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100th day of school

Irle School had a special guest this past
Friday when Charlotte Wigness made a
visit. Charlotte was born on November
30, 2014, making her 100 years of
age. Pictured at left are her great-great
grandkids: JP and Charlie Cornwell
(sons of Cody and Juli Cornwell), and
Grace and Klay Cornwell (daughter
and son of Kirk and Britney Cornwell).
One of the stories Charlotte relayed to
the students was how — at the age of
12 — she walked to school every day
and would then race home after school
to get supper ready for her father and
four older brothers because their
mother had died. Below is Charlotte
with Mrs. Bell’s class.


There has been a failure with one of the radial arm gates at
Vandalia Dam. These are the gates that hold water back
for diversion to the main irrigation canal. There is a plan in
place to repair the damage for irrigation 2015.
For any questions, call the Glasgow Irrigation District
at 228-2346 or Tyler at 263-1011. You can also visit the
Glasgow Irrigation District Facebook page.

Jan 30 - Feb 5



4:00 - 6:50 - 9:20

4:10 - 7:00 - 9:00

132 Min.


Please Help
Rick Robbins


Some Sexual References, Language
Throughout and Strong Disturbing War

95 Min.


Rude Humor and Mild Action

DAILY CINEMAS: 4:00 & 4:10 PM - $6.00/PERSON

FREE TREAT TUESDAY! Free Popcorn with Every Paid Admission. ALL SHOWINGS

Thinking about the Big Guy

Looking for Easter Cantata vocals

Our community people are invited to join together to
participate in the vocal presentation of “THE LAST WEEK”,
an Easter Cantata depicting the events of the Holy Week.

Practices will begin on Sunday, February 15th at the
First Lutheran Church in Glasgow. Practice time will be each
Sunday afternoon beginning at 2:00 until around 3:30.

The Cantata will be presented on Palm Sunday,
March 29th, at 2:00 p.m.
If you enjoy singing, please be part of this
community choir in presenting this very inspirational
Cantata written by John W. Peterson, “THE LAST WEEK”.

For further information, please contact “THE LAST WEEK”
director Colleen Thompson at 228-8088 or 263-8684.

About John W. Peterson:

John W. Peterson, the author of the popular Gospel song “It
Took A Miracle”, died Sept. 20, 2006, of cancer. He was 84.

He was born in 1921 in Lindsborg, Kansas, and began his
musical career while he was still in his teens.

During World War II, he served as an Army Air Force pilot
flying the famed “China Hump.” Later, he attended Moody Bible
Institute and served on the radio staff there for a number of
years. In 1953, he graduated from the American Conservatory of
Music in Chicago and shortly thereafter settled in Pennsylvania to
continue his songwriting career.

He then moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan, where for more
than 10 years he was president and editor-in-chief of Singspiration,
a sacred music publishing company. He also served on the board
of Gospel Films Inc. of Muskegon, Mich. for several years. Later he
moved to Scottsdale, Arizona where he continued his writing and
co-founded Good Life Productions.

A few years later, the John W. Peterson Music Company
was established. During this time, he also served on the board of

Rick needs our help deferring the cost of cancer treatment.
Please donate raffle baskets or items for the auction, purchase something at the
auction, or show up to the chili feed/auction

VFW on Saturday, Feb. 7, 2015
Chili feed starts at 5:00PM
Auction is at 6:00PM

For informations please call 230-0004, 263-2585 or 263-7959.
Supplemental funding provided by Thrivent Financial (Shelly George)

Family Life Radio Network in Tucson, Arizona. He had wide
experience as a choral director, and throughout
his career was in great demand as a
guest conductor of his own works.

Peterson composed more
than 1,000 individual songs, including
“It Took a Miracle,” “Over the Sunset
Mountains,” “So Send I You,” “Springs
of Living Water,” “Heaven Came Down,”
“Jesus is Coming Again” and “Surely
Goodness and Mercy.”

In addition, he wrote 35 cantatas and
musicals. Among them, “Night of Miracles,”
“Born a King,” “No Greater Love,” “Carol of
Christmas,” “Jesus Is Coming,” “King of Kings,”
“Down from His Glory” and “The Last Week.”

