or beATers ong,dtetiui11g rb't[elutJ.

But here another quefHon may be propofed : \Vhy we rranf-:Why-we tranlate the Latin text, rather then the Hebrew, or Greeke, which nat~theold

P Ita f he fountai h . t, _l, text,

rote nrs 'Pre erre , as t e rountaine tongs, \\7 ennno re

Scriptures were firft wrirens To this We aniwer.rhar if indeed

rhofe fidt pure Edinons were: now extant, or if fuch as be-exranrwere more pure then the Latin, we would alfo preferre

fuch fouutaines before the riuers, in wharfoeuer they should be

I'm. u found to dif.:,gree. But the ancient beft learned Fathers & Do-""

- ..... '''lore pure

-t '0''': ctours of the Church, doe much complaine , and reftifie to VS,hhen the He-

..... .,,,. . I G k

$.";'",b. that both the Hebrew and Greeke Editions are fouly corrup_!brew or ree

Ii cit db I d H ik r: h L . 1 .llIowcxtant.

"'_ re y ewes, an ereu es , IIDce t e arm was rru y tram-

~~;'~l. latcd out of them, whiles they ",'ere more pure; and that the S.ln,", [arne Latin hath been farre better conierued from corruptions. l(i.l._(CI~, So that the old Vulzare Latin Edition hath been prefer-l

Q"'nllf. ...,

. A 3 red



red and vied tor mott aiuheaacal aboue a thoufandand three hundre.lvcanes. For:bythiiver:y ret-me S. Hierome cal- . lerh rhar V erG.~n rIle \'K!g.ste-cn 'Ol1nnrl1l, which-he conferred'V\7ith trm4-:', the Hebrc v of the old Teflamenr.and with the Greeke of the

~~W ; which he~l[o purged from. fuu~[.s cOlnmit~ed by wri- 1

rers.rarher.arnending thf! it, Though 111 regard of I

this amending , S. Gregorie callerh ir lbene;w verfionofS.Httroml: li.l~.C.1.

vho neuerchclcs .in another place calleth the Ielf-fame, 2.-4."',,,.

Receiue J by al rl,e GLd L"rin EditioJI".iudging it mofi worthy to be followed. S. \!P~~. I. Churches Augu!bn. calleth it the It.liAII. S. .Iiidorus wimeflerh that',.~ ~::~J So' HltTJ)ml YtTfion 'Vas receiued and 4pprtued.b'] ,,1 Chriil;4Cn ClnncJus.IJr• I

Turned into 5'

Grcekc. Sophronius al[o a mofl learned man, feeing S.Hieronls Editi6 l~~;~occ'

[0 much elleerne t, not only of the Latins, but alfo of the Gre-!t4.lrb·,: claus, returned the Pfalrer and Prophets out of the fame Latin] E',,,,,l, into Greeke, Of latter tirues whar shal we need to recite otherl~.l~·J~ mofl learned men.SiBede.S. Anfelme,S. Bernard, S. Thonla5,~ Di.;". S. Bonauenwre,& thereft?\Vho al vniformly alledge t·hisonlyl'rt.· c,

l~oo~.~'T'~ltt of; text as auth.endcal. I,n fo mu~. t~at ~l other L~lin Editions',

I~i~. Iwluch S.j-ilerome fatth were m his umealmofi Innumerjble"p,.,.!"r.

IS.l_1i~r~ ex-:are:asitwere fallen out of al Diuines hands, and growne OUt In IOf"t.

jccllc...1 a; other f d' d fc ~f lid S H' 1

F)I)~O~lr~ j:l 0 ere iran v e. 1 moreouer we con 1 er . ieromes ear-

'tr~n!h7i~g& ning, pietic, diligence, and fincerity , together with theconr ..

~~)~~U~~:i~~LU_ll'lodities he had of benc~piesin al languages then extant, and res. • of other learned men wirh whom he conferred; and -if we fo compare the fame with the befl meanes that hath been Iincc, man ofindiffent iudgemenr wil march any other Edirion vvith 5, Hieroms.: but eatily acknovvledge vvith the vvholeChurch Gods.parricular prouidence in .rhts great Do-

ctour ,as vvel for expounding.g asmofl efpeci~lly for the true text and.Edition of Holy Scriptures. Neither .doe vve By vn- 1'.0 [his old Larin text for more aduantage : For, betides that it is (rec: from partiality, as being moft ancient of al Latin copies, I

and.longbefore the panicular Controuerfies ofrhefe dayesbegan,the Hebrevv alfo and the Greek. vvhen they are truly trantlared.yeaand Erafinus .his Latin, in fundry places prouemore rNC. h.

plainly the Carholike Raman doctrine ~ then this vvhich vve ;·:'f~,. relv vpon. So that Beza andhis follcvvers take alfo exception ,?{oil;. ~g~nit the Greeke.vvhen Catholilcesalled_geit~gainftthem.t:!:7:

Ye:l ihe[amc preferrc:ththe old.Latin Verfion before.a.Jll,s6 ..

h 1M,. I.

. vt er -s 'tI.l.

rHi5 Edition free from

1 partialirie,

jPrefcTredbc, fore al other

Editions hy Beza,


others, and freelyteftifieth, that the old Interpreter tranllatedNORe yet in religioufiy. Whatmen doe our countrimen, that refu(e thisIT;!~n~:.lIuf_ Latin,but depriuethemfelues of the beft,and yet al this V'V hile, £icicar.,

haue fet forth.noneahac is allovved by al Proteftanrs for good

or [ufficien t?

How wei this is done the learned may iudge, when by rna-

rt{ace rureconference they shal haue maderrial thereof. And rl any .

b,fm ~thin 0' be miflaken, We wil (~S Ilil we promife) .gladly correct ~h~t u ~o~e ,ht"~Y"". 0 r. 11_ d i L!.. r: lin thU.EdUl0. TtflAm. It. Thofe rhat tranflste it abour thirty yearesunce, were we

knowenro me world.eo hauebeen excellent in the tongs,fin- Diners reacere men, and great Diuines. Only one thing we haue donelldin~ rcfolued touching the text, whereof We are dipeciallv to giue notice: 'l'PfOt~ , b& non

u • ICtlnt e

That whereas heretQfor~ in the bell Latin Editions there re-\m.rgen:.

· mained many places differing in vvords.Iome alfo in fen(e, as: in longprocetfe of time the vvriters erred in their copies.novv lately by the care and diligC'nce of the Church, thofe diuers readings vvere maturely and iudicioully examined and- conferred vvith f.lndry the bell vvriuen and printed books, and (0

· r::{olu~d vpon.rhat al vvhich before vvere left in the tnarge:lt, are either reftored into the text, or els omitted ; fa that novv

· none fuch rermine in the margent. For vvhich caule we haue

againe conferred this English tranflarion.and conformed ittO,They touched the moft perfect Latin Edition. \\7here yet by the vvayvve:r.o: prcfcnfjt

c ontrcuer res.

muf] giue the vulgar reader to vnderftand , that very fevv or

none of the former varieties touched Conrrouerfies of this

time.So that this recognition is no vvay (u(plciotls of partiality,

but is meerly donefor the more Iecure conferuation of the true

text, and more eafe and {atisfadion of fuch ) as othervvife

should haue remained more doubtful. ~7hy feme

Novv for the firiCtnes obferued in tr;ifiating (on1e vvords, or wo~d(Js aIde .. not

Ilati f r: .. . tran rare Into

rather the not tran anng 0 Iome.vvhich IS 10 more danger to vulgar In-

be difliked.vve doubt not but the difcrete learned re ader ,deep- gli,h.

ly vveiglung and confideringthe importance of Iacred vvords,

and hovv earily the rranflarour may mille the fer.te ofrhe Ho-

ly Ghofl, vvil hold tha-t vvhich is here done for reafonable and Some Hebre w neceffary, \Ve haue alfo the example of the Latin and Greek, ~ordfls not.

. Inan ared lOW

vvhere Iome vvords are not tranilared ,but left In Hebrevv , as I Latin nor

they were lirft fpt:iken and vvrinen, which feeing they COUld\IG'CCh.

DOt, orvvere not conuenie-nt to he tranfiat ed into Latin OJ


Greeke, hovv much lefle could they, or vvas it reafon to turne

M . h ' them.into Enzlish> S. Augllrtinal[~ yealdeth areafon , exem- li, s.

ore a'It err- 0 . L_ I

tic in facred plifyingin the words Amen and, fllT'rm mOTe p.ere4 tlutl10ritit DoS:

tOIl&i. rherQf. which doubtles is the caufe why Iome namtsoffolem1Jt Fe,tfts,I:,~ip. I

'), •• ,11 ••

SAcrifictS , and other holie thin gsarereft7utd in r"cred tongs,Hebrew,

Some words Greeke or Larin. Azaine forneceffiue , English not hauing a

caanot be: tur- ' fi ffi .:> . h k h d fi d

ned into En- name, or U cient terrne, we eu er eep t e war as we n

glisb, it, or only turne it to our English terminarion.becaufe it W ould

orherwiierequiremanie vvordsip English,tofignifieoneword o£an orhertongue. In which cates ,we commonly-put the explication in the margent. Briefly.our Apologre is eafie againft English Proteflants , becaufe they alfo referuefome wordsin the original tongues) not rranilated into English, as S"bboAtb'l Ep/J.d, Pentec0ft, Pro[tlJte, and fome others. The fenfe wherofis in-1

deed as Coone learned , asifrhey were turned fa neer as is poffi.:.! ble inro English. Andwhythen may.wenot fay Prtpucc, PhAfi orl P-,foh, A\imes, frt"tis of Prop9fi';'PI, Ihla,,,url, and thelike? ratherthen as Protellants rranflare them, Fure-skJnne, PA§foutT, rlu ft4fl of (Wttt breAds, .shew hreads , Burnt 9ffcTi"gs &c. By which terrnes ) whether they be truly rranflared into Englishorno ,\"Ve wil pafle ouer. Sure it is an English man is fiil to fecke what they rneane , as if

Ithey remained in Hebrew or Greeke. It more imporrerh , that! nothing be Wittingly and falsly, translated for aduanrage ofl doclrine in matter of faith. \\7herin as we dare boldly auollchl the fincerine of this Translation.and that nothing is here either

vntruly or obfcurely done.of.purpofe, in fauour oiCarholike Roman Religion, fo We cannotbut complaine "and chalenge English Proreftants ,for corrupting the text ,- contrarie rothe Heb rew and Greeke , which they profe!fe to translate) for the more shew and mainteining oft?cir peculiar opinions againfi Carholikes.As is proued in the Dift,,,rrre o!manijouJ:c",urzi,ns. For example weshal put the reader in mernorie of one or tVVO. Gen. 4. v. 7. whereas (God fpeaking to Cain) the Hebrew words in Grammatical conltruction may be translated either us: Vmo tuee AI!, 'tHt}nClh tlul'!fl T H fRO F , c- tbou Ibll~t"'i. ".",oucr IT ~ or thus ;.A1fo l'nrotbte HIS irfire ,IJ.lbe fubiell,.nul tbou,s.lJAlt

ule outr HIM: though the coherence of the text requireth the former) and in the Bibles printed 15 S 2. and. IS 7 7. Protcfiants

did fo translate it: yet in theyeare I) 7 9. and 1603' they tranf-


Protell-ant, Ieaue Iome words vntranflared,

1 c orsuori ~,ns ill Prorefranrs IT ranflarions

I of h:)~}' Scriptures ) of purpofe 3.t!ainfi Carholike do~trille.


A~ainn ).iel. ch\fccieclu[~~ crincc.


late it the other way, rather faying , that Abel was fubieCt to ~n~infi free 1 Cain.and that Cain by Gods ordinance had dominion ouer his

i brother Abel, then that concupifcence or lu it of Gone is fub-

; iect to mans wil, or that man hath pO\\7er of kee wil to refill

: (by Gods grace) tenrarion ofiinne. But as we a new

! Edition (whtch we haue not yet ieen) they rranflare it almof] ; as in the firft, 111 like [OTt Gen. 14. v. 18. the Hebrew particle : V A v.vvhich 5.Hiero & a1 Anriquitie tranilatcd EN I M(FOR)

Proteltanrs vvil by no meanes admit it, becaufe (betides other argn1l1cts )v\re proue rherby Melchifedechs Sacrifice. And yet

rhemfelues tranflate the tarne , as S. Hierorn doth, Gen. 2:). v. 3·

fayillo:F 0 R she is 4. nuns wife. &c. Aa;:llne Gen .11,'\,. 19 .the Enslish And againfi

., . v .::; .' rr ,b !>holy lrnacr s

Bibles I) ') 2. and I) 77. tranilat e T ner.zplJlm, I \lAGH. \" hich the i ' :;C •

Edition of160 3.corrediog, trailatetb IDoLs.And the marginal ! Annomrion vvel proueth.rhar it-ought to be fo rranflared, I

\V ith this then vve vvil conclude molt deare (vve fpeaketo ' This Edition you al , that vnderfland our tongue, vvhether you be of con- dedicated to trarie opinions in faith, or of mundane feare participate vvith aftlrhdd~ \'n~~rh-

- f"f'"' ,.. an J:.nrr.!I

an other Congregation, or protefie vvith vs the tame Catho- : £I

like Religion) to you 31 vve prefent this vvor ke : daily be-l feeching God Almighrie , the Diuine \'V'ifcdom , Eternal j Goodnes,ro creare.illuminare.and replenish your fpitits;) vvirh I

i his Grace, that you may atraine eternal Glorie, euery one in I !lis n1cafi.1r~ ,in ~ho~e lluny J\'lanii~ns "prepared and promi~cdl oy our Sauiour In his Fathers houie. Not only to rhofe vvhich hdl receiued and follovved his Diuine doctrine , but to al that

I should afrervvards belieue in him.and keep the Iamepteceprs •.

I For there is one God, one alfo Mcdiatour of. God and men,.l Man Chrifi Iefiis , who gaue him {elf a Redemption for al, \\7hereby appeareth his vvil.that al should be faued. \'\··hy then I

are not al Iaued? The Apofile adderh: that they rnufl fidt come I t:hrift rcdeeto the knovvledge \If the truth. Bccaule vvithout faith it is im- ; rned ".l~~ct al 1 1": G d Thi d k 1 i: I . arc not 100t<eJ.

POlil e to peale" o. IS groun -vvorke tnerrore or our: True f::ith

I creation in Chrifl by true fauh, S. Paul laboured molt feriou11y • f.Ift neccfl .. rie, by vvord and vvriring to efiablish in the harts of al men. in I

this he confirmed the Romans by his E pifrle , cornmendin g

their fauh,as already rec~iued and renovvned in the vvhoie 1

vvorld.He preached the fame faith to manie Nations. AmogH 1

others to the learned Athenians. \Vhere it feell1ed to fom~ ,as· I

B abtu: d, 1


aofurd ,as ftrang~; in [0 much that they fcornfully called him .1't1'Ord·fower,and Preacher of nevv Gods. But S, Auguftin al- ~~ :./IU,17·

lovveth the terrne for good , vvhich vvas reprochfully {poken - u, t8.

of the ignorant. And io di1l:inguishing betvveen Re4pers and ::~a~~" Sowns in God, Church, he teachcth , thatvvheras the other A-

poflles reaped in the levves , that vvhich their Patriarches and Prophets had (ovvne, S. Paul Iovved the feed of Chriflian Re-

ligion in the Gentiles. And fo in refpett of the l[raelites~ to YVh001 they vvere fidl tent , calleth the other Apoftles MeJlures,

R'4pers, and S. Paul, being fpecially fen:t to the Gentiles, semm .. -

torem,« So:ver,or Smunsne Apajiie: which tVVO forrs of Gods vvork-

men are fril in the Church, vvith diftinet offices of Paftoral

Clues and Apoflolical mifiions, the one for perpetual gouern-

menr of Carholike countrics , the other tal' conueriion ·oC

(llch, as either haue not receiued Chriltian Reliaion , or are : relapfed. As at this time in oar country) for th~ diners Cons : of pretended rel,igions '. rhefe diners {piritu~l vvorkes are ne-l ce(fary to reacn and teed al Briranpeople. Becaufe forne I in errour of opinions preach an other Ghofpe1 :I vvheras in ve-

Nc:'I' dod:rine ririe there is no other Ghofpel, They preach indeed nevv do- ':s. ,.414g.

is faHly called A h r:

the Ghofpel, ctrines , vv ich can not laue. Others follovv them ,belieuing dt'tlljji,.

The reduced, falshood. But when the bUfJd Je.,d the bLind (not the one only ~.t~.r~: ::~~:~~~re but) botJ] fal into the ditcb. Others conforme rhemielues In IS.

are punished external shew, fearing them that can punish and kil the body. I

with the au- But oNrLord wi! bring ju,Jj 4J decline intD (vniuft.) ublig4rioIJS, with tbe,,~ rlllct 1'r.lm.

thours of.ini- l\'or"-iniquitj. The Relikes and Imal 'flock of Carholiks In our U4·


country .haue great fadnefle and forrow of hart :> not [0 much

for our owne afflicdon.for tnat is comfortable, but for you our brethren and kinfemen in flesh and bloud. \Vishing with-our' owne temporal damage wharioeuer, your Ialuarion. Now is 1. C.,.

the acceptable are'the days of faluation , the time ofl ". Grace by Chrift., whore dayes many Kings ana Prophets de-

fired to fee: they faw theme ;nl,;1;r) and reioyced, But we ' L"'.IO are made partakers of Chrift., and his Myfielies;fo that our fel-

ues neglectnor his heauenly riches :if wereceiue and keep the beainning of his fiibftance.tirme vnto the end; that is, the true C~holike faith; building thereon .good works by his grace:; without which we cannot rhinke a good thoughr , by which \ve can doe:1.1 things neceffary (0 faluation. But if vve hold

The twelne Apo!Ue; were bra Reapers, before they ",erc S :)~/ers. S. Paul atfidt a Sower, or Seminary Apo!l:le.

Panoral cures and Apofrnlical millions.

Graee in the new teftamen, more aboundant then in the old.

not I


not faft this ground, al the building fayleth, Or if confef-

Tit. t..... .....

finz to know God in words, We denie him in deeds, CO:11- I .

,~, k f d k or omimnz v: k f '. Both wIcked

M .. ~. muunz wor es 0 ar cnes , lIb 'or es 0 mercie, I w'orkes,and

2.$. when ~"e nlly doe them to our diflrefled neighbours;brieRy, I omiilLO~of if we h uie not charirie , the forme and perfection of a1 venues, I gooddw'orks,

I. Cor. inv worth B 'f' b ild fi I are amnabie,

q. al is 100: , and nothing wortn. ut 1 we uu vpon nne;

srrouud (Told filucr , and precious [tones, fuch building:

b L 'b , , ..... :

511.11 abide, and make our vocation Iurc by good worxes, '

I.Ptt,t, as S. Peter {peaketh. There ,C (aft~ ~. Pa~l ) are the heyres

. of Gud , coheyres of Chritl. Neither IS the number of : Innumerable Jpo:. ; Chrilts blefied children counted, as of the lewes , an hun- i f.luc~ by

i d J C ,C h r: d f ib f T,~ II! Chr ift.

7. rca rournc roure t ouian ) 0 ellery tnt e 0 urae rwe ue I

thoufand iign:d ) but a moft great multitude of Catho- I like Chriflians ) which no man can number, of a1 nations , and tribes, and peoples, and tongs ,ilanding before the throne of the lamb , clothed in 'V/ hire robes, and palmes (OftTiumpb) in their hands : h~uing ouercome ten-

rations in the vertuous race of good lite. Much more thoie I Thel' are rrrore which alfo indure perfecurion for the truths fake shal re- , happy rhat fuf . ceiue rnofi copious great rewards in heauen. For albeit the i ft_er Pherl{'cuthtion

)I: I or t e rru .

"'/~.r; I paffions of this time ( m rhem(du:s ) are not condizne to

,~, ~ I

'hy,.,. I the glorie to come, that shal be reuealcd in vs: yet our rribu-

'()'~~I&: [Iation, which prefently is mornentanie and light, workerh r4:1um I r: 1 1 h f drgni&'J.! (riJroughg7Ace) aboue mealure exceediug y an eternal weig r or

" cor.41 glorie. What shalwe.rherfore meditate of.the fpecial prero- I

gatiue of English Catholikes at this timer.For to youitis giuen ~ Engli~h c-. for Chrift ') not only that you belieue in him, but aliorhar you i ~holik~~ mo~

11 a: f hi A I' 1 if 11 b d 1.' j .:J.appv in rhis 'j

urrer or urn. It e now, 1 you .muu . e rna e pel111Ue 10 .Agc:

I.PII.t. diuers tentations, that the probation of your faith ,mUChJ110re I I

precious rhen gold, which is proued by the fire, ,may be i

found vnro praife ,and glorie , and honour, ill the reuela- i

tion of lefus Chrift. Manie of you ha~le fufieyncd-the 1i)oile Ii

of your goods wirhioy ~ knowin g' mar you haue a ben er

and a pern1anent Iubftance, Others haue been depriued i

of your ch~ldren ~ fathe,fs , mo~h~rs , b~others , fifre~s , ~nd i

neerefl freinds , In reacic refcluiion alia, Ierne with 1Cl-- I

renee of death, to io[e your owr.e lines. Others haue had I

trial of reproches , mocl~'l!rics, and lhipes, Others oft .. ands, I

pri[ons ) and banishments. The innumerable rC110\\'(LU.l I I

________ --------- .__ ! i

B 2 I:-It:: ~ f


!il~1:~~}~:aire late English Martyrs.aud Confetfours,vvhofe happie foules for

\ a~J othc.r glo-: confeffingtrue faith before men, are novv molt glorious in r ious ~.lln~s heauen vv» nafle here vvith Iilence . becauie their due praile

: cxccC:l1crh 'L .' ,

t mertal tongs. req riring longer difconrie ., yea rather Angels then English I'

tongues , farre [urpaffeth the reach of our conceits. And [0 vve lcaue it toyour deuout medirarion. They novv Iecure for themfelues, & folicitous for vs their dearefl clients.inceflantlv (vve are vvel allured) intercede before Chrilts Diuine Maieflie for our happie coufumruation , vvith the conuerfion of I our vvhole cournrie. To you therfore (dearert treinds morral] vve direct this [peac h : admonishing our [dues and you in the

Apaftles vvords , that for fa much as vvs: haue uot yet refifted tentations to (Iaft) bloud ( and death) ir-Ielf , patience is fiil neceffarie for vs , that doing the vvil of God, vve ll1ay receiuc I rhe promifc: So vve repine not in tribulatio.bur euer loue them I

that hate V5, pittying their cafe , an i reioycing in our ovvne.

Perrecution For neither can vve fee during this life, hovv much good they

profitable doevsmor know how manie ofrhem shal bee as we hardly defire they al may be ) iaued : our Lord and Sauiour hauing paid the [arne price by his death for them and for vs. Loue al therfore, pray for al, Doe not lore your confidence, vvhic'h hath a great remuneration. For yet a little, and a very little vvhile , he

that is to come , vvil come, and he vvil not Hacke. Novv the iufl liueth by faith, belieuing vvith hart to iufiice ,and confef(ing vvith mouth to Ialuation. But he that vvithdravverh himfelt shal not pleafe Chrills foule. Attend to your Ialuadon.dea.

reft contriernen. You that are farre off, dravv neer , PUt on Chrifl, And you that are vvithin Chrifis told, keep your Itanding, perfeuer in him. to the end. His grace dvvel and rernaine in you, that gloriOUS crovvnesmay be giuen you. AM};, N •

Patience neceflarv to the end of mans life.

Confellion·of faith bet ore

, men necetfary to faluacica,

.Frorn the Englifn College in Doway , the Octanes of A L SA! N T S. 1609.

r ht God of pAt;ence And {om fat' t g, i.e JCu to he of one mind, on,e to'f/(luds An other in I E S V S Cb1ifl ; that oj fm mmd , -p;;th lint mUHlh l'u 1IIAJ gJ.'1ifie GtuL


ROM. Ie. H,b;IO






H 0 L Y BIB L E.

With a brief note of the Canonical and Apocryphal Books.

S. Nitro Epi/1.4d

P~lfti". r tbl 1'niJorme confwt of .. ileArned D;uints ,the h»,

aeo""'i. lJ Biblc,orwrlrw-i W'iJrdofG~d,conlainetHeXprtf-

S. Scrip. fed 07 implied AL things tb~! msn IS to bei;eue, to ob-

librH. J'

S A flrue, "nd to AUOla , ror obIAml1Jg of eternAlf.~iu,,-

• "~. J' J

,"f41.i11 tun, That ., Al metttrs of j4z!1J And 111Al1ntrs,b)

{pm.!. which we maJ ,md ferHe God, Ana Jo be Jp;n-

U. 2.. d, WAll] iOJntd witl] hIm in rhislfe , Ana sn tttTnttJ.

:~~fl. For botb tbe old and new Ttj1.munr propofo And re-

C4.9li.1 ftifievntovs oneA1Jd the fame Goil,rhe fame CtJrijt,

I. «. tNe [Ame (hurd], andorber M)jicries 'f I"T beue]«; notdiffeTil'1g In jtlbfiatl£e, Grn~;o- hut in msnners of l'turing;!iJe Old more obfiureiJ in figures And proph'Cles forc::h. ,:'. telling thtl(, things, "WhlCiJ tbe New dec1i1Tctb (in g,rc4r pllrf) as clone ana perc.u. Jt formed. Whereupon faith S.Augl4jr;ne: In the Old Tcftamenr the New licth camhi!. I' hidden; and in the New the Old lieth open. And tlJuching their nsme«, 1'ud,b. c. vchern» app,,,rerlJ aifference,the one (j4U1l the DfiClout ) is called the

L ~ :·1 old T db.ment , either becaule it propofeth p!"omifes ::f tcn;poral things {uflr q ( where'll'tr/J our old CQ7rUprntJJt: IS 4llurca ) or In re{pn.:t of me New, by Exod. q.) which it is fulfilled, and in fomepart abolifhed, The other is called the 71•l;.15.' New, bccaufe by it man is renewed, and hath promife· of erernal life , ~"n~ which sb4l never waxe old nor dt(~J' Ltk,.nrtft S.GregoTJ tlu Great teftfzetb ";:nich thu '91Jjormit~d £orrtlpondence verwcw t he old Ana New TtJtamtnr ,i<jjuu,:di.1 mmg tbAt tbe {ante is ftgmfitd by the Preplm E\_('( bids Vlfi'" of 4. wiJee/c, 'P.,jl"h JI.c;ui:. had /(JUTe jA(,'f,J,f)T ~pp.lte(f ojfJure ~'iJeeles.rhe JbApe wbntolwas,as it , ... 'erc,

C~l.54. a. wheele in the middes of a whecle. VVhat is this/ .. irh iu ,Niii quod in

~~~ ~. .

/. Tcflamcnti veteris litera Teftarnentum nouurn latuit per AHegonam?

Ftlg.,. b h .. h·dd~ b

12.7.1, ..... ut t at in the Ietrer of the old Tcftamcnt , the New lay 1 en yan

, ~":fi. I Allegory!

c. ".

B 3

How the holy Scriprure, containt al know· ledge neceiTary to f a luarion •. Th~ old and I the new T efta.; ment shew the fame God, Chrift,Church and other My«cries of Rc-

Ij gioo.

The (WId more cbfcur cly , & with leffe hclpei.

The nc'\t" more exprefly ar-d yealderh more grace.

80"'. (, in E~"h. 1.

Inboth Tefra-


A nd AI the f .. me u the fumme and f"bz,ll ~fbotb npamems fo both ATt diuided (for tbe mer« principtll ,a·rrs rlnrcof)into !ollre forts oj Buok.f:Lega.l, Hill:orical,Sapientia.l,& Prophetical. Tne Legal bl)o/zs of ttu old Tt~.,ment Me tl1eftue Book.! of MOJfos, Genetis.Exodus , Lcuiticus, Nurneri,4na Deute-, ronornie ; wlJl1tto in tbe new refiamenr tlu fou,e Ghofpds of Saint Matthew, S. Marke, S. Luke,and s. Iohn, HrjlDric .. l book} oj the old Tefl"menr'are the BelakJ of 10fllc,ll1dges,~~uth,fqure book.._s of Kings, two uj Pa-

ralipomenon, Efdras,wuJ, Nehernias, Tobias, Iudirh, Hefter, lob, And two of the Machabees; vnt» whltb In the new rcfiament anfWtT the Acts of the A.poilles. Sapiential of rhe old refiamenr Are flu Prouerbs, Eccle-. liaftes, Canticles, Book of wifdome , And Eccleiiafiicus ; And of lJk_e (OTt

Prophetical, ere in ,;Je IllTt' rejtamelft the Eprflus of s. P .ulland of other A poJlles .Prophetical ~1"'kJ A.~e Dauids Pfalter (w}",h ;s alJo Sapiential ,Jell. Legal And Hiilorical ) ,he Boolv oj Ifaias, Ierernias, WIth Baruch.Ezechiel, Daniti,riJe twellle leffe Prophets, Ofea.Ioel.Amos, Abdias,lonas;Micha:as, Nahum, Abacuc.Sophonias.Aggeus, Zacharias ,Malachias. Amlin flu

Ai there books Plew TtflAmcnt , the Apocalyps DJ ,s.4I1hn rhe.A p~Jlle.

recited arc Crt-I A~ theft BOOk..! "" VlJdolibredty CanoniCAl,M tlu .AurllollTS cited in we inner CO",.

?{)nic~l,and of' I1IAr:,enr reflifie • .And c9nfoquentiJ Al,and 411 the pArts tJJtru!~ 4rt o[ inJaU;ble ~..:~.

J~falllble truth, FOTlHherwiji ,as S. A ugl4Jtm t~Achtth, ;f An} pan wert j"lft fir doubtfuL, 419.

trurh, ill 'WtTl YII'tftAim. Once admitting tal[chood(!"irb be HifTon. ) ill GolIC.

Iiich foucraigne parcel of th~{e books should remaine, LA4d;c. I which any "vay Ihould fccm.ha~d [0 manners, or incredible to belieue, ';t~(s:,: btl: it might by this mofi perniclousrukbeturned toan officious fiction. ,,,jtrH of the authour, rh.;' is : If-AnJ ITtou"oldd becom"';If,d b) tbe "utbours of AT"Ir". Sc,iptures ,. eitber tbrough 'gnOr.,tlce, obliu;u, er An) othlt bltfllA1ie frAil'}, I d,,~,'.? Wb41fotUtT 'Wt7ep1QduLt~;C"'tprioIJ JJ2;gh~ be tAk..!n ,Al'ldqu~fiion mllde, l'.1h,. i ~;;;':~'. ther II" Auzbo"r bAd etru: 01 no. nUt Jt IS, tlMf fome or thcfe books ( AI I S ·A,h. we sb~l P41ti(uwriJ dlfillJit in rlW? pl.uts) 'Were fOTJJcrimts ill/ubI et of bJ J,me , itl SiD.

A!,t)cryphal CAriJulsk.!,4ud '4tiea Apocryphal,in tlw ftnft M'l he wOTdpropcrty jigmjit1l1 1 s. ~"g ofrw·o.for:.s. . hidden, or n~tapparel1t.s" S. Hierorn (m I~IS prulogue bejere the LAtin Bi- ; ~2.:ij~ r.Nor ~e~la~dl bl,) calleth diuers books Apocryphal , ~tt1'g not[o.tl4tde1lt , '1l'btthtr tilt] : , II 1fi-

~aiRlo~.IC:t 'd Were D,"ine Scriptu,t, be",u]e they wtfe'II0lrn tlJe lewesCAJ'lon, IJ01 at fi,R;n . d,,:l'6:

~. cieo e . d r

aa erronious, th« Cb"rcllts C"'lon,but W,re nelieT reuc1t '" fAlfe 6' er1O,,;ou,.1 n wlJi. b ftnfe E'y",.l

the Prayers of.Mana{fcs,rhe third "oo~ .0JEfdras;and th17d oj Machabees t'/b~ are yercalled Apocryphal. As for the !ollrtl, of Efihas, a11~ follrtl, of MIf- ;~:;p. "'Abtes there is more doubt. But d,"ers others,," -tbe book aferibed to Enoch, t.4.'''1.

I/u: Ghofpel~fS. Andrew, S. Thomas, S.Barthohnew, .. nd 'he lik...e teci- 15.

red bJ s, Gtl4ius ( tuaet» de lsbtis E"ltfi~lt;,is.ift. I r.CAn,Qan[l" RQmanA) F.urtb.

b fift ( ;fl.) . F. A'/ L p' I.~.,. S.

S.lnlloctmlust e, Ep~ •• ,. S.lile10m, .p.,.,. 4t''''.I • .ANgu m.I.1S. M,rt.

The Holv- ... fc _

Ghofi dc~la- ,ltp.:_ ,de ciuit. Dri, OUgCH hflmJ. 2.. in C"nr"A, Aft en" 'Wtr e fen(, ,,,lied 2.8.11411

rcthbv the .A pOL r)'pb"l , t&"d ATe reietlea AS conttining mA1~iftft.t.noU7·S , or JAwed bJ Here. 14.1~.

Chul'~h ~hich 11"-5 N wb" , .. m " chrijt;"'J. CArbolik.,e be otberwi[e .JJured, -which Book.! are .,AfJ.l..

B6oksa:e l Diui;J("".d l..l:l;jj:U.Jl S,t;PIUrcS, bur b'j"litdATAtifln 'Jtbe CAthul,k_ClJllrc/J, 2.0.

D' S· I 1. T;'"

ruine cri- \ ldJ!(i) 111ldJiJU' i.,!(. :I1,"!um fl,~cetdft/J the Ap0ft1es,to wh~mour Sauiour pr_o-,.


mired ..

--- - ------------------------

meurs.are Ioure forts of Books.

le~a.1. HiLtoric.u.



miled and fent the Holy-Gh01i, to teach al truth, For if An] tbm» mort then ,:ber s • .jJllrtdlJ one ,I1ief MJ4, .. oft nf"ffAr] point is, tl k._now A"d decLAre wbic/l ];il3ls .:re Gods bol] wl1d,ulingof moJi [angulAr ;7IlpntAiH~.

THE S V MME OF THE 0 LD TES T AJ\.IENT, as it is dillingl1ished from

the new.


• orw;thjl,mdiug the ["bita, ,,"a gtnerllZ "Tglfmttlr of,hotl1 Tefl.:- ~ Th: oI~ and ments is one .and riJr [ III [ubJLmce, JU 15 alre"LlJ r",d, ,et tht}d n~~ T ~I.atnent

d'/f'. ' , 1'( ,/1" . 1 ifrcr In rune '.11 er In lIme,,~ nunntr 0 vttmng OJ MJrenes, In v.rler] 0 pr·e.. In manner of •

cepls And prllmlfts, 4lJom ""e"nes to obftrue rhe tbing) ex,zit ed, 6- : vttering.

to arraine to the end p7f1p,_fod. In rlg4rdwIJeTeoJ 5. HieTom rauh: Lex Moyii : Va.rieti~ of & ornnc vetus inftrumentum elcmenta mundi inteliigumur, quibus : ~reCCp_t~' quaf elementis & R c1igionis exordiis Drum difcimus, The law of. ~OInJlC>S.

MoyCes and al the old Teltarnent arc vndcrftood the elements of tiie eanes,

world, by which, as by firfi rudiments and beginnings, we iearne to

know God. Forth .. ,;nitwehallefirft the L"w o!nature,andafteTwAras ~ l",,",w,itten, wi"h prcmifos of tempOTAl rewardsjlU long ltfe, lllnd flowing wnh

ffltlk_.t ~nJ bon] ,And the lzk._e ; but it brought nothing to perfection , 45 S.

Hebr.", Plllul r"jth, when zuifis and holies were offered, which could not secorG[~' ding 'to confcie~ce make the obieruer perfect. For rhe be Ips of tbat rim, • ••• ."erc blltinfirma & egena elementa : weake & poore elements. Lik.,.eTf'i/e

in gent'.', foudJitzg tile p14nisJmmnu tbat fomerimu happened to fhe people Df The old Te. 1.t". tbe old njlAmenr;wlJen the] tr~n(grtJJtd,tIJt .Apoftie a.(firmeth,rhat a1 the ~~~e~~t ~~l~;es

10. [arne chanced to them in figure, and are written for our correption, of toe ne~~ vpon whom the ends of the world are come. S9 rhat fhe old Te!iament or A ccnnnual

Gcl.J. Law, was but our pedagogue in Chrifi, 1et ir fitfetb fortb to \'s the wbole vIGble Church courft ofG9ds church,jof m« (pace DffouTe tboltj"nd }tATtS, that is,j"'" the be- from the beginning of the world vntil eb"p OUT R.!titennr J which Dil4mes liiuide into fix 5!~1~':~1~f Agts , wherein was VAriety and ch..cnge of bn' ji..cte,tiJrte Ym~tr the Law of 11,&. to Chlifr. t"",and three otlurs vndtr rht lJr;run LIIV'. The ftumtb lind 111ft .Aige .heing The fame MythIS time of grAte ( wbtre;u we now are) from Chrrft ,19 fhe dAy of gentrAlludg&- flical bcdie,

aGe,. I l fi d ' h r. b·r but different

,. mmt : ~ tJenrorldwMmade;n IxdA)S,An '1'11 eJ,utnt G,tiisjA:dto/JAue in flare,

~:.:~ refied,ttnd therefore f.mttified it ,in or her fort ttun the former fix. rbee;_giJt wi! be Diuideci inro

Gme- after the RefuT7tttEon,d44rtng,ioT altt.tnHIJ. A ~es

bT4rd. a VviJich fix Ag'fS of 1m AIJ.C;Wt churc/J ~ml old Teft.mzenr, are thus drflribu- The ~rfi Age

Chl rt- ted. ThtfiTft from.tbe CreJ.tio;1 to NrJeS Pl}ud, con:e;ned tile !P."t oj 16S 6. contInued

"0 .g b a - fl 1 1. b l65'6.yeares. s.v/~g JeArt"s. T e }tcond j, om tb« QUa tlit;U g C11J~ C Ii v111 sm OUt e] his £OlInllY, The fecor.d

1,15.c, j68.orcounting Cam.c1J (Gtn.ll.iuxra 7: .Aml Luc.3 ) 398.yeIlTes. The rJmd 3Ml.or ~.98. 8.,;,,;1. [19m .AbralJllm bis goitlgjorth of au ,ountr}, 10 theparringojtbe,hildrtn,j Therhird Gat. too 1(r4tl ~ut ffgJpr. llVhlLh [(;f1le';OU1H to b.u!e ,cmhued 72C. JtaTes, orlUTs I abOUt.430. ~:~d, (whom 'Wefolo ... ~') hut 4.50' A11a tbus f-~rt in tlJc1aw fJj rJ.trU7t be f(;1l the rrrtt. ~~~ I "Llllh

Tomo.l ,,,tf/ . lo.cAl. g4{W.


\ PROEMIAL ANNOTATIONS. . t,,,lAW, Tile fourth .ge dured,480.]e,,,'tJ.!ro.,, tnedeu14"J.f tilt ,bzldreluf The lifch 'no. I{rAelfo1tb of AtgJpt, to the /rmd4t;.IJ of tbe Temple ;11 Hit7uf"lem. TI1t ftflb

The iixth, ~ge WIIA {,sm th, Jou"dl&rion of tbe Temple, ro the ,"priuit} A"d ""nfm;t,r"r;on

ncr I C 040. of tbe lewu into B.av..,lon,.vout 4' o.yeafts .Anti tlJe jixriJ Age aU7Cd "hut 640.

A the nme -: . J ifl L' h d

£ h e J'IIYtI l',um thc C.spUVlf'J of'Jlon to elm • In. Al 'Wlm nmes G. 0 WA6 ~,,-

rom t e cr a-' ,1 ' 'j

don to Chrifr 1 k..nowledged And tlg IHI] f,,,,,d, by A cont; vifrble c. bUfCb , 1l';tb nu« rel,-

abeur ... 0 0 o. gion;tlu (.zme A~ld no ot her, wi", b new tb,t CIJUH 1J bOlder IJ, r#JAt is ,,,[led A114 yeares, "-"OWill by he nsme oj CAtbolik,_e • .As 'tl'C inttnd,v), Gods ,,{lft.met, to sbew by

priefe An~otatjo~5, coucerning diuttS partlC.4lar point) now m cc,1Jtrouufie ,M tile hAl Text giuerb 6""fion. Ii nd tfp.:dallJ b7 way of re'''pzruJ;HiIJ11 aft" 'Uit] oneo! rbe fix Ages, when we come It rl10ft p,z.ff~gts In tbe Biliory, wbrre ,n, [.mte Are ended.

Moyna. !igl1ifieth,taKen from-the wattl·,

Oyfes ([I) called bec"u{e be WAS tAk.,tn from rbe "WAttr ,IU l\!'-. the neme fignifietb) Was borne if] AtgJpt , the f01me of Am- 16. ram, ,he [ann« oj Caath , the forme oj Leui tbe Patriarch, ~,~:~. a,na [u 'i Iacob, Ifaac',_md Abraham. Bas nJATuelfilis dt- . It~trJ from drowmng,lm educAt.on,cx,~llf~r jorme',fing"lar i ~ • ..An"A'ifdome ,btfOl£"l vertues ,rarHlextttlt) In "l12ffa",J ,lind! "9, '.p. whole 1if~ moJi Admi,."bLc,Il" gAthered out of holy S"iptures, bJ S. Gregory Bi- 1 9, S. sbop ofNJ./[t:, imo a brief Summe ; mo~ 1>:1ortl1] t9 be rt"d,but too JArg,j"tlm 1 fl~ff~·G.1 plAU. He w.u beme about tilt yeare oj ,he 'World two thoujAnd f,ute hundred, j' dt4fmp.! long bef{}re al p" wfire7s,J"A btfOTI m'1n} oj the PtJymmeJ j".zlje Gotis,dJ S. S. G.rtg.1 AltguJltn ded~retb in ,tJ;uns pLflClS cf hUfflojt tx£cllenrboulz_itztHul,d of the ,.r4".6.,nll Citty ofGod.Heillltd in t1Jin"l'o1ld l'lo.]eAres:oJwb;,h 40. Wet~ in pIJA'itOS ; ';::'~~ ceun .u tbe aaopttd funne oj Ph~,.aos daugbtcr:!o"rty in banisbmer /1'9 ~eglPt ' Mllg~;. in MAIi;Iln,: anJluu7t) ,more he gotmntd tlu people of lftAtl.Hts Jingular pra)~s \ ~. f.Jlg.! are .dfo bmfiy touched In thdAJt ,bllpte, ef DeureronoJl'}, .ddtd ~y lufue , and 111 ! 11~I1.cithe L>uok oj E,dljiafli,us. Heared;n tb, d'fftt, And 'W..u burica In the 'VAle oj 1 ~~·:;39. Mo~b.,fo ftcretl) ,holt no morral ms» k.I1fW hu fepul,h7e,lf~ the ltwes, who were H' •. very p,one to laelAtr] , silot41d bAue ad"ed hIS. boa) WIt" diu;ne b011ou1,jor tbe cedi. greatlft.f{eand 11IultltudeejI1is.t,uradcJ , IJIdfor tile fingulAr tjtimAufI" rbe] 4f.

bAa if hIm for-l11.e f mJl. Gl,r.



The excellency ot Moyfcs

His fepulchre not kn .)\~ en to any man.


3.l\!g 6, l·Ke!. 7.

1. E[- I arIZ. 1. i



~ Hisfilfl BOIlk. ~fholJ Scriptu", c.lltd Ceneiis , whi,h flgt2ifittb Genefis .. rit-

1~ .. \ 1": birth or beginning7 -w AI written b} M.~)It s , l\JjJtIl be ~ A& ,ufi~ ten by Moyfes.

~.\ ~ gllcd by Goa to JI1Jtrua lind rule tJJe ,biidrm of J_rrAd : AI IIlfo IAl"i~re) au-

I ~~ ~ th« other foure h.ok.J Jflllnving. The .Aurh~ur Alld autbor;? oj "l thenucal.

I \ ~T'IJ!,lJfi·"e 1Io01v 'Were uut '" /z.florritt1gtd .) r be fAil h) ul,. hfltb o. if IT So kd~o.",cn by

1 r& ruon,

tilt old lind ne» T(ji4tlftnt : lind fo "c£ountcd "mJ tflttnud /;J rradlttllJ, til Cb~tjt confirmed by

\·IIA.. Ana hu Afoftlts: wnl) 011fu confirmed rJum by tbetr ltfiU1SIl~II:; And "lit~~fte1lS Chrifi, allca-

Ill. oJr", r~me,M ofblllJ Scriptures. From the tTtAl;Otl lwtiL Mo)(tJ 'WTlt ( wlmb ged alro by the

Hr •• II·1 "PPM aboue two liJoufA.nd "na jour 1 hundred YUrts) the Church txercifta Rdt- RAPl~fi~~s.

l.(.b.~'~ . :'lilt.. P .. .J b ,.' r. C 11710 reuea-

P g'01J b'17e11H.l uons m.:de to certstn» "H7IaJ CIJJ , /tIll' Il' Tr ACWfltIS J rem mAn to led t~ f . 1

I. tI.' .I. ,.. 0 peCla

•. PtI.1 man, Wllh,1ut Ally Scripturts or LaW TrlitltlZ. but til, peculiAr people 'f God lper[ons and [0

I h(lIIg msr« vifibl) Jt'par.:ttd j-(lIm IItl1er ;io£ci'In;, and nu.nJ eTrlJurJ £boulIamg;n ,cbf~~ed by

IS."A"S· tb« wodd,GQJ wouldJor correCtion .mJ. ,.nfut .. mn Ibcrtof bsu« hi; l\1il mlUie ltraaltlgm. I'lM(f. ~C', !Itlrlber k__no-a1m to IJU ,hildtl1J ,and It} remsme A71lCl1gft ttum ilJ 1'>TlrUn ",oui,!. . l&r fjn'mNlI h'J buf.lljrl1r"tfoJu~nt And PropiJet h1{J"v[cs. VriJo tlJt'fe(ore d,dATI,h t"e .AU- i~ hy Scnp-.

f,,4 • ')1 ..1 J' irure W.lS wnt-

'''1';' dJ~UT ICnd beginning things, thaT is 1 HoT\' At cre aurcs 't'."'tre mllde b) God, ;tcr..

£ndojJJimL.Jutchetr b,jng, And b) hIm oni} are (CnfTueti. He ct.ll.hethtx- '\-\h:l~Mo)leS pHJ1.l I/ ·bere is on« 011i! Gua, 1Il,gJ.i:.p t1:0ft filM lm.zgintd alid b';;li_gl:r int» ·f?e~ial~.~ s hewrl)t plJ.mrtjits of men mMly Gods. Tholl t:·e whole DT VllJutrf~t [ fJ! l;c~- t:hlll this beck UOJ And t.lTth , v.mlJ rlu;r ernsmtnu "lid a"idenrS,1\'cU m~dt In 112m; "gail1fi I

111,,1' rb"t rhgught riJ: ftrft founaatlOn tbereo] 1J4/i esur bun. T /Jolt God liCirb gG-

uerne th« famt ; dg~inJi thofe tlt~t JA), Al iJ TuLeJ by d{jim) or by tbr fi .. rt es, .md

not bJ tbe anun« .. 1 pruuidence ~j GUil. Tholl God is a rewaran 'f 1 b, good, 4nd

It pl4ni)ber oJeui!, wbidJ jinneTJ Item eiiluT not to k_r.ow, 117 gHJlJ r~ forger ..

fwd lb.1t God creAwl.:1 fJ7 man; vfo .and Utntftt, ".,IJiLiJ jlJouid 7Jl"~~ Vi ~1.lte- 'l\lan mr.ft parJul. YVilereforehulJ Mo)ftsmore p4uj.ul.:r~yd.e!'libetb lin: begl1ming of nun, .ri cular iv ..i~- I l"IJAt Ire"P.1A& ":fi~Ji; "&)\'' 1Jtttl; bow al mAnkjno U Lome of Me msn : a'tlu(lngf'~·ibt.:.,i.,.. I tbe GenealogJ of Ad",m, (fpf,t411] to Not'. Then v,rw men btJJ7g NlG7 e ~u;d more Q(. : T nc rlgl:t nne !

filed vpm rllecartlJ, wirb w', tfptLwl/y ,amid fin1'lcs, lHtt' b) GQ:iS ltljt ~om .Allam to!

W111th drowTltd "Witll lin vniuer[.:I floud. ' ce,

JJg.unt', how ,,!tWrc[rTU'·U p:r!lIns rnuLtipLitd tbe world ant'Yr. nut t1Jis offspring Alfa j.tUing into 1I11mJ fim.ts , ({ptUALLJ Itifll..lt7J And fpiTttliAL jcm:;,atllJll,

;u rheft ofti1e ftrft Ag.t liid IHJ.m~1 offences, God jW con[tTued fome fAit hful A1'ld

. G,". 10 nu« [enunts, Of w;;;,b Mo)}s {p'CJ,aJi} puVueoJ.Cbc line cfN ceL:r SUfi ins jl1ft iThe pri!1cipal bt'gotten [cnn«. Then dclcribefh rbe p,lftw4l.Jr vO'AtiDns, 1lUes, menturs ,iilit~- 1 atr iarch,

ble [ttJil1gS,Afld nohle fAds ,wirl} fin cere relIgIon of Ii brAhAm, Ifuc, J,-cd' ,hjtrh, frOM Hce to

d h J I P . b hid b fl· ,,,. the f l.{OJlIie~

Atl ot sr 101.) "trt~r'.J:1t' OJ/la' t ore_f]C WHiten lal~. Vr-J-TO}C: -rpoPJ 'If. 1

r. fi d' . I I' ~ o : lJ.l.lo.

W".at "'. JrHl,an in W b .. t m anntr l.uoiJ , ot JeT",,')!: ,,,Ued 1 Jr ad, 1W iJ al his. I

progtn) ,de [tendu!. frrm;r/Je L"nd O!C.WlJ.ll into A C.r,)'Pi ,.mil 1Hl e there cntfT- f

t~;1Itd. So Ibis bDok__'6nt~;net IJ tiJe hijl,,] of tn'o tiJ6Uf.llld rhree btmdTtd And T.h:~. boc.,ke : oddeytAres. And it lila] b~ dilfidtd m" ezght,.zrts. The ftrft lom.1I1tct!1 tiJe d~l::dC:J into .,

' !e1bnr p;lfU. J

C C,&A.- I



~. 4·

CreAtion ojHuuenAnd EArth, .nJ odJer CreA,uTtS, AnduftlJDf MAnC/JAp.I. Ana 2.. The /econd p"" is of eLe t'A"firefsion A",l falo/mAn, And hiHAji;ng ,ut of P 4' "dife ,0 f,,,ultiplicAtion oj men;And of finne,t 1Jollgl1 fiiI fume were1lljl, "./ the generaljioud,thAti'DwnedAtr",ept e;ghrperfons. 6 few o,ber liu;ng "t.,llrts of tlJeeArtL,from tile tlJ;Td , the~. Tlte third pArt ;S Df tht new imrt"fi Andmultipl"ldion of tIJef"me , 8. ,hAp, to the rr. The fourth, oflhe

I conJufion of tongs A"d the diuijion of n"t;01JS , in tlJe I J • chap. The fift rel4tetb I Abra/umsgorngforrbofhis countT} t Gods PTomife, tblZti11uftedeAlNAtions should be blefftd,And tbe comm"ndment of C"cumcijion , from me 12.. the :l.l.Tbc fi"tb pArt Tecountetb tile ,'''gen}, II'"~ otbet blefsings, efpmAIlJ th«' gre4tvertuts of AorAb.m, 1 ["Ac,And Iacob,jrr1m the lor.chAp. to r i.': 37. The fi-

f IItntb PATtftporte,h tbe felling of I ofe ph into A egJpt ,Ana his AQUAnCemtnt there, from the 37., the 46. The eight lind tAft pATt is of l,cob And hu progenies goinginro AIg}Pt, thei, ;nttrtllinmlnt there, And, Alid/WIIlI] of 10- fophs d,"rh,in theftue 111ft ,h.:pters.

6. 7·



THE SIGNIFICATION OF THE MARKS heer vfed , for direction of the reader.

The numbers in the arguments of chapters, point of the verfe , where the matter meationed beginneth.

The numb en in t'he text ,&he~'1 the number of verfes in the fame chapter.

This mark II fignifieth that there followeth an Annotation after the chapter vpon the word, or yords) ,«'heno it i\ adioined, The number alfo of the fam~ vcrfe is prefixed to the Annotation.

The .letters thus enclofed (,,) lihew that there is an Annotation in the margent, -vpon that place. And \Y:hen many accurre.rhe firO: anfwereth ro the brft marke, the fccond to the fccond,and fo forth. In like manner the citations of places in the inner margem,are applied to the aurhours alleadged

This forme of a fiarre (- )in the text or annotations) pointeth to the explication of (orne word or words in the margent .

. SometimC3 we put the Concord .. nee ~f other Scriptures in the inner margent of the text.

We hauc alfo noted in the margent, ",hen the books of holy Scripture ( or parts

thereof) are read in the Churches Scruice ) for their fakes" that defire to read the fame in order of the Ecdefiafiical Office.


AS. 1&, Ii,' t, :

~ ~. I

PI·I.l"; j t31,~.1 £.cd. 10, r.

H.b. II, ;.

l.b·3R. In. 10, 13·





o F

The flrfi par~. Of the of al thinf!.s. The Church

r eadcrh this

book in her Oriice fro Septuagdima til PalI;o Sunday.

11 d _, ,. I' d'Il' '1' d7. AICottist:-tl

God crestn» se uun 4" CilTtI) , snc •. l[ t )t11gs tneun , TJImgtW )t1fg an IIC.1U-chapter & be-

tijJifl$ rh£ jume ::.6 ', La/I oJ al J 1.luI>:l Ii a(~} b£ "'tAwIJlJi.lJi ;:0 wiJl;m b'1Nb-l~innjl~g of the itttem.l ,0Tpu".1 duugs of this mJemlfT walla. iecon.i on Eatle:- Eue before

Maffe. _

N fl the becinninz God created heauen and '4; The Erma ..

