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Date: 2073-11-06

Message from the Chairperson, Board of Trustees

It gives me immense pleasure to learn that Budhanilkantha School is publishing the 39th edition of its
annual magazine Bhanjyang on the auspicious occasion of its School Day 2017.
It has been almost a year that I am directly associated with Budhanilkantha School as the Chairperson
of the Board of Trustees, and I am happy to note that the school is doing well in its effort of equipping
students with knowledge, skill, values and positive attitude that help them take a lead at national
and international levels. I am convinced that the school has a unique model of imparting quality
education, to rich and poor alike, in an environment that fosters unity and equality, and it is a model
to be emulated.
The quality of the articles and other materials contained in Bhanjyang has also assured me that the
school is heading in the right direction upholding its ideals and philosophy in attaining its cherished
goals laid by its founders. I personally feel honoured to be associated with this prestigious Public Trust
that has set milestone in the field of school education in Nepal.
Finally, I congratulate the editorial team for their hard work and creativity. I wish all the best to the
entire Budhanilkantha School family for its further success in meeting the educational expectations
of the nation and the world at large.

Shanta Bahadur Shrestha

Ministry of Education
Board of Trustees,
Budhanilkantha School
February 17, 2017

Message from the Chairperson of the School Management Committee (SMC)

I am delighted to learn that Budhanilkantha School is bringing out the 39th issue of its annual magazine
Bhanjyang on its 45th anniversary. Bhanjyang offers a glimpse of the activities and achievements
of the school as well as the creative expressions of the talented young brains. I hope the content of this
publication will be of great interest to everyone.

As the Chairperson of the School Management Committee, I am convinced that Budhanilkantha

School is moving ahead with its fundamental ideals and ethos in attending the cherished goals. It
is doing well in enabling its students to acquire necessary life skills, knowledge and character for
becoming successful and responsible global citizens. Student are provided with the opportunity to
realize their full potential by competing at local, national and international levels, while at the same
time instilling the sense of patriotism. I am confident that with the dedicated and experienced staff,
the school will continue to play the leading role that the government anticipates from it.

The scholarship scheme has been instrumental in supporting the Ministry of Education fulfill its
commitment to ensuring childrens equitable access to quality education in a supportive environment
to Nepalese children who demonstrate exceptional potential.

I appreciate the work of the editorial team of the magazine and wish the school all the best for its
success in carrying out its noble mission.

Dr. Hari Prashad Lamsal,

Joint Secretary and Spokesperson
Ministry of Education
School Management Committee,
Budhanilkantha School
Date: 12 February 2017

Budhanilkantha School is pleased to present the 39th issue of Bhanjyang on the

auspicious occasion of School Day 2017. This issue, in which the school takes
great pride, follows more or less its former pattern. The content, however, is the
testimony of the fact that the school continues to climbing the rungs of success
while upholding its basic philosophy and ideals. Along with highlighting the wide
range of educational activities that took place in the academic year 2016-17 it
includes numerous interesting articles through which the students have expressed
their feelings, views, ideas and concerns on issues dear to their hearts. I am sure the
readers will enjoy going through them.

The trend of expanding and improving the physical and educational facilities in the
school, so as to ensure that the students continue to receive the best and the latest
service while adhering to the mission of increasing the girl students population in
the school, continued this year too. Tilicho House helped raise the girls population
from 33 to 39% of the total student population, and it is the pride of the school to
have this house inaugurated from the first female Head of the State, Rt. Honourable
President of Nepal, Bidhya Devi Bhandari. To cater for the demand for extra space
for growing population, we have expanded the existing Dining Hall, are building
a spacious modern kitchen, construction of a classroom block with modern
educational facilities has already started and the foundation stone of the sixth
house for girls will be laid within this fiscal year. We were also able to update the
existing classrooms this year and hope to do the same with the student houses in the
coming fiscal year. The impressive set of results of our students in different board
exams, impressive university placements of the recent graduates, award winning
performances of students in international competitions, as well as the philanthropic
activities our student clubs carried out across the country have added inspiration
to our effort to fight through difficult times. Our effort to keep Budhanilkantha
School the Centre of Excellence, in every sense, continues unhindered, thanks to
the enthusiastic support of all the stakeholders Government of Nepal, BOT, SMC,
FOBS, SEBS, parents, teachers, other staff members, students and well wishers.

I express my sincere appreciation to the Editorial Team, which has worked hard
to bring out this publication. I also owe my sincere thanks to those individuals
and organizations who directly or indirectly contributed to bringing out this issue
of Bhanjyang. I hope the magazine will be of interest to all readers. Constructive
feedback will be highly appreciated.

K h B
Keshar h d K
Bahadur h l l
Date: 12 February 2017

I am delighted to learn about the publication of the 39th edition of Bhanjyang on

the occasion of the School Day 2017.

I always look forward to reading Bhanjyang because the ideas and concerns
expressed in the magazine by the young minds of the school are fascinating. I
appreciate their imagination, creativity and positive outlook. Furthermore,
Bhanjyang provides a complete picture of all the major activities and achievements
of the school and its students of the whole year. It is a perfect testimonial that
Budhanilkantha School students think globally and act locally.

Unity in diversity, respect for differences, simplicity, resilience, and the deep sense of
responsibility towards ones society are some of the special traits of Budhanilkantha
School students that make us, the parents, happy. We are also proud of the fact that
this Public Trust has been able to provide quality education of international repute,
thanks to all the stakeholders.

The Friends of Budhanilkantha School (FOBS), as one of the major stakeholders,

is pleased with the progress made by the school so far. The expansion of the dining
hall and renovation of the school kitchen, in particular, are highly appreciable
because the change has benefitted the students directly.

We are the friends of the school. FOBS has always been with the school, though thick
and thin. I take this opportunity to thank the immediate past executive committee of
FOBS for all the constructive support they provided to the school in enhancing the
reputation of the school while ensuring that the received the best service possible.
The current executive committee is equally dedicated and committed in working
at the best interest of the students, parents and the school. I thank all the parents
for agreeing with the FOBS in reviewing the school fees to address the additional
financial needs of the school brought about by the need the time. We the parents
hope that every effort has been made to keep teachers and staff motivated so as to
continue producing world class students. Our mission of donating a multi-purpose
auditorium to the school is in good progress and I express my sincere thanks and
gratitude to all parents for the continuous encouragement and support. I am also
thankful to SEBS for joining hands with FOBS in this noble mission.

On behalf of all parents, I thank and congratulate the editorial team for its beautiful
creation. I am certain that its readers will enjoy it thoroughly.

Harisharan Pudashain
Chairperson, FOBS
Date: 12 February 2017

Dear Readers,
Warm greetings from the alumni of Budhanilkantha School. I feel privileged to
write this message on behalf of more than 4,000 SEBSers living in Nepal, North
America, the United Kingdom, Australia and beyond.

First and foremost, I would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to the
editorial team of Budhanilkantha School for coming up with yet another edition
of this memorable, coveted and prestigious magazine. Bhanjyang has a dear place
in my heart and I am confident that our fellow alumni members share the same
feeling. It is a memoir of our past whereby we relive our times in school.

Writers and contributors also deserve applauses and acknowledgements for

producing wonderful literary, journalistic and artistic works. All of you inspire us
to live to the culture that our school has imbedded so well on us. I would also like to
thank all the contributors, sponsors and mentors for guiding our students and the
editorial team in the process. Thank you for your encouraging efforts.

This years Bhanjyang is a collection of poems, stories, essays, articles, photographs

and artwork that represent almost all nooks and corners of the nation, which is a
portrayal of a representative Nepal that stands united on the values of meritocracy
and unity in diversity. This represents a hallmark of Budhanilkantha Schools
philosophy and the nations current need.

The magazine also consists of several events and activities that were carried out
throughout the year. They represent the core of Budhanilkantha Schools philosophy
of being the center of excellence in education. I could reconnect to all the activities
that we participated in our time. These exhibits convince me about the budding new
generation of talents that will continue to hold the helms of SEBS in the coming
days. I have applause for the faculty, staff and other members of Budhanilkantha
School family who have been contributing relentlessly in nurturing these talents.

I would also like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to different
members of the alumnus for contributing in the betterment of the school and SEBS.
You have been a constant source of motivation. During the year SEBS was involved
in different activities in the school and beyond. Whether it is with sharing sessions
with the Bhais and Bahinis, or organizational contribution to the school, we have
tried to live up to the legacy left by our seniors. We remain committed to continue
our support to the home that we belong to. Enjoy Bhanjyang. Happy reading!

Dr. Sneedha Mainali

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Council of School Prefects 2016

7005 Tilak School Captain

7017 Bijay Deputy School Captain
7164 Aakriti Deputy School Captain
7039 Era Academic Captain & Deputy School Captain
7090 Sandesh House Captain Byasrishi House
7033 Sushmita House Captain Choyu House
7004 Tikaram House Captain Gaurishankar House
7031 Prashamsha House Captain Ratnachuli House
7035 Aakriti School Prefect
7038 Diksha School Prefect 7136 Prashant School Prefect
7052 Rajani School Prefect 7140 Abijeet School Prefect
7074 Kuber School Prefect 7145 Shreehar School Prefect
7108 Praju School Prefect 7152 Pratik School Prefect
7118 Robin School Prefect 7176 Rodasi School Prefect
7120 Sujan School Prefect 7204 Leena School Prefect

Club Presidents 2016

Awareness Club 7053 Shubheksha Interact Club 7055 Shraddha

Bio Diversity Club 7172 Pramita LEO Club 7163 Aabhashree
BNKS.Net Club 7167 Nyoharika Mathematics Club 7059 Aman
Creativity Club 7110 Archana Red Cross Club 7083 Pramit
DADC Club 7116 Biken Science Club 7071 Digdarshan
Environment Club 7151 Prashant SFON Club 7174 Prasiddhy
FOCUS Club 7041 Swornim Social Service 7128 Diwas
FYE Club 7077 Nayan Star Club 7070 Suraj
Heath & Fitness Club 7040 Ishani

Academic Prefects 2016

7010 Premraj 7139 Abhishek 7085 Priyash 7185 Suvekshya

7034 Aabha 7143 Anukram 7086 Raj 7188 Tathya
7037 Akriti 7148 Annanya 7087 Sahil 7189 Pramesh
7062 Arakshan 7150 Nishan 7094 Shashant 7190 Dijee
7064 Ashutosh 7156 Satish 7115 Anubhav 7194 Anktia
7068 Bishwas 7159 Siddharth 7134 Subarna 7206 Reshu
7069 Chandra 7160 Aayush
7079 Nikhil 7162 Umanga
7080 Nirakar 7165 Dina
7081 Prabuddha 7177 Shreeti
7084 Prashant 7179 Simran

17 eGHof @)&#
Budhanilkantha School

Subjects Prize Winners 2015 / 2016

Class 5 Health & Phys. Edu 1049 Saligram/
English 4059 Abhinav 1129 Araj
Nepali 4087 Prince Computer Scince 1038 Mukunda
Mathematics 4036 Nistha Opt. Maths 1036 Kushal /
Science 4102 Rohan 1047 Sabhal /
Social Studies 4102 Rohan 1061 Suraj /
Art 4058 Abhisek / 1062 Sushant /
4123 Madhuranjan 1085 Kriti/
Dance 4032 Sanam 1087 Sneha/
Music 4059 Abhinav 1091 Sujan /
1122 Susma
Class 6
English 3020 Akshata Class 9
Nepali 3050 Barsha English 9030 Abhinav
Mathematics 3099 Dikesh Nepali 9101 Riwaj
Science 3050 Barsha Mathematics 9091 Padam
Social Studies 3004 Karen Science 9091 Padam
Art 3123 Maliya Social Studies 9097 Kisan
Dance 3036 Ullash EPH 9010 Dikshya
Music 3108 Dikshant Health & Phys. Edu 9010 Dikshaya /
Health Edu. 3087 Sagar 9020 Pratistha /
JVTE 3004 Karen 9057 Mukesh
Computer Science 9072 Samip
Class 7 Opt. Maths 9041 Bicky
English 2079 Suvasini / Geography 9067 Rohit
2033 Rabin Accounts 9064 Pratik
Nepali 2098 Janendra
Mathematics 2131 Mukesh Class 10
Science 2131 Mukesh
Nepali 8007 Ankit
Social Studies 2131 Mukesh
English 8018 Durgesh
Health & Edu. 2042 Shree Krishna
C Maths 8053 Ujjwal
JVTE 2131 Mukesh
Science 8011 Avash
Art 2069 Reeja
So.Sc 8018 Durgesh
Dance 2065 Omisha
EPH 8018 Durgesh
Music 2065 Omisha
Opt Maths 8053 Ujjwal
Computer Sc. 8044 Sashank
Class 8
Account 8053 Ujjwal
English 1035 Krishal /
Geography 8092 Sabal B
1129 Araj /1135 Safal
Nepali 1019 Sujan / Overall Best Results 2015/2016
1095 Nanin
Mathematics 1035 Krishal / Class 5 4001 Smritee
1061 Suraj Class 6 3050 Barsha
Science 1091 Sujan Class 7 2065 Omisa
Social Studies 1036 Kushal Class 8 1063 Sushant
JVTE 1074 Chandra Class 9 9120 Pratistha

18 Bhanjyang 2017
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New appointments BNKS News

Bhishma Thapa has been taking care of the
Mrs. T S Acharya has been appointed as dining hall and the kitchen in the absence of the
the Vice Principal of Lower secondary Level. We Catering manager.
would like to thank Mrs. Acharya for her long
service as the Head of House of Hiunchuli and We would like to bid farewell To Mr.
Choyu Houses. Likewise, Mr. A K C has been re- Suman Bhattarai who left for the Netherlands
appointed as the V ice-Principal of Higher to peruse his higher education.
Secondary Level. Congratulations and best of
luck to both of them! Likewise, we would like to bid adieu to
Ms. N Singh, Science teacher with a
Mrs. P Lama and Mrs. M Gurung have congratulatory note for winning the Scholarship
been transferred as the Heads of Houses of Award provided by the Austrailian Government.
Choyu and Tilicho Houses respectively. Likewise We are proud of you maam!
Mrs. B L Prajapati has been appointed as a new
Head of Hiunchuli House. Congratulations and Welcome
good luck to all of them!
Budhanilkantha School welcomes Mr. S
Mr. S Acharya has been appointed as the Adhikari to Physics Department, Mrs. N Jha and
Assistant HOH of Annapurna House, Mr. B R Mrs. M Thapa to English Department, Mr. R
Lamsal as the assistant HOH of Choyu House and Rana and Ms. S Joshi to Biology Department,
Ms. Deepika Kuttu as the assistant HOH of Mr. K.B Puri to Chemistry Department, Mr. G M
Tilicho House. Congratulations and good luck to Chaudhary to Mathematics Department and Mr.
all of them. H R Devkota to Department of Integrated
Thank you
We would like to congratulate Happy Moments
Mrs C. Dolma for completing her tenure of the
Vice Principal (LSL) and thanks her for making a Congratulations to Mr. G P Acharya and
difference in the life of so many students. Mr. R Adhikari for being blessed with baby boys
and Mr. N Nepal for being blessed with a baby
Farewell girl.

On behalf of BNKS school family, we With the concept and initiation of 7136
would like to bid farewell to Mr. I G Shrestha Prashant, 7142 Ankit and 7076 Nabin have
and Mr. P D Rai, Biology teachers and Mr. M designed an intranet for BNKS family. Any BNKS
Adhikari, Chemistry teacher. We would be member is free to make an account.
remembering you for your dedication and Congratulations boys for coming up with such
contribution to the school and the students. creative idea!

Also, the entire Budhanilkantha School BNKS has started its new blog. Beautiful
would like to wish a happy retired life to our articles written by our creative students are
long time Catering manager Mr. K Rai. Mr. already published and more articles will soon
be published.

19 eGHof @)&#
Budhanilkantha School

Heartfelt Condolence
The BNKS family would like to express Congratulations to 7111 Anubhooti,
our deep condolences for the demise of Mr. 7073 Jonsai, 7168 Muskaan, 7153 Ajit for
Chakra Bahadur Shrestha and Mr. Lal Bahadur receiving the opportunity to study in United
Tamang. May their souls rest in peace in heaven. World Colleges in different parts of the world.

Construction 5020 Lokendra, 5194 Samina, 6013

Santosh, 6016 Preeti, 7010 Premaj and 7206
Reshu, 8011 Avash, 8141 Avinash and 8193 Ajita
The dining hall has been extended
have been awarded the Samsung DM
beautifully giving it a spacious look.
foundations Scholarships. Congratulations guys!
The HPE department has constructed a
Mr. Rajesh Manandhar, the HOD of
new extended route for cross country that runs
Department of Arts, has achieved a lot this year.
beside the school wall.
He won the Top 20 award in a program organized
by International Watercolor Society (IWS), held
The Nilgiri house lavatory which was
in Ghandruk. He was also felicitated by Corona
destroyed by the earthquake has been
Nepal for his continuous effort to use art as a
means of social awareness and has also been
recognized by the UN for co-ordinating the UN
art workshop. Congratulations Mr. Manandhar!
Achievements Well deserved!!

Mr. Megh Vilas Bhatta, the teacher of Congratulations to 9030 Abhinav for
Social Sciences, was felicitated by the Education winning the third position along with cash prize
Minister Mr. Dhaniram Poudel in a function of Rs 10,000 in Essay Writing Contest, organized
organized by the Public Education Trust Schools' by Clean up Nepal and UNESCO education unit
Association Nepal. He was recognized for being in Kathmandu.
the most Inspirational Teacher for the SLC
students of 2072 at BNKS. Budhanilkantha School won the First A-
Congratulations Mr. Bhatta! level Huddle Tournament 2016, organized by
Global Reach. Congratulations to the team and
Congratulations to 9072 Samip, 2069 7090 Sandesh for winning the best player.
Reeja, 2076 Smile and 2080 Tisa for having their
paintings on 17 Sustainable Development Goals Congratulations to BNKS students for
of the UN been selected and displayed on the winning the Inter College Mathematics
walls of UN House, Kathmandu. The painting competition organized by St. Xaviers College.
workshop had taken place at Budhanilkantha
School Congratulations to 7010 Premraj, 7068
Bishwas, 7086 Raj, 7084 Prashant, 7094 Shasant
8011 Avash, 8053 Ujjwal, 8088 Ayush and 7206 Reshu for receiving the Mahatma
and 8054 Aditi were also recognized for their Gandhi Scholarship.
excellent performance in the SLC exam of the
previous year. Congratulations to all.

