MWF Parent Conferences
11 M Parent Board meeting, 9:15, LSH
13/14 W/Th No Chapel, Pretend Ice Skating instead
18 M Martin Luther King holiday, no school
22 F Four & Five-year-olds visit with Miss Cherie in the Library
25 M Lead Teacher meeting, 12:30, Library
28/29 Th/F Clean out your Closet Sale! 9:00 – 12:00, LSH
2 T Staff meeting, 12:30, library, NO EXTENDED DAY
8 M Parent Board meeting, 9:15, LSH
12&15 F/M President’s Day Holiday,NO SCHOOL
26 F Parent Social & Art Auction
29 M Lead teacher meeting, 12:30, Library

On January 20 at 7:15 am Dallas Raines will be speaking about El Nino at the Kiwanis Club of
La Canada. It is being held at the Lutheran Church of the Foothills, 1700 Foothill Blvd. at 7:15 AM.
Dallas Raines is the chief meteorologist for ABC Eyewitness New.
A light breakfast of fruit, pastries and coffee will be available.

Valentine’s Day
For Valentine’s Day, the children will be engaged in a variety of age appropriate activities focused on
loving relationships with family and friends. They will be making all kinds of hearts, making special
snacks for another classroom and Valentine’s for one another in CLASS.

We ask that you DO NOT send VALENTINE CARDS or FAVORS for cubbies to Preschool. This is a
fun and age appropriate activity for Elementary School children. If you are interested in providing a
special snack speak with your lead teacher.

Taken in part from the Naeyc Young Children Publication
What does joy in an early childhood classroom look like?
It looks like avid exploration, children working independently with intense focus as well as children
working collaboratively and assisting each other. It looks like learners exploring a variety of self-
chosen activities. It looks like expressions of contentment shining on faces of children and teachers.
What does joy sound like:
It sounds like the silence of children engaged in drawing and the busy hum created by purposeful
activity, punctuated by the celebratory sounds of new discoveries.
What does joy feel like?
It feels like full engagement, the peaceful delight of following an inner command, making a meaningful
connection, being valued and valuing others, and feeling safe enough to explore our inner and out worlds.
What is joyfulness?
Often we confuse joyfulness with immediate gratification or a mood state. As a teaching and learning
goal, it is instead an optimal experience that occurs when someone is making positive choices, is in
control of his or her own actions, and is making connections. It is very individual and personal; what
brings joy to one may not necessarily bring joy to another. Achieving joy is a process, parts of which
are not always pleasurable and may require considerable effort.

Like a long distance runner who may get leg cramps and pulled muscles during training, yet feels
exhilarated during the race, totally focused on the process. Likewise, the child who succeeds in writing
his name after repeated efforts and the child who learns to ride her bicycle despite numerous falls and
skinned knees are both experiencing the process of joy. Joy as a mood is often fleeting. Joyfulness as
a state of being is long term and of enduring significance.

Joy is seen under two conditions: when the child comes in contact with significant social others and
when the child is able to demonstrate mastery over particular events. The presence of both affective
joy (experienced in relationship to others) and cognitive joy (the sense of accomplishment in achieving
an understanding) continues throughout life.

Each child’s expression of joyfulness will look different, depending on the child’s temperament. One
child may quickly smile and repeat an activity numerous times, while another may leap up and find
someone to celebrate with her. The joyful experience encompasses the pleasure in both the process of
practicing and improving and the moment of mastery of the activity.

Supporting Joyfulness:
By listening and watching carefully, we can learn each child’s special interests-what lights up his eyes or
captures her attention. We can then begin to adapt the learning environment to support those
interests by offering open-ended choices, encouraging initiative, and providing tools and materials for

To support joyfulness, environments for young children provide some of the following characteristics:

• Time to explore in a safe and nurturing environment
• Opportunity to focus on an interest for extended periods of time
• Dialogue among all members of the learning community
• Opportunities for ongoing, extended work that builds on previous learning and engages the child in the
• Support of choices that reflect the child’s interest, abilities, and development
• Encouragement of discovery through exploration, repetition, and risk taking
• Respect and support for children’s individual rhythms and temperaments

As we work to prepare children for life, it isn’t just about getting into the right school, the right
occupation, the right relationship, but the joy of life altogether.