~~~~\Ao earth. 2.. A~d the ~arth was void and vacant, !l~t:nt i,.s al the

d.d k 1 - -. d 1 1"J.cctronith

an _ ar cencs was vpon t le race or rne ept 1: i;.1rth to the

MM-'-;' and II the Spirit of God rnoued ouer the Ihj(1hefi {br-

iIl. ....... ~.MSr."7' .t warers.j. And God Iaid : Be lIght made.And Irc~: rhe Iove

. light was made'. 4.And God iaw the light that Iparr diuidcth it was zood : and he diuidcd the liaht frem bere cen th~

h d ku A dh ,. d t] ,. '" D l\t'arerson~nc

~ _ teat cenes.«, n ccaue we lIght, ay, I earth and the

... 'and the daakenes, Kight: and there was eue- \r'arers in the

ning & morning, that made one day. 6. Geld alfo [aid: Be (~) a firm2- ayer. S.vfug. merit made amidft the waters: and let it diuide between waters and It. Jj de G'n,.J

waters. ~/' And God made a firmament, and diuidcd the waters Iii,,' ) "L~; .;."

i I IKC'\V£Jt'

that were vnder the firmament ,. from thole that were aboue the lheaucl' h al the:

. firmament. And it was fo done. ~. And God called [he firmamc!it, if?a~e abeue

(b) Hcauen: and there was eucninz & morninz that made the (ecoDd', the earth; In

~ ~ , I

day. 9. God alfo [aid: Let the waters that are vnder rhc heaucn be p_ ~ \\' iofe l~~'dt

I d her i 1 d . h dri 1 d A Ld· part are Duds

t rcre tocet er into one pace: an let t e ne all appease. na rt : ana' .

r'" d heri : tv<!teo,111

Was 10 done. 10. An God called the drie land.Earth.and the gat enng !rhe hi}:;her part

of Waters together, he called Seas . And God Iaw that it "vas good. Ilftarrcs-: the

J 1. And [aid: Let the earth 11100t forth green herbcs ,and [uch as may I hig.hc1r. is the

----------------=----=-------. - Empyrral hc~

C 1 [ecd, uen, EJA.66.




HE B R E \\7




1. G ENE SIS. Creation. (eed, & fruit-trees yealding fruit after his kind, fuch as may haue feed in it-felfe vpon the earth. And it was [0 done. 11. And the earth brought forth green hearb, [uch as [eederh according to his kind, and tree that beareth fruit, hauing feed each one according-to his kind. And God Iaw that iii was good. q. And there was euening and morning that made

(c) Th,~ lights, the third day. 14. Againe God [aid: Be there lights made in the firmamd ~:Ie ~lle. fr·rlt I rnent of heaucn, to diuidetheday and the night,and let them be (,) for

;J., a! Cui po _ r r '-' . . h fi .

fed' the foarth I {ignes & ieaions, and dayes and yea.res; 1,. to Ihine 111 t e rrnament or

,day in their I h,eaue,n,and to giue light VP?11 the earth. AIl~ it was [0 done. 16. And eropCt· cou~rcs' God r, made two (d) great lIghts; a greater light to gouerne the day,and tor m.ore dl-. a Iefler li~ht to gom'me the night; and ftarrcs. 17. And he fet them in lhnC1~o"DOf n- the firmament of heauen , to illine vpon the earth, 18. and to gouerne ~:~:. d; dj;:i:~f. the day & the night, and to diuide the light and the darkenes. And God no.". S. Tho.,. L faw that it was good. 19. And there was euening and mominj that nude '1 •. 67· 4 4.t\?' if. the fourth day. 20. God a1[0 [aid: Let the waters bring forth creepinry

7od· 4.,Z., S creature hauing life, and fivil1~ foule, ouer the earth vndcr the firma-:

( ) Tile un & ... . '- , . .

M . f mentofheauen. 11.And God created huge whales , and al liuing and

oone.: or. he waters i ~ - h d' , r

thouzh the mOlllng creature, that t e waters brought tort accor 11l6to cacn iort,

moo~e be the and a1 foule according to their kind. And God Caw that it was good.

leaft vifible , 2.. And he I' blefled them faying: Increafc and multiply, and replenifh

Ilarre except the waters of the rea : and let' the birds be multiplied vpon the earth .

Mercurie , yet d h . d h d h -·l d

it giueth mort 2.3· An t ere was euemng an morning t at rna etc htt 1 ay . .2.4.

light on the God {aid rnoreouer : Let the earth bring forth liuing creature in his earth by reafo kind, cattle, and (uch as creep, and beafts of the earth according to it is neerer ,& their kinds: and it was [0 done. 2. J. And God made the beaits of the ~~C~~t~:sc_ earth according to their kinds, and cattle, and al that crccpeth on the

earth in his kind. cording to the

vulgar capaci- And God fa,,, that it was good, 16. and he [;lid II Let vs make Man

tic ~l1d vfe of to ow' image & likencs : and'let him haue dominion oucr the fifncs of things.S.t.Aug. the rca, and the foules of the ayre, and the bcalts , and the whole earth, l.~.dll G",."dllf. and al creeping creature that rnoucth vpon the earth. 2. 7.And God crea-

Cttl· 16 ~ d his ownc i d 1 d hi

te man to is ownc tmage: to the image of Go lC create 1m, male

and female he created them. 2.8. And God blefled them, and faith: 1/ Increaic and multitude , and rcpleniih the earth) and Iubdew it,and rule ouer the fillies of the Iea ,and foules of the ayre ) & al liuing creatures

(t)Euerie crea- that moue vpon the earth. 2. 9. And God [aid; Behold I haue giuen you

turc in nature b r h

al manner of hear rhat Ieedeth vponthe cart ,and al trees that hauein is good, but a)

cO~1fide:ed t€l- therniclucs feed of their owne be your and to al beafts

!!ether make of the earth, and to euery foule of the ayre, and to al that moue vpon the

the whole earth, and whereinthere is life, that they may hauc to feed vpon. And

world perfea, it was [o donc. ;1.And God Caw al things that he had made, and( e) they

mof] aot to -

mans v'ic and were very good. And there \V:l.S euening and morning that made the Iixr

Gods ~lorit. day.

S ._.A1I£.li.

Gtn. {1m ••


e,t, " 10.


I. 1.,,,, ~rt;n";"g. ) Helie Mortes tclleth w:ha.t was. ~one in the begiRnint; of .Tke Church the ... orld , and fo forTard euen til his ?w~e time, "':1ttng. aboue two thoufand ;h<ld only trad iand Foure hundreeh ycares after the beglnnmg. Al Whl~h bcmg Incomprchenlible irions and no by humUle wit or drfcourfe , he knew parTly by reuclaticnsfrom God, for he had I Scripture

the guiCt of Prephecie in mofi excellent fort;_partly by traditions from hIS ~d,ers, laboue 1.40", •

... ho lWncd oftheirfa.thers, For vntil tlu.t rime the Church had only rraditions ~·cares.

of (.ach thin~s as yere reuealcd to f pecial men, whereby we fe~ the great auth,o- "

tiey ofttaditions, before there were Scrrptures, And finee Scriptures were wrlt- Traditions ten they are alfo neceflary, for three Ipecial reafons. F irA:, for that we are onl Y neccflar ie (or a.1fured by tradition of the Church, that thefe books arc indeed holy Scriptures, three caufes wbich are fa accounted, and not by the Scripture it-felfe , for that were to proue .


the ~ by the fame, vntil we be aflured of fome pa.rt, that proueth fome other

p.uu. And this made: S.Augufiin to fay plainly.that 1" ceuld nit, l;,~lI,"r Iht. Ghofptl,

'ZCC?,. ,_,I, nUl_ which if ml Ghofftl. Secondly, holy Scriptures bcmg once knowcn to be the word 4)[ God, & fo of mofi eminent aurhoritie of 011 '\Y'ritlngs in the .. orld, as S.Augufiin,S Hierome,& al other Fathers agrce,yet for the true vnderlbnding of the fame: ,both the Scripture it-felfe, and the ancient Fathers remit

v\ to the Church,na.mel y to rhofc in the Church that are appointed by (j ods ordinance, ill Jhl high pIece th~, h, hlllh ,hofin, Which were the High P riefls in the old

Teftamenr , as appearerh Deut. 17. And in the new: Teflamenr,

S. Peter & his Succeflours.For '\Y'hol1'l Chrift praye. that his faith should not failc:

(a)z..,c. & therfore commanded him to contirrne his brethren.Luc, %.2., Thirdly, for things to,I'. nor expre!fed in particular in holy Scripture.the Scripture (a) & Fathers doc 11-, ke""ife remit vs to traditions, and to the judgement & reflimcnie of the Church, z.S. Chnfi faying to his Apoftlcs: HI ,1'41 hrllmj" ]'16 hUf'"h Mr. The Apofiles doubted

:.. T~JJ. not to fay: l jirm,dg'od'l) 'he H.l" Ghe(lartd '0 .. S. And S.Paul ",",illed the Thelia-

I. Ioniansre hoLJ 'ht ".aiUonl , which fhey n.rdlr.,rua, whether it werc by word, or br

rbJ o· his Epifilc. •

.. ri, I. fn ,iJr bt!inn;".g Gild m1rJ, h,e"", «nl ,Auh.) Al writers [bJ ancient & later find Scr iorures

[_p,r. fuch difficulties in rhefe nrfi Chapters, that forne, otherwife very learned, haue hard.

GI:,c'll. th~ght ~t not podible to vnderfrand the fame according to the proper and vfual

~ z,· JiglllhCatlon C')[ the wC"d~,as the letter may feern to found, but expound al alleco;

~ . that by the waten aboue the firmament should be vnde;ftood the ble1Jed

In.~~. i Angels, by the \\/"aters vnder the firmament w·icked fpirit~, and the like. So did Men" • I O:'igen and diuers that follow him therein. Yea S.AlIguftin in his books vpon Ge;~. a.·ncfis..againft the Manichees , written shortly after.his conuerfion , ,«{henne could :8',1.;;,. net find as ~c d:fired a good and 'probable ~enfe agrcable to tbe '\Y"~rd5 in their t;.8,c.1.. proper 1igl~lficatlon, .expounded them myftI~ally, but a~rcnnrds in his other ! rf, b books de benefi ad literam , he gratefully ac knowledo erh that God had z iuen /;~ G';_ him further fi~ht thcrin , and that nO~1 he fuppofed he ~ould inrerprere al a~cor-

{. ding to the proper Ggnification of the word) : yet fo that he durfi not nor \\ ould

~i,,;r.. "?t 3:dditt himfelfe to one fcnfe.but ~hat hc.~·as re~die t? in:brace another, lefl by ,,;(144. fhckmg to hIS owne JUdgement he mIght faile.So Iikcwife S.B;dll,S, Chrifoflorn, A",b.& S.Ambrofe, S.Hierome,S. Bedc,and other greaten DoEtours found and confdrcd Bed. ill great difficlllties in thefe fira chapters, \thich they with much audie endcauoure.l

to explicate. And thcrEore it is a \t'onderto fee our Prorcflaurs and Puritans hold ;l(cmrll.

( ~ E this Paradox.that Scriptures are eafloC to be vlldedlood,· Whcras both by tefl irno-

,.,0. p.

lid Fu~,· nit ofi




,. 1'.


Scripture of moft eminent authcr irie,

.. , .

A. 6~urc of Baptifmc.




nie of thole that haue indeed fhidied & laboured in thcm,and by a Iitle due con-

Why Scrip- uderation the contr arie is moil euident, For whofocuer willookc into the holy G

S h ! m. I.

tUfCS arc hard. criprures ,'i .\1 rind that foraetirncs ill shew one place fccmerh contra: ie to an-

IOU.~. 0-

orherjfomerimes the letter & phrafe are obfcurc & ambiguous; fomctimes the fcn- iJ.f .•

tences ~t1?erfe.::t. Ag~ine rnanie Ipeaches arc propherical.rnanie parabolrcal, me- ;b •. 1e,

taphotical, md vttered vader other tropes & figures, ~nJ that In the htera~ fcnfe, 15.& 18'1' Mo:eouer there J.I'~ three f pirit~t\l fenfcs ~e{ides the Iircral, very frequent l~ holy i v, 2.A. Scripture, Allegoncal,pcrtaynm(J to Chrif] and the Church.Moral.perra )'nlllg to 1( •• " ~ . manners ~ and Ana~ogical,pertayning to the next lite. A s this wE)rd, Icrufalem, 11~ . '1 Iirerall y figniLieth ~he head 'citie of Iewrie : Morally the foule of man : Allegori- I R~'" 2 \ cally the Church militant: and Ana(Joaically the Church triumphant. And feme . times this (and the like of others) m~aphoricall y in the literal Ienfe fignifieeh the

Church militant, & Rot the cine of in the 11. chapter to the Hebrewes:

and fomerimes the Church in the 11. of the Apocalyps.

1.. I':~ 1"1'11 .fG~.) In the Hebrew it is lignified, that the Spirit of God \Y'a~on thewJ.rer3 to make the Fertile.Fer that tuhes & birds-were to be procreated rherof ,

the word is mef'4~J,erh,I",ub.b"',J4~..".n,to p-roduce fruitrfaith S.Hicrom. fro the

Watcrs,as a hen by her hearc producceh life in the egges.And the fame S.Hierom, I &betore him Terrullian ccach,that this \1C'&S a figure of BaptiCme,w hich confifteth

I of water & the HoI y Ghof]. F or as water in the beginning of the world receiued 3- cerraine viral vereue of the HolyGhoft to produce llUing crearuresjfo alfo Baptifllte

. . ' r~ceiueth vertue of the fame Holy Ghoft to procreate new men. V\7herupo Terral-

f1r~~1.1ans cal-. lta~ c~lleth .C.hrifij~m fishes,becaule they arc gotteR £~o the waters,& Ih.ence haue

c hshes, ; their iirft fpu1tual life. u'" no. ,brt!or'j". flrMlJe (faith he ).b., an Jillpaf .. \J'.,,,.,,

: g;fI, lif,.

Light being an J 6. Two gre., li&hu, e- fl4Prfs.]Heer occurreth another example of the hardnes of

cdJh rernay- holy Scripture. For if the tWO greae ligbes (to w'it the Sunne & the Moone;,& alfo ned without a the frarres,wcre made the fourth day ,aua n-ot beiorejas it rna y feeme by the 'Words fubie&,by the rn rhis place, then \\ hat \\('aHhat light,& in what fubieCl: W·ols it, thar w as made the judgement of . iidt Jay? S. Balil,S.G.egorie Naz.ianzen,Theodoret.& ferne ethers '«'riring vpon orne learned llbis pt~ce,doe~hjnke t~<it t~c Ijg~t \~hich was made the firO: Jay remainei.t(tho\lgb

Fathers, " I an accident iwithout his fuble8: ul the fourth day .And albeit mofl other Doetours

i rather rhinke that the ful>£bllce of the Sunnc a: Moone,& of other planets & fj arres The accidents were created the firft day, & the fourth day fer in that order & courfe w'hich noW' of bread a.nd ,thcy keep, with more diftinction f.T F!JUJ «ml.foAforu ,.,," iAY1I4"d )'4'1'1) yet it is "'lAe can rc- ; cleere that the Forcfaid ancient Dodours iwdged it I'0lIible, that accidents may maine hy remaine ~ithout their fui.>iett:'I'hich a Sacrarnenraric w;il be loath to grant, left it Gods power 'night be proued pofhblc, as both thcfc & al other Carholike Doctonrs belieued & ~'ithout their taught, that the accidents of bread and ~ ine remaine in the blefled SacUUlCDt of

fubiefts, the Eucharifl without their fubiects , which Proteftanrs denie.

Ten preroga- ~6. Lt''''s .,.b .4n.o.1I1' Im.g',) For better confidcration of Gods bountie

riues of man in vs,& fiirring our felues to gratitude towards him, ,«'e may hcse note ten his creation, prerogariues bcflowed on v~ by our Lord & Maker in our crearion.aboue al other

I. Made like earrhlie creatures.Firfr,wheras God by an imperial word of cornmandcment made

to God. other creatures, FiorI IN~, Fi", jir",.zJflm,,.,,: Bubneli8ht,Buh".", jirIPlA"""',intendinfT

to make man .he procecdetb f amiliarly ,~y "U'ay,as;': 'Ycre,of confulration, & as t~ his o-wne vfe 8£ feruicc to make man,faymg: Ln"J 1n4k, "' .. " ro o .. r ;"'A~e .nct .ikultI; that iv to fay, a reafonable creature ~'lth ynderftanding and tree Wl] ,,« hich bcafls hauc net, Secondly , ia this \1C'ork~ God nra infinuateth the high Myfleric of the B. T rinitie .or pluralirie of Pel' fo!> In one God(bc:callfe Dian is to belieue the fame) fionifyino the pluralitic ofPerfons by the ""'otds Le, 'lIJ "'4b,&.0 o,.r:and the vnitie itf fubnd.~ce,lty the 'Words 1rt>4g.,."d li""meJ, the firft in the plural number ,the later in the ungulate T11irdly,other creatures were pr,oduced by the wateri & earth, In ,I,e W4'ns brint.forch (65h &foule) Lnchee .... ," br'"8fn,h ( gca·(fe, & cattle, & other bealls J but God brought forth man) tlot by the carthJ though of the earth, Dor by

Three fbirieual fcnfes be£ides the Literal, A.llegoricai. Moral. Anagogical.

... TheMvf:etie of the B. Trinitie infinuated in hrs

creanou, ~.Producedby God himfelfe,


m«. El,ijl.8J.

:4d 0" •• !Tn-f .•




water, nor by heauen , nor by Angels, but by himfelfe , giuino him a reafonable foule, not fcnCua1 only as to beafls, & the fame not produced of'anie creature , but

created immediately of nothing. Fourthly,God g~ue ma.n Paradife, &m?fi plea- 14; pla~.:d ia dwcl in. Finly, God ~aue man dominion & rrn penal authoritie ouer : I aracue ,

al liuino creatures vnder heauen. Sixtly, man was created in that innocencie of p. Lora of &1 life, aad inte~ritie of al vertuesjthat his mi~~ was 'i'holy fubie~. to God~his fenfe reanhlre crea-

l to reafon.his bodic to his fpirit,& al other liumg creatures obedient t? ?im: ~ut:n ;tures. .

rhe rcrrible Lions ,the cruel Tygres, the huge .Elcp~ants ,and the "~nlaen birds. ! 6.1Dnoeenclc. Scauenthl r ,God brought them al to to doe 111m homage.and to take their? excellent names of him. Which by his excellent knowledge he gaue them conformable to ~nowledge.

their natures. Eightly ,GoJ naue man in fame fort an immortal bodie, that if he '8: power to had kept Gods c()m·na.ndemc~t, he had liued.long and pleafanrly in this world, IX Iiue cucr.

fo should haue been rranflatcd to crcraal life witllout dying. Ninthly , God did 9. gU.ift of pronot only adorne man with al natural knowledge and' fupernatural vermes, but phecie,

alfu with the sruift of prophecic. Wherby he knew that Eue was II bom .f his bOllls I'

",,'Ii,," .fhu #..h, though being afleep he knew not when she was madc.Tenrhlv. ,10. GoJ con(which was the chicfc benefit of all God conucrfed familiarly with man.and tb~ uerfed [amiin shape of mall, which W:lS a token of his meruelous great loue to man, and a un- Iiar 1 Y 'il'ith :;ular incitement of hi n to Iose Go d, ~ea~ m~re,if y~u pl,eafe,of the dtgnitic of maa, man.and the beuefirs of God. towards him 111 hIS creation, 10 S, Bernard \'POl\ the I

9.9.Pf.lime, and VpOIl the 61.chapter of Efaie, I

d. l""",'_rc .,.Ii".,,[upli,.) Whether ~his be a commandement or no , at leafl it is Gods bleffing a. bleiIing,for fa the words before conumce, G,d b~ffd .h,m aruJ~jd: lncree]« lind ".,.;. al-.:'a yes cite •

• ipli,.He faid the fame alfo to brute creatures, which are not capable of a precept, aual.

but by this were made fenilc.Wherby we fce that Gods bldIing alwayes worketh Efpeei&l1y in fome real effcd . as of Fertilirie in this and other places, of multiplication of the : the .01y .E.uloaues & fi~hes, loan 6. And fome real effect Chrifls blefsing muf] needes ,«'orke I charif],

alro in the Blefled Sacrament M;Lt.:.6. Which c In be no other but chancine bread

and wine into his bodie & bloud,feeing himfelfe exprefly fa yth: r hjJ is:', b~dI"rhil

;1 _, bl.Nd.

And though Gods blelling in this place be alfo a precept,yet it is nor to al Olen

for euer ,but for the propagati~n of mankind.which being long finee aboundanrly Not al men & pi·o~3.gatcd,thc obhgauon of tIlC precept ceafeth the caufc ce.mng. So S. C ypl'ian, IWomen comanS Hierome.S, Augufiin,and other Fathers expound. this place. And con6rme the ded to marie. fame by the text,forimmed.iate1yGodfignifyingtowhatenti herpoke~faith:

.,.d .,.p'-nish &hu.."h. Which being replcnished,Gods ~'il is ther in fulfilled.


The WDTk.! of fix dllJtr beingfinished, Go. Ttfled rbe fluUltl1 dill, 6- ble/cd it.

S. Then ,ll"'''g InA1J in PATAdifo (plAnted WIth beautiful 6- [weet trelS , 6- w~ured ""'ilb foure r",us) 16. 'Dnlnz~"deth hmJ nor to tAtl of till tree 'f k, of good ($ ,uit.18. A.nd formed A WQmtln of" ,ibbe of .AdAm.

:: God createth not new kindes of creatures ~ yet fijI w·orketh.lo.f, 17. conferuine

& . Q

r. o uenllI1g

al things,and cr eareh foulo


gracc,& glurie

of the fame kind. 5" .c.A"g.l • .... ti, (iii",. tId I .. , Ic. 1~.

E~~~ HE heauens therfore & the earth were fully finilhed and al the furniture of them. 1. And the Ieuenrh day God ended his worke which he had made; and :: refied 1/ the feuenth &;i;.~~a day, from al worke that he had done. ,. And he bleflcd the feuenth day & fanctified it : hecaufc in it he had ceaied from at his worke which God created [0 make.

E.nd. aO,1 I. Dt.r.f, .....

Hilt .... ,




. 4. Thefe are the gcnera1ion~ of'heauen & earth, when they were

M r. 1 created in the day, when our Lord God made the heauen, and the earth,

f: llUm~~ia~:l;! ~. and euery plant of the field, before it {hot vp in the earth, and euerie created brood,! hearb of the ground before it [prang.For our lord God had not ray sed

not produced vron the earth; and man was not to til the earth: 6. But a (pring rofe

