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The New Year's Message

Let us struggle for Unity and Unite for struggle

This is nothing but a crude news that the Council JCM over these 11/2 years.
cabinet had excluded the Central Government The need of the hour is now to resist such
Employees from the purview of the Bonus Amendment onslaughts with our full determination for which it
Act 2007. The legitimate right of the enhancement need the total and complete awareness of all these
of Bonus Ceiling Limit from Rs.2500/- to Rs.3500/- issues to individual member of our organisation. The
has been simply denied, I diluted and we are deprived workers of gross root level should aware and come
our dues. forward to resist such moves of the administration in
The proposal submitted by the Postal tooth and nail.
Department seeking exemption from the purview of Just to create awareness of the problems and
the screening committee has also been handled by also the need for total unity, it was proposed in the
the Finance Ministry negatively. The posts are being NFPE Federal Executive held on 1-12-2007 to
axed without any justified reasons. organise state level conventions of all the unions of
The Department of Posts on the other hand NFPE in one platform which should consist of all
desires to open more franchisee outers and pave Branch/Divisional Secretaries and the Circle Office
way for privatisation of Postal Services. The Postal Bearers. The convention is intended to have a close
Amendment Act which ensures the monopoly of interaction with the cream of leadership by the
consider upto 150 grams at last and 49% cap in FDI leaders of the Federation and All India Unions. The
has also been diluted and returned back due to the main purpose of such convention is to galvanise the
powerful lobby of the Couriers and multinational members regarding the need of adopting serious
companies. trade union activities.
The moves of downsizing, merger closure of The Federal executive held on 1-12-2007 also
post offices, curtailment of postal deliveries, decided to organize a serious programme of action
outsourcing some of the functions of the postal, culminating in indefinite strike in consultation with
closure of RMS sections and sorting offices are still Postal JCA. It was also decided to submit a detailed
continuing and nothing is assured to arrest such annexure on all pending sectional issues of all
menace which adversely affect the services rendered affiliates. We shall be prepared to take up the
to public by the Postal. programme effectively.
Our genuine problems like LSG, HSG II,HSG I Similarly the National Executive of the
promotions, Modification of LSG, Fixing up of all Confederation has decided on 9-12-2007 in its
pending residual vacancies, withdraw of dracanion Bangalore session that the entirety of our
orders dt.21-5-2007 denying BCR benefits for those membership shall be prepared for a serious agitation
declined LSG promotion, the plight of postal if the VI CPC submits negative recommendations
Accountants and their promotion, Eligibility in writing on basic issues. In addition the Confederation
the Group B Exam, the plight of the JAO qualified National Executive has called upon to launch a
officials, Administrators, Marketing Executives, programme or action from 3rd January to 11th
Clearance of pending personal claims etc. are still January on other issues like Bonus ceiling,
protracted on one pretext or the other and the Compassionate appointments etc.
Bureaucracy is reletunt in mitigating them with positive
We are always to be ready for struggle for the
thinking. The youngsters who are with more aspiration
for better promotional avenues have been frustrated cause of Postal and its fraternity. We have to fight.
due to prolonging policies affecting their interest. Struggle is inevitable. Everything so far achieved is
through struggle only.
We are time and again pushed to the wall and
we have been neglected by the Government and also May this new year bring a message of unity
by the Postal Department. Even small issues are for struggle and struggle for unity and create
not resolved and resarted peacefully and takes its awareness among all our members and strengthen
own time just look after such demands. Grant of our unity for the betterment of the future.
FSC, incentive to WMT, OTA, Honororium are some Wish the readers a Happy & Prosperous New
among them. No periodical meeting or Departmental Year 2008..............


1st Floor, North Avenue Post Office Building, New Delhi - 110001

PF/01[e]/3/2007 Dated 4th December 2007 deliberate inaction on the part of our leaders holding
the leadership at any level to fail to perform their
organisational responsibilities during the time of
struggles and strikes as expected from them and take
All Office Bearers of NFPE their own line of indiscipline against the decision of
All General / Circle Secretaries. the all India Organisations.
Federal Executive of NFPE 2. Recognition of Federation: The Federal
Executive noted that despite our complying with all
Dear Comrade, the directives of DOPT, the Department of Posts is
The Federal Executive of NFPE met for the first delaying unnecessarily to grant recognition to the
time after the 7th Federal Council Session on 1st eligible Federations. The Department of Posts has
December 2007. Comrade D.K.Rahate the President asked us now to amend the names of the 'Unions'
of NFPE presided over the Executive.The meeting into 'Associations' in the Constitution of NFPE. The
condoled the sad demise of departed leaders Com. Secretary General has already replied to the
Ajoy Bhowmik [Leader of CG Employees - WB]; Department that since the existing unions were
Com.Chandra Gupta [Ex-Dy.General Secretary P4]; recognized by the Government already with the
Com. Ravinder Sharma [P3 Punjab Circle Secretary]; nomenclature of 'Unions', the question of changing it
Mrs. Promila Sharma [w/o Ravinder Sharma] and all as 'Association' is not feasible. It was also pointed
who laid down their lives for the cause of working class. out that in all earlier communications of DOPT and
All General Secretaries and Office Bearers of NFPE the Department the reference was always as 'Unions/
attended except one comrade due to unavoidable Associations' and therefore there should not be any
reasons. The Executive had the benefit of presence of further delay in grant of recognition. The Federal
our Ex-Secretary General Com.C.C.Pillai and Deputy Executive has noted that recognition of NFPE is
Secretary General Com. Des Raj Sharma as special very important in the background of expected
invitees. These two leaders addressed the Executive recommendations of Pay Commission and to
also. The deliberations of the Federal Executive negotiate all issues of regular employees of Postal
Members were deep on all issues and the Secretary Department in proper negotiating forums. Therefore
General's Report helped concentrating the issues at it was resolved that any further delay should be met
hand. by our agitations by making it as the first demand of
The highlights and the decisions taken in the Executive our future Charter of Demands.
meeting is as under: 3. Resolutions of Federal Council: The
1. 30th October Strike: The strike performance Resolutions of the Federal Council as finalized would
of Postal Employees has considerably improved in be published in the next issue of Postal Crusader.
comparison to earlier one-day strikes in many circles. 4. Confederation and common issues: The
The unity of postal workers established through a joint Federal Executive noted that the 6th Pay Commission
platform and the demands gripping the minds of our is expected to submit its recommendations at any
employees contributed to the success of the strike. time before February 2008. The rumours flouted in the
But more than rejoicing the success of strike in many media, though denied by the 6th CPC, cannot be totally
circles and wings of the NFPE and congratulating baseless and if so the minimum pay scale to Group D
them, it was the weaknesses and non-participation of as printed in the media could not be accepted at any
employees in certain areas and wings caused concern cost. It was decided by the Executive that our viewpoint
in the meeting of the Executive. It was noted that that a struggle through Confederation and JCM Steering
unless and otherwise these areas of weaknesses are Committee will become unavoidable if the minimum of
removed through organisational measurers we cannot Group D pay scale goes below 8000/- shall be placed
bring compulsions on the Government to settle our before the National Executive meeting of Confederation
justified demands. And we cannot afford to allow any on 9th December at Bangalore.
5. On Bonus Ceiling: The Executive noted that membership verification programme that may come
despite all the efforts of the Confederation and the JCM up next April 2008; strengthening the finance of NFPE
Staff Side the issue of bonus ceiling is yet to be granted etc the Federal Executive of NFPE has decided to
to CG Employees. There is growing unrest amongst call upon the Circle Secretaries of NFPE Unions
the CG Employees. The issue stands raised on the in all circles to hold a joint state level
floor of the Parliament by Members of Parliament also. convention of Circle Office Bearers and
The Executive noted that this is an issue on which a Divisional and Branch Secretaries of all affiliated
common stand should be taken by the Steering Unions/Associations of NFPE and also with GDS
Committee of JCM Organisations to pressurize the Union in each circle between January and March
Finance Ministry to issue orders immediately. It was next year as per the time table the Federal
resolved to suggest to the National Executive of Secretariat will suggest. The Secretary General and
Confederation on 9th December that we should all the General Secretaries of NFPE shall participate
continue our agitational programme of action and in all Conventions. This is a very major organisational
political intervention to clinch the issue. activity and Circle Secretaries of NFPE Unions/
6. Postal Employees Issues: The Department Associations are expected to plan collectively for the
of Posts is yet to implement many of its success of the Conventions.
commitments held out in the gist of negotiations 9. Re-organisation of Postal C-O-C: As part of
during April 2007. The going back on its assurance organisational measure the Federal Executive of NFPE
on formation of a Judicial Committee for GDS; the also decided to form as well as re-organise the Circle
intention of the Department to go ahead with more Postal Co-Coordinating Committees under the new by-
and more Franchisee outlets as per its 11th Plan laws to be finalized by the Federal Secretariat soon.
Document; the delay being caused in recognizing The importance of C-O-C is that it can only play the
the Federations; the continued applicability of role of a unifier and organizer of successful movement.
Screening Committee; the going back on its word It was decided that the Circle Secretaries and
to regularize RRR candidates; the non-absorption Circle Presidents of all affiliated Circle Unions/
of full time and part time Casual Labourers; the delay Associations of NFPE and also the GDS Union
in filling up residual vacancies in many circles; the shall be the members of the re-organised Postal
delay in granting notional promotions to LSG in C-O-C. The members of the C-O-C will elect the
many circles etc are causing great concern. Office Bearers of the C-O-C viz the President,
Therefore a serious agitational programme Convener and the Treasurer during the state level
culminating in indefinite strike has become convention mentioned above.
necessary. The exact nature of programme and the 10. GDS Committee: The Federal Executive
dates on which the programme and the strike action noted that FNPO and some other Unions submitted
shall take place will be decided in consultation with Memorandum to Nataraja Murti Committee and that
the FNPO in the All India Postal JCA. A the AIPEDEU GDS Union also directed all members
Comprehensive Charter of Demands including an to submit memorandum to Nataraja Murti
Annexure containing union wise sectional issues Committee through the SSPOs after holding
will be prepared for the above programme of action. demonstrations etc. In this background the
7. Financial Review: The improvement in Federal Executive of NFPE unanimously
receipt of Rs.10/- per member NFPE Fund is very decided that the detailed Memorandum on
slow and not sufficient to overcome the financial crisis. GDS issues already prepared by the NFPE
The Executive therefore endorsed the Secretary should be submitted to the VI Pay Commission
General's presentation that in addition to making along with our observations as to why we are
appeals in circulars the leadership should directly submitting it to the Sixth Pay Commission.
undertake organisational measurers to reach out 11. Unity of Regular employees and GDS: The
entire rank and file. Federal Executive of NFPE noted with concern that
8. Organisation: In order to galvanize the whole despite the earnest efforts taken by the Secretary
movement - to educate the leaders at divisional and General and the General Secretary P3, the General
branch level on issues like organising a joint struggle Secretary of GDS Union continue to publish anti-NFPE
on postal issues; organising a common movement if write ups in the union journal. The Executive endorsed
Pay Commission denies justified scale of pay and the Secretary General's presentation that the GDS
other benefits; tasks connected with the next Union should create a conducive atmosphere for


unity by withdrawing its letter of objection changing the colour of the uniform. The Federal
submitted to the Secretary [P] over the outcome Executive has decided to seek khaki colour
of the 7th Federal Council and take out the NFPE uniforms instead of blue with good quality terrycot
from the list of respondents from all its pending cloth.
court cases. 15. Jodhpur Court case: The Executive has
12. PSS Group 'B': The Federal Executive has resolved to request Comrade Des Raj Sharma Ex-
noted that the issue of PSS Group B examination in Deputy Secretary General to continue to assist the
relation to the subjects pending in the old NFPE in looking after the court case at Jodhpur High
departmental council JCM was discussed between Court in which NFPE is a defendant.
the General Secretaries of P3, R3, Admn Unions. 16. Postal Crusader: It has been resolved to fix the
While it was resolved that we should demand annual subscription of Postal Crusader as Rs.60/- and
appropriate increase of share in PSS Group B posts individual copy @ Rs.5/- from the issue of January
in consonance with the surrendering of 1/3rd 2008 to meet the escalating cost of printing of the
promotional avenue to IPO posts and to modify the monthly organ of the Federation. NFPE requests the
eligibility of PAs/SAs to write the competitive branch secretaries to enroll atleast five annual
examination on completion of 20 years service subscription from each branch union to increase the
irrespective of their status. It was resolved further that circulation of the journal.
the issue would be discussed with the General 16. Solidarity to BSNL Strike: The BSNL
Secretary of Postal Accounts also by other General Employees under the banner of United Forum of
Secretaries and then a uniform stand would be BSNL Employees Unions are launching a one-day
projected by the Federation before the Department strike on 12th December 2007. We remembered with
for settlement. gratitude that they extended solidarity to the Postal
13. WFTU / UNI: The Federal Executive noted that and CG Employees on 30th October 2007 strike and
the NFPE has participated in the recently held Asia whenever we were on strikes. The Federal Executive
Pacific Regional Conference of World Federation of of NFPE has therefore resolved to call upon the entire
Trade Unions in New Delhi. NFPE is a member of branches of NFPE to show solidarity to the striking
the Trade Union International [TUI], which is affiliated BSNL Employees by holding solidarity
to the WFTU. The invitation extended by the Union demonstrations at all our branches on 12th
Network International [UNI], another world body of December 2007.
trade unions in which most of the Postal and 17. Quota to Confederation: All branches have to
Telecommunications Unions are members, was remit their quota to confederation @ 1/- per member
considered. We also noted that in the past also per year in the month of January. The Executive
NFPE has attended the international seminars requests all Affiliated All India Unions/Associations
organised by them on invitation. It was therefore to ensure remittance of the same to the Confederation
resolved that while we continue to associate with the without fail.
TUI and WFTU, we can accept the invitation of UNI
Let us get into the task:
and participate in the future meetings of UNI for which
we are invited by UNI and to explore the possibility of Comrades, The task is cut out for all of us by
pursuing the common struggle at the international the higher managing body of the NFPE. Let us take
arena. a resolve that all the decisions would be
implemented with all seriousness to register marked
14. German Study Tour: The Federal Executive advancement in the organisational activities at all
noted that for the first time the Department of Posts is levels. The Circle Secretaries are requested that they
taking the representatives of staff side to an may kindly take out copies of this circular of NFPE
international study tour and welcomed the move. The and send to all divisional and branch secretaries
Executive noted that some General Secretaries of under their circles.
recognized Unions/Associations could not be included With Regards,
in this tour of Germany. However it was resolved that
Comradely Yours
the Federation would pursue with the department to
evolve a formula to be adopted in future for such
international tours in which staff side members are
also included.
15. Uniform: On the demand of the P4 Union [K.Ragavendran]
[NFPE] the Department has called for opinion on Secretary General
1st Floor, North Avenue Post Office Building, New Delhi - 110001
T-24, Atul Grove Road, New Delhi-110001
No.JCA/2/2007 Dated : 15th December 2007