20 Bhanjyang 2017
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University / College Placements - 2015 / 2016

1. 4122 Nimish Tufts University, USA 47. 5061 Anurag Howard University, WDC, USA
2. 4068 Ashwin Tufts University, USA 48. 5130 Utkarsh Ramapo College, NJ, USA
3. 4071 Nimesh Howard University, USA 49. 5018 Abhishek Christ University, Bangalore, India
4. 4125 Sushan Howard University, USA 50. 5042 Kritika Caldwell University, NJ, USA
5. 4136 Ashim Westminster University, USA 51. 5033 Nisha University of Southern Mississippi, USA
6. 4058 Anurag Ramapo College, USA 52. 5124 Prasiddha Ramapo College, NJ, USA
7. 4158 Safal Ramapo College, USA 53. 5071 Kushal Minnesota State University, USA
8. 4128 Markoni Ramapo College, USA 54. 5028 Pratikshya Wilson College, PA, USA
9. 4026 Sunita Whitman College, USA 55. 5188 Utsal Withworth University, USA
10. 4061 Arun Dickinson College, USA 56. 5079 Pravesh University of Sydney, Australia
11. 4146 Bikash St.Johns College, USA 57. 5152 Anamika Ramapo College, NJ, USA
12. 4150 Krishna Catholic University, Australia 58. 5162 Ramesh University of Louisiana at Monroe, USA
13. 4145 Babu Ashoka University, India 59. 5158 Sayarik Wilson College, PA, USA
14. 4127 Avinash Ashoka University, India
60. 5167 Binay Caldwell University, NJ, USA
15. 4144 Bishwa Pulchowk Campus, Nepal
61. 5147 Bhargavi Manipal University, Karnataka, India
16. 4186 Nirman Chitwan Medial College, Nepal
62. 5174 Prajwal Mississippi University for Women, USA
17. 4160 Aashraf Pulchowk Campus, Nepal 63. 5187 Suraj University of Louisiana at Monroe, USA
18. 5168 Crystal Middlebury College, VT, USA 64. 5126 Rohit University of North Alabama, USA
19. 5086 Samriddha Berea College, KY, USA 65. 5096 Umanga Macquarie University, Australia
20. 5202 Shishir Bucknell University, PA, USA 66. 5089 Sarans Macquarie University, Australia
21. 5001 Yobin New York University, Abu Dhabi 67. 5162 Sambhrant Skyline College, California, USA
68. 5064 Avinash Macquarie University, Australia
22. 5185 Showroop Georgetown University, WDC, USA
69. 5072 Okin Australian Western University, Australia
23. 5157 Sadikshya Tohoku University, Japan
70. 5047 Reeya North Seattle Community College, USA
24. 5056 Aayam Colgate University, NY, USA
71. 5182 Novel Delhi Tech. University, India
25. 5031 Prabha Princeton University, NJ, USA 72. 5190 Aakriti University of Bridgeport, USA
26. 5046 Oshin Middlebury College, VT, USA(UWC) 73. 5083 Safal Troy University, AL, USA
27. 5009 Kshitij St.Olaf College, MN, USA 74. 5169 Zenith Troy University, AL, USA
28. 5191 Mansi Kalamazoo College, MI, USA 75. 5141 Pooja India
29. 5091 Saugat Drexel University, PA, USA 76. 5159 Anish ICAI, India
30. 5085 Saket University of Richmond, PA, USA 77. 5073 Lunja T John University, Bangalore, India
31. 5143 Lirona Troy University, AL, USA 78. 5213 Suchana MBBS, Bangladesh
32. 5123 Nischal Troy University, AL, USA 79. 5212 Panasa BDS, Bangladesh
33. 5082 Sabin Withworth University, USA 80. 5037 Ashu KEC, Nepal
34. 5054 Tulasa Husson University, ME, USA 81. 5048 Cindy Pulchowk Engineering College, Nepal
35. 5087 Saroj Caldwell University, NJ, USA 82. 5142 Dipti ACCA, Nepal
36. 5012 Dipen Trumen University, USA 83. 5149 Palistha Thapathali Engineering College
37. 5062 Arman St. Cloud State University, MN, USA 84. 5026 Prashanta Pulchowk Engineering College
38. 5160 Jivan Ramapo College, NJ, USA 85. 5150 Samita KIST College, Nepal
39. 5011 Bijay Caldwell University, NJ, USA 86. 5189 Suprav BBA, Nepal
40. 5049 Rojina Ramapo College, NJ, USA 87. 5195 Sofia Pulchowk Engineering College
41. 5038 Binika Hollins College, VA, USA 88. 5198 Shristi KDC, Nepal
42. 5151 Shweta Caldwell University, NJ, USA 89. 5016 Shreejan MBBS, Nepalgunj, Nepal
43. 5148 Jijeebisha Ramapo College, NJ, USA 90. 5203 Gaurav Pulchowk Engineering College
44. 5145 Nikusun Southeastern Louisiana University, USA 91. 5144 Suraj Kathmandu University
45. 5007 Utsab Caldwell University, NJ, USA 92. 5165 Shriti Kathmandu University
46. 5029 Samiksha East Central University, Oklahoma, USA 93. 5173 Janardhan Kathmandu University

21 eGHof @)&#
Budhanilkantha School


Bhanjyang is the mirror, which reflects what we have given to our young aspirants. It
also perorates exclusively what our children have received and what they have to
offer to the world. We have tried our best to hook their hopes, their aspirations, their
dreams and the wings they would like to take to soar.
The articles contributed by the students will one day remind them of their aspirations,
their dreams and the nobility and dignity of their creative imagination. Whenever
they would like to gauge the distance they have covered and the height they have
reached with the help of their BNKS wings, these articles would be the onset of their
journey. What we have in Bhanjyang is not only the record of our students creativity
but also the underlying feelings and emotions expressed in words by our budding
The task of producing a school magazine is quite daunting. To maintain the glorious
legacy of Budhanilkantha School, which is itself a biggest challenge, we tried to address
it by incorporating varieties of our students creation. The talents, creativity and
novelty of our students have taken the form of poetry, art, essay, story and various
other means of expression. We believe that by providing a platform like Bhanjyang
we have been successful in appreciating the creativity and marvel of our students.
After going through the articles submitted for the magazine, we have witnessed the
elevation of our students imagination and grandeur of their thoughts. Despite the
temporal constraint, our students have bewildered us with the volume and standard
of their creation. Given opportunity, our students are able to surprise the world; a
fact cinched to the team.
As a written record of our students creation Bhanjyang also serves as a token of
appreciation to our well-wishers, beloved parents and everyone who is within and
outside our magnitude.
The magazine would not have taken its shape without various contribution from our
dear students. This year, we received downpour of submissions. This is what has
added sunshine to the effort of our team. It was not possible to include all the
star-studded opuses that we received. So, my sincere apologies to the ones who had
their work out of Bhanjyang harbor. Finally, here we have your sparks, which I believe
will help you ignite the world one day.

Thanks to the contributors and supporters in believing our team.

Thank you.

Mr. N. Nepal
Mr. S. Acharya

22 Bhanjyang 2017
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5}g t/ eflifs ;+/rgf / Jofs/l0fs If]qdf oyfof]Uo ;Dkfbg ul/Psf] 5 . k|fs[lts ;'Gb/tfdf /Dg]
caf]w afnsNkgf tyf k|f9} f]Gd'v pRr:t/sf ljBfyL{sf ;+ju] fTds, /fufTds k|:t'ltn] eGHofnfO{
km"nv]tL gagfP/ km"naf/L agfpg] ;fdYo{ /fVb5g\ eGbf cTo'lSt gxf]nf . cleefjs;Fu Ifl0fs /
cf+lzs kdf 6f9f /xg'kbf{sf s'07fsf] :j:y k|:t'ltsf] dfWod ;flxTo aGg' :jfefljs} xf] t/ oxfF
;dfhsf ;'Gb/ / s'k b'j} kIf, /fhgLlt, x|f;gLlt, bz{g tyf ;du| b]zsf] 5lj d'vl/t x'g k'us ] f]
5 M syf, sljtf, lgaGw tyf ;+:d/0fsf kdf . ljBfyL{sf df}lns /rgfnfO{ oyfzSo ;dfj]z ug]{
k|oTg o; c\sdf ePsf] 5 ;fy;fy} ljBfnodf ePsf ljljw k|ltof]lutfsf pTs[i6 /rgfn] klg
:yfg kfPsf 5g\ .

eGHofnfO{ o; kdf oxfF;Dd Nofpg k|ToIf ck|ToIf kdf ;xof]u k'ofpg'xg' ] ;a}
dxfg'efjxk|lt xflb{s cfef/ k|s6 ub}{ kf7sju{af6 /rgfTds ;'emfjsf] ck]Iff ub{5f}F . wGojfb


lk|of kf}8n
] gf/fo0f e';fn
afa'/fd nD;fn

23 eGHof @)&#
Budhanilkantha School

Table of contents
S.No. Articles Page No. S.No. Articles Page No. S.No. Articles Page No.

1. Following your 26 38. d]/f] b]z ^@ 75. 5f8L uof} *)

2. a]lrPsL ;Ltf @^ 39. d]/f] ;fgf] ufpF ^# 76. Spider World 81
3. O{Zj/ @& 40. Nature in .... 63 77. ;nfd 5 kmf}hL ;nfd *!
4. Hope 27 41. cfgf] kg g]kfnL === ^# 78. The masked .. 82
5. Animals Strike 28 42. Tofu ^$ 79. ;kgfsf] ;+;f/ *@
6. d]/f] ufpF @( 43. Student Life 64 80. Why not learn from
7. Miss Him 29 44. Tihar 65 81. Dawa Tamang ? 83
8. We 30 45. xfd|f] b]z ^% 82. lzIff *$
9. Afaf #) 46. gofF jif{ ^^ 83. The Story ... 84
10. The way I feel 31 47. Tears 66 84. Possessed 85
11. v} s] eg]/ #! 48. A poor girls... 67 85. b]zsf] dfof *%
12. A little knowledge 31 49. a'4sf] b]zdf ==== ^& 86. ;kmntfsf] syf *^
13. Is a dangerous thin 32 50. /fsf] ;"o{ ^* 87. A Memorable . 86
14. k|s[lt #@ 51. Origami 68 88. hLjgsf kf6fx *&
15. My inspiration 33 52. tfg;]g 3'Dg] /x/ ^( 89. Into another .. 87
16. Nature 34 53. In my dream 69 90. !* jif]{ s]6f] **
17. kfgL #$ 54. Friends 70 91. Class Riding .. 88
18. The Wonderful Trip 34 55. a'afsf] ctL{ &) 92. lgi7'/L k|]d !)%
19. Challenges 35 56. lat]sf] ;do &! 93. Work Hard 106
20. Beauty: 35 57. Christmas 71 94. g]kfnsf] df6f !)^
21. The Dance 36 58. b'Mv &@ 95. Childhood Times 107
22. k|s[lt #^ 59. My Brother 72 96. 5f]/Lsf] Joyf !)&
23. Nostalgia 37 60. ;8s afns &# 97. Magic 108
24. ;f; km]b}{ 5' d #& 61. Shivaa 73 98. ;dosf] dxTTj !)*
25. u\uf hd'gf #* 62. A better day ... 73 99. Friend 109
26. Nepali Play 2073 39 63. The biggest hen 74 100.cFWof/f] /ft !)(
27. lrof $) 64. gd]l6g] ;x/ &$ 101.rv]jf / rv]jL !!)
28. Importance 40 65. Fear of orphanage 75 102.John and the .. 110
29. See you again 57 66. Pokmon 75 103.af6f] la/fpFbf !!!
30. ltd|f] ofbdf %* 67. ul/asf] Joyf &^ 104.Dreams 112
31. cfdf %( 68. If only I could fly 76 105.efUo !!@
32. "Two Best... 59 69. d]/f] k|d
] kq && 106.cfg} syf !!#
33. An Old Box 60 70. The value of time 78 107.Blind boy .. 114
34. clGtd cfefif ^) 71. d]/f] dfof &* 108.Odfgbf/Lsf] kmn !!$
35. Student Life 61 72. Hostel life 79 109.g]kfnsf] ;xl/of === !!%
36. cfFvfsf k/]nL ^! 73. ef]lnsf] d &( 110.Helping Others 116
37. She 62 74. Your hobby ... 80 111.eTs]sf] cf:yf !!&

24 Bhanjyang 2017
a"9fgLns07 :s"n

Table of contents
S.No. Articles Page No. S.No. Articles Page No. S.No. Articles Page No.

112.Ash Ketchum.. 118 149.;kgfsf] lzv/ !^# 186.The Image 207

113.Eljio !!* 150.d[To' !^# 187.lj1fg @)&
114.ljrf/zLn ofqf !!( 151.dfgjtfjfb !^$ 188.Living the... 208
115.j;Gt Ct'sf] :jfut !@) 152.ofqf / d !^% 189.After 10 209
116.Clash Of Clan 120 153.cfdf afaf !^^ 190.The Dark Night 210
117.lj1fgsf] rdTsf/ !@! 154.d]/f] :s'n !^^ 191.The awakened .. 211
118.My Pet 122 155.g]kfnL ;+:s[ltdf === !^& 192.Tof] Ps ldg]6 @!!
119.ljZjzflGt cfhsf] === !@# 156.The silvery moon 168 193.Oh no! Again 212
120.:jfy{sf] v]n !@% 157.vft]sf] Joyf !^*
194.d]/f] ljBfnosf] == @!@
121.Mother 126];a'ssf] ;fyL !^(
195.eujfg\ == @!#
122.eTs]sf] 3/ !@^ 159.HER 170
196.Secret ... 213
123.cfdf !@& 160.slno'u !&!
197.eujfg\ ltdL == @!$
124.That day 127 161.Just a Dream 172
198.Whatever .. 215
125.;do !@* 162.MIDNIGHT 173
126.Maybe .. 128 163.Theories .... 173 199.;'Gb/ b]z @!%
127.Friends forever 129 164.Deforestation ... 184 200.cfdfsf] dfof @!^
128.a'af !@( 165.g]kfnsf] dfof !*$ 201.efUo @!&
129.d]/f] b]z !#) 166.Blooming... 185 202.Internet.. 218
130.klZrdL k|efj !#! 167.d]/f] ldlxg]t !*^ 203.o;dosf] dxTj @!(
131.A scary dream 132 168.Pleasure 186 204.Wings or Limbs 219
132.gLnf] cfsfz !#@ 169.Thank God! It.... 187 205.d]/f] b]z d]/f] dgdf 220
133.Abeautiful ... 133 170.;u/dfyf !*& 206.d]/L ;fyL @@!
134.g]kfnsf] jftfj/0f !## 171.My experience... 188 207.This paradise @@!
135.d g]kfnL !#$ 172.k':ts !** 208.How does .... 222
136.Paper boat 134 173.lzIfssf] hLjg !&( 209.cfg} syf @@#
137.LAST DAY 135 174.King 179
210.nIo /fvf}F ljzfn @@$
138.ul/asf] kL8f !#% 175.Robot Vs Human 180
211.k5'tf] @@%
139.The Turning .. 136 176.uGw] !*!
212.Farewell.. 226
140.cfdf ltd|f] cfF;' !#^ 177.Confess 181
213.Who is she ? 227
141.d]/f] ;kgf !^) 178.The two lost souls 182
214.Day and Life 227
142.;'vL hLjg !^) 179.Influenced by You 183
143.d]/f] ufpF !^) 180.Believe it or not 184 215.ACT OF WAR .. 228;fg !^! 181.cfdf !*$ 216.Dashain ... 229|f] ;kgf !^! 182.Life goes on 202 217.Serenity 230|f] ;kgf !^! 183."The" man 203 218.Narrow Escape 230
147.When I was ... 162 184.The transition 204 219.The War Hero 231
148.g]kfn cfdfsf] j]bgf !^@ 185.My path ... 205 220.Ticket to success 232

25 eGHof @)&#
Budhanilkantha School

Following your dreams

watch them. The ballet dancers But mom, I said, Everyone
taught me balance even in will ask me to perform in front
difficult positions, the modern of large crowds. I get very
dancers taught me to have nervous. What if I freeze?
style and harmony, the classical My mother devised a brilliant
dancers taught me to follow plan to help me conquer my
the rules. My favorite was the fear. Of course I didnt know it
dances of different parts of at that time but now, I do. She
It was always my dream to Nepal. They made me feel like made me give a speech in the
dance on the stage but I was in a certain part of my stage first. Baby steps I
circumstances always country, living a particular remember her saying.
prevented it. My friends, who culture. Dancing was my When I discovered that
knew about it, used to inspiration, my passion and my deliveing a speech was not a
pressurize me to do it. I still way of showing my emotion. big deal, I thought of dancing.
remember my best friend One day when I was dancing to With my mothers support I
saying, Come on Briza, if you a fifth harmony song I forgot to conquered my fear and started
dont try, how will you know if lock my door. Only after the dancing. From that day
youll succeed? song was over, I realized that onwards I always follow my
But the fear of stage never left my mother was watching me dreams however difficult
my mind. Thousands of people from outside. She was because I found that the best
looking at me, gawking me like surprised, obviously because way to face my fears is to go
Im an animal in the zoo. I used she had never seen me dance; through them.
to buy tickets for dances, all let alone that I danced well.
dances I could find go and She asked me why I hid dancing 4002 Bristhi, class 6
from everyone.

a]lrPsL ;Ltf
5 d dfdf3/ guPsf] klg y'k}| v'zL xFb' } p;};uF uO5 . Tof] dfG5]n]
eO;Sof] clg lxhf] dfOh"n] klg p;nfO{ 3/ k'oflbg'sf] ;6\6f s'g}
cfpg' eGg'ePsf] lyof] egL . c g} 7fpFdf nu]5 / Pp6f
;LtfsL cfdfn]] ef]ln 3/df y'k}| dfG5]nfO{ a]lrlbP5 . ToxfF p;n]
sfd 5 clg ltdLnfO{ s;n] /fd|f;] uF vfgf vfg klg kfpFlbgyL,
dfdf3/ k' ofOlbG5 t laxfg a] n ' s f;Dd sfd dfq
eGg'eof] . ;Ltfn] cfdf, d olt ul//fVg'kYof]{ . To;}n] pm Pslbg
7"nL eO;s]F ca t cfkm}F hfg ToxfFaf6 efUg ;kmn eO{ /
;Ltf vfgf vfg cfpm eg]/ ;S5' egLg\ . ;LtfsL cfdfn], h;f]t;f] 3/ k'uL . p;sL cfdf
;LtfsL cfdfn] af]nfpg'eof] / x'G5 t olb ltdLnfO{ Psbd hfg 5f]/L x/fPsLn] Hofb} lrlGtt
sf]7fdf a;]/ sk8f ldnfpFb} dg 5 eg] hfpm eGg'eof] . laxfg x'gx' G' Yof] / crfgs 5f]/L To;/L
u/]sL ;Ltf vfgf vfg uO{ . cfdfn] ;LtfnfO{ a; r9fP/ 3/ cfpF b f pxfF v' z L
cfdfn] cfh ahf/ 3'Dg hfg cfpg'eof] . ;Ltf a;df lgbfO5 x'ge' of] . pxfFn] 5f]/L ltdL oqf]
tof/ 5f} eg]/ ;f]Wg'eof] . p;n] / dfdf3/ emg's { f] ;6\6f cufl8 lbg;Dd sxfF uPsL lyof}< eg]/
klg v'zL x'bF } tof/ 5' egL . g} k'lu5 . To;kl5 pm cflQP/ ;f]Wg'eof] . ltdL dfdf3/ klg uPsL
pgLx ahf/sf nflu lgl:sP / g yfln5 . pm /f]Psf] b]v/] Ps lyPgf} c/] eGg'eof], clg ;Ltfn]
lbgel/ 3'ld;s]kl5 3/ kmls{P . hgf dfG5] cfP/ gfg' lsg /f]Psf] klg cfgf] ;a} j[tfGt ;'gfO{, clg
3/ kmls{;s]kl5 a]ns' f vfgf vfFb} eg]/ ;f]w5] . p;n] klg cfgf] slxn] klg o;/L PSn} sxLF klg
ubf{ ;Ltfn] cfdf d]/f] hf8f]sf] ;a} j[tfGt ;'gfO5. clg Tof] ghfg] eg]/ afrf u/L .
labf klg ;' eO;Sof], dnfO{ dfG5]n] cfpm d ltdLnfO{ 3/
s:tf] dfdf3/ hfg dg nfu]sf] k'ofOlbG5' eg]5 clg pm klg $)$$ s0ff, sIff ^
26 Bhanjyang 2017
a"9fgLns07 :s"n

O{Zj/ Hope

Some day I truly wonder,

And other; I just think how it would be,
To sit under the stars and see,
The whole lot of galaxy,
vfpmF vfpmF eGg] pd]/df vfgf ltdLn] lbPgf}, And about life I start to ponder.
nfpmF nfpmF eGg] pd]/df n'uf ltdLn] lbPgf} .
I know life is just not easy,
x] O{Zj/ nLnf ltd|f] /x]5 ck/Dkf/, And that theres a lot yet to perceive,
Think, desire, process and achieve,
ul/b]pm n xfd|f oL b'Mvsf] ;+xf/ . But I know that till the end,
Ill hold on even when Im dizzy.