of other fub- out of the earth, watering al the ouermoft part of the earth. 7. Our Lord ~al('c,as te God therfore formed man of the flyme at the earth: and (a) breathed 'I. C.r.

~~~ :nd into his face the breath oflife,& man became a lining Ioule, I h4J'.

plants are. . 8. And our Lord God had C" ) planteda Paradif~ of pleafure from the

(b)VVhether beglnning-wherinhe placed man whom he had formed, 9. And our this Puadife Lord God brought forth of the ground al manner of.trees , fake to hebe now extant hold, and plcafant to eate of: the tree of life a1fo il'l the middle of P arais vnCertaillC,

though it be dife! and the tree of knowledge of good and euil. ie.And ariuer iflucd

certainc that· Out of the place of pleafure to warerParadiic, which from thence is diEnoch & Elias uided inro foure heades, J r, The name .of one is P hifon : that is it ~re yet~iuing which compafleth al the land of Heuilarh.where gold groweth, u. And m cart . the gold of that land is very good: there is found bdclium, and the ftone s A.:.l.~. conI.

P J _ • S onyx. I'. And the name of the Iecond riner is Gehon: that is it which

'uI~I.'.~ J. Ie :)

P"';.,.1.3.'1.~' compafleeh al d~ land of Ethiopia. 14. And the name of the third riuer

(71.7.'1.'111,,.,. is Tygris:that [arne paflcth along by the Affirians.And the fourth riuer,

the [arne is Euphrates.

(c) As 'f!e fay J(. Our Lord God therforerooke man, & put him ill the Paradifeof

brick is made

of earth, and a. worke,& keepe ir, 16. And he commanded him fayinfJ: Of

houfc isbuilt eucrie tree of Paradifeeate thou r l7. But II of the tree of knowkd~e of ot brickc: fo good & euiI eate thou nor. For-in what day foeuer thou Ihalr eate ~ofir, Adam was ... II thou Ihalt dye the death. J ~. QU,r Lord G~d alfo fai~ : It is not good :;tc: o~ c,~rth" forman to be alene: let vs make him a help like vntohirnfelfe. 19. Our a l'i;~e- lt~ ,o.fl Lord God therforc bauing formed of clay a1 beafis oftheearth,and fouAnd th:t ora'i les of the. ayre ; brougqt them to Adam, tiut he rnic hr fee what to cal one rrbbe, alai[ thcm.for al that Adam called any liuing creature .the fume is his name.

G,?d should ~C. And Adam called albeafts by their names, and al of the

~Jld a :~u~e ayrch and a1 cattel of-the field: but vnto Adam there was not found an

~r Q:sei:~~e~) mdpcr like himfdfe. ~J. Our Lord God thcrfore caft ~ d~ad fleep vpon M4',I,. he fed 5000. Adam:alld ~ hell he was. fail: afleep ~ he tooke on~ of his r;bbes, & filled Ii 4r. men with flue vp f1dh for It. l2,. And our Lord God ( e ) built the ribbe which he lto,7. Ioaues, Chrif to?keof~dam i~1to a woman,& brought her to Adam. 1.3.AlldAdam jl.c.r." b •• If. S.t.A"I' [aid: ThIS now 15 bene of my bones, and Belli of my flelh: fne Ihal be 16. 1,rl.l1·sI.4T·hi", callcdwom:m,bccaufdhe was taken out of man. "4. Wherfore man 'ph r,

0... . o. {} hill 1 his wif 31

I ." 9 L. l'l 3. ial leaue his father &. mot er, & ia c eaue to is wife , & they fnal be •

(of) Not three, (4) two in one fidh. 1S- Andtbey werebothnak.c:d,~towitAdamand

DOJ: fOUl'C ~o r his wife i and were not .a.ihamed. •

mO~Jfor then'

two_I'e cha

ged to amaher

llumber."'S.ltr. 1_.









c HAP. I I.

'. The fl • .",h u,) AI creatures beinz made in ~cir k~nds in fix da yes, c?m- Obfersarion of plc~c& perfL:tt,GoJ not ~..:cJing (as men often doc in rhcir \H)rkc!o j to pt:rt~a, : htl!)' daves br poh~h,or amend the fame, rt.?dJbe (muu/' d.J~ & therfere the natural perfcd~on .Gods infii.Cllof Gods yorkes j" attributed to the feucnrh day, and the fupernarural perfecung .rion,

of m~n in ceernal Iifc ,~tftcr thc'Rcfurrcftion , IS attributed to the eight dol)' ,.as

;., 'Pfol S' J\.ugWlin an,i" othe/fathers reach.And for this caufc G~ U~iI.J .",; f:."a{)cdf~e " 0- ll. [. ... :, dJty: anJ after Wt" haue in the Decalogue or tell cumma.nJ~U1cnb ,that t.his dlar a1 shoul.J re~ ~l1d abftain:c from ,:orkes ) yea ~nJ keep .it fdhual, occupy lng th:mfeLcs In fptrIrual d fpCCl.ll 1l orship cf the Ie" es ""II.I*, did euen til Chr ifls and his ApoJ1k-s time. prayin;; & h~aring the \t'('ra of God

~.... raj ~ cxpounde~ 1:1 the Sabboarh day..: Whcrby ~ e ft~ that di1l;,llaio~ ot dayes

"",41 perraineth ~o RelJCTlon, the people of God thus obfc:-~m3 tile Sabboth JQ memo- !fdhual daves

rie of the Crcatio~,anJ Jil:ets other f.e:l.fl: ir.l! m,~,mori;: ct o:her benchts. And ~c i is reljgio~s, 110"\\" keep, the S,llnd.lY holy 111 mcmorrc or C nruts ReCuT! ecuoll~& other f.:a.frs.lJl not Iucaical gratef.!l remeurbranec of other Myfieries of Chrifls N..i;:iuiric,the: cuming c.f the : nor hcathni:h, Holy Gbait,& the like. Y COl aho fl.:afl:s of his Blciicd Mcrhcr ,& other Sainrs , for

the bc:ndlr\ recciued from C hrif] by thCU1.& tor mere-honour to Chrii! in u,el11. I

So thi;C.l.tholike obfcruarion cf f~afi~ i~ neither Iudaical (\\' hich alfo in the Ln' i

\'(·a.; gOt),i,0m r o r: i, abro£,::ueJ ) ncr hca.hnish . f ... r ~e honour nut Iupirer , nor :

Il1no,I101 anic faIt:.: GOd cr GoJdt.:i.i-':, bsr cur L,r,'; God Crcatour &. i\.(;Je:cmr.r~ :

& forhis fak~ his bef] feruants. \Y bCt"i (n° the fl,.rmotatj;)Jl!> ill the 1: IIgli'>h nt'"\\"' H~now.r of Tcltalllcnt.4 c' the Galarhians, \\ hc rt o -.;:r. here: cn)y adde thcfc ~orru. vf ~~.!o J!>. to the

Homr'. S 1 r.1

. b.l~ ,\\" hich may fcrue fora rrcncral ;:111f\\" er to the md~ common nbil,;[tion: grea'l:~ n.,-

'" 4°, HCllJor r ".~rN'" 7,4wIa.1' In '?mJ71ullt'~ Vrmw JIm: r i.e 1},mIlH' oj ,he n"",,,'s rra.""",1J 10 ,nour ot C In iil M .rty.! '~tCD. Pnon Lord .7 .J; • .nfT• So,f.tith lIC,t:1C houcar at Sal11tS- is the honour ot C brift :

ru' ~ ,

. then L<;rJ and oms. ;

17. O(&;'t me' tkn~wle.dge.J Befides the la"l' of n.uLiic;.by ~hi,h M.m ',J;'asboulld i \\'hr a.parricnt{~ J_irc.2 al his actions according to the rule dreafu:-j& bdides the fup~rll.1tUral .Iar po(;!ille diaine law',by which he \'I"as bound to bel ieuc cc trui] III GUl!,& to louc him aboue : la\k"lbc£d-c:s the a1 thjng,~h.:lumg rccciued the gUlfts,offait~hop~Jaud chariuc.God g.ue him dl1- ;ocm:ral l .. l.w:es

other pa.r!iculaJ~ hw,thar hr JI)~.ld n~t ute Of].!}t Irrrofkno .,udgu! ;;o,d4n,j eNI'.Anc :~ .. G oJ (,,;.n.1.that lOT tw'O fpcc.ia.l r~afon~,~'hich S.Aup;~llin noterh v~on rhis place. firfr, ilia!" : rurc,» a., ~iUCll God might declare himfdfc to be Lord l.f [l.l.ln. \'Chich \':a~ abfolurelv rc'c.:{i~'uic: .ro 10;Ji1. ...,

for 111.111, & norhin» at a 1 profitable ro God , "\'( hi) 11(; cdcrh ncr our fer uic ~,I>L:t \ c • F irfr r cafon,

\'( irhour his dominion should vtrcrly fal to nothing. 'i'(tC ,,,m. IpJo71Gn 0(41.10, -:-:: c. ti

For he nOlcrtllt'''1 'IJ'.nli'htTCO~ld we lu.,.. bun, "n hI! n,' CCl1IJrt· Nmg 1.IJ ,~,.Id "" Hit; lJIt,

nor h, not g·.urrnmg 'ttl, '0"[,1 ~ [lilt right 'r VI htrfOH ht onl~ jlo~r ITllr LlIrct :",;,.", b~1

t: his, lur forollr Owllt pTnfil e- j4i1l4UG" WI {trNf. The ower rcafon was, that Gud 11. real<Hl. m,lght ~iile m~n m.arr;:r ~ hlril.' to excrcife the v ern:e of obedience ,:l:lid ,to d1l W' \.

Illn.fdcc a of God, wInch could not be fc propn:ly & Clh:~'l\all)' dvcl arcd

by kccpin~ other Iawcs.nor the cnorrnit ic of dncbcuiece appt:are fo ci.idcntiy :a, i

by fulfillmg of Gods \x il commanding lum, or by doing his o~nc ~ il ~ nroued to i

tile conrrarie, in a thi ng of n-felfe inJ.JiFercn r, & only t;na.Je \'lila\\ Cd; be: ca nrc it !

W.:l~ forbid.Bat Jet vs hc ar c S.Al1guftinc:~ O~ nc -;y'ord~ •. l\ec !tUlif n.elu« .... _'djli~(ll' i The GJ11~e rf RUI ,omtr.du j 'l".tIUKm moll"", lit fiJl .. I".btdiem i.1, (!J" c , 7v;,ht,. c~.,/d it ( j';l:lth this grc2. t I d.ifu bcdie ncc. '

DOCtour) b. bwtr , IU711N t ex .. a:i, (ig"'(ied how b:zd It ,hiltS [ole dijoimtlerol t is ,li;,n i \

whr-n oil man became gllilt;t of Ini']lIll-.t /nCtlNje he louchd rhitll hi ng ~ C*ram to proUblllC,1I I :


lib.!I.:J, G""4-i lis.e.i»,



G E N If'S I S.

I 8·

I to 'n"-' '\t,i"" W-?~,-ch:-'~l:'!"iJC-,-,"-O-,{4":'.-rb:-'-dd"""-Jl-,-h4-~-J-O"-C-S,-rd)" h.1I "ot !i7SJlrd It"l. F,r hulUlJ j';'h,fer u~~

d }.~ :. {.f>.., T.lUn ... "h:s h, • ."b .fur/"ji tg ;, II PlJy{tn{t4l, «"j dash r",. .. ' dut",.f Oc

3.nllg~ to tum 'P.'"'' jl, drluI, a/f.redly r.Ur.h on the COJUrmMT Oflh, !lrH'P: : JI!4 • b9"g i, ,,~ "'.til In,a pr'~-

that difo- I I r Ir

."C", C!1 he hcJ. " .. ,hrd,f" hI ,f,o';ld d •• b«: ... fo,!" !~"'l t:)i"~ .rre ... ltlh im of w.IIi,I} ."d

I beyeth, lij'.,whl'hn ;~ h.dbttn rirbiddrn In", •• .-0. tAU. when .IIe{orlmiiU,h ,h., .hlng u br '0"-

Ioyned with ,hid, wh"I, w ... ldnOl i"d~,d ,TlIIIJ Ct him ,hAl 101l:ha~ ,b .. , hi". ,S-wforbiddab ~ .1 if"'f

id:unlge of t4ke a'l'JIhl7'l",ollrJ,b'i"~ (orbidb., hi"" wh.{trh! "'''''') ;/,U;' • {tMt m/'"" ,1,., is (vr7Jd

.hirn diat for- am,br:4Ure;';J ... j,.i .. ri,,. hi", ,/,., I· , bidtl"h. B". wh,n .ha, ",ing ",.II:1J ... h,.h, ,'Jt7. ,fmui h.", hitn ,Iu. ,,,,,;b,," ,,..,.4_, NhrrJ if;' wer« ft,,, rOTbldJwhrr~;1 i'p.bibiIta,!,'" ,h., ,he !,oper g.odflts of ."'di,,"r ,ad ,I" ntil of difobedimcc ",ig'" qprlfre? Thas S. Augufiin sheweth ,that difobcdience is afinne bccaufe .it is againft a precept, though otherwife the thing that IS done wc;re not euil. And among other good notes, reacheth that true obedience inquirerh not whcrfore a thin~ iseommaa-

prompt. ded,but leauing that to the Superieur ,promptly doth wh~t is.appoinied.

Nor meate.bur 11. Of'w ,,.., c." ,bOil "et.) This example of our 6rfr pateDts 'ttanfgrefsion

the difobe- she.eth,how friuolous an ani wer it is to fay ,that breaking of commandedfaGes, M '", ')

dience hurrerh or eating meates forbidden can riot hurt vs.ehe meate being good & holfomc.::tur ~"~IO. him that rranf- fo the- fruit of the tree was gooJ,and should haue hurt no man ,if it had not been .' • p'p •

. grcLfc-th the for~idden. Euen foal meat~s of ~heir ownc nature are. good , y~t the prec~pt of I.~:r.:: , precept of abo f~lJ1g(foretDld by our Sauiour In general, & determined by hi, Church 10 par -, SA·

Ihnence. ticular) & foof anie other like 1a.w,thou~h it be in thin~s ofhc-rwifeindlfferent, .• 8 .. g.

Lawes in proceeding from lawful Superiours ) bindeth the fl1biccts in confcience, And the :'1· o,

things indiffe- tranfgretrwl'l is p,oper! y difobcdiencejehat other £inne foeuer may alfo be mixed

rent bind in therwith.

confciencc, 17. rb." ,b.te dy, .hr dt4.h.) Againft the new doftrine , denying that after linne

Temporal pu- is reraiered.anie temporal punishment remainerh for the fame, this' place declanishmem due reth that death (wherof God forewarned AJam,if he sheuld eate of the fruit foraf.ter lil1ne j, bidden) remained duc.aad was at Ian ina (ted vpon him for his Iinne, which was

remitted. prefently remitted vponhis repentance.

Death doe to Againe, for fo much as we are al fubiett to death, it proueth that we were 3.1

301 for Original guilne of this finne,by which death came vpon al men, as S. Paul reacherh. Els

Gnne. . God should punish vs without our fault, which is vnro(sible that his goodnes ~ ... f.

Yea ro infants should doe Efpeciall y it appeareth in infants, who dying before they come to vfe l.!:'. ~3·· ~ho haue no of reafon,can neuer commit other tinne:tor th..lugh they were circumcifed,or had. '''''.C. other finne, Sacr.ifice offered,or other rcmedie ~fed for them before Chrifi, Ot. baptifed linee ,16;.2. Jr Alfo other pe- Chnft,yet they fuffer( as S. Auguftm noteth) both death and marue other penal- !". ""';.

nalries inBi... ties, of fickenes, cold, beare, hunger, and tbe like,which can neither be to them 1 G1'rcllfu.

eted vpoa ~n- matter of merit ( as to others it may be: ) nor prght them for auoidinv;· of other 'c·H.

fants, finn~,feeing they dye in their in! ancie, Y ea moreouer , if they dyed wIthout cir- 1 G· ·7.

cumcifio,or other remedie of rhofe former times,thcir foules perished from their ,. '--

people 1 & now without Baptifme can neuer enter into the Kingdome of heauen, S. Grtg.! ""hleb could not fta.nd with God, iuftice;if they were not guilti: of Gnae. l.4.Mo-\

rill. c. 2.. ~

Adam ..

T / .

rue obediece

is blind and


C.l.,in I.J.i"ji. C·4· ,.,.



. .EIrL2.f J.T ...

~" 14·



C HAP. I I r.

BJ the '''Aft "ftbe Diue! [pe.k.";"g in A firpt"r ,OUt firfl p.,t"ts t'."!grt/itl God's iThe feeend ,omm""demen t. 7' • W Ito ~tmg ASb"""a w"uld bidttbemftlun: 9. bllt 1111 jPafrt. Of the fa!

./;-1 b 'L • b ( . b e BlaJI,&pro..

,eprou,d bJ God. I-t. An~btr'S tt "P"'''~fl A' p"nlS menu ]tlWU pagationoim-

promft 'f ,. aUUm" ) ATt 'Aft ,"t 'f PATlUlift· ~of nnne. t.) Serpents

ffI~r~::;;:~~~n~ T ( •• ) the .Ierpenr al(o was more fubtik IIDoli cr~fric to then a1 ·the bealts of the earth, which our Ie{~ape h ha~me

Lord God had made. Which [aid to the wo- I:e:~ (6 :t th:" man: II Why hath God commanded you, that Idiucl.

you Ihould not care of euerie tree 0 f Paradi(e?

• To whom the woman anfwered : Of me

fruit of the rreesrhar are in Paradife we dee

It;=~~~~~~;!["~~b;;te: ? but of the fruit of the tree which is in a: rniddes of Paradife , God hath comman-

ded vs that we ihould not eate.and th:li: we Ihould not touch it,icfi perhaps we die. ~. And the Ierpcnt faid to the woman: No , youlhalnot dye the death. s. For Gad doth know that in what day Ioeucr you fhal eate therof,your eyes Ihal be opened.and you Ihal be as Gods,kucwing good and euil,

6. The woman rherfore faw that the tree was good to care.and faire to the eyes ,and delectable to behold-and fne took~ of the fruit therof,&

did ea~e,& galle to her hufband, who did eate. ~. And the eyes of them ,(11) ,After unne both were opened : and when they (I:) perceiued rhemfclues to be Ithc~ wcrc~~~4_

naked, they fowed together leaues ofa tig-tree ; and made thc:m(due~ 1':e~s:;:::'fIlP.oaprons.

~. And hearing the voice of our Lord God in Paradife at

the after-noon ayre ,Adam hid himfelfc, and fo did. his· wife from the

fsce of our LordGod, amidft the trees of Paradife, 9. And our Lord'

God called Adam, and faid to him : W here art thou? ro. Who faro: I

heard thy voice ill ParadiCe eand I feared , becaufe I was naked "and I

hid me. If. To whom he [aid: And who hath told thee that thou waft naked,butthat thou hrlt eaten of the tree, whereofI commanded thee () AIl' that thoufhouldefl not eatezrr.And Adamlaid.The woman which thou ur-

n b £ II . - h "d . i ro

gauelL me to e my e ow-cornpaOloll,g:lUC me- at t e tree,& 1 Ql eatc- the diud rha t

Jj. / And our Lord God [aid to the woman.Why haft thou done this: fpake in the:

Who aniwered : The ferpent decciued me, and 1 did cate.14.And our ferpit. ~.vJtlg. Lord Gcdfaid to the Ierpcnt: Becaulc thou haft done this thing, (,) ac- I 2..ti,G,,,;adlll.

{; d h '1 d L ft f h h ~L b r: c. ~ti. S. Brdlun

cur e· art t ou among a1 can eea s o t e eart :vpon ulY rert hul'll "'I WI!

ibalt thou goe, & (d) earth Ihalt thou care al the da ye~ ot thy lire. 1) ~ I d) Ear~hj'jf" or wil put en my tics between thee & the woman, & thy fetd and the fet'd' W orld tic: and of her : "[he fh.J brui[e thy head in ri,c,s ,and thouihalt lye in waite carnal men, s·1

, ---, -. Grf.!.Ill. Pilot. 1

D l. " e ) ot 101

I. 'Nhy lunl} God ?)Hcrc'W'c may fee ho~' iinne camcfirIl amongmc:n. For the Jiucl t'n~'ing mans happie fiat€:" tempted Euc the w'cakcr pcrfon, beginnino with a qncfiion , therby to allure her inte conference, and by fu. h a quefhon as ~lj(7ht brill;!; her into fU:·i,icion £Jf Gods afft::ction towards man, faying : Why I},uh ~"d c""";',,f,d '10H , l'1.r ,IU' sbould not Ule Oft,,";' trttofP.T4dife? infinuarillfT by tilde 1Vords,and with:tliiltern.111y fuggcfiing,rb.1t God dealt hardly w'ith th~m,abridcinz their libcrrie \Yithout caufc. And ~'henhe had aot fo much oHler, that she

c 0 ~ en,. C.If.

was difpleafcd ''\Y'ith the pt'crept, which she shewed by addinz of her owne (to

" Rllp",.

make it fecme-rnorc rrri cuous) thar thq ",'ere forbidden 10 touch ,he trre, & aaaine 1 .

o _r i c .ae Fri-

by rent ol'tilil~ the punishment as doubrfu ,faying, L£/l rnllo1.1 We d'llt " then the ' • .-

~ f 1" hat tl 1 C _, m •. '<.:r

tempter auouched bul~lly ~anJ J. uy, t at they l>ho.uiu not dye, and cr:arged God .pe~ib",

to be enuious of the benefit they should get .by ea.t1ug of that tree, fay l?g rhr.r "·ft I ,iJU ,c ....

I!Jtulfi bl opnud,4ndl/JI} IhoItld be aJ Gods ,.know."g~Dod fttIdnf,l V pen whIch pcrfwalioil and Iikinz alfo she had to the fruit ,!>he did take and eare ,and P err\\; aded

B d J>. 1 f AJam alfo to ~a.te And f(,rth\l'lth they fa\Y' that they would uut haue feen. 1( new lsb ,,'.

~ leque SOl '. . , • •

fin euil which they had better no: to ham: knowen, ,\\:'ele ashamed, and endeauourcd ..",.. He,

II e. to couer and hide: rhcmfclues. Euen thus thc diuel dcaleth 'CC'ith mcn.c~er fince) l'g""'. affaulting the ~ea:'ker perfous.and weaker Pa:rt,~s the flesh and fenft:almc,and by I c. J 4. them fetterh "PO;} the fuongcr and furc:nour pan> to get co~feM of fr.ccVt ir, Lb, 1. 'Without \Y,hidl there is no Gnne ; accordl~g to that famous fa)'lng of Augufiin: Rf'r48, Pe",,",'" 4dea r{lllo!unt,zrillm ~ 'liS nNllo.m"do Pi plCC41um J ft "~" tJOlNrN4"! ••• .smn,;, fo e, J 3.

tlol • .n:ar;f,th.IJ jn no wJ' if C4" be /imu,'fu b, "11' 1nl"num,. Whcrfore It was no llnllt I

in Eue

l -- _ _;___

. (')Th;-ugn II. 10 G E N ES I S. Adam.

I goon me relill

l ~.C! at the 1ifcifhcr heelc, J6. To the woman al[o he [aid; I wil multiplie thy ~ hi'~::!1J~h&f(~ rranarles and thy rrauaile fhalr thou brine forth chi],

1l1::.1I.1ch:nc. rcr- dreu.and thou (halt be vader tlry hufbal-Kl') po\'vcr, and he thaI haue do-

1'-.hS _:1.O,yet .• h d . r 'd " r i :» 1 n,

he cnrieauou-, mmion ouer tee. 17. An to Adam he tar :lKcaUIC tnou nair heard the !. CtW.

r~'h fl:il to de- ! voice of thy wife, and hail eaten of the tree whereof I commanded Itt-

cei.uc,efpeci3.1- thee that thou Ihouldeit not eate.curlcd is the earth in thy worker with 1y In t~~ end ot (J) much toyling Ihalt thou eare thereof althe daves cf thy life.

mans In" {i1F_ I I d' hift] 11 al i b . ., : d' 1 .. 1

·f· ... J b· '10 J 8. T norncs an t 1 lCS 11 It ring rocrn to tncc, an t ic.: 1J1:1 t care

1111. '(t,le • . r .,., .

. beck ,\'.G,.rg. the hea~bs at the earth. 19. lt~ t~: l\v,cat ot thy tccc lilait thou eate

in r.zp.I.1Db. bread.til thou returneto earth.of which tnou waft taken:bccau[elf duft

I Al men era- thou art.and into duftrhou Ihalt rcturne.

nc:t one way 'Or 2.C. And Adam called the name of his wife, Eue : for bccaufe ot.ll·c~.& fuchJ (n) 111e was mother of al the liuinz. 11. Our Lord God al[o made for

.U Ltaer \Y'ee ~ ~ " • '"'.

to O~l<:rrr!"O\'~ Adam and his WIre garm{n's of skinnes, and cloarhcd them: 2.2. And

; :i1-thci;follls; [aid: LoC' Adam is become as it were one of vs , knowing good & euil: ~~.J.t ~ftcr this 1 now therfore n left perhaps he reach forth his-hand ,~nd take a1[0 of ~U~;:1tblcrf.J.- \ thetreeof1if(',.~nJcate,and liue for euer, 'l3. AudourLordGod [em

ITJ.IIlC t ie llrc. f h J' - . 1 r. k rhe e h f .

of Pu (r • him out 0 t t Para lie ot p caiure , to wor e e eart 0 which he

• r garcrrc, k d h n, d dId 1 • , •

or e~ernal pai. w~s ta en. 14. An ... c CJ.u out A ,aIn,:m If p :J.~(; D_ctore t~e Paradite

Ine,S ~ug,l.1..c. ot plea[llre Chcrubins, and a f1allung and a turtung iword, tor to keep 2.0 •.. Gen. "n. the way of the tree of life.

,no "n.

(K, She was mother rather of al the dy fi;l1rc of our n. Lad y \\ ho is mother ofChrifi, hfut-fclfe, she is called mother of thc Iiuing, S. f P.fl).hrr.78.


C HAP. I I 1.

Sinnc'entred among men by the enuie and crat of the d-i· ucl,Blall Co fenring to his fue-

).... .::J


Eue 6rfi finned in thought, thi in words, laf] in deeds.

o finne can e \yI it MOllt frcewil.

"lff· :.. 24· In"". 8,


S. A"g. lib. (4.tU


Adam. It I I

----------------------------------------------------1 '

in Eue to be rempred by the fer pent, whicbshe could not auoid, nor in AJam to \ COlwlpiC,cc~ J

be rempted by Eue , but they finned when they conrente~ to the, eui l fll:;gcftiorn. no iin!!c , bwr{ An~ now in the regenerate,thou4Y'h concuprfcence rcmame, which IS the effect of the eft. tt and! finne pair ,& occafion of Iinne in tbo[e that yeald againe to renrations.vcr is it not fccali on of I finne,but punishment of finne,and matter of exercife in the iufi,annif we rciict,ot li nne.

con.~.L1. merit: an d rherfore S.P aul exhorteth vs ,Jf w41k,;' chelpi";', DJfHht l-fll Of';'t _""h :\lro OCC2.i'io!4

G .. l.~. : w« ,h,,! rm 4ccornEl :sh. And in another place sheweth , ,h,a, he whi,h fig!",,!, LAWp.lly I ef m er 1:. j

:.. T,m, : sh"l bt C'foV,tne1 .' • • . . I I

r, I)' Sl,e sl1.1.l bTNit'e.] Prorcflanrs '¥'ll not admit this reaoing ,'p{a confnt', she shal 'The Larin

bruifc.ic.i our Blefied LaJiesholl!J be C.lid anie _W'ol]' to brurfe rhe~~crpenr~ head. ire:n ciefendcdj AnJ Kcmrufius amlJngct others faith.that al ancrent Father, read, I,f""" not,lffo. al:!aim~ r:c:mJ Hut he is conuinccd ot lying by Claudius Mar ius ViCtor, lib. I. in Gm. Alcunus nlJtm .1.nd..... ! Auirus lib. j •. ,",,~. c , 6.S.<;hrifoll:om Itom.11.m Gntt{. S. A~nbrofelib.dtofNj4r4("!j ther Prore., j' (lIp.7. S. Atlgnll:l~ l; 7..tU Gtfltfi ",,"4 M"JIlcJJ1OJ ,up.18.& JIb. I I.e, Gtn:fi ltd urn",. ,fiaRts

cl, .. p. 16. S. Grcgoric lib. I • .+1.Tllli,.",,"1'. j8. ~nd after them S. Bcdc, Eucherius, I See Card. BelRabanus,Ru!,crtt1\,Strabm.,and Lyra \"pon th~ place,S Bernardftr.1../uftT Mifiul .Iarrn. :i. :'.C.1 l.1

I eft, and manic others,who read Ipr"a~ the Larin text now hath. Ide vcrbo Dei I

r a) ,,.,.l. i ~ut '¥,hethcr w'e read, She Ih~!.II7r.Vt,or, htT fetdt, that i~ he: f<:nn~ Chrifl • I/Jld ~Both reaciin-~s! ;,c.33.& brMiJ~ the ferpents hea.~. ,.~e attribute no more nor no lctlc to Cbrifl nor so au. [veald the (J4,ge! J.~ 'Ire4 Ladle by the one rCadlllSj. then by the other: for by the rcxr , r Til PU! r.",Jr;~J Ienie,

me J. ; I"'''''tm ~hrt .. nJrht .... fJm.,.,1rrr~'rm rh., reid .n:! her [ttd, it is clcerc.rhar this enmitic

15. Epip. and battle pertained to the wOYnJ.n & her feed on the one,and rc this diuel, Hzr.7H. that by the ferp=!'I.~,& al the wic~cd, on t?C other p.lnic,C< that the "iCtorie

S.lnlHJ. should happen to mankind. ~'hi::h being Ada1TI~ finne, occafioned -by A Ad ' (& a wOlUan, should be redeemed, both fexes,though in fJ.:"re different fort, concur- thS atim U".t<;:.

! r inu th Ad" n: 1 Chri n. b hi . I C cau c and

11 Eu/lrJeh. rlOg t er to, n fo It IS mOI{ truc.t 13.t tin y IS owne pro!'cr po~'er, and his E ~ I

~S .t.A"g. .Bielfed Mother by her moO: imrnediare cooperating to his Incarnation (& confe-, ue ... n ccca-; H( .r S : quenrly to other MyO:eT ies ) did bruife the ferpents head , brcake & \-a"q uish his I on~,. ~a7, 'I ~Fl4lg;; .) I power. (II j As manie ancient Fathers doc excelletl,. difcourfe: namely S, Bernard, !cCahPt~ ~l~IC 1: 0

, . . he des i 1 .' flu IS t Ie

( w·.l'mng VPOIl r .fe war es 10 the A,poca 1PShC, U,b .. ;I J:Tt4' fign, .af'P,ntO. ,.ht4,,(n, I'true caufe and'

S.cntE;1 II Wo",.n d.,h,tl wuh Jhr J''''1V: Albelt (fauh e) y one man and om: woman-we. hi M h

t 1:.1. ': were greatly damaged,yet (God be thanked ) by one man & one woman allofin '015 _ (,Ol af an

,- I - ithour creat i f h ccanon 0 our

& Syln are repaired.and that not Wi out great increafc 0 graces. For t e benefit doth I fi

.t Ag.~ farre exceed the Iofle.Our mel ciful father g_iuing vs f~r a rerreflrial Ada11'l Chrifi: . re nratloo. C bri. our ReJecmer, & for old Eue Gods ownc Mother.Moreouer as the fame S, Bcr-

{li""tJ. nard shee-erh, this Blefled Virgin in firtgular fort bruifed the ferpents head, in

(b) St1'. that she quite manner fuggefiions of the w·jcked ferpent , neuer a , [lIptr yeald in g to,_or takmg delighr-in anic eUIf rnoued by him.

MiJJ"t rs, D,~ft By thefe wordes Adam w'a~ admonished to humble him-

~n. rclfc,con{idcrin~ the matter ,",'heraf his bodie ~'as made, & into ,,:hich be should

(c;loh be refolue.l Clgaine(' J""'hcrupon it came to be a ceremonie amongiJ: penitents te 41. call ashes on their heads J as appcarcth in holy Scriptures. For' which caufe tae Ff"i.~8. Church now alfo vfeth this cercmonic the firfi day 0' lent ,putting ...uhes on her Jere. 6. childrcns heads : \"Xilling them to remember, that dUIr they are,& to dun they shal lon~ J. rnoue.vs by this medirarioa to more ferious pcnan('e.

M ..s.u,' ~l.. L'fitU1'!Jllp, ) Nore-irhfland inz Gods eternal decree-in djfpoGng a1 things, Gods prou.i-

. : and his omniporcnc ic \Y'hich nothing can rdifi,yet he produceth good, and eiteer I dence ct

auoiderh or difpofeth of euil w'hich he fuffercth, by ordinarie meanes, as appea-I reth with ncur .... 1 J~ g':"" rerh Aa.~, \'.31. and that becaufe man hat~ Freeeil, with which God concurreth, : free w'il. mans,

c-l.crb. \ & deflroycrh not nor for ccth, a. S.Augn{hn teacherh. .

c. 6.dt 'U.-P/~mICS,enfbulS.)M3.!l being C:loft out of Paradifc.the fame is defended wi-th Paradife d _

carrrpt.· double ga~J :~'ith ~ngch,tl1J.t are"IY'atchflll,~ifc,& potent;and with £ire & r~or~. fended b ~n. &- tr4t. rno'[] terrible armour to man. Whcl'by agamc ~,e fcc that God vfeth or.dmane uels and t

_.lIrt. mcanc.s in hi!> pl'ouidencc,~s the minifieric cf Angels & humane rerrour,& ~'ould ~re & fw v;d.

falfo iJfJ,


'S Au~. jjb. I. at: ,

rI~p:. &.

The ceremonie of a£hes,en Ashwenefday.

Our ~. Ladie reLified al euil fuggdhon$.


1 I J 2. G ENE SIS. Adam.

God dellroy- 1 neither -ieftrov the tree, nor depriue it of the verrue to prolong life ,nor bercaue erh not nature. man of f1' . cwil , by ""hidl he might deftre to returner but conferuing nature in at!

crcaturcs.preuenterh incoouenicnces other\\' ife, •

~ood An~e1'i Thef ~ Angeh alfo hinder the d iue l , that he can not enter Pasadife , len heS. Alit

h~l1dcr diucls I should take of the fruit of the tree, and gUle it to men to prolong tbeir liues , and lib.II.Ii'1 ot their ddires thereby dra",' them to his feruice, I G,rl. lid

;JiI.c 40. I

CHAP. 1111.

Wid(_td c .. i71 k.Jllctb hoi;, .4 btl: 9. "P.,IIo{t blouJ cryuh for ,tlllnge. rr 0 CAin 11. ,urfod YI1.grlbond, 17. bArb mu"b ijf.(.15. AdAm Alfll 111£111 ~tlb, and st.lh· Enos •

. _ ~. _. .' N D Adam knew Eue his wi fe, who concciued and I

_? :', ,brought forth Cain, faying: I haue gotten a man:

... ~ " :. through God.l. And againe H1C brought forth his br~ !

"", _ ~. ~ ther Abel. And Abel was a fherhard , & Cain a huf- I

I . - '-) bandman. ~ .And it befel after manie dayes that Cain I'

J. a.:~ If offred of the fruits of the earth guiti:s to our Lord •.

( 4) A fjcrur: of 4 • Abel alfo (,,) offred of the firfi-begottell of his fi'ccke ,and of their . a.b.1 I • . the L ar:bc that fat: and our Lord" had refpea to Abel, & to his guitts. 5. But to

!WilS fla~ne ~ro Cain, and to his guiti:s he had not refpcCt: And Cain was ey.cecdil1O""

ithe beninninr- ' d hi b d nd L d r id hi ht)

I fit> ld 0 i angrlc, an IS countenance a ate .6.A. our or rai to im : W y

'0 t re wor • . 'h ' d h . h c 11 - L - d

l..Apo, IJ",S i art t ou mrmcj an W y is t y counrenance ra en:.7.IttlWu oe wel,

, ., • • I "il1alt thoti" not rcceiue againe: but if thou don il ,thaI not thy iinne i

I forthwith he p~e[l·llt at the d?r~ ? but t~c luft therof 111:1.1 be rr vnder I ; thee ,and thou Ihalt haue dominion ouer rr, ' 8. AI;)d Cain [aid to Abel his brother: Let vs gee forth abroad.And !

When they were in the field, Cain roCe "pagainft his brother Abel !

. ~ ~ ,..

and Dew him. ().And our Lord [aid to Cain .Where is Abel thy bro- S4p.10.

thcr ? vVho anfw("red : I know not, am 1 my brothers keeper ;0 lo.And 1. h.3. he {aid to him: what haft thou done? (b) the voice cf thv brothers \

bloud crieth to me out cfthe eanh.: I. Now therfore curfcd fllaltthou !

be vponrhe earth , which hath opened her moarh , & receiucd the bloud !

of thy brother at thy hand. I 1.vVhen thon Ihalr til it, it Ihal not yeald to \

thee her fruit: a roag and vagabond [halt thou be vpon the earth. 150 I

And Cain faid to our Lord: M yne iniquitie is greater then that I may

deferue pardon.14~ Loe thou doil calt me out this day from the face

of the earth, and from thy face Ihal I be hid , and I {hal be a vagabond

and fugitiue on the earth: euerie one rherfore that rindeth me thal til

me. l5. And our Lord faid to him: No, it Ihal not fo be: but whofoeuer

111:11 kil Cai n, Ihal be punifhed feauen-fold. And our Lord put a marke

011 Cain.that whoioeucr found him fhould not kil him.

16. And 11 Cain went forth from theface of our Lord, end dwelt as a fugitiue on the earth atthc eafi fide of Eden. 17. And Cain knew hi, \



I 1

[[b} ~'jlrul

; murther is one j of the fil1l1es

: that eric to IG ' -

: ou tor re-




Adam. G ENE SIS. 1; I' I wife, who conceiued and brought forth Enoch : .Al~d i ' ) he~buiitha '~~~a~vo;~~h~~j cirie and called the name therofby the name ot his tonne , .c.nOCl .. I hams feed I b::! ]8. Moreouer Enoch bccat Irad ,and Irad begat Mauiael , and Mauiacl the line oulre becat Mathula el and M~thufael becat l arnech. 19. vV ho tooke ( d) tWO of If aac & Ia-

e ) ~ d h f tl th I' cob.bcfides the

wiues the name of the one was Ada, an t e name 0 tne 0 er Se ia. 'fT".

, iuues of Ifmacl]

&0. And Ada brought forth label, who ~a') the father of them that & Efa~)n lidc~

dwel in tents.and ofheardfmen. 2.1. And his brothers name was Iubal- more tncn +00.1 he was the father of them that flng on harp & organes. 21. Sella al[o vcarcs to I

h d ker i 1 aboue fix. hun-

brouchr forth Tubalcain who was a ammcrer an wor cer In do dred thou{ a nd:

workc ofbraffc and iron. ' And the Lifter of Tubalcain Was Noerna. men .101e to 1;. And Lamech Iaid [0 his wiues Ada and Sella: Heare my voice ye bearc arrncs wiucs ofLamech , harken to my talke : for II I haue Ilaine a man to the C1\.ura l./it apwoundinj; of my [elfe , and a firipcling to mine owne drie blow bru- pea.rctn t03.: I ling. 2.4'~ Seauen-fold vengea~dhal be taken of Cain.out of Lamech ~al~cs proge.1

fcc"'ucnt-lc times Ieauen-fold. rue In a~ lI1anIC,

... vear es ml<'nt I

l). Adam al(o knew his wife againe::llld nle brought forth a [anne, fu;ficc to pc:o-

& called his name Seth, faying:God hath giuen me other feed for Abel, plc a C1:!C, rea whom Caintlew.ue. But to Seth alto was borne a [onne.whom he cal- a ~holc COUnled Enos, this man 1/ began to inuocate the name of our Lord. tric, s . ..A14J.l.

J f . ciMil. e. g.

I [Ii] This Lamech of Cains iifue,is the tid, that is ne-ed in Serio ture to haue t~kcn



I I I 1.

two ~ iues,

,. Offrrtdguifu.) Either God himfclfe tauzht Ada.m, and he his children, or els they knew by inftinet of nature , that Sa~rifice mufl be offered to God 1 to ;l(kno~'ledge there·by his fupremc d?ll1inion Oller man, and mans due fubietiion to his diuinc Maidhc. And that not only in internal affection ,,«'hich (as S. ~ugu(hn, and .. l Carholike Dodours teach) is Frincip a lly required, but alfo In external dungs, becaufewccon1ift of bodie , and not only of Ioulc ,and haue, by Coos goodnes, tile vfe of corporal things.As here we fee example in the law of nature : and the fame \Y'as ordained by \Y'rttten p1'ccePt in the law of Moyfes: the Prophets alfo foretold, that external Sacrifice Ihould be offered in the law' of grace and new Tcftamcnt , to Vi'it , the fame which Chrift inftiruted , and left in hi~ Churc'h, to ~OfJtillue t? the end of the world. Moreoucr this homage of offcrmg Sacrifice: IS fo pceuliar to God only, that albeit manie .other exreriour rites and feruices ~rc vfed both to God & men ,aHO be bare-head, to bow, to kneel, & the like before them, fnlJtr of ~rt,,, h"1JIi/;,;c ( faith S A\I<Yuftin) to oj ptfJifnolu jl4:tnif, to fuch a s are homlnfl ,-'end;, 'UmtT«"di ,ji «."m ~';1 .1I~LlIlPlr • riJiJ"T? e- .tltlf'4"di ! mm ~o oe WIT shIpped, Tt"ntflCfd, -..d if "'Nch bt g;Ntn .bnn )~df"d; (for this termc of lCaorirJll!> alfo apphed to men in holic ScriPtllres,Gfft ... 3.'1'.7.1'7. ,..2.9) yet Sacrifice is due to God only, and to no creature ho\Y' excellent fo euer. In fo much (f a ith the fame DoEtour ) that as al nations found it neceflarie to offer Sacrifice, fo no.n~ durn facrifice to anic, ni/i r; 'i",rn Dr"".lIlu [.;"i, , ... ' ',"II"i'3I1N1 finxil; but to nun whom they either knew, or thought , or fained to be God.

u.lo.dt ,i,,;, '.5.

External Sacrifice due to God in cuerie Law.

L",;,.I. 0 .... It. Mill. I. L.c.u ..

Sacrifice due to God only, and to no crcatute •

U", to. rI, ,;,,;,.

'.p. 4-


I. a..M,,.,I,i{. !rh".9. 1"J.u,. 7.

, .8.

\14 G EN E - SIS. Adam

Abels -S.lcri- 4. H.d rt{,tCl 10 ...,I·,el.) 'BOLlI Cain and Abc:1 did wel i. offering external Sa-

nce declared crifice , but they ditfen:d much in hnccritic and manner of chodillg or diuidinb \

acceprable , &1 then oblations , t01~chillg GOlls part .Iud their O""II~ , as s.r uflinus M~rtyr, S. i

not Cains, hYI Hrcrom , S,A\lg._u~lIl and oth~r,s te;ch.Fodr AJ b;l offGe.rcdtt offith~ bddtthlllg,,, ,of To, r. '1': fomc external' ,l,t /irfi../;egotl,no/ 411 /lock, a1ld of f'.tlT I ~,. Au t ierrurc o 1'~ ve~rc &.approuc:d 4 Q._r'(fI. I

(j'yne. it. But to Cai» and to his ~uihs he hadl1ot-refp~d' J becaufe he wamcJ-lillccrc: Htbr",!.1

0;) de uoti 0 , Which difference of Gods acceptance appeared doubtles y as S.¥hcl"cm ub, 1$.1

and S.Auo,_ufiin fuppofed , by ferne external f~._lle , orh.r-sifc Lain had 1I0t ._1 I

., ~ " ... ·';7.

vnderfeood it. Moil like it '«'J.S b.y fire fenrfrom God, W:'hich inflamed and CCHlfl.- I

- .n es«, 1,1

rncd Abels Sacrifice) & not Cains .. As 'OI'e read of diuers other S.tC'riticC'~ in hol.': H b ~

I .11 •. :

Scriptures, L,,.ir,9.!

R~ard ana, 7. Sl",ln.oul, ... · ,err;uf.J Rewa.rd O~· cr._ood ,,,o-rkcs-a,,d pu rrrshrrrent ofcuil'are . ..l L i

, I oJ 1 .. au: .... j

pums imene -cleerly. proued by this p lace, God (.--in'!. to Cam : r r.ihoM d-I' IJ-wcl ) s/lic/",hfIN "or 'P I

I l' -; .... J"" 1_ «r·T

.... "'f,n In:; to reuj"e "s.rl-,.? \'7itatcl& bur we!- for wcldoing ).as Abel receiued coufolaticn.ef ... RIg.

iour W'or kes, hilt Saer ifice wel offered! B .. if ,/;O" d~lfl it , II-ott ,,~ 'Il, finrl£ bt prt/I1.,}'o,,;"'. ;,11,. :'.

tlu d,orl , afHi.:ting tl1Y confcience , and not fuffcring thy mind to quiet, for 1. M.«& rernorfe of rhy wickeJf3.l..'(, and feare of iufl iudgcmenr > came thai I.

e ains countenance fel ,and his fiomach boy led with :mgrc: punifhmcnt fo beginning euen. ill this.Iife., & much more in the next "«'orld our Sauiour ,,·il

rmdt7' (as himfclfe faith] to euc~y man. accordmg ro bi5 \Y crkcs:\¥'hich the Md,!6.

Apofilecx.preffeth more difiinCHy ,c'wn.1l1~, or v.rA,h e- i..J~".,jo.. I{!m. 2.., "V"ltT II,,,.) This Text fo piainly {bc\~eth frcC~'il in ma.n,alio.afi(t his

fal, that the--En~li1h Prorettanrs to auoid fo deer a. truth, fu!" thefe ~ ords, ,hc t,.ft

,i,ertofL to wit of finne ].h .. l bt 'II.dn-,h.',lIna ,h.lllhlll, I:., tUmitl; m " .. rr it,corruptl Y ,

H erctical tr~r- tranflarc in fome of their Bibles thus.V nro thee 1:;1 defire ·;I;a1 be (ubidl:.anJ IhcII Bibl, I

Lirioa, !>halt-rulc ouer him. As if God had faid , that Abel should be vndcr C';il1 • .'~s the 11)7". I'

i phanraflical Manichees peruerted the Icnfe , '«h0ft: abfurdiric S,Augufiin eon- I

rrol lerh , mJ.iuraylling the rrue- confrruCtion of the w-ord:s, T" dSfflin4L.tril 1/1,., j lib., I; c,!

1 TI#t 't(IM~J [r",rit. ? Ilbjit, C .. i .. , igi,"r, ,,:ft pace lui? T h~,. ,1)11/, ~t"lt D,~r~ j '(fhll' ,1>111, t~y ? " .. n. I

I IJTwhtt ~ 1\.01 .~. UIH'f' ",1711 I"''', b .. {lnnt? In other cngh~h Ld inons , namely zn ! the laft,\\hich '!('c fuppofc.rhcy s-il (land to~iti!.bctter,bmyct cbfcurc.thus, \ Fn 0 1';t· 11,,,£ br ,h. d.p" .h·T~f ,.nd Ii;~,. r!'>fil I .. " ... rul. of u .Lcr vs rherfcre examine

the fenfe , and ifS. H'ierouie , the gl'eatfcriptllrc Docrour did ri~hdy vnJc:dland 0'~ fl_ it ~ God did fpeake to this etrca to Cain : 1)1(."/' .holl !>aft frtlwll, t \<."',.. r/jrt, j, ,~rcl'

;The Hebrew ,h~r foln, hlllU ",t dDnri,,",n _r ~b", bill ,hou. outr ji,.,,('.The Hebrew hath thus: III G,,,_ : alfo &-G1 eeke ltd tt 4PPC:i'"J ,ius, 0- f .. domin.j,cr;l in tlUD, er , '1. 1/,.". ,t,·" tht IlFP"itt • here! ,lind;

text proue ':illu~).zIH"lt DN.rU.Tbargum Hielo(oIYll11r,il1Um cocludeth G09s fpeach to Cain

Jrte"\) i1 in thtls:LIIDfh,. h._a., hll'" gi,,"'".w~T of • hy.u .. ,"pifir,,", .mll t:llurrh,,, d"miniOluiJ,TO[:

! Cam, ""h"I)tT .hou wur to ~oDd e,' 'II 4'lIil. The Greeke hath thus: To ,hct iJtht(u •• nfi"IJ

I ,I)tn(., ."d. ,hou' .h .. l, b,.rt rNI, 01Ht' U : to \1V it, appetite, h:fi , concupifcencc is I

IF 'I Ii 'fJ vnder -thv ..xil Finally, al anriquirie , vni .. -erfalirie , and vnilosme content cf S .A.g.

! ~~e\Y/l tc tl.- Chriftj~Dooours, and other learned Philofophen ,-:mdreafonable menhold I, tit 'tit_! le_ .yanwJ1CIl- ir for cerraine and an cuideut tr.wth,that man ,yca.ahnner , hath'il.YCt ra~I'.1

ItH! vrnuer .1- hi .1 hi h '

;1' . 'd Luther, the father of 1) rorcfbanrs , fo a iorr-en t IS truth, I at he could nor 14_

I me; an . (00- , {; [, h h - 'fi ' - 1 hi b 'I

'{en' of learned ablndke the very \l'ord ,.nor vo~t a e { w ,~~ fie ~fl~agall1 ';),to tl~ C . IS eafib~ i

s: reafonablc co e , COlSlr.a ".eT"~ tllrb!!...tII.7IJ.vt~a.:"J. 'H~!:lf ur , De Jh.{r.o 1fT IITlO, OJ jn.,1

~ a,.bi"u'WII. And denier 1 rnat man rs II1.tny\Y J~' rcc to c coie , to rcfcluc , or

rLCI l(tn~, bh determine, but in -al thmgs feruil , tycd , confil'ained ,.afld ccmoel lcd to .. hat -

ut1er a .or-, h J h (' h h- I. h F h h ' _tho .0. .•• 1-1.

d I.. I fcc:!<!r e l40t , ;ut ,O~ t lIlll.ct - IIrt er, t at ma-n.m;u IS a~LI0s 1'5 laC to a

re tile name h 'f d h' ~ h 'd '1 h . A·J L -

ff. -1 h:tekne-y, t at IS, orce to gQe w lt ~er l C tl e1" .... 1 atoe hIm. Uu Kno"ll~g

o lCCWl. the whC)lc world aoainfi hjm, ~ametJJ not to confdTe J that he fctttth them a. at n;mght in tefped of himfdfc J ,onduding thus:1 Jwu net (f;lith hc),.nlnorrd

\\"J, ~nlt inu,;J hookt, b", 1 h4He oII[ir."d, MId 1 dp'."JIi""'t. 7'{rllbtr~'ill ,nil' tlftUrrnm li.ctfirilld,sc heTtOr, bMr I co", .alfO "".7, or }tilld '0"9' op,,,ion. aIfoior his part \UO, atbj.

If I~.


f:-ee'l"il in 012 alfo after his t. 1.

_ -.

\ Adam. G ENE SIS. J) I

. co:tfpireth in this hercficwith Luther ,but more falEtly ,ratl~cr.~· ilnagi- ;~~r!.~t~lt~. e

till.l..(. nerh that men be fo mad as to five from the name offrce~ 11.1 Ll ... U.l Calum ) ; d il

o • • J I d' d [oJ h b 'f h k .r. " IWor :rce~ ,,,:,''" m1 Jllft wO"!Q V;'t r HI wor ,4n wo .. II wU ~J tTl, J '. t.~ 11.1 ,mr UJinj ",., .0

1.1.. ""ilol. : 4b/i li~t from if. fi:ll. we \'nl be bold to oppol~ S. H lc:omesrcat?n agamft Lather, Where is nc""lIlA .. Caluiu , al MJ.lllcnces ,and others that acme frcewil, God =: ''' .. ~ Iaitn he) WI;!: ceflir ie there is

, (ittw;l, ntitlJ" 4re we d'4.\ ttl by nru{sWt:o VtTll4t$ .or &0 VIC" ; o. Jerl'o 'i t WrJtTC II nICt/-

neither reward

• IJ;:",'hr.,tUnljlhtrd4",,..tI~'IJ,ar'ro,,,,,e... '£h L., 16, C.m wmt jiOrll ., ,I It rs a markc of Heretikcs to make breach , and ~oe forth nor pilIlJ met

- due.

r-«. Ik : of the: Church. And conuuunly it cornmerh of cnuic. S,,,,e rtt:lm mlo iJ~rtfiel 4"a Going forth of

,," (!7 i r b:/.,. (faith S. Cyprian) wi,,,, ,J,ty m,.;, 8i,/'op' l whilft one tSlher ':mpl.zint~iJ tlult ~

r 1f ' L the C nurch a

","". I w .. fil/t w., no' r4'1,,, .r.i.timd, or dl[d.rmech ,~[u er 4110'lJtr ,UlOUe I:lm. hnt"poll marke of Hc-

_ IIx k"I".J}, here .. "." hr rtbtUrJI,. Err,,;e mou:d C4j~ '" killJil brosn" , ~t'4U[t. hil IIw.t rer ikes,

! I. I",. 3·: .,,1.:11 wn"t wi,k,_'ti and rl:lc:ttcd;.cnd hiS bT.,I",slult,allJ efteerucd, So gum~ forth

I b~c.lmc obfl inatc , ob durarc , and dcfpcrare in his Gnnc, and b~ill~ reprobate of

God J be~.1n a wicked Cirie , oppolitc to the Ciric of God. \t\'lmfore Moyfcs, 1.* 'P.. as S. Aug~uj(in noreth , intending to defcrioe and shew the perpetual continuance , .. .c. g of Go us Ciric.rbe rruc Church.rrorn Adam.which he doth by the line of Seth to .'.1.0. Noe, & fo forward to his owne time, \'could not emit to tel alfo the prcgenie of

Caiu.euen to the Houd ,,,,'he,rin al his offfpring was finally drowned & dettroyed, th~t the true Citie of God might appcare more dittinct ,marc confpicuous, and more renowmed. And that indeed the fame onlyj and not anie broken a.nd inter-

rupted copanics or cOllcntides) might be knowen to be the true Church ofGoJ.

~;. I /'4M,/l"jnc.] So hard and obfcure i~ this place, that SiHrcrom required by Scriprure S.Damafus Pope to expound it, darerh not afhrme anic one fenfe for ccrra ine, hard,

but propoli ng diucrs \'(lhich the Text 111:1 v feerne rc bca rc , 'X' ishcrh rhc Pope' \Y' ho

...a~ alfo ,'ery learned) to examine al more at large; putting him in mind that

Or igen '\Y/rit his twelfth and thirteenth books V po nth 15. oulic place. The f'.lofi pro- A . be ble b.l,ble exe~{jtion fccl:n~th to be gathered OUt of the Hcbrcwes Tradition, th.:u I icn~~ °4.("~or_ till'> Lamcch of the ifluc of Cam (for there was another Lamcch of Seths pro-jd'nn r the ~l1ic)~uch a Jdicted to h~ll1tinf!" & his eyes decay ing, vfcd ill rh .. t clC~rcife the ~e~':-e~'e~ dIrectIon of a yong man his nephew', the fonne of T ubalcain. Who ieelOg ferne, T . di t'

thing moue in the bllshcs,fuppoiing it to be a" ild beal1:,~ illed his grid-father to ra 1 Ion.

~hoOt at the iall1e:\'t'hicb he d id,& 1l:ruck the markc with a deadlie ~'ound, S: ap-

proching to take the prey,found it to be old C ain.Whc,cupoll fore amaz.ed,aftli.

ctcd,& moucd l(;ith ~rea.t pallion, did CU bC01.l: the yot;ng mall for his il dircceio,

that hc alfo did of thedr ic blow::s.-\ftc, both which milhaps,& his patli& at laf] calmcd.Lamech the text [airh , that he had kil lcd a 1113.11 &: 1hiplin!l,

S,CiJ"!' to \Y'it)thc: om: with a wOllnd,theother \t/i:th dric blowes , for \'dUch be feared f2- le.Joo,ml ucnfold purulblllet more the Cain fuftered.for kilhngAbd.Neunthelc~ S.Hicl £> Gm. I & other Fathers thinkc it probable.that Lamcch killing the one of L:-l1Jranc(,;,ti.c LIb. 1. other in pallion, \);'3S not fo feuerely punifhed as hcfea;cd.Alld fo th~y \'ndni!;lnd

.c.A,uui' t~lC refi o~ this' pa1ragc ,that fcuent old vel1gan ce \~ as taken cf Cain, by prciun!C;o..

I.~. ! tI.on of his mifer able life til his feucnth g.ener:uio 0 ~;he one cf his 0\1; nc i Oue J~l \t 'I ""6tl1, hlm,& another of the fame linage\t/ith him. And Lamcch 'X'as punifhed fCI!Cmic

;11 G,,,. ! feucnfold when his fcucntic feuen children (for fa manic he had,:t:> Icftp·hu~ \\ :-i. , .

1.11;.;. ~ rcth ) ~ al theiroffsprilll; perifhed in the noud.l.lyftically by Icucnt ic icucn mav .Myftl,a1fellf(~

be Ii~nl{jl:d, that the unnc of mankind fhol!ld be purnifhcd &: CXpiJ.H.:d in C;;dt i I

our Redeemer, who \1:'01,.', borne in the feuennc fcuenth gencratio\l from ,~.i.:r. m I

S";d., x«, &og,,'Ufi """'.tJr.J Seth was a melt belie man, and fa brouuhr "P hi ~ chil- I 1IO.e:'alo! dren j that they \'Vere cal1edthefonncsQfGod,G(:~l.(:.t'.dJ.mulfoOlnd.l:.t:=\\':(f(: I

S,lI/. pcnuenr ,& became great Confetiours ,and arc llO-"': SJ.!n:E. :\11': fo it can no: be : 0 .,

lo(;'ph l. doubted bmamo:z:11 other fp ir irux i cx crc ifes rhvy paved:x irico c arc ,l GcJ!~t;J~rblJl(cF'r~cr 1.".A.,i. 'rhcrfore that \\\hi2h is here [aid: He: to \" it Enos J b(g~lI 0:' : as the H t GfC: \I: hath) l:tfi~("\ ~ .1.( r.s . ..A".~. the \Yas be~un ,co inucca:« ,~" Ilame ro fOJlr L~.,d)c:m not be v ndci fi cod of pr ruarc.bur h (C 111 the:

,,,It. 5'~. t or fOllle pub] ike pra~'er of :nan-v 111(:e~il1~ TO;!etl:cr ,& (;bf~rtIj.ll~ f "me: ri reo :1 :ld Crt ~l~:~~c h l f

eJ E .. grJ. E - . r0~·l.~L


T .. J. .:1. I. ,tUlft D.uufi.

116 G ENE S 1 S. Seth. I forme in p.::cuhar place dedicated to ,iiuinc Scruicc, the Church being no\1l' I

I g:r~'vne to .l competent aiulrirudc ; asd that betides Sacrifice ~ which W~ alfo , before, as appcarerh both by Cain and Abel.



The progenie af A', 6- nUHlber of their Jt~Ttr (witb ,Iu de"riJ of tbe Tefl, & !

tTAtIJi"nM oj F.noc 11) in the U'le of Serh,to N.oe ~nd /Jij thre» [onnes. I

S.~.l, HIS is the bcoke of the generation of 2.4.

l- _ ~'_, Adam.In the day, when Godcrearedman, to £,,1.17,

• ~ i~,~ : the likcncs of God made he him. 1. Male and ,t_.

, ,~,~,. ~,;~ .~.-;..~ I flmalc create~ he them; an~ blefled them:

' •. :.' -, ._-- ~ ".~ i and called their name Adam, In the day when

~""'.'"'~' " ~: ; cired and thirtic yeares; & bc~at to hIS owne

-~~ -,~~-, ,-;',' ..,.' _, ; image and likcncs, an? C:l.\1edLhis name Seth.

_. ..,. ~ - ~J 4. And the dayes at Adam, after he begat I Seth, came to eight hundred ycarcs : and he" begat Ionnes and daughters. ~. And al the time that Adam lined.came to nine hundred & thirtie yeares , II and he died. 6. Seth 4.1(0 liucd an hundred fiue yeares ,and begat Enos. ,. And Seth lined after he bcgat Enos, eight hundred and [euen yeares , and begat [onnes and daugthcrs. ~. And al the dayes of Seth came to nine hundred & twclue yeares.and he died. 9- And Enos lined nintie yeares ,and begat Cainan, 10. Atter whore birth he liued eight hundred and fifteen yeares, and begat Ionnes and daughters. 'II. And al the dayce:; of En as came to nine hundred and fiueyeares, and I he died. 1 z. Cainan al[o liucd feucmie yeares,& bcgatMalalecl. I;. And

Cainan liucd after he begat Malaleel ,eight hundred & fourrie yeares, and begat Ionncs and daughters. 14. And al the da yes of Calnan came J to nine hundred and ten yeares , and he died. 1 ~. And M alaleel liued I iixtie fiue-ycarcs,and begat And Malaleel liucd after he bczat i Jared, eizht hundred & "thirtie yeares ,and begat Ionnes anddaught~s. !

1-,. And ~1 the daycs otMalaleel came to eiQht hundred 1W, ntie .fiueyea- "

( .. ) ihis fI-e- ...,

rew pln afe res.and he died. I~. And Iarcd hued an hundred lixtie two yeares, and ;

",.lhd wi,l) begatEnoch. J9. And Iarcd liued afrer he begar Enoch eight hundred!

G.d, 6gn~fieth yeares, and begat [ol1nes and daughters. 10. And al the dayes of Iarcd \ that he lined came to nine hundred fi.xtie two ycarcs ) and he died. 2.1. Moreoucr I G dd& pleafed Enoch liued iixtie fiue yeares , and Machufala, 2.:" And Enoch! (b,) The fcuetie (A) walked with God :and liued after he begat Mathuf ala, three hun- \

, two Inrerprc dred yeares.and beg~t Ionncs ~~ld daughters. Zj. And a1 the dayes of i

tcrs fa.y,God I Enoch came to three hundred Iixtic hue ycares.aa.And he walked with: nan{l.ueJ.lum,; God,and" was [een uomore:becaufc God (b) woke him. ~5. Muthu- I

~:~i~~~~~,~' I ftlb 31[0 liued 311 hUlldnd eightie {euen y~arcs , and b<:g~La~l(C~!

I z6.And I

C'ethG E l' E SIS. 17 f

\J • (,) This is the

~·G. And ~hthu[;la liucd,after he begat Larncch, ieuen hundred cighti~ ,1~ngct1 li~c: of two ycares and bezar [Ol!!lCS and daughters. :2. 7. And al the dayes of.;u reClt~a.

, ~. d d" . J" I Bur If \We c oft

Mathufala came to (L) rune hun rc Iixtrc nine vcarcs , an' he died, : . h. ,\ i -

d d . hti . & b - 11 er t .a."( am

1.8. And Lamcch lined an hun rc elg tIC two yearcs.c; etat aionne: '~'J.~ as firo<> of'

10. and he called his name Noe , raying : This (onne {hal comfort vs bodie the ii~1t from the workcs & bboursofour hands on the earth.which our Lord day he eas cre; curfcd. zo. And Larncch liucd,after he begat Noc, fiue hundred ninrie ared,as rhcfe .

- r. d d hAd l the d - others Were atl

fiue yea res and beuat ionncs an aug tcrs. 31• 11;;: t re ayes ot h - f

'b . . J t e af.!e 0 «o,

Larnech carne to [men hundred [tUCllUC [('Uen ycares.and he died. And "cares / befcre

(d) Noc when he was hue hundred yeares old, begat Scm, Cham,:md ~ hich , none !

la phez. are faid ro haue

_ _. . _ begot childrc)

:k (0 fu!>tu . .9: 60. 'yearcs fro Ad;! bud m mas fiate longer then he bv 1.1.yearcs

(II) The fccond prophccic before: Maile on Latter Euc, .. •



s A '4. B'X.,~rore"tI ttndd""gJnITI.) Moyfcs in this genealogie reciteth not al.w~"cs TI;e' c . I

I • e -g the hr1i-bcgottc:n, nor the '\1( holt: pFCgl nic by their names f;'_r then he should .f c n~m:lnuf a

.1 J .lUl. I L ~ C' d Ab 1 d h - , i l' 1 r nl b . u cernon 0

t.~o. tllUC repeated am ~n. i~ e ,~n al~e ll.a_II~C( ,,"J.ny otters Jour t lO.C.O Y y! G cds Church

l('hC'm the Church ot 00d continued, ltgnttymg the ref] 111 general. "6;'huft: fuc- & . . '

cc;ilu.m ~'.l!> cut off bv the tloud. • of lonttlerrUi'tJDn

I . h' G' • . '£1 d 1" hat Ad h W d icr COlU-

f. ..An1l JI (Ji"J ) By I 1~ o,Uwor,l IS vcr i clay mg, t at <lams ou ye, rnunn ies,

jf he should eare \.,f the forbidden tree. And the diucl is p1'0ucJ <l ; yer ,fay ing,tney should net dye.It is alfo mon true that Adam ciyc.d that day in "hicn ne.diu care, For he bezan that very dav to decline to deathjand fo doth al.mankind eucr lince

1 .1\..'1.' a~ trulv f';iJ the \Y Qm:i.n of Thecua to Kmg Dauid : we dgl 41 tilt , W."'THh.J I,.. . I rtuWIW'"or, '¥~flll ag.,nt.n Ihet.rr!) ... .An:i 'lX11~AI III iayth S Grcgorier illhlSdAyiJt h •. n .1"1 ~''9'''1. g[r.ur COTr"~lIi<71~ bur Illi"gri"~ de.,h.? AnJ n~nc of al thefe that hued l~llgcfi E •• ,,1.. reachwg to a thoufand yeares ( wlnch \I: itb God IS as one day j mall dyed 10 tnar

PI •• ~,. day 10 ~'hich he rr:lOf~r.drcd. j

'·.'rt. I. Morally .anci(;nt r.~athc:n here note, that albcirthc life of the Parriarks fee- !AI time IS

( ... Ii.IT. merh 10llg to vs , yet if 1( c ccpa: e the tQme tv crernirie it is nothing. Neither by ishort in rcfpcd I He, fl. lb~ iudgement of 1) hilofcphers Ala y anic:thing be counted long,rhat hath an enc: i o:i ererniue, eu," I. as Tullic bringlng Caro w ifcly difputing , H-:e\Yct!l the life to behuta. :

titS,,",. {hort moment. Whereby agamc wc l1lly fee \"hat Iofie we fu1ta:llle by finne:fe:::ing I

& '1. J. iffmne had not bccn.wc shculd al hauc been tranflarcd irom carth,ro heauen.anf I

TII/c"l. neuer haue dyed. . . . J. j

1.1.0 ,i- ~... VV e s fltn no ",.rl'.) That Enoch and Elias arc yet alrue is a conflantknowne 'En""d & El

1,., c. n. truth in tb: harts and mouths of the £.Lirhful, fairh S Auguihn in hi 5 rirf} booke, /vcr"l; ,1, •. :? .!1.JS.

U :.0/, d~~'".'.C7,·t"'iJJ·'·.J·alldconfirmcrlllh~fameindiuen{)thcrpl~ce. Ar.<iit ibcd1~'''f, JO 1

gf'.rr;4 is u Ilibed by very many both Grceke and Lann DcCtours:S In:ncmh.).S.Iuf:i. I .

·Chtifiic. nus Martyr,'l.8pd Orth<xloxos~S.Hil!politus Ii. de Anrichr ifi«, S Damafccn.Ii, I I

l..j.h'ttC1 4.dc_Or~hodox:dick, S.Hlcrom.epitt.6 I~ad P amach .. c. Xl'. S. Amb~?f(; !l) Pfairn i I

... _h. 4f. S.Cllryfofiom. hO.ll.111 Gcn.ho.cs. 11\ 1 ndl.ho.1:..1Il I " Hcb.s.Greg E. 14. Moral.c.rrj ho U..ill Ezech. S. Profp.Ii, vlr.dc promif. i M:lDrt~!t Scr., i S. BlJC in c. 9. Marc. Tbcophil act and Occumenius in C.:lp. 17.Mar. and others ,pturc tIl~t.El:;l~:

M.Lt.. innumer aalc. Touching Ilia!> it is rnanifcfl in SCI iptllrc:~,tbt he shal (orne ,.and I yc:t IHletl1,. &' I A!o. I r.,& be fia.ine wi~h another witnes ofChrifl:,beforc the turible da), of I uOf.c_ ~hal be {jam.c.,. I O! anotile: \\:'lUll

E 2 n.cnr, J,:_

••• '4.,.

Ho"l' man died the d av that he.

,.. J


\, .8 G ENE SIS. Noc. I

1 . flK '-I(

Likcwife thae men: or Enoch Muyftsheremakeththernattermorcthenprobab e,faytngo \_ «'ou

EnO<::1 ,iI J not' cucr y one of the reft, I,e d)'ed, onl v of enoch faIth not fo , but that he .pI'tcred ar wIU ~.~tGl«T" fcc death, fe nnHn'Ut. Fcr which thc feucntic re-o Interpreters fay , And/;e ..... , ""'fou"d,f'" rtJT'.~i-

Gs l t,anfl.tltd him, V': hich can nut firtlline death, but trJ.l1f~orting or remouinz to lTctT£t:I!Ian other place. Whereto a, .. t'reeth~bc Authour of Ecckfiafl:icus, faying: Ello,~' !)(~, ~.

Plt.J'Cd GQd, arsd Wal rycPl(llu~tRut moft cleerlv S. Paul faith: £"ociJ WillS """jl"rr«, liTe,. • J' J J" h lai S"O'

Th ~ Scri 'IJ4ChtJh~"!dnofJtedu,h .• ,.dhewlll"otfo,,nd,forGodm.Tlfll:cd'.m Wlttl'llr' ar- 'I' ~ ,

eCf cr~- f ncr,«,'ordsCJ.uJ.:;':m:in'dcclare th:ltJ.(pecialperConwcrenordcad,thclltofay: C."l44, tures pcla eo '[ He 'I/('iU 1r4;ifl~ltd . or conueved a.~'a y. IJ,~; he .'lIlulln?C {tr,? N either is it a rea- I R,b, 11

temp ora. not '.' . f·-'·· \ h f r A·I .' ~ 11 1

f f ,. 1 fonable cuafion to tnterpret this 0 Ipll'1t\:a death, .or 10 cam ocmg ererna y "

o prrrtua f. 1 S li . , 1 1: S A tfr· ·ft J

i I aueu (as .Treneus 1'1' e. H Epiphan, con. iercnrn 41>. ngt In ept ,99, a I

ucat 1. Euod ium.and "thers teach, and tile ~hole Church bclicucrl» \I:'as prcfcrued from \ that death.and fo vndoubtcdlv were Seth and Enos, bcinz mofl holy; and the refi I

Ircre recounted ,as is mof] probable, Neuerthcles for f ,il·ther confutation of the I h" 1.r, in contrarie "pillion of Protcftanrs.rhe reader may alfo obferue the judgement of S. I Gin. ~h:i[vfl:0n:, who affirmeth that TlJolfgh It be ,,~, a msner of (4uh, ",Iwhlr bloch be "g .... !llb. I, dt In P4"ad,(t t'TOm whence Jdtm .,,:1 Ell, w n-tfAp'lJrd, OT j"fomr o,herpl(.!.rn, pJace: Ule I pee, mer. '"1ft '4mm 14C~~r)CTiptlf'~ qltod [)e.u "ran/lif/if ",m , ~7 ,Hod "iutnum 'T4P1fiu/il ~"m, I' c . J..c:.~3. f.Ju~d mOfttm 'pIe nonp,cxpeTItU, T·)t holy Scy'pu,res Ill." ~hA' God ""nslald him, l, 9 d, & "~"t ht 'ranslilted I"m tlli,,~ , ,/).11 ht ft:Lt "01 (fir h.t~ "ft tX1"fTltnctd ) dunh. And I Gen, .d S.Augullin as exprefly faith, l'{ 1111 mmulls ,ltd 'I.IiUUHTtI'Ul.flffJtjl. He (to wit Enoch) iiH. c. 6.

is tY.snrLA·ei ,notJ~ad but Ill,,,t. Y ea he tcachcrh how his lift: is fuftayned thus man:' l s. 1 b». thoufand ycares vpon earth . .A nd fr eweth morcouer that both l:noch and Llias :'" c, II. shal dye. For (reing,h Ana Eli"s (f,tith be) art 'dead iu <.AlanJ .• nd ',Ir,i,,& '.~t off- .J He-

fpr~n!, of d,a,h i" Ihm fie~h, It P«J ,h.'l' drb:, .Tt'" TtU.,nl u,I};s lifr[ of common conner- : into!.

farion) <lna,~ P3.J' ,hIS Atbt whICh ["jong is deftTTtd. is. C bri],

Diuers rcafons are alfo allcagcd,why God would rcreructhc:fet>«:oaliue.Fi.It, ii) to shew by example, that as their mortal bod ics arc lOIl~ conferucd tram corrup- I Gel'l. C7 ting till' decaying, in lik e fort A-dam & Eue and al other, ~ut firyning , should haue i i. t. been conferucd, and accor~l;ng to Gods pr omife neuer hauc e icd , bu: after ferne 11 h,r s.