Dear Comrades/Colleagues, 2. Revising Bonus for 2006-07 on account of
The Postal Joint Council of Action of NFPE and revision of ceiling;
FNPO notes with deep concern that the Government 3. Regularisation of daily rated workers;
has taken a negative and unjustified stand to deny the 4. Implementation of 16 Arbitration Awards;
benefit of increase in bonus ceiling for the CG
5. Enter into MOU with specialist hospitals on
Employees from 2500/- to 3500/- even after the
CGHS rates for in-patient treatment and various
amendment of Bonus Act by the Government.
pathological tests to cities other than Delhi.
The Postal JCA finds that despite our launching
of a nationwide protest demonstrations last month and
Programme of Action :
sending of telegrams/savingrams to Hon'ble Finance 1. Badge wearing and mobilization of employees
Minister as per the call of the Confederation Central on 03-01-2008;
Government Employee, the Government has chosen 2. Relay Dharna from 7th January to 10th Jan,
to ignore the justified voice of the central government 2008 followed by a March to Lt. General/
employees. The Staff Side has been told by the Governors/Prime Minister on 11-01-2008 to
Secretary (Finance) that the Government has decided present a Memorandum;
not to extend the above benefit to CG Employees.
3. To take up the issues through a memorandum
The Staff Side has sharply reacted and communicated with all MPS by the C-O-Cs of the respective
that a show down would become inevitable if the constituencies and by CG Employees Unions.
Government don't come forward to settle the issue. Where no C-O-C is in existence.
Similarly we could find that the Government has Dear Comrades,
taken retrograde stand on many issues including lifting
the 5% cap on compassionate appointments. The The Postal JCA of NFPE and FNPO once again
CGHS rates in cities except Delhi have been reduced call upon the Circle/Divisional/Branch Secretaries of
arbitrarily by the government causing denial lf treatment all Unions/Associations to make the above programme
to beneficiaries in specialist hospitals; 16 Arbitration a grand success. We request the Circle Secretaries
to circulate this call to their divisional and branch
Awards are yet to be accepted by the Government;
secretaries, directing them to conduct the programme
and daily rated mazdoors are yet to be regularized.
of action unitedly by the unions/associations of both
The Postal JCA of NFPE and FNPO has the Federations along with other CG Employees in
therefore decided to endorse and implement the their areas.
following call of the Confederation of CG Employees
Let us March ahead to compel the Government
with the addition of withdrawal of SLP on RRR
to concede our jsut and legitimate demands.
Candidates, in a united manner to mobilize the entirety
of the Postal Employees behind the Charter. The 5 Comradely Yours,
point charter of demands is not directly related to 6th
Pay Commission and settlement is over due.
Charter of Demands :
1. Remove 5% cap on Compassionate
Appointment and also withdraw the SLP filed
D.Theagarajan K.Ragavendran
in the Supreme Court against absorption of RRR
Candidates; Secy. Gen.-FNPO Secy. Gen. - NFPE


South/South West 11. Jharkhand - 13.3.08 (Ranchi)
1. Andhra - 5-2-08 (Vijayawada) 12. Bihar - 14.3.08 (Patna)
2. Tamilnadu - 6-2-08 (Chennai) 13. U.P. - 15.3.08 (Lucknow)
3. Karnataka - 7-2-08 (Bangalore) 14. M.P. - 18.3.08 (Bhopal)
4. Kerala - 8-2-08 (Calicut) 15. Chattisgarh - 19.3.08 (Raipur)
5. Maharashtra - 10-2-08 (Mumbai) North West/West
East/North 16. Uttarakhand - 23.3.08 (Dehradun)
6. Delhi - 4-3-08 (Delhi) 17. H.P. - 24.3.08 (Shimla)
7. Orissa - 6-3-08 (Cuttack) 18. Punjab - 25.3.08 (Chandigarh)
8. West Bengal - 7-3-08 (Kolkata) 19. Haryana - 26.3.08 (Ambala)
9. Assam - 9-3-08 (Guwahati) 20. J & K - 27.3.08 (Jammu)
10. North East - 11.3.08 (Shillong) 21. Rajasthan - 29.3.08 (Jaipur)
22. Gujarat - 30.3.08 (Ahmedabad)
v In 60 years we have never solved the land
v Over 85% rural households are either
landless, sub marginal, marginal or farmers.
v The average monthly per capita expenditure
(MPCE) of the Indian farm household is Rs. 503.
All India Postal Employees Union Group 'C', This is the National average, mixing giant landlords
Postmen & Group 'D', Kolkata GPO Branch, West and tiny landholders. About 60% of this Rs.503 is
Bengal Circle, organized a Voluntary Blood Donation spent on food. There are countless households for
Camp on 23.11.2007 (Friday) at Registration Delivery whom the MPCE is not Rs. 503, but only Rs. 225.
Department, Kolkata GPO. The Central Blood Bank, v The lower 50% of the rural households owe
Kolkata, conducted the said camp. Director, Kolkata
only 3.5% of the total land ownership. Whereas
GPO, Smt. Sheuli Barman, inaugurated the camp.
the top ten per cent of rural house hold own well
An interactive seminar on "Blood Donation" was also
over 50% of the lands.
conducted on 21.11.2007 (Wednesday). Lot of
enthusiasm was observed amongst the members of v Today, the direction of policy on farming is
staff to make the blood donation camp a success. simple in it's main idea. To take Agriculture out of
A total of 76 (seventy six) donors voluntarily donated the hands of farmers and place it firmly in the hands
their blood and amongst them there were 10(ten) of large corporations.
ladies. The camp was organized under the active v The price of cotton that our farmers gets,
leadership of Com. Soumen Bandopadhyay, collapses by the season. Over a million bales of
President of the Branch Union and Com. US cotton, with huge subsidies attached to it, was
Sachidananda Biswas, Secretary of the Branch dumped in 2001-02. This not challenged. Duties
Union. Com. Janardan Majumder, Circle Secretary, are not raised.
P-III, West Bengal Circle and Com. Nirmal Chandra
Dey, Circle Secretary, P-IV, West Bengal Circle,
v Govt. tells us over 1, 12,000 farmers have
also attended the camp and gave valuable speech committed suicide since 1993. These suicides are
to encourage the blood donors. driven by debt.
Well done Comrades. (Hindu. 09.08.07)


"Recent Supreme Court verdicts militate
against interests of working class".
Memorandum submitted to Chief Justice of India
The Labour Law Practitioners' Association has But there is no guarantee of employment on abolition.
expressed concern at the recent trend of Supreme They would lose even the little employment that they
Court decisions going against the interests of the had, before contract labour was abolished.
people as well as the apex court. 'Judicial retreat'
In a memorandum submitted to the Chief Justice A further 'judicial retreat' had come in the form
of India, Justice K.G. Balakrishnan, who was in of Umadevi's case, where the Supreme Court held that
Chennai last week, the association listed several if a person had not been recruited by following the
judgements and said they had "emboldened employers rules relating to normal recruitment, then he would
and strengthened the coffers of private entrepreneurs, not be entitled to any regularisation, no matter how
leaving working people in a state of distress." many years he had worked or even if he had worked
The memorandum, signed by the association on low wages. "Therefore the supreme Court puts a
president, N.G.R. Prasad, said: "It is unfortunate premium on the employers who had employed a person
that recently the Supreme Court has directed the without following the recruitment process for years,"
formation of a larger Bench to reconsider the famous Mr. Prasad said in the memorandum.
Bangalore Water Supply Board case rendered in Section 11-A of the ID Act, which empowered
1978, which every right thinking citizen thought had tribunals to give relief to workers, had been
settled what is an 'industry' under the Industrial "judicially repealed" he said, adding. "Now the
Disputes Act." Supreme Court has held that even if a dismissal is
But now, the court had "exhibited undue not justified, the employee cannot claim back wages.
anxiety for the employers, "and had stated that Even in the matter of illegal retrenchment, the
overemphasis on the right of the workers and the Supreme Court had made it clear that reinstatement
curtailment of the rights of the employers to is not the normal rule as held earlier. Now the
organise their business had resulted in larger question of a poor worker, who had been dismissed,
industrial claims, it said. "These observations of getting relief in courts has become a little too
the Supreme Court had a debilitating effect on remote.
the minds of the workers. These observations are "The working class feels totally disarmed in
not in tune with the Constitution, but in tune with today's world of Liberalisation, where they are
the economic policy of Liberalisation, exposed to long hours, low wages and insecurity
Privatisation, and Globalisation, shortly known of employment. It is at this hour, the Supreme Court
as LPG." is expected to give a helping hand to the working
Pointing out that the order did not refer to people. Far from it, they are emphasising the rights
constitutional promises, Mr. Prasad said: "That it of employers against whom employees are
is not the Preamble and the Directive Principles expected to be protected," the memorandum said.
of State Policy, which is their goal, but the "With growing liberalisation and
economic policies of LPG that matters, is clear privatisation and the system becoming more
from the other recent judgements of the Supreme exploitative, the people tend to strike. Even this
Court." minimal democratic expression has been sought
While the earlier orders of the Supreme Court to be put an end to by the Supreme Court in T.K.
had stated in "unmistakable terms" that contract Rengarajan Case, where nearly 2.5 lakhs
labour was an exploitative system and should be put employees were dismissed without inquiry when
an end to, now the court quashed a 1976 notification their existing benefits were sought to be taken
abolishing contract labour. The court has said that away by holding that employees have no right to
"employees will have no right to automatic absorption, strike even if it is justified. This reminds us all of
but will have to stand in the que for fresh employment Oliver Twist being turned out of Poor Law home
along with others, exept that they may be entitled to for asking for more," it added.
some preference in the matter of direct employment. (Courtesy : The Hindu, 08.11.2007)
Letter No.P/2-2/Cachar Dated : 02.11.2007 addressed implementation of Fifth cadre review of officers.
to the Secretary, Department of Post The Cachar Postal Division is the biggest
l Arbitary downgradation of Cachar division division in the Assam Circle with maximum out turn
in Assam Circle. annually. A comparatively study of above (Class I)
The Circle office has caused instructions to division in the Assam Circle shows that the down
downgrade the Cachar division from class I to Group gradation of Cachar division is with out any reasonable
B and Silchar HPO from Gazetted to HSG I due to justification.

Categories SSP Cachar Division SSP Kamrup SSRM RMS (GH)

Division Division
HPO 3 Nos 2 Nos Ghy stg
Gazetted P O 1 Nos 1 Nos Ghy RMS
HOS 3 Nos 1 Nos SRO Rangia
SOS 103 Nos 76 Nos SRO New Bongaigao
BOS 504 Nos 225 Nos SRO North Lakhimpur
ESOs 4 Nos Nil TMO Tezpur
P&T Dispensary 1 Nos 2 Nos
Postal Sub Division 7 Nos 3 Nos
It may mentioned here that the Cachar Postal Division comprises of 4 district namely Cachar, Hailakandi,
N.C. Hill., and Karimganj which is in the international border with Bangladesh with area covered by the SSP
and population as per 2001census is mentioned below.