Volunteer Librarian, Joyce Davison

I hope you will find the “new to you” books on the book cart enjoyable. During the Christmas break I
really did put all “new to you” books on it. You will find a variety of subjects and stories, especially
some new board books to help your child learn how to brush teeth, not use their feet for kicking and of
course the stories are always fun. There are also “new to you” parent help books, just for you.

This month, the 4 and 5 year old classes will start their library visits to learn what an author does,
what an illustrator does, how to turn the pages of a book correctly, read with clean hands plus many
other tips about treating a book with respect. We have been doing this for a few years now and the
books continue to be in very good condition so every child can enjoy them.

By the way, the kids have checked out over 1000 books this year so far, but are not turning in their
reading list and getting a treasure from the treasure box in Miss Cherie’s office. Please participate in
this program so we can know which kind of books they are enjoying. Also, bring me your suggestions of
your child’s favorite book and I may be able to add it to our collection.

Happy Reading!!!!!
Sleep and Weight
Katie Valdes, MS RD CSSD

Sleep. Most of us do not get enough. Between work and family obligations, getting enough shut-eye can
be a major problem. Then when our head finally does hit the pillow we may have trouble getting to sleep
or even worse staying asleep. Did you know that there is a correlation between your weight and your
sleep patterns?

Think about the last time you were running on next to no sleep. What did you eat that day? Did you
care about what you were putting into your body? Were you more hungry than usual?
Think about the new mom that is having trouble losing her baby weight. Is she lazy? Probably not. She
is fighting an uphill battle. She is taking care of her newborn, while trying to recover herself on little
or no sleep. Her body is unable to function normally because of the lack of sleep that she is (not)

When our bodies do not get enough sleep, the hormones that keep our appetites in check start working
differently. Leptin, which functions as an appetite suppressant is lowered and Ghrelin, which stimulates
appetite is boosted. This in turn can cause an increase in caloric intake far above what is needed,
especially cravings for foods high in carbohydrates. This supports the findings by Emmanuel Mignot
and his colleagues that people with short durations of sleep have higher Body Mass Indexes (BMI)*,
which is directly related to one’s risk of disease. A poll conducted by the National Sleep Foundation
found that the average time Americans were sleeping had decreased from 8.0- 8.9 hours a night in the
1960’s to 6.9-7.0 hours in 2000. Pair those statistics with the fact that obesity has been on the rise
and a startling pattern can be made between lack of sleep, overeating and weight gain.

A study in the journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine showed that people with sleep disorders tend to eat a
diet that is higher in cholesterol, protein and total fat, including saturated fat.

Another interesting finding is that according to the Archives of Internal Medicine, people that are
getting five or fewer hours of sleep a night are more likely to be diabetic.

The moral of the story: sleep is a precious commodity and everyone needs to make time for it.
Whether it is working a little less, cutting back on television or not staying out as late, sleep needs to
be in the forefront of everyone’s mind whose goal is trying to lead a healthy lifestyle. A healthy
lifestyle encompasses more than just eating right and getting exercise. It is about one’s total health,
which includes allowing the body the proper amount of sleep that it needs to recover and function

To find your BMI:

Underweight = <18.5
Normal weight = 18.5-24.9
Overweight = 25-29.9
Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater

Katie Valdes MS RD CSSD

Light’s Out! It’s time for Bed, Us News and World Report
Sleep duration Affects Appetite-Regulating Hormones, Public library of Science
The Impact of Sleep Deprivation on Hormones and Metabolism, Medscape Neurology and Neurosurgery
Insomnia and sleep Health Expert column
Helena Danni, Parent Board President
Happy New Year from the Parent Board! I hope you all had a fun-filled and restful vacation, full of
making memories with your little ones. Luke and Molly are at such a perfect age that Christmas
morning was almost bitter sweet. It made me happy to see them so excited and loving every second
with such wonder in their sparkling eyes. At the same time it made me sad to think that these
moments are fleeting and another year had gone by. It was just a reminder to cherish every minute
with my family and friends and make 2016 great!