good time rranflared to heauen, and indued \\"ith immortaliric. giue I Thtod,. VI> all a.rgumEt of imrnortalirie, ",hich is prornifed after the ~cnera1 Rcfurrcctron, '1' 41. ill For feeing God doth prefcrue fame morral fo long from al infirmirie , we may af- 1 Gr •• furedly belieue that hc wil giuc immortal and eternal life of body and foule to hiscArd4/.

~ I Saints, after they haue payed the debt of death, and arc rifcn againc. Thirdly, lin 11.

S.ce D, Sand. there tWo (one of the 1a~' of nature, the other of the law: of Moyfes) are prefcrucd i <./~P""

Iib. 8. c. 3)' del Come a.mongft men againc towards the end of the ,,"orld , to teach, tefti- i S,(jrtg •. Monarch.Eccl;' fie, and defend the true faith and doctrin of Chrifl azainf] Antichrifl , when he !/,b. 14. An.o F. Perer:-: shal moftviolentl y oppugnc and perfecurc [he Church~ Ot Enoch it is fard in the i M ar4l, u~ l~ c. a. Da-I bookc of Ecclefiaflicus. that he ""as tran{)ate.d,'tI% all gowbus panl"nt;Am,rh., he g,ue :c. 'tIll.& nielis. ref'enI4r1U'8 then.ttions, by his prcaching , and rcdur inz the dcceiucd from Am i- \h8 I:'.;"

chrif]. And of Elias Malachic prophecierh, that he sh:i "me be(oTt ,T" K"'.' <lnd 'IT· ! E.":,!ch. f'i&le day of ,NY Lord, lind s/)lzl INrne ,he i).reof ,he fAtl"f'1 (that is the people of the I ' cd 461 Iewes) '0 ,I]t [onl2tJ (the Chriflians) lind oJ'he flnneJ (the deceiued Chriflians )'0'''' H el«,

[.,hen, the ancient true Catholikes, 4. £"l, 48•


Tbe fathers prone by the fcri ptures that, Enoch is not i dead,

Caufes why Enoch & Eiias are referued aliue,




MAnf ~r#nts c4ufo ,j tb, ddllge. 4: G;Ants wert then vptm tbt uTrh. S. N De being iuft 'WM umm.mJea to bUJ/d.tlJt .4~k.!, lB. 'fIrnerm i]e wuh fluen pIT{ons ",ore, .n' fbe]fed If oritr"lu,zn: r'"n!s were [lI"cd.

,'«) The pIO" N D aftcrthat men began to be multiplied vpon the re.iours o~ true

earth ~ and had procreation of daughters, 2. the (a) rclizio» ee-e fonnes of God feeing the daughters of men that they :al1~d tile (onwere faire.rooke to themfelues wiues out of al which of God;thc foUowcnof erthey hadchofen. 3.And God faid : My fpiritfnal not r ours the fon-

- ... rcmaine in man for euer , becaufe he is fiefh : and his ~

nes o: men.

dayes Ihal be" an hundred and twentie ye:lfcs, 4. And It Giants were

vpon the earth in thole dayes. For after [he [01114CS of God did com-

panie with the daughters of men,& they brought forth children, thefe

he the mighrie of the old world, fa mons men, s. And God (ct:ing the

malice of men was much on the earth, & that al the cozirarion of their

'-' 'b,Godwhois

hart was bent to euil at al times,«, it( b )repcmcd him that he had made irnrnutahle , &

man on the earth.And touched inwardly with Iorrow of hart, 7, I wil, fubicct to no faith he.cleane take away man,whom I haue crearcd, from the face of ?:uEon, yet by the earth, from man euen to beaits, from that which creepeth euen vn- the enormiric

to the foules of the :lyre. For it rcpcnteth me that I haue made them. of Iinncs iee-

~ . £ _J h r h rneth prouo-

8.But Noe found grace be ore our Lord.c, T Cit are t e generations ked to ~'rath,

of Noc. " Noe was a iuft and perfect man in (,;) his gmcrations,he did and to repent walke with God. 10. And he begac three Ionncs, Scm, Cham, and Ia- that he had pheth. rr. And the earth was corrupted before God, & was rcplenimed made man. s. with iniquitic.t 1.And whcnGod had pcrceiued that the earth was cor- ..,Amb li. dc '!\..t ruprcd (for al Hcfh had corrupted his way "pon the earth) I). he [aid [0 ~) a;c~'a'l;~ne_ Noc : The end of a1 flcfh is come before me , the earth is replenirhcd ranos Go2 rcwith iniquiric from the face of them , and I wil dettroy them with the ierued ferne carth.t a.Makc thee an arke of timber planke.cabincrs ihalt thou make I iuf]. ~1uch

in the arkc, and {halt pitch it within and without with bitumc, 1). And I ~ore f~he thus fllalt thou make it. The length or the Arke ihal be three hundred la~: 0 race., II cubits: fifrie cubits the breadth, and thirric cubits the height of it. It,

Thou [halt make a window in the arke, & in a cubit 6nilh the top of ir.

& the dore of the arke thou Ihalt ret at the Iidc below.middle cham bcrs

& third lofts fhaltthou make in it. 17. Behold I wil bring the waters of

agrcat Boud VpOll the earth, that I may dLftroy al ficlh whcr in [hue: is

breath of life vnder hcaucn, Al things that are in the earth ill::d be

confumed. l~L And I wil efiablifh my coucnant with thee : end thcu

{halt enter into the ar ke ) thou and thy fences , and thy w ife ,

and the wiues of thy formes with thee, 19. And of al liuing cre::nur~s !


E 3 of :~ !

,27 ..

(t/) A right example ofa iufi mao.

Sonne, of God & formes of me was then fuch a Ji'fi:inction,as now Cathclikes & Heretikes,

T his yarning & ex.peaation of repentance shew'crh fr ce\},:'il in ma ••

Scriptures not ealie.

Erroneous epin;011S concer- ' nl1l~ thefe giants. -



r-nilo. loJrplJfu LII&7.u. ~"pu,. r'fi~-

of al flefh.thou [halt bring payres into thearke,t~a~they may liu.e with thee: of the male fexc and the female. 2.0. Ot foules according to their kind and of beafls in their kind , and of a1 that creepeth on the earth accordinz to their kind: payres of al forts 111al enter in. with thee that they may iiue. %. I. Thou Ihalt take therfore with thee of a1 meat~,thatmay be eaten,and thou {halt lay t~em vp w~th the~; & they Ihal be meace for thee and them. 2.1. Noe therfore (tJ 2 did 31 rhings which God commanded him.

Reb. II.



I.: S"""u- of GOd:) The progenie of Seth , profeffing: trl~C faith & Religion, Li.If.c. were called the fonnes of God land thofe. of Cains iifuc and congregation, :.;.ci.,i,. following erroneous and ~'icked opinions) were called the formes of men. D~ "tI~. Which were then the diftinthue termes of true. and falfe Religion, as after- ,dig '.7. wards were the rennes of Iewes and Gentiles.. after Chrift J Chriflians and """p. P3gans: and la{Hy true and falrc Chrifiians are diftingui1bed ,.by the names [_nd. c_ of C arholikes and Heretikes , as S. hllgUftill tcachetli in his quefiions vpon .... T,.",. Genefis , & other places. Which is the like iugdemc:nt ofS. Ciril ~1.. in Alexandrinus li..$l. aduerf, Iulianum.S Ambrofe li e . de Noe&. arca.c .•. S Pa- hlDa. (janus epif] ad Symphorianum ) Thcodoret ,Be manic others vpon this place.

J . ..An h ... 14T.d "nd .w,,,,it )HTIS.) Mans.Iife was not here (hortnedto an hundred and tw<:ntie yeares,~ fome haue mifunderftood this place. F.or:a£tt'r ~his diners liucd much lon~er ,as appeareth in the gencalogic of Semro Abram 10 rilc II. chapter of Genefis. And AbrahamIiued- 17 J •. yean:s (c. "1.) Ifaac 180. (C".U.) Iacob .4-7. (C.47) and Ioiadas borne ISOO. yearcs after j liued 130. yeares [1. Par '''+0) Bat 1:'0. yeares wer.e granted before the Boud for that ge-


neration tel repellt in , as the Chaldee .E.iition cxpreiferh more plainely:

Tn .. ;...",,,r ei &'"' .... vjgillli ""0,.,, .. ,Ii fo.". """17'.''''. The tcarrnc of an ilundred and twentie yeares, shal be gillen them, if perhaps they may conucrr. And fo S.Chnfoftom" S.Hierom., and So t\uguftill expound this Scripture. h

Yet 'O,;'hethc:r God out off 1.0. of rhefe y.eares, and brought the Boud after a '.1~ ~ in 100 (for Noe had his fonnes "hen he W'as 500. yeares old, & the floud Came in ;~:di,. the 600. yeare of his age) or that this yarning was..giuentwentic yeares be- H b fore anic of hisfOnes ""ere borae , is not fo eafily decided by the holie Dcetours, l·t . ho"«' 4!J.1ie foeuer Proteflanrs fay al Scripruees are. Though vnder corredion I I J:' ', of better iudgement, it feemcth more probable J that Moyfes by anticipation 2.i·",m. ioyneth the birth of Noes formes [when hewas fOO. the refi of

the genealogie of the 6.rft Patriarkes , in the former chapter, and then telleth.

of this admouitioA, gillen ~O. ycares before their birrh.And fo Gtid expected

the people, rc:pent:llKe the whole time of I to .. yearc:s prefcribed,

4. Gil",,, w" • ."on.t .mh_) Some haue dwught that thefe giants -';'cre not men, gar begotten by men J but that either &liuels, ~bich Fel at ntft from hcauen ,or other A ngels allured with cencupiicenec begat tbem of the da.ughters of Cain. Philo Iudeus in his bookc de Gigantibus writeth, that thofc~lholJ\. Moy fes here called AnStls , the-Phuo(ophersc alled Gfflios.~; r .. , ."im.uA IIWlII, wi);,;, Art lill;"g CTf4',.,.tS wish ")'f'i,t..Jir,:{ofephus [Ii, I;Antiq. ) faith that Angels beg.!t thefe giants. Tcrtullian .alfo ( Ii . de ubitu muliebrr) holdeth the fame errour, and diucrs more othenrrife ~ood Aloltheurs. But S. Ciril of Alexandria.

GE N E -S I S.



• P".lo,

. . 4 The principal

(li:,.aduer.liilian) S.Chrlfofi:om [~omu.u:Jn Gen.S.A~brofc ( e Noe & ar.c~. DoCtours

C.4. )S.Augwbn (Ii, I S.c.~3. d~ CIUlt.) S. Hierome/Tradit, Hebraic.) and~Uler orouc that

",oR: princip~l Doaours reach It to be vntrue, yea vnpolflblc , th1t rhefe gIants 'h •

. h d b FhA 1 t cy were DIe,

should haue been begotten by anie ot er ~,rea.tdu~~ left a ifY ~en'h 0Jrt a~ bng~ 5 ! and bczorren

& diuels are mere fpirits without4.l natur;,u bo les.An mer a ayrre odics I f l::r:' Il.

1 h ti h . F cl I e men. '" Un

(as they haue Rot) yet they could not aue ucr generatIon. or ie power or r

. 1 h {: . rcaion

force to engender belongeth to the vcgatatluc fo~ e , "" o. c pro{'cr operat~ons &.

are to rurne nutrimit into the fubnance of the fublcCt wher~n It u,& [0 engedcr

new Hflle or offspring from the fame,a,$ Arifi:otle shcweth ;.li. ~. cic anlmol,textu.

a. 4-.) And in what bOdi&s foeuer there is vegeratiue foule ~ It muf] ne~ds be, that

the (amc wa<; t'ngc:ndrcd, and rooft fometimeli decay and die, an? fo diuels should be ",oreal. Moreoucr,if they could haue generation tog~er 1V1th manlu~~,t1ten i'uch in'ue should be" JiR:ina fpccies both from raan ana ,ilucl,as a male dlttereth "'oth from herfe and a1li:. Againe~ if fl'irits had abufed women in a.(flimpteJ bo-

dies, alll! shape of men, yct. thcy di.a not t:Llce them to ~it1cs,as the Scripture faith

they Jid ..... ho aega.t thefe ~lan~s. F~nally ,cite holy SCripture here e~prel1y calleth r

the giants rllen: There be tne mlghue oPles,famous """; the mode~le of Scr~pt~re Giants mof] terming thel41, waomonr .common. phrafe would ,a~ tnfamous,oelllg , monfiroLs in more O)onfirous 10 wld:ednes of rnind.rhen In hugenes "fbodle. Farther were Ibodic and in I

moll I.rolent, lafciuioas,couetom,t:rucl,.alld in a1 kind of vices moil: impIOUS. mind.

'1'. J: .1" cog;,,u;.,,bt1l,', nul.J Luther ( in hisat. article condemned by Leo the ILu;:hcrs areutenth) ..,auld proue by thefe words, and the like follt)wing , 0l {itsh hlld '~n",,,d . merit mat ~ 1 hini~J ~D" ".,Jh, that al workes of men are Iinnes, For ( faith he) Seemg the: mens ~Ot'kes barn of al men are bent ahvaies to euil, and 01.1 humane: aCtions proceed frf'lttl the are linnes. hart, it muR: needs be th&~ the hart as thcfounrainc being corrupt, the fue~es

301(0 dfuing from the fame mull- be corrupted. Againc, al Besh haaing corrupted

his w.yvpon earth.there is not any iun mati (faith hejnor any man without bnne:

a~d with Prorefrants alIinnes arc mortal. But Hererikes arguments are like to Hererikes Iike i that the Poets Feyne of Sifyphus labouring to caric 3. great frone to the top of an I to Sifyphus, high hil, which when he hath brought almofl to the hight, it fiil falleth from !

him,& tumbleth againe to the bottome. Euen fo their argument~ that make grea- IThe unnes be. teft shew of prouing their opinions, are nothing burvaine traueling, when they :fore the 60ud .Come to be tried by the true fenfe of holy Scripture. In this place Moyfes defcri- !very grieuous heth the enormirie of finne that rei~ncd in the world before the Houd ,for .- hich ! in fOUre refGod Cent that defirllftion. F or it ~~ haynous indeed , and that efpecially in foure \ peas.

ufpeth. Firfi,the malice and wickeancs Was gener41, which is figui6ed by thofe I

"ords,cl (l,Jh hc,J"nrup"d.ltis wc)'.,.,. ~"',;,. Secondly ~ it wa5 great malice,figni- ~

-bcd by the w'ords """h,,,,,d.,~' ,h, ~~itlUj"" of""irh"r';J btm '0''''/. F or they c~rn-

mined al manner of wickeclne, , in hautines of pride, in al lafc iuioufnes of the

iie~h,in 301 cruelric of robbing,facking, and al impienc azainf] God

& man. Tllirdly, it was o Ilong continuance.and dayly iterated. For Cain once

fallen into damnable finne neuer repented, and al his prouenic uas exceedinz , 'V'ickeJ,and after that Adam and Sech were dead.and Enochl:>tranllated,.manie 01 :

the faithful fcl to the wicked fort, and became worre and worfe .rnn; urnpwt, al-

"'aie~ , or ","it uy. Fourthly, they were obfiinatc and obdurate, not repenting

when 1'{.or built the arke, and prc",chtd iNflict ( as S.Pct~r tefii6cd ) be: thcrfore 6.4

{AU,d hnn ""d Ilis f.H,a./ie, b"'"gin_g in';' cki .. gr lIpDII,/"r wwld of'br _1"0",". Al -«hieh

maketh nothing at al for Luther. For although the malice of man and corruprion .Luthers arzuof ~eCh wa~ tl~cn verie general ,gre~t, of long continuance, and obftinare ,yet . rnenr anf..,C: 'CI"a.s It not (0 vniuerfal.but that God himfelfc excepted Noc,fay ino to him: I hlU.t ired.

{ ... "d ,h" iNfo in III] fight in tbis gr,,,,·,,,io. ,whereby it is cleere rha~ thcfc general I term~,QI.(og;~';on and at fl,rb,haue ex~eption'. As likc\l:'ifc other as gene~al pro- !

pofirions In this fafRe chapter ,concernmg the punifhmenr rhr eamed.comprehend

not abfolueely al and eueric one, but almofi al.very few excepted. I \' il ",.nt 14k.

cw'_'.or dellroy mJl.J1 wham [ h~ .. r CrlJl.Jrti,j,.QI1uJ,r f •• ut ,JJ" • ."h. The md of 4l fiun ; I


C.~t II"." _. Againc, ,h., I "'''Y dtft,., III filiI, wbtrein ;1 brlClh of lifo wd". " ••. fH1I. Thefc an: very gCRcrai fpeaches, that al should be defkroyed , and yet eighr pcrfons of mankmd that had the fame natural flesh, and alnongll other liuing creatures tRat had breath, d iuers payres wC're (aued aliue, So that chis place (nor anie other in hnlic Scripture) wi! not proue that Proreflants paradox, that al meas acrion:. are mortal finnes , or that no man ill this life is or Can be iuH: bur mallie [criprures tel vs plainly that ferne men were iuf ,a~ 1 ~o~, lob, Daniel, Zacharia~, Elizabeth, Simeon t and others. Of Noe fcc more 111 the nt:x.t a.n-


,. l'i.,t W4/4 i .. fl4"d f'CTfiR 11141t. ) Here Noe is not only c~lleJ iu~ ~ bur 0111"0 perfed. The hcbrc e: word IA .. im of the verbc .amA'" (~·hlch 6gnIhetb to 6. nifh or accomplifh ) ibe'wcth that Noe was a perfect or complete rJ:lan.doing al that he wa.s commanded, and performing the offices of al venues that perrai., ned to him, and that not in a. vulgar and meane fort, but in :I. high degrec , & hcroical rnanncr , as fundric ancient Fathers haue gathcrcd vpun this p lace, \V'c shal cite fomcfcw of their fayings for example, S. Hier om (Tradit. Hcbraic, in Gen. ) dillillgui~hing between confummare iufhce ( of the next life ) & 1Ullice of this gcneration (ortranfitorie life) faith: ?{Ot ,he j"p m.m \\4~ !tTfeR in

i 1);.( g"'t1'atiIJJlJ': i\.oc did walk, wj.~ God:ch.w, did.f.llow his fieppts. S.Augufi. ( Ii. 1 5.

'emit. c. t (;. ) faith the like, that 'l'{oe WII' cAlled IUft in J,i, !,ntT"''''','O w''-, no, III the

, • . cj,i-ttnr of Gods titie 4.Tt tQ be FeT{eRtd In ,h.r imm~Tt4tj&it, in wi)j,b .ht} shAlbt t'l"al to

Wno.IS ~rfea: ..Angtls, but IU Ihty 1tH") be p''1ftEi in .his ,iigYlmA,!;t.And in his book de J erfecrionc 111 this Iifc, contra C:r leftium, he defcribeth him to be" p'Tf, a man, mM t.nl1rrb \~i'hout blame 'o>vard, ptTf,{fitm ,'tI8Id b[ dA".",ablt jiJmtt, (mdis _, fH'g'i£""'D cl •• m[t ytni .. l li"nlS by .1",tl ,pr"1rrf , and other gooJ workcs. S. Ambrofc 301fo tdh6eth, ( 11. de Noc &: area C.4.) that albeit the world ""as verie ~'icked, yet fomewere i\,fi/4yjn~: By ,l}t ~rat:'( 01' [a"oUT )whi,J, 1'{_ot fo .. nd,;, s/)t w ed,I,,,, om,T men, ~ffen" dHh no, ob.r;~;'t '~t

. ;u/f m.,.) -vh» is p'f"A){td ,JI., by,/,e nt>biiine o/his birah, bN' by ,f" "itr;, oj hu iu~;" e- ptr! ftR_;~n.S. Ch~ifolt. molt largcly (ho.1,. in Gen.) fetted1 ford}th~ rnfhce and pCJ! feet ion of Noe, Wl~trc after he hath Cbe\\"cd that Nee defcrued.jndecd the name I of a man, becaufe he by flying vices and follo~ing vertues ccnfcrued the image I cf man, when others like bcatls wcre led away and ruled by tbc:i·r-~·jckC'J lUfls

. .. ,

! procccd erh thus in his ccmmendarion : b,hold ( faith he '.f7J~lht,. kind tfpi"tlIJt: NlJt

I IS' 3./led,lJd, which d,,,urmnJ,ion cornpnluwch :ll ~erl .. f. Fonilis ntlf71~,jUft, we 'LIle '0 !T0- nouTKtOf ,ht71s,lh4.1 Ut1£1[e al ",,,"ntT of ·~·trtlle • ...And 'h.u ~OH mot) .. _T'" /tow I,e III'Tlu,d fa ,i,r 'tnT)' top which ".1 117m al[o rtlfuirtd f}jGJ¥1"t •• "nf, th« Sr1'FcH1r/aIJh, hI wasi.,ft, bfmg per/i.O in hir gtnu",io7t. He pt'lf~Tm,j .... h,H IhmgsJfltJltT j, beiJ{Jucci. Ult '0 dDe ,hal .mbT,""h 'LIn'''t, f'T {u;b an ont is peT/ta, h t mtt7",;lud noti;ing, h, hAiwi i" no,hi." .h« did ,,~t Wli i,. ,hi, andfin",d i. ,hauhing,&J<' Will ptYfiei iu tutTi, 'rt1'u~;v.hjch~':Aj ''''1'li/it (oJ" hin,.,o h4"e.M01to~'1 '0 rn.k, IlIfo 'his i"P "'.11 mort ccnfpic,.oJ,s '0 'LIs in ""gll"" fif ,hu,me , and by com!l%ring hi." wi.h "I;".s "he Scripture laid" hr WIlS pt1fiti m JJI.s gtntr.,jj .. : in 'hat lime, ;n ,1,., peTUH{t genmui.lJ, wbich Atelin,ti 'I.Imo f"jl. which wo.ld "'". fo "me!' III ,rt".d "".it rt{emblance 0f'l.ltrrru. III rha: gtlllTII"on ,h,.,fort

." Ihoft ,i",.r"h4t i,.{J "'41'1 not only pr"mald, bu, An'i.lfd 10 ,h,u bgl" of 1Jtrtut,lh,tI h, bt~ C4m, ptTpE1, •• d. in II! Ih'"3,1 Ifb'[olule. ._And .h4J whICh I [.id brfoTc, 18 fiot wti "",o"gji II), eJUWlltJ.l -VCYIHt,.",ong(i ,hem ,I,a: jorbid ."tTI", ,ao,h "l"'aits rrfbfic A 1'0l.{t oj'l.ltrfN . ,/0 by ,hi, oc« tlft.n .htl";: man 1,0' grlA'tT1".Y fe$. 1'\.,i,iJt.,. dot iJ dillin, ~ "iftuTt hert JllJake.:ln tnd o{pY4ifi"'g hi"" bur j.",h,'f" she\\ III; ,I~, tXCdlfRcie of''i, 'CItnl4t, lind Jh., ~ W:t' IlFPToucd Iry Go., 8\11i"~ U"fur" for "~ftd" [4);"8, iu V.4J pttf, a us his gl'neTau~n., it Adde'!, , ,~a; N,_.! pleafitl G.d So gr,d Was ,htren.w",tII[ hu "tYl"'"IJ4' ht d, ferued 10 be pr.,(erl of God IioT N. ~t ~lt4;d God, (tilth ,fu S''1iptuTl, tl, •• yo .. "'4)' know ,}J.H he v. •• , "1'prOlfta of GrHI: heptt .. [td '''a' 'Ye,IIu., c.,,,,., be dt"jN,d,b,l}i, gee. \\(lrk,s. Thus farre S. Chrifo!l:om, and much more to the fame etfea •. S.Grt'goric the Great iAhi~ fifth bookc of Morals, and ;6. chapter vpon the thud chapter of lob, recounting certaine priltCipal Patriarchs, among the ren faith : ~,ftr '/;4t I" t,,,{td G&dJ I

t X ~lIml A lIIiII

Noe iufland redea,



E~tt: r , lue.1. .& ~. I~foc.

1. I..

Di"ir,o 'ilk .. lc

• I.. '" ,.Ga.

1. H. cill. I c. 17.

D, ... J.



;;4",,".:J~" w.s r."d.ln.r in iJt vn~it.tnt .·.~Tjd A!lJ ;<"e- a lar3c catalogue cr orher i:dt men in conhr matj on oftht<; ,ciu.,chme ,tha,: fcui . ~cre j"fi in the la\\"'cf n:uurc,concludeth thus: L{plhtr u" eo DC be,~tzmt (f3.: m ne )r''1.%' sn! fo m.rnlc wert IUft h'fr,'" law W4S TtCtlurd 41 At 0Y!t1 '.mT~Ehfr). '" 'JU .mift b~lr!r dr{ ripllon .

H. ThTlthundwi c .. bJU.] Apdles an old hercrikc, fCl1l1c:r uf Marcian , but~rcr IC.l:ti:-,g him, and 3.rno~gft oth~r new coy ned nercfies , n:.jecrins the}:a ... - ~ud the P roniicts would hy rhis place unpugnc !\L.y f(;~,fa \ I:1g It was vnpoHlule tn at in (0 fm~l roomc as was the arkc by this defcripri» ,the dcft gnd ?a:.res of al kinds or he.lfh, Foulc, and (crpcnts, Ihould be contained, with eight! al their prouifion of meat for a \X'hole vearc. \\'herupo,n l~c condudelr~ d~J.t this narration ( \Y'hich be callcrh a Fable ] hath !,O probab ilirie nor potlibiliric to be ,

true, To 'IX'hom and al (uch calumniarours It mJ.Y be anfwercd , that ).1 oyfc .. cuen IA general an. in an hererikes o~'ne conc iit , if malice obfeurcd not his fenfc , muft need .. be !(wer tw al Cathoaghr Yife enou~h,if be had been Jif:lnfcJ to f.iyne Fables , to frame them pro- llumnu.t

b.lble , or pofliblc ,efpeciall r \Y'hcn he pretended 11 at to it ~nit1e a miracle ill the I of ""ifc ;t{~:r_ fmolinclo ot the roome to rccerue fo much as he reporrerh. Or i rcn to anfwer hirr i ned m

fuppoferh a cubit here mcnnoned to haue contained ftx ordinaric cubirs : and f~ : On ell. .

doubtles rnc arke rnicht eafilv coarainc 301 thinQs thar are here Iooken cf Fer fo it '.11' genfs lOP)-

.'" '. .. . ' r'·. Ion 0 ong

~/c:re lilre to a orear cirie. Bur this optnlon neither hath good warrant. thar euer 'cub'

b h f r h Movfcs rni h J J ,H~ not

the k<Yyprtans (of whom C uppolet ovics nllg t laue: learned it) 0:- any !pI . bl

,., d ubi 1 hismeaturc of 0001, e.

other narron vfe 'fuch 1011~ c 1[\, nen re r C;tO t l~ meafure or a. cusir be 2£rea- 'I'

ble to Moyfcs meaning , who no doubt fpt>~keth of the like cubits hcreyas htdorh •. M ,r •

. . ~ . defcri I 1 ' . ! 0\ ICS In o-

m other places. And III Exodus he efcribct 1 an A ton to be mac e fiue cub its 10M*' I t1 '. 1

J:. • I . I Whi I 11 b . O' ~, I leI paces

nu~. broad , a~d three In Itl~) it. Y.' 11C 1 \~'O~ l e oy ngens meafure euer ie : Can not be vn-

CUOtt contayml1O- fix or dinar ie cub its.that IS nme foot at lcafl ) in length & like- I' j f! d

. ::>. d f . . l' .' \1 er 00 to

~lfe i~ br~.ldtb .. L toot,}n 1. '). Dot In helg H. Ag_alAe I ~CUt. 3·) Movfes tel- Irpeakc of fo

leth ot an iron bed ofulL, King of Haran, that ",'as rune cubits lono , and (cure 1'1 ubi

b . L k . di O' . f f b' f::> ong C its,

road, WJucw maxe accor 1l1g to rtgens mea ure 0 a ci, It, ourefcorc and one!

foot in length, and ill breadth ~6. foor: ~hi,h indeed haue 11 0 probabilitieAlio

rherforc S Au~ufttn and other Docrours , fu?pofing that Movfcs in .11 thefc I

boots, "'-rittcn for inftruc1ion of the fame people, \X'h0111 he brought forth of A- I

gypt , fpeaketh 0: one fort of cubits, doc Iikew ifc iudge that he ~caneth crdina-!

ric .1,nJ kuowne cubits) which conraine a foot and a halfc euerie cubit , as Vi.

truuius Agricola and others doc proue > or a foot and three <panel'S of a [nor I

\Y hich is the grcOltdt cubit that fcemerh to be mentioned in hal y Scripturc,calltd I

t4 ma?s cubir~or £ub'lof.anulnsh4nd. AndfotheArkewasatleaftinlengrll.HO, j

f oor .m breadr .. 7.J. 111 heIght o4~. or at m?fi. In l:'ngth H f. !Oo~ '. 1Il breadth 87. I

and a halfe: 10 hel~ht f1. and a halfe.And either ?fthcfc capac ines '\l:as fufficient

to reCC1Uc al the tlullp here menrioned.ccnfidering the lefts and panltioliS :hat

were: iu thc whole arkc,

Appelle, an old H c!ctiice, /that denied

Chrif] to haue true £c:~h.





1 I

Noe witb I,u f.m.ilie , And p"irts of ~lkjnds ojbe."fis ~ndfotdt! , being entred : into the 4Tk!, ll.. it rAwnlJ fouTlie d.tics .lld jourt.l U1glm. 2.1. At mtritl1Jd ~ Deb" huing ,rC.LtuTlS on tile eATch, "A.';r/Jout tlJe Arkc, AlC dtprOJlli. I


V I I.

N D our Lord [aid to him: Get thee in , thou and a1 thy

, 1'4) Noe W.l.S r.

iufl nor only houfe into the arke; for I haue iccn thee iuft (<i) in my

by the eflima- fight in this generation. !. 0 f al beafts that are (b) deane,

ron of'men, thou ihalt rake (eaucn and (eauen, male and female: 3. but '\ indeed and of the beafts that are vucleane two and two, male and fe-

before God. r: d •

(b \ Obferuatif ' male. Yea and of the foules alio of the ayre ieaucn an Ieaucn, male and

of deane and female: that feed may be faued vpon the face of the whole earth. 4. For vnclean beafls yet a whilc , and after [cau':ll dnves 1 wil rayne VpOll the earth fourtie by tradition, dayes and tourtie nizhts :--alld 1 wil deane dcltroy a1 fubH:ance that I before the law' hau.e made, from tlfe face of the eart~. 5. N oe therfore di~ al things ~;)~Ii:~'e- which our Lord had commanded him. {]. And he was iIX hundred

brew \V/ord yearcs old, when the waters of the fioud flowed ouer the earth. 7. And ,M.u.

ThrhoPII fignifi- Noe entred and his [orin·~s , his wife and the wines of his (onnes with ~~. 17. eth a gulfe of him into the arke, bccaule of chc waters of the Houd. He Of beaRs aI[o

Watel' ,fronl the deane and the vncleane, and of foules , and of al that mouerhvpon

whence new h k

fountaines t e earth, 9. two and two went to Noe into the ar e , male and female

fprang more as our Lord had commanded Noc, rc. And after the feauen dayes were abund:ntly ! pafled, the waters of the Iloud flowed ouer the earth. II. In the fix hunthen eucr Iincel dred yeare of the life of Noe, in the fccond month, in the Ieauenreenrh ~; bc:for~ .• h \ day of the month, al the fountaincs of the (,) great depth were broken fr;nrt;~h g~·eat! vp, and(d)the ~oud~gates ofhea~en ~er: opened: 12.. and th.e rai~le fe~ pipe~or win- I vpOll the earth tourne dayes and tourne llIghts. I;. In the verie pOUlt ot dowes , by that day entred Noe, and Sern.and Cham, and Iapheth his [annes; and which \V' his wife.and the 'three wines of his Ionnes with them into the arke: J 4.

fel downc In they and eueric bcait according to their ki nd , and a1 cattle in their kind>

!!,l"e3.t abun- d h h 1 th di 1 . k

dice from the an al t at rnouct vpon t ae ear accor 109 to t rcir . ind, and al foule

ayre, here cal- according to their kind, a1 birds, and al that fly IS. went to Noc into led heauen.the arke , two and two of ai Hefh , w hcrin there was breath of life. 16. S. Hitr. t)",{I. And fuch as cntred in, male and female of al fiefh did enter in , as God I Reb. s. ~p'!r.h, had commanded him: and our Lord" Dlut him ill 011 the out fide. 17.1

IItU,. HilyoJ'- A d h fi d erew fourti d . h h d h .

,.,.. s. chr. h... 11 t e ?u grew rourue ale.svpon t e eart .an t e waters increa-

IS. in Gen. fed, and lifted vpthe arke on hlbh from the earth. 18. For they ouer-

flowed exceedingly; and filled alan the face of the earth.moreouer the arkcfieered vpon the waters. 19. And the waters preuailcd out of meafure vpon the earth; and al the high rnounraines vnder the whole \ heauen were couercd.u e, Fifteen cubits higher was the water aboue \ the mountaincs, which it couered. 2.1. And al Befh was conftlmtd that

! moul.'<!





Tic':; )9.

moucd vpon the earth, of toule, ot caulc, of beafts , and of al creepers, that creepvpon the earth : ~l men, L2. and,al thil~;;S, \:'hcrin there is breath of life on the earrh.dicd.r: And he cieane deftrcied al fubftance that was vpon th e earth, from man eucn to bcaft , as wcl ,it that ~rcepcth , as the foulcs of the ayre : and thc,Y were de.ltroyc~ tro~ ~t t~e earth: " but only Nee remained, and tney that were w!th him 111 :,~e arkc, 24. And the waters held on aboue the earth an hundred nruc

daves •

ANN 0 TAT I 0 !\' S.


Y I I.

,6. 11,," bim in.] God \y1ho by his only ""'il could iR a moment haue drowned al :; od vferh the refi of the \V'odd, fauing whom he p lcafcd , not needing in any thing the help both natural or his creatures, yet would vfc both natural and funeruatural mcancs , as the Ia- - d f

bour of Noe to build the arke , new founraincs fpri;i~in;, and the heauens po\Y'- an. luperna-

, d Fourri 1 h ~C J ~ , ind ro d h h tur a meanti'l

Tm'" owne warer ourne uavcs roact er.arrerv ar s tne e in ro dry vp t c eartn, r .'

l:>. " ~ , _, as iecunc arre

anJ bccaufc the dorc bemg grea.t 'tor Elephants to (mer 10) and was to be tmnea,' "r .

. h 5 A b L h - b . duri h f ibl uld ca .. ies . 1:1 pro-

1 .. 1\.., \l'lt out (as , In rofe noret I tor errer 10 unng; t c orci e \\'aten,co u not ' _' '

, .i : J1 b 10 d ' d b h "11.. fA 1 'j," ,lU~ln~, con-

O'crc",COl1llnOUIOU y e c fcbyNoe,O.rLtr' yt CI111111nneO nges)mul m"."I'.;~

& 15 J Oll,lIC"lft Jidr. to teach vs by al this and rhe Iikc riifp()iirion oft!llngs, that albeit his elll'~6' go-

" Diuine omuioorcncic cal~ doe \' hat he wil al alone, vet he ~ i h'aL~e his cr carurv s luelrfhl1wg , p&u-.

r , III In" In

to concurre and cooperate as fecusdaric COlUrC>, foruerimcs naturally, fornerimes '-, :;:0. ~ hi

r II ',1 11 • 1 . 1 hi . . ' h le~al<11n~ S

Jupcrnatura y. or InlraCluouuy, as It p caret 1 IS !!oollnn to Impart to t em c l:>

- ~ rearures,

pO\y1er and venue.

1,1 I"rolily 1{lIt. \ As there is noranic thing in al the old Tdbment, from the

creation of the \'('orid til the comming of 4~ h nit .morc notable , more a drnirabl e) . .'\1 or m~Ct

01' of greater importance, then this hi!tone of rhe g~neral floud ; fo ~as there Ithln~S 10 the r. Cor. : notillng (though al or 1t1Ot1 chanced t(.) r+ern in ti~l1r~ ) that euer more apth, old, Teflamenr

r~. I more Iiucly or more cxad lv prc6gur.ed Chrift and nis (_ hur ch , \ylith the .dt 01 be In ngure 0

I 011 mankind, then dill Noc &: the ar ke ,& the dro~ ni:lg, of rhe Hit of the", or IJ in t,he new , & no li,.. 9,.1.' that ddllgc. Which 5. Aug;uftin dcclareth in many places, but IllO{l cfpecial ly & figure more

~ .I:en."1 ot purpofe in his tW1clfth bookc .. gainft F auttus the Manichec.,frQ the 1~. C haptc:r t:xa.a the,ll the '.18. ti" to the 12. • and jJl his fitreenrh boos e of the cine-of GOIl, irrrhe [\\"0 laft chapters: Houd of Nee, ,,"'..... ""here he sheweth at larg e both the.certamti e of rhe hifioris & that as certain! y it

I eel. f. "'as.a figure cf thiPlgs inthe nc.'(I(' T cframenr.S; withal the grt:at cogrui ric bcre ern

,,, Pfol. thdigure & the things fi~urcJ.The Iame did Origen explicate ( hcm.s .. in Gen.) How- the Do; 103 &- S.G:ttgorie(hoOl.I.' Ezcch,)RupeI"!us-fli'4 comment.i~ Gen C 7 J.& fC~!I:<:nt.; .":rollrs ap pl ie I~l. S"., & dl~ers ot~cr ancrent Dod curs , confi.:-m.Ing their ex.poflt1ons by S.h:tCf;) rcfii- -he £gliTC to

(09, Ilt moure ? faym£, : In the arkc II few, ,h6.l,kJ tlghr (,.,.Zu (or perf ens ; Yo t~'t!llfU d .from I'j' e tl:JI~£,d~-

,~" dro\Y'nmg). b,. W.ftT, ..... btrumo Bapt{me bm,s. 'f'/:d,kr tvf.71Jt FIOlA [..'1m;' j'" ,;I/~, An\! r urcd,

l.Pu. ~'I by our Sauiours words fdymg : e;Al In :h. d"yu cf1{_&t: fo $1) .. 1 a.lle 'ht .o,,,,,ung cj sl,e ~

~/",:+ 5""',,/",6.71 be. In fumme the Doctours rcacn , that Noc, Ii ~nih mo rift. ~"a, a ,,- r.. C d

Ii f Chrifl h {i f Icul "h ' e ' v' ivoe .:ITnlnf

LIte.l7• gureo rln,t e veryrf 0 mans ou c. ~' om ~ho1(,cLl~rfullw\H;t1Hh.ll (" ;[1 ;:,

find l'eft for their foules. The arkc {iO'nifieth the Church.rue forme rhercf ocins T-J,l1r.J. i. h

., - e .e, ar .. c t e

fix times fo lon~ as broad, and ten times fo ltmg:.~ high, rcfcm~lcththe prnror- 1 h

rion of ill J.11S bodie , lying prone or proflrare, The: dorc in the fi.(lc r eprcfenr c.h lure,

the wound in Chrifislide 3fromwhencc fl.u~ed tbe holy S .. 'r;l.mlm~, by .. bici~


I 116 G ENE SIS. .Noe. :

, E" ne e '" l thc f aithful enter into the Church,& are f:l.nfrified The timber wherof the arke I

I ,~r;,~~ __ h,wi ismade,&thc\\;'a'erb J.l'ingitvp,tigninccitheCro!fc ofChrifi&Baptiflue. ,.",.

~- ,\hUr~ oy, 4' 1'i.!t ~ faith S. Anguftin) w/;,I, NlS I w~dtlil"T'db'y'i,tW4'fr4nd'htwood~ro ,h,r. ,li. l2.. dt

Vl.~·J .. nC::·f S ",ii;, If Clmfl , by liapllrm~ .PJ,'1tri. \'V'ish Cmlli, P4{sion on Jbt CulJc. LikelX'ifc the B"tJ,f." erruc 0 3.- I' c I . hi h b . 'i1. d h b J f 1 incd i I r ••

craments com- Iq'lal'l1es a. t l~~lInber ,w 1ftC oth jun.1~nC ~ <':d bur = a ~ h contadJ?dc liln ~ 1e fro

n I f I arke ) and refiftcd the nov rous '~atles at toe ou CUIng \'(Ilt out, I JgUlne

Ch: ~ /l.rop"' r." I fuch Olen in the Church. as be conftanr and ihnd firtncl v in al forts of tentations:

ruts .l.iuo' . . d d

Dod-ours and " cfpeciallv godly' and lcarn~d I?0frours a.nJ ~".d?ur,~ , wh~ b~ \Y'or an, example

P n .' h I vphold J.nrl connrrne the faIthful people In .... .1. afdl':hollS wahm, and wuhfiand &

.urcurs 111 t C • 1 ., d h I -j 1 h I Cl h wi I

C' h conumce a Hercrikes an at er n11 c s ~ r rc lure Wlt lout. /'._

V Ilure.. f fi ga.ine,the hizher and lower roornes \'(Iith the midle chambers and third lofts,and

. ::.nCCdlC 0 d 3.- other diftinaions of cabinet' . and partirions , and al forts of liuing creatures

tes an or ers Icane i rccei ;, . di d fi . - h ,. t 1 fi

' h Cl h deane and vnc cane, rccctucc t.lcnn, 1 19l11he t C varrcnes 0 3. ares and

In t e lure f .0..' d di r.' c d rneri , h Ch ' , l' h

. un .. iuerune or manners an rnents 10 t C ~ uren, 10 \Y' uc are per-

Good and euil fons of al deg:rees , Clcrgie and Laitic, Potentates, Princes, fubieds , good and 1:1 til e Church. euil. The rnol] fironO' kind of gle\\7 called bllumt",G g nifted the permanent or euer., PerftetuitieoF lalhng flabil ir ie , :!.~d vnfe\>arable councxion of the Church, by the grace and

the Church. continual afliflance of the Holie Ghat!: confcruinz the fame, The confumma~ial1

V nitic of the of the ar kc in one cubit fjo'n!ci..:d the vniric of the r~me Church, \Y'hich is one In al I

Church. times and places. N(;ithc~ \\"0 ,lid God Almightie hruc manic ark cs for Noe and his fonne$' or other creatures, nor m inie chiefe Rulers (though he \\~allid that of I them Ihould come manic Nation) but one only ark c, and one chiefe Gouernour ! therof, and ~hat a1 ~.:-ithoutthcfam:! ~on1d corporally dye, to Ggnifie that al l w-hich dye w'lthout the Church doc perish.and are eternal! y damned, Whcrupol1 I

S, Hierom ~m(lng,ft other F ath~t'5, shc\¥·~th that .11 \Y/ithin the Church, that corn- i£p, f7. rnunicatcwith the Sec ApoftolJke (wberm S. Damafus fate then GouernoUr)lre lei DIIas thofe in the arke of Noe , and al Schifmatikcs , Hererikes.and other Infidels Im~Jum. arc in like cafe with the rcft of the ~orld, that were drowned with the Baud.

One chicfe Gouernour in the Church. No faluation out of the Church,

The end of the firft Age.




OF THE ST ATE 0 F THE CHVRCH and flee of Religion in the full: Age of the world ,from the creation to Noes floud,

the [pace of 1656. yeares.

ERE, According to our purpo[e mentioned he!ort ,'Wt ; 'Wil briefly ruu« certAine princrpAl poinrs of RelIgion, I tAligilt And 9bftrued in ta« firfl Age: In wiJi,h the faund"rrans of tbe true mAnner of [erMing G.1l ( tbAt siJould bt continued ta ,be end of tbe lIPorld) were lAid, Ana prllfPtTed in fome, M AppeAretb;n tLeft feuenftrft ,bApters of GenrJiI. B,H fi7ft of aI, 'We SbAl in tWo -wnds repeAt (AS it is deerly gAtIJerea in the fAme b9ile .script"re) the flAte of men before And immea;Are!} After bil fAi , being the fubielt to 'Wh.m Al thil perrA)"tth.

Ji Jttr therftre tbAt God JlAd cre.ted .t1JtT things, botb in heA"e" .fnd eArth, Man made to lAft of AL be miUle MAn, to bu .wne imifge Alld bk._ents;wirb vndtrftAnd"'l (!J- God,£ jmag~, rreewu, t»erin lik._e tl .IIn:UJt Ana !uperi,ur tt Al other '7tAUnes , And fo ~nd In happlt: mAde him LorQ. And MA~tr of Al ",Arr/Jlit tbi1tgs. Nett/1tT wert tbefe tbe grlA- ate.

uft benefits which Goa beftowld 0" nun . f07 IJi4 diuine geodnes mdued Alfo

IbM bil 1lAfonAble ,reAlllre with innecencie 6 or;~in.L iujt;'t , whereby Al,

rbings were Imp rightly ordered witHin him -And About blm. Hil mind, wd, Man obeyed lind rt.fin 'WlTe obfllitnt If} God; hu folJ[eS '" inftrlo", P"7t of hil foule 'WIre God, ~n'd .al !JlbielJ tf} 't"fin; hit fits I} Atld bod" obeyed tbe JPirir ; And Al ell7thlie creAtures earrhlie crea obtJtd hi ... God Alfo A""ned mAn with excellent /tnQwltdge, both nAt.rAl and l:~aobeyed

fllptrnAtu7al. And Albeit bi5 b~ie "WA.S of CIITruptibil [lIbjiAn,e, "~t tbe [lime, D.

A"d ill hil pofttritit: , if tbey bAd nor finnell, should haue .ten ,onferued, And

witlJour dying "Aue been tr AlSJ1Attd. to euerL"jHns Life. Thus mAn w,cs plAUd M rn placed in in PArAd;fi , And Eue tbere mAae of A tihbe of hil fide, '0 he bil msu Ana vnfe- Paradife, p.,.blt {""'panion , AS man Ana wife uJnei. in M "riAg' , wi, b Gods blepmg

F ~ for

jor tmrc.:fi""d multiplic"tion .. M "ppeAreth in rbe two fitft ,bAPttTS of thn bNk_.e.

But God hauing made man right, he imanglcd himfelfe (t:I bolie : E.ccI7, Scripture [peA/" ) with infinit queftions. Forrhe atut! ellu}iJlg mens Jtli- 130. S"r·, ,ilie ;nutgled OIU mO,rl1eT Eue 'Wit IJ quefttons Anll lies then bJ heT ,fttjt f _ i 1., 1.4.

du~ed Anddeceiued, Allured Alfo Adam ro the rranfgteJIum oj wds csmmsndment, And fa the) loft originAllufi;Ct, wbic/J Adam bAd rufiued fOT himfilfc ~l1d Al m4n~ itld ; AlIa ",I proceedmg f,om. ,hem bJ nAturAL propJlg.WOIf A,t

Original linne. borne tlu dnlliren of WTrcrl, , in 97igmAI finne tontt ~Cted jYfJm A-4 • .m~ , jZtlues 'j the diuel, nor onlJ fubleB to temporal deatiJ, bur Al[o are 'x"ud~i1 feT eutr ft~m heAuenlJ bli.ff~ and glorie : t:"ept by ChTtJls Tedcmprion p4rr;,utl.ri} AppNea, tbt) be re~"ed to grace .tna iufiue an tbis ltft.

And toudJing Ad.lm ,nd Eue., whfJfe finnc.wtU not or;ginl1lZ but.",1u.:l, were penitent. direCllJ co'mitred by rhem(eIUts ,Gods mercu fa led.tlmed them bJ nell' gr.ut,

rh.u tlu), d-e[p;&ZTed not ( It$ CI&in , and fome others did· afterWArds) hut 'With bope of 7em1iion were ("rie 4nd pentrent, ena accordingly rece;"ed pc-

nsnc« A1ld rcdemption.. For Goa brought Adam from hi') Iinne ( ai lJolir 5Jp, rc .. i writ uft:fttth) And the fame i6 ,olltill:d of Eltl , God shewmg the iik__t ]ignes

I ofb" prouidcnt meni« tQwinds tJJmJ boll] , of whzdl we sl1.zl bJ Ana bJ 110(e

lume for ",.mple.

N~w let vs foe tbe ",ore pri"'ipAl poi"ts offEuL And R.eligion f1Jofi Jftd Ana

Faith in one obJer"ed bJ the ChuTe.b of God be!lre NotJ fi"ud. Firfl, tbl} belu:u," in otu

Gt')d. Ertrn.tlAlId OnmiprJlcnt God. 'Wbo made tlwwJloln::rtuld .. tid tJl rhrng$ tbtru. of nothing. W/I;eb is eafi~ eonf(_{[td of Al rI'.lt Are not plliineAriJttjls. '''i~ m~1 be p7.UH~d tlgJ.inji dum b) rfiJjan • .And tilerfore Adam ,uut otbtT Ptm'a,h (uuld nn err« jTllhu Artide , nor DtJJtrsbe ;gn41A1u rJ;ereo/, 'xup: tbt] wett

\ler} 'TT'i~ k.!d.

TIJe M)Jler;e Alfo of the BltfJcdTri"it;e. tllTee Divine Ptt!D11Sin.o"e God, tJJough Aboue ,he rt~( b of nuns "tafon ,. yet 'lil'A6 velftued more expTeJl]

by [ome ; J1sort itr.flted bY-fJrlJtTs ,.a1)4' ,onfoTu,,' Jrom sss to Age b}-ITAdmon, ~r ItAf ,,';'ongjt the dliefe huds lind ielldcTS. W berup,n ),loyfts 4ttTWAfdl illjin""ttti the fame greAt M)fleTit by diuers words "r;d pbT4!CJ, 'WTitmg of G(I/J. .nld bis· WfJTk._es •. Tilt Ill"O wflrdes God created if they be TlgbtlJ cOI;jisned import fo mu£b. For tbe "R'ord Elohim, God., in ,he pJurAl 'Jumbtr ) jii,rti. fJttb·pJu,.IIlitie of Plr[611$ (for NJanie Gods it 'Al1 nst fig71ifie, feeing tbtre is but ~ne Q}d) 4,,41- ,he verbe bara , created' , In tbeJiTlgul~7 number /julJ one Goa in ""turt .nJ jubftAnce , Albeit tbree PtTfons. Forw/J"t[Ot"tT

Though the B. God lotbin ",.tufes .is rhe'Work"e of the whole nUI;t;,: rhough h.lie ScrIp. !:·inirie,worke I t ure: doe oftentimes Itp'propriate fume "'OJ Sze ro owe· O;uint Ptr/~n, lome to Ml ioyntly 111 al loth,,; whidJ alto proueth tiijlrnllion of rtrfons~n God. So rbe l'.'otdsGcd

creatures vet 'J' h· iii I. F h .

diners 'fI\'o~ ke~ 1 created heaucn and eart J'~IJ~.e tHe at er, tf Whom power IS Artub"reti:

arc attributed I In the beginning:,{tg';pr the Sonne, to whom wildorne ;s "ppropr;AU.d: Gt". I.

to aifiintt A13d th« 'W-{)f{!S, The Spirit of God moued euer the waters, fignijie the

Pcrfons, Holie Ghofr, bJ wheje bountiJ"t goodlles, tbe WAters 'Were m"de },.u;'1,1l.

Man fel by yea.lding to rencatious. and Eue

The Tlldied Trinieie,


·G ENE SIS. 191

Lik~l{e G.aSfwne werdes-: Letvsmake manfigmfie tile plu,~jJm 'J Perfons, .na Image and likelles in the fin~"LA,~um~er ,figl'lifie one God.

Men .lfo b] f.itn ,..niubmgs ptTte)nJng to themfoLues • .4J ~bAr .tlu By fAith the ;'''i~ WAI ",,,dell] rbe fl,me of tbeeArrb: 'be foule. ,.,t prGdu,ea of Ame Ihlng l£tate of ma.." i".efl] ex;fting • bMf ,,,,,rei imMed,.teL] of .ofh~ng,.mi ".r"rAll] ""mllTt"l: , & prefent rh"t tile (ellluj Ad~m ll'1U illa"e, w,th gr", ,u#,ce : tllAt he jel f,onJ th.t was knowne,

b.ppie b] JeAldtng to renCAlion , .n' hTC4kj"g Gods ,omm."time"t .f

.bjlinlll" : tlJ.t for the {"m finne Ad,,,, Ani Eue were ,aft /",11 of PAr.dift,

.,,4.1 "' ... k,j1l4 ["hilll • And orbtr "l.",it;Is.

F" '~"'tdle .g;nnjl fillne , & rejlAu,.ti,n to grAce, tbe} bllitued ;11 Chrifr ;Be1j~rc in ".,.rjc4 ".be o""e-4/ tbe w01lJ~ns feed, who bJ his ~eAth IbouL4 conquer tbe I Cnnfi to .,'lc..u !n""t ., lIeh"er m,," fro", ,"ptuUtie, .nd rl]loft him r, fplriellAllife. come •

.. 114 thu is the ,."fe 'f the perpetuAL ",,,,it;e between tbe WBmAM ( efpe"~lLJ

thl ",oft Bltffid VJTgi,,-M.,, of wbom Cbrijl tOfJk_e flesb) And rhe firpenr,

.. I. between her feed, tbe {piril"Al ,hildrtn .f Chtij1 , .nd t~e ferpents {fed,

tUI wbole "mpllnie of fbe Wilk!d. Oftbis bAteel Aud ,onqueft TArgbum Hiero- ; .

{ou",irAnllm rbll4 {pt.k.!tlJ: There nul be remedie and health to the chil- 'Remedlc for dren of women , but to thee, 0 ferpent , there fhal be no medicine, ;lrne:nA,but n1unhe yea they fll:ll tread thee vnder their feet, in the latter dayes , by the 'f~[ ~eic :.t l~~

power of Chrift their King. Lik.!,wi[e Gods fAmilIAr umunj"uon with •

IIUlerslNenjn mAns JI1Afe (Gell. 1. i. 4· 6.A"d 7') ,*tU A fig'lle III clJrijls ill-

'A'nAt~'" A lid .The SICrifivfs ""mDLAted did prefigNtA.te btl deAtlJ , in reJptll

,..13· WbtrtlJfil is [Aia tit the .ApoCAlJps , The Lamb was Ilainc from the begin-

• rung of the world. But mst« expreJlJ S. PA14t tcftaftetb, tbAt AbeL, Eno,b, Ana )ilodlClitJItd in Cbrift , fummg tbem for e.x~mple of the prft .Age, And otbeTS of

other times. Ana rn the tIIa undlldetl1 , m~niefIWrt being approued by' None admitted the [arne fairh.receiued not the promi[e( tQ wit Inlhe;r hfe·rtme) God pro- inro heJ.ue~ uiding that ther without others ( of tbe new Law)lflould not be conium- before Chrifl.

mate ~ tbAt IS , not ~m'ttea into beA.utlllie iOJes 6- jrllitlOn of God, .,nul 'be W") of etern.l glone were opened by O"T Lords Pllftlon Ana A f:mfion •

.Neuber did tbe true jer.antl tJj Ged in thefe ftrjt dAYes only bel;eue ill bArt ,bllt Extemal Sacri-t I.e] AlfQ profcffeli, thelT faitl] ($ l<.eligwn b] exter"Al R;rtl ,namely in Dff17,ng . ficc.

o/S""!flee (the mofl (p"iAl bfJmAge & fer";" to God) wb"b;s eleerlJ ttJi'fttd,

ciu; + as ll'tl bloudle in fig""e of Cimfts P"jIOlJ, IU vnbl911die ill figure of tiJe

IvIllt E"£iIATijt. A lfa rl1l accepting 0 jdu one rig hft; offered bJ A btl, & reidling

tluorber notdo11e fin,ertl} by Cain, WM ded4Ttd bJ txu,n,,1 fignes, wh;, l,

C~m difii~JtJjng APJa enuJing iJis brotbersgolJi worte , k Nop.~;ng ~H Dwne to ~c

nfJugbr ,of mere ",.auce kJlled brotber •

. Bt.fidesS~"iftce rht] h.adaLlo f1.tbtr Ritt$ jn publlk._e .Affemblies "'''Jing "rId t\P~blikepaYCr .Jnuo'Aring tne nAme (If our Lord, in mere !olemne m~nneT ,from EnoJ tim: ~lth other

.nd fa forwArd, a~,ording to tl1M as fecorae(j'f bim ill rhe end flf rbe !o,,,rli ites,

dl"pter. For dou~rles AdA-m , A beL, .nd Setb dii ~lf(J prAy and 'iSl vpon God,

IIn4 therfoTe WWIU flme Adduion or in,rtA.Je of jolemmfie in rbe Ieruice Df God,

which is referrea to Enos.

F 4


;0 G ENE SIS. 1

Ceremonial '.

bferuari TiJt} bAd nwrtfJller ollur ctTttnonits: ,rtbe fU4emhdtu pArtlcalArl1 hlt,((ed G

e reruanons. 'J' 1" J '.I lJl tn. ~ .. ,

FC3.fts. .end j"nc1tji.:J b) God, "-tpt nolle bJ AdAm tina othe~;.c"Jls > .U Allum J. i

Ab!l:inc'lce. E.\!, wltnc:J1etb in hu ,ommmr'Tits vpon th« ten cOJlllilandtuwzts : IJj f&bjfaj_ I

Cleane & vn- ning "Dm mtars., filW It 'ierJulh rbe msmgodlie (iTt did cace no flub bel;Te uG ..... 'n.~C). i cleane. JI JO )' tit 9. I

laces dedica- tnt ftoud, whidl W4I "fter .pl'mllluL~ Obfef",tIO" oj cleam •• ,,:1 vn,leane G,n.7,1

ed to prayer. beAjls for s~"ifi,e : of pe."di4r pl.ues de4J'4~cd r~ r.tlrgJOIU VJes~be7e ~eDplt 2.. I igurcs of met ugetlJer II pr~J. Lik.!wi[e d,"ers-otber thmgs.n d,C fitJt Age 'Wefe pgu,es Grit 4, :

Chrifh Sacra-] orCh"I1s!I"TA",enrs:theSp;TitDfGDaglumgpowertorh~WAttfS (,,~ ro: :G2.'· i

'J J tn. 1. I

menrs. tllll"m, S. H;erom, anaotheTS txpolmd,,) and cbeJi~lIti. ojN{)e) ~} S. PatTs 1,.1>".3.1

Baptifrne. teJlinmul, were fiLuTes of Bap'Lfme. MaTlAge tr;jtJCuwJ, In PA~AUlfe , i4 the !

Ma.ri"t;c. VeT} paterne of ,hulLe M,Atf&1fJOml, a Saf,r,zmmt in tile CbUTe!; of ~blift, whne I

one m~lI and one wtfe art onut LAwful, and not more at once in "nte 'R'Zfot C/;';fi I !

refj)7ming rb.wwlJldJln MOJfe' law 'WAS toLetared (for ha,anlS of mens h."ts. MICJ.r,.1 AnJ for Auo}ding murder, to put a'W~J one wife, Ana t4k_.e an otl1er )ro 1l1U I ftrJi ,nfticution as rt was i" cJJt beginning, two in one flesh , not ture« nor Gm, 1, I mote. The repentAnce of Adam and Eue WilS a perfect A'd tXllmplA' jigure oj : ....

I th« Sa(.Yt4mUH ofIJennanc,. Firft, tbt] wel e 4JJJamed, coucrillg Ihm IJAk..._t(/ •. <"'n.~. nes,a"d hIding lhemfdues , whiLh shewed tbm griffe Alid jOrto w for the finne csmmitted, Suomii) ) thfJ conftff'd tbm fAulr , 111d.bJ what me4.nes it hap-

pened. For God ex~minrng Adol", ;'ht .tr;{>:Jercd Hul] And ]imply ["]fl!g : The

woman which thou gaueft me to be my companion, gaue me of the tree, and I did eate. Llk.._lX'iJe Eut conjc:Dca finwdy ,.fAJing ; The f<:rpem

. - ~. deceiucd me , and I did eate, Thmilj, Goa gAue them pClmll1fCe ( bt{tccs

atist a .. cron,

I deAth before ,",eatHed sn« otHer pentllrfts "ntltxea) th.u Eut'ihould in p~il1e

and rrauel bring forth her children; And Adam Ihould eate his bread in the [wear of his face, Ami wHhal ,,1ft than jorti; oj P.l,iJPzje, but no:

From hence is fonb of his fAuour, AS AppeAred bJ his nlAkJtlg them g.zulIInts oj Jk;:nnes, g1illll;ng tbem (}- tben poftrrme tbe Tefl oj tbe tAHb ID l:ru A1'Jd l"b(Jur mttJpm~l~ to feTue him 6- aot Plltname;witb admonation to "member, that o!dufimA'JWAj m~tie, I1milnrodujt be slJal T((unu • .Al 'Wh,ciJ were jignts oj loue, Ami ,b.t finAlly be w~uld briug them ana fil,lmt mOTt co ett7nAI /Olluaucn. rhe ft'ft-~orne Ana beAds of j",ndits wert Pritjts at til' ume Df the law QJ nAture, 'Pntil the law heing cbAnged , God tODk_e Prlfjls .nly oj the j1uck._ ~j

Prieflhcod & .AAron. and tin rrft ofrhe Leuires co afiift dum·in tbAt i,lfjCiiu71 : Aaron & his N

Law Hand & [onnes rhoufhalt appoint , faith our Lord, Oller the [eruicc of Priefl, IO"::'!' change toge- hood, for I haue taken the Leuites of the children of 1 [rael for euerie !45:

ther, fi~fi-borne. ~JI' ~.PAM' u» ... hetb '! rhA"bAHging ~j PmftJJO~d and .dJAngang oj the law grJt AtwaJls toger ber, shewing euidemlJ rblZot lucric lAwful cemmuli1rieor ,cmm.n-we .. l,1J vllacr God, ".,11 extun.dP·mJibooa. Se tlJAr if Jhtre

had ~an no dijiinti Oraer of fxurn,L Pt;(jil)oDli IIJ dJC JA11)'! neture , or now WCtt' none ilJ the Law of t""" (as PI'DUflA1lteS fl.) fhetc u nor)1 here 'Wue no lAl\' at Ill. Set mDre of this pomt m rhe Annot. ,blip. 1.1U1 Hebl e. fine we e.nly obfaue tbAt Abel, se'h, Etl~S, And other P"rrillfd)j WtJ't PHlfls,& txt'ltifed ptilflire [unaiens: JeA CAin IJlfiJT~Aj A PrhJ1 (though A bad DUe) 41Ui cDt1YD SlIt't;Jue.


1 c t)n~ition.


taken the ceremonic of ashes on A~hwellc:fday.



jut cxttrn.d .ffices or mmifterie t witlJDIlt a wel difpoftti mmd And fin,,;, ~ G

. d k d~J . JJ.f,. d J. .t: i ood ",orkcs

VtTtUIS prodllcrng Goo wor es , IU- ntut1 IU <1'e Ame mAn. An t'lIT)'" I necefiarie, '

Gill. 4· C.uns SAcTifi(.e, offered w;Ib A per.ufo mmd, WAcS ~o~ reJptc1ed by GDd,M Abels I _

WAS: whcrHpO'llJe beumming worft And rrJDTe mAi,eroN!, God !iJarply rtpTN4ed

11M AngeT AIJd tJJuie, concej",d wIthout iuft csu Je .' !A_rlng : It thou do~ wcl,

{haltthou not rcceiue a~ainc:but if thou doli 11, [hal not thy Iinne forth-

with be prefent ar the d~re ? 'teert; shewing l}Jat euen« Dill sb .. L Tt"JUe a,-

cor,ing Ie bil 'Wor k._tJ.

Tbis pl.,e .lifo el4idtnrlJ Jbeweth Frecwil , ],ain" wick__ed nun, For t/Ju Freew il. tXpoflul.,ion b.uJneuCT been vtrrrcd bJ oflr mup rcafonolble Lord and ~Iafler,

Ij o.uJ btt,. de"iued of frtewil. for he mrghr balle ,,,cuftd htmfeiJe , Ana

.. ft "tedJ bAlie been 1J0Jdm c",ufed , if iJe IJad been fOI ,ed to dwe M be did. But GMcbpged him M ine"cufablt, lind M one Ih", ~lleT1i', or ought to lznow , tbat

he bAd fieew;!. 'And doth [uHlltT mcutcet« lhat he bold, And JiJoltld haue power

.,,11 jreewil ,uty his c011Cupi[cence , to correa tbe f .. me if lJe would t f4);lIg:

The luft therof (hal be vnder thee, and thou Ihalt hauc dominion otter it. S, Ib.,r liD finner , be h« 'WI" fo w,,"-ed ,mud) ltiJe" iu~ JIl.lTJ , Jadz_etb freln'iI. let Luther "b~DTrel/J tlJe very wurd ,Mia Calum ni~Jud If out of tu« 'WI7M.

Temporal punifhment if proued to ve due for finne remiued , bJ tb,t both , duth ANIl other pen4ims "Tr tllfiic1ed bJ GQdJ lujlrcc "POl1 men, aftcT iuJtcfi- I~atnc uue. for

. b . .t;«: Hnne remitted,

c.:tlon , and 'J till: !a,I"ula, pUfmiJmenrs taui "PCIn AJllm "wi Elle, c{m) efmg I

thtir fAults.

Purgatorie if "l!q. pyoued by the (<lme iuJiice o/GoJ. For wiunaniedilth ' peniunt, end Jet hilue not mAde lui ratuJAltum , tiJcY mujf /lIif(·r IH tharrtm"i-

nub ajlcrdealiJ, and be pflrged, before tluJ (an enur msu H • \Vhich rtmnent

,(debt our B. S"u;our cAlLeth, The lalt farthing, and (a'til ,it mufl be papd.

The leWIS .al!o At tbu daJ bold rheduiiri1lc of 1)u~,~a.tQ7il by trauus», snd (0];- Prayer for the

jrqutl1rly tilt) Pray for Ioulcs deparred , not (J1!~vto G(ui , bllt alfe t» the an- &aJ. .

cunt Plttri.ndJj (wiJlCh llkewjJ~ snC-Wi rJ; Inuocarion of Saints ) ill tht(t lAnd to Saints, :Offu;o : l\'ord.s:Ycefathc:rswhich~lecriuHebrcn .opcnto him thcgatesofE- .

to_- I den, thAt iI of l.''''lIa;!~ ~ wtmb n'.4~ pi~mc~ I1J Etten. And uuno» 15 Ihe place !Sepu!chers 1)[ if·"BIl. I wberl.A.JAm WJU bI4Tlld,.md his {rpNJdur reirgtfHIJ1} (onformd tn r he ttme Q j J ,- I p ~njarch.s I~.[: 14'1 fue ~ AUOue I ~oo J.tllru afttr bts dou», 1 he f,mJt is the pl,,'t wimb ~btAbMm Irdj~joU{Jy

I r. 1. J'I b.u.ght ,a'ld thne bu.ried S.",,~: wiJere 41fo iJlm{t:lje, and lfa", , 4tJ~ JAt1Jb Wt1e ! conferued, U.s..A .. - bUried: and tDWbicbftnallJ tbe bcdits {}flVe itoeiue jimut5 {}j l.;Cub ~>ere trau]:

i,uir. lsted from S;cllem, a-s I 0fepbUI wntct b. A ild 5idum A/jo 'P."AJ fpcc;,di), };un()u;~d, I pifl .. d bec,u{e [Ilcb perfons J1Ad b,en bur;cd UJlTt ) Il4 S. Em·llme WltnrJfetll of bii 6H'IU 7; ..... h k_nt11l'ltdge in his time.

~g4Me bJ religious C.1ye ofulI'IJiug tIJe deAd in tbiJ jrft Agt, Enoch Tr'M 1I1fJre EnochtrallD~. "rt.A;ni] ltnowetJ to b, T ranf1ated",I,uc, and nor to be dIAd. Fer tht [menu« J». 'ted aliue,

G,.: 1. 'lrprrrtrs 412a .s. PMll fa) He was not found , wlJic·himp.crteth th s: II. C)

".11. follgbt dil;gently f07 him, aNd that bu bid,~ 'QuIJ 'lot be fllll1l41 JVT God ttA"Jl~'

I ttd him. G

.Ii} AL

Lj ,u Ifrrr. jIlT6i,.li.



Ir .....

«.r_ i.


~ ~

~M,". ~. 1

B} At wi",,, we fe, mutu.d 11j1 es And "mm"m,n of gOOA w,'Ic!J ... ngft go.1t ",en Ali,,, And aeAd t wb"b u ,,,Utd Communiou of Saints. Ana

beret,. Angels LI,k__ed not rbei, ,1ft. IS. for God fcr clu,ubins to k.!ep the G .... 3. gAt' of P"rAdrfe , tbA' netrbtr ms» Jhl1uld enter , being ;uftl] expelled fer finnt, nor ",uels , At S. A.guftm not"h , left rbt] snll14id t4k.! i,,,il 'ftbe tree of l,fe , And giuing it .0 men • AUure timn co mort finn,. And now Saints being u .. dt.d 10 Angels gLorie , hAue lik,_e buno"r.bU .fficfS tOWArds otb" men t A6 Angels b""" I Cd rl1e bloua of A bel ,niujlly Jb,d by CAin, G, •.•. ,,,d iuftlJ to lie reuellged b] God, JlJeweth rue peculiar honour, which Gud

btflowetll vpon 11i! lAints .for ,herr vertues And merus ;n ,hillife, 0" e{p,,;.-ll,

in tbeir deArh. For Precious in the fight of our Lord, is the death ofhis P!.J..


Hence .clfo il p1Dut4, ,hAt feting;n rbu life the good Are ~ffliaed And the ~Ad oftentimes plofptr temporAlly, tl1ere m14JI meJs ~e.m otlm Court .f e"aB Jaftice, AlUi .. n oeb , Rcaconing day, wher;,. iueri« ont shAt reatue A,cording ~ till) b"ut done good or euii. WIJi,l] WAI fufficitnrlJ rnttml&rea b) Goa·s d'ft-f {ing and ",,,ni/'Jlrng .dds .. nd CMIlS defotts , whidJ were hidden before, And in part rew~,ding ttum A"ordmgLJ , yet reftruing II" JNI reWArd .f the one And

Iudgeof the punishment of tile orb" to tile next world. oj rlJe lu.Jge And bu fmrence E'ZQdJ

... orld, ("lle.cdged by S.ludethe Apoftle) prlipl1ic;ed denlyJ"Jmg: Behold our Lord Epi. cornmerh in his holy thoulands , to doc iudgemcnt againft a1 ,and I"~. "'. to reproue al the impious of al the workcs of their irnpietie , wherby 14-. they haue done impioufly ,and of al the hard things which impious

tinners haue fpoken againfi him. Tlnu hol] Enoch prucbfd r.",hing

the w,'lted, wimlJ tbollght til"e WAf no Wgement til "nte , nff IMage to

be je.cTed.

At tbu T ud genltnr 41 sb.d AppeAre in bodie lind [OllIe ret"Tlling t(l lijr.

Re{urrecrion. For tbs: Al men- fhal rife from atAtll u proued bJ tbe 'mmorc"am OJ nuns foule , which God dl'~ not m"le nor produce fJI c",uptible In.c' ttl,

but immediAtell) breathed into his face the breath of life , ·and man G"

'.1),,' •

became a liuin.; foule. So rlu flule bemg i",m~rrlJt t And bauing A na-

turAL indiurion to th« hllie , mens n"rurAl pcrjeililJn rtquirttb rlu con,"nBi." of bodte An6 ["uie. Fur nmher foule nor bod't fop~TAteti is ~ ms» but both ;0)nt6 in one fub[zj1mcc Art A m~n , in fo mu,b thA' m"llk!'H~ should ,erish, except the bodlu jl1al fI(e Ag~tnl , ,nd ltue wit IJ the foules. And thell sl1.d the bodtes be qu.tlified AWlrdrng to 11]1 flAte of tbe foNlU, bApp;e or miftrAble for_ruer.

Euerlarunz Of Eternal life tlJe trAnflation .f Enoch it "figure. FIT feeing God p7t- G"t.5.

life. ftrlleth bi6 corruptible bod;e fo long from de"d] And infirmilie, it is" tlJk..ttl

h ffi d.' ""Ilm.t.nifefl fig'" , rb"t b} tbt ["me -power of God II;e bodies of men shal at

Tc CC bIle. C In\, the laO d"y, Aitt7 thA,.d men ~7e once dCAd , Tift Agdine , and FtJ1JAJrle with rht

r rna. lOY. r. '1" b· . 1.. .

The -e-icked I Joules for euer ; T egood an Eternal lOy , tbe WI( "\..'"a in Eternal paine. Botl}

in .elldles lfignifted by rbe , .. padie of rbe gale ofPArAdiJe by AllgeLS; wlJo for eUtT k.}rp O"t IG"J.},

pame. ' thoft J t/JAt ATe fill defiled with finne, and {o the} ae paT r inc (I fire elm taft.,,!, And 1\2.4.

I Admit

Cemmunion of Sa inn. Minifterie of Angels.

Honour or Saints,

General Iudge-




Admlf the IIf1l(J'6nt ",oti ,uft IIftD rJu J(inlaomt oj heAum, whlCb u tUlrJ,Jfling iUJ And pn/ell felicuie.