Sr. No. Name of District Area Covered (Sq KM) Population in lakh
(2001 Census)
1 Cachar 3798 14,73,156
2 Karimganj 1812 10,28,688
3 Hailakan 1491 6,69,986
4 N. C. Hill 4893 1,79,189
5 Total 11994 33,69,019
Under the above comparison it may be brought Circle which was upgraded to the status of Sr. Post
to your kind notice that a total of more than 1500 Master from the Postmaster in the year 1984 looking
employees are under the administrative control of Sr. into its transaction which has increased drastically
Supdt. of Post office and if the proposed down gradation along with the increase in population with in the
is implemented it would sent a wrong message. municipality area the statistical data shows that the
While in the case of Silchar Head Post Office down gradation of the Silchar Head Post Office is also
which is the second biggest Post Office in the Assam not at all justified.
Categories Account Categories Account Categories Account
S/B A/C 97,170 Nos R/D A/C 74,151 Nos T/D A/C 17,731
Holder Holder Holder

Categories Account Categories Account Categories Account

MIS A/C 21,795 Nos PPF A/C 1,387 Nos NSS & SCSS 619
Holder Holder


In addition to the above data the transaction in term of of the years of unfilled and there is no need to obtain
other Postal service may be presumed by the growing revival sanction etc to fill up such posts. No instruction
population and logic and norms by which the office has been emanated from your office so far. The Circle
was upgraded earlier. Even the sanctioned staff Heads are taking a ruse under seeking clarifications
strength of the Silchar Head Post Office show that a for their inaction to fill up the residual vacancies.
total of 141 employees are working under the control This serious issue is being delayed despite your
of Sr. Postmaster (Gazetted) with 56 S.O.s and some assurances and instructions.
branches in two shift. A Silchar town which is growing
3. Fixing incentive to WUMT services etc.
fast in area and population a Class II Gazetted officer
is required in the Silchar Head Post Office to maintain It was assured to fix incentive for the works like
the administrative and Public relationship to settle all Western Union money transfer, processing of Pass
the claims of the customer and a class I officer for the Port applications, I.M.O etc. it was also assured to
Division for prompt decision making in the instruct all the circle heads to fix incentive at the time
administrative line. of introduction of any new service and supply the copy
of the instruction to Unions. We could see no
It is learnt that the Chief PMG has also sent
improvement in the assurance.
proposal to modify the down gradation and there is
scope to downgrade one post in the circle office. 4. Shortage of Staff
It is therefore requested to reconsider and It was assured on 28.09.07 to formulate a new
withdraw the down gradation orders of both the division scheme of engaging retired postal employees to
& HO immediately. manage the shortage of staff with fixed remuneration.
A line in reply about the action taken in highly Similarly it was assured to issue instructions
solicited. to all the circle heads to grant OTA to manage the
Letter No. P/4-1 Dated- 03.11.2007 addressed to the shortage in the Post offices.
Secretary, Department of Post It was assured to revise the LGO exam syllabus
l Non Settlement or improvement in the and conduct a special exam in Nov'07 to fill up the
assured items- protracted delay in causing orders- Vacant Posts.
request personal intervention. It is constrained to note that no order is issued
A kind attention is invited to the discussions in these three vital issues confronting the Postal
we had on 28.9.07 and the directions, you had given employees at base levels.
to the DDG (P) in our presence in resolving the burning 5. Withdrawal of irregular order dt 21.05.07
following issues. on declination of LSG
1. LSG, HSG II & HSG I Promotions: While requesting to withdraw the order dt.
While we discussed about the non completion 21.05.07 on declining the regular LSG Promotion
of LSG Promotion process in many Circles like Bihar, affecting BCR, you have agreed that LSG is the regular
U.P. Gujarat, Rajasthan, A. P. etc, and also non promotion and TBOP & BCR are financial upgradation
according due HSG II & HSG I promotions, you have and the order is the arbitary and instructed the DDG
informed that a cut off date will be fixed and all the (P) to withdraw the instruction.
DPS & APMG staff will be invited and sort out all the This has not been implemented far.
pending issues. No improvement could be seen. The
position remains static. In short, all the assurances and directions to
DDG (P) you have given on 28.09.07 have not been
It is also instructed to the DDG (P) to depute
carried out or implemented and we are very much fed
one of the officers to Orissa Circle to sort out the
up over the inordinated delay in mitigating the genuine
mistakes in notional promotion. The assurance given
in April 07 to depute Director (SPN) to rectify the grievances of the staff which were agreed for settlement
mistakes in notional promotion has not yet been in April 2007 itself. The staff are very much agitated
honoured. The senior officials are retiring every month and it causes a concern.
with out availing any benefits. It is once again requested kindly cause
2. Filling up of Residual Vacancies appropriate action and orders on all the above items
without any further delay.
During discussions, you have directed the DDG
(P) to cause immediate instructions to all circle heads A line in reply about the action taken is highly
to fill up all the pending residual vacancies irrespective solicited.


Letter No.P/2-18/Rajasthan Cle Dated :03.11.2007 to duty amongst the Postal employees/officer, the
addressed to the Member (P) Department of Post department must refrain in promoting and rewarding
such officers whose conduct has been challenged and
l Non-issue of LSG promotion (notional)
under clouds.
orders-Case of Rajasthan Circle.
It is requested to take appropriate action and
It is brought to our notice that in Rajasthan
order to continue the enquiry by keeping the promotion
Circle, all the vacant LSG Posts have been filled up
orders issued to the said officer in abeyance.
with prospective effect and notional promotion as per
the instruction contained in Directorate letter no. 137- A line in reply about the action taken is highly
4/2006-SPB I dt. 22.05.07 has not been carried out. solicited
Despite clear instruction in the order cited in Letter No. P/4-4 Dated : 03.11.2007 addressed to
Para Supra that a critical review may be carried out to the Secretary, Department of Post
ensure notional promotions by the Head of the divisions l System managers- Grievances- request
in the LSG upto the year 2002 and vacancies which settlement.
arose after the notification of RR Rules notified on It is brought to our notice that the system
7.2.02 till 17.5.06 shall be filled up in terms of provisions managers who are imparting training to employees at
of R. R Rules 2002. the work place Training centre which are running
The notional promotion is not an one time regional level are not being paid with any Teaching/
exercise and it should be applied as per the spirit of Coaching allowance. They may be paid with Teaching
instructions contained in letter dt. 22.05.07. Whereas Allowance.
the Chief PMG, Rajasthan Circle has caused LSG In many divisions, the divisional head are
promotion with prospective effect. restricting the ceiling limit of Road mileage Allowance
It is therefore requested to cause necessary to System's Manager which is practically impossible.
instructions to the Chief PMG, Rajasthan Circle to Since the system adminstrations have to travel long
rectify the mistake and recast the notional LSG distances to attend the problems at SOS, the
promotion as per the directorate instructions. restriction of mileage allowance is unfair and arbitary.
A line in reply about the action taken is highly At present, there is no working norms fixed to
solicited. system managers. Suitable work norms may be
Letter No. P/2-8/HP Cle Dated : 03.11.2007 addressed considered. Similarly, there is no clear cut guidelines
to the Secretary, Department of Post from the directorate about the duties and
responsibilities of the Systems Managers. This should
l Joint memorandum by Circle Unions
be evolved and circulated.
against Sri Kushan Vashishat, then SSPOs, Simla-
reg. A line in reply about the action taken is highly
The copy of the Joint Memorandum submitted
by all the Circle Unions of Himachal Pradesh Circle Letter No. P/2-17/Bhatinda Dated : 20.11.2007
against the corrupt and Maladministration of the then addressed to the Secretary, Department of Posts
SSPOs, Simla Sri Kushal Vashishat addressed to the l Sale of Punjab State Mahalaxmi Bumper
Chief Postmaster General, Himachal circle which is Lottary Tickets through Post Offices-case of
exhaustive on the subject is enclosed herewith for your Punjab Circle.
deterrent action. It is constrained to note that the Chief PMG,
The Chief PMG, H.P. Circle on receipt of the Punjab Circle has started sale of Punjab State
memorandum has instituted a thorough probe on the Mahalaxmi Bumper Lottery Tickets through all HOs,
allegations and the enquiry is in progress. Whereas, SOs & BOs with effect from 15.10.07.
it is learnt that the said officer has been promoted and It is much painful to see that the Chief PMG
posted to Chandigarh in the midst of enquiry. When a stated that he desired to introduce the sale of Lottery
prima facia case is there and instituted an enquiry by Tickets through Post offices only to ensure easy
the Chief PMG, it is not known that how this officer availability of the State Lotteries to the general public.
has been promoted to next higher cadre. This has In many states Lottery Tickets have been banned as
causes a serious concern in H.P. Circle. it deceive the gullible public. It is still termed as
It is needless to say that to create the authorised gambling in many parts of our country.
confidence, sense of sincerity, honesty and devotion There should be some ethics and morale in the
functioning of the Post office and its work. Such works department as they are currently doing. It has also
like sale of Lottery tickets, sale of 'Nirodh' etc will mar been instructed in the same D.O. letter that a pool of
the image of the department and the staff feel that such PA/SA cadre officials be now onwards attached
such kind of work will lower the dignity and their image. to divisional office/regional office/ Circle office.
We record our strong protest over these kinds of retail The gesture of the Secretary so as to relieve
business. the overburden PRI (P)s is welcome. However as per
It is requested to withdraw the scheme at once the statutory rules framed by the Department, it is the
and cause instructions to all circle heads to desist personal duty of the ASPOs or IPO cadre officers/
such kind of business work in the Post offices. officials to represent the Department in the court of
A line in reply about the action taken is highly law in both cognisable & non cognisable cases vide
solicited. rule 172- A III of Postal Manual volume V- 'Rule on
institution of criminal proceedings."
Letter No. P/2-1/Hyd. South East Dated : 20.11.2007
addressed to the Secretary, Department of Posts Thus, the engagement of PA/SA cadre officials
so as to attend court cases is totally in contradiction
l Immediate shifting of OGH PO in Hyderabad
with the existing statutory rules of the Department.
South East Division.
Furthermore in the prevailing acute shortage of
It is brought to our notice that recently the
staff in PA/SA cadre, this will generate further shortage.
largest mortuary in the twin cities of Hyderabad has
Above all, the PA/SA cadre officials are not having
been shifted to Osmania General Hospital just nearby
any kind of experience/Knowledge in Indian Penal
the Post office is functioning.
Code, Code on Criminal procedure, Indian Evidence
Abovminable fowl smell is imminating from the Act etc so as to represent the Department in the court
mortuary and the soiled waste which are being dumped of law or in different forums. In case if the court case
in front of the post office. A total Unhygenie condition is not represented properly and the Department looses
is prevailing in the Post office and causing health any litigation and has to pay fine, the department may
hazards to the officials. also try to fix up responsibility on the shoulder of PA/
Despite the Circle administration visited the site SA cadre officials representing the Department in the
and assured to shift the PO, after realising that none said Court/Forum. As such, there is ample scope to
can sit for on hour continuously due to the horrible penalise PA/SA cadre officials for such omission for
foul smell imminating from the mortuary and the solid which he can never be held responsible under the
waste, nothing has been done since six months. The purview of the existing statutory rules.
staff are very much frustrated and agitated. It is therefore requested to kindly fix up the
It is therefore requested to cause immediate responsibility of court attendance etc in favour of the
action to provide better service condition to the official Divisional Superintendent/ASPO/IPO cadre officers/
working in the said post office forthwith. officials as is laid down in the statutory rules.
Soliciting response, A line in reply is highly solicited.
Letter No. P/4-1/Staff Dated : 20.11.07 addressed to Letter No. P/2-4/Durg Ho Dated : 20.11.2007
the Secretary, Department of Post addressed to the Secretary, Department of Posts
l Improve the quality of delivery of mails and l Non Posting of SB qualified officials in SB
effective Supervision by PRI (P)s. branch at Durg HO in Chatisgargh Circle.
It is brought to our notice that the Secretary It is brought to our notice that the following
Department of Posts had issued a D.O. letter vide No. officials who have passed SB aptitude Test have not
3-39/2007- PG. Dt. 05.10.07. addressed to all Circle been considered for posting in SB branch since three
Heads in which he directed them to create a pool of years whereas unqualified officials are being deployed
PA/SA cadre officials so as to attend Court Cases on in SB/SC branch of Durg H.O.
behalf of the department. 1. Shri. P.S. Netam, SPM, Rajnandgaon Stadium
The intention and the move initated is nothing 2. Shri. M.L. Bhocer, PA, Dongargaon.
but to make free the over burden PRI (P) officials so
3. Shri. A.M. Kannurkar, SPM, SAF lines, Bhilai:
that they may hence forth attend promptly for ensuring
efficiency in Mail Transmission/ Delivery network 4. Shri R.L. Verma, PA, Durg HO.
instead of attending court cases on behalf of the Apart from the above Shri S.P. Saha, PA.


Rajnandgaon HO and the divisional Treasurer of this A line in reply about the action taken is highly
union who passed SB aptitude exam has applied for solicited.
transfer under immunity transfer and also to SB branch Letter No. P/2-22/Midnapore Dated : 22.11.07
Durg. Similary the divisional Secretary Shri V.K. addressed to the Secretary, Department of Posts
Agarwal PA, C.C. Bhilai who is also a SB qualified
l Posting of Permanent divisional head to
official applied for transfer to Durg HO as S.B. P.A.
Midnapore division in West Bengal Circle.
All the officials have already represented to
It is brought to our notice that there is no
DPS, Raipur and their cases have not been considered
so far. permanent SSPOs posted in the said division since
two years. The officers, who have been posted for two
It is requested to intervene and render justice
or three months during these periods, took no initiate
to the aggrieved eligible officials who are deprived of
to discuss and settle the divisional problems. It further
their dues.
hampers all types of developmental activities and
A line in reply about the action taken is highly progress in the business aspects.
It is therefore requested to cause necessary
Letter No. P/2-22/Midnapore Dated : 22.11.07 instructions to the Chief PMG, West Bengal to post a
addressed to the Secretary, Department of Posts permanent hand as the divisional head immediately
l Conveyance of cash with police escort- to this division.
Problems there on. Soliciting response.
The present limit for conveyance of cash is not Letter No. P/2-22/Sikkim Dated : 22.11.07 addressed
commensurate with the requirement in many offices to the Secretary, Department of Posts
and the SPMs are unauthorisedly remitting more cash
beyond the limit to the cash offices in order to clear l Provision of Heaters etc to the Pos in
the surplus by taking risks. Darjeeling & Sikkim divisions in West Bengal
The Police authorities, in general, do not come
for escort for such cash remittances and thus the The officials working in Darjeeling & Sikkim
remittance of cash become more risky. Our earlier divisions are facing lot of problems during winter season
request to insure the cash remittances of Post offices where the mercury remains minus 4 or 5 degree
has not so for been considered and decided. celecious.
In Midnapore, the Police authorities are The heating arrangements as provided in NE
enquiring the Quantum of cash to be conveyed and if Circle has not been provided in any Post offices in
the amount crosses lakhs, they are providing escorts. both the divisions due to inadequate allotment of funds
Recently, the SPM, Khargpur in Midnapore division for this purpose.
has been charge sheeted by the SSPOs under Rule It is requested to provide adequate funds and
16 for merely intimating the quantum of cash to be provide necessary heating arrangements to the POs
remitted to the Police authorities. This causes a situated in Darjeeling and Sikkim Divisions.
concern. A line in reply about the action taken is highly
The following things have to be decided at the solicited.
earliest. Letter No. P/2-15/Shillong Dated : 22.11.07
1. The present cash limit should be enhanced up to addressed to the Secretary, Department of Posts
one lakh per individiual.
l Payment of licence fee for the Quarters
2. Cash collection van should be arranged in all
allotted to R JCM at Shillong in N.E. Circle.
bigger towns and the officials should be asked to
take unwarranted risks in cash remittances. Ref: This Union letter of even no dt. 17.11.07.
3. Insuring the remittance amount be explored. Anent reference, it is rather constrained to note
4. The officials should not be penalised or brought that the Chief PMG, NE Circle has asked the Secretary,
under contributory factor for the cash if any theft RJCM, to vacate the Quarters allotted for RJCM as
or lost beyond the capacity of the official who is the quarters are meant for needy staff and cannot be
engaged for the cash remittance. used for any purpose. Further, she informed that the
It is requested to consider the above and cause staff side can hold their meetings in the canteen or
appropriate orders early. Recreation Hall.


