Didactic Project
Topic: “Present Perfect”
The 5th Form

Prepared by:
English Teacher

2016, April, the 14th

Didactic Project

referred to the grammatical topic: Present Perfect.Understanding the general meaning of simple short message.Date: the 14th of April Teacher: Alesya Scutelnic Institution: PI Gymnasium Pervomaiscoe Form: 5th Topic: “Present Perfect” Unit:5/ Lesson:1 Type of Lesson: Fixation of New Knowledges Allowed Time: 45 minutes o Sub – Competences: The pupils will develop the following subcompetences: .Reading a simple short familiar text consciously and fluently. .to learn how to form Present Perfect. o Operational Objectives: Pupils will be able: . with adequate intonation. . .to develop grammatical revise the regular and irregular verbs. . .Applying the strategies of receiving a written message.

5th Form”. Chișinău. crossword. o Materials: . Lara ALADIN. Ana MUNTEAN. chalk. group work. individual work.Whole class work. printouts. o Bibliography: . copybooks.Blackboard. Dina PUIU. read a text and answer the given questions. Editura Prut International. pupils’ show interest on the topic of the lesson. pictures.Iulia IGNATIUC. posters with grammatical rules.Conversation. exercises. handouts. forms Teacher’s Activity Students’ Activity of activity) . . o Methods and Techniques: . worksheets. Strategies Stages of the Lesson Resources (methods. Pupil’s Book. Evaluation Time Notes (Learning Activities) (materials) techniques.. crayons. o Forms of Activity: . explanation. 2015. “Magic English. description. pens. Ludmila FOCA.

good Discussion 2’ atmosphere during our lesson. At the previous lesson we travelled Whole class work Attention 3’ in the world of regular and irregular Worksheets Students read the verbs in the Past Simple Tense and Discussion sentences. the Past Simple Tense. Xenia? Students greet and the Whole class work . morning Conversation Good morning to you Attention Are you ready to start our work? Good morning. 1. checks the English is good! presence and creates the I speak English atmosphere saying: And so do you! . good morning I’m glad to hear that you are ready. asks English is fun! to smile to each other. If you understand. Teacher listen and if it is need sentences in corrects the mistakes.How are you. Whole class work The ability to come to the blackboard Let’s check if you have done at home put the verbs and makes the same correctly the task. guests: I hope we’ll have a good and warm Good morning. .How do you feel. Tanea? etc. Let’s start our lesson.    Checking the homework. Don’t be nervous and try to show your best. your homework for today was to put some verbs from the given sentences One student is asked to in the Past Simple Tense. We are glad to see you. we have some guests today at our lesson. Evocation Students greet the    Warm Up Activity teacher: Teacher greets the students. from the task. Pupils answer the teacher’s questions.

Realization of meaning    Work with the grammatical topic. how we form this tense. . the lesson. Whole Class Work topic. Crossword the regular and irregular verbs Read. Pupils listen. 2. The name Communicative of our magic city is Present Perfect. what word we They read the received in the Simple received. 3. Students listen I’m sure that you are very excited to very attentively Images Explanation The ability to know what Present Perfect and make notices understand the expresses. their copybooks. about Present Pictures Translation new Perfect Tense. we have to write correctly 5’ Whole class work solve a crossword (Appendix 1). 4). Method Teacher announces the objectives . and the theme of of the Whole Class Work objectives of the lesson in lesson. word: PRESENT Past Tense. 15’ Listen very attentively and make grammatical some notices in your copybooks. PERFECT Yes. you are right. The ability to is the name of this city. Teacher explains the grammatical Information subject (Appendix 2. . The The ability to and the theme of the lesson(the write the date objectives understand the 1’ objectives of the lesson). please.Today we’ll visit one magic city from Students solve the Grammar’s country. To find out what crossword.

Worksheets follow on the given worksheets. b) conjugate the verb “write” : verbs. 3. Students read Teacher reinforces the new the Textbooks The ability to grammatical topic. negative form of the Present Perfect Tense (Appendix 6). . sentences in Perfect Tense. The ability to Each group receive the task: conjugate a) conjugate the verb “open” : .After that T asks pupils to question. Present Perfect. Tasks on the grammatical subject: 1. is need. if it . Teacher gives to each student .    Work with a text. giving the groups statements . Whole Class Work skills.The class is divided in 2 groups. Read in chain. Students worksheets. Students follow a text (Appendix 5). Reflection. Read the sentences in Present Perfect sentences with Tense. b) The 2nd group should write their copybooks.Selective reading: find the . Groups receive Worksheets Writing correctly a 2’ affirmative form of the Present the task and regular and Perfect Tense conjugate the irregular verb. what the children haven’t . The ability to Question: Who is Mary Fox? . Answer the Question develop reading 5’ .    Grammar Reinforcement. Teacher reads on the the text as a pattern. correcting the mistakes.using Copybooks Work in groups make up some images: Present Perfect Pens sentences using 3’ a) The 1st group should write Tense & write 2 Blackboard Present what the children have done. read in chain (one by one). Chain Reading . read them and name the verbs in the Selective Reading the verbs.

Students get Present Perfect Tense? etc. Your Information marks are: ……. the correct variant and write it in the sentence. .Have we revise the regular what was and irregular verbs? learnt. Pupils choose the find out the (Appendix 9) correct variant Printouts Individual Work correct answer Pupils receive a small test and write it in from the concerning the new grammatical the sentence. 4. (saying why they received such marks). multiple choice 1’ subject. The ability to    Present Perfect Quiz . Tell me. grades and 8’ evaluates and estimates evaluation.    Homework. students’ work: You were very active today. what is the name of the city that we visited today? Brainstorming The ability to What rules should you know say something concerning the new grammatical about Present topic? Perfect Tense. . please. Evaluation. Each student should choose variants.    Feed back. copybooks and 1. done yet (Appendix 7. Put the verbs from the listen the brackets in the Present Explanation explanations. Teacher sums up the lesson: Application of . . Pupils write their explaining the task from the given homework in worksheet (Appendix 10).Have we learned how to form . 8). . Extension.. Teacher gives the homework.

choose the red tulip and put it in this vase. Did you like it? If you like it. See you next lesson. Goodbye! Have a Nice Spring Day!!! . Our lesson is over. Perfect Tense (5 sentences with regular verbs and 5 sentences with irregular verbs).    Warm down. and put in another vase Thank you for your active work. choose the yellow daffodils. If you don’t like it.