ThUi we fee ,be f.s" Aml briefe [""Hlle of Religiorr i1J the "'ginniJlg ~f C:hurch euer

1 the "A'lIrLd til rile j10ud : lind tbe ft~re 'f fbe Church, wh"h 'WM Alw4JU 'S·lLible.

" . b d . I . J S rr: 1 ucceflion of

I Vll'ible conljiJlmcr of tnen g{)od "nJ A • WUJ 'A "nUU"" ucceinon D p . hs

I ' 'r. • L fi fi t, J . n arrrarc •

I Rulus , 41 'Wtl [pirl:u",l tU remp07,,1. F.r trJ: f -borne ~eTe lIor J Pmrj Anti

Pri/J'U iu eMnit fa,,,ilie. Ana "IHongjt the f4me onetueT ,hit! of AI. ~,om '11!lJiev

rA,,~e CAin WAI u:dllded. or 74rher excluded himfolfe , bJ Gomg forth trom '".4, , the face of our Lord. WIJerupon hoi} M"Jfej "e'tub this ~OIJ"rcbi'"I fuccef,I'. I fill" of one ,bitfe.nd Supreme Head,froT1l Adam by tbe I"" of Seth, Enos, G ... , •• Cainan, Malaleel, lared, Enoch, Mathufala, Lamech ) and Noe, NeUtT-

17. ·4. I thrill be ftrttrh downe ~fo tlu progenie of Collin ,tbe fi 'ft Legrnntr of" ;"''',

s.~ •. ftbif,.ltri,"l, lin. beTeu,,,l ,o".c"",le , Dppo[ite to tlu Cit,' of God. Be demtd Cains negl• ."._' Gods ,,,,,idl,,ee (MTh.&,gum H,ero!oLiJf1mAIlUm ttjfifmh) protrft;ng to Abel, tJLlcdoCtnnc. c. That there was no Iufiice nor ludge , nor other world then this, 110

!~...... reward for vertue ,nor punifhment for Iinne , and fo dclpcrarcly he killed Abel, oj rl1tfo nrgAriue prinCIples ,rotuded odJtr il~ dtrtfiALle opin;'lIIs , .nd muft wi! lift: , fllu4ge lllia b.nbATOUS crtultre I And .&1 kJnd of tm-

pitt;e. AnQ in pTDctjJe oj lime ALbeit 111A';t rtrtJAlmd in true fAith .uJ4t snuu TrueFairhflil ,f rbe Churcb , Jtr b) conlltTf",,;on w,th fUell mi{,tunrs , efpedall) b) '''_ remained In

G .... IS. ,,,fion I)f M.If;"gts buwtttl tbe follirlJ Jul ~"d ,r'fidel. •• "llHoft the "'R'J)olt· l1'01id I ~:;~e;lfo iufr WM ,o"upred In m"nlurs Bllt Noe WM iufl sua ptt fal.ln runi,hment tluff-I' and perfect. fore of fo gTeAt ""d In~tmioUi frnnes , Gud fom rile gemr,,! fiuua, wbnb) All ,Interru~tion CAins p711~£n;t, "ndAI Dtber ;1,t;.tdSll'erc n'vtI!lY A'Jt,o"led IlTJd txtinou;sbt.los~herctJcal

r . '/ , . . 6 • loagogues.

And the true ChUTCb nut"hi] purged; only "'ll Noe .. nd JJu j"nuLICTc!t7u,d. By [Conrinuace o

whDm the f,jme true c.l1u7£1J'wM "ntlnu,a. Ami the w,rtd 118"mt upLmulJUi ithe Church. with men.

One fupr~e head of the Church.


Tbtw.tt7S Di,.inishing iI] litie & litle ; 6. Not fo"dtth forth III '''on" S. ;lIrer The fecond hi1n".,ut, rbrife ; 18.l"fil}t.1tubjorrlnrirbAi,;'.HWITtn·lIhbmHIJ1hl Agecftne

Jlrk.t, 2.0. frtitttb ~n Al'", ,-"na offuttb s"c,p,e. "odd.




N D God remernbred Noe , and al the beafts and al the ITh hi d I

cattl,e which ~/ere with him in the :lr~c, and brought ~of t~li: ~~oral'ti a wind "pou the earth.and the waters dccrcafed. l. And .Of the new' 'n-; the fountaines of the depth and the £ot;J-~ates cf hca- ~rrea(c s: u.ul-,

uen were shut vp : and the rayne rrom 'LeJuen Was ;ripljca(ion of I

A d h d - h . h ' "the wodd c

,. n t e Waters returne trom t e cart OOIn(l & cornnunc: Ii . I

~ L' b 1

G 2 and !


I ;4 G ENE SIS. Noc. '

and they be Tan to dccrea[c atter an hundred fiftie dayes. 4. And the ar ke reftcd ilie Ieauenth month, the Ieauen and twentieth day of the month, "pon the mountaines of Armenia. 5. But the waters for al that i were coins 'and decrealing vntil the tenth monrh : for in the tenth 11

tI t:I 1 - h .

month, the firfr day of the month , tnc tops ot t e mountames appea- I

red. 6. And after that four[~c dayes were p~{fcd, Noe opcnins ~he I 'window of the arke ) which ne had made ) let forth a crow: 7. which 1 went forth, and did (,,) not rcturnc, til the waters were dried vpon the ' earth. 8. He Ient forth al10 a douc after hi 1'11, to fcc if the Waters were ceafed yet vpon the face of the c~rth~ 9. Which fin?ing not where her toot michr refl , returned to him 111to the arke: tor the waters were "POll the whole earth: and he ftrerchcd forth his hand and caught her, and brought her into the arkc, 10. And hauiuz expected yet feaucn moe dayes againc he let forth a doue out of the arke, 1I. But Ihe Came

to rum at euentide ,carrying a bough of an oliue tree that had green leaues , in her mouth. Noc thcrtorc vnderltood that the waters were cealed vpon the earth. 1 Zo. A nd he expected yet ncucrtheles other [cauen dayes: and he (('nt forth a doue, which returned llotany morevmo him. 1,i. Therfore in the fixt hundred and one yeare, the firfi month, the firll day of the month.the waters were deane diminithcd vpon the carth:&

Noe opening the roofe of the arke, looked, and fav ... that the face of the earth was dried, , 4. In (/;) the [econd month, the [cauen and twentieth day of the monththe earth was dried. I ~ .And God (pake to N oe,[aying: 16.Goefonh of the arkc, thou andrhv wife, thy fonnes and the wiues of thy fonnes with thee. I 7. A 1 cattle ~hat are ,~jth thee, of al Hefh , as wcl in foules , as in beafls , and al creepers that creep vpon the earth, bring out with thee, and goe yec vpon the ecr.h : increaie and multiplie

vpon it. J 8. N oe therefore went forth,and his Ionncs : his wi fe , and the wines of his formes with him. 19. Yea and al cattle, beafts, & creepers that crcepvpon the earth.according to their kind, went forth out of the me. 10. And N oe" built an Altar to our Lord: and taking of al cattle and foules that were cleanc, offered Holocauits vpon the Altar. 2.l.And our Lord Imelled a fweet Iauour ,and [aid: 1 wil no more curfe the earth for men :. for the [enfe and cogitation of mans hart are prone to euil fromtheir youth: J-wil no more thcrfore firikceueric liuing Ioule as I I haue done. 21. Al the daye~ of the ~arth, (c) feed-time and haruefl.cold I and heate, fommer and wmter, nighr and day ilia! not reit,

(4) The cro~ returned . not into the arke, but (as appea-. rcth by the Hebrewl text )go-

. ,

. 1I1g and retur;

: !lill!:'" refeed v , ponJ the .arke,

(b) They entred into the arke the 17. day, the fccod month of the 0-

her yeare : (0 they remained there a whole yeare& ten dares.

[c) In the whole yeare of the Houd was no rowing nor reaping, nor pleafanr varietie of rimes, but a1 defolate

. and miferablc: hence forth God promifeth more feafonable times. S, ...,t",, d, y.u, 0' e;IIru. ~




____ ~ -- __ ---~------~--l

GQd re,"wtth tbe blefong of 1fUtltipUc.tion, , • .cUowftb tbe eating of fiesh, bllt nat 'fbtGMd. 8. promiJetb neUlr Ag.sint to dtftro] tbt world by WAtt'T. 2. 2.. chi"" JAW .and ",orrl;' his jAtiJerS nAk._!dnu, wbi,h stm And.I.cpbetb '0- M",d. -l. 4. ror whi,h 1u his Ulrftd, Ana the} Are bllffed.

ND God blcffcd Noe and his Ionnes, And he [aid

to them: ( II) Increafe & mulciplie, and replenilb (.:: or tbiscom. the earth. 1. And your terrour and dread be it VpOll mandment , or al the beafis of the earth, and "pon al the foules of: rather blefilng

~E!~~~~ the ayre with al that moue voon the earth: al the /' fee.the Anno-

Ii Go>" fin f 'h r iuered 1 h rations chap,

• . . res ort e lea are deliuere to your and.;. And II v 8

" al that rnoueth and liuerh Ihal be yours for meat .euen as the green I • • 1 • hearhs haue I deliuered al to you. ~. Sauing that II flelh with bloud

1.' you {hal not eate, c. For I wil reouire the bloud of your foules at the

'U,.17· } T

G ? hands








I.~. .';1,." vliur.) NoeTithout expreffe cemmandment, and ~itho~t Noesfacr.ifice delay , off'c:-cth Sacrifice to God, for the benefit receiued 10 lWs and his Fami- manic waves lies ~on(Ct'uation , with the other liuing creatures, in that general deluge of the command~bh. wor II! 'IV rl k",wiltg ( faith S. Ambrole ) ,Iu,~.o be JTue c"."", wmch;, prr 1, V 0 lUr.ta.r ie. {cllUd:"" &,,. .. _d«1 : ,herfl)rc be ",.J,no tte14,. 10" .ht Vt",,,e of II gr.ntf".!, ",inti ,JCd",- 2.. Speedie, Jcu, tiMlftrf.l ~b~,..,;on ,uul he ,J,.c, ex,tEi,v, hI ,he 4tb: "1 .h •• kcs be IXtt8td 3 ;1.,.

".-'lrtfi~ ,-r",.. For more folemnine, he QC'Jicared.m apt and permanent place, S 1

o: <r J" j. 0 ernne,

for this peculiar diuine feruicc ,8 .. iltimg.all &Al •• ,.o OHT Lord, The Hebrew word

Mi:c.iluclJ (of the verbe Z.b.,h , to kil, 01 make facrihce) and the Greeke Thy-

fj./ltri",. , tignifie .. n Ahar to facr iticc on, not a common table for mearc, He

offered of the deane and beG: things; becaufe pure and deuour Sacrifice is due to 14 Pure. God. Morcouer ,it was large and bountiful, for he offered of a1 the kinds of 5' Bountiful cleane bcafls and foules. Finally ,he otfcred them in Holo&.uJitt, where al was 6. Holocaull: burned and confumed in the honour of God. How grateful al this ~·as to God, Sacr 'fi .' Moyfcs {icrnificth fayillCt : OUT Lerd r",eJhd. (Wttl p".our : not that either anie ple.~ ce IS fweet corporal fauour c~uld of it-felfe delight God, who is the mofl fpirirual God ~nt t~ fub{~ance, or that the burning of flesh, bones, and bowels of beafts could yeald th ' not t~r fweet fa.uour; but the deuour mind declared bv fuch external durie crreatly plea- rhi: extbernf

r . h . "II J: h ~ lJJ!:!_S ut or

led God. For God reqUlrer both, but fpecla y a nncere an. As not only di- the ~ii

uine Scriptures .and holie Father~ : but alfo ~oral Philofopbers teach vs. II 'mind.lncere Wlft. griafoUJ ,I,mg (ulth Plato wrmng of facrifices ) If God h4ci ytj}m "",h'T 'Cl

,h, gu;fu IUldJim·;ftm of ",en, ,hili II ,bm m;"d. lib. peri res prcfeuches, I. Pial. fa. lj"Y. J, c.A"n. Mill. I. INp",. MIlT. Ii. ,. '1 ..... S.H;"". ~Htb.




(e) By this it is c lere that N oe !had no more children af:cr the floud,

S. clw){IJP. b», a.9. ,. Gen.

hands of al beafts: and at the hand of man, at the hand of each man,

and of his brother, will require the foule of man. 6. Whofoeuer Ihal I Iheed mans bloud , his bloud Ihal be Ihed : for to the image of God 1 man was made. 7. But increafe you and rnulriplie , and goc vpon the I earth, and fil it. '

8. Thus alfofaid Godro Noe , and to his fonm:s with him: 9. Be-I hold I wil dl:ablilb my couenant with you, and with your feed after I vou: J c. and with cucrie liuing foule that is with YOll , as wel in al foules as in cattle & beafts of the earth that arc corne forth out of the ar ke and in al beafts of the earth. 11. I wil eftablifh my coucnant with you,.:nd;,iil flej]l fila! be no more ddl:royed with the waters of a Baud). neither 111al there be from hence-forth a Baud to wafi the eanh.ll.And God [aid: This is the tigne of the couenanr which I giue between me and you, and between euerie liuing foule, that is with YOll, for perpetual generations: r,. (b) my bow wil I ret in the clouds, and it Jhal

be the Liane of a couenant between me and between the carth.r a, And

when 1 thaI couer the element with clouds, my bow Ihcl appeare ill .

the clouds: 15. and I (lral remember my couenant with you, and with

encric liuing [oule that beareth ficln : and there fllal no more be waters

of a Baud ,"to difiroy al flefh. 16. And my bow lhal be in the. clouds, ,

and l Ihal fee it , and I [hal remember the eucrlafiing couenant , that i

was made bertwecn God and cucrie liuing foule of al Bc11l which is

vpon the earth. 17. And God [aid to Noe . This/hal be the: 1igne of the coucnant , which I eftablifhcd between me & al flefh of the earth. IK

The Ionncs thcrforc of Noe , that carne out of the arke , were Sem I Cham.and Iapheth: and Cham he is the father of Chanaan, 19. There !

three are the (onnrs of Nee : and (,) of thefe was al mankind [fred I

ouer the whole earth,

a o. And. Noe a hu1bandman began to til the ground , and planted a vineyard. 21. And driuking of the wine was madel' drunke , and naked in his rabernacle.aa. Which when Cham the father of Chanaan I had feen ~ to wit that his fathers priuirics were bare , he told it to his two brethren abroad. 2.3. But indeed Sem and Iapheth put a cloake vpon their Jhonlders , and going backward) couered the priuiries of their father: and their faces were turned away, and they raw not their

. fathers priuiucs, 2.4.And Noe awaking from the wine, when he had

, learned what his yonger fonne had done to him ) ~5. he faid : Curfed

be Chanaan, a [truant of Ieruants Ihal he be vnto his brethren. 2 6.And Ivlpo~. he faith: Bleiled be the Lord God of Sem, Chanaan be his [~rUallt.l i. : 13. 8. /I God enlarge lapheth , and dwel he in the tabernacles of Scm , and

I Chanaan be his feruanr, 2lS. And Noe liued after the fioud three hun- H b

, . u.

drcd tiftic al his dayes were in the whole nylle hundred

htiie y(;ares : and he died.

(') The rainbow' "X'~ beIfore , hilt was inot a figJlc, as jGod faith henlce Forth it I,hould be, for [men to remem!her his promire. S,.,,;."UJ in Gr". S. TI.l)~,o4Ub. 3.3.. ;0.


\ I



, ,





f ,



...,td. ,.

119. Ho. 17. ill. Gift.

.In. If.

S. Chrififo. h., 1&" !S.71H •• ". 'f. is. vi"" : e. JO. Gt

I1\." &

1c.1"·· ,

U. 11.

. C. 1", Ie",,,..






C H J,., P. 1 X.

;. vi! t1_ ... o..,t~.) S.Iu{tinus Martyr, S. Chry(otl:om, ana other anei,ent I Volunta.rie abo Doaours proue, that fiesh was lawful to be eaten befo~c the Roud : but bemg fi inencc .... ithnot necc:lfa.ric ,becaufe men were frronger, and other things alfo of more force, \ out commandthe bercer fOl't which were ofl Seths race abflainedFrom it. But after the £loud I ment,

flesh being more nece!farie , God altereth that cuttorne of abflinence , with this

limi~tion and commandment, that they shal not eate bloud.

of. Flts" wj,J, bio"d.) Though this pofiriue precept, of not eating bloud , fer- Abfiinence uN 'OVCl to make men more abhorre man-flaughtcrC",hich is forbid by the law from bloud of nature, an~ the rc.uenge thereof he~eand in other places feuerc,ly threatnedj ! fomerirnes yet it ",a~ fpecially glUen ~oth ImmedI.atcly af~er the ~oud, and 1ll the law of 1 commanded, Moyfes (with manse rhe Iike ) to exercife men ,In obedience, An~ the fJ.:_ne, ~as ! no: ~lwayes. renewed, for a time, by the ApotHes, to appeafe a. conrrouerfie 10 the prrrrunue

C-hurch. For that the Icw'es conucrted to C hrif] ,hauing been long accuflomed

to this cbferuation , could not indureto fee 1t l;)foken by th, mfciues or other

Chrillia.ns, and being no great burden for the Gentiles, it wa;s decreed that al

should keep it. And fa peace '«"'as made. Ncuerrheles it ~'as abolished \\' hen the

caufc ceaffed , as S. Al1gufl:in declarcth agalnfl: Fauflus the Manichce. Such is

the authoririe of the Church to decree, and againeto diianul an obferuarion of

01 rhine of it- felfe indifferent.

%.I.t> Or,."ke.] Noe finned not, by the common iudgemen,:of ancient Fathers, ,l~oe finned not in that he was ouercome with w!ine ,becaufc he knew' not the force thereof" 00- 'in drunkcnnes. uing drunke only water 011 his life before, But this external .rebuke and 'W'orldlie<lifgracehappenedtoNoe, ill6gure ofChri11 naked on the Crofle , as S. Noe s fizure o Cyprian EpiH: t.~ ad Cc.ecilium, S. Augu~iI11i. 16. de ciuir, c. i.. & li. 1: .. comr,Ol Chrifi. to I Fauftum Mamcbeum. c. :.,. & ,,+. Eucherius , Ruperrus 3 and others "pon this Sem & Iaoheth place doe teach. And Iikwife that Sem and Iapheth were a figure of the Chur ch a fj"ure of the I confifiing of Iewes and Gentiles, and Cham of Heretikes ,and other Infidels, , Ch~rch,Cha.m that deride the infirmities, which our Sauiour fuftayned. G u.o now ( yee Ma- ' of Infidels. nichees , faith S. Aufiufiine) .b~a ,.Il,.",,,;,, 'Of'" .",imf hQur Scrip,ures, do'lo,

y" cIJildrtn of Cholm , ,f wh.", n..ckrcl fltlh [ft .. "h 'tIIU • by which your filulr ~tr,

brgofCm. F" ",;,h,r nuU .,,, b, oII .. ie _."" /'4". b,d c.IJ,d chri/ilCtJI, u"!' C hri/l, 4J

I,. w.s forneid b, .he Pnphlll, h.d comt jn,. .In wtruf,h"tl d",,,k._u1ulI '''1' 01 hu Y;"'Y.rd,

whJeh","d "or 1Mffi fro .. him, b.;d fitp, ;n hIS paftj." ~ in aru" k,n"'J .f Iflu, ( w hj,h

;1' "lifer ,hm WJm ) .. d fo ,1" i"ji1'''';'', of .onal j.."h ( which ;1 ji,o"gtT' ,h,,, ",m) hlld

b,'o.",,,l,,,i, by 11" jtcrftcO"fljil of J whICh infirm;,;, '{:nI'J .h, W 0 It D 0 F

GOD h.d ,.ken 'iJpan him, ,lie ""} ,.."" Chrj;run , whcTlof I" .'fo $le.,ie, h,,,i .,,"

btln "t 41 in ,h, ,«"b e ,

~5'. C_rftd h, CJJII1U"".) Why Chanaan the forme is curfed , and not his fa- !Wh Cha __ ther Cham, diuers yeald diuers reafons. S, Theod<:>retus rcporreth out 0 f the I an i~ cUl'feda Hebrew Doctou-s , that Chanaan a boy firfl: faw hIS grand-f.uhers nakccines, [rather then and told the fame to his father, and fo they both dcrided that they should haue : Ch m coucred , Chams other formes not offending: and therfore not his 'W'hole pro- I a.

genie but only Chaman & his pofieririe \Yerc here curfcd by Noe. S. Chrifo-

ftome fuppofeth that for fo much as God had ble1'fcdNoe & his three Ionncs

comming forth of the Arke ,he could not prcfume to curfe auie of t11O{e) whom I

God had bleffcd ,therforc curfed Chanaan 'W ho in \X'ickedne~ was like to his fa- t

ther, S. Grcgoric brin~cth thi~for example of wicked men, eicaping punish, I

G 4- rnent I

Sinnes punished in the po_: ileritie.

The c:tf'ett of blelfing and ew·ting.

Iapheths Werling.

Literal, Myfiic.ll.

Hoy, Heretikes ferue Ca-








38 - G ENE SIS. Noe'1 1

mc~t ill: this life,and arc punHhe~ in the next ,_and in their following I Li ~ t; their VICCS. W he' "'f.ntlh it (fauh he j .h," L hllm fin",,,! } C/1II .... " h •• {t"flt bAd. . - . {'''ttrlC' "fTtl< •. 'g', bur ,h •• ,he fi""u D{"" "/'Tobtfrt profper htT' i" ,1);111[, 'I.HlrtU'7Iged, ~ ",41. , 4r1d ."~"lIilh!d 4f.t.,.W4tds f And cleere it is rhar Chanaans moft~ickeci poficritit: c. n. ~'ere fubdued in the end , and mofl of them dctlroyed by the children of Urad

(w'ho were of Sem) vnder the conduct ofIofuc, a('conling to Noes prupileticOl.l

blelling of Sem, and curiing uf C hanaan. I

17 GDdenl4Tgr.) This blciiingoflapheth\'f:l.~litcrallyfulfillcd,·xhen (ac- . ..Aa.II.1 cordine to his name, \Y'hich lifjRificth latitude 01' enlargement ) hi, plcnriful I Ro",. t 1. i iffue p~l[dlcJ mof] ample countries, both in the Continent and Ilauds, But I Epb'f.!.j myfiicaU'y it had eif-ea ( as S. Hic-rom , S. AUIJuftillc , Rupcrtuv , and ethers ex- ITr«dil. pound it j \'t'hen the Apofilcs , bting Iewes of the race of Scm, fidr builded the 18tbr.:. Chnfiian Church, \X·herin the man part of that nation rcfufed ro dwd , COI1- i L~.I6.,jtemning Chrifts Glofpcl & aracc, and the fulncs of Gentiles cnrred in.and were ""." c. 2.. made inherircrs. F inall y , Chanaan is feruant to both Scm and Iapheth , in that • L:. 12.J. Herctikes being vudcr the Iurrfdid ion of the Church, ga.thcreJ oflewes and 2.4. CO",. Gt:ntile~,ferueto flir \'P Catholikes' diligence to more exaCt kllO..xledgc of 31 F~ufl.

truth) and their patience to more merit and glorie. !L,. 4. c.

I is. in :G",.


C HAP. x. 1

Tile g,~ .. I,gi' .f Not' ,blld"., by wh.,. lb. w,,/iJ w'" i.""luI. AgO;'Il I i1Jtcr rbr floud.

H. ESE are the generations of the: [onnes , ot .Noe, Sern , Cham , and Iaphcrh : and ; children were: borne ro rhern after the: Boud ' 1. The chi~J~cnoflaphcth: Gomc:r)& Ma~ ; goS, & MaJal,& lauan,.& Tubal .and Me- I

: .. _ .,. fo:h, and Thiras. 3. Morconerthc children I

: .\ ~~~"_ .. orComer : A[ccnez,:'l1d Ripl:ath,~nd Tho- I

\ -: ,.r _ '.;_" gorma. ';' A nd the formes ot lauan : Elifa

'i~' --. and Thartis , the Cctims and the DodanimS:

I '5, Of there were diuided the Iles of Nations in their countries each' \ one accord1l1g to his tong,& families ill their nations. 6. And the.

\ {onnes ofCham:Chus,& Mefralm,& Phut,and Chanaan. 7. Andthe . formes of Chus:Saba,Heuila;& Sabatha,& R egma,& Sabathaca. The' Ionnes ofR egma: Saba,and Dadan. 8. Morcouer Chus bcsat " Nern, -rod : he b:gall to be mightie in t~e earth, 9. and he was a \~liant hun-

(,,) Tbat is, in \ ter (a).?etore our Lor~. Thereof rofe a prouerb: As it were Nemrod

his h)!;ht \'('h() the vanant hunter before our Lord. rc , And the bceinninn of h'

ca~ l~ot be de. ! Kinpdorne was Babylon, and Arach , and Achad, a~d Ch~anne i~ ceiue d, t~~ ~and of Sennaar.j r, Out o~t?at land came forth II AtTur,& builded

Niniue , & the Ilreers of the erne ,and Chalco lZ. Rcfcn allo between Niniue & Chale : this is the great citie. 13. But Mefraim alfo be~at the Ludims,& the Anamims,& the Laabims, the Nephthuims,I4.~ldthe



! I

v .!.C •• I, 8, !'{tmTod.) To ~hi5 ~en1t·",?d the fO,nt~C ofChu~ ~ firft huj;Je~ an" h!:l?C\ B;'.-! . .

A "';11;:, f oylon, I?fcphus ','S. F:pl~hanlus, S ,Hltrr)l:l '. S~ J\1'gtlfim • 3rt:) ;l:I1(.ru~l,> ;U ;H\- I ~emrr~ RIng t. !.nr;q.! cicnt \'vTlrc:s afC~l?C rnc hrfr rvranme ) anc hdt fUtlllS \T .~: an carrnu c C itrc J~" B3h'lun, a CJ'1.Z!da,; opp ofir to the CHIC of God after rhc Boud. H", ~a~ a P ~jl~nl ,cr rather .".. Pt91cnt fun ic 3.: cn .. cl Li.l.C.l..i /otmttr, al!ianrhunter (f,Lith S. Allguftir., ;lccorcing: to the fCll<:lltitln:nJ'fc- ,gialOt.

,., Olit. tcrs ) \'('ho by f alshocd and force brought rnan ic vndrr [lis dominion. For llc l:u- l ,A,11 A rcl-.-he- 1;,16",3. red vp pride (faith lore-phus) and contempt ~~ G,OG in Olen! JP(>chiIlS that r~c\' ;retikt.

oJ . Co" 17. \YlUC I~Ot bcho lding to_ G o d r or prefent h;hc:~ ie.out to their O\> ne vert ItC .; and. (() ~I

ci,,;r. fuppo'lng men ~olllJ tal from Goo to him, If be Gf.<:r~d himfel: c a k,lJt!· and

Jino{ul h::lper 3? .. inr. a new floud ; by [it le and litle circ'J: al IO tvranni c He W',:~ oth(;l'- I Allfti.w \\ ifc called Sarurnus . and was at It:nctfl :J.tllon\!ft ~c(olimed;( GUll Af,(r

~i~ 4.C f, 11 j~n his fonne Belus Lupircr (as 111011 ;uthoms ~aifU'lll~/ r ai c ncJ t 5 v l ;-.rc.~, r.n.J

f_,,[tbiur then fuc ceeded Ninus the firft :King ot the AI1iriilr:\. ., ..

n cbron; I r, ./P"rbuiIJ,d1i!niue) Hcr~is great difficuin c and much cii(pllr(; :lInOI1!?ft i

e- II/~, -~- H'" - -~\·.Ti tc;s :

I Scm. G ENE. SIS. _ _ 3911

Phettu£ims,& the Cat1uims:ofwhom came forth the Philiftims & the Caphtorims. (5, And Canaan bcgat Sidon his l1rfi-bcgotten,Heth;rus, I T6. and Iebufeus , and Amorrharus , and Gcrger~us, 17. Heuzus and I

I Aracreus , Sineus, 18.a.nd Aradius , Samara-us , and Hamathzrus : and afterwards were fpred the people of the Chananires, 19. And the iiIllJirs of Chanaan were from Sidon as we come to Ccrara euen to Caza

I vntil thou enter to Sodoma and Gomorrha, and Adama , and Seboi~ . ellen [0 Le[a.. z o, There are the children of Cham in their k.indrcds , !~ and tOllf!'S. and generations, and laud~ , and nations. 2. T. Of Scm

!: alfo (b) father of a1 the children of Heber , the elder brother of Ia- (b ;.Hence S.

, ' rh b Th hild fS Jrl dAI'f" :\llouftlnlTa-

'I pile were orne: 2.,. 1 e c 1 fen 0 em r z, am an nur l 1:) h h::>

I , , t Jeret t at

ii and Arphaxad , and Lud, and Aram, 2;. The children .ofAram: tne people of

;j Vs , and H~ , and Gether ,and l\1e~. z+ And Arphaxad alfo bC-I'1f::"el \);'~recal_ ~ gat Sale, ot whom was borne Heber. 25. And to Heber were led Hebrewes

I borne two Ionnes : the name of the one was Phalee ( c I becaule jof this Heber. that in his dayes was the earth diuidcd : and his '-L~r~th. ers name Ill"l~.,.~: ci"~~

- . hi hI r. b El 'd 1 {"Heoe!' U41-

I; was Iccran, l C. The w 1C eCt311 egat mocac , and Sa lph, and \~in!: a forme

.~ Afarmoth, Iare ; 27. and Aduram , ai.d Vzal , and Decla , 28. and ibor~(: ~'hen

i Ebal , and Abirnacl , Saba , 2.9. and Ophir, and Heuila , and Io-Ithetongs \Y'ere I bab. Al thefe were the children of Iecran, 3C. And their dwclliuc \d~t:jdcd called : was from !vldra as we: go~ 011 as farre as Scphar a mountaine i~ illll1~ Ph h{j4kS' '1 II 1 r h"" 1 ildr - S ,. " tw Ill' . l£:n1_

: t 1C call. i 1. T icic are tee 11 en ot em J.CCCrQ1l1~ to their .kind- fie'" dl'l'';-/'

ired, and tongs ,and countries in their nations. 3 z , TL;l((.' arc thcfami- I s. ';:',,!',l~l.~~l:c. i lies ofN0C, according to their peopLs ~nJ nation . Ot"thtfe were" the !I I. m"t.

1 nations d iuidcd on the earth after the fioud. I





I (a) u. ,. l An,,'1."

: , I

~ C. ,.CIIIII.,

\ I,hrm.


I i 40

I Afiil:- , fen ne 0 f ~-'-l'l-, t-cr-s-\'(-'':'''''h-o-t~h-is-A-!f=u-r--:-i5-B-:-' ;-c-=-A -'r' -,-\\-'·c-m-.l-y-c-j-th:-C-l-' f,=-.l-V-\"-"j:""t:""h-\r-,,-, -=I-o-=fe-p-:-h-u-s-a-n"";J:-;:;-S,

I ' ." /

Scm,o; N i~lUS Augufiin, that A!E!t the founc cf Sc m built a cirie , ,«'hich afterwards Ninus of

~ing ot A!1I- ! Chams 1'J.CC clllarz,ed, eor ichcd ,:lnd changing the name called i~ or cis rrans, that this worJ.AJj14T here f"aiti:::th r as 4. hc:!,. If. Pfal, I) 1. Ef;)'l~ 10,& ,I.) the

KinO' of Atlirians, to wit Ni~us the Ionne of B~lus, who as al hiftorics glcckc and barb~rou, reiorr " faith S. Hicrorn ; \'\'a\ the tlrl1 rha: raicned ouer al Aiia, and

i \ / 0

amonc the t\!ii~'ia.ns built N inurn a cirie of his ownc name. '«,hich the Heorewes

cal 1 ~~mlC:, He Icr \'P the Monarchic of the AlliriJ.llS,callcd'thc golden Kingdom, which flood 1~40, vcarcs : and 111 a 1;:: his father Bclus to be honoured for a GoJ.

T Q ,«'halll I he Babvloniaus, as Pliaie teltin<:th, brft erected Itatuas alta rs , and

temples Of this Bebs or Bel of llaoy 10n '" ere 011Co dcriucd other Ialfe Gods, as r ,.,1, 19 Beiral the GoJ of Libertines, or '«'itnollt yoke, Beclphegur GoJ of the Mo a - bites, Beelzebub of the Acharonites, Baal in Samaria, Baalim amongft the P hi-

liilims, and the like ill other nations 32.. Tht 1'{4ljO.S.] How manic Nations &tong~ \1{'ere in the world immediate-

1 y after the rowre of Baby lon , is more commonly fuppofed then deer! y lh;w-

ed or old or late wliters, Oaly it feemeth cerraine and euident , that there \'fere

iufi as manic ron rs 3S N aricns. But to find precifdy t as the common opinion hol-

derh ) 71. is hal t!~ For in rnis chapter :' where they \1; ould count this number ) arc

not mentioned fo manic. N cucrthcles, if \\"C a dde ccrrainc that began difiinct N a.

ticns afterwards,tillacub 'li i th his children ~'cnt into Jf gypt: in ",hom only the

Hebrew Nation and tong continncd tv Chrifi~ time )thc n.unber ~'il come li!!_ht.

Of Iapheth were borne 7. founes chiefe of Nations. Againc of Gomer (ocfidcs his ' fuppofcd fuccefiour , who can not be counted beginner of an other uifiind na- : S.t.Alfg, J rien) came 1.. other heads, Likevife of Iauan (betides hi, Edt fonne.rofe 1. more: 1,", c. ,.; aarions. Of Cham by his 6dl forme Chus were 6. nephewes Princes of Natiom. IClJjI'. Againe of Regma rbdidcs his fucceffour ) came one more. And Nemrod , befides

his Kidgdom ot Babvlon.r aifcd "P ocher (0, .By his fecond fonne Mcfraim came II.

nations J Chams third fonne Phut made onl y one nation. And Chanaan his formes

made 1[. more.Of Scm Iaf] mentioned for better cormecring the maine H illoric

and fucceflion of the Church) came the chiefe and principal Nation the He-

The Hebrewes brewes, defccnding from him by Arphaxad, Sale, Heber, and fo dired ly to Iachiefe of thefe cob. Of Scm alfo \~'Crc borne 4. other formes beginners of nations. A gaine of 1\nations. ram (bcfiJcs his firft fonue )w'ere " fathers of nations, Likewife of Heber (befides

the Hebrewcs deicending by Phaleg ) wtfC borne to his other forme Iectan 13.

heads of nations. There arc al that are named in this place: to wit, of Iapherh, '1.. i GIn. 2.+ of Cham H. and uf Scm 11, which make in al 16ft. whcrullto if we adioyuc Nachur 19.

( Abrahams brother] Moab, and Ammon (Lots fonnes) alfo Ifmael (Abraham~ 11. eldcf] forme] and his iflue by Cetura, and finally Efaur' l acobs brother iw ho made :!-5 ,~, 6. more difiincr nations, the ~'hllle number is 7:'. This probable co llcd ion , WIth 2. j,~3. the reft, we fubmit to better iL\({s~mCnt.

Firfl: falCe Gods.

The cornrnon opinion of 71..' tongs is no t clcere in Scripture.

Yet -this number of nations & tongs may be probably gathered In this and othe r places of Genefis,


7'( 11'71·1.5 'I. Rtg 1. ,,2{:g.~


41 j

S=c~m~' ---------------------------------------I


. I

1 Gill bi"drttlJ rve T4int pUTpOfe ()f Building" IJigb tster« ~ 7' bJ ,~n (iiun- )Thc fourth 4Ur,g mens rongs : 9' wbetQ! it u ,,,Liea B"bel. 1C. T Ju gene~ogl'; oJ snn '?a:'t of this .booke, Of



[the diuifion jot" rongs and i narions,

N D the earth was of one tong , and alone I

~ fpeach.~. And when they rernoued from the eafr, I they found a plaine in the land of Sennaar , and I dwelt in it. j. And each one [aid to his neighbour: I Come , let vs make brick, and bake them with

• ... fire. Aad they had brick infiead of {lone , and

birume inflead of morter : 4. and they [aid , Come) 1/ let YS make vs a otic and- a towre ) the top wherof may reach to heauen. and i let vs renowne our name before we ~~ di{pet:[ed into al lan,ds. I J. And our Lord defcendcd to fee the cure end [he rowre , w hich : the children of Adam builded , t. and he [aid : Behold , it is one I people , and one tong is to a~ : and t~ey haue ~~cg~n to JO,e tills, I neyther wil they leaue off trom their dererrninarions ) cd they- ! accornplifh them indeed. 7. Come yec therfore , (' let vs goe I downe , and there confound their tong , that none Inl)' he are his- ! neighbours voice. 8. And [0 our Lord diiperfed them from that II place into al lands , and they ceafed to build [he citie. 9. And ther- ,

for; the name thcrof WJ.S called Babel, ( .. ) becaufe there the tong f (4,' He that of the whole earth was confounded- and from thence our Lord di{:' fpeakc.1:h (0 c6- perfed them "pou the race of al countries. ~l<icdly that he

10. The[e are (b) the gener:l.tjoDs of Sem :Sem Was an hundred l{1S !l°d! ,vn1cd_r-

LJ h .... d . too a laJ to

yeares ow w en he begat Arpha ~a ,two yeG.f('s attcr the fioud, bable,

I I. And Sem Iiued after he begat Arphaxad , fiu.e hundred yca-' rb) Movfes r,es , an~ ~egat· fonnes. and daughters. 12.. .Moreoucr Arphaxad here fl-.e\,\~:Lh Iiued thirtie flue yeares , and II begat Sale. 1,. And Arphaxad liued ; ~~c fuc ccflion

after he hegat Sale , three hund~cd thr~e ,yeares , and bCglt Ionnes : fro! <st~~~:~hs, and daughters. 14., Sale alfo hued thirtie year~s ,and bcgat He- I.A .. h;-;-Jiilm,.n her. 15. And Sale hued after he bcgat Heber ~ toure hundred three [he did before yeares, & begar fonnes & daughters. t c .,And Heber hued thirrie foure Ib'.om ~\da.m to ycares ,and besat Phalcc 17 A11d Heber liued after he becat Phalen Nof.:,~, cAlifsi: e " .. ,' . b t:l,' J. 16 ."10,'1"." roure hundred thirtie yeares and bczat fonues and dauchrers. 1 D.

P , ~ ~,

haleg aIfo Iiued thirtie vcares ,.1nd begat R cu. I~. And Phalcg Iiued

after he begat Reu, two hundred nine yeares ,and bcgat foullt's and

A 1. dauc h-


41 G ENE SIS. sem'l

daughters. :!.O. And Reu hued thirtie two yeares , and begat Sarug. l!. Reu liued alto after he begat Sarug , two hundred [cauen yca-I res) and begat Ionues and d;ill:;hters. u. ,And Sarug liued thinie I veares and beoat Nachor. 23. And. Saru~ hued after he begae Nachor , ~wo hUl~red. yeares , and ~egat [OlltleS ani daughters. 14. \ And Nachor liucd nine and twenne. vcares , and begat Thara. l~.1 And Nachor liuer after he begat Thare , an hundred and ninteen I yeares , and begat formes al1d'"daughters. 46. And Thare liucd (ee-I uen!ie , and begat Abr~m ,and Nachor , and Aran. t 7' And I thefe are the: ccnerarions of Tnare : Thare begat Abram. Nachor and Aran. l\·l'oreoucr Aran begat Lot. 18. And Aran died befor~ I

, iv. .. I Thare his father, in the land of his natiuitie , in (,) Vr of the I

\ C ) • a cine, .._

or terrirorie of Chaldces, 19 . .And Abram and Nachor maned W1Ues : the name ot

Chaldea, 70. Abram his wife Was Sarai : and the; name of Nachor his wife,

lnr"/'T'c 4nd Melcha , the daughter of Aran the father of Mclcha , and the foi-

lofip~ur t, I. ther of Iefcha. JC. And Sarai W1S barren, neither had Ihe chil,

-anii,tamwas dren, ,T. Thare therf~re. ( d ) tooke Abram his. fo~ne , and Lot commanded to the [onne of Aran , h15 Ionncs tonne , and Sarai his daughter in goe forth of i law, the wife of Abrcm his (onne , au.l brought them Out of Vr Ghaldea, as \ of the Chaldees , for to goe into the land of Cnau a an : and appearett A~h they came as farre as Haran , and dwelled 'there. r~. And the :hi:' t~u~n:;gis~ dayes of Tharc Came to two hundred tiue yeares , and he died .in here afcribed I Haran.

to Thare as the

principal per-


ANN 0 1 A T ION S.

C HAP. X 1. caufe 4. L" VI ",~ke. ) Here ~c may fee in Nemrod the common caufes of he-

of fdufme and I relics, and the manner of Heretikcs proceeding, For he hauinz a fubrilc, herefie. 1\ proud, and afpiring mind) tidl detracted from God, pcrfwading t)men ( as is Falfe pr~ten- noted before) 11rH to depend ~"p(;m Gods prouidence , and findio" fome others ~es deceiue the' 0: like humour, th~y confpired t~gether : and drew.more foUgwers, by beaIimple, rlOg the fimpler fort in hand (for It was vnpofhblc WIfe men Ihould bclieue it)

that they w'ould make a towre of defence againfi a new Iloud ; if God should Heretikes pro- thinke to drow He the world againe. But their principal intentlOl~ ~'as tu ":~ke {per for II time , rhernfelues &reat and {hong for the prcfent , and famous to pofleritic .• 0\1 'IX'lueh c. u. bUta.recOfoun~i God euerrhrew , neither fuffering them to build vp their imagined caflle of

ded in the end. ftrcngth, nor to be praifed for their workc,but made them infamous to the worlds


Minifierie of 7. 1" 'til co"{eunJ. ) God in diffipating this vaine wor ke of men, would vfe the LI. dt (0-

Angels; minifterie of Angels. As not only Philo Iudzus , and Origcn , but alfo S. hu- \fH[.l;"g. guftin. S. Gtegorie, and other fathers expound thefe \\ ords, Co,"" it, vs Gr;c.lla, I h»;

AMi \

S,Cbri. hO.Jo. in Gen. e" fl:llrJ. COI/4f,4·

j S em. G ENE SIS. 4, I

l'{u",tr ad ConfOUDd .h,ir 'otlgln. Where they alfo uote Go<h ftngula.r ~'iwome} mercre, ..... d th

n. J'.c ',1 and iufiice , fo punishing the otfencc, that he rurneth it to his owne glorie, and ; ~ 0 ~rne

.. l' the profit of al men : she\'Vinz his powcr and fouucraignc Maicflic by two sreat ,.t co cnce of

CIMI'.,:z.. ~ \:J rnen to e d

Mor4l. miracles. Firfi, by fo fud dainly and vttedy depnuing ~l th<tfe builders of their 'T\tj.o "OG

me, I. vfual tongue, that prcfcntl y they could neither fpeakc It, nor vaderfiand it. s-. !. . ml~ade~1

lob. ' coudly ,b y giuing diuers di{hnCt languages to feueral ions or families, 'W hich un prruatron o:

they immed iarcly vnderflood ,and fpoke mofi promptly ,~jf thev had IOllg roue tongue,&

• / ~ '~I'tJnn a le~'

before learned and vfcd the fame. But to no man wa.s giucIl1l10re then one Ian- it>' ., I •

gtl.1ge, And fo , to the more cornmoditie of al mankind, they ",'ere forced to part! D' . ~

into fundrie coafls of the e arth , ~hich they inhabued and replenished with di-' llllllon'la-

fl.' 0. N . h r AI" r.' itual P dl .rnnnz cu, rnent irrn .. 1. arro ns , hauing t c lame flge s tnerr IPIrltual atr ones an Jrott:_. ~_ abl I

Ll, H. Ecours, \\"hich had (eucr ally changed their lalt_guagc. In particular, H ~a.s pw- ;15 pront e.

Mmt.!. firable to the good, who being before opprciicd by the vnited power or manie

. w ic ~ed , w'erc' r el ieucd (as S. Grcr-or ic tcachcth ) \'t,hcn their perfecurours ,«'erc

Ute. 4'.

I b h diuide.l. Thefc o ood were the familic of Heber ,as S Chrifofh.m and S. Auou

o. 0." :::> '

II. '" fhnprone. For iccinz the ,han~e of,ton\,111(S was mBi6:cdfor pcnishmenr it'Th '

1 h "d hi ~ .,. L', - I' J I e raernncr

Gm. li, a ppcarern t at Heber an rs ! arnn ie \'r'cre innocent ot t ie vainc attempt, w hofe : c: .. .

. h d' . d h - J -j 1 • .o .. cno mz 1S

16 tollgue \'r'.1S not c .W(J'C ) our r crnamc t e 1.1I11e ,an ot un; was calle .. the . 1 d"

.c; II. H h' - J"_. C - k •. " .. h ] IPllnI~1e.

&li .• 8. c re1X:tonguctor IitllKtiOUI.i·eatterthere\~erem;:'nIetongllt's,\'in1C o::-IH" ',. l hi

f h d .l' " .0. L' hIt \ ..&. '. • . • c o ; ; a nu 1>

ore a no eutm .. 1. narnc.ucm ; t c on v tongue 0 J.l. me n .... gam(·,tocclllngtnc" ilic f

ffcn.Jc-s : ,',.' L , h' . L,.J.ll1kconcr:-

o cn.rcrs : ~'ho .... 'ere puaishc.l ll: rhc ir tonguc~ ,tll:l.: t ev could nut DC vuucr . ,< ' .

, ~. . 'c,: not to rnc

fiooel com.manning one 3.11 othc:', bccaufe thev would nor m~c;{1al1d ~od iufily I uuildincr of

cornman dIn:; rhcrn al ) they all,:, reaped rhis profit, that mcy \'i'cre f or ce d to I B a bd ~

Ieaue off that bad '\Y'orkc = and \'I irhal to feeke more ample h ab itatiuns , \\' 110 If •

':)ry had. ,/'tre mono I7JCTt4!td in nur.uon find ftrrngl/), w~uid ",j';)QUI d,u,bl " faith S,

Chr ifoftom : hue 4twnpuJ WOT{t Ihl1:gI. Ai1,1 lnti:l!t m m- Dallghter would haue been committed amongfl 10 marne , for pOiTefiion of that OFlC cirie & towrc. F inally the fathers note, that as GO.1 \'Crought here mucn good by diuificn of rongues., fo he \'l:'rou~ht much more by communion of tOI gues giucn to the Apoin E.Nol" • .files, thcrby inabling; them to gathcr one Church of .. I to~gue~ and Nations, :'-4. Bega, S41e.] Here is an intr icare difiicultie : For the Hebrew a nd Latin text, both here and in Paralipomenon Ca.ying, Aphaxad begat Sale, the 72.. In »cnprcres rerprerers and S. Luke place Cainan between them, .1\ fonne of Arph.a.xad, and nard,

father of Sale. Eufebius alfo in his Chronicle , ~ith mefl Gr eeke Docrours ,

and S. Augufhne, count Cainan in this Gencalogie of Scm, ~'hel'UpOll rnanie Somethin k e doc number him in this rankc , and fuppofe that Moyfes omitted him for ferae Moyfes omitMyfierie, and yet writeth 1 ruly , that Arphaxad begat Sale ) not his proper ted Cainan for forme , but his formes fo nne : as S. Mathew' fayth , Ior arn begat Oz.ias , \\' ho J. myfierie, \'I'as his nephewcs nephew. But againft this folution it is replied, that then Ar-

phaxad should haue been ~.grandfather at 35. yearc:s of age: w'hich w'e,e Ilranzc

in thofc dales, howfoeuer it is now, And a grcatter dimcultie, or rather abo Refutation. furditie rnuft alfo be e ranrcd ,tbat Arphaxad begat both Cainan at rhe as e of

b ~ ::>

3r. y carcs , according to the 7:'. Interpreters , ~lld·that Sale ~a~ alfo begotten

the fame yeare , according to the Hebrew , beH1g beth true Which inconueniencc is not in the Gencaloz ic '\Y'ritten by S. Mauhcw. Others therfore accor- 0 h

~ , t ers C011lC-

ding to the Hebrew and Latin text, 'Xith moil: Llt111 Doeours, omit Cainan Crute Cainan

Q..rfl. .iu this place and P aral iporncnon , namely \'lith S. Hicrorn , who diligently cxa- should not be Htbrle. I minin; ana rccouc ilint; varieties between The Hebrew and the Gr ecke , rnak erh 111 the text cf no rncnrion at a1 of thi, cl:1"en:nce, \\hlcn makcth j0111(: to c oniecnn c • that in 'th 70•

S, Hrcrorns t irne Caiuan ~':1S net in the Greeke caries, a: lcafi not in th-ofc that

Etii,io I he had, and hdJ for the hcfr. And at this day ferne ~laue him not. ~'I!lCh may

'1u~dam I be admitted for.:; prob.;,cic anf,'<cr t~llching the Hebrew and Grecke of the old

'~unic4- TdLum:nt. But tel' f() mllch as al COpICS; both Gree,;e & Latin, alfu S HI(Toms RUe neuer ;anie

n~. Editio:l0f S Lu~e, Gh::'lpd hauc Caillan , the difticultie (iil flll,;llllCth be- ;C3thclikc,'nor, t~cen Moyfes anti S. Luke. Ho\\ thell ~bal this dCl;b: be folw.:d) We call not 'hf.:ttUKl bl'jUI(')

H 3 {ohc:

c'fll•C;. S. Aug li. /). c. of.

He. 30. in Gtn. S. G"g he, ~o.

T. P41'.I. f.uc J.v. ~6.

u. 16.


ciU;I. M«,. 1.

Guift of ton-

:. ues rnof] pro:i:ablc to the Church.

Beza) put Cainan out of S. LukesGhofpcl.

A memorable fenteace of S. Bede ,

Beza lacrilcgioufly proud. Th:-: heretical English Editi- 0115 differ in this point.

4-+ . G ENE SIS. Sem]

folue it. And no marne1. For Venerable Bede could nor, whofe words are thefe: I

S. LNke vierl} r.u/m· ,~ Gutkt Itfli",~tr.ef ehm ,1,e H,brlw : whenfh4pmelh .1,411 "."ch Pf'.t(4t. ! m.nNel." .",.:1 for d,.l'llS of wi, ,be;ngflrucku. wjth g;re4r IId"""al; n, i can "or '~N"8hil ,imtn:. : {c41l, {cein:!, in the H eb"ew 'Utr;lit 4re [ou"i fin!}, em :?,t.tTiIllOPlS [TDm ,he (foNd y,u!) vI- in .__Aa4~ bT4h4"., by whal IflUntl S. Lake , w/'o (rl,t HDnt Gho/i go,,"ning Iris pm) couLdln no ..AfoP.

fort wl"i't {41ft, would relhlf' Ji ,·clow., ,leltt" gc"erlltionl in ,he Ghofprl, Cit;""" .,d.oy"td t'

IIccordmg'o .he (,urtu;e '"urprtrerJ. Thus writeth S. Rede , rcuerently admiring

that he could not vnderfland. For bcing aflurcd that the Holie Ghofi gouc:rncd I

the pcnne:s both of Moyf-es and S. Luke', and that he is not conrr ar ie to himfeltc, i

it mull needes be. true which each of them ,«'riteth , though other learned men

Can not reach the profoundnes of fame difficulties that occure. And rhcrfore

Beza was extreme faue ie to da~R Cainan out of S. Lukes Ghoi}>el, and rhar :wittinglyand mort impudent! y, fayinv; in his Annotations: 1(.on dub" .. uimlfl ex-

pungert, We d9Ubttd "0' to I'UI it 0.". The former Enzlish Editions ,otht:rw'J(e I r 1 z.. corrupt in manie places , haue Cainan in the text ofS~ Lukes GhofpelJ but their ]577. latter tranflaters are in this point pure Bez.ires,

The end of the Iecond.Age,


{ !









in the Iecond age of the world. From Noes

Houd to Abrahams going forth of his

countrie. The [pace of 368, yeJr~s.

~ ,A'.-:'~~~~:~ O].I A N '4JJ weldoubr 1101' wi! den;t, the (alne iCo~'n:i!'gCal-

</~ --0'ff:,~)J fi'z church conltnutd al til: [econd .Agt whzeh noas In ~he I ~an . this Ag,e ~.r'-I ~:""i'~·'h I ~~ firfl, ,onjitJcr1p.g that Noe l!Uea Il/.Joue ~o.yf(nes afur I .ontlnucd 398,

~ , ";.N,,t"j r~ f I : tares.

~ .~:;"\~'t~ tbe lsnn 6 .AbT~J4Im,ANtiS'ml50.f1107f :andth4f 1'oc and Scm

,~~ 1 ... ',\".::X~1f ,I; I be fo I bree .aud [0'" e or hers 'J Ilw tune Art ten ,,,,me d Iiued in A bra~ :~~J}fJ)"':}..~,~ tn ,lJojie SCTtplUre , for fi~lceTeprof jJQur,s of Hut s». haITI,s nrne. ~~ · ... ~tt~:s);~ ~ ltgwn. Butjormore m.:nrt£(tarzo" of thmj.atth sna lArtIclesofRc-

- - .... ~~_:,.."I!';-, , - .. • , ' l!:!:Jonpro'el-

that riJt ChUTd} 1t'~ til. n 'I'fl] C61IjPICtHu" we siJ~l i fed in ;he fc-

repcAre ctrt sine pu;m 5tI f lalrglVn pToftJJed and p~ ac1r~ed airiJtlt t111JC, I cond Age,

by II, continltA.l k,.non1fJe vljitle cumpa1il1: rmud in ent 11i)JiI,al VOtilC : though In

the mesne whzle the widzed [prung ana grew in numlieT ANti wQridJte jorcr,

mucb oppr~{fing)Ct neuer ju p?rcfrtlg the gOQd.

firfl.., iu(l N ae commtng. [ert IJ of the aT ~ e with his familie , prefeffed /Jis T~

Grn. l:l I liglOus mmd to One God Almlghru,[upreme Lord of al,&) Offering external, iOne God.

I l'()l~ntarze ,[peedle, pure, (ulcm~e , and bO'41HtfUl Sacrifice of HO,locllujies , as.t. I ~:~:~~~~.

Gen,», Pricfl, Vp01l .1Il Altar. After winch mofi grateful IIfft'C, God mak._tng a ceuenant IPridl:hood. 1l'Hh hIm and his feed neuer againc t» 01:1iro) rlu wo,lii b] Tr.tter , l61ifirmed tbe i Altars. r'JI~e, bJ the fig1ie of the Tal,m:-b0-r:~ wh:dJT.eprtjwud the f~cond Pn {on of rbe E. \ Chrift.

I TrmztJe , tbe Seune 0 [Goa; Chriit our Lord, to be borne TIJe Sonne of man, and ; Chrolfe, T '

H b I h N b 1" . n° d IT e B. r i-

t .11 ' extcnde« "pon the CrofJe : In_ ~v <;>m or r ICUl11g was In rtute heyre I nir ie,

of the iufiice, which is by faith 111 our Redeemer.~-· I Redeemer.

IG,n, s, We bJtH..htre pgJilit Gods operatiuc blefIing;wztb tbuffea ofin!Tt4fe 6- I Gods bleffing

multIpliCAtion, tlJC tfJuc ofN lie by hu ,h,ct fonnej, in sbert 111m rna kJng msnie : opcratiue.

c • .9.~.15 Natlo,ns. B7 the 'Way /llfo we IJaut an ,x.lmp/eoi F a~hcr~ [elcmn« BldIing Ilna \Fathers blcfCuning IImr cbildren, The fffeas 'J):'iJenj jucceeded ~fTtrw.tTdr ;l"(J'ftimgly, iiing & curfinc.l C,'.'Lq .. Lik.__e-wi[ein tiJiJ Agew,ugitlenap,nr"ulilrpHccpr Not to eare bloud. And \Abfiill<:IlC(; ~ '.'. ')0,2,0 Noe obftrued dijiinCiloll of Cleanc bta~s, cffntng S.t£Ti_fiCC in rile only, 45 Ut fore !from bloud. tlu jiuwi. he tt' a-~ LOmallafd to r "k. e moe of ri/c' im« t hr.n /z_e tL e of t he V cclcanc I Cl e1<M;(; . and

__________________ -;:::-------:--;--' i vile cane.

G 4 In thAr I

, I'~ . , , _ , G E N ~ S \ S", ' . ,I

~cn~nce pre~-i In lIJac jli atllplc mi:l1r_trJ~~ ;s,?~e oj j:nn.:lI-n.d wld~,,_ednes, Ih"elS~odoubt ~:I~:.IO.: cneu and mJil-: b,n )1 Of, th' Preacher 01 \uihce ""dm.ft,(li,d. Jlnd txb')r ud ft/~ntrs til R e- • p :

dd .. ., -. cu"

, pcntancc: :yf4 be Punirhed Cb.un & Cb4n~"lJ , hJ bts ~ur Je ~J'i elmr ,uficnm. i

Ana Goilhrm'!i:'!f. Til1'citllcd -f0 exdt l1Je ./;uua Qf m.m vnl4lfllJ sUed. In tur ..j'.,».

I meflfll iilm t~iaed -:ttfo f~m(pwtilhment 'V~n The ·buillk1s 1)j 1),Hel, tj 1 c .11.

inilterie of I, &.tnf-curtding-rbet-rt'61JEltt'S, And 'tb.:il vJ IJJt Minif~erieof Angt.1s. . I

t !\ngcls. Which puuu1,menr ,,z p4rt , 4nd tbrt4IS oj m-n e , Imporl " General !

lReful'cdion. ~ R-erurr«ti-on., an. ludg-eln\:'llt, whrre al-rl""'gs ~lJtAl~r: d .1m] i.i("HJ!Cd c-

. (u·igelllent. J14QlfU. A"tla.,'htU ~m jc;iw IV Eternal life IOf'be g~od ) Mld Euedafiit:l; T:iinc IEternal ioy

land paine, fJ rbe .urnne..d.

st theft points ofReIigon ( .md QtlJt1S Mentioned in the former Age, ana [Church vifible. no doubr t_g~t bJ N'Ot & J1u jwmts) #Jew clttrlJ -a Vilible -Church, (011- . l~oloJ aCIlb,ud bchad fijling of gODd Ami bllli. Noe rem4ming lbefGle nun 4t5 hejmt illt ftoud, Scm ,CAp •. S.

lilt lC rcn.: I 1 . d' i, ,II.' ( . Ch 1.'._ f·.I·'~ ".

' ~ Iaphe, 1 flrt LOMtmie '&'tIl'JJ(d }O'1.wtL d.nt.g ; amllUl"~ .e .... ~U, t.'t'ln ;, IC:l.1,

hu p;;j!wtte:JuneirJUT he nor ~mie of hzs fonnes ",~allgl}te,s [e! Into 1J~'ffit or I

, or/1I:r ",jidchrie,for mne tlnrlg rbM 4fpp~attth;n S,ril'ture, or tnber 4uthtllrj~L I

,Al\'11'ales'fomc : rtjiinll1fm.HLhcl'alCo & his famiiic are p"tt;etd:tnJ lommtlld,d bJ'MoJfos, ,

l cood I - , IJ. 1" I I' L

:~~. .1 MdJct~glJt J'J'Lto~ttS .tndCtJ'JrlUftf..uch,ldnnlO ~(»l (wJ(}-JMdannurncl~.te

'! 1 (Ot·hl r HIHJirl dJtl4",,) ~ ·thoft {hHr wen Il17tO(.tl.nt Tadung th« prefl4mptlMf!

I 1 bNtlail!g qf tlrlJt,.s , wbCl jOt the (ArNe i...l.dl 111ft tbm viti tongue, ld2l,b tb« iH• I, _

! i tn1i:-e1J/tk-ix1 ~s S. Cbrifofttmz,tm8 S;Augu~iJU doe pro"e. "x.;ne,. 61- ;:0 d~~,

; 1 fUn 0.' .1'lnsJwntlrt J~l~mg ~jt,"watd'5;f)'~I!!Ic.""I4i.LJrle roor-berlHflons) the'ila".c,

! l F arnilie ot Thare ,; {.tthrlll: :f.nRe s, lIflg"jlmc ( it. '16, C. ll., )AU'''t~ot al, lu.o I.

i i or 1M .41 .. ·s}c) ,pt fHtt fame oI Hrt'nt, ~1Jod .)Jb,.~JJa". .... ot1fmUlIlLJ, mrb 'Srnl~ !r~.~. u.,

1 Ih'hr., lib.dL.g 1 -0 t1Hl1JIf~IIl()'j IN)t mcnri4n~bJr.'1~rft'sw bIS.bTitfo,dbforip. :,U"" , .!

( 'G ·..JL 1. 1·:r. ' , It .. J ~...' L. ~ , c. ?) f

I '!i,w . ": "~-gIJ,.,t,,,.q!.lV~'fWI'D~l() 'lIPPlijt) ll'a;H 11K) J ~I;," t(.t.p.t -tl)llTlit ,MGr4/. ;

, j.H:h sn. l'1wlpled ;1.:d1iK1Il. !an ~.Iob.!

~Nemrod :t" But Nr,mrod C. '/J,W1S 1u"pk1l', fmd flmre -cIC11}1s "d, a:f',uml. ft, :4,' fllli41ft ~, '(}Jr.p') t.l

iArdl-herctikc I... I..' I

I, ""r.UT,' II "'Ofty:, g IllfJt ., e:i!'rl'lInt, "P,' M '11111.:.1 ,.(.!Jbt:1lttl....y., A titHlj-eT ~lldUt4- !'I.C. 4: I

'htr~; f:1!fo 'Il«i·Htle ~£mj1 &1d·"N{! f~urf). f3_r{.llnk;ttc ''''([''fJ'h'nmc W. e.;llllllj. t jIJd'fHtlii 71AktNt of lfl~ugrDr·wJ j,..",e ro!cU(/tl' h;m, V$1;d fo ~n jdn(mt iu main.

~ H i <; proud 11e-. 1;:tnnJ mffjie : T,lult men were not beholding to God.,:but to tlKQ.)fducs

tdic. I for-ttm1p.ornl ~ro[penitie.

jThcfldl Sea W bao! ;b'c_g.,hnttw,o. ~;",l t:lI17frd'tfacit I4tg.i1l-Jl rhl Cilil 'Of rGod , .. JUl.

jOt il'lflJchtJ1l, {"end gMlf...seit 'Of !nfidr-ls. For iBai-.barifme wing ,rJ,t filII., bt-:wn.bJ Iw;sBarbariC- oCm wlid "tl1ded lJ:me lIvlld ; -The Ifrund 7IWtl!tr 'orlll ',nclt.s :ht1.~lInil1g

1me before the afltr tile jloud ( as S. ~pf1'h.tnoo ''W'JiuriJ )J;1"lU'ScydDfme : Jo·£aJlfd uf the \1. ~e ht-I

.floud, -s L}thmS,\4'JJJofi crud ptople.'liVbo.~(~o'lidif'f.,g:to Nmt'<Uts.bru-fit ("iJ.lrln~i1"jng ·TfJIt..J. \

IThe fecond 1 "! I

I Scvdri f me. t i1Clnfo~f(ts beh,laillg:tD Qd f9,..r-tf1Jlor~1 bltppifles, 'bur,to UuZ7 -qwne fll1'fj )

Crueltie. \ t)1A,mTI'(edlJller ;the wt' ~ rIft:d '~"lUt 'WI~ liMnmng ~g.tlhmt~ITeAPlJlJ

oppnfJrd the 11I0,t.'t."eA~-U ,:eJPfCl#I!J'ffle CI1.U1~" lind rt.u Itruants .oJ :.God" Mid rim w44~.(~uiul.uJlfo ofb14dllmg 1iAhJLGfl"., bepts Jlle;, .Arnilit;olU rir'_ fi1'e of pupetuA/ jA'fHt, A~a lIJtir,hu1mg ,he Jimplt;n Iwsd ~f4~lfmu Ifg.i~ll -.nrewfio .. d ,ro JnW·k._t ,t'1'm.Uti .flung bold jfJr ;f.JrantsTo ~!fe1'Jll ,~tbtr J,'IUIQ to \

. ,defend I


G ENE SIS. 47j

dejend tlJemfdues. Wherf"e Gtd (who btfl1e tieftro}ed Alll1ftdtls ~J the fioua) confoulldta theft builders by .iM;dang tbe;r tongs, ."d fo forced them 10 I;reAk! And pArt into 'm"nie countries.

Thw m.ank__ind hmg dluided 'p,n the eArth, opinions Alfo wert mulripiicd U 'h

, I ,..(.,r. If ,tt" b r. ' I v ntrut S are

concerning Religwn. FIT shortl} 11t p .. ,) 'WAJlOn 0) mens truJ.ang in t tmJ'lues, v,nconfi.lnt.

Ana in other mortAL men AppeATl£ Avrurd ,eum tht ftronge~ ftcLmg tldutrjirilI,

or fAJlmg fomerinus 0{thei7 purpofcs ,JAW rbtrew.u nu« of JupernAl http,4nd

tbs: eATlblJ thmgs depended mu,b 'pon diuine wit And poweT. Bur b"uing for-

. f"k..!1J God IIlmigbtie, r~}t ,nil ",Ak_!r itnd "mfnuer 6f Al,tbtJ begAn 10 im.zgrne And [erue f41ft Gods, botJ) j.nnous deAdmm, which fJld ,,'/peTed in tbi! world,

J And diuers other things. b} which tnt] rtaZUea commOliirie or f'~red dAl1uge.

. Henc» therfore role rue rbirll principAl,Sea '~lled Grzc~[me, begin";ng Alft The thirc ?eEtj m tbM foClmi. Age, 4& the J.eme s. Ep'pI1.enU" WTHltl1. for Nlnus the firft Ktng ~f was GrS':.i..l,ne.! the 'AjtTi~ngrlAt MOIl4TCbit, ~rl)ugbt to p4Je th.zt bis f.cthn Belus Iupiter lYM

rft ,Idola:r ie,

, temedAna worshipped for the onl] gre~r God bJ the AjJ,riittu,To /J,m the Ba-

bJlonunstrdtedfirft Temples, .Alt4rs , And StAtUM. NemrDd Alfo bJ tbe 19Ame

s.,,.,. .!Saturnus ,.114 the progeniroll7 afBelllS, 4ndftrv greAt ~mg 0' Tyra1Jt oj B.Dmi. bJlon, 'W4U ~'I)unted 1$ God, A"d tile !J.tlJer of Gilds • .About thu rime IIk...,ewi[r

btgan tbe DinAjt£ Among the .J£gyptiAns, lInd nit faonrr, 4J the] vAin~ri' .. g t» Dinafte ~cre bAlit been b~rOte tne fitJud , JeA llJucb lO,Jger then Indeed rbe world h4Cb bren. thofe tl;;a.t raiMQruuer the ChA14,es worsbipped tbefir,. OtHnS the funne,tbf msone, And j,,- ~llcd inAc~ypt nU!1'erAble otlJer !AitJed Gods. AgAinr! itl wiJic IJ (C7" lik_.ewlft Ag 4inji Al htufiej) :_'\' force and ATt tw'fiptciltlATgurnenrs. Fltjt, t /Jat they were no ( from the vt!rnning, IU the ?~jicic: & after

j "" ere great

I true GDd , And ilL truths 4fe k.,nownt And fcceiuca by continual Tradition, but Gods ~ 8: lide

brought in "frtrw"rds bJ men, 4nd cDmnUn~., by it men. StLondlJ ' dlt) are 110t'Jod,. ~,epttd 4nd tfteemed for Gods or truths in Al places, but wirh £re.:r diutr[iric Ido larr ie an~ .nd di./fention, one fort Allowing rh"t orlurs dffpife • II, bolre .A thAnllfiu: notAblY \ H,_ er~£i,e ar,c co-

, 1'1 ' 'ift l' I fl ~ r id - r thar

W1ZUtJzn mOT"uonAgAm leili SJn tn« evcoras : uot iunt ccntes tot! em _' ,.'" i"f.

' ' , v r' ,nc, ocgm l 1 -

peo:um. genera confingun~r &c. ljO\;' manic natIo;v; (].tHI1 he) ~o I o rci'erly; & are

! marne kinds of Gods are fained. Alto me [arne countne , the [arne C:-Iat diifenrion rn tic diifemcth within ir-Ielfe in fupcrnition of Idols. The Phenicians their i~:Jgined certes acknowledge not the iEgiptiam Gods .neirher doe the A:gyptians lRellgJOm. adore the [arne Idols with the Phenicians.Nor the Scithians receiue rhe

Gods of the Pertians , nor the Periians of the Scithians . The Pda[gies

refufe the Thraiian Gods,the Tnraiians know not the Thebians. The

Indians are againlt the Arabians .rhc Arabians againft the .tEthio-

phians : and in like fort the .iEt.hiopians differ in their religious arraires

from the Arabians. The Syrians worfnip not the Gods of the Cilician,

& the nations of Cap a do cia betides al thcie haue Gods of other names:

'The Birhinians a1[0 tained diuers Gods, the Armenians againe diuers !

from them. What need we manic words? Thofe that are in the ccmi-I

nent honour other Gods from the Iland-pcoplc.I n briefe .cach citie and

each village not knowing the Gods ofthc ir ncichbours , fettcth forth!

their owne , and eitccmcth them only in plac~ of Gods. TiJus fane s.1

_____________________________________________________ 1

I .il rlJ~r"~."uf.!

I \ 48 G ENE SIS. I ILut~ers. pro-"fiu.. Name we M .. e uuntties, prOUi1JCfS, cues, And tDWnes in thefr pArts! l~l~~~Si~l~~:_aS'\ ofEttrQpC ,"",:bert Luthn« [cboleTs haue fir the;r [ut, con.r.ticr.fhtfoTm~ 'f.Rt'~\ lnions of Reli- . lrgllm Hlld ;.!pmro11S winch rbe] usld, ItlUi we s/lJ.lfoc M vnordtrl,e begznmngs'C?'I.

! ~bon as Pavui- M horribLe tlljJI:l1rians in herefi(s (whi,b S. Hurem ,alletb cJ;, UwiJ oJ tr.., N tn,.,n~. It.

r c , .' . 'O)"

Ime~ doe In I' nfl·t.nzem) IU the sncunt f",herJ IM"e dlf'Tycd tn P a gtlnifme. fOT LU:iJtTtll1S or .

lrhcir falfe Prortji.antJ b~U'lIO 110 '"rrfu! tleneratlOIJ , but proctt'dmg et l;alfards fMC , -rp_\

Gods. ft .::. 0 iF' d J 'J t;

"Tts of 'V1lk...nowne p7'o_genze , are IJO ie e ~t a:fi.or among thwJ/luts, onl} AJ

ag) (eiug .. g .l.i!Jj1 C~tbvlJ...t'J, llks fyncreufanres ag "itt~ their common entmu s, en Herod, PI1~rr, Ana tile lewes ~g.lII1jt chriji. And in E1lgl~nd .dolte lire azuers SLits 'Wi~bour pafstbit nuant.r to agree In en«, FOT lilbe;! rbe Cluit fiAtt endeauouftth prudently sud fertouflJ 10 brmg Ai to Vtii{orlflitie • At Itafl In putlik._e Jbew, let tbe] "Te hut tik._e m.nll' j.4"S vnder one huod, euerie fOTt k.,ecpm.g tilei, o!vr.e opinionJ; 1talllmvjt eaetic Preacher and mesne {cIJoler ( to (AJ THlllJmg of arti·

ficers Aml. common f.1wijItiJ) Arrogating to bd;j$ ownc ludge , omumnub to fl~nd to Lt4lher or Cauan, to Gcneu« 07 1'Iirl.a11JtNt, to COI'Juo,,,rwn or S}fJod of

. their owne, but to hu owne 0:11J ~tJtlnfl.lnliitJg «nd ;nwpret.ttioll of Holze ~: up-,

PIo~d & ~on. ttn e; N 01' Jet to thAt alwJZ]ts ;i"r whtn be II PHJJ.1t 'Wul) that be 011ce (ala, he'

tenuous Ipirirs] 't J:' I . d . h b .. b J

h :11 'Wh Jorger It, er est« J14 owne Wlr , s) e Itlle I~Ol wntten It , or I At you JaUe

arc arl y per- . . . t; b . .

f'lk.'adeJ [0 the ,tAd,e wunes agAinj1 b,m 'Jo ara It U to m~k! A decftlwt P7Dlfjtant Dr hmtJtn

rru.h, COl1ft./Je thar Iu U conuinad , except b] wry pregnafl t mesne: )IJU ,a,t ftr~ '11ft

Vnle:lr~ed our oj oim , OT bind i4ft the fpirit fit p,elumptton , 41:/Jentioll , find '01JltnNO'J~