This is nothing but to create provocation and fixing due incentive for supervisory work and also other
unrest in the region. Earlier, the Staff side Secretary has works, it will be purposeful to manage the existing
been asked to pay double the licence fee as penal rate. shortage and also to avoid pendancy of work.
It is requested to intervene immediately and It is therefore requested to consider the same
direct to withdraw such instructions and maintain and cause orders at the earliest.
transquility with the service unions. Letter No. P/4-11/Strike Period Dated : 22.11.07
Letter No. P/2-17/Bhatinda Dated : 22.11.07 addressed addressed to the Secretary, Department of Posts
to the Secretary, Department of Posts l Treatment of Strike Period - regarding.
l Non drawal of due HRA to the officiating The operative portion of the DOPT orders
Postmaster, Bhatinda, Ho in Punjab Circle- C/o contained in OM. No. 41016/1(S)- Estt(B) dt. 01.05.91,
Smt Balwinder Kaur BCR PA. circulated by the Directorate vide its letter No. 51/ 10-
Ref: (i) This Union letter of even no. dt. 14.02.2007 91 SPB II dt. 31.07.91 & again vide No 8-8/2001 SR
(ii)Yr. Letter no. 4-16/2007-PAP dt. 05.03.07 dt. 08.01.02 about treating of Strike period of CG
employees, is interalia:-
Apropos reference, I wish to draw your kind
attention that after your intervention, the due HRA for "It is not enough that the employees attend the
three months had been sanctioned by the SSPOs place of work. The must put in the work allotted to
Bhatinda and thereafter there is no action in this regard. them. It is for the work and not for the mere attendance
that the wages/Salaries are paid."
According to the Directorate orders vide letter
no. 10-4/2003- Bldg dt 06.05.03, the power of "It is clear that wages are payable only if
suspension of Quarters has been vested with the Circle contract employments fulfilled and not otherwise.
head. Hence, when the workers do not put in the allotted
work or refuse to do it, they would not be entitled to
Neither the SSPOs, Bhatinda has sent proposal
the wages proportionately."
for suspension of quarters beyond three months to
Circle head nor the Chief PMG, Punjab Circle has The staff side of the RJCM Maharastra Circle
initiated action and mitigated the griveance of the has taken this issue and requested action as per para
official by according the suspension of Quarters for supra against the employees who attended duty but
the remaining Period. not carried out any work on 14.12.06. The decision
has arrived in the RJCM to cause instructions to all
Further it is most painful that the official has
regional heads to take action accordingly.
been denied due officiating pay which is against to
the statutory rules and faced loss in emoluments due Since, this is applicable to all, it is requested
to her officiation in higher post due to non drawal of to cause uniform application of the orders in all Circles
HRA. Letter No. P/2-13/Maharastra Cle Dated : 22.11.07
It is therefore requested to cause necessary addressed to the Secretary, Department of Posts
orders in this regard and arrange to pay the dues to l Periodical meeting with PMG (FP & Mktg),
the official at the earliest. Mumbai - reg.
Letter No. P/2-22/Tamluk Dated : 22.11.07 addressed Consequent upon the upgradation of Director,
to the Secretary, Department of Posts Foreign Post to Postmaster General (FP & mktg), the
l Fixing of Uniform rate of incentive for periodical meetings are not conducted in Maharastra
computerised work in POs. Circle. This has resulted in accumulation of staff
The Chief PMG, West Bengal Circle has fixed problems.
Rs. 0.50 per S. B. data entry work for creation of When the issue was discussed in the RCM,
Accounts and Rs. 0.15 for the subsequent posting of the Chief PMG had replied that it is yet to decide that
deposit/Withdrawal for the computerised work. the status of the Foreign Post whether to function as
The order did not contain about the quantum of Circle or other wise and decide about the periodical
incentive to the supervisors and also for other works. meetings.
The arrangement is made by the Circle to manage the It is requested to cause instructions to grant
acute shortage of staff. Bimonthly meeting with PMG FP & Mktg to Circle
If similar kind of orders is issued at Directorate Union and monthly meeting with the Director incharge
level for the uniform application of the same besides of Foreign Post for the divisional Union which is in
practice in other circles. It is therefore requested to expedite approval
Soliciting response, for the stepping up of pay and also return the service
books at the earliest.
Letter No. P/4-11/Trade Union Dated : 22.11.07
addressed to the Secretary, Department of Posts A line in reply about the action taken is highly
l Irregular grant of Trade Union facilities to
Postal Supervisors Association-case of Punjab Letter No. P/2-19/Salem East Dated : 30.11.2007
Circle. addressed to the Secretary, Department of Posts
It is brought to our notice that the Chief PMG, l Revision of Fee for issuing Postal identity
Punjab Circle of Chandigarh has granted trade union card.
facilities to the All India Postal Supervisors Association At present, a meagre sum of Rs. 9/- in the shape
of Punjab Circle vide his letter No. Union/11-19/07 dt. of postage stamp is being collected for issue of Postal
14.907. contrary to the rulings on the subject. identity card which is largely used by the public for
There is no membership for the said Association availing Pass Port etc.
as per the declarations submitted as on 30.04.07 in The fee requires revision. The fee is not
all the divisions. commensurating with the cost of work like application,
The circle association has been formed recently cost of Identity Card, verification etc and this may be
without any membership. fixed as Rs. 100/- as charge. The amount can be
collected by issuing ACG 67 receipt.
The Circle Treasurer Sri Yashpal, LSG PA
Jalandhar City has given letter to Sr. PM Jalandhar on It is requested to consider the suggestion and
06.08.07 stating that he has been elected as Circle intimate the decision at the earliest.
Treasurer of the said association and hence stop the Letter No. P/2-22/CSD Kolkata Dated : 17.11.2007
recovery of his subscription to National Union. These addressed to the Secretary, Department of Posts
is no such provision to stop recovery in between the l Non attending Civil work and electrical
financial year and becoming member of other Union. work-case of Circle Stamp Depot building at
Similar is the case of Sri Dalip Kumar Chopra, kolkata in West Bengal Circle.
the Circle Secretary of the said association who It is brought to our notice that no civil or
withdraw his membership from National Union on Electrical work has been carried out for the existing
06.08.07 after his election as Circle Secretary. The building since 1986.
copy of the letters are enclosed for ready reference. The present dilapidated condition of the building
It is therefore requested to cause instructions may cause any serious accident at any time.
to Chief PMG Punjab Circle to withdraw the recognition It is requested to cause necessary instruction
mistakenly accorded to the said association and avoid to the Circle head to carry out the civil and Electrical
such occurrences in future. maintenance work forthwith to avoid any such
Soliciting immediate action. occurrence.
Letter No. P/2-22/Belgharia Dated : 01.11.2007 Soliciting response.
addressed to the DDG (P), Department of Post Letter No. P/2-22/CSD Kolkata Dated : 17.11.2007
l Stepping up of Pay case of Smt. Bandana addressed to the Secretary, Department of Posts
Roy PM (HSG I), Belgharia HO in West Bengal. l Fixing Norms/ Time Factors to Circle Stamp
The above said official has applied for stepping Depot.
up of pay with her junior Sri Pramod Bhusan Karmakar Since creation of Circle Stamp Depots during
in 1997 itself after the implementation of Fifth Pay 1979, no norms has been fixed so far to justify the
Commission and it is stated that the Chief PMG West workload and staff strength. Merely the staff from
Bengal has referred the case to Directorate vide his neighbouring divisions are being deployed and the
letter No. A & P/B/9-5/2/97 dt. 13.5.98. posts are maintained with out any justified
The Directorate has called for the service books augmentation.
of the both officials and the case is being dealt under It is therefore requested to fix work norms to
the case mark of No. 2-70/98-PAP. the service books the C.S.D and augment adequate posts at the earliest.
were sent during 1999 itself and the same were still A line in reply about the action taken is highly
lying at the Directorate. solicited.
Letter No. P/2-7/Hisar Dated : 17.11.2007 addressed It is pertinent to mention that for such similar
to the Secretary, Department of Posts work, the incentive at the rate of 0.50 Paise per bill has
l Holding of DPC for ASPOS cadre- case of been fixed in Madhya Pradesh, Uttranchal Circle etc.
Haryana Circle. It is therefore requested to Cause necessary
Out of 38 ASPOs Posts available in Haryana instructions to Maharastra Circle to fix similar incentive
Circle, 21 Inspector Posts are officiating as ASPOS. amount at once with retrospective effect and also to
Resultantly, the Postal Assts have been officiating in ensure the fixing of remuneration for any work
Inspector Post Vacancies. These vacancies are not introduced under business Post by all Circle heads.
brought under regular Inspector vacancy due to non- A line in reply about the action taken is highly
holding of DPC for ASPOs cadre in the Circle. solicited.
This has resulted in denial of chances in writing Letter No. P/2-3/West Champaran Dated : 17.11.2007
the inspector posts exams to the deserving candidates addressed to the Secretary, Department of Posts
besides keeping the PA posts vacant due to the l Non-according Notional LSG Promotion-
continuous officiation. case of Bihar Circle.
It is therefore requested to cause necessary It is rather dismayed to note that despite your
instructions to the Chief PMG, Haryana Circle to hold assurances to fix cut off date to sort out the issues
the DPC and fill up all the vacant ASPOs Posts duly prevailing in grant of notional promotion, this has not
declaring the actual vacancies in inspector Posts for been implemented in most of the circles.
the ensuing exam.
To cite an instance, no action has so been
Soliciting response, taken by the circle administration, Bihar to grant
Letter No. P/2-7/Hisar Dated : 17.11.2007 addressed notional promotion to LSG, HSG II etc and all seniors
to the Secretary, Department of Posts are retired without any due benefits. Adding salt to
l Non holding of regular DPC for LSG & HSG injury, the Chief PMG Bihar circle instead of releasing
II promotions-case of Haryana Circle. the notional promotion in LSG and fix seniority on
notional basis to the seniors has caused orders to
It is brought to our notice that the process of FTP qualified officials of 2004 promoting them to HSG
notional LSG and regular LSG has not been carried I on adhoc basis. This causes total resentment amidst
out after 2004 despite several instructions from your the senior officials.
It is requested to intervene immediately and set
Resultantly, the due HSG II promotions have right matters in this sensitive and serious issue as if
not been accorded in the absence of notional fire on the house.
promotions granted to LSG cadre. No formal action
Your immediate action is highly solicited.
has been initiated in many divisions and also the Circle
office to compete the notional promotion to LSG and Letter No. P/2-15/ NE Circle Dated : 17.11.2007
addressed to the Secretary, Department of Posts
convening DPCs for HSG II & HSG I promotions. This
causes a serious concern. l Payment of licence fee for the quarters
allotted RJCM, at Shillong in N. E. Circle.
It is therefore requested to intervene and ensure
immediate release of notional promotions as per the It is rather constrained to note that the Chief
checklist prescribed by the Directorate and to take PMG N E Circle has directed the Secretary, Staff side
RJCM to deposit Rs. 366/- per month (i.e.) double the
action to arrest such kind of lethargy in disposing staff
rate of normal licence fee from Dec' 2005.
promotion issues.
Since the Regional JCM is part & parcel of the
Letter No. P/2-13/Satara Dated : 17.11.2007 addressed
negotiating machinery at circle level, there is no need
to the Secretary, Department of Posts to pay any licence fee for the accommodation allotted
l Grant of incentive for acceptance of MSEB to staff side to function. Moreover this is not in practice
bills at Pos - case of Maharastra Circle in any other circle too. This causes a concern.
Despite the assurance that whenever a new It is therefore requested to cause suitable
business product is introduced incentive will be fixed instructions in this regard and withdraw the letter of
for the staff, the Chief PMG, Maharastra Circle has the circle administration demanding double the rate of
not fixed any incentive for acceptance of Electricity licence fee from the staff side as if it is an irregular
bills in the Post Office. occupation.
A line in reply about the action taken is highly Soliciting response,
solicited. Letter No. P/2-1/Nellore Dated : 04.12.2007 addressed
Letter No. P/2-13/Kolhapur Dated :17.11.2007 to the Secretary, Department of Posts,
addressed to the Secretary, Department of Posts Non-supply of medicines in time by Postal
l Representation against rejection of Dispensary, Nellore - reg.
medical reimbursement claim- C/o Sri Y. V. The joint memorandum submitted to the
Gorwade, Accountant, O/o the SSPOs, Kolhapur Postmaster General, Vijayawada region by all the
division in Maharastra Circle. divisional unions of Nellore division on the subject is
Ref: (i) This union letter of even no dt. 02.04.07. enclosed herewith for appropriate action.
(ii) Yr. Letter no. 21-38/2005- medical dt The memorandum itself self explanatory and
15.05.07 exhaustive. The officials could not have proper treatment
Apropos reference, I wish to inform that the bills since May 2007 and they could not get proper medicines
mentioned in our letter dt 02.04.07 have not been paid due to non visit of incharge of Guntur dispensary. This
so far. Since the son of the said official met with two causes resentment amidst the officials.
road accidents one after another and got admitted in It is therefore requested to cause appropriate
private hospitals by the public, the official could not action and intimate about the action taken to fill up
observe the procedures as mentioned in Rules. This the Doctor Post & ensuring supply of medicines.
is clearly an exceptional case. Soliciting response,
It is requested to kindly consider the case on
humanitarian grounds and cause necessary orders for
the reimbursement of the claims.

