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Observation Template to Accompany Sample 1.

Anecdote or work sample with anecdote

Focus Child 1 was with me as we were sitting and
reading books.
Focus Child 1 told me that she knew many fairy tales
and that she loved fairy tales.
She told the story of the Little Red Riding Hood and
continiuosly said thinks like.
And little red riding hood said Oh No its the big bad

Context: Play

Real-life experiences

Related learning and development areas

Building a sense of security and trust
Acting with increasing independence and
Building a confident self-identiy
Building positive relationships with others
Showing increasing respect for diversity
Showing increasing respect for environments
Building a sense of autonomy and wellbeing
Exploring ways to show care and concern and
interact positively with others

Routines and

Observable Behaviours
Focus child 1 was showing independence and
confidence which I had not see before due to her being
quite shy.

She was able to build a positive relationship with me

where she trusts and feels safe around me to come out
of her shell.
She was able to show compassion for the characters as
she told many fairy tales.

Exploring ways to promote own and others health

and safety
Exploring ways to promote physical wellbeing
Active Learning:
Building positive dispositions and approaches
toward learning
Increasing confidence and involvement in learning
Engaging in ways to be imaginative and creative
Exploring tools, technologies and information and
communication technologies

Focus Child 1 engaged in imaginative and creative play.

She increased her confidence levels and I could see the
love of learning these stories she had.

Focus Child 1 expanded her language and engaged in
literacy that personally was valued to her. She was able
Exploring and expanding ways to use language
Exploring and engaging with literacy in personally to express these stories with expression and a range of
meaning and storylines.
meaningful ways
Exploring and engaging with numeracy in
personally meaningful ways
Analysis/judgments and future planning:
I will continuously develop her love of reading, stories and encourage imagination games. I will build on her
interests and use these in class to development her confidence.