January 28th and 29th is our annual Clean Out Your Closet Sale. We are asking for your help by
donating your children’s gently used toys, books, shoes and clothing, as well as maternity items and
women’s accessories. As a rule of thumb, please only donate items that are in a condition you would be
willing to purchase yourself or that a gently-used children’s boutique might purchase from you. Please
make sure donated toys have all the original parts and work properly. All proceeds from the sale will
go directly to the St. George’s scholarship fund. Please help spread the word to your non-St. George’s
friends, neighbors and family to come shop at the sale. If you have any questions or would like to
volunteer to help us set up for the sale ahead of time, please contact Hillary Clayburgh (Blue MWF),
Patty Whong, (Green MWF), Sharlene Hales Mayhew (Green MWF), Mary Nuñez (Yellow) or Miss
Brenda (Red). Be on the lookout for volunteer signups that are in the classrooms! WE NEED
make for light work. Thank you in advance for your help.

Save the date for our next parent social and art auction! Our event is scheduled for the evening of
February 26th and will include a fun art auction with unique items created by each class. We can’t wait
to see what beautiful works of art they create! (I’m actually equally excited to watch the bidding wars
too!) More details to arrive in your cubbies soon! This is an event you won’t want to miss!!!
Again, Happy New Year! Wishing you all the best in 2016!!


Going into the New Year we will be exploring the season of Winter! We have made handprint
snowflakes, are working hard on assembling a snowman, and soon we will go ice skating! This month also
marks the beginning of “Yard-Sharing”. This is always a favorite event in our class. Every Wednesday,
we will be using both the upper and lower yards during our outside play time. The Blue Door class and
their teachers (Miss Janice and Miss Bonnie) will also be out there at the same time as us. The
children can move freely between both yards. It is a great way to make new friends and build new

In February we will be making the Blue Door a special Valentine snack and having a Pajama party
with them! The children will really enjoy coming to school in their pajamas. Next, we will be
talking about our 5 senses. We are working a lot on our small motor skills such as cutting,
stapling, tracing, and hole-punching. Writing the first letter of our name and pencil grip are
other skills that we are consistently trying to improve, so any practice at home is encouraged!
Everyone is progressing nicely. Soon we will be making Valentines for our families and we will even mail
one to our houses!

We have started our "All About Me" boards! A reminder note went home about this during the first
week of January. These boards give the children a chance to stand individually in front of the
classroom and share some information about themselves. The other children love to ask questions
about each board and it’s just a very special project for the whole class to be involved in.
T Th
Welcome back from the long Christmas break! I was very pleased with the transition back into the
classroom. Three weeks away from school seems so much longer when you are two years old, so
thank you all for having so much patience and understanding with the transition back to class! The
kids were eager to see each other and get back in to our routine.

In class we have started exploring the Winter season! We will be talking about
things that are cold like snow and ice. We will even get a chance to go “ice-skating”! We
are still working on getting familiar with all of the different art mediums and the children love to
experiment. This is the reason for the art projects filled with glue or the easel painting with a
single stripe down the middle. They are figuring things out for themselves and seem to be loving

Soon we will be talking about Valentine’s Day. We will be decorating hearts and talking about the
people that we love. Inside, as well as outside, we are continually introducing the children to many
sensory activities. Children learn through hands on experiences so we try to give them as many as
we can whether it be a new experience or a repeat of a favorite. Everyone really seems to be
enjoying their preschool environment!


Miss Bonnie, Miss Babs and I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and winter break. We look
forward to getting back into our normal routine and hope you feel the same. As everyone knows by
now, we said good-bye to Weston and his family. I would like to extend a warm welcome to our new
student Scarlett White.

The M-W-F children will continue to learn name recognition and start to write their own names
using upper and lower case letters. In addition to the Helper chart, where they must find their
name in order to learn what their clean up job is, they will start writing their name on their
activities. At first some of them will need assistance and this is okay. Name recognition is one
step closer towards reading. The “reading” of their name is really the sight recognition of the
length and shape of their name. As they become more comfortable and confident in the sight of
what the name looks like and continue to practice writing it and what letters make up their name,
the “reading” becomes a true read.

As the year progresses, we will encourage more self-sufficiency and watch them become more and
more independent. Another way to assist the students with recognition of their name will be name
plates. I prepare laminated paper with each child’s name on it and assign seating at snack each day.
This offers assistance with two areas of development. The first is what I have shared here, being
able to recognize and read their name. The second, just as important reason is to place the kids
with a different group of children. This aides in helping the kids with improving their social skills
and encourages conversation with some of the other kids in the class that they may not have
otherwise spent much time with. The friendships are pretty well established by this time of the
year and they will automatically sit with the same friends each day. By asking them to sit with
someone else they can practice the social skills that we have been working on for the past
eighteen months now. Other readiness activities such as tracing, cutting, sequencing, classifying,
and counting will also be emphasized.