~~~hohl~es wher iU the fimplcft cllfiJvllk._e ;I~ tue TrfJ1'ld bath tlu fdf,· [umr jAi:b ttl ,,1 ~1nts

(~~~~:i~l:ej,~ wirbt?en1hou <..inndJ ,in v;JJtcblJ.erem~inelh I .aluil'pGn wlJllft iudgtmem htl 011 po inrs ~mh: dtpenaeth.

the learned. To nturne tIm f01t f, om whence we are not VNnu(ffarii) dig'l',JJtd , we con- .li. ,(. c. '

dude wirh S. Augufilllc : Wben MO]fts hadsJJeWld the beg.r.mng atJd progftjje I Jo.'iHl'.1 of Ntmrods t4trhite citu , lCIZUi11g it in FabJlQn , thAt IS confuiion, .u needles . t D prof Cult it f urt Jur) h.: retumem to dcd"rt tbe ptTptlu~l fuccdIion of tbr

Citie oj God,du: C/UtlCh, AS before the fiutrd from Ad",", uNo", b) the lin« vj

The rucceffi()n uth, /0 4ftr the ftoud fro7tl the fllmt N oe,b} rlu line oj Scm, Arphaxad, Sale, Heber, Phaleg, Reu, Sarug, Nachor, Thare ~ Ilnd Abraham. TIJe Tefl OJ S{ms ch,ldren, and 11.1 the progemeJ of lapherh and ctum , IU not pcrt,z;ning to th;~ purp'fi ,omitttil ,[0 unntilmg tho!e in order of generAtlOnJ , by whom the {""'jion u Jireitl] b""gbt to A brAhAm, Prince () f the eleCted people, II ",~ft fpeciAl PatriArch, to whom new ANd great ptom'.IJes Art ",,,de (}fmultipl;cAtIOrJ of flU fud , lind poJJeflion of tbe.LAna of CbA1JAIIn , bur efpeciAiLJ of .C117iji 'UT Re4tumr , 471d f'n {Ame mAm: WAIU confirmed) M wil 4ppeAre In tbe nut


I Sects in En-

I gland di uers from Luther, and e ich one

from the ref].

of Patriarchs From Noeto Abraham,

,ft~brahanl a orm: ipal Pa~r iarch,


. ----------~~ .. - - ----------.-------------

viR. 7.





~br.un "",mJnded bJ God to le"He bit courztrie , witb prom;!e to he bltffid in The b:ginbuSeed c.t.kJngl]i&wifuA,.i,Andbilntpb~wL.t, 6.w,snd,erlJant;Jl Intng ot the

'] " 8 b b thrr d Ace.

l"nd9fch~n,un,7.eftaetb,snAlt,sTlnStCUem, •• not n m Bet d.lO. 0

TDence hy o,,~jion of f"mine pllfJetb intI .lEg,,': 14. where his wife (,,,Ued The fifth part hi6 fifter ) if t_h.!n uno rbe Kings bouft, 19. b"t 'Yntou,bed i6 ,efloTtd ro of this boox e.

Of ~brahallls him,

leauing hi,

counrric:,Gods blt:il;og cf his

, N D our Lord [aid to Abram: Goe forth of thy coun- /eed, and COOl-

~ . d - h l' d d d - , . - h [rnandment of

- trie ,an out ot t y Kin re ) an out ot tnv tat ers 'c' .-

, ~. rd' 1 d hi h '1 fL • h ircumcrnou,

~ ~~ nouie ,an come 1l::'~0 a an w lIC I 'VI mew tnee.z.

~m\At:C_ I wil make thee into a gre~t nation, and I wil ~.J,../ blcfie :hee, and ma~nifie thy name ,and thou (halr be

bleffed.z. I wil blcfie them that ble«~ thee, and curfe them that curfe .

thee ,and (4) I tl TH;';: {hal al the kindreds of the earth be blefled 'b(.r)InCrhrblft

c d h d dcd hi . orne 0 A ra-

4. Abram therfore went out as our Lor a cornman cd hirn , and 'hams feed al

with him went Lot.Ieauenrie fiue yeares old was Abram w hen he went i nations are forth out of Haran. s. And he woke Sarli his wife, and Lot his bro, !bleifed, Gal. j.!, thers Ionne , and a1 the [ubfi:2.nce which they had po[[dlcd , and the

fou1es which they had gotten in Haran: and went torch to g0C into the

I land of Chanaan. And when they were come into it, 6. Abram pafTed through the counrrie vnto the place Sichem , as farre as the noble vale:

I -and the Cananite was at that time in the countric. i. And OUt Lord ~r-I

I pe~red to Abram,and [aid to him.To thy [ted wil I giucthis ~,md.\\!ho i I

builded there (b) an altar to our Lord, that had appeared ro hirn. ~.And 1,;0: ~b;a~.~e-

I marchinz on from thence to a mountaine , that was on the caft of ltQ.l~Gaced ( cars

L' ." ,0 l 0 e pe-

Bethel, there he pitched hIS tent ) haumg Bethel on the weft , and H~y ! cia lly in rnof

on the taft: he buildcd there a1[0 an altar to Our Lord, and calicd \ oon Iplau,.:s v herc his name. 9. And Abram went forward goins, and proceeding on rcthe be rcceiucd fouth. 10. And there carne a famine in the: counrrie : and Abram ciefcen- rcnli:fes or ~ed into h.gyPt, to be as a pilgrimc there: for the famine was very [ere '~;;~i;~i~', h~:

111 th,e land. 11. And when he was neer to enter into .tEgypt , he i' to ! 31. u: Gen. Sarai his wife: I know that thou art a favre woman ) I~. and that v, il~ n

t~e ./.Egyptians [hal fee thee, they wil lJ)': She is his wife ; and tky wil

kJl:me, and reierue thee. 1~.11 Say therforc.I pray thee.that thou an my

fifter: that I may be wcl vied for thee, and rhat my Ioule may liuc for

thy Iake. .

J4. When Abram therefore WlS entreJ into .A:gypt , the hgyptians

I 2 [ a w

G·E N E S· ts,


r t, S4Y '''" Abrahaln concealed that Sarai was his wjfc , and Iyed !

(aying she w'as his lifter; as he alfo called Lot his brother, beinz his brothers Gm.IJ.

Men are bound f?nnc, ~Jtd she his br~>ther~ daughter. ~V~crby he prcuenred danggofhis OYne

to doe their I life , vhng (IIC11 la\J'tul mea.lY:s as lay In him , co mmrttme his "'lIotes chaftitie-to

lawful cndca- ?oih,p,rordtion, ~:hich hirnfelf couldnotprouidefor. In~~ichcafe if.ftclUll1lot . llours,a'1J to 1 anne ~1~OW!l:: C:lJC~ll(~)llr_, he had ramer tempted qod ( falt~ S •. Auguft~ ) then I .r6:, .. cormnrr the relll trufled in God. Ana to God preferucd her J thougn she wa.s In Pil.1r~ hIS huufc. I J , :0 GuJ.. . v, f7. 1~ q~.6 .

• urn.

(cJGod by corporal affliction hindr~d Pharao &hismen from doine

iolence t~ Sarai. s. Cl)ri{ h..JL. ;11 G,n, .

Caw the woman that (he was palling beautiful. 15. And the Princes told . Pharao , and praifed her to him: and the woman was taken into the houfe ofP harao, 16. And they vfed Abram wel for her fake. And he i had fh~ep and oxen and he affes , and men Ceruants , and maid, ! and {he afles, aad Camels. 17. And our-Lord (,) Ccourged Pharao with! very foreplagues,and his houfe, for Sarai Abrams, And Pharao I called Abram.and Iaid to him ,: What is this that thou haft done to mes Why didikthou not tel me that [he was thy wife? '9. For whaecaufe didft thou fay the was thy Lifter ~ that I might take her to my wife? Now eherforetherc is thy wife, take her, and goe thy w.ayes. 10. And Pharao gaue certaiue men commandernent in the ht:halfcofAbram:. and they conducted him, and his wife, and al that he had.




Abu," A1fJ Lot rrun"r fi,m .J£gJpr intD CbAJJ""", 6 • ."tl h,;,,: fi,b fiPMAt' tIJlm[clucs, 1;), Lot '/Juojillg liJHOuntue IIb.ur I.,dAnt , Jlln". dwdutb ill C;J~t~~.ln. 1 ~. Wbert "gIL",t GOd,pTDmije~b bim tbAr lAR; , .. ~ tnUilipliWl,jon ufbi6 [ted. IS. And be utlled"nDtbn A.ll,n tI God.

~A~' BR AAf therforeafcended out of .iEgypt ,heandhis ~A~ wife, and al that he had; and Lot with him tothe iouth ~~/ffi .~ coaft. 1. And he was \0 cry richinpoiTeffionofgoldand ~;, . ~ filuer~,. And he rcrurncd, by the way that he came ,from

. ~ ~ the {outh vnro Bethel, euen to the place where before he had pitched a tabernacle bet~cn Bethel and Hay: 4. in the place of the altar \'V hich he had made before , and there he called vpon the name of our Lord.

~. But \

Abram. G ENE SIS. .s I I

4i. But Lotalio that was with Abram had flocks of rheep , and II (rt ~Follre fort!

" f b fi d N h he land bl "of brethren

heards 0 ea s an tents. 6. eyt er was t e an a e to receiue r, hoi "

, h . t: bfl h d h fIn orv WrIt:

them for to dwel together: for t err 1U Hance was mue ,an t ey rgerma~ bro-

could not dwel together. 7. Wherupon al[o there arofe firife amongfi !rhcrs, as Iacob the heardfmen ot Abram and of Lor. And that time the Chananire land Efau: of and the Phcrifite dwelled in that counrrie. 8. Abram rherfore [aid to !~ind=ed, as ALot: Let there be no brawle ,I befeeeh thee.between me and thee, lLbrahamfal~d

r. or : 0 tne I

and between my heardfmen , and thy heardlmen : for we be (II) brc- [fame nation,

thren. o. Behold the whole land is before thee: goe apart from me, las the lewes

I pray thee: if thou wilt goe to the left hand, I wii take the right: if !~Samarirane$! thou choofe the right hand, I wil paffe to the left. In Rcl~gl~11 as

10. Lot rherfore lifting vp his eyes, [a W al the countrie about Ior- ~l Ca.tholikes. dane) ~ which was watered throughout before that our Lord [ubuer-

ted Sodome and Gomorre, as the Paradile of our Lord, and like as

..t.Egypt as men come vnto Segor. II. A~ld Lot chofe vnto him the

countrie about Iordanc, and he departed tram the Eall : and they were

Ieperared either brother from the other. 12.. Abram dwelt in the land I

ot Chanaan : and Lot aboad in the townes that were about Iordane , .

and dwelt in So dome. 13. And the. men of Sodorne were vcric I

wicked, and finncrs before the face of our Lord Out of meafure. 14.

"And our Lord [:tid to Abram, after that Lot was [e~;trated from him:

Lift vp thyne eyes, and locke from the phcc whcrin L~OU now art ,'to

the north and Iouth , to the eafl and weir. I'). Ai the land which thou (b) Not tltC fecit wil I giue [0 thee, and to thy feed for euer, 16. And I wil make children of the

r - flt:sh, bur the

(b) thy Ieed as the duft of the earth: if any nun be able to number the children of

i duit of rhe earth, thy Ieed alio Ihal he be able to number. Ii. Arire prcrnife are rhe and walk,e through the land in the length, and in the breath therof : feed) Rom, " for wil giue it ro tncc. J8. Abram therrorc remouing his tent , came, lanJ are innuand dwelt betide the vale of Marnbre , which is in Hebron: and lJ~ Irable,Apoc.7.

build~d there an altar to our Lord. tv ~.


I i




I !








rhe King of Sou", witb orber!o",e J{;ngs Aft outreo",t ;71 bAtl.ilt bJ 1'lIrt "bers, Il. wbtTl Lor is 14Ik._tn. 14 . .fiur .A b, .. m witb J 1 S. ,tt{"UP,./t,14- ting ."d '.'''Mllm;,,!. 111t v,aneu , Lot , wltb Al tbe And prtJ.18. Mel,b,{ull,b KUlg 4MPritft fJUfft4~b, .. ""lO. A hr.", pAled titWSf. bi",.,,1. .1IIlJlnarca dJt fpoiu " 'be .KIng of Suo", •

.. N D it came to pa{fe in that time, that Amraphel the King of Sennaar.and Arioch the King of Pontus , and Chodorlahomor King of the Elamites.and Thada! the

_ King of Nations ,1.. made warre againttBarra the King

. of Sodome , and againft Berfa the King ofGomorra,

and againfr Sennaab the King of Adarna, andagainft Scmebar the King of Seboim , and againH: the King of Bala , the [arne is Segar. ~. Al thefe came together into the wood-land vale, which now is 'the falt fea. + For they had (erued Chodorlahomor twelue yeares , & the thirteenthyeare they reuolzcd from him. 5. Therfore in the fourteenth yeare came Chodorlahomor, and the Kings that were With him, and they ftruck Raphaim in Aftarothcarnaim , and Sutim with them, and E.mim in Sauee of Carimathaim, e. and the Corrheans in the mountains of Seir , euen to the Champion countrie of Pharan, which is in the wildernes, 7. And they returned, and came as farre as the fountaine of Mifphat, the fame is Cades: and they ftruck al the counrrie of the Amelechires , and of the Amorheans , that dwel in Afafonth.;;.. mar. B. And they went forth the King of Sodome , and the King of -Gomorra , and the King of Adama , and the King of Sebeim , moreouer alfo the King of Bala ) which is Segor : and they fet them[dues againfr them ill banaile ..aray ill the wood-land vale: 9. to wit againft Chodorlahomor King of the Elamitcs ,and Thada! King of Narions , and Amraphd King of Sennaar ~ and Arioch King of Pontus : foure Kings againH: fiue. J o, But the wood-land vale had many!, its of bimme. Therfore the King of Sodome and of Gomarra

. turne their hacks , and were ouerthrowne there: and they that re. mained fled to the mountaine, II. And they tooke al the fubfcance of the Sodcmires and Gomorrheans, and tooke alkind of victuals, land went their way: n.. and Lot alfo and his fubftance , the fonne of II' Abrams brother ~ who dwelled in Sodom, 11, And behold one that

bad efcaped told Abram the Hebrew , that dwelt in the vale of 1 Mambre , the Amorrean, brother of Efchol , and the brother of i Aucr : for thele had made a league with Abram.1'l. Which when

I --------------------------~~--

: Abram,



Abram had heard , to wit, that his brother Lot was taken , he numbred of the [eruants borne in hi. houfe , wei appoimed,three hundred and eighteen: and purfued them vnto Dan. 15. And diuidinz his cornpanie , he ranne vpou them in the night , and firuck them,

~ and. purlued them vnto Hoba , which is on the left h ind of DaI maicus, 16. And he brought backe al the fubfiancc , and Lot his I brother with his fubfrance , the women aleo and the people. 17. 1 And the King of Sodom went forth to meet them, after he re-

turned from the. fl aug hrerof Chodorlahomor , and of the K inzs that were with him in the vale Sauee , which is the Kings val~. J8. But It Melchiledech the Kin,g of Salem, 1/ bringing forth bread and wine, for he was the Pricit of God moll High, 19. II bldfed him , and [aid: BldTea be Abram to God the Hizheft , which crea1:ed heaueu and earth: 10. and blelled be God the Hiehef] by whore protection the enemyes arc in thy hands. And I' h~ O'au~ him the tyrhs of ale sr, And the King of Sodom [aid to Abr~m:_ Giue me the foules, and the refi take to thee. 22.. Who an[wered him : I lift vp my hand to my Lord God moft High , poJfdfour of heauen and earth t 2.,. that from the very woofe-thread vnro the Ihoe

latchet, I wil not take of al that are thine, (,,) kft thou fay, I haue 1(41) Abrallam

I enriched Abram: 14- exc.;:pt fuch things as the ycng men haue eaten ,enriched by and the ihares of the men that came with me ~ Aner , Eichol , and !God ~ would. Marnbre ~ thefe Ihal take their iharcs.takeno more, of man ,. but hu

foldiers fuaenance , rhe proper hire of

fplrltual w'orkmen.

S. ChrifoP. if! Gt ••



7 ..... J. . 18. MtkhTfiJ,,~.) S Hi::r~ftl being eameffly re'lucficd by Euagri!,;sto giue his,

"".,c;";'[ lUdgcment touching Melchifedcch ~ whom·a namele- Aurhour had cndeauoured ,Old hel cues

, toproue to be the Holie Ghofi , plaialy confureth.that errour : as alfo an other concer,Ulloig .

