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Instructional Materials Selections Procedures


Instructional materials, often called media, fall into the categories of textbook
(standardized materials) and supplemental diversified materials. Both categories include print,
audiovisual, and electronic formats.

Instructional materials have their primary justification in the support of curricula and
federal and state standards. Although an adopted text may contain the entire curriculum contenct
of a course of study, often a variety of materials are used. The Academy believes that:

1. Every material is likely to present some bias

2. People can gain great insight from considering various points of view

3. Students in any subject at any given grade level have a wide range of skills, abilities, and
experiences. An equally wide range of materials s needed to match these individual

4. Access to large and varied collections of materials is essential to student achievement

5. Teachers can be more flexible and creative if a wide range of materials are available


Materials are selected to support the curriculum established at each of the three schools
(Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric), and every effort is made to select the best from all the materials
which are available. Works are chosen on the basis of their strengths rather than rejected on the
basis of their weaknesses. Most materials are biased, to some extent; students must learn how to
evaluate resources. When controversial issues are covered in the curriculum or in the media
center, materials representing all sides of that issue are to be included.

No student will be prevented from reading or viewing any school materials in which s/he
has interest. However, reasonable efforts will be made to comply with request from parents that
certain materials be withheld from their children.

A procedure for handling challenges against materials has been establish. Challenges to
materials in our school will be given careful consideration.

Textbooks and Primary Sources

Textbooks and primary sources are adopted through a recommendation from the
curriculum committee and voted on by the school board. The committee meets monthly to

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review texts that are up for renewal on a three year basis. Supplemental material is at the
discretion of the classroom teacher.

Gift Materials

The school may accept gift materials with no commitment regarding their use. Retention
and use of gifts will be based on the same criteria as purchased materials. Special memorial
collections will not be maintained within the media center. Bookplates that acknowledge the
donor may be placed in gift memorials.

Discarded Materials

Media centers are to contain collections of materials which support current curricula.
They are not designed to become archives or storehouses. Frequent removal of material is
necessary to keep collections current and to provide shelf space for more useful materials.

Procedure for Handling Challenges Against Material

Persons who wish to challenge a specific item in school collections will follow the
procedure given below.

1. The individual requesting reconsideration must first fill out a Request for Consideration.
This form can be obtained in the library and on the library page of the schools website.

2. The completed form, including a signature, will be filed with the district office.

3. The appropriate level principal or assistant principal will notify the Executive Director,
Director of Classical Instruction and Professional Development, and Media Specialist
within two days of receipt of the Request for Reconsideration form.

4. The principal will, within seven school days after receiving the request, call a meeting of
the Materials Committee (see as follows), to discuss and decide on one of the following
courses of action after reading, viewing, or listing to the item in its entirety.

a. Make the item in question no longer available to students

b. Retain the item in question for unrestricted use by students

c. Attempt to accommodate the individual requesting reconsideration without

denying access to the item in question to persons not under his/her direct control.

5. If the individual requesting reconsideration of any staff member involved is not satisfied
with the decision reached, the case may be appealed. A Materials Committee of new

11111 Bren Road W. Minnetonka, MN 55343 Telephone: 952-746-7760 Facsimile: 952-746-7765

members will consider the case within 21 calendar days of receiving the appeal and will
submit a report and recommendation to the superintendent.

6. Final disposition of the case will be made by the Board of Education upon the
recommendation of the Executive Director.

7. Challenged resources will be available for use during the evaluation process.

Materials Committee

Upon receipt of a Request for Reconsideration, the principal shall appoint a materials
committee. In the Schools of Logic and Rhetoric, the committee shall consist of

1. The principal

2. The Humanities Department Chair

3. The Science Department Chair

4. The Math Department Chair

5. The Media Specialist

6. A community representative

In the School of Grammar, the committee shall consist of

1. The principal

2. The Team Leads from at least three grade levels

3. The Media Specialist

4. A community representative


1. The principal will set a date for the meeting and notify the committee members. The
meeting is to be scheduled within seven school days of receiving the Request for
Reconsideration. All meetings shall be open as defined by state law.

2. All committee members must study carefully the material in question, and be provided as
much information about the request as is known, before the initial meeting.

3. The principal shall notify the individual requesting the reconsideration of an item and the
faculty member(s) involved of the meeting and invite them to present their point of view.

11111 Bren Road W. Minnetonka, MN 55343 Telephone: 952-746-7760 Facsimile: 952-746-7765

4. The materials committee will elect its own chairperson.

5. The committee will vote on all matters, all members having an equal vote. Decisions by
the committee shall be based on the item in question in its entirety.

6. The chairperson will

a. Notify the individual requesting the reconsideration, faculty member(s), and

administrators of the committees decision.

b. Inform all parties of the avenue of appeal.

11111 Bren Road W. Minnetonka, MN 55343 Telephone: 952-746-7760 Facsimile: 952-746-7765

Request for Reconsideration of Material

Author: ____________________________________________

Title: _______________________________________________________________________

Publisher: ___________________________________________________________________

Request Initiated By: __________________________________________________________

Telephone: _________________________ Email: ___________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________________

Representing: _______ Self _______ Organization (Please Specify): ___________________

1. Is this item required material? _______ Yes ________ No

2. To what in this item do you object? Please be specific.


3. What do you feel might be the result of reading or viewing this item?

4. For what age group would you recommend this item? (Optional) ___________________

5. Did you view or read the entire work? __________ If not, what parts?

6. Is there anything good about this work? _______________________________________

7. Are you aware of the judgement of this work by critics?


8. What would you like the school to do about this work?

a. _______ Not assign it to my child

b. _______ Withdraw it from all students as well as my child

c. _______ Other (Please specify) _______________________________________

9. What is an alternative you would recommend?


*Signature ___________________________________________________________

*Without a signature, the request is incomplete and will not be considered.

11111 Bren Road W. Minnetonka, MN 55343 Telephone: 952-746-7760 Facsimile: 952-746-7765