About 10 million copies of these cantatas and
musicals have been published and sold.

In 1967, the National Evangelical Film Foundation presented
Peterson with the Sacred Music Award in recognition of his
accomplishments in the field of sacred music. He also held three
honorary degrees.

In 1977, his autobiography, “The Miracle Goes On,” was
published by Zondervan Publishing House, and a film by the same
title was released by Gospel Films. In 1986, Peterson was inducted
into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame, and in 1996 at MusiCalifornia,
he received the prestigious Ray DeVries Church Music Award.

“Much like Martin Luther did during his lifetime, John
Peterson brought music back to the church through his choruses
and Christmas and Easter cantatas,” Bill Welte, executive director
of the Keswick Conventio,n wrote. “John loved to get people
together to sing and worship the Lord, and many of his songs have
made it into our modern hymnals.”

Welte said Peterson was, “one of my great heroes” as a man
who lived “to encourage victorious living in this crazy, ever
changing world.”


A bone

Tonight: Partly cloudy, with a low around -6. Wind chill
values as low as -18. West northwest wind around 7 mph.
Wednesday: Sunny, with a high near 18. Wind chill values
as low as -13. Light and variable wind becoming south
southeast 5 to 10 mph in the afternoon.
Wednesday Night: Partly cloudy, with a low around 12.
South southeast wind 5 to 8 mph becoming calm in the
Thursday: Mostly cloudy, with a high near 35. Calm wind
becoming south southeast 5 to 9 mph in the afternoon.
Thursday Night: A chance of snow and freezing rain.
Mostly cloudy, with a low around 31. Southeast wind around
7 mph becoming south southwest in the evening. Chance of
precipitation is 30%. New snow accumulation of less than a
half inch possible.
Friday: A chance of rain, snow, and freezing rain. Mostly
cloudy, with a high near 37. West northwest wind around 6
mph becoming light and variable in the morning. Chance of
precipitation is 30%. New snow accumulation of less than a
half inch possible.
Friday Night: A chance of snow and freezing rain. Mostly
cloudy, with a low around 22.
Saturday: A chance of rain or freezing rain. Partly sunny,
with a high near 42.
Saturday Night: Mostly cloudy, with a low around 28.
Sunday: Mostly sunny, with a high near 46.
Sunday Night: Mostly cloudy, with a low around 33.
Monday: Partly sunny, with a high near 46.

SWEETHEARTS BAZAAR: Saturday, Feb. 7th at 9:30am - 3 pm, at the
Glasgow Civic Center. 4-H will be serving lunch for DC trip. QUESTIONS
CALL TIFFANY 406-665-6294
JOB OPENING: First Community Bank of Glasgow, has an opening
for a part-time teller with benefits. APPLY AT JOB SERVICE. EEO/AA
part-time esthetician, nail tech, or cosmetologist. Openings available for
all positions. CALL 228-2330 ASK FOR KRISTI
FOR SALE: 2011 Ford Explorer Limited. 77,800 miles, loaded, very good
condition, new tires, silver, black interior. $23,400. CALL 942-2895
FOR SALE: 2003 F2S Ford 4X4 with hydrobed bale bed, 5.4 L engine
170,000 miles, Tune up 11/10/2014, Filters, Plugs & coil, Rear Pinion
seal, Front ujoint & Axle ujoint, Hub seal. Asking $14,125.00. CALL 406263-5502.
FOR RENT: 2 bedroom, 2 bath. No smoking, no pets. Very clean. CALL
FOR RENT & SALE IN ST. MARIE: 3 Bedroom, 1.5 Bath. CALL 406524-3742.
FOR RENT: Spacious 1625 sq. ft, 3 bed 1 bath apartment in the Helland
Agency building, 21 US hwy 2 East. Rent by the month. Ideal for
construction crews! CALL CHRIS FOR DETAILS 228-2114.
FOR RENT: 2 bedroom, No pets & very clean. CALL 406-228-8333

Clubhouse Manager Wanted
Sunnyside Golf Club is searching for a
Clubhouse Manager.
Duties include overseeing daily operations of
restaurant, bar and pro shop and
oversees all special events.
Full time seasonal work which is typically from
mid-April through mid-October,
working 40 hours or more per week.
Wages will be negotiated based on experience,
including a $500 sign on bonus for qualified
applicant under contract by 3/31/15.
Employee is eligible for free golfing and
a cell phone is provided.
For more information,
contact Glasgow Job Service at 228-9369.