Even though life shall take a new bend,

3'Df3fd ug]{ a]nfdf cy{ ltdLn] lbPgf}, For the best I shall always hope,
clxn] cy{ eP klg lx8\g
F ltdLn] lbPgf} . And with my problems I shall cope,
Strong determination will help me fight,
x] O{Zj/ ltd|} 5 o;df 7"nf] xft, And win the battles with my might.

gq x'G5f}F xfd|f g]tf em},F ug]{ dfq aft . Forever on the path of right,
I shall be guided by my star,
At least Ill have a par
v]Ng dg nfUbf xfdLnfO{ /f]Sg ltdL cfpF5f}, And I know who wants the light of day,
Must survive the darkness of the night.
k9\g' kg]{ a]nfdf v]Ng kf] af]nfpF5f} .
Above all Ill always take the right path,
x] O{Zj/ nLnf ltd|f] /x]5 ck/Dkf/ And think twice before I act.
Ill never let anything bother,
;donfO{ l:jsf/]/ u/ b'Mvsf] ;+xf/ . What I think and what I say,
And always shine a hopeful ray.

@)%@ o1]z, sIff * 9136 Aakriti class 10

27 eGHof @)&#
Budhanilkantha School

Animals Strike
Once, there was a conference Date:10/05/2020
of wild animals to discuss
about the tactless human
activities. Everyone in the Chitwan National
jungle was invited. The King of
Honorable sir,
the jungle, Sher khan, was We, the
about to start the conference animals of Chitwan National
when he noticed that two park, would like to request you
deers, Lamkane and his brother to tighten the security of the
were missing. Although they National Park. Poachers and
had been informed to be Hunters can easily enter the
present at the conference, they area and conduct activities pigeons had already died and
hadnt arrived yet. which harm us. Similarly, others were also in no good
The two deer came running, along with deforestation should condition.
frantically. As soon as they also be banned. They had a talk with the
reached, everybody Hoping for president. The president was
surrounded them and asked your positive response. ready to fulfill their demands.
why they were late.Lamkane The hunger strike came to an
replied, We were both coming end.
for the conference. But on our Animals. All the animals are living a safe
way we saw a hunter searching and happy life now because of
for animals. So, we had to hide. patience the animals could Sher Khan.
Therefore, we are late. wait no more. So Sher Khan
These selfish humans, cried was forced to attack few 3117 Nobel, Class 7
Sher khan.They have people who were trying to cut First in English essay writing
disturbed our daily life. They down the trees. competition
killed my friend in order to get The people managed to escape
his skin. Our skin is very somehow.
precious and priceless for As Sher Khan was about to
humans. So, they hunt us for return , he saw a piece of paper
their selfish motive. lying down.The piece was a
But our life is more precious part of newspaper and
than anything, cried an contained an article on
elephant. HUNGER STRIKE.
Some more animals expressed Then another conference was
their opinions. They decided to held.Sher Khan shared his idea
write a letter to the president. about doing a hunger strike.
The letter was like this. But if they were to do it in the
jungle then no one would
Then, the tiger announced that know about it.
if no action was taken by the
president the animals would be So they palnned to do it infront
forced to do something on of presidents residence.They
their own. declared hunger strike as soon
Weeks passed by. But nothing as they reached the presidents
happened. After one month of building.11 days later, two

28 Bhanjyang 2017
a"9fgLns07 :s"n

d]/f] ufpF Miss Him

gusty wind of madness and

confusion. My brother was an
extraordinary guy who was a
kind of perfect. Perfect ! I
dont exaggerate when I say
Death wipes smiles, mocks perfect. I try forgetting the
people and crushes them very grief, but I cant. I want to cry,
slt ;'Gb/ d]/f] ufpF hard. This time death was but the tears simply dont
unforgivable. It ruined me. God come, instead I feel a searing
dnfO{ nfU5 hfpF hfpF indeed took a large chunk of pain; a burning sensation and
me. I remember him, his smile, numbness in my body. I am
xfjf kfgL :jR5 5 his arms and his touch. The broken and the shackles
To;df xfd|f] ldt 5 . memory is vivid but the pain is around my body try breaking
horrendous. We were used to free but I tighten the belt.
playing all those silly games of These are all the strangeness of
Doctor-Doctor and moreover, Fate; I believe and console
ufpFs} kfgL nfU5 dnfO{ we irritated people so much myself. I hadnt thought that I
that they used to scold us. We would have this encounter that
;a}eGbf dL7f] blamed each other for all the would separate a bond; a bond
naughty things we did. We of a brother and sister. The
udL{df tftf] / lr;f]df hf8f] laughed and cried together, bond, I kept above everything.
partaking in mischief and A bond I thought would never
dnfO{ w]/} dhf lxpF;uF v]Ng fought for chocolates and toys. break has come to an end, but
Those childhood memories I will cherish the memories for
d]/} ufpFsf ;'Gb/ lxdfnnfO{ were worth remembering. my lifetime.
x]g{ . After we grew up, we shared I have lost my brother
each with other, our joys and who supported me in every
sorrows. He was someone I step of my life. He has
could share my deepest secrets understood me my life much
;a}eGbf Kof/f] nfU5 dnfO{ d]/} with. He accepted me for what better than I have. He will stay
I was my flaws and I, his. I felt in my heart forever. I dont have
ufpF that we had the best bro-sis him anymore, but I will surely
relation but to my distress, it have him for the ups and
hGd]sf] / x'ss
{] f] ;'Gb/ d]/} didnot last for long. downs that follows. I will miss
I heard the news in a him more than anything else.
7fpF . state of frenzy. It felt like life He blossomed my garden but
had drained out of me as if my this immense pain has wilted
soul and consciousness was my Daisy.
clinging on to me trying to
$!!! c\u/fh, sIff ^ shield themselves from the 9127 Awantika, class 10

29 eGHof @)&#
Budhanilkantha School

We afaf

We have crossed the never-ending ocean. We have

travelled to the moon. We have challenged nature. We
regard ourselves as the most intelligent being on Earth.
We regard ourselves capable of conquering the world but
are we able to conquer ourselves? Are we in such a afaf;Fu 5'lP/ a:g'kof]
haste to move forward that we forget to look back and ;w}eF l/
realise the wrong thing we did? Was it worth the lives lost ToxL afafnfO{ ;Dem]/ cfpF5
in our self-initiated wars between ourselves, fighting cfF;' uxel/
battles to quench our thirst for blood? lsg o:tf] uof] eujfg\n] xfdL
Failure is a simple word composed of just seven letters of
{ fly
the alphabet yet it is enough to make us give up on our slxn] t afaf dnfO{ n]pm
dreams that we worked so hard to live. It could make one ltd|f] a'Od
{ fly .
foolish enough to take his or her own life. Is failure worth
a precious life? We need to understand that failure is w]/} ldlxg]t uof} dnfO{ 7"nf]
actually success turned inside out, that success comes dfG5] agfpg
with struggles and hardships and that the road to success
is always under construction.
slxNo} aGb]h nufPgf} o;
;+;f/df /dfpg
Without realising, we have drawn each others blood, afaf ltdL aGof} d]/f]
destroyed their homes for our own benefit. We have been pbfx/0fsf] kfq
destroying nature in disguise of challenging it but not to ;a}eGbf w]/} dfof kfPF d}n]
realise that by destroying nature, we are destroying dfq .
ourselves. So lets ask ourselves a simple question. Is it
really worth it?
afrf u5{' ltdLnfO{ ljZj;fd'
9019 Prekshya, class 10 lrgfpg]
of] 5f]/Lsf] sd{af6 w]/} u'0f
afaf ltdLnfO{ ltdL lagfsf]
hLjg s:tf] 5 eGg' 5
ltdL;Fu} a;]/ ;kgfsf] tf/f
uGg' 5 .

*@@^ k|l;l4sf, sIff !!

30 Bhanjyang 2017
a"9fgLns07 :s"n

The way I feel v} s] eg]/ ;Daf]wg u?F d <

? ?
? ?
The sky is above and my head is held high:
But, why do I feel so uncomfortable dfofn' eg"F t dofkL zAbx
Though I know that, for the stars to twinkle-
At night there has to be darkness. hn]/ vfu alg;s]
z/L/;Fu} hn]/ v/fgL eO;s] .
I keep flowing with time and always scared;
Scared of whats coming next, pain or
pleasure- d'6' lbG5' eGg] dfG5] db]lv g} 6f9f eof}
Shouts, complexion, my semi blackness and k/fO{sf] l;Gb'/ ;hfO{ 3'D6f] cf]9L 6f9f uof}
all those yells
Keeps me caged, saying I am not one of
them. h;/L vf]nfx
lsgf/f k'u/] kmsL{ hfG5g\
But still I am happy seeing those clouds To;/L g} of] :jfyL{ ;+;f/df
Because they are also like humans, black
and white d]/f] kL8f b]v/] ;a} tsL{ uP .
Sometime I feel like the dew drop on the
leaf lk|o;L eg"F t
Shining in morning but disappearing in the
bright bfDkTo hLjgsf] bz jif{ laTbf klg ltd|f] aGg
I convince myself to be strong like a cube of ltd|f] lk|o x'g nfos aGg ;lsgF .
But again, I happen to melt into water ca dnfO{ s;}sf] ;fysf] vfFrf] 5}g lsgls
When I am judged cfg} dfG5]af6
Judged over my simplicity and complexion 6fl9g'sf] kL8f d}n] ef]lu;s]F .
by my own friends

I am confused, searching for my fault sxfF uP tL b]p/fnLsf afrfx

Investigating the crime I didnt commit sxfF uP xfd|f ;of}F ;of}F ;Fu} afFRg] s;dx
Trying to undo this curse of being born as
black rf]6r} f]6sf] pkxf/ dnfO{ klxofO{
And I wanted to yell till my throats are tired lbP/ uof}F cflv/df lttf cd/ ofbx .
But then, I reconsole myself thinking
There has to be dark in order to get a
glimpse of beautiful moon. >LdtL egf}F t eGg} ldn]g
lsgls :joDa/sf dfnfx cf]OnfO;s]
So now I have decided not to tolerate those
yells t/ jt{dfg ltdL h;sL lk|o eP tfklg
Rather I will live my life, my way. d]/L ctLtsL lk|o ePsL gftfn]
And not allowing anyone to judge me, d ltdLnfO{ lk|o eg]/ g} ;Daf]wg ug{ /mrfpF5' .
In this tale of mine, I am the warrior.

8201 Shilpa, class 11 @)$@ >Ls[i0f, sIff *

31 eGHof @)&#
Budhanilkantha School

A little knowledge k|sl[ t

is a dangerous thing

A man I knew used to be

very fond of reading
books on medicine. He
thought he knew more
than the doctors and
when he got sick, he used
to look up on his books,
buy medicine and treat
A boy in our school took himself. One time, he fell d]/f] nLnf ck/Dkf/ 5
chemistry as one of his ill and had low fever d]/f] ;l[i6 dgf]x/ 5
every day. Some said he o'uf}F o'ub]lv lr/~hLjL
subjects. When he had /x]sf] 5'
read one simple textbook had better visited the
lxhf]bl] v cfh;Dd lj1fgnfO{
and had worked in the doctor. Nonsense. 9f8; lbFb} cfPsf] 5 .
laboratory for a few Doctors are of no use. I
weeks, he thought he know as much as they do. ;'Gb/ au}r F fdf cfgf
knew as much as or even I went by my books and ;GtltnfO{ v]nfpFb}
found that I have a cfkm}n
F fO{ O{zsf] bhf{ lbFb}
more than the chemistry hut\df xif{sf] lah
mastermind. One day, he malarial fever hence I am
5/]sf] 5'
asked the mastermind taking large doses of ;a}sf] cufl8 ;j{>i] 7
permission to work with quinine. He would reply sxlnPsf] 5' .
some chemicals in the to their advice. However,
laboratory after school his symptoms worsened ;don] s:tf] eo\s/ df]8
and almost died. When a lnof]
hours. The master was dnfO{ g} cfgf] t'R5 l;sf/
very pleased to find a boy doctor came to rescue, it
so interested in his was found that he had an cfw'lgsLs/0fsf] gfddf sx/
subject and gave him a abscess in the liver and sf] vf8ndf leq\ofof]
few chemicals to work an operation was done d]/f] pHofnf] cg'xf/nfO{ t'R5
with. He messed with just in time to save his t'Nofof] .
those for a while and life. When the man
recovered, he was a
efjL ;Gtltsf nflu ;+3\ if{
suddenly, there was a big ug]5
{ '
explosion. The boy was sadder and wiser man. He ;a}sf] nf]rgdf km]l/ emNsg] 5'
badly burnt and he nearly had learnt that little ;+;f/nfO{ cfkm"dfly
set the place on fire. He knowledge is a dangerous ul/dfdo t'Nofpg] 5'
realised that little thing. d pxL k|sl[ t
d pxL k|sl[ t .
knowledge was a
8197 Sashmita ,class 11
dangerous thing. ()%! x]lnod, sIff !)
32 Bhanjyang 2017
a"9fgLns07 :s"n

My inspiration
Look at my hand, my grandpa knowledge. He is in his eighties
showed his tough palm to me now, he still cross questions me
and continued, This index about the things I learn at
finger is your grandma, the school and pinpoints where I
middle one is your dad, and the am wrong or where I am weak
next is your mom, and this little at. Nevertheless, my grandpa
finger is you. I am this thumb. was always naughty when it
He immediately closed his came to food, and he still is! I
palm into a tougher fist and heard that he would sneak into
said, See, how this wraps the kitchen and get a fistful of When asked to him, What do
around four of you, Ive got to dried meat stored in mud pots you think life is? He defines
protect you all this very way, and savor it before anyone life as energy. He believes in
keeping us all united and would find out. Still today, my using that energy in the right
strong. My small eyes glinted grandpa wants his taste buds place at the right time to make
at his wise words married with to be pampered. He is careless his life more productive and
an elegant analogy he made. in this matter, so its always wise.
Twelve years have elapsed necessary for us to check on his He is growing old now, a little
since he told me that. I was just diet. But yes, surviving on stooped with every passing
five and although I may not boiled vegetables must be so days. I have seen needles being
have had come across the bland for him! pierced into the veins of his
words responsible, brave and My granddad is awesome in hands but he is still very strong
caring at that time, I could science. He was honored by at heart. He is a tough man
perfectly see what they meant. the king of our country for his with this twinkle in his eyes
My grandfather has always exceptional performance in his that always makes me feel
been a huge inspirational final year of school. He later loved and feeling of his rough
person in my life. He taught me joined to a military academy hand in my cheeks always
to be patient, polite and where he was shortest of all. makes me feel blessed.
presentable all the time. He Yet, he rode horses and ran Married to a woman who
showed me what being bold is, lapses as a bonafide student. completely contrasts, him they
he told me how much hard He worked as a teacher for still make the sweetest couple.
work is important. He puts many years in the national While whole world takes
forth a person I aspire to be. universities and wrote many mirror as source of vanity my
Born in 1930s in a joint family books with my grandma who grand dad takes it as most
with lots of children, my was too exceptionally good at faithful friend of ours. He asks
grandpa was never a maths and science. However, me to spend more time looking
mischievous boy or a reckless he later left the job deciding to at the mirror not to admire
child. He says that he was the build his own business. He has myself but to make sure I am
most obedient and honest developed this business into a presentable. In that way I am
child in the family. His sisters family business now employing respecting the others
add up to this history by hundreds of Nepalese people. presence. He teaches me to
sharing how he preferred to He worked really hard to take my time to do work as long
work with his own grandfather establish this business, which as I am persistent and
to earn some coins rather than soon developed as one of our determined. He inspires me
playing around or fooling countrys top animal feed not to be a copy of him but a
around with his friends all the business. He had got replica of determination,
time. And what would he do opportunities to visit many bravery and sincerity.
with these coins? Go and get a countries but of all these places
good book of science or maths he loves Nepal truly and always 7181 Srichchha, class A2
so that he could broaden his boasts on the beauty of Nepal.

33 eGHof @)&#
Budhanilkantha School
The Wonderful Trip
Nature kfgL

Wake up my mother shouted

.Its already six in the morning.
We are going to be late. Now
get ready fast. Hurry up! I was
surprised. I asked my mom,
Where are we going?
Mom said that we were going
to Janakpur on a trip. I got
excited. I packed my bags, did
morning chores and got ready
as soon as possible.
In the nature, Then we went to Bus Station. It
With dangerous adventure; lxdfnb]lv t/fO{;Dd kfgL was crowded. There wasnt
Having many creatures; g} kfgL even space to stand. We found
With funny features. kfgL lagf rNb}g xfd|f] our bus and our journey started.
It was the first time I was going
Some parts of the forests
lhGbufgL . somewhere out of valley. I was
Are like our braverys test; really excited. After around 5
kfgL xfd|f] lhGbufgL, kfgL hours I finally got to see the
Where darkness rests,
Terai. It was so flat. I was really
And where serenity is at its best. xfd|f] ;f; amazed to see it. But soon it got
kfgL lagf x'bF g} x} k[YjLdf hot. We were sweating. Luckily,
Nature is wonderful, I fell asleep.
Its creation is beautiful; af; . When I woke up we had already
But we are not dutiful, reached Janakpur. We got off
To keep the nature delightful. hgfj/nfO{ lkpFbf rflxg] the bus and went to our uncles
home. They were really happy
We chop down trees,
kfgL to see us. We slept there at night.
And take honey from bees, kfgL g} xf] xfd|f] lhGbuLsf] Next day, we went to Janaki
It is very bad indeed, vfgL . Temple. The temple was really
To trouble the deers knees. big like a fort. It was very
beautiful painted in white and
To keep nature pretty,
vf]nf gfnf gbL x'bF } kfgL different colors. Then we went
;d'bd| f hfgL to see different famous places
It is our own duty,
and ponds. We bought many
To return nature its beauty, olt g} xf] lkpg] kfgLsf] things from there as well. It was
We should follow the trait of honesty. sxfgL . the best vacation of my life.