..... errour cf Orisen and Didymus (;lyino- hC\t'3lS an Annd Like-«,ifc: S Epiphanies Melchifedech.

t> 1" ~ . • r j

(hnrfi H .• rtd 7'.) relateth and condernneth a rhi .r d errour , of {orne that

thought him to be the Sonne of GeJ. There two Fathers ~ and S. Augufline ( Ii. ~ IHrrpbNII.",. J .• ') and diuers other s vhom S. Hierome alleadgerh ,proue eaidently , that he w~-a very mae , a Prieft and a Kill{!" yea the high Pricf] (at lcafr of tha.t co untri e ) Superieur to Abraham ;and. a figure ot Chrifr. Betides

rhefe herdics, the fame S. Hiereme relateth two probable opinions The!A, probable lewes Rabins generally hold that Melchif~dech- was Sem the fonne of Noe , lcpinio., that ftom whom Abraham and .11 the Hebrewes defcended. Wht<h they fcerne ra- lSern and Me I, ther to affirme, as loath toconfeKc: that anie man -cf .an other ~.ation, tlu!n lchifeJech was their OYDe, should haue been grC.ltcr and more excellent then Abt.aham [al one,

in fpirirual caufes , then for anie reafon tbey doe or Can alleadge. Yet manic,

efpecially latter writcfl>, as Liranus , T oflatus , Cenebrardus, and others; doc

cmbl'.1ce this opinion as mof] probable .. Though S Hicrome f~meth.-()nJy to'

-haue added the Hcbre,,·es opinion ( as he faith) becJ.ufe he lX'ould intim31e·

I 4 411 to




Proued by S. P a uls words.

a 1 to nrs trcind ,when he had fidt circa gra.uer humours, S. Ireneus -, HYpoli . tus , Eufebius Cefarienfis. Eufebius Emtlfenu.s, Apolinarius ~ and Euflarhius , al azrcablv arnrmil'2: that Mclchifedech W'3,S a Chananite , King of Salem , ~ hich w"'as aft~wards called Ierufalem, To this opinion agrceth ~hilo Iud eus , continually fpc1king or him as of a Llrangc:r to the lewes Nation . Icfcphus alfo a lew wrireth plainly (ii. 7. de b,lle lua4;CO. c. 18.) that he \Yas of Chanaan ~ a~d Prince. of the Chanaires. Alfo S. Dionyfi~ Ariopagi:a (Clltitj't. ~jt1'.C.9.) S. Eplphanius C heT'. H. & f.i.] Theodoretus ( '1' 61. i" Gc-n ) and ~t!1das, .are of ~he fame mind, and manic other C hrifiian Doctours. Who connrme their aifl"rt1on

by rhar S. Paul faith to the Hebrcwes : He who(e gtfMf'ArHm is ".t .m~"~ . Reb.7. ,hem, rook, ~i,JJrJ of ~br4hAm.For what els can S.l_)aul meane.but that Melclufc- '~." 6. dechs kindred & people, was d iuers from the kindred and people of the lewes ?

Which he could not tay of Sem, trom ~hom Abraham & al lewes defcendcd : as

it can not be raid, that Adam and Noe are of diners generation from anie peo-

ple that now Iiueth ,becau[e we .11 come of them. pf this did1cultic ( not pertaining to anie controuerfie of our time) the fludious may fee more in F. Pcre-

rius his commentaries vpon this 14. chap. of Genefis, difp. 3. .

18. B,.ing~, /(),I'&h.] Secinc thc Roval Prophet Dauid , and S. Paul fay Chrifr .p! 109 is a Prie~ for c.uer accordingto the <?rdcr of Melch.ifeJech? :-",C demand. of Pro- H~b.7.' tdl:ants,lf Chnft fulfilled not Melchifcdcchs 6guratluc Sacrifice offered In bread

and wine, by offering his owne bodie anti bloud at his iaft fupper in formes of

bread & wine, and by Infiituting the fame to be offered by his Pridh til the end

of the wodd ,'What other figuratiue facri6ce of Melchifedcch they tan find per-

formed by Chrift , by which it may appeare that he is J. Prieft for euer according

to that Order ? Caluia (Ii. 4. Inflit. c 18. paras , ) Kemnifius (par.1.. exam.pag.

140. &7"-7.) Peter Martyr (in I. Cor. s. ) and 100ft English Prorcflanrs grant

that Melchifedcch was a Pricfl , and that the peculiar funaion of a PI'iell is to

offer Sacrifice , whc:rfore they r.auing no facri6ce wil haue only Minifiersand

no Pricfls : but they denie that Melchifedech effercd Sacrifice in bread and wine. WherLlpon we ioyne iffue with them to proue that he didjand that by this place aOloogft others of holic Scripture.

Kemnifius complayneth that the Latin text hath O~,uli" for Prot"Ii:, OJ'wed, for BTOlIgh, (mh. And to difl'foue the fame, he a!1eadgeth the Hebrew ,Cbaldee, Greeke ~ and S. Cyprian, But Catholikes more iuftly complaine of him for lying. For al Latin Editions haue ",.9{t,.mJ, /n-ingzng[orsh. The queflion therfore in controuerfie is, to "hat end and vfe Melchifedech brought forth bread and Tine? Caluin and Kcmnifius fay it was only to refresh or feed Abraham and his

men, and not for facri6ce. \Xlhieh their bare faying is without rcafon, for that there 'Was' !lore of "IiEtuals in theprey(v. 11. )and they had eaten therof. More-

ouer the Hebrew word H'IP , bT'flgh:/mh, is a 'Word pertayrung ·to Sacrifice, '1/ ~.

as in the 6. chap. of Iudges. (V 18. and 1,) and imporreeh that the bread and :S· ch,.;f. "ine "ere firft offered inSacrific~ , and then -doubtles th.ey did.partici?ate: 'h;. J6.;;' though they wanted not other {ufficlent corporal food. Agame , the words fol- iG " lowing For he .... uhc P";tfi o{God .... fl High" can haue no other fcnfe , but that be f.

did the funtii()n of a Prien inthe bread ana wine whicl11le brought ~ ~therwjfe i~ the only ca.ufc of brinuing that prouifton had been to relieue the camp with VICtuals ,"the reafon .,oufd rather haue been yealded , becaufe he bountiful

King) a liberal Prince) a fpecial freind to Abraham " a!> indeed he ... as : But none of thefe reafons or the like fitted this pUl'pofe fo vel , nor touched the caufe of bringing forth brad and wine,as to figniEe that he ·was ilPriefl-~whofe office is ro-offer Sacrifice.

Here againe rome Protefiants take exception a~ainft the Latin text, that the caufual conjunCtion En"", for, is not agrcablc lathe Hebrew, but should . be the copulatiue PI, od, which is a II'Iecre wranglinc. For the learned know ~'e1 enough that the Hebrew particle is better ellpreil~d in ruch places by fn;"'~ or

. ~ore probable that Mclchifc dech was a Chananite,

Chrifl is a Prieft accor-

, ding to the Order of Melchifedcch,

Why the Proteftants naue Minifters and noPriefri.

The llateof the cOuouerfie.

Melchiredech -effered facriflee in bread &


The Latin text iuftitied by other places, vea bv Prorefi~ts trallatios




'tlli4 :['T, or Im4f1fi, then by ft. An(~ fo :~e En.gli~h Bible printed in the year~ of our Lord q ~1.. readeth : MtlChiftdUIJ .KUt! oj S.ltm t.,..u.~h, f'Tlh bTt.a .nli ~Jn,. {"h. w.:nh. P,j,jI oflhunoft highrfl God. The latta Ed irions alfoin like places haue _ITot the copulariue ...And l but Ierne other '(('ord as the fc.:nL requireth Gen.

, ;:'C-. V. 3. 71JON ." btd ..• 'lIIa maD ,fOT ';It w.",.nl f.kt ~h"h 'hoN hAp , .. ~tfl it= J'J' IS .. m.,,-s wir, : Where the Hebrew phrafe is, JM ,ht II " .. ruti 10 .. It,ub.nd. Volo.,. they scad thus: FI>T 1 h.", proN,th' .• , li]t Lord h4,h bl,g,dm, fOTJ~} fUt,' here precifdy cunfl:ruing the Hebrew they should fay, I diu,mri ,~ or conie crured , IOId Ibe LAr" b!tfJta flit {fir .hy fAke. Likeeife Eray 64. v. s. they read: B,., UI, fh.1I hAft bern .ngr~', (or WI o.f1mJ.ui, the Hebrew is thus: LOl ,heN 1fT' ."~" , ... d Yo, h4UI{I""ed. .In the fame place they tr anflare , ") n J)'uci w be !IZU.J. , '¥ hich the ~e 0 brew' exprefiett, by the copulatiue , ._.And 'ere shal be faued, So ~ ben they thinke it conuenicnt ,they tranflate the Hebrew particle, foflr, rl:1U ,Jft ;) \1 hich ftriCily flgnifieth ufnd.

N<:w let vs 30110 fcc the original in this place. "In the Hebr e-e it is thus: The Hebree V MAL CHI T S.E DEC M 1::. L E C C HAL E MHO T S I LECHE.M text shewerh VAIAIIN. VEHV COHEN LEEL ELION. VAlE VARE that MefchiC H EH V , &c. In Engli!.h V10rd fC1r ~'ord rhus : Jnd MI/cbif,dtCh K,"!, ,rSaltm ,feJech did the bTOII!,hs !.rfh l1,ead and w'nt. t_.A7J4i Iluhe Pru{l to God mn~ Higl-, .. _And h~ buffta hnn,&c. ioffice of a \X'here albeit the caufualword,F'T, is not exprcfled , yet thefe worde~, ..,A.dlll rht ,Priefi in bread 'PYitft , further declaring that betides the offi, e ana Cl::;nltlc of a King (v hich ~ as : and winc.

faid before) Mclchifcdech was alfo a Prien, muf] needs {ignifl:! that he did fome-I

thing about the oread.and \1( inc belonging to a Pri(;nsom(~. And ~ hat that ferne- I The proper G.iLKI. thing ~'as , p~rhaps the V niuertitic of C ambridae \\ il tdline , ~ hofc Iare Pro- i offiC"c of a ""'i~olk fclfour of Diuinirie reachcth plainly, that Mel c hi Ie dccho fiereel Sacrifice, andPr ieft iHO or-

o..,.,." \X'~s thcrin a £jgl1l"(~ of Chrifl (Polg ,. Rfpr,h,,,.; S.mrdous 'faith he) ii 'lJtrt C7 ~ro- :fer Sacrifice •

.6r~fIf". . r» fum, qui j4CTlji:i4 f,,(jHl'lr ;.9u .. '1.1 (ro ,fiICTon , & 0./1 o1romJ fiLii, 0" M .ichjfia~,h:1 ,

ncrutt: & IjUlmJ/J",aunabrabanc ,C;,.,ijiUI Prill;', Iruiy "nd fTof'nly IZTt cht'J , ,baJ efjtr {iICTlfi-

ClI .,/Nch es \""'1 vi.TOn., ""d tht jonnrJ of :/4Y071 , DlJ M tlchl{tdtCiJ, And, hrifi , ",hem'!;typyepguwJ. If then both Aaron & Melcr.ifcdcch \Y'eretrl41~' &: properly biens becaufe they offered facriticesj according to this l)rctdlcurs dcfini rion ~ and DOth were figures of Chrifl , it muft needs be granted that as Chrifi fulfilled -he fi!!ure of Aaron!. bloadic facrifices , in offering himCelfe vpon the Crofle , fo he ;olfo-iulfilled the figure as we! of vnbloudic facrifices of j\aron, as. efp eci ally of Mel. hifedechs Sacrifice, in fame other bcfides that on the Crofie , feeing the P.rophet

, DauiJ and S. Paul fay, Chr if] is a Priefi ( not according to Aarons Order, for

that '9i'<l.S to haue an end , but ) F~r 'lin according to the 01 der of Mdchifedecb. • . 0

And .w'har other Sacrifice did our Sauicur off er to rcmame perpetual, but of Ch.l'Jfi filJ ex· his owne bodie & hloud in vnbloudie manner, vnder the formes of bread .and erciz erh the \Vine, with commandment to his Apoflles and Priefis to doc the fame til the end office of Prief]

. of thc-w-~i:TJ? i~tthc ind_iffercn~ Reader weigh i.t wel:}.nd-~ hr.foe~cr is not \"try ~oo:. accorproud,wd for ius better inftruction cr confinnation.efteerne.rhe vniforrue .matTe- GlI1t> to the Ormenr ot manie , ancient, ~{)dlie ,and learned Farhers , ~'riting "pon this p!~e.": <1 er of Mclcki,

We wi1 only recite their wordes without other deduction , for br euiti efak e; ,fe~e"ch b.y the

S. Cl;mlns Alexandrin~s, n. -4. Strom. v~rfus fin em , ~riteth thus: MelChj_l!ml~iftel'Je d rede~hKin~ofSalem, Prief] of God mofl High , f.anaifi,d Priefh •. nutriment In type of the Eucharifl,

S. Cyprian Epif], (; Cz cilium : C:hrift is Prien for eucr accordins to the I The ancient Qr"der of Mclc~ifedecb, '\Y·hich <?rder is this co~nming ~t:omthat S~crifi~~, and .f~theti proue thence defccndmg, that Melchifcdech was PrIefi of God mcf] Hlgh rtnat heuhat Mdcbjfc.: offc:redbreadand wine~ that he hldredAbrahanl.Fcr.~ho is more aPriefl of .dcclr O1fc-rt:d God mofl: High, then our Lord lefus Chrifl , ~ho offered Sacr ific God the ISacrifice in Eathcr, and offered the fame ~'hich Mclchifedech had offered, bread and wjnc, /brcacl& wine: . to.wit, his ow-ne bodie a.nd bloud. And a liric after: That .therfor..e in Gendis, Ilin figure of. J.

K the


Cbrift. 3.nd of other Prica~ or'tae neY Teframent.

Calmn (Oftteneth al the aneiene fathers. ~ca.,.Heb.

Heretic .a1 traaUlation.

Tfte greater bJdfedf the ldfe.

Paying of tithe. ill" the law of nature.

the bleffing might be rightly celebrated about Abraham by Melchiiedech the PrieG ) the image of Cbri£b Sacrifice conlilling in bread and wine went before,

which thing our Lord perfe~in7; and performing , offered bread and the chalice

mixt with wine, and he that is "the plenitude, fuUilled the veritie of the preii-

gured image. .

Eufebius Cerarie~ lie f. Demndt. E uang.c, J. F.uen as he 'Who"as Friel!: of N a~ions"as neuer feea to offer corporal facriri ces.bue only bread..& winc, when he bleifed Abraham: fo bra our Lord & Sauieur himfelfe, then Prieih that come . fro. him, elCcrclfing the fpiritual office of Pri;;ah~od 'in ~ N a.ti?ns,after the Ec: . clefu.Llicu ordinances) doe reprefent the o.yllenes of hIS bod.i.e and healthful blo.d in bread and winc-.:"bich myfleries Melchifedech knew fo lone before

by diuine fpirit , and vfca as reprcfentations of things to come. l;J

S. Ambrofe1i. f. de Sacrarnen. c. I. We know the figure of the SacramcJlts went before ,in Abrahams times, wr..enMelchifedech offered Sacrifice.

Idem in cap. f. Heb. It is deere that oblations of cattle are vanifhed , which yere in Aarons Order', but Melchiiedechs infbirueicn rernayneth , which is celebrated al the world euer in admmitlr ation of the Sacraments .

. S: Hierome Epif], ad Marcellam vr [uigrct Berhleem : Haue recourfe to GeneflS, and you shal find Melchifedech,King of Salem, Prince of this cieic , who cuen then ill no-ure of Chrif] offered bread and wine,and dedicated the Chrifiian myftctic in ou~ Sauiours bodie and bloud. Idem Epifr. ad Euagrium : Melchifedech otFered not bloudie victims, but dedicated the Sacrament cf Chria: in bread and wine.3.limple and pure facrifice, Idem Q!:_cfi. in Gen. c. ' ..... Our myfrerie is lignified in the worcl of Order, not by Aaron in immolating brute vi~jms, but ig otfering bread. and wine, that is, the bodie and bloud of our Lord lefus.Idem in c. 16. M .. trhei : Melchifedech the Prrcfl of God moftH igh, by offering bread

and wine, prefigured the Myfterie of the Eucharift, .

S. Chrifoflom ho, 1.f. in Gen. Set-ing the figure, thinkc .1.1(0 I pray theeofthc veririe , Ho, ,6. Afeer rhat Melchifedech King of Salem brought bread and wine (for hew~ Prien of God mofl High; .. \braham receiucd his oblations.

~. Auguftin Epifr. ,r. Melchifcdech ~ringillg ~orth the Sa~raDlent (or myAene) of our Lords table, knew how to figurate hIS eternal Priefihood. Idem Ii, 16. c. u. ciurt, There firft appeared that Sacrifice, which i~ now offered to God byChriftiansillthe,»holcworld.ldemli. 11. C.11.11. II. c. J5. and vpon the Pfalme 10 I. contra aduarf Leg. & Prophet. c. 1.0. Sere ..... de Sandis Innocentibus. But it is boorles or needles to cite more place') , or more Authours: for "hofnC:ler wil not fubmir their iudgernenrs to thefe , would not, it is like, beIieue , if their owne Maifiers should rife againe and warne them) left they be damned for their incredulirie.

19. Blrffidhi".. J Caluin (in cap.1. v. ,. Reb.) Mufculus (Tecis C01l1. c. de

Milfa Papift.) and fome other Proeettants , to auoid the conucxion of Mdchifedechs Prieflhood and brinains forth of bread aud Tine, wit needs haue rhefe 'yords, H, W4f • Pr;r/l, referr~d gnl y to that which followeth, h, b/rj]uivl/r,4htl"', ,Bibl, And fome English tranilaters for this purpofe haue corrupted the text, by chan- In 9.

ging vlrM into T/wrfoT", faying thus : ...AM h, W4f 4 p.,itji (>f ,h, •• p High God,

rh"fo'r' hI bltlJtti hi,.. Which is aleo a falfc gloifc. For Melchifedech did not blefle

Abram becaufe he was a Prien, for Abram was alfo a Priefl , bur becaufe he was agrc.\tcr Prieft then Abram; which S. Paul vrgeth faying : Wi,h .. " Ai Co"" ... H b ddlioJl ,h., v.hI,h islljfi,;, bullr. tlf ,h~ b,,,,,. , concluding therupon that Mclchi- I't:· 78 fedech was greater then Abraham. Againe, other Supcriours that are not Priefls I '1'" . may blefi"e their inferiours, As Iofue and Saloraoa bleiled the people, anJ pa- 1C'~1.1.·8

rents bleffe their children. 3. 'l· .

~O. G..,. ,;'hu.) an other ~!"er?gatjuc .of Melchifedcch, that Abram

pared tithes to him, which S. Pa"lltkwlfe ex.phcateth (Heb. 7.) and proueth



. thcreby

r.)Thefethree kinds of beafts , & two ofbirds HEN thefe: things therfore were done, the word of : lignific that the

our Lord was made to Abram by a vj'>m faying: Feare Ifr ael ires

not Abram, I am thy Prorecrour , and ruy reward excee- should be three ding grcat. z , And Abram f.!id : Lord Cod, what wilt generations in

d d h r Ol ftrange land ,

thou giue me ? I l11a1 goe without chil reman t e ionne the fourth in

of the f[ew;u-d of my hou[c is this Darnalcus Eliezer. the deferr , the

~. And Abram addcd : But to .me tho~ haH. not giuen i~ed: all~ loe my I poffeiIio fnuJnt borne in my hou[c jhal be mme heirc, i. And immediately the ot Chanaan, word of our Lord carne to him [:lvin2: He nul not be thine heire : but ~ hiOd. ,.6$.;" he that rhal come out of thy womb [lim Ihalt thou hauc thine heirc, (bt)"A_bra.ham & ~ •• And he brought him forth abroad , and laid to him: Laake vp to his feed were heaucu , and number the Harrcs ) if thou canil, And he faid to him: So I in a il:rOUlge lad thaI thv (t·ed be.". Abram II belicued God, and -it was reputed to him 14oo.and oJI~e·

.. 1.. .1 h j·.1 hi h L d h b I h y earcs but In

vnto iuiticc. 7. And e iaru to rrn : 1 am tear t at rang lt t ee 1 . 'J & _L-

. - h Cl Id - . 1 hi 1 J d h h cruitu e 41-

out tram V rot tela ecs tor to glUe t lee t IS all ,an t at t au fiic1io n about

mi~htcn polTdfe it. ~. But he raid: Lord God) how may 1 know that [40.

1 11141 po t"G..ITc in 9. And our Lord aniwercd , and raid: (,,) Take me (,) God defera cow of three yc:arcs old, and a Ihe goat of three: ycares , and a rarnme reth to punish,

r v either that the

otthree ycares , a rurrle allo , and a pigeon. r c, vVhotaking al there, ,0 I d

I· . I d h b h idd _j 1 id h two ni IXJC'C may

ulWUC t em Y t C rm ues , ann at eac 1 two PlCCCS arow one aracnd or the

ag:lintt the other: but the birds he diuidcduor. I!. And the toule s good be excrlighted vpon the carcafles , and Abram droue them away. 12.. And I c ifcd by chem.

when the Iunne was fctting ,a deep Ileep fel vpon Abram) and a ereat S. Aug. prill ~-i-

.1 J k r h . d d 1 0 d· r id b. or becaufe the

and ar cciome orrour mua c 11m. 13. An It WlS iai Vnto 111m:

K d - k h InH1ully IS not

now In tore now t at a pilgrime ihal thy reed be in a land not their come r:o that

o wnc (::nd they (hal bring them vnder bondasc ~ and afflid them) great meafurc (~) ~-Ot.Ire hundred y~ares. 14. But the Nation , ~vhom they Ihal ferue, which his w'ifI wil luJgc : and after this thev illal coe forth with zreat Iubftance. dome forfeerh,

A d h 11 1 h' 'h" " and wil punish

I~. 11 t OU 1 ia t goe to t y tar ers in peace, buried in a good old in the end, to

4gC'. 16. But in the fourth gem:ration they ihal returne hither : tor (c) as his owne morej

,:ct the iniquities of the Arnorrheans are not at the till vntil this preient $Jorie,& more

l nme. bood of others.

i .Grtg. 170.1 J.i-1

K 2. 1'/". Ther- L

____________________________________________ ~~ __ ~~J.~E~~~rc"~. __ ~

r~a "




h· I..y that Chrifts PrieO:hood is greatter then [he Leuirical, Moreouer thi ..

l ere., 1 h 0·. fl' di 0

. o~- tithes by Abraham shewet 1 t e antrqurtre 0 t lIS tra inon , being

p.H'II1~ . hc fpiri 1';: 0 iued titl

. pr~ .. [I(cd in Abrahams tunc) that t C lpU·1tua ... upenours receiued u res of

: rherr iafer iours-



x v,

Atr ... doubt;", ""d Z."'rtnri"g tbAt be should h.4ue no child, G.(}d promi[eth ,.".",.,b 'ff-'. 6. who btiitUIfIg is lujlfi.:d. 9. Ilffm:rh :lAmpe, pteflnbtd ., G.J, I;. & ;, rfTr?,jrntJ t hAr bu jtta Jh.J£ be III tl fir Ange t .. nd 400 -Je". ",. Ii. J • .ublJtt4Mt"d!romf'ruiruae, 18. Andp .. j!rffc <../J.nalin.

To belleue G.ds \Yard witheu:: £laggering is an ad of iWlice.

Not'\POr~ before faith but ioyned "ith faith arc meritcricns,

Only (aith doth not iuIli·ne.



t 7. Therfore when the funne was fet , there arofe a darke mift , and there appeared a fornace fmoking , and a flake of fire palling between thofe diuiiions. 18. That d~y G~d made. a couenant with Abram, fayinO': To thy feed wil I glUe this land trom the riuer of J£gypt euen [0 ~he great riuer Euphrates, 19- The Cineans, . and Cenezites , the Cedrnonites, 2.0. and the Hethics , and the ~he-

rezits , the Raphaims a1[o, 11. and the Amorreans and the Cananites, . and Gargalites , and the Iebufices.

ANN 0 T A T·I 0 N S.


~. !,U,.tlGoJ. J S. Hilarie (Ii. .9. de Trin.) and S. Ambrofe-( Ii, I. de Abr .. - ham. c. ~.) by thiS example teach vs, what manner of f airh is reputed to iufhce, to wit) fuch a. fa.ith as without tc:rgiuerfa.tion; or requiring of proofe or reafon, I dothfimply belieue that ..,hich God once faith, bccaufe he is omnipotent, how I farre foeuer the thing that is faid furmounteth our vnderfianding FQr fo heroical I was the act of Abrahams faith, promptly belieuing Gods word in a matter moll: hard to his fermer conceit, that for the fame he recciued fingula.r pt·ayfe; and for the like afrenrardswas called Th, f4fhrr of",."ie J.,\4r,gnl (c. '7. v, ~.) and by S. Paul The [.,her of.ti. ,h4' brlitw (Ro. ~. v, 1 I. ) where the Apofile reacherh that Abrab~ had no iufiice ) nor eflimarion ef iuilice before God, vntil he belieued in Chrill (v. l8. 19,1.12.) becaufe 301 workes before that faith are rnfudicient, Neither was this a fole faith, but had other neceflarre vermes of hope, and charirie) humilirie, reuercnce , obedience, and the like ioyned with it. W herfore I S lames tefri6eth tha.t Abraham was illH:ified by wor"es (that is by workes following faith ,not going before fairh.) Fot,h (faith he) if if hAW nt' W01'lcu, ';41" ;,,;,-{tlf, (c. Zo. v, 11.) ..And by wnkll e.AbrAh.",s f.cirh WAJ ctmr"",.." 'V.n. And eoneludeth thus: Doe yee fcc , thac by a. man is i~ified ,;mil not by faith only. v. ~-t.





Stir"; gifleth her "And-maitl Agl&' A$ "wif' tJ AbrAm; 4· whtJ conceilling d,fpiforb /JeT mtflrej[e, is therefore .cffiia,tJ,And fiJtthAWAJ. 7· Hut;s 'WArned bJ An Angtl to rtlH1ne An, bumbu her fdfe, 15 ._whiclJ she ioth,tlna beAu,h I[",,,.L

A R A I therfore the wife of Abram had brought forth no children; but hauing an handmaid , an ...£gyptian named Agar, z. J11C

~~." .. H.~~!.\I faid to her hulband: Behold, our Lord hath " lit elofed rne , that I might not beare; Goe in vnto ~Ii~ my handmaid , if happily of her at the leaf] I

~I)}l may haue children. And when he agreed to her

t:7r.~~~~_ ...... "":'( in this requdl:, 3' Ihe toke Agar the J£gyptian

her handmaid tenne yeares after that they firfr dwelled in the land of Chanaan, and gaue her vnto her hulband II to wife. 4. Who did cornpanie with her, but Ihe ("') perceiuing that ihe Was with child , defpifed her" mii'trdTe. ~. And Sarai [aid to Abram:

Thou doei] vniufHy againil: me.I galle my handmaid inca tt,y boforne, who percciuing her [elf to be with caild , dc[pi[eth me. Our Lord iudge betweenrne and thee. 6. To whom Abram making aniwer :

Behold, faith he, thy handmaid is in thine owne hand, vfe her as it pleaferh thee. When Sarai thertore did amid her ,ilie ranne away. 7. And an Angel of our Lord hauing found her betide a fountaine of water in the wildernefle, which i~ in the way to Sur in the dcferr, >1. he (aid to her: Agar) the handmaid of Sarai :t whence comrneft thou e and whither god!: thou? who anlwered : From the face of Sarai my rniflrcfle doe I Rye. o, And the Angel of our Lord [aid to her: Returne [0 thy mitlreffe , and humble thy Ielfe vuder her hand. 10. And againe:

Multipl yi t1g ,f.1yth he , wil I multiplie thy feed) and it Ihal not be numbred for the multitude therof, [J. And agallle after that: Behold, faith he , thou art with child, and thou fhal.t bring forth a [anne; and thou thalt cal his name Iimael ) bccauie the Lord hath heard thine afflic1ion. 12.. He ihal be a wild man: his hand Ihal be a-gainfc a1 men, and al mens hands againit him; and ouer agaiftit~ al his brethren Ihal he pitch his tents, Ij. And iiie called the name of our Lord that [pake 'into her:

Thou the God which hatt Iecn me. For the [;lid: verily here haue I Ieen the backe pOlrts of him that hath Iecn me. 14. Therfore Ihe called chat wel , the wcl of him that liueth and Iecth me. The [arne is between Cadcfle and Barad, 15. And Agar brought forth a [anne to Abram: who called his name I [mael. 16. Eishtie and Iixe yeares old was Abram when Agar brought him forth Ilmael.

K 3

ANN 0-

(a) Someobey whildl: they are rude, or in low fia.te, but hauing got a litle knowlege or aduanccmer difdaine their aduancers.

s. Gr,gorie. Ii. 1.1. jll I. Rt&. j.

,.. T. wife,) The Manidiees did calumniate holje AbrafJam and otnel!. Pa- S.vlug. triarcru for hauing manie wiucs ) condemning them of incominencie and adulre- £. 1.1. ." rie for the Came .. Luther in the contraric extreme held itnor vnlawful , but in- ,47,""'. different noW' in the: law ofgrac~ ) for a. man to haue more wiues men one at !Fatljl. once. And feme English Psorcftants hold , rhae for adulterie the innocent PU-!LH,ht,.. . tic: may marie anotnes, the 6rft liuing But the Catholike dedrine dift.i:nguishtng • ,,~pofir, times ~J caufes , shewerh how pluralitie ofwiucs 11'3.5 la.~ful forneri.nes , and 16t.6 t,

at other timcs , (;(peci.uly fince Chrift , altogether vnlawful and vndifpenfable. & 66. The fumrue of rcririe is this. By the iidl: infiitution of Mariage in the fiate

of innocencie ,and law of nature, and by the law of C hrifl , it is vnlawful f~r

anie haue more wiues , and for anie woman to haue more husbands then,

one, In the one part of which Law notwitbfranliing God Iomet imes Jj{pcnfed.

Two (orts of I 'For there be t~o .kinds of precepts pertaining, to the law ot nature. One fort. S.e,A"g. precepts in the are a .. firO: pr~nclpl~s of the law of nature ,'In wluch God neucr drfpenfetl», : de bono UW oi nature, much Idfc ante man. As that one woman may not haue more husbands then one, iconiu&,,",

becauf~ the fUle :",ou14 rather hinder prccrearion ; and fo were diredly againfi il;.,.17. the fruIt of marl age. The other (ott are as conclufions drawne from the brft principles, in which God fcrnctimes difpenfeth , but neuer anie man, .As in this prefent example: f\:c ing it is againH natural procreation that one woman should

haue manie husbands, it is conuenienr alfe , there being ordinar ily as manie

men as women in the world, that cuer ic man lib::wi(e frould be reflrained to

one w ife , for (0 procreation may rather be increafed , then if fe.le men haue

manic "Siue~ ,and others by' that occafion haue n~ne at al ,ncept in Ierne fpecial \

cafe. As aftcrthc: floud , ~ hen there was fe .. rcme of pecple , God difpenfed

with fuch mea as indeed wtre like to make greater procreation by plur alirie of I

Pluralitie of wiues. Which appearcth fufficiently by that Sarai petfwadedhc:r o'\(nehusband

"iucs-{omeU- to marie an other 'Wife, and he a. true feruant of God agreed thereto, not as a I

mcs allowed. .new thing,buta!oa lawful prathfe of thofe times. And Moyfcs here and iM other Dt», a r, places ftil fpeaketh of it ,as of a cuflome kn{)'Wlle to the people for la~·ful. If"

... ( faith he ) h ...••• wi •• ,) .ft. bel.".d ad 'he •• bn hilled, atlll ,h,] h.14e ,hillir,,.

iy hi",., ad ,h. {op, of.b, h.,ed b, fo-fl·b.,,,,, h, u,. "0' 1"'fi"'" ,h, [0"", ~f ,h, bet,tlld.

Wherby is clcere that two wines "'ere then !awful,;md the children of both legi-

timare , and that the bril-bome rnu£( be preferred, ... irhour refpctt of brfi or ldl

Mariagc. Yet thisdifpenfation ei~her ceafed before Chrifis ~imc, the caufe cea-

fing ,,:hen the~orl~ wasreplen~she.d; ~r at Ie aft .our SaulOUT tocke it a.Yay, M.,.l~. rettonng Matnmometo the brfr inftiturion of two In one flefb, Who pleafcrh to r:

u .".::..

fee the })odo~s~at vnderfland and expound the SCti~tures to this ettett, may

read S. Auguthn li, u. c. ~o & 41, con. FaUll". Maruch.Ji, 16. c. IS· & 3M, ciun, & & li, I. de adulter, coniugiis. S. Chnfoftom. hO.~6. in Gen. S, de hbrah. c ..... Alfo S. Cluifoft. S. Hierom, and S. Bede iIU.9. Matthci.

Manicbees codemned pluralitie ofwiuci JIl the Patriarchs.

uther ailoyeth it in Chrifrians. Other Preteftan~ inCome cafe.

By the la", f)f (hriO: in no cafe Ia ~ ful,





x V I~


Abr aharn,




GI. ""mi_: bilprQ".ijts t • .4~'A" ~.'h .. "gethh"nA",e, JO.llml,o",,,,,,,,Jltb CircMn,.ji.n.l s. ,h"ngtth,ufo bil W;IIIS n"m',pr'lIIi{ub" fUllne of ber. to, Uk._tWi[i lb., I[lfWtl sb.l pfQf}tr. 13. Ana the f"me dll} AbrAhAM ,ir~ ,,,,,, if" lIimfllft • Ami If"",.d • ""II. M the men e] hil h.ufo·

N D after that he beg:lIl to be nyntie and nyne yeares

old,our Lord appeared vnto him, and [aid vnto him: .

I am the God Almizhrie : walke before me , and be ~ 4Cl ~e l'S,l,e1:-

_ n.. d v '1 k b re ... ~ la tins ife

("') pcrtect. 1. An I WI rna e my ccuenant etween !tllat .- l'

, 1 '1' h di n ncere y

me and th~e : and I ~Vl} mu nplle t ee ex~ee 1O$1y. '& diljgenrly .

• a.; ,. Abram tel flat on his race, 4. And God [aId to him: /tedeth towards

I arn, and my coucnlnt is with thee, and thou {halt be a father of manic perfettio~ of· N auons, ~. Neither 1ha1 thy name be called any m<?,rc Abram; but ~e dnh~t11fed thou (halt be called Abraham : becaufe a father of" many Nations I he~e t IS Go

d '1- k h _1. di 1 d comman-

luue made thee. 6 • .An I WI rna e t ee encreaie excee l11g y, an I ded to Abraha,

w il make thee into Nations ,and Kings {hal come forth of thee. 7. And 1& C~r!lt to al

I wil cltabliih my coucnant between me and thee, and between thy Chriftians. .

feeJ after thee in cheir generations by a perpetual couenant : to be thy t: 5'. /.vI"8,. God, and thy feeds atrer thee. 8. And I wilgiue to thee, and to thy ~,,;~~ ,a."",. feed the land of thy peregrination, al the land of Chanaan for a per- See Gen.'.l".'. perual polfct1ion', and I withe their God. 9. Againe God faid to Abra-

ham : And thou cherfore Ihalt keep my couenant , and thy feed after

thee in their generations. 10. This is my couenant which you ilia!

obferuc between me and you , and thy feed after thee : Ai the male-

ki d (b) Circumci-

- n of you " Ihal be circurncifed: 11. and you Ihal circumcifethefldb fionandnamc

at your prepuce, chat ir may be for a figne of the couenant between me receiued the ;}nJ you. 1%. ~n ~nfant of (") eil?ht dayes ilial be circumcifed among eight day male-kind 111 your generatlons~as wei the homebredfhal be cir- nilied the a(curncifcd , as the bought Ieruant of whofoeuer he is ,not of your fociation of

Saints in heaIloc ke : 1,. and my couenant Ihal be in your Hefh for a perpetual coue- uen after the

nanr, 14. The male.whoie Heih of his prepuce Ihalnor be circurncifed, feuen daves that Joule If Ihal be deltroicd out of his people: becaufe he hath broken trauel of this my cout:nal~r. 15. God [aid al[o to Abraham: Sarai thy wife thou ihalc world. Sir. iii not cal Sarai, but Sara. 16. And I wil bldfe her) and of her I wi1 giue ciYCum.4,.,a S. rh_ce a [onnc, wh;>m I wil blefle.and he [hal be into Nations, and Kings ?cf~~~aham ot peoples ilIa1, Ipr~ng ?f him. 17. Abraham fd vponhis face ,and laughed not (~) laughtd,faYl11g 111 his hart.Shai troweit thou to him that is an hun- doubting but ~rcd ycarc old a Ionne b~ borne? and Sara that is nynt ic year,es old ~all'ci~~~ing, s. Jhe bcare: rs. And he: [ald to God:l would that Iimael mny hue before ...A" ;' St, de thtT. 19. And God [aid to Abraham: Sara thy wife inal be.are thee a 1.';7g~~, :'6:~

Ionne :'6.dtclyil,


C HAP. X V I 1.




(J) Temporal ale:lings were Common [0 Ifmael.bur fpiritual pertai ned proper! y to Ifaac and Ifrael , & their fucceflours.


fonne ) and tboufhalt cal hi s name Ifaac , and. I wil eftablilh my couenanr to him for a perpetual couenanr , and to his feed after him e, 2.(). Concernino Iirnael alfo I haue heard thee. Behold, I wil blefle him, and encre~fe and multipliehim cxcecdinzlv : twelue Dukes nul he


beget, and I wil make him into a great Nation. 11. But my couenant I

wil 'eftab1ifh with ( d ) l[aac ) whom Sara [hal bring forth to thee at this time an other veare, :2.1. And when he had left ofF fpeaking with him, CTOd aicended from Abrahan1. 1 ~. And Abraham tooke Ifmacl his Ionne , and a1 the homebred of his houfe : and al whom he had bought, a1 the males of a1 the men of his hou[e ; and he circurnciicd the Hefh of their prepuce forthwith the vClry fame day, as God had commanded him. z4. Abraham was nymie and nyne yeares old, when he circumcifed the Hefh of his prepuce. 1.,. And Itmael his [anne was ful thirteen yeares old at the time of his, The [elf-fame day was Abraham circumcifed and l£inael his [onne.2.7.,And (e) ell the men of his houfe , as wei the homebred as the bought Ieruanrs and {hangers were circumcifed together.

(r) Conforrnitie in Religion conferueth peace in eucry familie, Tho. AnglIM in h..", lo",7lJ.


Changin('P of

. ~

names IS rny-

(lical. S. ..Aug. li, Jf.c.2.8. and i 9. C;U". S. Ii j,nrn. 7radit. t1,br"K;,.

~. M ."it ""j •• I_ j Abram (i gnif y ing Hig!) or 't{ubl, flit'''' , changed into Abra • ham, ,\\,ihich figniticth F.,itT of me7lU : Nations) and Sarai lignifying My 'PrinCtJ, changed into Sara, Wi ich abfolurely lignifieth Pm'H'jje, import great M\ flerics intended by God: Fur or this changing of names ~~s declared aad coniitmed, that Abraham by the illue that he should hauc of Sara, should be the father of I

manic Nations, which S. T) aul cxprefly applierh to his fpiritua.l children, thofe : G41.~+; efpecially that should belieue in Chrifl, of the Gentiles,pre6gured by li"ec b~rnc I

of .h, [rtlw.""., by ,he j'T.",ile ,as the I e w es '«Iel'epertigurcd by I}",,,,I boyar of ,hI b."d""",.nJlccording.o.h, t,,,h, concluding ~:ith the prophet Efay , that M .."e Dr. lfo )'4· .hr thildrtn-of,h, a'/Oi4tt, ,h., /',((}r, .... AS ~4rT'n. For albeit Abraham ,«las natural'

father of foure Hations, the Ifrnaelircs , Madianites , Idumeans, and the. Ifrae-

lites, yet he \'f'as fpirirual father of manie more, to wit, of 011 Nations th~t be-

lieue in Chrift from his owne time to the end of the world, of which feme are

Iew'c:, , but the greaten: rart Gentiles, as the fame Apoftle ,heweth Rom. 4. Ga14.Eo:1cf.,. Collof.i.and in other places. Wherby it is deer, that the Church

of Chr if doth 3.1waye~ confif] of ma.nie Nations , not as Donatifles and Prete-

!tants abfurdly fav , Iomerimes of f~w inuifible or vnkno-een perfons , for fo Abraham should Iomctirnesbe father of few or no Nations ,which derogateth

either from Gods omniporencie if he couW not, or from his fidejitie if he should

not mainraine his prornife made to Abraham for euer,

10. sh..d be c;re"""ir,d ) The Sacrament of Circumcifion here nr!t in!httlted,_ about 400. rearcs before the Law of },1oyfes, is a. perfea figure of Baprifme, rcrembling it in foure things Firfi, by both thefe Sacraments the faithful are diftinglolishc:d from infidels. Secondly, prOfeflion of faith is made in them both,


Abrah_am' natural Father of foure Nations: fpirirual father of al that doe bel ieue iT!

C hrif]. 1\ om. 4. ct.

The Church of Chrifi cucr confifleth of many-Nations.

C ircumcif on a iip-Ilrc of Ih?tifme.




Ba~tj{me C'Xcellerh CircWDciiion.

To .. hom the punishment pertained "he circumcifion was omitted..

hat punishmeat ".;as'



N D God appeared to him in the vale of Mambre as he [at in the dare of his tent, in the verie heat of the day. 2.. And when he had lifted vp his eyes, there appeared to ~~~~~ him three men fianding nere vnto him: whom after he

Ab - had (een , he ranne to meet them from the dare of his

r~) th r:thamd I tent, and adored to the ground. ;. And He [aid (a) Lord, if I haue

lAW ree , an . ,v _Il. h [, but l wil C b

adored one tound grace: in thy {i~nt, goe not PJ.lL t Y eruant : 4.. tit I WI rete a

profelIing , litle water, and walh ye your feet, and reft ye vnder the tree. ~. And I

three diuine wil fet a morlcl of bread, and ftrcngthen your hart, afterward you.

PerfGm r /hal paffe: for thcrfore are you come afide 10 your Ieruanr. Who [aid: ~n~ 0[", II) 'Doe as thou haft fpoken. 6. Abraham made haft into the tent to Sara,

::.~."!i";;, . and [aid to her: Make haft, temper together three meaiures of Hourc, .and make harth cakes. 7, But himfelfc ranne to the heard , and woke from thence a calfe veric tender and veriegood , and gaue it to a yang mall: who made haft and boiled it. g. He tooke al[o butter and milkc, and the calfe which he had boyled ,and [et before them: but hirnfelre did Iland betide them vndcr the tree, 9 ... And when they had. eaten, they [aid to him: Where is Sara thy wife? He anf wercd : Loe Ihc is in the tent. 10. To whom he [aid; Returning I wil come to thee at this time, life accompanying, and Sara thy wife Ihal haue a fonne, Which when Sara heard, [he laughed behind the dare of the tent. II. And they were both aged, and farre entre d in yeares , and it ceafed to be with Sara after the manner of women. 1'1. \Vho laughed [ccretly fayiag : After

I am waxen old) and my Lord is an old one , {hal I giue my {dfe to pleafures 13. And our Lord Iaid ro Abraham: Why did Sara laugh, [aying:Shal I an old womanbeare achild in deed? 14~ Is there any rhino hard to God? According to appointment I wil rerurne to thee this ~eri~ [e1ic-fame~ime, life accompanying, & Saraihal haue a (onne.l5-' Sara denied, faying : I laughed not; being much afraid, But our Lord: (b) It is 110t [0 , faith he , but thou didfi laugh. 16~ \Vhc::n the rnenrhertore were rifen vp frem thence, they turned their eyes againi1 Sodome ; and Abraham did goe with them, bringing them on the way. 1 j .. .And our Lor.d (aid: Can I conceale from Abraham the things which I wil doc. 1 8. -w beras he £hal be into a N auon great) a:nd very {hong., and iJil hi~

(b) Abrih1Jll aughing with admiration for ioy was not reprehended, burSara laugh~t-lg of diffidence was rcpre. hended , by him that feeth the hart.

S. eA,,!.. If. 35. in GIn. & Ii

i)"." JI. C"Uf.



aim for rermffion of originaC 1i~ne : Dot in al , but in thofe to ",hom God appointed this pa.rticularremcdie.


Angels tnrertai7ttd N ghtftj bJ A vr A1JAm rc, ttl wben SaT A sfJal be"re I. fonne, wher"t .sbe L"'"ghmg,rht) 'Dnfirme tiJ", tilt} bAd f.tid. 16. They Aifo joretei tbe defl,utlion of sQ~ome, 11.. for wbi,h AbrAIJoU11 pt a) ett fix twus,



Kom, 9,



are T 0 B E B L E SSE D A L THE NAT' 0 N S 0 F THE EAR T H? '9. For I know that he wil command his children ,and his houfe after him that they keep the way of the Lord, & doe iudgement and iufiice: that for Abrahams fake the Lord may bring to effectal the things that he hath fpoken vnto him.

Therforc faid our Lord: 10. The cry of Sodorne and Gornorre is multiplied, and their Gilne is aggrauatcd exceedingly • .11. 1 wil defccnd , and fee whether they haue in afrcaccompllibed the cry that is conic to me : or whether it be not fo, ihat I may know. ~2.. And they turned themielues from thence, and went their way to Sodorne : but Abraham as yet fiood before our Lord. l~. And approaching he [aid:

What! wilt thou deftroy the iufr with the wicked? 2:4. (~)'lf there ~~ :~~~:u Ihal be fiti:ic iufi the cicie , fhal they periih withal? and wilt their counrriej thou fpare that place fur fiftieiufl: , if they be therin ? ~5.Bc it farre their fiitb fafr?rn thee, that thou ~oe th~th~ng ,and that tho.u kil thei~fr.wlch the I~e~ vs, their~ wIcked, and thatthe lUft be 10 like cafe as- the wicked , this 15 not be- lufihlce.defcn-fj . h hi h . d ~ 1 h __ L L ··k d hi Jet vs from'

eerrung t ee) W rc JU gc::.IoL- ate CAlUl: no ~ tuou ws - DOt oc:: t S defrrua:' -

-iu~ernent .. 16 •. And our Lord [aid to him: If I Ihal find in Sodome s . ...411ib:~~. fiftic iul] p{l"fons within the cine ,.1 wil fpare the whole: place fortheir til c.AimJg. ,. ~. fake._ 2.7. And Abraham anlwered, and [aid: Becaufe I haue once

begun, I wil [peake to my Lord, wheras I am duft and meso 28.What

if there ihal be fiue ldfc then fiftie iuft perfons ? wilt thou for fourtie

hU0 ddlroy the whole citie ::And he [~id : I wil_ not defiror-it ,_ if I [nal

findhue and fourtie. 29. And againe he [aid vnto him :. But if fourtie

111aLbe found there, what wilt thou doe? He [aid: I wil not flcike it

forfourties Iakc .. ~o. Lord ,Jaith he be not angtie I be[cech thee, if I

{peake ~-\Vhat if thirrie Ihal be found there? hie anfwered.: I wil not

doe it :r.if I [nal find rhirtie there. ; 1. Becauic r[aith he ,.I haue once

be~n , I wil [peake to my Lord: \tVhat if rwencie ihaLhe found

there? He faid : 1 wil not deftroy it for twenties fake. -j"2 r.I be[ecch

~~ee , faith he ,.be not angrie Lord, if -I fpeakeyet once more: ",'hac

Jt ten Ihal be found there? And he faid: I wil net.deflroy irforrcnnes

fake. 33. And our Lord departed after that he, [peake vnto.

Abraham t.and Abrahamrcturued into his p_4~_


CH A P ..

Abraham ..

66 .



LotTt,ciuinl Angels ill I1i1 hi1u[e ud.vufed bJ tbe S.domitts. fl. He with bil wi!.: ( 7.6. wba forl.ok,.ing b.sdz. i4 turned i«Q II fl"tua of faU) and bu tll''' dll"gluers J ATt acliuered. 2.4. SQdami "nil GamOTre lire burma. ~ I. LIt lieth .,nll'ilting wirb borb bif d .. ughrers, & IttlAt of them M.o"b A'" Ammon, of wbom 'ann tlJ: MOAoires "nd JmmQ1iitts.

(~Abraham N D the two (It) Angels camero.Sodome at euen.and

and Lot by ~ Lot fitting in the gates of the cine. Who when he had

hofpiralitie ~ feen rhern.roie vp & went to rneesthern : and adored

merited to re- ~ proftrate vnto the ground, 2 ~ and [aid: I beleech you,

ceiue Angels d he houfe of r

inftc.d of men. my Lor s, turne into t. e hOUIC at you r ieruant , and

Heb.lJ. ... lodge there: walh your feet, and ill the morning you

{hal goe forth on your way. Who [aid: No, but we wil abide in the flrcer. 3.·He compelled them earneftly to rurne in vnto him : and when they were entred into his houfe , he made them a banquet, and baked vnleauened bread, and they did eate, 4. And before they went to bed, the men of the citie befee the houfe from yong to old) al the people together.). And they called Lot, and [aid to him: Where are the men that came in to thee at night? bring the forth hither that we may know them.6. Lot goin3 forth to them, and rhuning the dore after him) [aid:

7. Doe not[o, I'befeech you, my brethren, doe not commit this euil.

8. I haue two daughters, which as yet haue not knowcn man ~ I wil bring them forth to you, and abuie you them as it Ihal pleaf\! _you, fo thatyou doe no euil to there men , bccauie they are entred vnder the lhadow of my roofe, 9. But they [aid : Get thee backe thither. And againe : Thou camefr in, raid they, as a {hanger, what to be a ludge? Thy Ielfe therfore we wil affliu more then there. And they did violece to Lot exceedingly; and it was etten now at the point that they would break the dores, I o.And behold the mcn.put forth their hand,« nd drew in Lotvnto them, and Ihut the dare: II. and them that were without they firuck with blindnes from the lea~ to the greate~L, fo that they could not find the dore, l~ And they [ald to Lot: Hair thou here anie of thine? Ionne ill law, or Ionnes , or daughters , .. 1 that art: thine,

bring them out of this chic: 11' for we WIl dclrroy this place , for that (Il) their cry is waxen loud before our Lord , who hath lent vs to defiroy them, 14. Therfore Lot went forth, and [pake to his fonnes in law that were to take his daughters, and faid : Arife, get you forth out of this place, becauie our Lord wil dellroy this citic. And he [eemcd vnco them to [peake as it were in ieft, 1 S. And when it was morning,

the Angds vrged him , Caying: Ari[e ,take thy wife, and the two



(t) This Linne C:ricth to heauen for reucnge.

L 3

he is,


G'E N E S r s.

(,) Moabi~es he is thl: (e) father of the Moabites euen to this prefenr day. ~S. The & A.mRlon'te~ yom:er alfo bare a. [0 nn e , and she called his name Ammon, that is the

were two J i- ....

frina Nations, forme of my people.he is rhe.farherof the Ammonites euento this day.

perhaps of the

1z..See. p. 41.

C H A p~ X x,


A brAh""1 fcior"ing ;n Ger.4t if, bis wi/tis t;t/ into King .Abjmeletln JHJU[r:> :

Inu b} Gfds UltmUnaement in Ttjloted vntouched, 14. with greAt guifrs, 17. And AorAbltm praJing .4bimtLt,hs hlJu[e IS ,urea.