A frog

Soup: Tomato • Chili

Grilled Ham & Cheese
Chicken Strip Sub
Dine at the“O”

Septic / Sump / RV / Misc. Pumping

Licensed in Valley, Roosevelt, McCone & Phillips Counties

Give Bryce Lawrence a Call


goes to a
fortune teller and asks if
he is going meet a young
girl. The psychic tells him,
“Yes, you are.”

The frog jumps for joy
and replies, “Where at? In
a bar or at a party?”

The psychic says, “In
biology class.”

JAN 28 - FEB 3

Interested in telling your life story?
This is the class for you!

Stories Class
Sponsored by Valley Respice
Tuesday, February 10th
6:30 PM
FMDH South Wing
Conference Room

(will need to enter FMDH via the ER entrance)

Writing your life story is a good way to bring your
important life experiences into focus. It helps you
recognize that your life has meaning and value and
deserves to be recorded. This class is for anyone
interested in recording their life story - this could
be someone nearing the end of life or someone just
interested in recording their story.
Guidebooks are available for purchase for $10.
There is no charge to attend.

Lutheran Church
Sunday, Feb 8
12:00 to 3:00 PM
Adult - $15
Grades K-6 - $5

Valley County Transit
will be bringing a
bus to Hinsdale

Please call for reservations
by Noon Feb. 6th

Bring a can of food and receive
$1.00 off of your meal


Cloverdale 28 oz. Tangy

SUMMER SAUSAGE..............$6.99 ea
Hillshire 13-14 oz. Select Varieties

LITTLE SMOKIES.................. $2.99 ea
Western Family, 4 lb. Bag

CHICKEN PARTY WINGS......$10.99 ea
Bone-In Beef

RIBEYE STEAKS...................$6.99/lb
Pork Shoulder Blade

BOSTONB ROAST.................$1.99/lb
85% Lean 15% Fat

GROUND BEEF....................$3.99/lb

Tonight in

The Hinsdale School
has the privilege of having
the planetarium from the
Fort Peck Community
College in Poplar on
loan and it will be open
for viewing to the public
this evening (Tuesday,
February 3), starting at
6:30 in the gymnasium.

ior Citizen Center

Pork Chops

Call for reservation by 10 AM

Q: What do you call
an empty jar of Cheez

A: Cheez Whuz.
Q: What do you call
a dog wearing ear muffs?
A: Anything you
want — he can’t hear you.

Senator Brenden reporting

Hello again from the Capital.
Now that the Super Bowl (much to the dismay of
the Seahawk fans) is over we can get back to business
here in Helena.

My SB 88 passed the Senate 48-0 and that is the bill
that gives the conservation districts the same and equal
bidding rights that the cities, towns and counties were
granted last session in my SB 77. It will go to the house
and I would think it will pass there as well.
We are very fortunate to have in the Senate this
year retired District Judge Swandal. His SB90 to
revise penalties and eliminating jail time for certain
misdemeanor offenses (white collar crime) is a great way
for these first time offenders not to be thrown in prison
or jail that is already crowded and costly. Also it does
not put them behind bars with real bad offenders, but
allows them to do community service and/or pay a fine.
If these first time offenders behave and no more offenses
than they can become a part of productive society.
Sen. Fielder’s SB 37 passed 48-0 and that is the bill
to revise laws for exempt water wells and stock water
ponds. These folks were told by the State of Montana
they did not have to file for these water rights, AND
then later the state did not recognize these water rights!
Judge Loble was the water judge at that time. Many
of the folks in my senate district brought this to my
attention and we have been working on this problem
and I would hope that Sen. Fielder’s bill will help rectify
this oversight.
I am on the Finance Committee in the Senate.
There are five (5) subcommittees under finance. These
are balanced by an equal number from the Senate and
the House. The Chair of these subcommittees is always
from the House as this is where the appropriations
start. I am the Vicechairmen of the Natural Resources
& Transportation subcommittee. Our committee
helps to set the budgets for Dept. of Agriculture, Dept.
of Environmental Quality (DEQ), Dept. of Natural
Resources (DNRC), Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP),
Montana Dept. of Transportation (MDOT) and Dept. of
Livestock (DOL). We are working on their budgets now.
The DOL is in such a financial mess and they have
broken the law by transferring funds from one account
to another! Heads should roll and these are producers
dollars! There is not much sympathy for the DOL by the