Attention of Branch/Divisional Secretaries

Officials having less than 10 years Service but having more
than 9 year and 9 months will entitle pensionary benefits.
The CHQ has taken an issue to grant pension I am directed to state that the question rounding
to the official who have put in less than 10 year service off more than 9 years and 9 months but less than 10
but more than 9 years and 9 months by citing the years of service to 10 years of service to 10 years of
G.O.l. decision (1) below Rule 19 of CCS (Pension) qualifying service for grant pension has been under
Rules. Initially the Department rejected our request consideration for quite some time. It is observed that
vide its letter no. 4-1/05- Pen dt. 14.2.05. Rule 49(2) (b) of CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972 provide
However, an another order was issued for grant of proportionate pension on completion of 10
subsequently by the Department vide its letter no. 4- years qualifying service. This rule does not bar
1/05- pen. dt. 11.11.2005 in which it is clarified that applicability of Rule 49(3) for rounding off of minimum
the officials having less than 10 years service but more qualifying service required for grant of pension.
than 9 year 9 months will be rounded off to 10 years In view of the above it is clarified that with
for the purpose of pension under Rule 49(2) (b) of the, reference to the provisions of Rule 49 (3) of Central
CCS pension on Rules 1972. Civil Service (Pension) Rules, 1972, qualifying service
The CHQ is receiving many enquiries on this of less than 10 years but more than 9 years 9 months
subject and therefore the content of the order is will be rounded off to 10 years for the purpose of grant
reproduced below for the information to all. of pension under Rule 49 (2) (b) of the rules ibid.
Copy of letter No. 4-1/05-Pen dated- This is for your kind information, guidance and
11.11.2005 of DG Post further necessary action. However while processing such
Sub: Rule 49 (2)(b) of Central Civil Services cases for grant of pension it must be ensured that the
(Pension) Rules, 1972 - Minimum qualifying qualifying service is more than 9 years and 9 months.
service for grant of pension-clarification Kindly acknowledge receipt.
whether 9 years 9 months qualifying Thus all the promotees who are having 9
service can be rounded off to 10 years years and 9 months service but less than 10 years
under the provisions of Rule 49(3) of CCS will also entitle for pension and other benefits.
(P) Rules, 1972. Please take up the cases and settle accordingly.
Globalisation losing steam in West
Has the developed world lost interest in welcoming to immigrants than Europeans. Among
globalisation? Yes, to an extent, and a study confirms western European people, the Swedes are the most
this. It reveals that the more developed countries seem likely to support immigration from key immigrant
to be losing their enthusiasm towards globalization, groups, while Italians and Germans express the most
MNCs and free markets. Countries like the US, Britain, negative views. More than one-in-five respondents in
France, Italy, are not so supportive of globalisation 11 of the 36 developing countries say they receive
anymore, unlike their stand, even five years ago-while money from relatives living in another country. In
people in China and India fully support it. Thanks, to Lebanon and Bangladesh, nearly half say they receive
their buoyant economy. help from family members living abroad.
In fact, most people across the globe say Also, few people want economic growth at the
globalisation is fine, but it should not lead to expense of environment. In 46 of the 47 countries, the
disruptions. They support capitalism but are wary of majority say the environment should be given priority,
immigration that comes with the opening up of the even if this means less growth and fewer jobs.
economy. They feel, it could threaten their culture and So is there a need to protect themselves against
environment. Therefore, they need to be protected. foreign influences? Should there be tighter restrictions
This has emerged from the latest Pew Global on immigration? Yes, say most people. There should
Attitudes report that surveyed 45,000 people across be greater restrictions on immigration and tighter
47 countries. The study reveals 64% people in China control of their country's borders. In Italy for example,
and 73% in India support foreign companies, while in the support for greater restrictions is as high as 87%.
the West where economic growth has been relatively In India it's as high as 84%.
modest, the figure is as low as 45% in the US, and
38% in Italy. Britain and France too are in the same
Study : Religiosity related
Interestingly, most countries support capitalism
to economic development
even though it creates wealth disparities among Is there a strong connection between the
people. Support for free markets has increased more religiosity of a country and its level of development?
in the Latin American and Eastern European nations. The latest Pew Global Attitudes study seems to suggest
This is because of increased satisfaction with income there is one. It reveals there is a connection between
in these countries. how religious a country is and its economic status.
However, along with the huge support for For example, in the poorer nations of Africa and
globalisation there is concern about the freeflow of Asia, religion remains central to the lives of the people
people, ideas and resources that comes with it. People while secular perspectives are more common in richer
feel immigration could threaten their culture and nations of Europe. This pattern is consistent across
environment and they may lose their national identity. most regions and countries.
The study shows, US and Canada are more However, there are some exceptions, including
most notably the US. Unlike what its prosperity may
CHANGING ATTITUDE indicate, the Americans are much more religious than
Support for Globalisation (in %) many Western European countries. Some other
nations too deviate from the pattern. These include
Countries Trade MNCs Free Market the oil-rich Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia and
India 89 73 76
In much of Africa, Asia, and West Asia, there
China 91 64 75 is a strong consensus that belief in god is necessary
for morality and good values. While throughout much
USA 59 45 70 of Europe, the majority thinks morality is achievable
without faith. Opinion in the US is divided, while 57%
Britain 78 49 72
say that one must believe in god to have good values
France 78 44 56 and be moral, 41% disagree. The middle-income
people from the former Eastern bloc counties emerge
Germany 85 47 65 as the least religious.
The study also throws up some interesting declined significantly in the past five years.
features about the Islamic countries and countries Similarly, while the majority of Latin American,
with a dominant Muslim population. Most of them Eastern European, and African countries say women
are seeing a struggle between Islamic should choose their own husbands, people in South
fundamentalism and those who want to modernize. Asia and most Arab countries say a woman's family
While most people agree that religion and politics do should choose whom she marries or both should have
not mix, the trend is moving in the opposite direction a say. On whether Muslim women should wear the
in two major Muslim countries. Both of them are key veil. The majority of Muslims say women should have
allies of the US. While the support for strict separation the right to decide whether they should wear the veil.
between religion and government is growing in More women feel this way than men.
Pakistan, in Turkey support for separation has (The Times of India : Sunday, 07 Oct. 07)

North block in no mood to give extra space to Post

North Block has turned down the postal restrict letters, parcels and packets weighing up to
department's proposal to amend the Indian Post Office 150 gram for India Post. Multinational courier
(Amendment) Act. The finance ministry has expressed companies proposing to operate in the segment will
reservations on capping of foreign direct investment have to charge 2.5 times higher than speed post. Also,
(FDI) to 49% and providing exclusive rights to Indian they would have to seek annual registration to operate
Post on letters, parcels and packets weighing up to in he sector.
150 gram as proposed by the postal department. Most of the global leaders in the business, like
Capping for forex to 49% would force multinationals DHL, Fedex, UPS and TNT, are present in India as
like Fedex to pare down their stake in Indian venture the current policy allows 100% FDI in the sector.
while exclusivity of India Post, it is feared, would affect Some other ministries, including commerce &
private courier companies and consumers by wiping industry, were also opposed to the move, sources said.
out competition. The Investment Commission headed by Tata Group
The proposal, which was nixed once, has again chief Ratan Tata had also expressed strong objections
been revived by the department of posts (DoP), which to this proposal last year.
has circulated a draft Cabinet note to various ministries The draft bill had earlier also met with opposition
for their feedback. Sources said both department of from not just the industry but also various ministries.
revenue and economic affairs were opposed to changes The department of posts had proposed these changes
suggested by the postal department. for the first time in 2002 under the NDA government.
The proposal, if accepted will seriously impact The draft was revived again under the tenure of the
the business of multinational courier companies UPA government in 2006.
because the draft amendment bill also seeks to (Economic Times : 23-11-07)

CAT denies regularization of service to casual labourers

The Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT) has surreptitious method, as it is well settled that and
declined to grant regularization of service to casual employer has a right to decide in what manner his
labourers employed by the central government holding work has to be arranged, said the Tribunal.
that they were not regularly appointed. Dismissing the petition filed by Krishan Kumar Rajput
A bench of the Tribunal consisting Vice-Chairman and Gajendra Pratap Pal engaged as casual labourers
Justice M Ramachandran and member Chitra Chopra by the Ministry of Environment and forests though a
said," Since they were not regularly appointed but only contractor, the Tribunal said that there may not be
casually engaged and as they had thus been so regular work available.
accommodated without conferment of any legal rights, "Or there might be any number of reasons,
it could not have been possible for them to urge a which may justify engagement on contract basis. We
contention that they are required to be regularized." are not expected to look into such matters," it said.
"Taking notice of the work that was to be However on humanitarian grounds the Tribunal
discharged with transparency, a method has been asked the Ministry to consider continuation of
evolved whereby the contractor has to supply the employment of the petitioners who had been evading
required labour," the bench observed. the contractor and not responding to his letters.
This cannot be considered as offensive or (24 Nov, 2007, 2330 hrs IST, PTI)