5002 Fara, class 5 4025 Pragya, Class 6

%)*% ;d[4, sIff %
34 Bhanjyang 2017
a"9fgLns07 :s"n

Challenges and solution of education system in Nepal

charm at all. The consequences than theoretical learning. In
are clearly visible in the order to put an end to different
Nepalese political scenario as restrictions, kinesthetic
there are no leaders with learning should be pursued by
higher qualification; the main all schools. The hands on or
reason for a deeply rooted doing approach will help
political turmoil. students assimilate and absorb
Additionally, it is not fair for the contents more easily.
younger generations to rely on Similarly, vocational training
the curriculum designed years can play an important role in
If life gives you lemon, make back. As time waits for none, uplifting the education
lemonade; this regard, when we will always be left behind as standard students will learn by
problems arise, solutions need a global citizen if we study (in trying and reaching out to final
to be coined. Unfortunately in context of past) each student conclusion. Students build a
context of Nepal, the list of has his or her own way and positive attitude towards their
problems being far more than pace of learning, everyone studies and will always be
the effort put to solve them, cannot be put in the same bowl eager to learn more if they are
Nepalese education system, and expected to give the same provided with free choices. On
which we have been following result. Schools of Nepal the other hand, students dont
since its inception needs to be predefine the roles for students take learning as a burden. They
reformed. Although the and teachers. The long school can fly with different colours of
Nepalese education system has hours i.e. 10-4 is already hectic, imagination and make use of
come a long way from 5% yet the trend for tuition classes their creativity. Teachers must
literacy rate in 1951 to 60.3% and coaching occupies the be well trained to interact with
literacy rate in 2010. Yet the leisure of the students. Further, students. In fact, the syllabus
deep rooted problem lies homework is the rules and must be revised every year so
within the system. regulations students come that the students are not left
Firstly, people need to home with have restricted out to learn about the
understand the importance of students to wander physically important things as per their
education and be imposed to and mentally. How can we time.
anyone. Is it healthy to force expect a kid to be an The problems that are rooted
kids to study? Why do we hear extraordinary if we restrict his in the education system of
the suicide case every time SLC or her imaginations? The Nepal will not vanish; will not
results is published? When did qualified people are still out of even the same mentality. The
Science become a subject job while the industries have literate people should change
only to the students with been demanding more. The their attitude and start creating
higher marks? These are the situation seems to be out of new foundation that is strong
common questions that linger balance pointing the direct flaw enough to eliminate the
in our mind and shape the of our education system. existing problems. As this is not
academic choices we make. Identifying the actual problem a personal problem, individual
The interests and skills of is already half way to solution. effort will make any difference.
thousands of students get When we are aware of Also, the exterior change is not
hidden within the percentage problems of our education enough. The need for change
achieved by the student. The system, we can seek towards in the outdated education
smarter one would opt either the solution. The education system has to be felt by
becoming a doctor or an system of Nepal can be everyone.
engineer. Whereas, the one improved by emphasizing on -
with lower percentage has to practical based learning rather 8173 Aavha, class A1
opt for the subjects with no

35 eGHof @)&#
Budhanilkantha School

k|sl[ t
The Dance
The tops of the grass bristle with the wind
The wind whistling as it skims the grass
The wind, the music
The grass, the dance
The tinkle of a childs laughter,
The gallop of a horse,
The melodious chime of the nightingale,
The dance of the leaves.
Dance beauty,
In the tinkle and gallop
In the chime and leaves.
x]/ g ;fyL
Embraced in the arms of the green mother slt /fd|f] 5 of] k|fs[lts ;'Gb/tf
Butterflies flutter, flowers bloom
Rivers flow, waterfalls cascade ldn]/ sfd uYofF} eg] x'G5 cem} /fd|f]
Sun shines and water sparkles jg, h\un, vf]nf, gfnf g} xf] k|sl[ t
Dances beauty, k|sl[ tnfO{ hf]ufpg ;s] g]kfn x'G5
In the flutter and bloom
In the flow and cascade, /fd|f] .
In the shine and sparkle
Echoed in the sounds of the mortals sf]xL eg] k|sl[ tsf] k|z;
+ f u5{g\
A prayer for life, an answer to a cry t/ sf]xL eg] k|sl[ tnfO{ rf]6 k'ofpF5g\
A helping hand to the fallen
A smile to the destitute k|sl[ tsf] ljgfzdf nfUg] .
Dances beauty,
In the prayer and answer xfdLn] k|sl[ tnfO{ hf]ufpg ;s]
In the gesture and smile
xfdLnfO{ g} x'g] xf] kmfObf
Encapsulated in the pages of history olb xfdL cN5L u5f}F eg]
Stories of valour and altruistic deeds
Tales of love and sacrifice k|sl[ tnfO{ rf]6 kg]5
{ .
Epics of honour and loyalty
Dances beauty, xfdLn] klg Pstfdf sfd u/]
In stories and tales
In honour and epics. ;kmn dfG5] aGg]5f}F
kl9u'gL 7"nf] eO{ k|sl[ tnfO{
The cosmos glitters with beauty
The eyes have yet to see hf]ufpg] 5f}F .
The eyes have yet to dance
8165 Rakshya, class A1 %))% s[ltsf, sIff %
36 Bhanjyang 2017
a"9fgLns07 :s"n

Nostalgia ;f; km]b{} 5' d

Entering the front gate in black pants and blue t-shirt.

Since class four, we fought and complained about trivial things sf]xL ldq ljof]udf
and argued in senseless stuff. sf]xL dftf ljof]udf
New, childhood life here was really tough. w' w' Fb} 5g\
d]/f] hLjg ljof]udf
With time, our height and weight changed. cem} ;f; km]b{} 5' d .
Also, the feelings we had were never the same.
We learnt to love and care.
We started doing things all fair. dfu]sf] lyPF Ps 5fs vfgf
Tof] ltdLn] ;'gg] f}
Being the senior in class eight, vf]hs] f] lyPF Ps yf]kf kfgL
Went almost each and every class late. Tof] ltdLn] lbPgf}
Met some people by chance and fate, ef]s Kof; d]6fpg] cfzfdf
Sharing the year with them was great.
cem} ;f; km]b{} 5' d .
Then class nine, I must say,
Everything was fine and okay. Pp6f 3/df af; dfusf]] lyPF
Then came the so called Iron Gate in class ten. Pp6f dfq} vf6 5 /]
Distinctions and achievements were all gained. ;'Tgsf nflu r6fO dfu]sf]
A-Level was the choice I made.
Accounting equations all over my head, Tof] klg 5}g /]
Life changed and so did I, lgb|f d]6fpg] cfzfdf
But never gave up and always tried. cem} ;f; km]b{} 5' d .
Its funny how time passes so fast, yfx} gkfO{ ;kgf hNof]
But good memories and experiences will always last kfgL ofNg sf]xL cfPgg\
And yes, we all have our ups and downs.
Oh! after a year or two, well all be in different towns. yfx} gkfO{ 3/ km'6o\ f]
;fGTjgf lbg sf]xL cfPgg\
Feelings about friends changed; cl3 a9\gnfO{ csf]
New people started becoming good friends. cfzfdf
What I thought was the most important wasnt; cem} ;f; km]b{} 5' d .
Achieved things that I thought I couldnt.
Obviously everything has an opportunity lost: s]6fs]6L cfpF5g\ nft
There are things dear to me that I lost, xfG5g\
But it is worth it as now life is fine and good. cfgf] afNosfn ;DemG5' d
Its all because of the effort that I put. 9'u\ fdf a;L xft 6fpsf]df
So, these wonderful years will come to an end soon, cfg} efUonfO{ ;/fK5' d
But the memories will be like the full moon-
Always so beautiful and so bright. b'lgofFdf kfun sxlnFbf klg
Only to let you know, at this point I almost cried. cem} ;f; km]b{} 5' d .
7055 Shraddha, class A2 !!)! ;';g, sIff (
37 eGHof @)&#
Budhanilkantha School

nfpg] xfntdf lyOgg\ pgL . vfnL /flvg\ . hd'gfnfO{ pgsf] Tof]

u\uf hd'gf v'f otfptf ef}tfFl/lGyg\ . pgsf] xfnt b]v/] ;f/} bof hfUof] .
pgn] u\ufnfO{ km]g{ sk8f lbOg\
o:tf] sl7g kl/l:ylt b]v/] ;a}
crDd ky]{ . k};f dfUbf y'y' ub}{ / elgg\ tkfO{n + ] of] csf] 3/
3[0ff u/L lxF8y\ ] . Ps lbgsf] s'/f eGb}df cK7\of/f] dfGg' kb}g{ . of]
xf], emSs /ft kl/;s]sf] lyof] . tkfO{s} 3/ 7fGg'xf];\ / h] s'/fsf]
;8s ;'g;fg lyof] . g s'g} ;jf/L vfFrf] 5 eGg'xf];\ . d tkfO{nfO{
;fwg g s'g} dflg; . sf]xL To;sf] Joj:yf u/fOlbG5' .
lyPgg\ . To:tf] cGwsf/ ;8sdf hd'gfsf] o:tf] jrg ;'g/] u\ufsf
s' s ' / s/fPsf] cfjfh dfq} cfFvf /;fP . p;n] af]Ng] zAb
;'lgGYof] . s'ntdf km;]sf dflg; s]xL afFsL /x]sf] lyPg . pgL
/ hF8o\ fx uNnLuNnL s/fpFb} n'uf km]//] cfOg\ / vfgf vfOg\ .
s'g} ufpFdf Ps u\uf gfd u/]sL tL aRrfxnfO{ klg vfgf
lxFl8/x]sf x'Gy] . pgL ef]s yfDg}
dlxnf al:yg\ . pgsf Ps 5f]/L Vf'jfOg\ . u\uf ;'Tg} ;s]sL
g;s]/ ofFss ] f] vfg]s/' f l6Kb}
/ Ps 5f]/f lyP . @* jif{sf] lyOgg\ . pgsf] lbdfudf tL b'Mvsf
vflGyg\ . tL slnnf aRrfxn]
pd]/df pgsf] >Ldfg\n] pgnfO{ knxn] dfq ;tfO/x]sf lyP .
b' w r' : g gkfPsf]
5f8]/ :ju]{ ePkl5 pgnfO{ hLjg pgn] Tof] a]nf cfh ;kgfdf
w]/} lbg ePsf] lyof] . 5f]/f e/v/
wfGg ufx|f] k/]sf] lyof] . g ufF; l5g\ ls ljkgfdf l5g\ eGg] s'/f
gf} dlxgf k' u ] s f]
g af; g skf; . s]xL lyPg 7Dofpg} ;s]sL lyOgg\ . ToxL
lyof] . pm g af]Ng ;Syof] g t
pgL;Fu. lar/L tL dlxnf b'O{ b'w] a]nf hd'gf cfOg\ / u\ufnfO{
lxF8g\ g} . emg\ cfdfsf] kf]l;nf]
afns lnP/ ;8s ;8s elgg\ tkfO{s+ f] 3/ sxfF kof]
b'w r':g gkfP/ pm ;f/} la/fdL
3'lDyg\ . /ft k/]kl5 af; vf]Hg lg <
k/]sf] lyof] . u\uf tL b'O{ afns
3/3/ wfpFlyg\ . x/]s 3/df vfgf
lnP/ vfgf vfg] cfzfdf 3/3/
kfs] s f] uGw yfxf kfPkl5
3'lDyg\ . sf]xL klg jf:tf ub}g{ y]
ofn9f]sfaf6 lrofpFlyg\ . pgn]
t/ klg xf/ dflgg\ . pgL yfs]/
vfgf vfg gkfPsf] nueu Ps
nf]t eO;s]sL lyOg\ . ysfO
xKtf e};s]sf] lyof] . pgL ef]sn]
dfg{ egL pgL ;fgf] em'k8Lsf] k]6Ldf
dg'{ g afFRg' e};s]sL lyOg\ t/
al;/x]sL lyOg\ leqaf6 hd'gf
pgL cfgf 5f]/f5f]/Ls} lglDt hlt
gfd u/]sL Ps dlxnf lgl:sg\ .
b'Mv cfOk/]tfklg afFlr/x]sL
pgL ;f/} dfofn' / bofn' :jefjsL
lyOg\ . cfdfn] g} vfg gkfPkl5 v} d a]va/ 5' . g 3/ g y/
lyOgF\ . 3/ ;fgf] eP tfklg pgsf]
tL afnaflnsfn] s] vfg kfpFy] s]xL 5}g d;Fu . d]/f] 3/ ;8ssf]
dg 7'nf] /x]5 . pgn] u\ufnfO{
/ < pgLx ef] s n] k] 6 L g} eg] x' G 5 u\ u fn]
la:tf/} p7fOg\ / 3/leq nlug\ .
/f]Odfq /fVby] . u\uf sdhf]/ elgg\ . s]xL klxnfsf s'/fx
l7Ss vfgf vfg] a]nf ePsf]
eO;s]sL lyO{g\ . pgn] nufPsf] ofb 5 eg] eGg'xf];\ . tkfO{n
+ fO{
lyof] . pgn] u\ufnfO{ vfgf
sk8f x]g{ gx'g] eO;s]sf lyP . o;/L k|Zg s;n] u/]sf] 5 / <
kl:slbOg\ / tL aRrfnfO{
w'nf]df d8fl/Psf] tL sk8f htftt} To;}n] dg v'Nnf u/]/ eGg'xf];\
VjfOlbOg\ . u\ufnfO{ csf]
RofltPsf lyP . skfn gsf]//] d tkfO{n+ fO{ d2t ug{ rfxG5' .
3/df a:g ;xh ePsf] lyPg .
lhl/ lyof] . v'f km'6/] rKkn hd'gfn] elgg\ . hd'gfsf] s'/f
vfgf cufl8 /fv]/ pgL 6f]nfOdfq
38 Bhanjyang 2017
a"9fgLns07 :s"n

;'g/] u\ufn] ;DemFb} elgg\, d]/L Nepali Play 2073

Pp6f alxgL lyO{ / d . xfdL b'O{
lbbLalxgL dfq} xf}F . xfd|f] 3/sf] The cast for the Nepali play
Sakuni Pasaharu was
cfly{s cj:yf ;f/} sdhf]/ finalized after a long process of
lyof] . d @) jif{sL lyPF / d]/L auditions. We were handed the
alxgL !& . xfdLnfO{ b}lgs b'O{ scripts about a month before
5fs 6fg{ klg wf} wf} kYof]{ . C0f the actual show. After that it
was a month long flurry of
a9] / ltg} { g;Sg] eO;s] s f] evening play practices,
lyof] . cfdL slxn] vfgf vfg struggling to remember
gkfP/ ef]s} ;'TbYof}F k9]sL klg dialogues, sipping hot coffee
lyOgF d}n] . 3/ a]r/] hfpmF eg] with refreshments, making fun
of each other s acting and shot. We rejoiced on our own
klg sxfF hfpmF . sf]xL lyPgg\ deciding on costumes for this success after every show;
xfd|f] cfkmGt o; ;+;f/df . To;}n] adaptation of Mahabharat. dancing and munching on
d]/L cfdfn] dnfO{ xfd|f] 3/sf] Along with the guidance of the refreshments. The forth and
cj:yf ;f/} sdhf]/ 5 eGg] Nepali Department, we honed last show which was to be
our acting skills and excelled presented to our parents and
s'/f tFnfO{ yfxf g} xf]nf . To;}n] everyday. The numerous and Ashesh Malla, the author of the
tFnfO{ dg kg]{ kf]O vf]h / o; long hours practicing and play himself, was the most
;dfhaf6 6f9f hf . tFnfO{ s]xL rehearsing together led to an anticipated and dreaded too
ePdf d bf]ifL 7xl/g] 5' . af6f] inevitable bond of friendship because that meant the end of
among the cast mates, spiced this truly wonderful phase of
e'n/] klg km]l/ xfd|f] 3/df kfOnf with inside jokes and spilled our student life.
g6]s eGg'ePsf] lyof] . To; cokes. All in all, the Nepali play was an
kl5 d}n] hgs gfd u/]sf] s]6fnfO{ Altogether we had four shows epic success and will forever
>Ldfg\ agfPF . ;a} l7s} lyof] to put up, each of them remain imprinted in our minds
followed by a kind of as a memory we will always be
xfd|f] hLjgdf c b'Oh { gf klg
celebration party for us. The big fond of.
ylkO;s] s f lyP . crfgs day arrived and all of us were
la/fdL k/]/ pxfF :ju]{ x'ge' of] / determined to give our best 7204 Leena, Class 12
d of] xfntdf cfOk'uF] . hd'gfsL
klg Ps lbbL lyOg\ . lbbL efu]kl5 Congratulation
hd' g f klg efu] / oxfF ; Dd
cfOk'us ] L lyOg\ . lsg xf] lsg
hd'gfnfO{ hLjgdf u'dfPsf] s]xL
s'/f lkmtf{ kfP h:tf] nfUof] .
pgnfO{ pgsL lbbL pgsf] hLjgdf
km]l/ lkmtf{ cfP h:tf] nfUof] t/ Congratulation to Mr. Jeevan Bahadur Shahi for
s] u\uf ;fFRr} pgs} lbbL lyOg\ becoming the first BNKS product to be the Minister
cyjf of] syf dfq} xf] < of Nepal Government. We are proud of you.

@)&% >LP;L,sIff * BNKS Family

39 eGHof @)&#
Budhanilkantha School

Importance of education
slxn] k'U5' k|l] dn hf]8L;Fu k|d ] sf
;'Gb} s'/f
slxn] x'G5' ofqL;Fu ;'Gb} syf tL
kxf8sf] 6'Kkf]sf] dfG5], atf;sf]
lr;f]sf] ;fydf
la:s'6 rf]kL r'kr ' k' ' vfg] afnssf]
xftdf Education is the foundation of
Psflaxfg ;'on { ] cfgf] cfFvf vf]Ng
7"nf7"nf kf6L{ b]lv kf}jfkf6L ;Dd development. It removes our
ignorance and helps us to
gkfpFb} af; follow the right path. It makes
d]/f] lglDt Pslt/ b'w eg] csf]lt\{ /
yKbf gf}gL, d;nf o" aG5 d]/f] people near to perfect. An
kfgL ttfpFb} :jfb vf; uneducated person is as ugly as
3/3/, rf]srf]s, uNnLuNnLsf] jiff}k{ l5 e]6s
] f] ;fyL;Fu csf]{ ;fyL, an animal.
rng oxL Ps sk dufpmF <
d]/f] :jfb;Fu} vf]Ng], afgL oxfF oxL
;fdfg lsGg hfg] u|fxs;Fu k;n]
slxn]sfxLF 3/df cfpg] kfx'gf lr;f] 5f]8f},+ Ps sk tft} vfcf}F
dVofpg k"j{ d]rL b]lv klZrd dxfsfnL
x/ laxfg sfof{no k'Ug] xflsd ;Dd
km'so\{ fpg dGqL, lzIfs, sd{rf/L b]lv kfn]
ysfg, lk8f, bM'v ;f]v ;a} e'Nofpg ;Dd
tftf]tftf] d ;'?Kk kf/L lr;f] vfnL xf];\ k]6 jf xf];\ Tof] 6Dd Education is the backbone of
e'Nofpg lgb/Ln] cfFvf g5f]k] ;Dd development. It makes people
responsive to new ideas. They
s]jn ;lDemOG5 oxfF dnfO{ ;lDemG5' d know the importance of
efl/ af]Sg] el/of d;Fu} efl/ /fk;Fu kfSb} hfG5', afkm alg change, but uneducated
la:ofpF5g\ k'TofpF5' people are conservative.
;f/l /]6g\ ] ufOg] bfO d;Fu} ;'Oo ;a}nfO{ nf]Eofp5', 6f9f6f9f k'ofpF5' Educated people hold the
;':ofpF5g\ hfteft elGbg d highest position in the society.
k;nsf u|fxsx? x/ lbg sk;Fu} 5}g Kof/f] sf]lx d]/f] They are respected and
dg v'nfpF5g\ x/3/ k'U5' d ;Fw} acknowledged. The early men
slj, n]vs, kqsf/ klg tg slxF 5}g 3]/f] had to live a miserable life due
8'nfpF5g\ to lack of education. But the
rrf{ d]/f] w]/} u/]F ;fob ca hfpF
people in the present are
;fOFnfsf] k;ndf k'Ug] sljhL t sf]lx st} k'sfb}{ xf]nf d]/f] gfpF enjoying a comfortable life
emg slt ldhfl;nf cfp ;Fu} a;]/ Ps sk tftf] because of education. It has
sljtfs} efjdf d]/f] :jfb dufpF5g\ lrof vfpF contributed a lot to human
P ;fOFnf efO lrgL a9f, civilization. Thus, education is
/ r} xf]; cln s8f, very important.
b'w xfNg r}F slt klg g8/f &!%! k|zfGt, sIff P @ 5128 Sneha, class 5

40 Bhanjyang 2017
a"9fgLns07 :s"n

See you again

I remember the moment I uttered, Lets move on, Cody.
perfectly. The Fishtail We have a long way to go. And
Mountain. We were standing we are going to be fine. I held
like astronauts in costumes at her firmly by the arms as we
5000 feet. The air was thin and walked on, with only sky above
crisp. The cold November and death below.
night, the stars burning icy
white against the cloudless
black sky. She mouthed the
word, clasping her hands over
my hands, Are we anywhere
near the camp 4?
Very early morning. The sun Her touch the only sense of
has not risen yet. The moon is hope and warm thing in a
shining bright white in the shivering, ghastly cold world.
cloudless sky, ebbing to the Peeking at the compass in my
edge of horizon. The cold hand I mumbled, I dont think
December wind sends chills so. Lets walk for few more
down into my spine making meters. She let out a nervous
me pull my jacket a little audible breath that took a
closer. Crossing my arms in a smoky form. Without looking
tight knot, I stare at the We walked in silence. The only
up she spoke, Eddie, we cant other sound that swept was
vastness of the sea. Ah! afford to get lost. We cant and
Cody.I wish you were here dreading wind, and me
you know that, right? I pulled fumbling to get compass from
now. But you are gone five her closer and circled her
years, and nothing can bring my pocket time and again.
shoulder. Her body fit like a Clutching each other tightly like
you back. right size sneakers, in my arms.
The memory of her gives me letting go was never an option.
I replied, Yes sweetheart. I We were moving forward
a bone deep shiver as I stroll know. Dont worry. We will find
nonchalantly along the skidding along the snowy
our way back to camp. We will pavement against the frigid
shimmering sand bathed with find our way back home.
stream of orange shades of wind lashing us without mercy.
I tugged a thin strand of curl of And what happened next had
light emitting from the sun. her chestnut brown hair falling
With my shoulders hunched been like a dream actually
down her face roughly behind more like a nightmare.
and hands inside the jeans her ears. Her jade green eyes
pocket, my toes fumble Our path slimmed into a
darted nervously over my face narrow creek. Freeing her
through the soft brown sugar searching for hope and then to
as they slip between the gap hands from my grip, she walked
somber, fang white mountains ahead of me as I followed her
of my toes. towering over us like monster
We are going to be fine. That ducking my head under the
looming over its prey. I placed snowy caves. Suddenly, a
had been the last thing I had my cold lips in her forehead
said to her, the girl I loved the grumbling and roaring sound
with a resolute expression filled the air, breaking the eerie
most, more than anything else hiding away my fear and
in this world. And it was the silence lurking everywhere. A
despair over the situation. huge wall of snow crashed
last thing I would ever get to
say her.

