Beyond FAST

Using MarkLogic Server to Drive Growth

Table of Contents 1 | Introduction 2 | The Information Application Imperative 3 | MarkLogic Server: More than Search 4 | Streamling Operations 4 | Conclusion

Beyond FAST:
Using MarkLogic Server to Drive Growth

In light of changes caused by the recent Microsoft acquisition of FAST, the product teams at Microsoft have made a concerted effort to integrate FAST search into their existing product line. This offers opportunities to existing SharePoint customers as FAST will become the primary search utility powering this important enterprise product. However, while Microsoft pursues a worldwide market strategy, it begs important questions about product and professional services support from Microsoft in markets traditionally supported by Fast Search & Transfer. A number of global media companies, for example, have begun to use this major change as a chance to review their search strategy and explore new technologies on the market.


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There are many reasons why Mark Logic has had the opportunity to provide over 100 solutions to media companies large and small: • Mark Logic is committed to media companies – As evidenced by recent divestitures of former Fast Search & Transfer assets, Microsoft is focused on dropping efforts that are not central to its SharePoint strategy, which include markets traditionally supported by Fast Search & Transfer. However, Mark Logic continues to be dedicated to designing solutions for media companies such as Elsevier, McGraw-Hill and Warner Music, to Congressional Quarterly, Sage Publishing and the University of Chicago Library. • MarkLogic Server reduces operational costs – Because of its modern architecture, our customers have seen up to 75% reductions in operating costs compared to traditional search products. MarkLogic Server supports zero-latency, incremental index updates, in-place reindexing, and an end to dealing with index inconsistency – your IT team can finally say “goodbye” to “cold updates”! users to mix and match your information to create new custom products, immediately alert your users when relevant information is published and deliver your information to partners, mobile devices, eBooks and the web with a single product.
Mark Logic has had the opportunity to provide over 100 solutions to media companies large and small.

The Information Application Imperative
Rapidly changing conditions are forcing organizations to re-think how they use their intellectual property to meet their objectives, and drive new value for consumers. Leading media companies have reached out to their markets with new products as they attempt to grow revenues. In this environment, the need for flexibility and agility has never been greater. User expectations – both inside and outside your organization – are changing too, as they demand the ability to discover information in more sophisticated ways than through a search box, and that provide them answers to their questions. Users also want online products tailored to support their task at hand or content that is packaged specifically for their needs and favorite devices.

Microsoft is focused on dropping efforts that are not central to its SharePoint strategy.

• MarkLogic Server enables new online revenue streams – Users today want more than just links to documents – they want answers to their questions. Our customers are building high value online destinations that drive new traffic, build ad inventories and support new business models, in as little as a quarter of the time as it takes to build equivalent applications with traditional technologies.
MarkLogic Server customers have seen up to 75% reductions in operating costs.

For the nimble organization that has streamlined costs and the ability to create new products quickly, these changes are opportunities to establish new business models that drive value through personalizing the user experience and empowering internal staff to design new products that were previously too difficult to create. Finding a Platform for Rapid Innovation For the media company looking to perform more effectively in the marketplace, choosing the right technologies to streamline operations, accelerate the creation of new products, and support new functionality is critical. XML Servers provide the agility

• MarkLogic Server offers next generation capabilities – Use MarkLogic Server to dynamically deliver landing pages for today’s hot topics, integrate searchable maps into your user experience, allow your


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repackaged into new forms destined for eBooks, cell phones, and print-on-demand
Create interactive products where users can find the specific pieces of information they want, in the context they want it in.

books. These new kinds of application are helping users find the information they need more efficiently which increases the value of your products to them. Also, because content can be repackaged without requiring editorial intervention, you can use MarkLogic Server to create new ad inventory by adding new pages with advertising to your online product, or use MarkLogic Server to create upsell opportunities by providing teasers of related content to users without requiring staff to manually link documents together. Faster and Easier Application Development MarkLogic Server is an open platform that provides features to make information application development faster and easier. A scientific journal publisher was able to build four applications in the time they originally budgeted for one using traditional approaches. These applications are now building brand awareness and driving new traffic to its main pay-for-access web site. Support for standards such as XML and XQuery let development teams using MarkLogic Server leverage technologies designed to manipulate and repurpose information. And with the ability to quickly create web services, development teams can incrementally migrate to MarkLogic Server without having to immediately throw out existing infrastructure. In addition, Mark Logic’s rapid application development tool, Application Builder, enables speedy development of baseline applications with a point-and-click, browser-based interface. Developers save time in creating initial applications, and product managers also benefit from agile
Use MarkLogic Server to create new ad inventory or create upsell opportunities.

media companies need by providing a unified platform for storing, manipulating and delivering content and building information applications. MarkLogic Server offers a paradigm shift from the traditional model of the storing documents in databases and using search engines to find them -- two separate products to buy and manage. MarkLogic Server is a single platform to bring products to market faster and gives you more control over your destiny by giving your company the flexibility over its information strategy that it needs.

MarkLogic Server: More than Search
With MarkLogic Server you can extend the value of your users’ discovery experience by leveraging modern search capabilities, such as searchable maps that allow your users to search for content around the globe, realtime alerting that will push notifications to your users’ cell phones and inboxes when relevant information is made available, and programmable relevance to personalize the search results displayed for each user. You can also create interactive products where users can find the specific pieces of information they want, in the context they want it in. Your content can be repurposed without expensive editorial processes or expensive technical maneuvering at the section, paragraph or even figure level to create new kinds of products. Our customers are using MarkLogic Server to build “at a glance” pages that bring together all the information a publisher has about a given topic, or allowing their users to find relevant images by searching the captions that reference them. These information elements can also be compiled – by your editors or users – and

With MarkLogic Server, there is no longer a need to contend with index inconsistency or time consuming “cold updates”.


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development cycles that enable teams to experiment and investigate innovative new applications, opening possibilities for new revenue streams that are otherwise too costly to explore.

As Microsoft continues to focus Fast Search & Transfer resources on SharePoint functionality, existing FAST customers risk losing the support they need to stay competitive. Media companies currently using FAST need to think about the future of their installations, and MarkLogic Server is the ideal technology for adding powerful capabilities beyond search. With numerous customers like Elsevier, McGraw-Hill, and Warner Music, Mark Logic is committed to media companies and provides the foundation for building information applications that enable businesses to gain competitive advantages.

Streamlining Operations
MarkLogic Server has a modern architecture that lower costs by reducing hardware requirements and administrative overhead. A book cataloging company was able to reduce both their total number of servers and their database administrator’s effort to manage the search engine component of their information system by 75%, resulting in significant cost savings and allowing the company to reallocate time to other tasks. MarkLogic Server’s ability to store documents within its own repository also eliminates the latency between information updates and search results which are common in systems where information is stored and indexed in two separate locations. Indexes are updated incrementally, with zero latency, and because the original document is stored in the system, reindexing can be done in-place, and there is no longer a need to contend with index inconsistency or time consuming “cold updates”. When compared to a typical DBMS and search engine architecture, MarkLogic Server usually requires fewer servers due to higher per-server performance on similarly sized commodity servers. Plus, the flexibility to load information “as is“, coupled with sophisticated transformation capabilities, reduce or eliminate the content configuration necessary to build new applications. These features also facilitate content aggregation of multiple sources of information into a centralized repository.


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