L.G.O Exam- Model Questions
(Second instalment sent by our CHQ) to
Smt. M. Niranjala Devi ADG (Training) on 30.11.07
Suggested Questions from Postal Manual c. Sorting Office
Volume-V d. None of a,b,c
Ans: b
1. Who is in-charge of a Head Office.
Rule 9-A of Postal Manual Vol.V
a. Superintendent of Post offices
7. Who is in charge of Transit mail Office
b. Head Postmaster
a. Sub Postmaster
c. Chief Postmaster
b. Sub Record Officer
d. None of a,b,c,
c. Mail agent or Mail Guard
Ans: b
d. None of a,b.c
Rule 5 of Postal Manual Volume V
Ans: C
2. Post office situated at the headquarters of
Rule 9-b of Postal Manual Vol. V
the Head of a Circle is termed as:
8. Which office is meant to (a) simplify the
a. Head Post Office
work of sorting in other offices, (b) to reduce the
b. General Post Office
number bags exchanged between post offices,
c. Sub Post Office
and (c) to reduce the weight of mails carried on
d. None of a,b,c
mail lines.
Ans: b
a. Record Offices
Rule 6 of Postal Manual Volume V
b. Transit Mail Office
3. First Class Head Offices under the control
c. Sorting Office
and supervision of
d. None of a,b,c
a. Postmaster General
Ans: C
b. Group B Officer
Rule 10 of Postal Manual Vol. V
c. Senior Time Scale Officer
9. Automatic Mail Processing Centres now
d. None of a,b,c
functioning at
Ans: c
a. Important Cities
Rule 6 of Postal Manual Volume V
b. Delhi and Kolkatta
4. Is Branch Office is lower status than a
c. Mumbai and Chennai
a. Sub Office
d. None of a,b,c
b. Head Office
Ans: C
c. Record Office
Rule 10-A, Postal Manual Vol.V
d. None of a,b,c
10. Processing of registration work is done on
Ans: a
computer is called
Rule 8 of Postal Manual Volume V
a. Sorting Office
5. The Officer in-charge of a Sub Office is
b. Computerized Registration Centres (CRC)
designated as
c. Automatic mail Processing Centres
a. Postmaster
d. None of a,b,c
b. Sub-Postmaster
Ans: b
c. Sr. Postmaster
Rule 10-B Postal manual Vol. V
d. None of a,b,c
11. Sorting Sub- Office is authorized to receive
Ans: b
a. Articles of all kinds in Sorting Assistants
Rule 7 of Postal Manual Volume V
b. Fully pre-paid articles
6. Post Office which is situated on a line of c. Registered articles
through mail communication, and receives and d. None of a,b,c
sorts bags intended for offices in advance, with Ans: a
out opening them is called Rule 11 of Postal Manual Vol. V
a. Mail office 12. Nodal Post Offices authorized to
b. Transit Office a. Receive letters from Sorting Offices
b. Receive letters from neighboring Post offices c. Branch Post office and Sorting Mail Office
c. Receive letters from branch offices d. None of a,b,c
d. None of a,b,c Ans: a
Ans: b Rule 15 of Postal Manual Vol. V
Rule 11- A of Postal Manual Vol. V 20. Identified bulk mailer who post 5000
13. Central Bagging Unit / Kendriya Baging unregistered articles / 250 registered articles at a
Unit is time can utilize the services at
a. Branch of Post Office a. Mass Mailing Centre
b. Branch of RMS Office b. Corporate Mail Office or Bulk Mail Centre
c. Branch of Divisional Office c. Head Office
d. None of a,b,c d. None of a,b,c
Ans: b Ans: b
Rule 11-B of Postal Manual Vol. V Rule 15-A of Postal Manual Vol. V
14. Returened Leter Office deals with 21. Loose letters, circulars and blank envelopes
a. Registered and unregistered mails separately received at
b. Unclaimed and refused articles a. Mass Mailing Centre (MMC)
c. Articles with addresses or with decipherable or b. Press Sorting Office
complete address c. Head Post Office
d. None of a,b,c d. None of a,b,c
Ans: b Ans: a
Rule 12 of Postal Manual Vol. V Rule 15-B of Postal Manual Vol. V
15. Transcription Center is a cell established in 22. Sorting Office situated on the premises of
a. Sorting Office the News Paper is called
b. Head Post Office a. Sorting Office
c. Sub Office b. Bulk Mail Office
d. None of a,b,c c. Press Sorting Office (PSO)
Ans: a d. None of a,b,c
Ruel 12-A of Postal Manual Vol. V Ans: c
16. The abbreviation RLO is used for Rule 15-C of Postal Manual Vol. V
a. Sorting Office 23. Record office is a
b. Post Office a. Stationary office of RMS
c. Returned Letter Office b. Stationary office of Post Office
d. None of a,b,c c. Stationary office of administrative office
Ans: c d. None of a,b,c
Rule 12 of Postal Manual Vol.V
Ans: a
17. Exchanges mails with offices in foreign
Rule 16 of Postal Manual vol. V
countries is known as
a. Office of Exchange 24. The Officer in-charge of a Head Record
b. Office of Booking office is designated
c. Office of Delivery a. Head Postmaster
d. None of a,b,c b. Record Officer
Ans: a c. Head Record Officer
Rule 13 of Postal Manual Vol. V d. None of a,b,c
18. Traveling offices in Railway Mail Service Ans: C
on Railway or river steamer lines are called Rule 17 of Postal Manual vol. V
a. Transit Sections
25. Sub-record office is a stationary office of
b. Transit mail office
c. Sorting Sub Office the
d. None of a,b,c a. Post Office
Ans: a b. Railway Mail Service
Rule 14 of Postal Manual Vol. V c. Sorting Office
19. Two kinds of mails offices are d. None of a,b,c
a. Sorting Mail Offices and Transit mails Offices Ans: b
b. Sub Post Offices and Head Post offices Rule 18 of Postal Manual Vol. V
CS (MA) Beneficiary entitles for CGHS rates for the treatments in
Private CGHS recognised Hospital
There is no uniformity in many divisions in the 1. As per provisions contained in Department of
reimbursement of CG HS rates for the treatment Health OM No.S.14025/7/2000-MS dated 28.3.2000.
obtained in private hospitals which are recognised a CS (MA) beneficiary can avail treatment (OPDIPD)
by CGHS for the officials who are the beneficiaries in any CGHS recognized hospital with the permission
under CS (MA) Rules. The beneficiary of CS (MA) of Department concerned and on a reference from
Rules has been reimbursed only under the Govt AMA concerned.
approved rates in many places. 2. Same as in (1) above.
One, Com. Uttam Bhattacharya, PA Circle 3. A CS (MA) beneficiary who obtains treatment
office West Bengal has sought clarification on the at CGHS recognized private hospital with the
point under RTI Act 2005 and the Ministry of Health permission of Department, concerned, the beneficiary
& Family welfare vide its letter No. S. 14025/31/2007 is entitled for reimbursement at CGHS rates.
- MS. Dt 26.9.07 clarified that the CS (MA) beneficiary However, in case of emergency CGHS rate can also
will entitle for reimbursement at CGHS rate. be reimbursed with out prior permission of the
The contents of the letter is reproduced below, Department.
Copy of letter No. S.14025/31/2007 added to.26.9.07. 4. The information pertaining to this question/
Sub: Information under RTI Act. 2005 regarding query is not being maintained in the Ministry of Health
CS(MA) Rules. & Family Welfare and can be obtained from the
Sir, concerned Department/Ministries.
I am directed to refer to your application dated All the Branch/Divisional Secretaries are
29.8.2007 regarding subject mentioned above and to requested to keep watch over the reimbursement of
furnish the clarification in respect of your queries as such claim and do best to protect the interest of our
under. comrades.

L.S.G. Notional Promotion

Check List Prescribed by Circle Union Andhra Pradesh
The Circle Secretary, AP Circle has geared up 30.11.83 for TBOP and 5% from 1.10.91 for BCR as
the Divisional/Branch Secretaries vide his Circular Matching savings.
dated 18.11.07 to verify the grant of notional promotion 3. Hence start the exercise from atleast 1991 or
from 1983 onwards. The following is the excerpts from 1992 and place the officials according to the seniority
his circular. and according to no. of LSG Posts norm based. You
"The Directorate vide lr. No. 139-4/2006-SPB II can do it from 1983 that is inevitable.
dt, 22.5.07 reiterated that the officials should be 4. Prepare the lists year wise exercise should be
promoted notionally from 1983 on year to year basis year wise then go on replacing the officials on
(not as one time measure) by conducting the DPCs promotion, retirement, death of the officials. The date
form 1983 to 2002. But this exercise was not done of notional promotion of the new officials is the
and senior officials were denied with promotions to replacement date………so on………..
HSG II and HSG I. If this exercise is done strictly 5. Finally arrive the list of officials promoted
according to these, orders there will be sufficient no. notionally as on 2002.
of officials eligible for HSG II notionally. Both the circle 6. Then challenge the Divisional Supdt. about the
unions challenged the circle office to complete his irregularities in fixing the notional promotion.
exercise before holding HSG II DPC for promotion w.e.f 7. Keep it in mind that all Divisional Supdt. carried
1.1.2008. out this exercise as a one time measure without
The Divisional Secretaries are requested to carryout conducting DPCs year wise."
the following exercise and intimate the result whether the Well-done Com. Prasad! If similar exercise
officials are promoted notionally correctly or not. is made in all the Branches/Divisions, we could
1. Collect the Gradation lists from 1983 to 2002. find out the irregularities in the notional LSG
2. There may be surplus in LSG in between 1983 Promotion. Please ensure that no senior official
to 1991 as the Department surrendered 15 % from is deprived of his dues.
l Age-limit for dependent children of (ii) low vision;
Government servants and pensioners for availing (iii) leprosy-cured;
medical facilities under CGHS and Central Services (iv) hearing impairment;
(MA) Rules, 1944-Clarification regarding disability. (v) locomotor disability;
The undersigned is directed to refer to this (vi) mental retardation;
Ministry's Office Memorandaum, of even number, dated (vii) mental illness;"
the 31st May, 2007 (SI. No. 138 of Swamysnews of 3. The other conditions of dependency and normally
July,2007) vide which age-limit for dependent sons and residing with the Government servant / pensioner will
daughters were refixed by the Ministry of Health and remain the same.
Family Welfare, after the Delhi High Court dismissed G.I., M.H., O.M. No. 4-24/96-C&P/CGHS/CGHS (P),
Civil Miscellaneous Petition No. 115/97 in Civil Writ dated 29-8-2007
Petition No: 2542 of 1996 in Shri Madan Mohan l Amendment to the Post Office Savings
Sharma v. Union of India, by its order on 29th November, Account Rules, 1981
2006. In terms of the Office Memorandum of 30th May, G.S.R. 481 (E).- In exercise of the powers
2007 referred to above, a son who is dependent on his conferred by Section 15 of the Government Savings
father / mother can avail CGHS facilities up to the Banks Act,1873 (5 of 1873), the Central Government
time he attains the age of 25 years or till he starts hereby makes the following rules further to amend the
earning, whichever is earlier. The age-limit of 25 years Post Office Savings Account Rules, 1981, namely:-
would not be applicable in respect of the son of a CGHS 1. (1) These rules may be called the Post Office
beneficiary, in case he was suffering from any Saving Account (Amendment) Rules, 2007.
permanent disability of any kind (physical or mental). (2) They shall come into force on the date of
2. Subsequent to the issuing of the Office their publication in the Official Gazette.
Memorandum of 31st May, 2007, referred to above, the 2. In the Post Office Savings Accounts rules, 1981,
Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has been receiving in Rule 4, in the Table, in Item No.3 (Pension Account),
requests for clarification from, many sources, as to (i) Under Column 2, for the entry, the following entry
whether renal failure constitutes a permanent disability. shall be substituted, namely :-
After examination of the matter in the Ministry of Health " A pensioner either individually or jointly with his or
and Family Welfare, it is hereby clarified that disability her spouse in whose favour an authorization for family
that are covered by the above-mentioned Office pension exists in the pension payment order."
Memorandum of 31st May, 2007, are "disability" as (ii) Under Column 5, for entry (b), the following entry
defined in Section 2 (i) of 'THE PERSONS WITH shall be substituted, namely:-
DISABILITIES (EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES, "(b) In case of Individual accounts, the pensioner and
PROTECTION OF RIGHTS AND FULL PARTICIPATION) in case of joint account, either of the joint account
ACT 1995 (No. 1 of 1996)", which is reproduced below:- holders, for making withdrawals."
"(i) " disability" means- G. ., M.F., Notification No. 2/5/2006-NS. (L), dated
(i) Blindness; 12-7-2007


NFPE has submitted a detailed Memorandum on of Posts and submitted it to Ms.Radhika Doraiswamy,
GDS issues to the 6th Central Pay Commission headed Member [P], Postal Services Board, Dak Bhawan on
by Honourable Justice B.N.Srikrishna for its consideration 6.12.2007 as the Secretary [P] was on a foreign trip to China.
and rendering justice with appropriate recommendations The Memorandum contains all basic issues of
to the Government of India for acceptance. The the GDS including the demand for grant of Status of Civil
Memorandum was sent by Speed Post to the Member Servant and Departmentalisation, Proportionate Pay
Secretary of 6th CPC and an Electronic Mail containing Scales and full neutralization of DA and 50% merger of
the full text of the Memorandum was also emailed to the DA; Social Security Pension, all allowances at par with
6th CPC on 6.12.2007. regular employees; Statutory Conduct and Disciplinary
A Delegation of NFPE consisting of Comrades Rules; Proper Rules for Appointment and Promotions;
K.Ragavendran [SG NFPE]; K.V.Sridharan [GS P3]; Ishwar Assured Career Progression ensuring three financial
Singh Dabas [GS P4]; Giriraj Singh [GS R3] and Balwinder upgradations; Grant of all welfare schemes; Decent leave
Singh [ATR P3 CHQ] has also endorsed a copy of the above rights; and full trade union facilities including right to
Memorandum to Shri. I.M.G.Khan, Secretary [P], Department federate with the Federation.


u Unbearable work brunt due to NREGS has issued financial targets to all divisions for opening
Scheme introduced in AP Circle - Fixing higher of SB accounts/Sale of NSCs etc. and these targets
rate of incentive and liberal garant of OTA to wipe have been further distributed by divisional heads down
out arrears A.P. Circle-reg. the line. Accordingly the Sr. Supdt. of Post Offices,
I am directed to refer to your letter No. P/2-1/ Hoshangabad has issued suitable instructions to all
AP Circle dated 6.07.2007 on the above mentioned Postmasters/Sub-Postmasters in his Division to
subject achieve the targets.
2. The matter has been examined in consultation Letter No. 16-90/2007-SR dated 07-11-2007 addressed
with the Circle Office. AS reported, the position is as to C.H.Q.
indicated below: u Alleged arbitrary issue of rule 14 memo for
i) The scheme for payment of wages under participation in 14.12.06 strike - case of
NREGA in Andhra Pradesh has been taken up as a Singhbhum Division in Jharkhand Circle-reg.
business initiative by signing an MoU with the I am directed to refer to your letter No. P/2-10/
Government of Andhra Pradesh, so as to earn additional Singhbhum dated 27.02.2007 on the above mentioned
revenue to the Department, besides reinforcing the subject.
social relevance of the Post Office in the rural areas. 2. The matter has been examined in consultation
ii) With the implementation of NREG Scheme, with the Circle Office. As reported, the proceedings
there is some increase of work in some of the offices initiated against the officials viz Shri J. Bhattacharya,
and orders for payment of incentive to all categories of P/A, Jamshedpur H.O. and Shri Sanjay Kumar,
staff attending to this work have already been issued. Postman, Jamshedpur H.O. have already been
iii) As of now 90% of the B.Os are in loss. Most of dropped by the Sr. Supdt. of Post Offices, Sinnghbhum
them do not have adequate work. As such NREGS is Division, Jamshedpur vide his memo No. U/Strike-14/
a golden opportunity to create work in the B.Os and 2006 dated 22.10.2007
to come out of the loss. They will no longer be a burden Letter No. 16-37/2007-SR dated 14-11-2007 addressed
on the Department. to C.H.Q.
iv) Further, after reviewing the performance of the u Alleged alarming atmosphere prevailing in
scheme over the last one year, the overall incentive Kovilapatti Division in Tamil Nadu Circle.
payable under this scheme has been revised from I am directed to refer to your letter No. SR/2-1/
0.2% of the total amount of deposits under the scheme 3/2004 Pt. dated 13.08.2007 on the above mentioned
to 0.5% of the deposits under the scheme. Accordingly subject. Based on the information received from the
the rates of motivational incentive payable to different Circle Office, a reply was sent to All India Postal
categories of staff have been revised and the same Employees Union Group 'C' And All India Postal extra-
were communicated to all the concerned. With this Departmental Employees Union. Being dissatistied
revision, the rate of incentive payable to BPMS is with the reply, the AIPEU Group 'C' has further
increased three times, while that of others is doubled, represented on the issue. A copy of the Union's letter
w.e.f. April, 2007 No. P/2-19/Kovilpatti dated 31.10.2007 is enclosed.
v) The work relating to data entry had to be 2. It is requested to send a detailed report on the
outsourced to wipe out the arrears. issue at the earliest.
(Letter No. 16-65/2007-SR Dated : 27-11-2007 Letter No. 16-64/2007-SR dated 16-11-2007 addressed
addressed to C.H.Q. to C.P.M.G. Tamil Nadu copy to C.H.Q.
u Alleged harassing of staff in the name of u Alleged undue & abnormal delay in
business activities of Hoshangabad Division in MP releasing ROHSC claims - C/o Nagaon Division
Circle. in Assam Circle.
I am directed to refer to your letter No. P/2-14/ I am directed to refer to your letter No. P/2-2/
Hoshangabad dated 29.09.2007 on the above Nagaon dated 29.10.2007 and 31.10.2007 on the above
mentioned subject. mentioned subject and to say that allotment of funds
2. The matter has been examined in consultation to a Division is to be decided by the Head of the Circle.
with the Circle Office. As reported, the Circle Office 2. You may like to advise your Circle Union to