57 eGHof @)&#
Budhanilkantha School

down thundering
mountain. The figure ahead of
the All the memories spun in my
head one by one like photo
ltd|f] ofbdf leHof]
me disappeared with a loud
whelp of cry, Eddie A wave
reels of camera actually more
like a flashback panoramic
of cold went over me. I gasped. video. Then there was a sound
I could no longer hear Codys and more sound. My eyelids
voice nor see her in front of me. fluttered open. Someone cried,
What rose before me was a He woke up, Dr.Carper. Later
ragged rock protruding from a I found out a rescue team had
vast sheet of ice, like snapped been send out in search of us. I
off bones. Then the more was found lying motionless at
streams of snow poured from base camp. However, Cody
the gash in ugly mountain face. couldnt make it to hospital.
But I didnt run or dive away; I She died on the way.
stood immobile as it swept me A lonely cry of seagull rings out,
away like a lifeless leaf whisked bringing me back to senses. I
by the river. The scream left my had walked quite a distance out
lips, Cody... before the of unconsciousness. As I wipe
darkness engulfed me and I the cold streams of tears
5f8L uof} lxhf] lsg dnfO{
handed over myself in the arms burning my cheeks, with hem
of death, shutting down my of my sleeves, a soft breeze cfh eg] cfpF5 ofb ltd|f]
heavy eyelids. touches my cheeks gently. Then ;lDemG5' d ltd|f] Tof] sfv
At first as the starry visions I hear a voice, her voice, cem} slt emf?F d}n] cfF;'
filled my mind I thought this is Everything is going to be fine,
how death must be like. Then Eddie. And I whisper fighting
ofbdf ltd|f] .
the shapes began to appear in back the tears glimmering
the mist as it thickened behind my eyelashes, Yeah, cfF;' klg ;s]F d}n] ltd|f] ofbdf
blocking my vision of beautiful, Cody. Dont worry. Everything
lehfO;s]F ;f/f l;/fgL cfgf]
sparkling starry sky. I saw is going to be fine when we
myself and Cody as children have angel like you guarding us lxhf] cl:t nfUYof] cfg}
holding hands, crossing the from over there. Whether its t/ cfh s;/L aGof} la/fgf] <
streets of Idris. We were again just my imagination I hear a
hanging upside down from the soft ruffle of her laughter. No
tree branches at our grannys sooner its lost among the
5f8L hfg' lyof] eg] lsg
farmhouse in Brooklyn, screeching sounds of seagulls b]vfof} Tof] dfof
throwing snowballs at grumpy loitering in the vermillion cflv/Ldf s7f]/ /} 5 eg] ltd|f]
faced uncle Groots back hiding horizon edging towards dg
behind aunt Joellas fence, quavering celestial blue sea.
clicking our graduation Hey , Dad. Look what I got. lxF8b\ f lxF8b\ } ltdL ;wF} lxF8]
pictures. And there she was Hurry up. Its looks like some old h:tf] nfU5
walking down the aisle glowing map Curving my lips upside, t/ kmsL{ x]bf{ d t b]V5' cfg}
beautiful in white as I stood I cry, I am coming , Mia.
beaming at altar. And there was
Cody again in hospital bed as 7033 Sushmita, class A2 d]/f] laGtL 5 e|ddf kg{
we hold tiny Mia in our arms 5fl8b]pm .
with tears of happiness
streaming down our faces.
Death seemed beautiful. #)$$ /l~htf, sIff &

58 Bhanjyang 2017
a"9fgLns07 :s"n

cfdf Once upon a time, there was a

village in a very remote part of Two Best
the country. The village was
very famous for its charming
beauty. In that village there
were two true best friends
named Rama and Shital.
One day, Shital was
very sick and couldnt go to
school. Then came the day
when Rama was alone. Rama
felt extremely lonely that day.
She was bored without Shital.
Then came studies. Rama
didnt talk with the teachers at
all and when they asked her a
question, she would start
staring at them. When school
cfdf d]/L cfdf ltdL slt was over, she ran over to
/fd|L Shitals house. There, Shital
eG5g\ ;a}n] ltdLnfO{ was crying a lot for Rama and
:ju{ eGbf Kof/L when she saw Rama at the
ltdL d]/f] lhGbuLsL Kof/L door, she ran out from her bed
Kof/L ;fyL and hugged Rama. Both of
ltdLnfO{ arfpg ;5'{ their eyes were filled with
dflydfly . tears. They cried a lot. After
some time, Shitals mother
came to the room and said,
ltdL g} d]/f] lhGbufgL Oh Rama, what type of friend
ltdL g} xf} /fgL are you? Your friend is sick and
d]/f] cfFvf el/xfN5 ltd|f] you are taking her out from her Shital couldnt see her friend in
dfof b]vL bed. How cruel you are. Cant trouble so she faked her sleep.
cfdf d]/L cfdf you let a friend rest on her After sometime, she fell
uNtL ePdf ul/lbpm bed? asleep. In her dream she saw
that Rama had fallen into a
Ifdf . Shital felt very sad for well. She suddenly woke up
her friend. and ran out from the house
cfdf d]/L cfdf ltdL slt and when she looked into the
She said, Mother, you
/fd|L are wrong. I got out of the bed well. When she looked inside,
eG5g\ ;a}n] ltdLnfO{ myself to see her. she realized that her dream
:ju{ eGbf Kof/L had come true. But she was
eG5f} ltdL dnfO{ b'v kbf{ Then her mother said, little late and that Rama had
You please keep quiet my dear already died in the well. After
cl3 ;g]{ child, I am doing this for your that, Shital got mad and
To;f] eP ltdLnfO{ arfpg own good. If you get up from jumped in the same well where
d cl3 ;g]{ . your bed you will never be Rama had died.
healthy so, go back to your bed
%)@% k[yf, sIff % and sleep for an hour. 5127 Anusha, class 5

59 eGHof @)&#
Budhanilkantha School

An Old Box Inside that house Drishan

found an old box. He was
surprised to see the box.
He wanted to open the
box but before he opened
it, he thought, What if
there is gold inside it ?"
Excitedly he opened it but
he found no gold there
but instead to his surprise
there was a big cobra
forest he found a house. inside it. He ran away in
That house was old and fear and never came back
had cracks on its wall. He again to that forest.
Once upon a time, there did peek from one of 5124 Iksha, Class 5
lived a poor farmer them. He didn't see any
named Drishan. He lived one so he went to the
in a small village with his house. He found many
son and his wife. He spider webs in the house.
worked hard to feed them So he went outside and
and keep them happy. brought branches of
trees. He took out all the
One day, he went to a
forest to bring fire wood
for cooking food. In the

clGtd cfefif
k};f dfq eGg]nfO{ d"vt{ fsf] cfefif eP5
To;}n] g} xf]nf p;sf] lhGbuL laTof; eP5 .
ctL{ kfPsf] dfG5]sf] hLjg lvGg eP5
;f/f ;+;f/ cfh p;nfO{ lsg lsg leGg eP5 <
efjgf s] xFb' f] /x]5 Tof] klg cfefif eP5
efjgfsf] ;fy;fy} b]jtfdf ljZjf; eP5 .
nfhn] g} xf]nf s'lGg pm t lhpFbf] nf; eP5
To;}n] g} xf]nf cfh :ju{sf] af; eP5 .
$)!) OR5f, sIff ^

60 Bhanjyang 2017
a"9fgLns07 :s"n

Student Life
cfFvfsf k/]nL

Student life is the happiest

period in the life of a person. It
is a phase of life when one is
cfFvfsf k/]nLx ufhnn] lnlkSs} ePsf 5g\
free from all the anxieties of t/ cfFvfsf] e]n /f]lsPsf] 5}g cem}F
the tough world. The mind of ;f+;fl/s clg ef}lts ;'vdf /dfPsf
the student is free and full of
noble ideas and their sparkling tL gogx,
eyes are full of dreams. ef]ln vx/] e]n;/L cfF;' aufO/xg]5g\
Their Studies are at the top of
their priority list and their
preparation for the coming hjfgLdf db ePsf tL nf]rgx
struggles of life. If properly eljiosf] a'9; ] sfndf dlng ePsf x'g] 5g\
utilized, student life lays the
foundation of a successful
dtfPsf] uf];/L k|of]udf cfPsf
future and glorious tL d':s'/fpg] abfdL cf]7x
achievements. If misused they sn]6F L k/]/ lg/; ePsf x'g] 5g\ .
fail to lay the stepping stones
for their future ahead.
The experiences a student clg ;f}Gbo{ cfdf pR5[v \ n ePsf] hjfgL
gathers in this phase and the
a'9;] sfnsf] cfudg;Fu} lkmSsf ePsf] x'g] 5 .
impressions he makes will
determine his future conduct. hjfgLsf] /; r':g wfpg] ed/fx
The attributes one develops in ef]ln af6f] la/fpg yfn]sf x'g] 5g\ .
ones student life will influence
ones behavior towards other
k"l0f{dfsf] h"gem}F wkSs an]sf] cg'xf/df
people throughout their future ef]ln gbLgfnf axg] vf]r F x ag]sf x'g] 5g\ .

5122 Aayusha, class 5 &)@$ sf]dn, sIff !@

61 eGHof @)&#
Budhanilkantha School

She d]/f] b]z

Big smile, big heart, big dreams-

Every time she walked with these:
Nobody heard but inside she had
a loud scream,
Eventually she found she would
pass through it.

xl/ofnL / 5x/fsf] dfemdf k5{ d]/f] b]z

;'Gb/ k|sl[ tsf] au}r
F fdf 5 d]/f] b]z
;a}sf] 5 oxfF km/s efiff / e]if
To;}n] dnfO{ dg k5{ d]/f] b]z

dfly x]bf{ cUnf lxdfn d';S' s d':s'/fpg]

tn x]bf{ wfgsf afnL nxnx ub}{ /dfpg]
em/gfsf] cfjfh ;'Gbf t dg} /dfpF5
x]bf{ x]b{} kxf8n] dg} ;dfpF5 .
Ignore, forget, and focus,
She did as her heart told;
But she did not want to do so, a'4sf] ePsf] lyof] oxLF hGd / a;f]af;
So, she chose to let go.
km}lnPsf] lyof] ;a}lt/ zflGtsf] cfjfh
Letting go did not support her,
And thinking about it nearly killed /fd / ;Ltfsf] oxLF ePsf] lyof] d]n
Again she is awake with no more g]kfnd} xf];\ pHHjn eljiosf] e]6 .
Revenge to pay back for her tears.
#!@@ s[ltsf, sIff &
9028 Usha, class 10
62 Bhanjyang 2017
a"9fgLns07 :s"n

Nature in a boom
realize that fact. Think a
d]/f] ;fgf] ufpF little about nature too. It
helps to us live and we
should also help other
animals survive. We
should love them because
nature and earth cordially
exists for our own

5090 Adya, Class 5

cfgf] kg g]kfnL dg
Nature is the source of
existence for human
beings. But sadly, nature is
d]/f] ;fgf] ufpF 5 dying because people are
cutting trees, throwing
g]rf To;sf] gfpF 5 . garbage wherever they
want pollute the
lxdfn} lxdfnsf] 7fpF 5 environment. Then why
;fgf] eP klg Hofb} Kof/f] ufpF dont we do something to
5. prevent it? Why dont we
ride bicycles instead of
cars? Animals are having a
hard time to live. And only
for our fun we are lsg xf]nf g]kfn dnfO{ olt
bringing animals from Kof/f] nfUg] <
their natural habitat. We g]kfnLsf] cfF6 /fd|f] zq';uF
should not only think n8\g] .
about us but we should sltko jL/ uf]vf{nL o'4df n8]
think about others as well,g]kfnsf] lglDt egL kL8f ;xL
too. d/] .
jg hn xl/ofnL /ft} u'/fF; ;nfd 5 jL/ uf]vf{nL
km'Nof] If we save nature we are
saving ourselves. Life was ltdLxnfO{
g]kfnsf] /fli6o r/f] 8fFkm] not given to us for just ltdLx 5f8L uof} ;a}nfO{
agdf 8'Nof] . thinking about us. We are hufO{ .
olt /dfOnf] d]/f] Kof/f] ufpF harming our life and that g]kfnsf] OHhtnfO{ xfdLn]
of younger one as well. hf]ufcf}F
5f]8/] d t sxfF hfpFm . Nature is the source of ;a} hgf ldnL xfd|f] g]kfnnfO{
our living. Earth is not arfcf}F .
given only to humans but
$!@& ;dL/,, sIff ^ to all equally. We must @!@# lbkf:df, sIff *

63 eGHof @)&#
Budhanilkantha School
d !^!& jif{sL slnnL o'jtL
Tofu lyPF . b'O{ tLg lbg lalt;Sbf
klg 3/af6 aflx/ lg:s] g f} F
xfdL . d Pp6f sf]7fdf a;]/
cfFvfaf6 df]tL h:tf cfF;' v;fNb}
lyPF . lsgeg] g]kfn tx; gx;
ePsf] lyof] . htftt} nf;}nf;,
;;fgf b'w] afnsx cfgf
kl/jf/af6 5'l6P, slt hgf
6'x/' f eP slt hgf ljwjf eP
sltn] cfgf ;Gtfg u'dfP .
g]kfn cfdfn] cfgf nfvf}F ;Gtfg
u'dfOg\ .
hLjgdf o:tf] kl/l:ylt cfpFbf]
/x]5 ha xfdL hLjg / d[To'sf]
lardf nl8/x]sf x'G5f}F . oxL Student life is like a roller
ofqfdf w]/} g} afwf c8\rg klg coaster ride,
cfpFbf /x]5g\ . Full of joy, excitement, fear
d g]kfn cfdfsL Kof/L 5f]/L and many more.
lyPF . d oxLsf] agf]6 lyPF .
ToxfFsf kljq vf]nfgfnf / dgdf It is also the time for
zLtn k'ofpg] xl/ofnLdf d learning and experiencing
Tof] s'/f x]l/g;Sg] ePkl5 d
{] L lyPF . ;fg}bl] v dnfO{ 7"nfn] new things.
efu]/ n8fO ug{ uPF . dnfO{
o; dft[e"lddf hlGdPkl5 It is the most important
s;}n] lrGg ;s]g . d n8\b} uPF
cfgL g]kfn cfdfsf lglDt s]xL time in our life.
t/ slxn] xf/ dflggF . d o'4df
enf] sfd u/L k'0o sdfpg' k5{ s]6fsf] e]ifdf k'us ] L lyPF . s]6fs}
eGb} l;sfpFy] / d ToxL eGb} Student life is the time to
e]ifdf n8]F . d]/f] o'4 sf}zn b]v/] help us get
kl/>d ub}{ cfgL g]kfn cfdfsf] ;a} k|;Gg lyP . Ps lbg o'4kl5 The most of our
;]jf ug]{ df}sfsf] k|tLIffdf a;]F . d ylst cj:yfdf nDk;f/ experiences of the
Tof] lbg klg cfof] . cfkm"nfO{ k/]sL lyPF . To;a]nf kl/l:yltjz
d]/L cfdf;Fu e]6 eof] . dnfO{ university.
rflxF lgs} g} l56f] cfPsf] cg'ej
ePsf] lyof] . s] uF / s;f] uF lrg] / cfkm" ; F u n} h fg
vf]Hg'eof] . d}n] dflggF ToxL a:5' The goal of the student is
< cfkm"df eg] cfTdan lyPg . eGb} lh4L u/]F . xfd|f] oxL to get the experience in
To; a]nf eg] a]nfot g]kfndfly jftf{ n fksf] k| l qmofdf d] / f] life.
zf;g ug{ vf]lh/x]sf] lyof] . hLjgsf] k/LIffsf] If0f cfof] . It is the most enjoyable
Pp6f jf0f d]/L cfdftkm{ s]lGb|t time in life.
;a}hgf xftxltof/ lnP/ n8\g b]v/] d}n] cfgf] Hofg xTs]nfdf
tof/ lyP . d}n] klg h;/L /fv]/ jf0fnfO{ cfg} 5ftLdf
t;/L cfk"mnfO{ tof/ kf/]F t/ :jLsf/ u/] . 5089 Shine, class 5
dnfO{ o'4df hfg lbOPg lsgls
@)^# d]3f, sIff *
64 Bhanjyang 2017
a"9fgLns07 :s"n

which is a domestic animal. We

Tihar put garlands on the neck of the
dogs and also give them food xfd|f] b]z
to eat. Both dogs and human
are seen very happy on this

On the third day, we worship

Goddess named Laxmi. We
organize various programs on
this day. We enjoy a lot on this
day playing Deusi and Bhaili. On
the fourth day, we worship cow
which is a domestic as well as a
national animal of Nepal. We
worship cows with garlands
Tihar is a five day long festival ;fgf] t/ ;'Gb/ b]z xfd|f]
and tika. On this very day, we
celebrated in Nepal, few days xl/ofnL jgh\un 5fPsf]
clean the cow. The fifth day as
after Dashain. Among the /fd|f]
well as the last day we
Newars, it is commonly known
celebrate Bhaitika. This day is
as Deepawali or Swanti. The ;a} hft hflt c6\g] of] b]z
believed to strengthen the
festival is celebrated from xfd|f]
relationship between brothers
Trayodashi of KartikKrishna to ;a} hgf ldn]/ a:g] of] b]z
and sisters. Sisters put seven
KartikShukla every year. Tihar /fd|f] .
colored tika on the forehead of
generally signifies the festival
brothers and worship for their
of lights, where diyos are kept
longer life. Brothers are given
inside and outside the houses
delicious foods by their sisters.
to make houses seem
On this day, we enjoy ourselves
illuminating at night. This
to the fullest.
festival is considered to be of
great importance not only to Unfortunately, something is
humans and the gods, but also destroying the importance of
to the animals like cows, crows, this festival. Many people tend
dogs and bulls, who are to have forgotten its religious
considered to maintain very importance. Rather than
good relationship with celebrating this festival d]rLb]lv dxfsfnL;Dd
humans. People make the historically, people drink km}lnPsf] b]z xfd|f]
pattern on the floor of their alcohol and gamble. Thus, it is ;a} hgf ldn]/ a;]sf] of] b]z
houses using colors. The first our responsibility to conserve /fd|f] .
day of Tihar is crow tihar. On out national festival Tihar.
this day, we give food to the xfd|f] b]z /fd|f] b]z .
5070 Digdarshan, Class: 5
crows. Similarly, in the second
day of Tihar, we worship dog
%))( h]gL, sIff %
65 eGHof @)&#
Budhanilkantha School

gofF jif{ Tears

gofF jif{ cfof], 5 w]/} pd I have beautiful words to define your tear-
;a}tkm{ cfP v';Lsf t/ Your tear is not just a droplet of water
e'nL si6 ;f/f, ;a} 5g\ km'? It shows your love, your sadness, your strength
5g\ dfG5] gofF jif{ cfP/ b . And mostly your affection.
km'n} km'n /fd|f] km'ns
] f] j;Gt What happens if tears roll down your eyes
ToxL jf;gfn] hut} 5 b
a;L vdf sf]OnL s/fof] But still you are unknown about that
gofF jif{df xif{ / pd 5fof] . It shows that you are hurt a lot
But you still are trying to overcome that
;a} vdf r/fx /dfO/x]sf 5g\ Pretending you are fine when you are not
lnrL, cfFk, cDaf km'ln/x]sf 5g\
;a} aflx/L b[Zo km]l/G5g\ s:tf] Tears twinkling in your eyes shows
gofF ;+;f/ ;'? eP h:tf] You are extremely happy
As it rolls down all the way to your jawline
;'gf}nf] laxfgL ;w}F x'G5 /fd|f] Twitching the curves of your lips
gofF km"n / kQf ;a} x'G5 /fd|f] Reflecting your happiness, making you shine
gofF hf]; pT;fxn] ljZj 5 /fd|f]
v';L Nofpg] of] gofF jif{ xfd|f] . Your tear will never go in vain,
There is someone looking at you,
oxfF km]l/of];\ b]zsf] of] cj:yf To give your tear justice-
ul/aL x6f];\ b'Mv ;\s6 ;f/f
pbfcf];\ gofF 3fd gf}nf] laxfg Who sees the eyes behind those tears
;asf] v'nf];\ pGgltsf] d'xfg . Who sees you, the real you behind those fears.
$)$& cfh{j,sIff ^
1119 Aakriti class 9
66 Bhanjyang 2017
a"9fgLns07 :s"n