We will be starting the Special Board Person this month. This is a great endeavor for fostering
self-esteem and is a springboard for language development. More information has been sent home
about how the Special Board Person works. Any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

As we return to our routine, we will do a quick winter unit and talk about how different the
weather is during these cold months. The children will practice tracing, cutting and
assembling a snowman and we will “ice skate” one day soon. As we enter the month of
February we will surround ourselves with hearts and valentines. We will spend some time
doing Valentine activities and talking about friendships and what it means to be someone’s
valentine. We will finish up the month with our numbers unit. This involves a lot of cutting, tracing
and assembling. These skills are best accomplished with practice, practice, practice.
We will start sharing the yards on Wednesdays with the Red door classroom later this month. We
introduce the concept of sharing the yards with another class because it’s a normal part of the
elementary school recess time. This opens up the opportunity to make friends in
another class and offers further development of their social skills and allows the
children the freedom to spend time on either the upper or lower yard. A teacher
from each room will be available on both yards to assist the children when
needed. In February, we will take these new friendships a step further and make a special
Valentine snack to share with our new Red Door friends. The children really enjoy planning and
discussing what we can do to surprise them.

Another addition to our school schedule that starts this month is a trip to the school/church
library. Visiting your library at school is a permanent part of the elementary school routine. We
feel that the sooner the children are introduced to this wonderful concept the more we encourage
reading and the wonders of make believe. Each month, they will be introduced to a new author and
Miss Cherie will read a story written by that person. We will teach them what the author and
illustrator do for a book and by the end of our school year they will become authors and
illustrators themselves.

I look forward to conferences this month with the M-W-F parents and sharing how much your
children have grown. This is a chance for me to gain insight into what your plans are for the next
year and I can share my goals for the remainder of our time together. I look forward to sharing
wonderful stories with each of you about how far your children have come in their preschool

I can tell that the T-Th kids were eager to be back in school! Every one of them was excited to
see their friends again. Their self-confidence in returning to school was something to be proud of.
We will very quickly return to our favorite activities such as the play dough, dress-up, the table
activities, art table and painting at the easels. We will begin our special color days very soon.
Watch our colorful caterpillar as he grows with each new color we introduce. The children
especially enjoy watching the caterpillar get longer and longer as we add each color to his body.
We start with an introduction of the primary colors and then show the children the “magic” of
making a color by mixing two different colors together. We will continue to explore the
concept of color with many “hands-on” experiences, and have lots of fun! We wind down
our color unit with pink and purple (and of course we bring red back) in celebration of
Valentine’s Day. Once we’ve completed the color caterpillar, we will move onto shapes
and have planned some activities that center around using the shapes. For example, when we
introduce squares and cubes, we will do a glue collage with sugar cubes.

We will continue to offer activities for the children to introduce them to the many different
mediums available and keep these activities as open-ended as possible. The goal for the remainder
of the year will be to continue to offer a safe environment where the children can explore the
world around them and practice their social skills and self-sufficiency.

As the second half of the school year begins, I like to remind the parents of the progress their
children have made in becoming preschoolers and encourage self-sufficiency. Please keep in mind
at drop-off time that the less time spent playing with the children by you, the better. We want to
encourage play among the children and will help facilitate small play groups as you arrive with your
child. I know that starting our day on the yard makes it tempting to stay and spend a few minutes
playing, but next year, our morning starts in the classroom. There won’t be the opportunity to
spend time with your child in the room before leaving. For the remainder of the school year I
would like to ask that you stay just long enough to sign your child in and say your goodbyes.
Another point I would like to make is to allow your child to walk to the yard. We want them to feel
like the big boys and girls that they have become. Any concerns, please speak to me about them.
We want to help make this an easy transition each and every morning.

Happy New Year to all of you! It has been a pleasure getting to know our new families and being a
part of your child’s preschool experience. The rest of the school is going to be exciting!

Welcome back Green Door. I hope that everyone had a fun and relaxing holiday break. We are
going to be celebrating winter in the Green Door. It has finally begun to feel like winter outside,
an LA Winter at least. There has been some frost on our car windows and ice on the grass. Some
of the children went to snowy or cold places over the break. We are looking forward to hearing
more about their experiences.