take up the matter with the CPMG. respect of 9 officials was given by the Circle office on
Letter No. 16-97/2007-SR dated 16-11-2007 addressed merit and out of remaining 14 officials, 3 were transferred
to C.H.Q. as per the requests and cost of the officials and 11
u Joint memorandum by Circle Unions officials were transferred locally in the interest of service.
against Sri Kushan Vashishat, then, SSPOs, All the representations received so far from the officials
Simla-reg. from Durg Dn. have been decided on merit. Now there
I am directed to enclose a copy of letter No. P- appears no aggrieved official left in the Division.
2-8/HP Cle dated 3.11.2007 received from the General 3. As regards the cases of transfer of the 9 (Nine)
Secretary, All India Postal Employees Union Group officials, as mentioned in your letter, the exact position
'C' on the above mentioned subject. is explained as under:
2. It is requested to look into the matter and furnish (i) Smt. P. Ekka PA was transferred from Motilal
a detailed report to this office at the earliest. Nehru Nagar to Bhilai-1 S.O. locally due to her being
Letter No. 16-103/2007-SR dated 16-11-2007 untrained on computer.
addressed to C.P.M.G. Himachal copy to C.H.Q. (ii) Smt. Neena Parbat PA was transferred from
u Payment of salaries throuth Bank - case of Bhilai-1 to Motilal Nehru Nagar S.O. locally, being
Vijaywada Division in A.P. Circle-reg. trained on computer and in order to modernize the
S.O. as an ideal S.O.
I am directed to enclose a copy of letter No. P/
2-1/Vijaywada dated 31.10.2007 on the above (iii) Smt. J.R. Sangadikar SPM Rajnandgaon
mentioned subject. Kutchery S.O. was ordered to be transferred locally
to Rajnandgaon H.O. on 23.8.2006 where he joined
2. It is requested to look into the matter and furnish
on 6.9.2006.
a detailed report to this office at the earliest.
(iv) Shri M.G. Angola PA Rajnandgaon H.O. was
Letter No. 16-100/2007-SR dated 20-11-2007
ordered to be transferred locally as SPM Rajnandgaon
addressed to C.P.M.G. Andhra Pradesh copy to C.H.Q.
Kutchery on 23.8.2006 where he joned on 5.9.2006.
u Continued grant of HRA to the postal staff
(v) Shri R.B. Kori SPM Nawagaon Bhilai was
working in Malayinkeezhu (renamed from
transferred locally as SPM Khursipar S.O. as approved
Malayinkil) p.o. near Thiruvananthapuram in
by Circle office on merit.
Kerala Circle.
(vi) Shri S.R. Thakur SPM Saja was ordered to be
I am directed to refer to your letter of even
transferred as Treasurer Bemetara vide memo dated
number dated 18-07-2007 and subsequent reminder
28.7.2006 but it has been ordered to be held in
dated 28-09-2007 on the subject noted above. Required
abeyance vide memo dated 6.11.2006.
information is still awaited from your office. You are,
therefore requested to furnish the same immediatedly. (vii) Shri B.L. Navrang, SPM Gurur was ordered to
It may kindly be noted that the case will not be be transferred and posted as treasurer Durg. H.O. at
processed at this end unless full information is received his own request and cost.
from your side. (viii) Shri H.C. Khobragarhe SPM Ambagarh Chowki
Letter No. 4-21/2006-PAP dated 26-11-2007 addressed was transferred as SPM Chichola as approved by Circle
to C.P.M.G Kerala copy to C.H.Q. Office on merit.
u Alleged maladministration of SPO's, Durg (ix) Shri R.N. Janghel SPM Chichola was
Division in Chhatisgarh Circle-reg. transferred as SPM Ambagarh Chowki as approved
by Circle Office.
I am directed to refer to your letter No. P/2-4/
Cle dated 27.02.2007 on the above mentioned subject. 4. During the consideration of representations
2. The matter has been examined in consultation submitted by the affected officials, the irregularities if
with the Circle Office. As reported the position is as any noticed were removed while deciding the
indicated below: representations on the merit.
Shri B.R. Nimsatkar the then SSPOs Durg Dn. 5. It is true that S/Shri V.K. Agrawal, P.L.
assumed the charge of SSPOs Durg w.e.f. 3.5.2006 Dewangan and Shri K.P. Tiwari were proceeded
on his promotional transfer from M.P. Circle. The officer against under Rule 16 of the CCS (CA) Rules, 1965
stands retired on superannuation w.e.f. 31.3.2007. but it is not a prejudiced action on the part of SSPOs
During the incumbency of the said officer 23, officials Durg but in fact the disciplinary action against these
were ordered to be transferred after issue of rotational three officials were taken for the lapses/irregularities
transfer orders in May-2006 out of which approval in noticed on their part in different cases.
6. The allegations of corruption against the SSPOs been mentioned. Therefore, it is not possible to
are not substantiated with proofs. comment on it.
7. Direction was issued by the Circle office that (a) Item is not clear. However, this is to mention
no orders of transfer/attachment and deputation be that there is no mention that there is no improper
issued by the then SSPOs without specific approval utilization of gardener. 4(b) Regarding utilization of
from Circle Office. Power supply from office to quarters portion, it is stated
8. In the light of the above, the grievance of the that there is no misuse of power supply. There is
Staff Side stands redressed. separate meter for the residence of Chief. PMG.
Letter No. 16-33/2007-SR dated : 29-11-2007 Electricity bills are being paid regularly by the Chief.
addressed to C.H.Q. PMG. No such item has ever been taken by the union
u Alleged unhelpful & anti-worker attitude of either in writing or verbally.
the Chief PMG, Chhatisgarh Circle. 4(c)and (d). So far as computerization is concerned, there
I am directed to refer to your letter No. P/2-4/ is very good achievement/progress in all divisions except
Chh cle dated 9.7.2007, 24.07.2007 and No. P/2-4/ Raipur division where the union is resisting
Raipur dated 27.9.2007 on the above mentioned subject. computerization especially computerization of SB work.
This may be due to the vested interest of some staff in
2. The matter has been examined in consultation
keeping the public at their mercy in POSB work. However,
with the Circle Office. As reported, the position is as
the computerization will be implemented of the union, to
indicated below :
the extent possible.
(i) During visit of CPMG to Shankar Nagar Post
4(e) As reported, the Circle and the Divisions are being
Office, Raipur on 16.9.2006, S.O. Account of the Post
managed and will be managed in the interest of public/
Office was not found filled up after 8.9.2006. Divl.
customers and th staff in general without any favouritism.
Supdt. was directed to get it filled up, check
correctness of accounts and take action against the Letter No. 16-68/2007-SR Dated : 11-12.2007
officials at fault. Divl. Head has taken action against
the officials who held the charge of the SPM and did
not write SO Account.
(ii) Shri M.K. Sharma is a LSG FTP official of
accounts line. During rotational transfer in May/June,
2007 DPS (Hqrs.) posted him against the vacant post
of APM (A/cs) at Raigarh HO. Two other LSG officials,
namely Shri D.K. Sahu and Shri G.G. Goswami
(Divisional Secretary of National Union) both of
accounts line have also been posted by the DPS (Hqrs.)
out of Raipur against vacant posts of APM (A/cs) at
Korba HO and Durg HO. CPMG has not found any
justification to change these orders of the DPS. Even
the said union (AIPEU) has no grievance against the VENTURE
DPS who has ordered these transfers.
v A compliation of Staff Welfare orders
(iii) Shri V.K. Aggarwal is working as PA in SB Branch
at Civic Centre Mukhya Dak Ghar (MDG) Bhilai since v A companian to Postal Comrades/Activists
last two years. He is already working in SB Branch in a
big office and has not completed his tenure. Therefore, v Containing various staff matters like Tenure,
SSPOs Durg did not find justification to transfer him. His Transfer, Promotion, Welfare, Recruitment
representation for posting to Durg HO was rejected by etc.
the DPS (Hqrs). On further representation CPMG did v The first kind of such activity by CHQ
not find justification to intervene in the matter. However,
SSPOs was directed that he may consider posting of v Available for sale. 'No profit, No Loss' Basis
Shri V.K. Aggarwal after he completes computerization
of SB work at Civic Centre Post Office Bhilai where he is v Limited copies are available in hand.
working since last two years. Shri Aggarwal has not yet v Rush your indent. Cost Rs. 70/- + Postage
computerized it. charges.
4. Name of the official of Raigarh Division has not
Review of Franchisee Scheme
A meeting to review the Scheme of Franchisee expressed its strong resentment for the absence of the
was convened by the Department of Posts on 19.11.2007 Secretary (P) or at least a Member of the Postal Board in
in the Committee Room, Dak Bhawan, New Delhi. The such an important meeting involving an issue over which
DDG (Planning) conducted the meeting. The Staff Side the Staff and Official sides have divergent approaches all
was represented by Comrades K. Ragavendran along. The non-supply of complete figures regarding the
(Secretary General, NFPE), D. Theagarajan (Secretary details of business transacted by all the Franchisees
General, FNPO), K.V. Sridharan (General Secretary P-III also was pointed out to the DDG. The Staff Side clearly
NFPE), Ishwar Singh Dabas (General Secretary, P-IV informed that the Scheme of Franchisee is a Scheme of
NFPE), P. Rajanayagam (Vice President, NFPE), outsourcing the functions of the Postal Department and
Balwinder Singh (ATR P-III(CHQ) NFPE) and Com. Shri therefore it is detrimental to our interests and not
Bhagwan (Finance Secretary ,P-III FNPO). acceptable to Staff Side. Finally it was requested that a
The DDG (Planning) circulated the details of fresh meeting after supplying the full business
business transacted by the Franchisees for certain transactions to Staff Side may be convened by the
months and expressed that the scheme is very Secretary (P) or Postal Board Member.
economical and picking up traffic. The Staff Side The meeting ended without further discussion.