A poor girls achievement a'4sf] b]zdf zflGt vf]Hg'k5{

went to the back of the class

and sat alone. Suddenly, while
she was sitting the social
studies teacher saw her. Rita
was crying. Rita said her all the
problems. The teacher thought
for a while and he said that
zflGtb"t a'4 hlGdP g]kfndf
from that day onwards he 1fg / lzIff afF8b\ } uP x/]s 3/
would help her in the studies 3/df
and also not let the boys to t/ clxn] stf uof] Tof] 1fg,
tease and disturb her. zflGt / lzIff
x/]s s'gfdf x]of], 5 czflGt /
Once upon a time, there was a A day came when she secured O{iof{ .
poor family. There lived a poor the first position in the exams. Ps s'gfdf x]/,
girl and a farmer (her She became very much happy 5g\ dflg;x ef]sd/Ln] dl//x]sf
father).Her mother was as her dream was fulfilled so t csf]{ s'gfdf x]/,
already dead when she was a she thanked the teacher and 5g\ cld/x 3';n] el//x]sf .
baby girl. The poor girls name went home. s] oxLFF l;sfP a'4n] <
was Rita. a'4n] l;sfP,
Many years passed, she joined ;To af]n, csf] dfg u/ /
One day, she peeped out of the a job in a foreign country. She 5'jf5't gu/ .
became very much rich. Now, t/ oxfF x]/,
window and saw that there wgLn] x]Kg yfn]sf 5g\ ul/anfO{
were many students of her age she was known by the whole Tofu ug{ ;s]sf 5}gg\ 5'jf5'tsf]
and they were going to their world. She took her father to efjnfO{ .
school. She thought that if she the country where she was
working. Her father became s] oxL l;sfP a'4n] <
could be reading like them she a'4n] t l;sfP
could achieve big things in her very much happy. Ritas dream rf]/L gu/ / /fd|f] af6f]df lxF8
life. was fulfilled. She achieved so t/ clxn] x]/, e|i6frf/ 5, rf]/L
many things in her al9/x]sf] 5
Next day, she went to a life,although she faced many O{iof{ 5, if8\oGq /lrPsf] 5 .
government school in which clxn] eg] cfg} ldNg] ;fyL klg
difficulties and hardships that b'Zdg ag]sf 5g\ .
she did not have to pay money. came in her life. And at last, she s] oxL l;sfP a'4n] <
In her school, she was the only had achieved a very big thing. a'4n] t /fd|f s'/f l;sfP, 1fgsf]
the girl. The boys would tease Her eyes were full of happiness kf7 k9fP
her. She could not read nicely
t/ To;nfO{ kfng ug]{ sf]xL ePg,
and tears came out from her clxn] stf xf]nfg\ a'4, s] ub}{
in her class. She couldnt eyes. Now, they lived happily xf]nfg\
achieve anything that she ever after. g]kfnsf] kl/l:yltnfO{ b]v/] <
thought. By seeing the result of
5033 Uddhav, class 5 To;}n,]
the exam her eyes were full of To;}n] ca xfdL c;n af6f]df lxF8f}F
tears because she had become ;sf/fTds ;f]rf},F gsf/fTds ;f]r
last. Tofuf}F
O{iof{ Tofuf}F / e|i6frf/ ug{ 5f]8f}F
After many days, she thought clg,
of not reading in the school as clg a'4sf] b]zdf zflGt vf]hf}F
s]jn zflGt vf]hf}F .
her dream were not fulfilled.
Everyone would tease her. She @)^@ dfg;L, sIff *

67 eGHof @)&#
Budhanilkantha School
k/]h:tf] ef] . ToxL bf]ifL sfnf] t/ d]/f] dg kf]ln/x]sf] lyof] ;Ns]sf]
cFWof/fsf] ;"o{ afbnsf] sf/0f cfdfsf] t xf]; g}
gePsf] h:tf] ef] eof] . cfdfsf]
cfuf] em}F .
yfxf lyof] :s'ndf lbgel/ d]/} rrf{
dfof klg efO ;Fu} uof] . ;w}F x'G5 eg]/ . udL{ lyof], t}klg 6f]kL
efOs} gfd lng' x ' G Yof] / nfP/ uPF . dfntLnfO{ dfq eg]F .
g'xG' Yof] . Pslbg a]ns ' f cfdfn] p;n] a'emL t/ cn] t s] a'y] /
a'af;Fu s'/f u/]sf] ;'g]F eujfg\nfO{ < ;/ gePsf] a]nf Pshgf cfP/
k|lt1f u/]sf] t o;} ef]=== xfd|f] d]/f] 6f]kL km'sflnlbof] . d em;
kl/jf/nfO{ g} kfk nfUg] xf] ls ePF . sIff ;'g;fg ef] / Psl5gkl5
xf]Og s] kfk /x]5 Tof] < d}n] s]xL xfF;f] km'6g\ yfNof] . d d]/f cf;Fn
' fO{
u/]F / < s]xL u/] h:tf] t nfUb}g . yfDg} ;lsgF . cfgf] kl/jf/
o:t} w]/} k|Zgx d]/f lbdfudf cFWof/f]df gk/f];\ eg]/ lxF8s ] L d,
cfP . ;'Tg] a]nfdf cfdfnfO{ 8/fO{ cfkm}F cFWof/f]df k/]F .
8/fO{ eg]F klg pxfFxn] s]sf] af/]df t/ clxn] d]/f] hLjgdf pHofnf]
s'/f ug'{ ePsf] ;f]wF] . 7\ofSs} s] ;"o{ pbfPsf] 5 . pd, hf]; /
eGg' ef] t ofb 5}g t/ efO v:g' xf};nf lnP/ . 7Ls eG5g\ b'Mv
d xf]Og, sf]xL dfG5], hf] e"tsfndf cufl8 d}n] eujfg\nfO{ p;sf] kl5 ;'v cfpF5 . cFWof/f]nfO{ x6fpg
cfkm"n] ef]us ] f] b'Mvsf] sf/0f cfh j|taGw w'dwfd;Fu u/fpF5' eg]/ ;"o{ cfgf] pHofnf], k|sfz lnP/
k|Voft 5 . d]/f] gfd g t s;}n] eg]sL lyPF, Tof] k|lt1f k"/f gx'gs ' f] cfpF5 . /ftkl5 lbg cfpF5 . clxn]
;'gs ] f 5g\ g t dnfO{ s;}n] lrG5g\ sf/0f xfd|f] kl/jf/nfO{ kfk nfUg] hLjgsf w]/} kf6fnfO{ a'em]sL 5' .
g} . lrg] klg aRrfdf cfgf] 6fpsf] xf] ls h:t} s]xL eGg' ef], d cfdfn] d x'F nIdL / of] xf] d]/f] syf .
d'G8g u/]sf] eg]/ lrG5g\ xf]nf . s] eGg' ef] eGbf a9L klg cfdfsf]
clxn] d @% jif{sL ePF . t/ !% dk|lt ljgd| Jojxf/ b]v/] 5Ss @)^( /Lhf, sIff *
jif{cl3sf] 36gf clxn];Dd klg k/]F . s]xL a]/ kl5 eGg' ef] t}F ub]{

cfgf] dg dl:tisaf6 x6fpg g t j|taGw, cfgf] kl/jf/nfO{
;s]sL 5}g . vf]H5' t/ ;lSbgF======= kfk nfUg'af6 arf . cfdfn] s]
v} lsg xf] < d]/L cfdf eujfg\kl| t eGg'ef xf]nf < j|taGw ug]{ /] <
w]/} cf:yf /fVg'xG' Yof] a'afsf] cg'ej Tof] klg s]6Ln] s] eG5g\ cn] <
eg] d]/f] hLjgdf vf;} w]/} /x]g . d s]xL gegL cfgf] sf]7fdf k;]F .
h] ug'{ ePsf] lyof] cfdfn] dfq} . 6f]nfpFb} a;]F . cfdfn] efO v;]sf]
efO klg lyof]] . clxn] 5}g . lrGtfn] To:tf] eGg' ef xf]nf t/
d]/L cfdfn] dnfO{eGbf a9L k|d] kl/jf/nfO{ kfk nfUg t lbg ePg===
efOnfO{ ug'{ ef] t/ d}n] of] s'/fnfO{ cfgf] 6fpsf] d' G 8g ug' { lg
w]/} dxTTj lbOgF . cfdfn] eujfg\;uF ePg . ;f]lr/x]F . d]/f] cufl8 P]gf
cfgf] 5f]/f], d]/f] efOsf] j|taGw lyof] cfkm}FnfO{ x]b}{ lyPF, skfn
w'dwfd;Fu ug]{ eGg' ePsf] lyof] ;'D;'dfpFb} . w]/} dfof gkfP klg Origami is a Japanese
c/] . d]/f] klg To:t} wf]sf] lyof] kl/jf/ t Pp6} xf] . ef]ln laxfg handicraft. It is also known as
t/ Tof] wf]sf], wf]sf] g} eO/Xof], k"/f uPF / cfdfnfO{ d tof/ 5' eg]/ paper folding. It started in
ePg . d :s'n hfg] eGb} lstfa eg]F . To;s} Ps dlxgfdf d]/f] Japan a long time ago. There
ldnfpFb} lyPF d]/L ;fyL dfntL cfltFbF} j|taGw x'g] ef] . cgf}7f] j|taGw . are many types of origami.
cfO{ . p;n] d]/f] efO le/af6 v;]sf] s]6Lsf] j|taGw . d]/f] skfn sf6\bf The hardest origami is called
va/ lbO{ . TolQa]nf d leqsf d]/f cfFvfaf6 cfF;' klg plTts} Charijard.It is also used in
kL8f, cfF ; ' s f kdf expressions.Similarly,it is also
em/] . s] ug',{ /f]Sg} ;lsgF . ToxfF used in subjects like math and
cfP . kL8f / cfF;s ' f] sfnf] afbn w]/} dflg; cfPsf lyP t/ j|taGw science.Making origami is
lnP/ d cfgf] efOnfO{ clGtd x]g{ xf]Og Pp6L s]6Lsf] kl/jf/k|ltsf] also my hobby.
k6s x]g{ k'uF] / cfgf] Kof/f] efOsf] dfof x]g{ . cfdf eg] dVv} x'gx' G' Yof]
nf; b]Vbf d]/f] dgdf r6\of 5052 Bishesh, Class 5

68 Bhanjyang 2017
a"9fgLns07 :s"n

tfg;]g 3'Dg] /x/ vfO/x]sf lyof}F . d}n] af6f]df 6Gg

sfkmn vfPsf] x'gfn] ef]ssf] t
s'/} cfPg . clg d r'na'n]
ePsfn] d v]ln/x]sf] lyPF . ;fgf]
x'bF fsf] t v]n ;DemFbf klg xfF;f]
p7\bf] /x]5 . 3l/ u'6'6' s'b]/
af6f]sf] csf]{ s'gfdf k'Ug] / km]l/ lg clg d u'l8of k;ndf
s'b/] lkmtf{ cfpg] . ;f}efUon] uP/ u'l8of x]/F] t/ lsGg] k};f g}
wGg dnfO{ s'g} klg uf8Ln] xfg]sf] lyPg To;}n] d aflx/ lg:s]/
lyPg . v]Nbf v]Nbf jfSs eP/ lx8]F . lxF8g\ ] s|ddf dnfO{ s;}n]
dnfO{ ahf/ 3'd/] u'l8of lsGg] k5fl8af6 RofKk ;dfTof] . d t
/x/ nfUof] . To;kl5 d xf]6ndf rf] / n] ;dfTof] xf] n f eg] /
of] sl/a cf7gf} jif{ cufl8sf] a]:;/L lrRofPF t/ k5fl8 x]bf{
uP/ ddLnfO{ af]nfpF5' eg]sf] t
s'/f xf] . d Tolta]nf d]/f] ;fgf] t sfsfn] kf] af]Sg' ePsf] /x]5 .
xf]6n g} la;]5 F{ ' . nf d t
kl/jf/ / sfsf;Fu tfg;]g ahf/ pxfFn] dnfO{ sxfF uPsf] eg]/
x/fPF .
3'Dg uPsf] lyPF . d 3'Dg] ufnL ug'e { of] clg d}n] eg],F d
d 3l/ dfly uPF 3l/ tn, slxn]
eGg]lalQs} k5fl8 kg]{ t s'/} t tfg;] g ahf/ 3' D g
xf]6ndf k;]F eg] slxn] k;n
lyPg / Tof] lbg ToxL eof] . uPsf] .
t/ s;}nfO{ e]l6gF . clg d}n]
nfdf] ofqfsf] ysfOkl5, d]/f]
;f]r]F, d lsg cflTtg' a/m
;Dk"0f{ kl/jf/ xf]6ndf a;]/ vfgf #))# ;dtf, sIff &
Psl5g 3'D5' s;}n] e]l6xfNnf

In my dream Coming out of the ghost house,

I gave a loud scream.
To cheer me up,
My father got me an ice-cream.

I had really wanted

To do boating,
When I turned, I saw a swing
Which was swinging.

Once in my dream, They said its late and time to go,

I was at the funpark. But I didnt want to.
Suddenly at the swimming pool, So they said last time,
I saw a baby shark. Well show you a puppet show.

After the pools we went to a ghost As I was watching the show,

house, My mother woke me up;
I got really scared, She told dear its school time,
By the sound, Get fresh, wear your dress and go.
Which was made by a mouse.
5026 Bigya, class 5

69 eGHof @)&#
Budhanilkantha School

Friends d]/f a'afn] dnfO{ ;fg}bl] v eGb}

cfpg' ePsf] xf], x]/ afa' ltdL a'afsf] ctL{
;fg}bl] v ldlxg]tL eof} eg] kl5
uP/ /fd|f] dflg; aG5f} . / eGg'
x'GYof] x'g] la/mjfsf] lrNnf] kft
/ gx'g] la/mjfsf] v;|f] kft of]
eg]sf] x'g] dfG5] ;fg}bl] v ldlxg]t
u5{ / pm 7"nf] dflg; ag]/ b]zsf]
/Iff u5{ . a'afn] Tof] s'/f eGg]
ubf{ d 7fGy]F xf] d]/f] a'afn]
Friends are the treasure,
With a lot of pleasure; d]/f nflu eGg' ePsf] ;f]r]/
Sharing joy and sorrow, lbgsf lbg ldlxg]t uy]F{ . d !)
With each other. jif{sf] x'Fbf d tLg sIffdf hgf kl/jf/ lyP . Tof] kl/jf/
k9\yF] . Tof] pd]/df dnfO{ d]/f c;fWo} /dfOnf] lyof] . 5f]/f rflxF
There is fun, k9fOdf c;fWo} /fd|f] lyof] t/
When friends come; a'jfn] w]/} dfof ug'x{ G' Yof] . clg
dnfO{ Tof] ;dodf ul0ft c;fWo} p;sf a'afn] p;n] hlt /fd|f]
They are the best,
Just like a guest. k9fpg'xG' Yof] . Tolt a]nf dnfO{ u/] klg g/fd|f] eof] eg]/ w]/}
k9\bf /dfOnf] x'GYof] / ;w}F ufnL ug'x{ G' Yof] . 5f]/fn] w]/} k6s
pT;flxt x'Gy] . Tolt a]nf dnfO{ ;lx/x]sf] lyof] t/ cem /fd|f]
a'afn] eGg'xG' Yof] ls ;fyLx;Fu u/] kl5 klg ufnL ubf{ p;n]
emu8f gug]{, ldn]/ a:g]] / cfgf a'afnfO{ aGr/f] ;dft]/
;fgfnfO{ dfof / 7"nfnfO{ cfb/ dfl/lbof] . lsg eg] Tof] s]6f]
;Tsf/ ug'k{ 5{ . k/LIff cfpg ;w}F k/LIffdf /fd|f] gDa/ NofP/
Ps xKtf afFsL lyof] . Tof] k|yd x'GYof] t/ klg p;sf a'jfn]
There is some sorrow
having friends, k/LIff x'g'eGbf cufl8 dnfO{ eGg] uy]{ ePg ePg === elg
There is some joy having eGg'x'GYof], klxn] n]Vg] a]nf /fVbf p;nfO{ l/; p7]/ crfgs
friends; dfof] .
cflQg' x'bF g} / k|Zgn] h] s'/f
They are the happiness, To;}n] d eG5' a'afn] hLjgdf
They are the sadness. vf] h ] s f] 5, To;sf] pQ/
lbg'k5{ . / d]/f] k/LIff ;lsPkl5 /fd| f ] u/] klg /fd| f ] ePg
Friends are not always dnfO{ Pp6f k'/fgf] 36gf ;'gfpg' eGg'xG' 5 eg]klg xfdLn] l/;nfO{
together, /f]Sg'k5{ . To;}n] xfdLn] a'jfsf]
ePsf] lyof] . of] 36gf d oxfF
But their memories ctL{ lal;{g' x'bF g} .
remain forever. n]Vb} 5' .
Tof] ufpF d]/f] 3/af6 cfwf 3G6f
5023 Ditya, class 5 6f9f lyof] / To; 3/df kfFr #)&& clgn, sIff &
70 Bhanjyang 2017
a"9fgLns07 :s"n