For the next few weeks, we will be bringing winter to the Green Door in a variety of ways. Our
circle time will be filled with winter songs and stories and our discussions will be about winter
topics. Our sensory tables will be filled with arctic animals and sea glass, instant snow, cotton snow
balls, shredded paper and more. The children will decorate the room with snowmen and snowflakes.
The snowman project is a challenging favorite. The children trace and then cut out three
different size circles, “snowballs”, to make their snowman. We will talk about size difference and
use the terms small, medium and large. As we build our snowmen, we will sequences these sizes
from largest to smallest. The children love to add their own details to their snowmen from bows
to boots to buttons. We will also be creating snowflakes with scissors, paper, glitter, glue,
marshmallows and toothpicks and other materials. Later, we will lace up and decorate paper ice
skates. We will also make hot chocolate and homemade ice cream. The children will
experiment with ice and what happens to it when they add salt. During our winter unit,
the children will have a chance to “ice skate” on a tarp on the lawn. They will also “skate”
around on wax paper on the rug in Lower Softly Hall. Skating is a fun activity where the
children use their imagination while developing balance, coordination and large muscles. It is also
very social as the whole class will be skating together practicing good manners and body control.

January brings about other fun changes for the Green Door kids. We have already begun to make
and present our Special Boards and will continue to do this weekly. When it is your child’s turn,
please help them to find materials and photographs but allow them to do the creating. The
children get very excited to sit in the “teacher” chair and share their personal stories and
photographs. After they have presented their board, they ask for questions and comments and
then call on friends who are raising their hands. This activity is wonderful for the presenter who
is learning to speak in front of the group as well as for the children in the group who are
practicing listening to the speaker and taking turns to share their opinions or questions.

We will continue to build our letter/sound knowledge. Exposing the children to a letter and the
sound it makes simultaneously seems to be quite effective. They like to look at the letters and tell
me the sound each letter makes. They also like to sort picture cards by beginning sounds. We have
also done a wee bit of Yoga by connecting each letter with a pose. For example, for the letter T,
we do the Tree Pose. So far we have introduced M,S,A,T,B,O and F in that order.

On Fridays, we will now be sharing the yard with the Yellow Door Children. The gate in between
the upper and lower yards will be open so the children can decide where they would like to play.
Many of the children have already made friends with Yellow Door children and are looking forward
to the chance to have playtime together.

At the end of January, we will start visiting the school library monthly. Miss Cherie and Miss
Joyce, the librarian, will be teaching the children about borrowing and taking care of books. They
will also learn about authors and illustrators in general as well as some individual ones. By the end
of the year, each child will have a chance to dictate a small story and illustrate it.

We have a new guinea pig in the Green Door thanks to The Snedden Family who picked him
out and donated him to us over the holidays. We are very fortunate to have class pets at
our school. They add a valuable element to our program by allowing the children to learn to take
care of an animal, to be gentle with him and to be responsible for feeding and caring for him. For
now, our new Piggy is adjusting to life in the Green Door but soon he will be available for weekend

Conferences are coming up quickly. Please sign up if you haven’t already. I am looking forward to
meeting with you and sharing your child’s progress and development.
We hope you had a wonderful Christmas vacation with your
family. Welcome back! Every day the children in the Green Door enjoy lots
of hands-on play with the tactile tubs where they can feel beans or split peas,
colored sand, oatmeal or cornmeal sift through their fingers. They can scoop
and deposit the different mediums into buckets and test tube containers. This process provides
relaxation and can be a stress reliever. These tables often hold hidden treasures to be found and
sorted by color or shape or variety.

We began our holiday preparations by painting paper candy canes with golf balls. The children are
learning to recognize their names on the paper candy canes, which hung on the wall. They worked
hard to pick up a paint-coated ball using a spoon and place it into the box with their paper candy
cane. They used their whole body to tip the box back and forth, rolling the ball to make stripes
across their candy cane with paint. The beautiful creations were admired on the bulletin board
Christmas tree that the children had roller painted.

Next we made bright red playdough by following a recipe. The children took turns
measuring the different ingredients. They mixed the dry flour and salt with their hands
before we added the wet ingredients and the lovely peppermint smell. It was almost
good enough to eat. The playdough table is a very social table where children discuss
what they are making and use verbal skills to negotiate the sharing of tools and
ideas. Physically, playdough strengthens muscles in the whole body as children pinch and
pound, roll and even cut with scissors. They learn how to manipulate the dough to create, learning
the concepts of shapes, size, balance, color and design. Play dough always promotes creativity and
is just plain fun!

