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The Collaborators

Wrong Kind of Green Apr 29, 2016 / 1Sky, Avaaz, Ceres, Purpose
Things Are Never What They Seem

April 29, 2016

By Jay Taber

French collaborationists being escorted by partisans from the Prefecture to prison. Marseille,
31st August 1944
In the summer of 1999, as I traveled by train through France for three weeks, I saw numerous
memorials to the French Resistance. While staying in Cauterets, the entrance to the Pyrenees

National Park, I observed a commemoration ceremony in front of town hall to these valiant
volunteersmany of whom sacrificed their lives fighting fascism in the 1930s and 1940s.
Revered as these solid citizens of the French Republic are, there is a residuewell-deserved
for the opportunists who sold their souls to the fascists during that horrific fight for freedom.
These were, and are, known as the collaborationists (a.k.a. the collaborators)still a poignant
term of derision in France today, particularly in Paris.
I was reminded of this recently, when looking at a group photo in my Jan. 2016 article Heart of
Darkness at Wrong Kind of Green (under New World Order-Same Old Crimes) of Wall Streetfunded NGO representatives to Paris 2015where the agenda of the financial elite at Paris was
to subsume human rights to the all-encompassing clean energy/New Economy regime.
Reading the caption, I could not help thinking that these are the collaborators of climate change.
Video: The ideologies espoused by We Mean Business are transparent in the above interview
with Avaaz & Purpose co-founder Jeremy Heimans by We Mean Business. Weve been talking
in a broader way about the future of consumer activism, of organizing people not as citizens but
as consumers. Jeremy Heimans, Purpose, 2011
Coincidentally, I was simultaneously reviewing the art and manuscripts of the Situationist
International (SI)the artists, intellectuals and writers that precipitated the May 1968 uprising
against capitalism that brought the entire economy of France to a dramatic halt. Perusing the
writing of two principal leaders of SI, Michele Bernstein and Guy DeBord, I wondered what
these members of the 20th Century avant-garde would have done at COP21, where the 21st
Century architects of the final solution gathered to carve up the world for capitalism.
As I observed in the opening section by the same name in my article Netwar in the Big Apple,
published at CounterPunch (July 2014),
For ubercapitalists like Bill Gates and their sycophants like William Jefferson Clinton who
promote the false hope of neoliberal globalization terminating the collective ownership of
Indigenous nations, in exchange for totalitarian corporate control of the planets resources, is a
dream coming true. As architects of the final solution, they along with the World Bank, Ford
and Rockefeller Foundations view the UN Millenium Development Goals as a blueprint for
annihilation of the worlds Indigenous societies.

In Pathways to Spectacle/Consumerism as Activism (Feb. 2016), I noted that The driving

force behind privatization through social engineering is the non-profit industrial complex. As I
observed in Social Capitalists: Wall Streets Progressive Partners (Feb. 2015), CERES-WE
MEAN BUSINESS, TIDES & 350opportunistic collaborators working for Wall Street to
dislodge the United Nations Center on Transnational Corporations, and prevent enforceable rules
governing the operations of multinational corporationsreceived millions from Wall Street
corporations and foundations.

Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary, UNFCCC at the launch of We Mean Business at the
Climate Week NYC Opening Day. September 22, 2014
In Hijacking the Environmental Movement: Just Say No to 350 (April 2016), I wrote, The new
economy they promote is essentially what used to be called fascism, and that The ongoing
social disintegration of industrial civilization that produces pseudo-citizens signing online
petitions created by ruling class entities like Avaaz, Purpose and 350, is indicative of the
unbridled power of seamless spectacle, begun in the era of television, and culminated in the reign
of the Internet. Controlling Consciousness through public relations has generated a discursive
monoculture, where self-organized democratic renewal is unimaginable.

Six years ago, Cory Morningstar, in Suicidal Tendencies or Addiction: Earth Day Hijacked by
Climate Wealth Opportunists, observed that Earth Day has become nothing more than a day of
greenwash opportunism and will mark the fall of the mainstream environmental movement. As
the French philosopher Guy DeBord observed in his 1967 treatise The Society of the Spectacle,
we now live in a culture of imbeciles in which advertising has become the only factor.

[Jay Thomas Taber is an associate scholar of the Center for World Indigenous Studies and a
contributing editor of Fourth World Journal. Since 1994, he has served as communications
director at Public Good Project, a volunteer network of researchers, analysts and journalists
defending democracy. As a consultant, he has assisted Indigenous peoples in the European
Court of Human Rights and at the United Nations.]