Liceul Teoretic ‘Emil Botta “ Adjud

Teacher: Mariana Gruber


Date Textbook Upstream Elementary A2
Class 6th Unit Food
Number of 28 Title/Topic Shopping
Ss of the
Level pre-intermediate Type of Mixed lesson
Time of 50 minutes

AIMS-: - to use and understand common expressions related to shopping

- to practice newly acquired vocabulary
- to help Ss develop speaking skills

AIDS/MATERIALS:Video projector, worksheets, blackboard, chalk, shopping
cards, shopping lists

TEACHING TECHNIQUES:Dialogue, Brainstorming, Game,


Activity Ti Aims Procedures Skills Interacti
mi on/class
ng manage
Activity 1 3’ -to create - The teacher greets the students and Speakin T-Ss
Organizing a relaxed / checks attendance g
the class proper - the students greet and prepare for
atmos- the lesson
phere for
the new
Activity 2 5’ -to check - The teacher asks Ss about their Speakin T-Ss
Checking previous homework g S-S
homework knowledge - The teacher assesses the homework Active

Harrods. the new assure a Ss need to write down in their Speakin vocabulary better notebooks the unknown words and g compre.and -to give Ss . answer the questions about the hension shops(what can you buy or do in of the some shops) topic .The teacher checks Ss’ homework or listening previous feedback Ss interevaluate while switching knowledge on their copybooks and listening to the correct knowledge solutions of homework and homework Activity 3 2’. -to create T tells the names of a few Speakin T-Ss Transition interest in popular supermarkets and g to the new the new elicits the theme of today’s lesson lesson lesson. Tesco. active SS-T listening e.g. Lidl etc The T announces and writes the title of the lesson on the blackboard “Shopping” Activity 4 T shows the Ss a powerpoint Writing T-Ss Introducing 10’ -to presentation with some shops. Marks&Spencer.

g How can/may I help you? tion..../I’d like. The teacher checks the answers . taught Do you have any.? I’m looking for a... Activity 5 T asks Ss for examples of polite Listening T-S Reviewing -to give Ss vocabulary and write the polite 8’ more expressions on the black board...? Could I please have.Do you need help with anything? ry and Next! structures I would like. vocabula. -to learn the new vocab...Ss Writing S-T vocabulary practice also write the expressions in their on Speakin notebooks: pronuncia. .? Do you need anything else? Cash or credit? Thank you!Have a nice day!etc T asks some stodents to repeat these expressions to ensure a good pronunciation Then the Ss will be given some worksheets with mixed expressions used by costumers and shopkeepers and they should split them into two columns.Will that be all for you.

they should make small talk with their classmates.The Ss have to mach ment the name of some shops with some pictures and after that to guess the name of some shops by reading some descriptions..Each student must visit situations each shop.A part of the Ss are game shopkeepers.They will Speakin vocabulary Ss in a have to visit several different g shopping stores.each S Speakin T-S ACTIVITY work receives an worksheet” Let’s go g S-T assign. the shopkeeper gives the using the customer that card.Activity 6 The T tells the Ss that they all live Reading S-S Practice of 17’ To in the same small town and they the new involve are going shopping today. the others are and have customers. .receive a shopping list.The customers vocabula. Once all the customers have finished . The shopkeepers the receive a set of picture cards for opportuni their store. Home. FINAL 5’ .If they need to wait on line.Ss are ry in given a time to buy everything on realistic their list. shopping”. Ss change roles. The T assigns homework. When a costumer buys ty of an item.

T appreciates Ss activity both verbally-praising their activity-and by giving marks. .