lat]sf] ;do klg ;fx|} /fd|f] lyof] . d]/f] 3/df Christmas

rfgr'g] v]nf}gf afx]s s]xL
lyPg . d b'O{ sIff x'bF f dnfO{
Pp6f ;fOsn lslglbg'eof] . d
Tof] lbgb]lv ;fOsn rnfpFb} a:g
yfn]F . d x/]s jif{ Ps b'O{ k6s
ufpF d f cfdfa' a fnfO{ e] 6 \ g
hfGy] F . dnfO{ slxn] s fxLF
cfdfa'afnfO{ 5f]8g\ ] a]nf ;fx|} kL/
nfUYof] .
d /fd] 5 fk lhNnfsf] ;fn' d rf/ sIff x'bF f d]/f] sfsf dnfO{
uflj;df lxF8\g / af]Ng ;Sg] cs}{ :s'ndf egf{ ug]{ s'/f
ePsf] s] 6 f] , tLg jif{ d f ug'x{ G' Yof] . rf/ sIff k'/f ePkl5
cfdfa'afnfO{ 5f8]/ xh'/cfdf;Fu d of] :s'ndf egf{ x'gsf] nflu Here comes the
sf7df8f}+ cfPF . d sf7df8f}F ;fx|} k9]F . d}n] d]/f]] hGdlbgdf Christmas night,
cfpg'sf y'k}| sf/0f 5g\ . k9]/} latfPsf] lyPF . Look at the faces smiling
d'Vo sf/0f /fd|f] :s'ndf k9\g] k/LIffkl5sf] c7f/ 3G6f kl5 The lights perfectly glow,
eg]/ cfPsf] lyPF . d ;a}eGbf xfd|f] 3/df kmf]g cfPsf] lyof] . While comes down the
klxnf glhs}sf] :s'ndf egf{ d la:tf/fd} lyPF . Tof] a]nf ;fx|} snow.
ePsf] lyPF . dnfO{ ;fgf]df :s'n 7"nf] ;dfrf/ cfof] . d]/f] ;a}
hfg dg nfUb}gYof] . dnfO{ kl/jf/sf] cg'xf/ rlDsPsf]
sIffdf x'bF f 3/sf] ofb cfpFYof]lyof] . To;kl5 d}n] yfxf kfPF
/ d /mg yfNy]F . d}n] d]/f ls d}n] a"9fgLns07 :s'ndf k9\g]
xh'/a'afnfO{ slxNo} cfh u[xsfo{ df}sf kfPF . Tof] lbg d]/f] ;a}
u/]sf] 5}g eGg' kf/]sf] lyOgF . eGbf v'zLsf] lbg lyof] .
dnfO{ d]/f lzIfsx ;fx|} 1fgL d clxn] of] :s'ndf k9]sf] b'O{
Children are cozy in their
/ c;n 7fGby] . jif{ k'/f eof] . d}n] w]/} sfd cfkm}F beds,
d slxNo} 3/df rsrs ug{ l;s]F . d}n] w]/} 1fg k|fKt Eagerly waiting for the
ulb{gyF] . dnfO{ s;}n] klg xft u/]F / w]/} s'/fx l;s]F . presents they will get,
Given by a red old man,
p7fpg' k/]sf] lyPg . dnfO{ sf6'g{ Who never takes a tan?
x]g{ ;fx|} dg kYof]{ . d]/f] k9fO #)*% lje"if0f, sIff &
5011 Aska, class 5
71 eGHof @)&#
Budhanilkantha School

b'Mv ltgLx xfF;]sf] t/ s] ug'{

pgLxnfO{ km]l/ 7"nf] ;d:of
My Brother
kof] . ca Tof] 5f]/fnfO{ s] ug],{
pgLxn] t h:tf] vfP klg x'GYof]
t/ ca aRrfnfO{ t Tof] vfg
lbg' ePg
pgLxn] h;/L t;/L sfd
uy]{ . b'j} hgfn] a/fa/L sfd
uy]{ . aRrfnfO{ klg d]nfd}
nUy] . cf/fd gkfP/ / w]/} sfd
u/]/ xf]nf a'9L lgs} sdhf]/ eOg\
t/ klg pgn] sfd ug{
5fl8gg\ . Ps lbg pgL t ynf I have a small brother,
elgG5 b'Mv u/]kl5 dfq ;'v kl/g\ . ca t s] ug]{ pgLx;Fu We always play together;
kfOG5 . To;}n] ;a}n] eG5g\ cf}ifwL ug]{ k};f lyPg . h8La'6L He likes to play ball,
And a cute doll.
klxnf b'Mv ug'k{ 5{ clg aNn ;'v vf]Hg b'Mv klg ug'{ k/]g . pgL
kfpg ;lsG5 . w]/n } ] of] egfOdf
of] ;+;f/af6 labf eOg\ . 5f]/f He runs here and there,
ljZjf; u5{g\ . clg sltkonfO{ And he says, I am here;
aNn P3f/ dlxgfsf] ePsf] He becomes very sad,
t of] ePs} x'G5 t/ ul/axnfO{ lyof] . pgL 5f]/fnfO{ sfvd} lnP/ When people treat him bad.
eg] lsg o:tf] xFb' g} . Ps ufpFdf
;'lt/x]sL lyOg\ . 5f]/f] /f]O/x]sf]
bDklQ lyP . pgLx ul/a lyof] . a'9f h8La'6L lnP/ cfPsf
lyP . h] eP klg laxfg a]ns ' fsf]
lyP . pgsf] xf]; x/fof] . pgL
5fs 6Yof]{ . Tolt eP klg ePs} xtf/ xtf/ cfgf] 5f]/fnfO{
lyof] . h;f]t;f] ;a} lgjf{x u/]s}
sfvdf lnP . pgL lgs} /f]P .
lyP . t/ pgLxsf] b'Mv s;}n] cfgf] efUonfO{ cfkm} n ]
b]vs] } lyPg . g t ;dfhn] g t lwSsf/] . To;kl5 a'9fn] cfgf]
k/d]Zj/n] g} . b'j} hgf laxfg} 5f]/fsf] lgs} Vofn /fv] . 5f]/f
;fx'sf] sfd ug{ hfGy], a]ns ' fkv
klg lgs} 7"nf] eof] . p;n] k9\g He is three years old,
I like him more than gold;
cfP/ vfgf ksfP/ vfPkl5 t h;/L eP klg k9\of] t/ ca He likes to read books,
;'ltxfNy] . lar/f lbgel/ sfdsf] hflu/ kfpg] xf] ls xf]Og < a'9fsf He love to carry a book.
ysfOn] ubf{ b'Oh { gf cfgf] b'Mv
;' v sf lbg cfpg] x' g \ ls Oh my cute brother,
Pscsf{ ; F u afF 8 \ g klg xf]Ogg\ < Oh my cute brother;
kfpF b } g y] . pgLx slxNo} I love you!
I love you!
xfF;g] g\ . w]/} kl5 pgLxsf] Pp6f #)$( ljlgtf, sIff &
5f]/f hlGdof] . Tolta]nf g} xf]nf 5013 Anugya, class 5

72 Bhanjyang 2017
a"9fgLns07 :s"n

;8s afns Shivaa

Shivaa is a popular Hindi
cartoon like Motupatlu. Before
Motupatlu was more popular
but now Shivaa has defeated
Motupatlu. In this new cartoon
a young boy named Shivaa
finds a new magical bicycle.
The he tries to ride it but he
cannot learn to ride it that time
but he tries again and again and is Shivaa and what Shivaa can
he doesnt lose his hope and do. He lives in a small city of
tries and then finally he India called Verdansheher.
succeeds. And suddenly, a new Most of the people are
super start has come in his attracted by its natural beauty
bicycle.There are many gadgets because it has combination of
Knfl:6s l6Kg] of] d]/f] sd{ and using those gadgets he oceans, hills, mountains, plains,
clxn];Dd PSnf] 5' ;+;f/df helps who are in need of it. If rivers and ponds.
someone says him Aare o Before, mostly children were
Knfl:6s l6K5' kmf]xf]/df lbgel/ bachhe, then he tells, Aare o
;'Tg] u5'{ ;8sdf /ftel/ attracted by this cartoon but
uncle bachha nahi kehena now adults are also attracted
dfof 5}g ;fyLefO s;}sf] shivaa, shivaa naam hain by this cartoon.
mera and then he shows who
s'6fO vfg' kb{5 ;a}sf] 5118 Rohit, class 5
sfd dfUbf lbFbg} s;}n]
vft] egL x]Kb5g\ ;a}n] A better day tomorrow

Help the country and its

Giving your best try.

Do something!
Help it rise,
When the country develops,
It increases its price
Knfl:6s l6Kg kmf]xf]/df hfFbf
of] dg ?G5 l;;fn] laemfpFbf Try to be patriotic,
OHht kfOgF Knfl:6s l6k]/ This country is not only yours For a better tomorrow;
And not only mine; When the hardworking pays
b'Mv kfOof] 6'x/' f] eP/
Its our country, off,
b'Mv a'em] elGbgy]F s;}nfO{ Its our pride. Soon will end the sorrow.
of] vft]sf] gd:sf/ ;a}nfO{ .
Dont corrupt the country, 4096 Prasim ,class 6
#)*) ;'hgf, sIff & Dont let the patriotism die;

73 eGHof @)&#
Budhanilkantha School
couldnt bear it. He couldnt face the humiliation
anymore so he went away.
The He started living away from the other chickens
although he missed his mother badly. One day
biggest when he was drinking water from the river, he
saw a crow chasing a sparrow. Since he had been
hen living independently, he had learnt some skills
by himself so that his survival could be easier.
With his talented skills, he managed to scare
the crow away. The sparrow was very grateful
It was a sunny morning. The birds were singing towards the chick. Although the sparrow
and the trees were dancing. The animals were couldnt immediately thank the chick, she kept
very excited because mother hens eggs which it in her mind. One day the chick was bathing in
she had laid a month ago were about to hatch. the river when he saw the same sparrow. It had
The mother hen was very happy. Eggs were been quite a long time so he didnt immediately
hatching one by one and the mother hen was recognize the sparrow. The sparrow had found
very happy to see that all of the chickens were a potion in the woods which had the power to
big and healthy. The last egg hatched. A chick increase height and grow taller. The chick drank
came out from the egg that was a bit smaller the potion and his insecurity of being small
than others. Other chickens started laughing at faded away. The chick and the sparrow became
him and teasing him about his small size. At first friends and always helped each other out in
he thought that it was just playful teasing but need.
later when they teased him all the time, he
5007 Shreya, class 5

laxfg} 3fd pbfpg'eGbf cufl8 cfdf;Fu} p7]F .

efG;fdf cfdfnfO{ sfd ug{ ;3fPF . s]xL ;dokl5
a'af / sfsf klg efG;fdf cfpg'eof] . w]/} ;dokl5 gd]l6g]
;x/af6 cfpg'ePsfn] xf]nf cfdfn] sfsfnfO{
w]/} ;Ddfgsf ;fy lrofvfhf lbg'eof] . d klg
a'afsf] 5]pdF f a;]/ pxfFxsf] s'/f ;'lg/x]sL lyPF
TolQs}df sfsfn] dlt/ x]b{} eGg'eof], P 7"nL ls
tF klg d;Fu ;x/ 3'Dg hfG5];\ < ;x/ 3'Dg]
eg]kl5 d]/f] dgdf w]/} OR5fx hfUg yfn] . s]xL sf]xL lrg]sf kfFr lbg gx'bF } sfsfn] ufpF kmls{g]
a]/ ;f]rF] dnfO{ ;x/ s:tf] 5 eg]/ x]g{ dg nfu]sf] s'/f ug'e { of] . d}n] sfsfsf] cg'xf/ x]/F] cln
lyof] . d}n] klg hfG5' eg]/ hjfkm kmsf{PF . lsg g/dfOnf] h:tf] lyof] . d}n] x'G5 eg] . ufpF hfFbf
xf] Tof] lbg afcfdfn] klg s]xL eGg' ePg . afn] ;a}n] d]/f] cg'xf/df x]l//x]sf lyP . dnfO{ nfu]sf]
s]xL ;do v} s] ;f]Rg' eof] To;kl5 hfG5];\ eg] lyof] ;x/af6 kms]/{ cfPsf] eg]/ ;a}n] x]/s ] f
hf eGg'eof] . d v'zL x'bF } ;x/ hfg cfgf] ;fdfg xf]nfg\ . ha 3/sf] cfFugdf k'uF] ToxfF w]/} dfG5]sf]
tof/ u/]F . ef]lnkN6 laxfg afa' cfdfsf] ;fy le8 lyof] . d Tof] le8leq k;]F . ToxfF t b'O6f
5f8]/ d sfsf;Fu ;x/ nfu] . 3/af6 lxF8g\ ' cufl8 z/L/ htftt} l5ofl5of agfP/ sf6]sf] /
dnfO{ afcfdfsf] cg'xf/ x]//] g/dfOnf] nflu/x]sf] cfFugel/ /ut au]sf] b]vF] . kl5 yfxf kfPF ls d}n]
lyof] . d ;x/ k'uF] . ToxfFsf uf8L b]Vbf dnfO{ d]/f] glhssf] dfG5]nfO{ ca h:tf] ;x/df uP
crDd nfu]sf] lyof] t/ Tof] w'nf] w'jfF eg] dg} klg kfpg ;lSbgF .
k/]g . s:tf] la/fgf] /x]5 ;x/ . g sf]xL b]vs] fg #)$@ sNkgf sIff &
74 Bhanjyang 2017
a"9fgLns07 :s"n

Fear of orphanage Pokmon

We were one of the happiest families. There

were four members in our small family: mom,
dad, my brother Justin and myself. Justin was
eight years old and I was six. I loved Justin a lot
but I did not know if he loved me as well because
he always did things which made me think that
he hated me. But an incident that happened one
day changed everything.
It was a sunny day. We had planned to go to the
beach side. We loaded all the stuff in the car
and headed to the beach in a joyous mood. My
father was driving and we were singing songs.
Suddenly, a jeep appeared in front of our car
from nowhere and collided with ours.
When I opened my eyes, I was in the hospital
and besides me was another bed where my Pokmons are something that dont exist in
brother was sleeping. I woke him up and asked real life but they are the animals which are
him how we got there. He told me that mom caught in Pokmon ball. They are also used for
and dad had passed away in the accident and battle to become a Pokmon master. There
only we had survived it. are many types of Pokmon like fire type,
After some days, the police decided to send us water type leaf type, etc. Pokmon are used
to an orphanage. Justin did not want to go to to help people to win battles. They are even
an orphanage. So, we decided to run away from used by police to catch thieves.
the hospital that night. We sat under a big tree The Pokmon which are chosen by police are
for a long time. I asked Justin why we had run specially dog type. Whenever we see a
away to which he answered that he did not like Pokmon movie, we think that it will be very
staying in an orphanage. interesting if Pokmon were real. The first
After a while, we decided to start walking and Pokmon in the movie was Arseus, who made
stood up. We marched up to the zebra crossing the earth and other Pokmon. Therefore
and slowly crossed the road. Without me
Arseus is known as lord of Pokmon.
realizing, Justin suddenly pushed me. I was
Pokmons have their own evolution set like
blank and when I regained my consciousness, I
squirrel evolves into a wartortle and wartortle
turned back. My brother was lying there on the
road, his head badly injured and heavily evolves into blastoise. There are some
bleeding. I realized that he had sacrificed himself Pokemons who cannot evolve at all. There is
to save me. I somehow managed to take him to also aevolution set known as mega evolution.
the hospital.
5004 Shreya , class 5 5051 Aryan, Class-5

75 eGHof @)&#
Budhanilkantha School

ul/asf] Joyf b'O{ dlxgfkl5 dnfO{ yfgfaf6 If only I

lgsflnof] / d ;8sdf g}
could fly
al;/x]F . ufpF lxF8/] g} hfG5' egL
d sf7df8f}aF f6 ufpFsf] af6f]lt/
nfu]F . slxn] gfu9'f t slxn]
d'lUndf af; a;L d d]/f] ufpF
bdf}nL k'u] . 3/df dnfO{ x]g{
s]6f cfPsf] /x]5 . dnfO{ b]vk] l5
To; s]6fn] d;Fu ljjfx ug{ g}
dfg]g . kfFr jif{ olts} laTof] /
d Ps grflxg] v] n f} g f em} F
al;/x]F . 5}6f}F ;fndf dnfO{ Ps
s]6f x]g{ cfof] / pm d;Fu
ljjfxsf] aGwgdf afFlwg tof/
If only I could fly,
eof] . d]/f] ljjfxkl5 b'O{ ltg
ufpFaf6 ;x/ sfd ug{ cfPsf] jif{df xfdL sf7df8f}F cfof}F . I would go to touch the
lyPF t/ hLjg cs}{ af6f]df df]l8g sky.
I would fly high with the
yfNof] . sfd gkfP/ k};f l;l4g
nflu;s]sf] lyof] . s]xL lbgdf t
And see all those
al;/x]sf] sf]7f g} 5f]8/] lxF8g\ '
wonderful sights.
kof] . g t ufpF kms{g] k};f
lyof] g cfdfafa'nfO{ ;Dks{
I would touch the Eiffel in
ug{ .
ef]s vKg g;s]kl5 d Ps
And go to the fairyland
ls/fgf k;ndf uP/ la:s'6 dfUg
with the fairies,
yfn]F t/ s;}n] dnfO{ ;xof]u
I would fly higher than
u/]gg\ . s]xL pkfo gePkl5 d the birds,
oxfFsf] Ps k;naf6 s]xL rsn]6 And go to heaven, to see
/ Ps Kofs]6 la:s'6 rf]g{ ;kmn tL ;8s hxfF d klxnf a:y]F the lords.
ePF . Tof] k;n]n] dnfO{ b]Vof] / d]/f ;fd' k/] eg] d]/f cfFvfel/
c k;n] s f ;fy dnfO{ cfF;' el/G5g\ . ul/ax b]vF] eg] I wish it was not a dream
nv]6o\ f] . d klg ;Sbf] s'bF F] t/ d ltgLxnfO{ s]xL vfg lbG5' I wish it was just true
tL dflg;xn] dnfO{ e]6fP / lsgeg] d rfxGgF ls d}n] h:t} If only I could fly,
s'6g\ yfn] . s]xL ;dokl5 dnfO{ cn] ef]Ug' k/f];\ . cflv/ I would go to touch the
k'ln; yfgf klg nluof] . oxfF ul/asf] Joyf ul/an] g} a'5, sky.
dnfO{ /fd|f] vfgf lbPgg\ . ;a}sf] x}g / <
sf]xL g sf]xL e]6g\ cfpFYof] t/ 4137 Shambhavi, class 6
d]/f] eg] sf]xL cfPg . #))$ s]/g, sIff &
76 Bhanjyang 2017
a"9fgLns07 :s"n