BRA HAM rernoued from thence into thc Iouth cou»- : erie, and dwelt between Cades, and Sur:and he lined a'; a i

(4·) See p:\g. 50 • pilgrilne in Gerara. 2.. And he Iaid of Sara his wife: She:

- is (,,) my lifter. Abimclecbrherfore.elre K111g of Gerara,. ~~~~ Icnt and roeke her. 3. And God came to Abimelech in a dreame by nighr , and fd·id to him.: Loe thou [halt: dye for the woman

1 rhat tbou haft taken -for Jh~ hath a hufband. 4.But Abrmelcch had not I

1 touched her, and he faid~ Lord wilt thou kil aN arion that is ignorant & i iu[t? s. Did not he Cay to me : She is 111y lifter? and Ihc fay, He is mv ! I brother? In.Iimpiiciue of my hart a11<1 cleanenes of I]:)), handshauc 'I i

done this. 6r And God' Iaidto him: And 1 doe know that thou didefi ir ! with a Iinccre hart : and rhcrfore I kept thee that thou Ihouldeft not-: /b) Not hi-o; \linnc agalnft mc , and I permitted not that thou (houldeft touch her. i !!~:r.he~!t oW',ne 7. No~ rherfore rcitore the wife to her hulband , becaule he is a Pre- ! I dof· U, ~ tel', out phet-and. he Ihal pr:ry tort hee , and thou 111air liue. But if thou wilt nor- : 10 . us pru~e- 1 k h dvi h r. d ho nd i ]liie. s.~"?'!.1 rei or~ her, cnow t ~ that ~ y:n_; t o.u 111~1~ "yeTt. u a ,a1 things that, ,

n,GeJlc. F..:uj. c'l are thine, 8o-And Abimch ch forrhwith rl1mg vp In the Illght , called al :

H, e- 1.ID:, 19. his.Ieruants: and he [pake al.theie words to their cares, and al the men . & ~o,.dtCII"'. were Iore afraid, 9. And Abirnelcch called alfo for Abraham,& faid to

th(e) Klnghs oj him : What haft rhou done to vs : what haue we offended azamft thee

c ean enee- v ,..

ming the that thou haft brought vpon me and vpon my Kingdome a great:iinne:

Ch~l'ch onlv that which thou oughtefi nor to doe,thouhait done to 3o-aine fer a laudable cxpofiulating,he faid:What Iaweft rhou.rhat thou dideft this? I T.Abra~eokplc Lf G.od, ham anfwercd :.1 thought with mv felfe,faying:Perhaps there is not the

Ice e to fubied f -G d i hi I & h . ·lk'l·... . - 1

her ro rhem- earc ot 0 tnt ts-place, t eywl rl me tcr my wire. r z. iowbeir

felues : burn otherwiie -a1[0 in verie deed {he is my lifter, (b) the daughter of my fa-

kno\l'i':g ~c th_cr ,& not the daughter of my 11:0 th e: ,~l tooke her to wifc.,13· And i

t~ he tile 111- I atrer that God broughr me out ot my tathers houie ,I faid to her: This . ulfocl~blc (polJe mcrcie thou [halt doe with me i. In cuerie place which we {hal come

C .hr i 11 • (ub- 1 {l 1 r h I h b th Therf 1. • c1

icet thcmfc:luCSI vnto ,. t lOU ra t lay t at am t y- ro ere 14. errore AL'H1nek 1

to her, & offerl ( c ) t,ooke Iheep and oxel'ral~d feruant~, an.~ handmayds. ' audgaue to \

to her molt IAbranam~and reitored to him Sara his wire, 15~and[;ud:Thelandis

ho~ourable I before you,dwd wherfoeuer it {halt pleafe thee. 16.And to Sara he [aid: ( gUlfts. S. A"rfl~.l·! Behold I haue o-iuen thy brother a thouland pieces of Iiluer, this shal

11..'0.,. Fau .c I ~

"I I

33• Ieruc I



fertre rhee tor 3. veile of thine eyes toal that are with thee.and whither{Deuer thou shalt goe,remember al[o chouwaft taken. 17. And Abraham nr:lyinO' God healed Ab irnelech and his wife,and his handmaids

[ , :::>' ,

and they bare children: for our Lord had clofed vp euerie matrice of

the houfe of Aitime1e,h for Sara Abrahams wife.


114llC is borne, 4.circutH,ifod, 8. And weaned. 9. Ag,u "ltdrr",.ulaTl put fonh The lixt part 'f Avrau,ltm baufe, 15.lu4r after dt[ol""on are nouTisfJed"Ana profpcr in the of :hi~ booke, defort. 2.1.. King Abltllele~b An" ~4br"I,,,", m",,-! a leagNl (opji,'mrng It witb


d 'f" d h h d or Of the proge-·

N I? our Lor ° vruee ~ara, as e a promifed : and- nie anJ other I

, fulhlled the things which he [pake. 2.. And she C0n- bielfinp of A-;

'~ ~'=: • .ceiued & bare a [0 nne in her old age, at the time that br aham , Ifaac,:

~ God had foretold her.z.And Abraham called the name and Iacob.

;> .. T o,fhis [o~me, v:hich Sa~a bare him, (,,) Iiaac: 4. and he ~~aAf::~~e~

~~~~GP~M' circumciled him the eIght day, as God had comman- ,(he admi~iRg ded him, s. when he was an hundred yeares old: for at this age of his Ilbe doubtiog) father, was Ifaac borne. 6. And Sara faid:Laughter Cod hath made to I at the,ioyful me : whofoeuer shal heare of it, wil laugh with me. 7. And ag aine she : Pfiromlfc of a

rOd Wh th h 1 h -. ld b li b h h ~S ' onnc &tLler-

iaiu : ao tnat S a eare ot It wou c cue A ra am, t at ara gaue '(,0 e ,.'. al

r ie IS c _

Iucke to a ronne, which she bare him now being an old man? h. The: led Ifaac

~hild therfor~ grew and was weaned : and Abraham made a great fe~ft !~hicb iig'niIn the day ot his weaninz, 9. And when Sara had [een the Ionne of 'fietn laughter. Agar the .!Egyptian playigg with I[aac her (onne ,she [aid to Abraham: SoJug. £;.16.,_ IO. Caft out this handrnaid.Sr her lonne.for the [onne of the handmaid 3 I.~j"".

shal not be heire with my [anne l[aac. II. Abraha tookc this gricuouily

for his [onne. r a, To whom God [aid: (I Let it not [cern grieuous to thee

for the boy, and for thy handmaid: al things that Sara shal fay to thee,

jR.:IW. 9. heare her voice.becaufer b) in l[aac shal feed be called to thce.lj.Butthe (b) Se~C.I7. lHeb. 1I. [onnc alfo of the handmaid I wil make into a great nation, bccaule he v, H.

: is thy feed. 14. Abraham therforc ro[\.' vp in ths mormng , and rak ine bread and a bottle of water,put it vpon her shoulder, and deliuercd th~ boy, and difmill her, Who went away .and wandred in the wildernefle of Beriabee. 15. And when the water in the bottle was [pent, she caft the boy vnder one of the trees that were there. 16. And she went her way~and [ate ouer againl1 a great way off as farre as a bow can cail,for

I she Iaid.I wil no fee the child dying.And fitting ouer asainfi:, she lifted. vp her voice and \Ycpt. 17. And God heard the voice of the boy: and anAngd of God called Azar from heauen .faying : What doclt thou Agar? fe; not; for God hath heard the voice of the boy, from the place wherill he js. 18. Arife,ta...lce vp the boy,& hoW his ba.ndjfor inca

a great


G E ',N.E SIS.

a great natio wit I make him. 19.And God opened her eyes:who feeing a wel ofwarer , went, and filled the bottle, and. gaue the boy to drink e. 200. :And God was with 'him' : who grew, and abode: in the wildernes, andbecame a yong man archer. 21. ~nd ~e dwelt _in the wild:rncs of Pharan,and his mother tooke a, wife-for him, out ot the land at ~~yPt. :z.:z.. The [arne time [aid Abirnek ch, and Phicol the General of his afmie to Abraham: God j'e; with thee in al things which thou doefi, z.~. Sweare therfore by God, not to hurt me,and my poftericie.and my fi'ocke; but according to the mercie , that I haue done thee, thou £halt doe tome ,and·tothe land wherin thou hafi:liued a t1:ranger.· 2.4.And Abraham [aid: I wil [weare. :z.'i. And he rebuked Abimelech for the welof water, which his Ieruants had taken away by force. 26. And Abirnelech anfwcred : I knew not who did this thing: yea and thy Ielfe dideft nand me , and I heard not of it but to day. 2. 7. Abraham -therfore tooke fheep and oxen , and gauc: to Abimelcch : and both of them madea leacue. 28 e- And Abraham ret [eauen ewe lambs of the Rocke apart. 19 .~To whom A.bimelech Iaid ; Wnat. meane there [eauen ewe lambs ,whichthou.haft made to ftand.aparr s 3c •• But he [aid:

Scauen.ewe lambs Ihalrthou take at my hand: that they may be a teftimonic for me, that I diczcd this wel, ~ f. Therfore was that place cal-

led ,. Berfabee ~ becau[~~here both did {weare. p. And they made a , .. ·tl, ·f league for the wel of oath. ~~. And Abirnckch arofe , and Phicol the !Ott,,, General of his armie , and they returned to the land of the Palehincs,

But Abraham planted a groue in Berfabec , and called there vpon the

name of our Lord God eternal. 34 •. And he was a Ieioumer in the: land

of the Palefiines manic daycs,



Separation to be Jllade in families.when lUft caufe requireth,

I:'. lnir "'f. J It feemed {o hard, inhumane, and vniull: to call: Agar and Ifmad out of the houfe , that Abr.a.ham would nor haue done it, voles God had commanded him in this to hearc the voice of Sara. But w'nen he knew God .. wil therin , not rrfpeCting flclh and bloud , nor difputing further of the lawfulnes of the f~9:, fent tnem both away J commending them to Goes prorccncn . and fo by this fcpararion the familie \l'a~ made quiet. It reprefcnred alfo a notable

M yflcrie of the Synagogue of the Iewes a~d Church of Chrif], As S. Augulhn !li.! s: c, doth extc:l1clltiy expound the fame.acccrding to S. Paul (Gal. 4.) That Ifmacls 11..'1.". plaYIng \J'ith Ifaac \lias perfccution, becaufe it tended to peruert him, (belt'ing I

it to be a ~reater iniurie, to delude and .deceine anie , in drawing them to new I Epi,ft 4. ol_!ld particular compames., then c~rporally, to pcrfccu~cthc:m: and that the lev 10. i Church and Catholike ~rlOce5 pundh hererikes f~r th/eu good, to make t~leDl 1 . I rerurne to the truth, or finally to ceafefrom feducingethcrs. E."t t,bCT41%/Jl;I;' Tt'tlC1 ! .", e- "on iU.", YOCttS ttr(e, .. ,i."e • ..At.fllllll, J,,..i,/i,,,,,s "",. do",;"o, CJ ,rr- III ;,;: ficllcio"cJII'Vocal. vlf,.i8,o iliA ,,,,'IlK"'" trr{c .... ';., ~ ll#Jo ili.t ",.ce,,,,. Ptr{tcNli'.I';". :


. Myfiical (cnre.

The true Church ~oth

, not perfecure lIut iu£H y punifberh offenders.




The faith And obedience of A br.t./Jam ls protud in his rCtldints to j.fCriftu hu (t;nnl Jfo'", 11. He if ft4JCd fr~m ,he .lit II] an sng«, IU. futmtt ptll,mfts ATe rtntWla to him. 2.0. ~nd h,s hratlJer N .. d}Q7 h.acb Alfo mucb rj[141.

---~------------ --

nehold the f rceweman afHitted the handmaid. and the A pl>l1rc callerh it nor Hcrerikes and

perfecari on ) the feruanr playeth with the Malter , and he callcrh it perCe. orher' infidels curron, This afflichon is not called pel fcc uti 011 ,and that play is called perfc- doe perfecure, curio n, Againc, he fayrh of Sara, llluiiontnt -vidil '" IUO lulu , anim4dIHrUl fer.; [,,_ when either ptrbi"", , diffilic"lt ; 'Ii , titcj, (lJ7'u. She raw foule play in that play, she noted the, by' word or feruanrs pride, it difoleafed her, she COla him forth of the durcs, S. Hierom 01.1(0 ~W'ord they reachcrh that the fpirirual neuer perfecuteth the carna 1: but fpareth him as his unpugne the

ruflical brother , kuowing that he ma y in time be profitable. truth.


r"cjlh. HIe H things being done, God (/ tempted Abraham, : The third pro

:8. and faid to him: Abraham, Abraham. But he anf wered: 'phecie in. the

8eb. II. Here I am. 1. He Gid to him: (ol) Take thy only bcgoc- 'Office before

I I ten [onn~e ~ :vhom thou loucfl , I Iaac , }nd ,goe. into the i Malfe on Ea-

Lmd ot virion: and there thou {halt otter him tor an ho- ! fiher efiu~. And

I 1 n, ~ h 'I . h -'1 f' h herf It e rrt on

ocauir vpo~ _one ot,t e 1ll0?ntJmes W lIe, I w! he ... ~ t ("e,. i'. T, errore i whitlun.eue.

Abraham rIlIng vp 111 the nizbr ,fadled hIS aile: t:lkll1g WIth him two ( .. ) This hillo yong men, and ltaac his [onne : and when he had cut wood for the .rie i~ cleere ,

holocault , he "vent his way to the place which God had commanded 'an~ a mull no-

jl him. 4. And the third day> lifting vp his eyes. he raw the place a farre tOlfJO~'> ~Xf:1~-

if d 1 f' 'd hi . h ., 1 fTc p c or per c .. L. o : ~,an ie ill to If -vang men: Tarie you eer W1[n t ie a e : I obedience

and the boy going with {pe~d as farre as yonder, alter we haue adored .

I wil rcrurne to vou. 6. He rookc alfo the wood of the holocauil , and laid it vpon I{a~c his [0nne: and him[clfe caricd in his hand fire and ~ {word. And as they went 011 togc~her, j.l[aac [aid [0 his f~t~er: My father.And he aniwcred : V\-'hat WIlt thou [onne ? Bchold,f;nth he, fire & wood; where is the victime of the holocaull : 8. Aud Abralafaid, God wil prouide vnto himfdfc the vicrime or the holocauft , my

I ronne, They went on rhcrfore together: c. and they came to the I place which God had ihcwed him, wherin he builed all altar, ana I laid the wood in order "pon it : and when he had bound Iiaac his

(oI111e, he laid him on the altar vpon the pile of wood. I c. And he i1retched forth his hand , and caught the (word , for to f2criF.ce his.

I Ionne. II. And behold an Angel of our Lord from heaucn cried).

I faying: Abraham, Abraham. Who auiwered : Here I am •. 12. And he [aid to him : Stretch not forth thy hand vpon the boy , neither doe thou any thing to him : now haue I knowen that thou fcard! \ God , and haft not rp~rcJ. thine cnlie begotten' [onne for my fake. 13. Abraham lifted vp his eyes, and. raw behind his back.e a rarnme ! among!!: the briers !ticking f.li1: by the homes, which hero oke \

M <illd\



& otfered an holocaut.1: inflead of his fonne.ra.And he called the name

( b) It i, a - h d . t: id

rareful and ofthatplace,( h) Our Lord feeth. Whereupon euen to t i? ar It is rai ,

religious In the mounraine our Lord wil fee. 15. And [he Ange! ot our Lord cal, thing ,by na- led Abraham the [ecod time from heauen,faying: 16.By my owne [elfe

, \ning of places haueI Iworne , faith. the Lord: becaufe thou haH: done this thing) and to con(~ruefthe haft not fipared thineonlie be~tten Ionne for my fake; [7. 1 wil bieiTe

memorre 0 ... d h fl. - h d h

Gods be~ n thee and I wII mulriplie thy ee as t e itarres ot eauen , an as t e

that pofter~ti~'1 fa?d ~hat is ,by the fea Ihore : thy Ieed.Ihal poife£fe the gates of his enemay knoy the. .nues 18. and· I NTH Y SEE DES HAL B E B L E SSE D s, C!"i/o(l.h.. AL THE N A TI 0 N S 0 F THE EAR T H, becauie thou +8. In GeN. haft obeyed my voice. 19. Abraham rerurncd to his yang men, and

they went to Berfabee together, and he dwelt there. 2.0. Theie things fo being done, it was (,) told Abraham that Melca alfo had borne children to Nachor his brother, 11. Hus the firtl- begotten, and Buz his brother, and Camuel the father of the S irians , 12. and Cared, and Azau,"Pheldas al[o and ledlaph, 2: .. and Bathuel, of whom was borne Rebecca : thefe eight did Melcha beare to Nachor Abrahams brother. z.At. And his concubine, named Rorna , bate Tabee , and Gaham, and Tahas ,and Maacha,

God tcr.pteth r, Tmtf'''', ] God tempterh none to euil (.15" . hines teacherh ) but bv trialj'4 I

not to euil, but and experiment maketh men k nowen to the .or Id , as here Abrahams f .lith and H 'b·l• ~

b t .11.

, yexperience lingulae obedience were manifcftcd,when he do.bted not TuDcr hi, only-brgout. (

maketh knoye in ~~rifi"? ."o"'~i.g '~4'' ro "AiI' ~f esun Fr.,. .h, d'4~ Wherupon he /~u . !"hat vereue is' recelu~d his f~n~e agamc JII p'.TI,b~" th~t 1~, In ~~ure and .tnr~C,ne of Chrif] dead 'u. (' ~. 111 men. and aliue agalne. Ifaac alfo In this athon ~glll~cd the ~lUJn.1t1C,?~ Chrift ",hich . ,J..,i,.; .• Ifaac 6gured fuifercd not, and the rarnme among the briars figured his humanitie , that should The d

Chrifts diuin], be: offered iA Sacrifice to God. " .

tie, the Ratn- 'G' 71.. In

~~~~ ~

(e) Nachors

, progenie is here mentioned to thew whence'llebecca~e, .. hom If6aC Qlaried.


(,&) A cleare ample of re-

• (J ious Otticc . ;'bury ing the dead. Set 1. a". 1._2.. "p"..l·3f'

, 7"




C HAP. X X 1 I.


X X 1 I I.

tAu dJing .drAb.,. follm"i~tbblt' iuntfAI:4. bJtrb A field with A a.uule CAue ofEphr.n, ls.for foure hundreafidt'S. '9, Ana there buried, her.

N D Sara liued an hundred rwenrie Ieauen yeares.s. And - {he died in the citie of Arbee which is Hebron, in the . land of Chanaan : Ami Abraham came to mourne and - ' wc:epe for her. 3. And after that he was rifen vp from ~tIV~~·(~} .the funeral obfequies , he fpake to the children of Heth , faying : 4. I am a !hanger and pilgrime among you: giue


i Abr:lham. G· ENE SIS. 73

I me the right of a (cpulchrc with you) that I may burie my dead. ~. The' children of Heth anfwercd , faying : 6. My Lord heare vs) thou art a Prince of God among vs : in our principal fepukhres burie thou thy dead : a.nd 110 mall can let thee but that in his owne monu-

ment tl~ou mavi] burie thy dead. 7. Abraham rofe vp and (b) adored (b) Adoration the people of the land , rowit the children of Heth ; 8. and he {aid vfed for reueto them: I fit plca[t· your (Ollie that I burie my dead ~ heare me "and renee done to be inrerceflours for me to Ephron the [anne of Sear: 9 •. that he glue men. StU'(oc .

._.. ~7. v. ~9. c. H.

me the double caue , which he hath. in the vtterrnol] part of his _J to

v. J.7. 11_ oJ.

field: for money to the worth therof let him deliucr it to me before..AlIg. 'I, 61. ill

you tor po{fd1ion of a fcpl1khre. 10. And Ephron dwelt in the mid- G~".

ddt of the children of Heth. And Ephron made a nfwer to Abraham

ill the hearing of al.that went i11 at the gate of the citie, faying: [f. No,

it 1l1a1 nor be fa , my Lord ,. but thou rather hearken to that which

I doe fay : The field 1 deliuer to thee , and the-caue that is therin,

in the preiencc of the children of my people, burie thy dead. 11.

Abraham adored before the people of the land. 13. And he [poke.

to Ephron , his. people ftanding round about : I befecch thee to

hearc me : I wil giue money for the fitld : take .ie ) and fo I wil

burie my dead in it. 14. And Ephron anfwered : I, .. My Lordi,

heare mc., The ground which thou defireH: is worth foure hundred

fides of Iiluer : this is the price between me and thee: but hova

I much is this ? burie thy dcad., Ie e , Which when Abraham had heard, he weyghed the money that Ephron had asked, in. the hea-· ring of the children of Heth " foure hundred fides of Iiluer of I common currant money. '7. And the field that before time was, Ephrons , wherin was the dcuble caue ,looking towards Mambre , as wel it , as the caue , and. al the trees therof in al the limits therof round about , l~t was made Cure to Abraham for a poffClll0n,.. in the ft.ght of the children of Heth ~. and of. al that wear in at the. gate of his. citie. '9. And [0 Abraham buried Sara his wife in the double cauc of the field , that looked towards Mambre , this is Hebron in the land of Chanaan .. 2 o. And the field was made Cure to Abraham, and the caue that was in it , for a poffcffioll to buric in "of. the Children. of Hcth,

M 2.




C HAP. X X 1 I I I.

A br,dJA1nS forMant Adiu"d and [ent by him ;1fto MefQPotomi.t, to ft~lz! A wife for IfA.1C, 12. prayetJHo God I« ~ jigne ,ftndetb Rebec'Il,' 34. I.rJ4 def1iAhstng /JeT Jor t lJil purpofo , 5 O. '~lrtJ Jur paTwrs , 5 ~. ~1id nsr o,vvnc cClnfonr, II}, g o:tl1 Wa b JmtJ , 6 7. u maued llJ 1 ~~C : wt» t}Jert!JJ r,j cam] oTmi JOT the tle~tb Df bu mOlb~r.

(4)ln choofing a wife a vcrtuous {tock and f arnilie ,ef pccially true faith and religion, arc before al other thincs


to be confide-

red and preferred. S. t.Amb. li, I. c. 9. de

.Abrch.S. Chri(.p. hOt 48.;R Gm;

, N D Abraham was cld , and of manic dJ.yes, and

, . ourLord had blcflcd him in al thinr s. 2. And he [aid

_. '\!fjA ~ >_ " to the elder Ieruanr of his houic, \\ 1;ic11 w~s ruler oucr

..... ~ al that he had: Put thy hand vndcr my thlgh , ,. that

~~~' ~) \.'! I may adiure thee by our Lord ~o~ of hcauen and

"' ..... f ..... 'oonlJ •. ~ earth, that thou (.4) take not a wrte tor my Ionnc cf the daughters of the Cananites ,among whom I dwcl : 4' but that thou goe vnto mvue owne countric and kindred, and thence take a wife tor my [on;lc Ifaac. e , The feruanr anfwcrcd : If the woman wil not come with me inro this land, whether mufi I bring thy [onne back e againc to the 1'1.:ce, from whence thou didefi come torth s 6. And Abraha[aid: Beware thou neucr brin:; my [olme backc againe thither. 7. Our Lord God of heaucn ) which tooke me out of my fathers hou[e, and out of my natiue counrrie , which [pake to me, and {ware to me, faying: To thv feed wit I giue this land; he thai fend his AnfTc.l before thee , and ~bou Ihal take from thence a wife for my [on~~ : 8. btu if the woman wil not folow thee , thou Ihalt not be bound by the oath: only hri113 not my Ionne thither againe. 9. The [cruam therfore put his hand vnder the thigh of Abraham his Lord, and [ware to him vpon this word. 10. Anti he, rooke ten camels of his Lords heard, and departed, of a1 his goods carying [omcthina with him , and fctting forward went on 111to Mcfopotamia to th~ citie of Nachor. 1,. A'nd when he had made the camels lye downe without the townc betide a wcl of water at euen , at the time when women arc wont to come forth to draw water, he [aid: 11. 0 Lord God of my Lord Abraham , meet me to day, I bcfccch thee, and doc mercifully with my Malter Abraham. 13. Behold I nand nigh to the fountaine of water and the daughters of the inhabiters of this citie \'ViI come forth to draw water. 14. Thcrforc II the maid, to whom I {hal fay: Bow downe thy tankard that I m3Y drinke ; and ihc 111a1 anlwcr : Drinkc , yca to th)' camds ailo wil f giL:C drinkc ;fue it is , whom thou haft prcuidcd tor thy [cruant Ifaac: and by this I thai vndcrfiand , that thou hait ddt mercifully

I w~

A braham.




with my Malter. 1). Neither had he yet ended t~efe words wirnia himfclfe,& behold Rebecca came forth .the daughter of Bathuel , the fonne ofMdcha, wife to Nachor the brother of Abraham , haujn~:t tankard I 011 her thoulder, 16. a pailing comely maid,& moft beautiful "irgin~ & ! not knowen to man:and fne was gone downe to the rouuraine.and had { filled hert~nka~d,an.d ca:ne backe. 17. ,And t~c Ferua~tranlle to m~er I her ,and [ald:GlUe me a linle water to drinke ot tnv tankard. I:. Who t aufwcrcd : Drinke my Lord. And quickly Ihe let dowllc the tankard i vpon her arrne.and gaue him drinkc, 19.And when he had drunkc.Ihe 1 added: but for thy camels alto I wil draw water, til al doc drinkc. 10. And powring out the tankard into the troughs, fh::: raune backe to the wei to draw water:and being drawen gaue it to al the camels. z r.But he muling beheld her with iilence, deiirous to know whether our Lord had made his iourney prolperous or not. %.:.. And after that the camels had drunke.the man plucked forth golden earderrcs,weY'Thinry two fides, and as manie bracelctts of tenne tides wcig hr. 2.;. A~d h~ faid to her: Whofe daughter an thou ? Ihew me ; is there anie place in thy fathers houie to lodge? 24. vVho aniwer ed : I am the daugh!<'r of Bathuel, the Ionne of Melcha, whom fne bare to Nachor. 2. s , And Ihe added ,faying: Of'Ilraw al[c and hay we haue good frore, and a large place to lodge in. ~ 6 _ The man bowed himlelfe, and adored our Lord, 17. faying: Blefled be the Lord God of m:' Lord Abraham } that hath

not taken away his mercie & truth from my Lordand hath broucht me I

the ftreight way into the houfe of my Lordi brother. 2~. Th~ maid _,'

rhcrfore ranne ,aQd reported into ( u ) her mothers houie al things that i(b; ,Hel tatner

d h '- lhauinc pel'

Ihe ha card. 2. 9- And Rebecca had a brother named Laban.who in al 'h ~,-

I fl. - h -, " aDS marne

tart went torch to the man.where t e rountamc was. 30. And when he ;'<l'/j'ucs & cuer ie

had (ecn the earelers and bracelets in his fillers hands .and had heard al ',one:J. feueral her words reporting: The[e' words [rake the man vnto me; he came to .houfe .Ihe '\I"em the man which ftood beiide the camels, and nigh to the founraine of ito her mothers water: ,I. and faid to him: Come in, thou bldr~d of our Lord: \-Vhy !lhO!.lfC' fhmdefr thou without? I haue prepared the houfe , and a place for the

camels. 3:. And he brought him in into his lodgin; : and he vnharndfed I

the camels, and gaul' Itraw and hay , and "V ate rto wash his feet, and of

the men that were come with him. ~,. And- bread was [et before him.

\\Tho faid : I wil not eate til I {peake my mdfagc. He anfwercd him:

Speake. i4. And he Iaid : I am [he Ieruanr of Abraham: 35. and our Lord hach bldTed my lord wonderfully, and he is mag~iticd: and he , hath giuen him sheep, & oxcn.nluer and gold, men [eruams & WOI11(n ; [eruants, camels, and .liTes. ,6. And Sara my Lordcs wife hath borne I my Lord a [oImc in her old age,and he: hath giuen him a1 thing!! that he I had. 37. And my Lord adiured me faying : Thou shalt not rake a wife ! for my [ann_: ot the Ch::nanites,i:l w,hofc land 1 ?wel: 38. DU thou shalt \ goe t.? ~11}' t a thers houie., and ot rnrnc owne kindred s~~lt thou take \ a wire tor my [onne: ,9. but I an[\'lucJ my Lord: \t\'ha~ It the w~~4n I

\\1l1:ot '




wil not come with me ? 4C' .. Our Lord ,fatth he,in whoCe-light I walke, wil fend his.A.llI~eIwirh thee, & wil direct thy-way: and thou shalt take a wife foe my Conneot mync owne kindred.,. and of m,y fathers houfc •

. 41 .. Thou fha1t be-innocent from my curle, when thou Ihalt come to my kintlC', and they wil not giue her thee .. 42. I ca me therforc to day to the.

· wei of water .and [aid: 6 Lord .God. 0 f my Lord Abraham ,if thou haft, directed my way~\vhcri(J lnow walkc, 4;. behold I frand betides. the ~el of.water .andthevirgin, that flial-come forth to draw water, when Ihe ihaL hearemc [ay_~·Giue-me a litle water to drinke of thy, thankard]

. 44. aod the Ihal fay-to me r, Drinke both thou and tor thy. camels I wil draw al[o ; that is the woman,. which our Lord hath prepared for my Mafters, Ionue; .45. And whildt I pondered thefe things [ccrerl Y wieh my klie,Rebe,ca appearedcomming with a tankard, which she caried' vpon.her shoulder :_&-shewemdow.neto the,& drew water •.. And ~faidto·her...-Giue Olea lide to drinke. 46_Who fpeedily.letdowne-

, the tankard. from herfhoulder ,3 nd [aid to me:Drinke both thou ,and to' thy camels I wil giue drinke, I dranke , and Ihc watered the camm~rs,· 47'. And I asked her,andfaid: Whore d.lUghter an thou s Whoanfwe-' red r.I am the daughter of Bathuel.the fonne of Nachos; whom.Mtlcha bare him ... I hung tnerforc adorne her face, and, I put brace-

~ letsvpon, her hands. 4~. And prolttate I adored our Lord, bldIing the. ; Lord-God of my Lord Abraham, who hath brought me the il:raigh~ way to take the daughter Oflll.Y Lords. brother for his Ionne. 1-9. "'herfore if you doe accordinj to rnercie and truth with my Lord, Ihcw mer: but ifit pleafe yo~ othcnv.iCe,thatalfo tel me.that I may goe to the right hand or to the lett. '50 .. And Laban and Bathucl aniwered : From our Lord the word hath proceeded .we can, not fileake any other' _thiilg with thee betides his pkafure_ 51. Behold Rebecca is before thee, take'

· her andgoe thy waies, & let her be the wife of thy Lords-forme ,.asour Lord ham fpoken. 51. w.hich when.Abrahams [emant heard, fallinz dOW-DC he adored our Lord to the: ground. B. And taking forthveffel~ of Iiluer; and. gold. and g:rrments· ,..gme them to Rebecca for a prefent_

· To her broshers.alfo , andre her mother he offered guifrs .. S 4.A banker was made,andeating and drinking together they lodg.ed there .. And in [he morning the remane arrafe, and [aid: D iCmiffe me,.that I may goe tomy Lord. i~..And.her broth"tr and mother aniwered.Lcr the maid tarie

at the leafi tenne d-ayes with vs,.& after ale Ihal deFart.) 6. Stay me not, klidbe,bccaufe our Lord hath directed my way? difinifle me that I may ~oe onto my Lord .. S 7.·Ana they faid ~ Let vs cal the maid.and (,)ask~ her wil, f 8. And being called, when {he was come , they asked; Wilt thou goe with this man 2 Who (aid: I wil gor. ,9. They difmiffed her therfore , and her nurce 7 and Abrahams f(;ruant) and his companie, 60. wifhing profperitie to their fifier ,. and faying : Thou art our tliter, encreefe thou into thoufand thoufaads, and thy feed p,0fTeiT~the gates of their enemies. 6[. Therfore Rebecca and her maIds beIng fet Vpoll

:{ e) A sen ildren ouv.ntnorro mi' y without their parents good liking;fo t,he panics

. oyne confcnt is moil n~cdfa . -. rie, S.cA", ••


camels, .

Abraham. G ENE SIS. j7 camels.followed the man: who win (peed :.:trurned vnto his Lord;,an d 61.. the [arne time l[aac walked along the way) that leadeth to the weI of the Liuing and the [eeing,f<, called;for he dwelt in the [ouch countrie. 6';. and he was gone forth to (it) meditate in the field, the day now being wel [pent: and when he had caft vp his eyes, he raw camels comming a farre off. 64. Rebecca al[o , when she faw Ifaac,lighted off the carncl , 65 .. and [aid to the Ieruant : Who isthat man which cornrnerh towards vs along the: field? And he faid to her :~he Iarnc is my Lord. Bur she quickly taking her cloake ,couered her felte. 66. And the [eruant told l[aac al things that he had done. 67.Who brought her into the tent of Sara his mother ,& cooke her to wife-and he loued her fo much, that it did moderate the Corrow \\1 hich was chanced of his mothers death.

~J)SuachGgnirieth to (peake coniideraeel }F with hart or mouth. Here S.Ambrofc(li. r.c Ifaac) and S.Aug. (q. "'9.1n G,n./vnderfland it of mental pra.yer.



14. rr" .,,;.'0 whMJf t ,h.l foy. )ObfeTuatiD11 of {'peaches called ominous,which ~minous (~eaare interpreted to 6gni1ic:: gooci or euilluck , arc fometimes fuperflicious & fugge- Ices {'onu:tl~ fred by euil [pitits, who ngw & then rellin gar infinuating fame truth.gee credir,&' ~e$ fupcdh_ fo allure men to attend to fuch vaine.vncerraine.and vnlawfullignes,as S.Auoll- I ClOUS.

ftin teL'Wieth ,~ li. J.. de lit.c, 17. & Ii n. c. n.) Neuerthelcs (web lignes ~re . Sometimes fornerirncs lawfully obfcrued,& ddired from God,as the fame Doctour difpurcrh lawful. (Ii.quefl.fuper Gen. q.H) & S. C hr i(o Ito me teachcrh more clcerlyrho.a Gen.) I

(0"1114-. likewife S. Theodorcr 'q. 73, in Gen. J But wnofoeuer wil not erre in parricular . Holy fcripture cafes, IULtll: follQW either expretle Scripture, or the iudgement of the Church, &: the Church which is a1wayes directed by the fpirie of truth. And touching this prayer of Abra- i are iud:;es of hams fcr~ant,& his ddire of.this dererminate 6gne to know the ~ald, whom.God ;doubtful obhad proUlded to be Ifaacs w1fe , the t arhcrs ~enel'a.l1y hold that It was religIOUS, " feruatlons. deuour, and difcrere. For he being careful ot his Mallers buiines.and not trufl inz I

his ow-nl: iudgetnellr, but relying VpOIl that Abraham had (aid, ou,. L.-d shill {e,.~ i Eliezers praier Iti, . ..;!i"!(l brfar,.,hu,collllllcnJt!ll fo weigbtie a caufe to God by prayer.the Ancel Ifor a parricufuggethng both to him to deiire,& U) the maid to performe (as the euent fhcw'e~h) lIar ligne _ wa~ fuch ~p~i~ics and vcrtu~'J ill ~er ,as WCl'e moll agreable to th~ -great chariric .and 1L1.\·,,~ul,dcuout, hofpitalitie day 1y practized In Abrahams houfe , moil: conuernent and neceHari~ & <hfcrcte.

(as he difcrercly confidered) for that Familie, and good of manic. The Iike obfcr-

,,,ti;'-7' uarions were approued in Gedeon, and Ionathas, And to pray for fuch fin nes in r, Krg. forne cafe, or for manifeft miracles is alfo approued by the Apofiles e~:l.mple 14. praying God T. ,hew "r I .. ",1Jj,h o( chuwo he htUt,h.[m ,uhe vlpoflllJ/;lf, in ,14" ..AS. too "/l,,d.:u. And that he would extend hishanei to cures, aolii lignes, and woaders, to

Co-.... be done by the name of his hoI y fonne I J i V s.





XXV.'ll b.ming Jturne ,IJi/dr,n by his wife Cetllra, dud At tbe 6ge of f7f • ' p,s1f;S; 12.. I fiH..I.t:t. al{u 1J41linx tl1'elue fonntj DuktS, died. 19. I f~"'(, pAl'ng ! .for b.s b.lrren,s_he h"tb E!.,ullnd III(oV nrumu. 30.Ej,," jiJieth ~is.fitjt l biTl» riJhc tQ JACQb Jor "m'ie of PQlage. I


.... ~ N D Abraham maried another wife named Cetura ; & . which bare him Zamran , and Icclan, and Madan, and _''f~~' W~ Madian, and Iefboc, and Sue. ~. Iecfan alto begat Saba &

. /,' ',Dadan. The Children of Dadan were-Aflurirn , and!

r;.. ,. Latuiim, and Loornim. 4- But alIo of Madian was borne!

Epha , and Ophcr , and Hcnoch , and Al>i'da, and Eldaa : al there were I the children of Cctura, Ii. And Abraham gaue .11 his pofieflious to I I faac: ti. and ' to the children of his concubines he gaue guifts , and:

Iepararcd them from l[aac his fonne.whileit himfelfe yet hued 7 to the!

( ) TI 1·: of' eafl countrie. 7. And the dayes of Abrahams life were an hundred:

4. 1t ire r. . d r: Add' 'd . d I

the iuf] hath reucnne an nue yeares. 8. 11 ecaymg aye 111 ( "') a goo old :lgc, :

fulnes of Gave'. and halli!1~ lined a great time.and being ful of dayes: and was gathered:

though ,it b~ [0 his people, 9. And there buried him I raa~ and Ifmael his Ionnes in :

othcrwifc the double caue , which was Iituatcd in the held ofEphron the Ionne of '

fr·ort;t· c daies Seer the Hethite. oucr-againft Marnbre, 10. which he had boucht at"

ofthc\Y!cked 'c' .~

are void (f the children of Heth : there was he buried, and Sara his wire. I ;-. And

fruit, be they after his death Cod bleffed lfaac his ionue , who dwelled bdide the manic or few. wcl oft he Liuing & Seeing, fo named. 11. Thefe are the generations of S ... .A"' •• c Ifmae1 the Ionnc of Abraha, who Agar the ...£gyptian bare him, Saraes

ffibr.h.",. fcruant: & 11. thefe are the names of his children according to their cal- I

ling and generations. The £lrfr begotten of Ifmael Nabaioth , then Cedar, and Adbeel, and Mab[arn, 14. Maima alfo, and Duma, and Mafla, '). Hadar.and Thcma, and Iethur, and Naphis, and Cedma, 16.Thefe are the Ionncs of Ifmael: and theie are their names by their caflles and townes , twelue Princes of their tribes. 17. And the yeares ofIfmae1s lift, came to an hundred thirtie [eauen , and decaying died, and was pur vnto his people. I~. And he dwelt from Heuila euen to Sur, which lookcth towards hgypt , as they enter to the Aflirians, before the face

. of al his brethren died he. 19. Thefe al[o are the generations of.Ilaac the Ionne of Abraham: Abraham begat Ifaac : 2.0. who when he Was {currie ycares old ,tooke to wife Rebecca the daughter of Bathuel the Syrian of Mefopotamia , Iifter to Laban. 21. And Ifaacbefought our Lord for his wife, becau[e fhewas barren: wno (' heard him,and made


A braham.


Rebecca to conccaue. 12. But the litle ones ilrugicd in her womb; who I [aid: If it Ihould be [0 with me , what need was thereto conceaue ?

I And Ihe (b)wcnc to coulult our Lord. 1;. Who anfwering [aid: Two (b)S A ft'

: rurions arc ill thy womb" and two peoples ihal be diuidcd out of thy ,(q, 7~.i:~uenl.~ ! womb, and one people mal oucrcom,e ther other, and II th,e elder Idif:JUteth,but

fual [CfUC the yonger. 24. Now her ume was come to be deliuered , iC?uld not deand be-hold twinnes were found in her womb. 15. He that carne forth i'Rc1dbe, whether

fi it d d 1 h . , . ~ I' d 1 . I e ceca went r .was re ,all 3. airre 10 manner ot a sxmne : an 11S name was .to ferne p.' ft

called. E[~u. Immediately tl~1! other commil~g forth, held his brothers or Pruph::~ o~ plant In hIS hand: and therfore he called 111m Iacob. 26. Tbrcefcore Altar ,or whiyeares old was Ifaac , when the litle ones were borne "Into him. '].7. mer els , or Who being growne yp , E[au became a man cunning in hunting, & a reryred to hufband man:but Iacob(,)a plaine ma dwelled in tcms.! loucd ~)~a.~ psay~r. E[au;bccau[e he did care of his huming:and Rebecca loued Iacob.19.& tare ° p;er:~~:

Iacob boy led broth: to whom E [au being come faym out of the field, sheth Iacobs ,0. [aid: Giue me of this red broth , bccautc I am exceeding faint .. ~ncer;itie ,JeLl:

For which cauie his name was called Edom. i I. To whom Iacob I~ t~el~y~e .. faid : II. Sc:l me [h~ firi1:~birth-r~ght. 31. He an[we~ed" Loe I dye,. hl~Sm~ghtW~~g what wil the firfl::-blrth~nght auaile me? ~;. ' acob [aId: Sweare ther- fu{peded of fore to me. E[au [ware to him, and [old his Erft-birth-righr_34.And ralfe Jealing. [0 taking bread and the rice broth, did eatc ,and drinkc, and went his. ~ . ..,dug, ~ •• 1.6.

way; tide eilecming that he had fold his. firil-bir~h-risht.. c. n· ,,»I',



x XV ..

,. T.,hrc/JildrmofhiHoncubi1Us. J 5, Augufiin (Ii. 16, C'.)4. de ciuir.jsheeerh Why Agar and :ha.t both Agar and C etura,bcing Abrahams l.'1'\l'lful 'Ji iues ( for (0 they arc called Cctura being III hol ie Scriprure ) are alfo called concubiues , bccaufe they had not like pri- b.wful wiues ufledgcs to Sara, whofe fonne Was fole heyrc to his fa.ther ,and the children of are cal led con .. the others had only guifts (or moueahle good!.) not attayning to the promifed " Cl1bl~es. Kingdom. And al this for myflcrie fake. For Ifmacl fignifK<1 the carnal people The,l: childre before Chr itt, the children of Cctura prefigured Hcrctrkes , who fUJ!pofe them- {j~l1lfted Pafelues to pertail1~ to t~e new Teflamcnc .' but are feparared IlO Iciic the.n the Ig;o,t~' aad Helew('S from Chrifls KIngdom. And albeit there wu alfo an other partlcular",

reafon w'hy Agar w'as. c;llt:d concubine, bcca.ufe she \V'as a fccead \r'ife rhe

ndf men liuing, yer this Icarncd father faith, he did not fec why Cetura, beillC7'.

mar icd after the death of 5'U;1, should be called concubine, but only for 'th~


3.1. HtllTd him] Notwith!landing Gods aflured prornife , tha.t Ifaac should haue iflue (Gen. 21. v. n.) yet he prayeth it1fhntly Forthe fame, And Moyfcs here attriburcrh Rebcccas concciuing to Ifaacs prayer. Wherby we fee rhar

I Gods fore(ceing., predeftinaring , aud promifing ~ exclude not, but indeed in elude fecoridarie caufes , and ordinarie mcancs , by 'X'hich his eternal ... il and

\ pleafurc is fulfilled. For as GoJ did rore(ee that Rebec~a should hauc children,

N f~ he

Gods prtdem .. natJOne& fon.:"feeing include, & not exclude ,he meancs by '«hieh hi$"il is is done.

I [aac.



The couenant made to Abraham pertained onlyro IraJ.c and Iacob , not to the refl of his Hfue.

fo he did ferefee that true should pray for it , and obrayne it; a~d the one was. as fure to come to pafle as the other. And the fame c?llfequente IS true concerning eternal life as S. Gregorie reachcth li. I. c. 8. DIalog.

~ J. ThuUer ,h.l {".In chI ,anger. ] As before (C. 17. V. ~1. an~ c. 2.l. v, rs.) ~he couenanr and great promifes made to Abrahams feed, are declared to pe.n'Llne c;mly to Ifaac ,and not to Ifrnael , nor to the other brothers; fo the fame belong nor to Efau the elder, but only to Iacob the ronger lODnc.of Haac., the Holie GhofHayiLlg, Thuldtr sh.lfnu. ,hI J'''~tr. And withal figmfieth (f~l~h S. Augufiin) that the elder people of the lewes {hal ferue the yong~r Chriflian people. For although it molY be vnderfiood literally to ~e fultillc? J In that the Idum~a~s comming of Efau were fubdued by King Dauid commmg of Iacob ~ yet It IS more conueniently belieued , that this prophecie tended to a greater thing. And what is this, but that ",'hich is euideorly fulfilled in the lewes and Chriftian~ ?

An other great document of grace S. Pa.ul ga.thereth vpon this Myflerie : that the twinncs being not yet borne, nor hauing done any thing g.od or euil ,

, without anie good merits the yonger is elected, the elder reprobate. For dcubr, Ies (faith S . .AuO'ufiin) touching original finne they were both equal, and concerning prop~ Gnne, neither of them had anie at al. By which example he shewerh Gods mere mcrcie in the elect, and iuflice in the reprobate, as is more largely noted in the E.nglish New Teflament , vpon the ninth chapter to the R.omanes.

,I. S,l ",II"y prft-hi".b 7';1.1", J lacob infiructed by his mother.that God had chofen him in place of his brother Ha.LI (for to her God. had reuealed that the elder should ferue the yonger ) did la,*-fully vfe this oporrunieie to get Efaus grant of the right pertaining to the firfl-borne , but Efau in fellin, it finned, ,hewing himfclfe an intemperate prophane man Heb, u ..

Gods mere mercie in electing anie .his iuiliee to the reprobate,

lacob lawfully bought, but Efau finned in felling the firllbirth-right.


lfo~c bJ rt.fon of fAmine goetb inttl GtfAr~, ~. wlJtu God rtne'R'ttb to bim the p1Omife-s made to AbrAhAm. 9. Killg Ahimtlecb 'bl.",etb bim for calling iii Wife bi6fifttT. 1). Tbe people enuJing bu 1't'eAlrb t qUATeletb !-QT hu wels. z e. At 111ft Abimtl"h mAk.!'" lCllgue with lfilA'.

(.) God by A. N D when a famine was rifen in the land , after that

brahams exam- fterilitie that had chanced in the dayes of Abraham,

plar life inui- Ifaac went to Abirnclech King of the Paleftines into

ted the JEgYP-1 Gerara, 2.. And our Lord appeared to him, and [aid:

rians to true (G downe i b it

~ ) oe not owne into Egypt) ut re in the land

religion: no\1ll" 1 h d r. d

eommanderh which I Ihal te tee. 3. An Iciourne in it, an I wil be with thee, and

Ifaac to nay in wil blefle thee: for to thee and to thy feed I wil giue a1 thefe countries, ~erara to the accomplifning the oath which I [ware to Abraham thy father. 4. And like :nd. I wil multiplie thy fec:das the fiarrcs of heauen : and I wil giue to thy !; ~,~~. ,. 76'1 pofieritie 31 thefe cOWltrics : and in thy feed S HAL BE BLESSED


R ••• s.

1faa". G ENE SIS. 81 I

A L THE NAT ION S 0 F THE EAR. T H , 5. for becaufe Abraham obeyed my voice, & kept my precepts and commandcrnents, and obferucd fI my ceremonies and lawes, 6. Therfore Ilaac abode in Gerara. 7. Who when he was asked by the men of that place concer-

ning his wife, anfwercd : She is (b) my fifier; for he was afraid to (b)Sc:e pag10' confeffe that [he was married to him, thinking !eit paraduenrure they

would kil him becaule of her beautie. 8. And when verie manic dayes

were paffed , & he abode there, Abimelech the King of the Paleftines

looking forth through a window .Iaw him [porting with Rebecca .~is

wife. 9. And calling for him, he l-a:ld: It is euidentthat Ihe is thy WHe:

why didefrthou faine her to be thy fifter ? He anlwered : I feared left I

Ihould die for her. 10. And Abimdech [aid: Why haft thou dcceaued

vs? fome man of the people might haue lyen with thy wife, and thou

haddefi brought vpon vs (c) a great Iinne, And he commanded a1 the (,) Adulrerie people , fayilllg : Hcthat ilia! touch this mans wife, dying Ihal dye. 11. a great unhc And lfaac Iowed in that land, and he found that fame veare" an hun- alfe among

. Paynims,

dred fold: and our Lord blefled him. 13. And the man was made rich,

and he went profpering and encreafing , til he was made exceeding

great: 14. and he had al[o pofleflions of Iheep and of heards, and a verie

great familie. For this the Paleflines enuyiRS him, r 5. fropped at that

time a1 the wels , that the Ieruanes of his father Abraham had digged,

filling them vF with water: 16. in [o much that Abimelech hirniclfe

[aid to 1 [all.c : Depart from vs , bccaufe thou art became mightier then

we a great deale. 17. And departing, to come to the Torrent of Gerara,

and to dwel there, t 8. againe he digged other wels, which the Ieruants

of his father Abrahi had digged ,and which after his death the Phili-

{tines had flopped vp of old: & he called the by t he fame names which

his t~ther b~f~re had called the. 19. And they digg_cd in the )t Torrent, i "'The chanel and found hUlllg water: 2. o. but there al[6 the paitors of Gcrara made ':'\l'hc f _

b . l, fl. f r f:' re orne

a ~awle a~allllt the panors 0 l:aac , aylng: It is our water. For itimcsa vehe-

which caule he called the name ot the wel , by occafion of that which imenr ftteame had hapned , ~ Calumnie, 11. And they digged alfo an other; and for It~nncth~ fomethat they brawled likewife , and he called t~ name of it, Enmirie.a r, I nrnes none at Going forward from thence he digged an other wel , for which 'al.

they contended not : therfore he called the name: therof , Latirude ,

faying : Now hath our Lord dilated vs , and made vs to encreafe

vpon the earth. 23. A nd he went vp from that puce vnto Ber[abee, 14.

where our Lord appr:~red to him that fame lli5ht , raving : I am the

God of Abraham thy father, doc not feare , becaufe 'I am with rhee .

I wil blefle thee, and multiplic thy feed for my feruant Abrahams

fake. lS. Thcrforc he buildcd there an altar: and hauing called "pon

the name of our Lord, he pitched his tent : & commanded his Ieruanrs

thatthey [hould digge a wel. 16. To the wh ich place when there were

Come from Gerara Abimelcch,and Ocozath his fr<:inJ,& Phicol chiefe

Captaiue of his foldiers ,l7.lfaac fpaketo the:Why arc ye come [0 me a



man whom you hated~nd haue thmlt out from you t 1~. Who anlwered : We Iaw that the Lord is with thee, and therfore we. [aid: d) So nations Let there be an oath between vs .aud (d) let vs make akague ,29. that of the world thou doe vs no harrne, as we a1{0 haue touched nothing of thine, i~~ cn~ye1 the, neither haue we done that which might hurt thee = but with peace haue

k:~~r~: ~ut we difinift thee encreaied with the bleffing of the Lord. 30. Therfo~e

lafrer made he made them a feaft , and after they had eaten and drunkenj r, an-

;peace with it. ling in the morning, they [ware one to an other: and I [aac difnrlffcd . them peaceably into their place. p. And behold the fame day came the

feruants of Ifaac telling him of a \''Vtl, which they had digged , and faying:We haue found water. 3? Wherupon he called it Aboundance: and the name of the citie was giuen Berfabee ,euen vnto this prefent day. ~4. But Efau being fourtie yeares old rnaried wines , Iudith the

daughter of Beeri the Hethite , and Bafernarh the daughter of Elon of the. fame place : 3~' both which had ( e) offended the mimi of Ifaac and Rebecca,

e) Efau bv rnarying againft his parents wil, made breach from them.

External ceremonies in the law of aarure,

Chri1iian fortitude preuaileth more: by fuffering , then by forcible rcftilin~





x XV I.

5. M, cfl'tmonitl.] There were not the fame ceremonies and lawes which were- afterwards prcfcr ibcd by God, and d, Iiaered by Moyfcs , but other ob - feruances by w'hich Abraham and other holie Patriarchs before him , ferued God ~!ith cerraine external ~'onhip, dificrin<r from the rites of the Gentiles, efpeciall y from Enos rirac ( Gen. 4.) and fo for~ard.

It. e..An h,mdrtd fold] For this increafc of wealth the King and people at 6rft enured Ifaac , but afterwards perceiuing that uod Almightie , WhOlll he ferued ) fo blefled him, the refl of the land remaining barren, they fought to make league with him (\,.l.~. ) Euen fo the Kings and nations of the world, firft enuying and perfecuting Chrifls Church, at length feeing it Ilil profperous , became ~Jith al humilitre children of the fame Church, and fcruants of Chrifi, b~ing ouercome not by torce of armes but by patience ,& peaceable endcaucurs of thofe whom they moft hated. Wherof excellently faith S. leo (SC1', 1. in Natali Apoft.) .Although Rome renowmed by manie vietories , dilated her Empyre by land and by fea , yet was it lefle that martial rrauel fubdued , then rhae ,«,hich Chriftian peace hath obtained. The Bishops of Ronle bauine Iar~r_ ~u~irdia:ion fpiritual ) then euer the l\OmaB Ccefars had te:poral UomUl1on.