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' Risk assessment form


With an unattended
HAZARD Temperature meter on the job training within 2 days
oil spill on surface of checker briefing
underground storage 1 4
tank likelihood of Gas mask Regular inspection 4
tank located in our hazardous incident 5 4 20 of site
company could affect of life of immediately
HAZARDOUS EVENT working people (12
- 15 people) SSOW
inhaling of gaseous
HAZARD unaware personnel PPE
Highly flammable on shift prepare with 1 week
Fire Fighting
materials (4 - 6 people) 4 4 16 personnel for
Equipments 2
HAZARDOUS emergency (PTS) 4 8
EVENT launch the safety immediately
Explosion or fire boards if
break out explosion occurs
HAZARD All shift Fire alarm system
highly flammable,
workers PPE 3 4 12 SSOW
slippery immediately 1 4 4
occasionally for First Aid
employees of (Safe System
company Of Work)
inhaling of gaseous
content, serious injury

*Likelihood x Consequence = Risk