December became a great time for exploring the sights and sounds and smells and tastes of
Christmas. The children glittered and glued, mixed and baked and sprinkled. They eyedropper
painted, trimmed our Christmas tree, decorated angels and sang holiday songs. They shook jingle
bells, wrapped presents and acted out the Night Before Christmas, pretending to be elves or
Santa Claus.

As we watched the kids smile and jump up and down when they gave gifts to their parents during
our class party, Miss Amy and I could tell that they knew it was much more fun to give than to
receive. The children were so pleased to perform for their families in the chapel. Thank you for
coming to celebrate the holiday with us!

It’s hard to believe that 2016 is here! In January we will explore winter and cold and ice. Our
“snow day” will provide a fun opportunity to skate on pretend snow and make snow angels. Then, in
February we will talk about love and friendship. Miss Amy and I are happy to be back with the
children, playing and learning in the Green Door.


A Happy New Year to everyone! We are quickly settling back into our regular class routines. This
first week back we are talking about wintertime; what is wintertime like? What do you wear in
winter? How does winter feel? What do the plants and trees do in wintertime? We will design
snowmen and make mittens. We will practice our cutting skills on snowflakes.

Starting January 8th, we will begin sharing the upper and lower yards on Friday mornings with the
Green Door class. The gate between the two yards will be open and the children will be able to
play on both yards and make new friends with the Green Door children. We will be making a group
Valentine for our new friends in the Green Door and baking Valentine cookies for them. We will be
doing this instead of exchanging individual cards, so please do not send Valentine cards or favors
to put in the cubbies.
On Tuesday, January 12th, we will be starting our Alphabet Unit where we focus on one letter per
day. This is our longest and most detailed unit of the year. The children will be bringing in
objects for the Alphabet Box each day, making their own set of Alphabet Collage
letters, doing various activities involving the letter of the day and having alphabet
snacks. There will be a letter in your cubby explaining all the details.

From early in the school year, Yellow Door has been talking about friends (What is a friend?
What characteristics make a good friend?) and practicing short role plays at circle time. I am
trying to incorporate this into circle time a couple of times a week throughout the rest of the
year. I have found this is a safe and effective way to tackle issues that may come up in class or
on the playground. Without exception, the Yellow Door children are growing and changing! It’s an
exciting process to watch, I’m looking forward to the next five months of development!

At the beginning of the school-year some of the children aren’t ready for a longer
day. In January we usually find that many of the three-year-olds are ready to give it
a try. Also, MWF children are welcome to sign up for lunch bunch on Tuesday and

Having your child stay for Lunch-Bunch gives you the opportunity to have lunch with a
friend, go to the doctor or do the shopping without frustrating yourself or your child.
BUT, to me the benefit of Lunch-Bunch goes way beyond that…

The children enjoy eating, reading, singing, dancing and exploring together, most of all
playing without interruption by adults. Free play is so important! It encourages
imagination, invention, creativity, cooperation and socialization.

Check the notebook outside of the office for availability.

Child 1- “My mom said she doesn’t want me to grow up.”
Child 2- “I want to grow up! I want to be a dad and ride a motorcycle.”
Child 1- “Oh yeah, I want to grow up and drive a motorcycle and a corvette.”

“C’mon get your hands dirty! That means you're having fun!”

Child 1- “Do you want to play farm?”
Child 2- “Yes, I want to play farm, How do you play farm?”

With great enthusiasm, “Miss Vita we ARE going to listen!”

“I want to sing him a Sunshine Song, so he’ll feel better.”

“Your heart has a spring, when you cough it bounces right up.”

“The food fills in your tummy and goes into your toes.”

“That’s the end of the future.”

“My mom’s name is DAD!”

“I just saw Miss Cher Bear and Miss Cherie, I saw where they were sleeping and they
woke up!”

Child 1- “Does that look like a green bean?”
Child 2- No, it’s an electric eel!
Child 1- “But doesn’t it look like one???”

“We are workers. Did you see the destruction we built?”

“We’re building a “take cover” place.”

“We’re making banana-chicken-grape soup.”