All for now and have a great week.
~ Sen. John C. Brenden

880 sq. ft. home with 2
Bedrooms, 1 Bath all on one level!
Located on a large 8710 sq. ft.
corner lot with plenty of room to
build a garage. Freshly painted
inside and ready to move in.


Offered by: Karen Waarvik, Broker/Owner

(406) 228-2525


Lunch: Sm 3 MEAT PIZZA


Soup: HAM & BEAN
Dinner: 2 pc PORK CHOP


Dinner: 8 oz CHICKEN


Dinner: FISH & CHIPS

We Have Soft-Serve Ice Cream!

Have Your Parties Here



Waffles • Sausage Links
Juice • Milk


Hwy 2 East

Chicken & Noodles • Peas
Rosy Applesauce • Gingerbread
w/ Cool Whip • Choice of Fruit

Feeling overwhelmed?

Moving to Prairie Ridge, Nemont or
Valley View?

Let us help.

Call Shawn Beard • 230-1025

Applications now available for this year’s VCCF grants
The Valley County Community Foundation will
award its annual grants this spring, grant committee
chair Sam Waters announced this week.

The average dollar amount for last year’s grants was
just over $1,700, with grants ranging in amounts from
$1,000 to $3,553.
Applications forms and guidelines are available at
the VCCF website,, and at First
Community Bank in Glasgow. Hard copy applications
must be postmarked by March 13. Only applications that
are complete and received on time will be considered.
Following completion of the project, grantees are
required to submit a summary report that includes
receipts for purchases and pictures of the project.
VCCF provides grants to non-profit organizations
working on projects in five areas: arts and culture, basic
human needs, economic development, education, and
natural resources and conservation. Grants have been
awarded to projects in all parts of Valley County, Waters
said, adding that over the years, competition for grant
dollars has increased.
Annual grants are funded by earnings from
the VCCF endowment, which is invested with the

Winners of the shocker

Here are the Superbowl
winners for $50 each in the
Glasgow Baseball NFL pool
as the New England Patriots
prevailed over the Seattle
Seahawks 28-24: Andy Newton,
Gary Meyer, Ruth Ann
Hutcheson and Jason Sillerud.

Thanks to all who continue
supporting Babe Ruth and
American And here is the Super
Legion Baseball.
presented to the Patriots.
Quaint north side family home with
4 bed 2 bath, one car detached
garage plus a car port for sale.
Spacious family room for family
gatherings. Nice private back yard
located close to grocery store and
city services. This house was well
maintained with newer central air
conditioning installed in 2008 and
new roof in 2010.

Montana Community Foundation. MCF is a statewide
organization that helps local communities and nonprofit organizations raise and administer charitable
In addition to grants to the community, VCCF
is caretaker of two scholarship funds. The Feda
Scholarship for the Trades will be awarded in May to
a 2015 graduate of a Valley County high school. The
Charlotte and Clarence Fuhrman Memorial Scholarship
will be awarded this summer to Valley County graduates
who have completed one year of post-secondary study.
Check the VCCF website for application requirements
and due dates on both of these scholarships.
Ron Miller • 406-263-8236
Tyler Miller • 406-942-0025
PO Box 4
Fort Peck, MT 59223

New Construction • Remodel
Windows • Siding • Roofing • Pole Barns
Post Frame Building • Seamless Gutter

2015 FORD F-150
Quality at a Fair Price

Grab it
Before it’s
Too Late



CALL TODAY 228-2114 or 263-2113

631 2nd Ave N, Glasgow

Asking $155,000

On the Showroom Floor Now

Call Jerry, Josh or Norm • 228-2141 • 866-528-2141
Check us out on the web for more great deals

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