C.G. Employees of Delhi Demonstrate before MOF in North Block

An impressive protest demonstration was held in NFPE), Com. K.V. Sridharan (GS-P-III), Com. Ishwar
front of the Ministry of Finance in North Block to demand Singh Dabas (GS-P-IV),Com. S.P. Mukherjee(GS-
immediate upward revision of bonus ceiling from 25oo/- Admn),Com. P. Rajanayagam (GS-Postal A/C) and from
to Rs. 3500/- for all Central Government Employees. other organizations attended and addressed.
The demonstration was organized by the Delhi Com. Vrigu Bhattacharjee the Secretary General
State C-O-C of Confederation. Large number of Civil Accounts Employees Association as well as the
employees including from Postal & RMS, Central General Secretary of C-O-C Confederation, Delhi State
Secretariat, Income Tax, Audit, Civil Accounts and other finally addressed and moved a resolution for adoption and
organizations attended. submission to Hon'ble Prime Minister and Finance Minister
The demonstration was presided over by the R-III seeking immediate raise of bonus ceiling as amended
General Secretary and C-O-C President Com. Giri Raj under Bonus Act by the Govt. of India. The resolution also
Singh. Various leaders including Com. C.C. Pillai(Vice cautioned industrial action by C.G. Employees in the event
Chairman Confederation), Com. K.Ragavendran (SG- a negative stand on the part of the UPA Govt.
(Contd. from page 33) Com.R.C.Mishra, Circle Secretary has arranged
K. Ragavendran, Secretary General, Com. K. V. Sridharan, the meeting and discussed in a befitting manner and the
General Secretary, Com. Iswar Singh Dabas, General comrades of Berhampur division deserves all
Secretary, P4, Com. Giriraj Singh, General Secretary R3 appreciations.
will participate in the delegation. The team may leave Joint Circle Conference of Karnataka Circle: The 25th
Silver Jubilee Conference of P3, P4 and GDS Unions of
India on 09.12.07 and remain in Germany for 5 days.
Karnataka Circle has been held at Kudal Sangam from
New cell phone connection to General Secretary: As 16-12-2007 to 18-12-2007. Open session was held on
the roaming charges & call charges are in higher rate in 16-12-2007 at 10.30 AM under the Joint Presidium of
the existing vodafone, the General Secretary has shifted Com.S.Devapal, Com.K.S.Ranganath and Com. K.
to MTNL connection from today. Prahlad Rao, Presidents of P3, P4 and GDS of Karnataka
Orissa Circle Working Committee Meeting: The CWC Circle Unions. Sri.P.C.Gaddigowdar, Member
of Orissa Circle was held at Gopalpur (Berharpur) from Parliament, Bagalkot inaugurated the conference.
7-12-2007 to 9-12-2007. The Circle Secretary, Orissa Sri.Veeranna Charantimasta MLA, Bagalkot D.B.Kulkarni,
organised an interaction session on 8-12-2007 night SPOs, Com.S.S.Mahadevaiah, General Secretary, GDS,
with the General Secretary from 11.00 PM and it lasted Com.R.Seethalakshmi, Secretary, NFPE, were the
upto 5.00 AM on 9-12-2007. All Branch/Divisional prominent speakers. Com.K.V.Sridharan, General
Secretaries attended the meeting and participated in Secretary discussed all issues at length. Further an
the discussions. interaction session with the General Secretary was
An open session meeting was held on 9-12-2007 organised in the evening and also in the night which
at Berhampur HO at 11.00 AM under the presidentship ended at 1.30 AM on 17-12-2007. Com.S.Devapal,
of Com.K.C.Patnaik, Circle President. The PMG Com.S.S.Manjunath, Com. R.S. Karnic were duly elected
Berhampur participated. General Secretary as Circle President, Secretary and Treasurer
discussssed the issues at length. Detailed report will respectively. The list of office bearers will be published
be printed in next issue. in the next issue.
Deputy Chairman Planning Commission
Planning against CG Employees
Hon'ble Montek Singh Ahluwalia, the Deputy Chairmanship of the Planning Commission. Is it therefore
Chairman of the Planning Commission, Government of any wonder that he still speaks the tune of his earlier
India has come out heavily against implementation of assignment with the IMF?
the expected recommendations of the 6th Central Pay It is known to the CG Employees that our Hon'ble
Commission. Deputy Chairman indeed started his higher career as
After the conclusion of a recent meeting of the the Economist in World Bank in Washington D.C. from
Planning Commission that was held to discuss the draft 1968-1971. Legacy hardly dies.
report on 11th Five Year Plan under the presidentship of However we have one pertinent question to our
our Hon'ble Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, the Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission. He could not
Deputy Chairman Shri Ahluwalia addressed the Media. but know with his vast experience that the neutralization to
At that time he informed that the Planning Commission CG Employees by way of DA is not a recent phenomena
has approved the 11th Plan and mentioned that there is as he tries to report. It was there even during the time
no need to implement the 6th CPC recommendations. when he was the Finance Secretary to Government of India.
He further expressed that since full neutralization in the Hon'ble Deputy Chairman's Comments only make
shape of DA hike is being sanctioned to central the earlier Finance Ministers including our present Prime
Government Employees, unlike the past, there is no Minister of India less knowledgable than the Deputy
question of any grievance about low wages. Moreover Chairman of the Planning Commission!
implementation of 6th CPC recommendations would We know that always the CG Employees movement
cause heavy financial crisis to the Central Government faced rough weathers and obstacles whenever the
and would lead to loss of gains made available by the question of their wage revision come up before the Central
activities of economic reforms of the Government. Government caused by one or the other Ahluwalias!
We are neither shocked nor surprised by the We would only like to tell our readers that it was
comments of Hon'ble Montek Singh Ahluwalia, as we always and it will be always the strength of our united
know very well about his policy orientations. We are all might that ultimately decides if there is going to be a
along are aware that the Deputy Chairman was the wage hike or not irrespective of some people in high
Director of IMF in Washington for three years from 2001- places like our Deputy Chairman.
2004 just before his occupation the Chair of Deputy Let us Concentrate on building that strength.
Dated: 13-11-2007 Conf.D-11/11/2007 Confederation desires that Demonstration/Dharna
Dear Comrades, should be organized in front of all Offices and send the
As you are aware., the Government took the following telegram/Saving gram to Shri P. Chidambaram,
decision to raise the bonus ceiling for the purpose of Finance Minister, Govt. of India, North Block, New Delhi-
computation from Rs 2500 to Rs 3500 after more than a 110 001. The programme of action may be carried out
decade. As per the Press Information Bureau release, immediately on receipt of this letter by the Units of all
this decision of the cabinet is applicable to the bonus affiliates. The affiliates are requested to kindly convey
payable to the workers for the FY 2006-07 onwards. The the decision to their branches and units so that the
Adhoc and productivity linked bonus in the case of CG programme will have wider participation and create
Employees were declared and paid in Sept. Oct. 2007. sanction to compel the Govt. to take an expeditious and
Confederation has taken up this issue with the positive decision in this matter. We are sending this
Government. The Secretary of the Staff Side of the JCM communication through our e-mail and copy of the same
National council had also written to the Secretary, has been placed in our web-site. Programme may be
Expenditure and Secretary Personnel, indicating the need carried out as and when the message is received by the
for making this applicable to the CGEs. for the year 2006- State/Divisional/Branches. Confederation has also sent
07 and revise the orders issued in respect of PLB and SMS to all the National Executive Members.
adhoc bonus. We have been informed by the Officials in Text of Telegram
the Finance Ministry that the proposal is awaiting the KINDLT EXTEND THE BENEFIT OF THE DECISION TO RAISE
approval of the Finance Minister. Perhaps this may
require the sanction from the cabinet too as that has been
With greetings,
the procedure adopted in the earlier occasion. Since the
Yours fraternally,
matter is being unduly delayed for no ostensible reason
as the Finance Minister was party to the earlier cabinet
decision for raising the ceiling limit to Rs 3500,the Secretary General.
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djuk] Mh-,- dks 50 izfr'kr etZ djuk] lkekftd lqj{kk 2- fnukad 07-01-08 ls 10-01-08 rd yxkrkj /
isa'ku] lHkh HkÙks ns; gkas] rhu foÙkh; vixzsM lfgr dSfj;j juk@ izn'kZu djuk vkSj fnukad 11-01-08 dks ekpZ djrs
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izQSUpkbZt Ldheksa dk voyksdu lHkh yksdlHkk@jkT;lHkk lnL;ksa dks lh-vks-lh ds ek/;e
19&11&2007 dks Mkd foHkkx }kjk lHkk?kj ] ls lkSia ukA
- ENGLISH VERSION (Hindi version are also available) 8. Swamy FR SR Part.II (Ref. Book) 06 145/-
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8. Postal Manual Vol. VIII 300/- 18. Swamy Master guide to FR SR Service Rules 2006 195/-
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V.K. BALAN PUBLICATIONS : BETTER YOU KNOW SERIES: 7. Digest of Important Case Laws on service matters in
1. Guide to PS Group 'B' Exam. Paper-I-II 3 Volumes 2003 1480/-
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(Prices including Handling Charges) K.B.S. PUBLICATIONS
BOOKS FOR IPO/PO & RMS Acctt. EXAM. 1. dSjkyh ekLVj xkbM iksLVeSu ,oa esyxkMZ ijh{kk
1. Kairali Bare Act. on PO Act. SB Act. S.C.Act. 07 35/-
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4. dSjyh ekLVj xkbM ,y-th-vks- ¼iksLVy] NVkbZ vkSj
,e-,e-,l- lgk;d ds fy;s½ in 2 Books 370/-
251/A, Baba Faridpuri, Nr. Gopal Dairy, West Patel Nagar, P.Box No. 6059, New Delhi-110008
Phones : 011-25880816, 25882753, Mobile : 9810353797, E-mail :
Meeting withSecretary [P]: A Delegation consisting of Delhi Circle CWC: Delhi Circle CWC Meeting was held at
Comrades C.C.Pillai (Ex-SG NFPE), K. Ragavendran Delhi GPO on 28.11.07. General Secretary attended and
(SG0-NFPE); K.V.Sridharan (GS-P3); Ishwar Singh Dabas discussed the problems Com. R.A.P. Singh Ex G/S & Com.
(GS-P4); and Balwinder Singh (ATR P3 CHQ) met Shri S.S. Mahadevaiah were also present.
I.M.G. Khan, the Secretary (P) on 19.11.2007. Com. K. Federal Executive of NFPE: The Federal Executive of NFPE
Ragavendran the newly elected Secretary General was was held in the Office of NFPE in New Delhi under the
formally introduced to the Secretary (P) by Com. C.C.Pillai presidentship of NFPE President Comrade D.K.Rahate.
and early recognition to the Federation was requested. In The Meeting considered all the important issues before
addition certain important issues like LSG-HSG-II-HSG-I the Postal Employees and CG Employees movement
promotions; filling up of residual vacancies; withdrawal of and unanimously decided to submit a comprehensive
direction to stop TBOP/BCR vacancies; benefit to those memorandum on GDS issues to the Sixth Pay
who decline LSG etc. were also discussed. The Secretary Commission for consideration. The Executive noted that
(P) assured to look into all the issues. many important issues like Recognition of Federation,
Meeting with Member (P): Postal Services Board Ms. Exemption of Postal Department from the purview of
Radhika Doraiswamy was met by Comrades K. Screening Committee, LSG/HSG-II/HSG-I Promotions,
Ragavendran (SG-NFPE); K.V.Sridharan (GS-P3); S.P Filling up of Residual vacancies, Scrapping of Franchisee
Mukherjee (GS-Admn); Rajanayagam (GS-Postal A/Cs); Scheme, Outsourcing of Postal functions, Non-
and Balwinder Singh (ATR-P3 CHQ) on 23.11.07. Issues regularisation of RRR Candidates, Non-regularization of
like Chief PMG (NE) attempting to evict unions from R- full time and parttime Casual labourers and contingent
JCM Quarters; Fixation of pay to unapproved candidates/ workers etc are agitating the minds of the employees but
substitutes including HRA/CCA; Notional promotion of the Postal Department has been moving at snail's pace.
LSG in all Circles to Senior officials; Filling up residual The Federal Executive of NFPE has decided to organise
vacancies; LGO Exam syllabus, PO & RMS Accountants a serious programme of action including strike to settle
problems, Repatriation of proportionate staff from Chief the issues in consultation with the FNPO.
PMG office Chattisgarh to MP Circle; Repatriation of Postal AIC of Admn Union: The 26th All India Conference of All
Accounts staff from J&K to Kapurthala; and some other India Postal Administrative Offices Employees Union Group
issues were discussed. We anticipate positive outcome. 'C' & 'D' is notified to be held at the Bank Employees Union
WFTU: The Asia Pacific Regional Meeting of WFTU on Hall, Thiruvananthapuram from 18th to 20th December,
Impact of Neo-liberal globalization on the Working Class 2007. The General will be attending the AIC.
and Role of WFTU Trade Unions in the Asia Pacific Exemption from Screening Committee: It is informed
Region was held on 28th and 29th November 2007 in that the Ministry of Finance & Department of personnel
New Delhi. Comrade Gurudas Das Gupta M.P. have rejected the cabinet note submitted by the Dept for
inaugurated the event. The General Secretary of WFTU exemption of Postal Services from the purview of
Comrade George Mavrikos delivered keynote address. screening Committee. The Federal Executive, which is
Comrade H.Mahadevan Deputy GS anchored the event. scheduled to be held on 01.12.07 at New Delhi will decide
Leaders of various Trade Union Centres including further course of action.
Comrade M.K.Pandhe [CITU]; leaders from AITUC,
AICCTU, TUCC greeted the event. Delegates from India, Bonus: The Finance Minister has not favourably
Pakistan, Srilanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and Mauritious responded for extending the benefit of increased bonus
attended. Many Indian Trade Unions and Federations ceiling limit to Central Govt. employees. The
including the AIBEA, Confederation, NFPE, NFTE and Confederation of CG Employees & workers held a
BSNLEU attended. Comrade K.Ragavendran Secretary Massive demonstration at North Block in front of Finance
General NFPE and Comrade K.V.Sridharan General Ministry's office on 23.11.07.
Secretary P3 represented the NFPE. Comrades C.C.Pillai Postal Act: It is shocking to note that the Govt has turned
Working President, K.K.N.Kutty Secretary General and down the postal Dept proposal to amend the Postal Act.
M.S.Raja Secretary represented the Confederation of The news item appeared in the Economic Times dt
Central Government Employees. Comrade 23.11.07 is appended alongwith this note for information.
S.S.Mahadevaiah GS GDS also attened. The Asia Pacific Postal Leaders - German Tour: The Dept is sending
Regional Meeting adopted a Charter of Demands as well study tour delegation to Germany for exposure to Deutche
as an Action Plan to popularize the WFTU and strengthen
post and study the functioning. On behalf of NFPE, Com.
it to fight the neo-liberal globalization policies.
(Contd. on page 28)
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10. Constitution of India 230.00 10- Hkkjrh; lk{k; vf/kfu;e (IEA) 50-00
11. G.D.S. Service Rule (Swamy) 130.00 11- n.M izfØ;k lfgrk (CRPC) 200-00
1. The Concise Oxford Dictionary 535.00 1. PO Act. 30/-, 2. SB Act. 15/-, 3. SC Act. 15/-
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JOIN CORRESPONDENCE COURSES (HINDI/ENG.) 7. Made Easy TA Rule 90.00 Leave 70.00 Pay
rule 145.00, Pension 135.00
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I.R.M.U.D.C., P.O. & R.M.S., D.T.O. ACCOUNTANT. JE/J.T.O.,
Saving Bank Rules (A.N. Dureja)
We will give full direction secrets of success, guess papers, 1. POSS Pt. I Act. & Rule 2007-08 160.00
model paper & the right techniques to solve the questions & the 2. POSS Pt. IA -PPF 2007-08 50.00
knowledge on every subject. How to Join : ask prospectus by 3. POSS Pt. II-SB Procedure 2007-08 160.00
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