Lesson plan


Subject: My favourite subject-lesson 2
Topic of the lesson: mixed
Competences and Sub-competences:
Spoken Interaction and Culture,
2.2.Participating in a dialogue on a familiar topic to exchange simple information.

2.4.Providing a short fluent description of school subjects.

Written Interaction and Integrated Skill Combination:
4.4.Editing short texts based on familiar topics.

Using Comparisons of Adjectives.
Pupils will be able:
O1- to discuss and compare classes they take;
O2- to speak about courses by their names in English;
O3-tp participate in an original dialogue about school and comparisons.
Methods and techniques:
Aids /Materials:
Forms of activities:

Stage of the Teachers activity Pupils activity Ti Methods,
lesson me forms of
Evocation Greet the pupils. Greet the teachers. Say the time, checking 1’
NEST checks the Homework. Asks the the Homework they had: ex. 4 p.26 3-4’ Conversati
time using a clock. on
While the NEST checks the homework,
the NNEST will write on the board some Fill in the necessary words.
words they are supposed to insert in the
written sentences on the board: 2-3’ Exercise
1. It is useful to know a foreign
2. We can practice swimming in the
swimming pool.
3. Mathematics is really difficult.
4. Yesterday I had a horrible 1’
nightmare. They name the school subjects they know.
Asks the pupils what mathematics means. Conversati
Name other school subjects. 3-
The students will be divided into two on
Asks them to play a game. Blindfolded 4’
teams based on where they are sitting. On
Writing/Team Activity. the board will be two blank schedules,
Monday and Friday.
each for a different day. Each team will
send up one person at a time to be Game Pin
blindfolded to write out their schedule the tail on
using English words. The students can the donkey
call out to help their team member,
however, if a team member wants to tap
out, the new student must also be

.( boring –positive) Role play favorite subjects. Group 1 1. Reflection The T hands out another series of The Ps are told that they have to decide. a) interesting b) more interesting c) the most interesting. Argentina is _____ than England. . John’s. . Fill in the timetable for the whole week. -Where do you go? -………………….Meaning So. Group work. John’s favorite subject is maths. suggested. -Do you think it is more interesting than…. They scan the dialogue and have to read Ask them to role-play the dialogue and to the sentence But the other subjects are find what are theTim’s. Exercise Ask them to find the English equivalent for 2. The teachers divide them into 5 groups. explanation The NNEST explains the comparison for 5-7’ other kind of adjectives. Tim’s favorite subject is music. Monday is as long as Friday. Asks them to choose the right Choose the right variant from the 2-3’ Individual variant. ? -Yes. Sam’s boring. a) funnier b) funnyer c) funier 4. The other students will find the answer to the necessary information. 3. Katrina is _____ teacher in our school. Give them worksheets to work in groups. 1. a) Bigger b) more big c) biggest 2. because …………….What day is it today? -………………………. the Romanian sentences from the text.. Group (Anex1) Pupils are devided into 5 groups. This film is _____ than the last one.. realization Announces the topic and the objectives of the lesson. 4 pupils read the dialogue. Group 2-3 Complete the dialogue: Exercise -Hello! -……………… . -What is your most important subject? -…………………………. work 1. Group 4 Make up a similar dialogue. English is _____ than Spanish. work Asks them to find what form has the IMPOSSIBLE adjective in the dialogue. a) thegoodest b) the good c) the best 3. Sam’s favorite subject is PE.

7. red circle. 8 p. History is ________________________________ (important) than Geography. worksheets. 5. Extension Homework : ex. 2. Jane is the _______________________ (beautiful) woman in the world. best qualifies for each of the adjectives Superlative in the middle of which a different inside each circle. Fill in the gaps using the right form of the adjectives in brackets: 1. tall in the black circle. 2. Jane is the _______________________ (beautiful) woman in the world. 3. Diamonds are the ______________________ (expensive) gifts in the world. courageous in the green circle. The worksheet contains a assigned to. Then they have to name Olimpics adjective is to be found: noisy in the blue a representative to share their choice to circle. whom among their colleagues Game number of 5 differently coloured circles. 4. English is _________________________ (difficult) than Maths. Elephants are ___________________________ (interesting) than tigers. English is _________________________ (difficult) than Maths. History is ________________________________ (important) than Geography. Diamonds are the ______________________ (expensive) gifts in the world . funny in the the rest of the class. this time entitled Superlative together with the group they will be Olympics. 27 Complete the table of adjectives: Positive Comparative Superlative Tall taller Beautiful more beautiful Long the longest Good the best popular the most popular Complete the table of adjectives: Positive Comparative Superlative Tall taller Beautiful more beautiful Long the longest Good the best popular the most popular Groups 3-5 Fill in the gaps using the right form of the adjectives in brackets: 1. Elephants are ___________________________ (interesting) than tigers. 4. popular in the yellow circle. 3.

Superlative olympics .