d]/f] hLjgsf x/]s 36gfsf cw'/f] k|d ] sxfgL ;lDemPF . d

d]/f] k|d] kq af/]df atfpg rfxG5' . cflQPF . km]l/ d'6' 6'sf| x'g] xf] ls
eGg] 8/ knfof] . ltdLnfO{ kfP/
d 6'x'/f] lyPF / af6f]df a:g] u'dfpg' kg]{ xf] ls eGg] nfUof] .
uy]{F . vft] eg]/ lrlgO;s]sf] km]l/ dfof kfP/ hLjg cw'/f] x'g]
lyPF . af;L /f]6L vfg kfPkl5 xf] ls < km]l/ gLnf] ;kmf cfsfzdf
v';Ln] el/Gy]F . ;fg}bl] v dnfO{ sfnf] afbn nfUg] xf] ls h:tf]
ufF h f / r' / f] 6 n] cfk" m tkm{ nfUof] . d h'g dfG5];uF glhs
tflg;s]sf] lyof] . Pslbg dnfO{ x'g rfxG5' pm ;w}s F f nflu dnfO{
Pp6L a'9Ln] cfkm";uF nlug\ / 5f8]/ hfG5 . To;}n] ltdLnfO{
of}g wGbfdf nufOg\ . d Ps dgb]lv dg k/fP klg eGg
/ft a'9Lsf] ;a} k};f rf]/]/ g;s]sf] x'F . ltdLnfO{ cfh d]/f]
ToxfFaf6 efu]F / oxfF cfOk'uF] . dfofsf] nflu x/]s b'Mv ;xg
oxfF cfPkZrft\ d}n] ;fgf] k;n tof/ ePsf] / t8\lkPsf] b]Vbf
vf]nF] . dnfO{ ufFhf tfGg] afgL d crlDdt x'G5' . cfFvf el/P/
dfofdf 8' a ] s f] d cfh of] kl/;s]sf] lyof] . To;}n] ufFhfsf] cfpF 5 . dfofsf] ctLtn]
n]Vb} 5' dg leqsf s'/f d lr7Ldf klg Jofkf/ uy]{ . la:tf/} k};f ;tfpF5 .
eb}{ 5' . ;lsFb} uof] / d}n] rf]/L ug{
yfn]F . kGw| jif{sf] pd]/df daf6 d}n] of] ;a eg]kl5 ;fob ltdL
d]/L Kof/L cln;f, Ps aflnsfsf] xTof eof] . dnfO{ dnfO{ 3[0ff u5\of}{ xf]nf / cs}s { L
afn ;'wf/ s]Gb|df nluof] / d hLjg ;lgL aG5\of} xf]nf . t/
ltdL t ;f]R5\of} xf]nf d wgn] km]l/ b'Mvdf km;]F . d /ftlbg dnfO{ of] ;hfo :jLsfo{ 5 . d
dflQPsf] dfG5] x'F t/ of] unt lk6fO vfGy]F . ef]sf] k]6 ;'Tg' cGTodf olt eG5' lsM
xf] . cfh ltdLnfO{ of] ;fFrf] kbf{ dg{ nfu] h:tf] x'GYof] .
s'/f n]Vb} 5' . ltdL / ddf w]/} Pslbg ;Gtfg ljxLg dflg;n] ltdL dfof u/ of gu/ dnfO{
leGgtf 5 t/ klg d ltdLnfO{ dnfO{ cfkm";uF lnP/ uof] . dnfO{ d ltdLnfO{ ;w}F dfof u5'{
cfkm"nfO{ eGbf a9L dfof u5'{ . 5f]/f eg]/ lgs} dfof uYof]{ . d ltdL :jLsf/ u/ of gu/ dnfO{
d of] t elGbgF ls d ltd|f nflu klg pgnfO{ lgs} dfof uy]{ . d ltdLnfO{ ;w}F dfof u5'{ .
hLjg lbg tof/ 5' . olb d]/f] Ps lbg pgL ;fx|} ljdf/L ePsf
hLjg g} g/x] d]/f] dfofsf] s] sf/0f ;+;f/af6 labf eP . d pxL ltd|f] k|d
cy{ < d lhGbuLsf x/]s kn ] df kfun
k9fOdf /fd| f ] lyPF / Pp6L /fog
ltdL;F u latfpg rfxG5' . s]6LnfO{ dg k/fpFy] . pm klg
ltdLnfO{ of] t elGbgF ls ;+;f/sf dnfO{ lgs} dg k/fpFyL . Pscsf{ @!#% s/m0ff, sIff *
;f/f ;'v lbG5', h"g l6k]/ lbG5' . lagf Ps kn sf6\g' eg]sf] ;of}F
olQ eG5' ls d ;Sbf] dfof jif{sf nflu 5'6l\ 6g' h:tf] x'GYof]
lbG5' . hLjgsf] x/knnfO{ t/ Ps /ft p;sf] anfTsf/
;Demgf of]Uo agfOlbG5' . d;Fu eof] . dljgf afFRg g;Sg] /
latfPsf If0fnfO{ x/knsf] v';L ;dfhdf d'v b]vfpg nfos
/ ;'vdf agfpg] 5' . d}n] n]vs ] f] g/x]sf] 7fgL p;n] cfTdxTof
;a} ltdLnfO{ em'6f] nfUnf t/ u/L . To; /ft d eml:sPF . s'g}
hLjgdf an]sf] dfofsf] aQLnfO{ g/fd| f ] ;kgfaf6 lapF l emP
lgEg glbg d}n] cfh ;fFrf] s'/f h:tf] . d}n] dfofaf6 xf/ vfPF .
n]vs] f] x'F / d cfh ltdLnfO{ h'g lbg ltdLn] dnfO{ dg
k/fpF5' eGof} Tof] lbg d}n] cfgf]

77 eGHof @)&#
Budhanilkantha School
Some people spend much time
The value of in gossiping, playing d]/f] dfof
cards,listening to music, going
time to cinema and other
unnecessary activities. These
are nothing but a sheer waste
of time. Time should not be
wasted- be it even a second.
Many young people do not
attach any importance to time.
They follow no routine. They
do what they like. These
people do not realize that they
are wasting time. They are
surely to come to grief in
future. Children and young h'gn
] L /ftdf cfsfzel/ tf/f
people should be taught the p;sf] ;fy kfPkl5 lal;{byF} F]
value of time by their parents ;f/f
and teachers. Parents should
teach the ignorant children
p;sf] cFufnf]df ;w}F hLjg
We come to this world for a sf6\g rfx]F
how to use time properly and
very few years; we have a short cflv/df uof] pm t d}n] wf]sf
so must the teachers.
life-span. We have to use time dfq} kfPF
wisely. Time once gone never Time may be broadly divided
comes back. We cannot hold into three categories: the past,
dfof a:g] d'6' klg tf]8Lsg
the passing of time. Success in the present, the future. The uof]
life depends on the right use of past is dead and gone; we dont ;fy lbG5' eGg] cfh, ;fy
time. If we use it properly, we have any control over it. We 5fl8 uof] .
can accomplish big things. Loss can simply think over what we
of time leads us to failure and have done and learn to correct hLjge/ p;s} cfzfdf d
grief. our mistakes. The present is afFrF]
the most important time. It is d]/f ;f/f ;'vx p;}sf nflu
Some people spend time
running quickly. We have to
carelessly. They do not realize
use it carefully. We should not
the importance of time. Time cflv/ p;n] dnfO{ PSn} kfl/
waste a single moment. The
is very valuable. It should be uof]
future is also important. We
used wisely. We should utilize p;n] d]/f] hLjgdf lj/xsf]
should plan wisely for it and act
time, we should have a routine.
Waste of time is a great loss. It
accordingly. afnL uof]
is a loss of life itself. Our life is Life is very valuable. We have
cfzf klg 5}g ca pm lagfsf]
nothing but a package of time. to accomplish many things in hLjg
life. It should not be wasted. ;lhnf] lg sxfF 5 / cy{ lagf
Our daily life should be d/0f <
Time is life itself. We should
carefully planned. We should
learn to use time properly. d]/f] kfkL dfof cfh kmls{
set aside time for different
Waste of time is great loss. We cfpF5 ls
activities. We should spend the
cannot regain wasted time at ;+;f/nfO{ 5f8L cfh km]l/
major portion of our time in
any cost. Time once gone is
important activities. We should
gone forever.
cfpF5 ls
not spend time in idleness. We
should do useful activities. 4115 Prabin class 6 @)*% k|frL, sIff *
78 Bhanjyang 2017
a"9fgLns07 :s"n

Hostel life ef]lnsf] d

There is a strict supervision in
hostel. Each hostel will have a
hostel warden who is a friend
and guide for the students
residing in that hostel. There is
a mess in every hostel to supply
food. The superintendent
examines the food and cares
much about us. There is a
doctor too in a hostel, who
provides medical facilities to
the students. The boys who are
in hostel are regular in habits.
Hostel life is a much disciplined
They leave their bed at fixed
life. Generally, every school has
time; they eat at a fixed time
a hostel. Boys or girls coming
and so on. They work and play
from distant place lodge in
at an assigned time. Thus, a
schools hostel. There will be
hosteler learns to be regular.
separate hostel for boys and
Punctuality and regularity is
separate hostel for girls. They
developed as a habit of a
live together with their friends. ef]ln d cfpg] 5'
hosteller. Also the hostel life
Hostel is also a part of school.
provides unique facilities for b]zsf] v';L / 1fg lnP/
In hostels, there are many
studies. They are regular in rd]/f]nfO{ nv]6/]
friends. We can help them and
studies. They read daily
get help from them. We can abdf;xnfO{ ;'wf/]/ .
newspapers. They are free to
share our joy and happiness.
read. They also live under strict
There is a sense of
discipline and supervision. The b]zsf] k|ult ug{
brotherhood, love, and respect
hostel rules teach them
in hostel. The superintendent cfgf] e]if kmsf{pg
discipline and punctuality.
of the hostel is also kind.
Hostel life thus develops a 1fg / zlSt a9fpg
sound moral sense. ef]ln d cfpg] 5' .
In conclusion, hostel life is a
very tough life. It is strict and
b]znfO{ cufl8 a9fpg] 5'
makes us well-behaved.
b]zd} /dfpg] 5'
k|sl[ tnfO{ ;hfpg] 5'
4102 Rohan, Class: 6
ef]ln d cfpg] 5' .

#)!# cfidf, sIff ^

79 eGHof @)&#
Budhanilkantha School

Your hobby is micro to go home, an old man

who sat beside me asked me? 5f8L uof}
singing, what Are you from Budhanilkantha
School? When I said that yes,
about aim? I was indeed from
Budhanilkantha School, he
asked me what my aim was.
I told him I wanted to be a
singer when I grew up because
it was my passion. The old man
looked at me and said, No,
singing is just your hobby. I was
talking about aim
I thought about what the old
man said for the rest of my day. hlxn] s;d vfGYof} ;fy
Was having an aim to be a
singer so bad? Why could 5f]8l\ bg eGYof}
singing only be a hobby, not an tL ;a} s;dx em'6f agfO{
The room was full of certificate aim? Was following my passion 5f8L uof} klxn]
and awards. Guitars, keyboards not good enough? These
and other musical instruments questions still bug me and Im
were kept in a big cupboard still deciding if singing is my ;fy lbG5f} egL rf]vf] dfof
with glass cover. There were hobby or my aim lbPF ltdLnfO{
paintings of singers hung on t/ ltdLn] PSn} lardf 5f8L
the wall. And I was besides 4099 Avinash, class 6
Arijit Singh, the famous
uof} dnfO{ .
Bollywood singer. They showed
me every room of the studio. rfxGy]F xf];\ xfd|f] dfof ;wF}
Arijit said, Avinash, sing a song cd/
with me. I said, wow! Okay I
held the microphone The t/ slxn] of] aGwg 6'6o\ f] ePg
crowd was shouting Avinash dnfO{ va/ .
at regular intervals. I was
confused because I could not 5f8L g} hfg' lyof] eg] lsg
see any crowd in front of me
but still I was hearing my voice. lbof} dfof <
Avinash, the voice said again. rfxGgF ca d x]g{ ltd|f] Tof]
wake up. I slowly opened my sfnf] 5fof .
eyes and realized that it was a
h'g gftf lgefpg ;Sy] g} lsg
As usual I dressed up and went kof] lgefpg
for breakfast. The environment
was very cheerful because it ltdL g} eg of] kL8f lnP/
was a leave weekend and we s;/L afFRg' d .
were allowed to go home that
afternoon. When I ride in the
@)*@ :g]xf, sIff *
80 Bhanjyang 2017
a"9fgLns07 :s"n

The Australian funnel-web

Spider World spider species is a larger
species with a bite that
causes heart failure and
breathing problems. The
recluse spider of USA and
Brazil also has bites that
widow spider. It is found in can be fatal. However the
any warm parts of the chances of being killed by
world. It is a small, round a spider are less than those
spider which likes hiding in of being struck by a
quiet places. When the lightning. The largest
spider bites, after a few spiders like red-kneed
Spiders are insects. But all minutes, the bite becomes tarantula are a little
spiders are not poisonous, terribly painful. The victim dangerous to human being.
only few have strong fangs feels dizzy and can even Spiders bite us only when
and venom to harm suffer from paralysis. It is we try to harm them.
humans. One of the most really fatal and nowadays
4064 Subachar, Class 6
poisonous spider is a black the cures are also available.

;nfd 5 kmf}hL ;nfd

cfhsf] /ft a:5', oxLF kmf}hL eg]/

hfG5' a? b]zsf] ;lxb ag]/ .

kmf}hL agL b]zsf] /Iff ug{ ufx|f] lyof] .

;fyLn] t kmf}hL ag]/ cfgf] k|f0f of] b]znfO{ lbof] .
s] cfdfn] lhGbuL dnfO{ lbg' eof] < lagf kft ?v t vNnf] lyof]
Tof] t cfgf] b]znfO{ ;]jf ubf{ g} uof] . xft wf]P kl5 o:tf] x'bF f] /x]5 cfh yfxf eof] .

xftdf emf]nf lz/df 6f]kL nufP/ b]zsf] kmf}hLsf] /Iff xftn] xf]Og ;fyn] ug{"
/Iff ug{ uPF oxL cfk"m dg{ k/] klg kmf}hLemF} b]zsf] /Iff u/]/ dg{" .
cfh lagf b]z d 6'x/' f] ePF .
$)#@ ;gd, sIff ^
81 eGHof @)&#
Budhanilkantha School

The masked man ;kgfsf] ;+;f/

some courage I was about to
ask what was going on but one
of the black men just made a
demand of diamond.
He said, Give me the diamond
or take the dead body. I asked,
What the hell is going in this
place? One of them replied
furiously, Keep quiet miss or I
will shoot you and send you to
hell. I was shocked and the
black man added, Dont try to
be smart or she will die. Dont
you dare to make a move ,
missy. I didnt know to who did
she referred to. I took a step
I was in my cabin busy with my and witout a second thought
s:tf] nfU5 ;'Gbf ltdLnfO{
work when I got a call from my the man with pistol fired the cfgf] cfTdfsf] u'xf/
boss. He asked me to come to bullet. BANG!!! d]/f] s'/f ;'g eg]/ s/fO/x]sf] 5
central office immediately. And Suddenly everything was dark.
after saying this much he hung I opened my eyes with ltd|f] cfg} cfTdf af/ af/ .
up the phone. everyone smiling at me. Then
I was totally blank heading for someone cried, Happy
Farewell. Oh ! I remembered
cfgf] lbdfusf] dfq xf]Og
the office. What might have
occurred for my boss to call me that it was my last day at work. cfgf] dgsf] klg ;'g
at this odd hour. Once I 3016 Ichchha, class 7 x]/ t ltd|f] dg
reached the office I could see
no one. Even sweepers werent
olt b'MvL 5 lsg <
there. It was so dangerously
quiet. Suddenly the lights went
out. In dark I could see four or
c;n s'/f] ltd|f] dgn]
five shadows moving towards ltdLnfO{ eGg vf]hs] f] 5 .
me. Then I could actually see ltd|f] cfTd;Ddfg / OHhtsf]
those shadowy figures. They
were cops and some black lauf/ xf]Og enfO /f]hs ] f] 5 .
men. One of them pointed a
pistol at me right in my
forehead. It was a moment laGtL ub}{ 5' d
when I just blinked my eyes and ;'g cfgf] dgsf] u'xf/
lights were turned on. My
palms were sweating. I had not xfjfdf dxn agfpg 5f]8
feared death before but right e'nL hfpm cfgf] ;kgfsf] ;+;f/
now at this moment I was
petrified and couldnt move an
inch out of fear. After gathering #)%) jiff{, sIff &
82 Bhanjyang 2017
a"9fgLns07 :s"n

Why not learn from years old but he could carry

more than 35 kg on his
He was stabbed by one
Dawa Tamang ? of his rivals at the age of nine,
but he continued working. We
not take care of three children can still see the bruise on his
properly as a result, they were left cheek. Dawa told me that
totally deprived of education the same incident guided his
which is a fundamental right of life to the right track. I still
the people. Dawa, then six remember the response of a
years old could understand the gold medalist in a question of
problem of his mother. Bijay Kumar Pandey. She had
Therefore, he decided to be a said that people called her
servant of his neighbour, an genius and brilliant by birth,
avaricious person. His boss was but the reality of her success
very greedy and was hot- was her hard work and her
headed. He treated Dawa very interest. Similarly, Dawa didnt
badly. His work was to take care give up his job, but continued
of two of his children, who with due care. Tourists began
were almost a year or two to love little Dawa and used to
younger than him, and to take select him to carry their
I got the opportunity to spend five of his cows for grazing. By luggage. Honesty in work is
my Dashain holiday with Dawa nature, children cry time and also liked by God, the same
Tamang, my neigbour.We again as they cannot express happened in his life.
studied about many people their need in words. But Dawa Life is the sum of
who had contributed to the would be punished if the different experiences. If we
society. Most of the people children cried. One day, he was become thirsty, then we can
take birth on Earth, live like beaten very badly. Blood understand the meaning of
other animals and die. Even trickled down his forehead. It water. Life is better if we have
their neighbours and relatives occured to him to him that he ups and downs in our lives.,
forget them after their death. should not continue the job. If says Dawa.
This story is of an orphan who he continued, there would be
lost his father at the age of six. two consequences: either he Take the example of
He is not famous like Albert would die, or he would be motion of our own heart. If the
Einstein, although people handicapped. Therefore, he heart is steady, then the man
remember him. But he has not finally decided to run away is declared dead. A live person
been recognized by others. from there. At 11 pm of the has ups and downs in his heart
There are thousands of such same day he was beaten, Dawa
people who are not known to hugged the cows with eyes full
us, but they have contributed of tears. The cows could
much to the society. Dawa is understand the problem but
one of them. they could not speak. It is said
that messages can be conveyed
Till the age of five, he even in silence. This shows that
was living happily with his life is like a camera. Click a
parents despite their severe beautiful shot and if it doesnt
destitute. For a child, parents work, try taking another
are more valuable than anyone picture. He left his house at the
else. But at the age of six, his age of seven. There was heavy
father passed away. How cruel competition among porters to
the God is! Poor widow could carry his load. He was eight

83 eGHof @)&#
Budhanilkantha School

beat. Life should also be the

lzIff TheStoryof
One day Dawa was Earth
carrying the loads of a couple
of tourists, in the mountains.
Suddenly they were struck by
a blizzard. Sadly, the husband
didnt make it and his wife was
about to die had it not been for
Dawa, who carried her to a safe
destination. She was taken to
a hospital and later returned to
Germany. Eventually, she
became better and brought
Dawa to Germany. Dawas
fortune changed and he
became a guide. He was able
to earn a small fortune and
with the savings, he purchased
a land of two ropanies and
constructed a beautiful house Hi! My name is Earth. My
back in Nepal. He is now lzIffn] g} dflg;nfO{ cl3 a9fpF5 mothers name is sun and my
running a home-stay there. He cw'/f] sfd k"/f u/L ;'dfu{ fathers name is Stars. I have
now has three children- two b]vfpF5 .
daughters and a son. The
seven brothers and sisters
eldest daughter is pursuing a altogether. Their names are-
lzIffn] g} ldN5 r]tgfsf] Hof]lt Mercury, Venus, Mars,
doctorate in the US. His son has oxLF Hof]ltsf] k|sfzdf kmN5
completed his Bachelor in Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and
lx/fdf]tL . Neptune. I am the only one
tourism and the youngest
daughter is in class five. who is alive and helps other
Kof; klg kfgLn] d]65
\ h:tf] lg to live. So, my brothers and
Although he is not dgsf] sisters are jealous. I am the
literate, he can speak more lzIff lagf v} s] sfd wgL third daughter of our
than five languages fluently. He ul/asf] < parents. I am blurring in color
is running an orphanage at
Kapan where twenty-five
because my body is made up
lzlIft aGg] nIo xfd|f] hfu/0f of 70% water.
orphans have an access to Nofpg] gfgL
school. He is bearing the cost
of this orphanage.
cg'zf;g, nugzLn / st{Jojfg\ Well let me tell you that first
klg . two people on me were
From his story, I have Adam and Eve. Also there
learnt that we should not give lzlIft agL nIo xfd|f] dxfg\ were creatures like
up in our lives. Further, the dfgj aGg] Dinosaurs. On my body there
main important lesson that I dxfg\ agL ;dfhsf] d"naf6f] are the Himalayas, seas,
have learnt from him is success vGg] . oceans, rivers, lakes, etc.
equals to the continuous effort There are only three parts in
and positive thinking. my body, they are-crust,
lzIff lng ;fyL efO :s'n k9\g mantle and core. Everyone
hfcf}F cared for me in olden days.
4061 Prashanna, class 6
v/fa afgL x6fP/ gofF afgL But now I have no one to
l;sf}F . care for me.
%!@! cfs[lt, sIff % 4131 Aheli, Class 6
84 Bhanjyang 2017
a"9fgLns07 :s"n
trembling with fear. I tried to whereabouts of Kichimoto. He
Possessed stop shaking as I tried to chant
name of all gods I could
looked surprised and replied
there never has been anyone
remember. in the office named Kichimoto.
After sometime Kichimoto
came back to cabin. Oh my god 3036 Ullas, class 7
I felt so relieved to see him. He
asked me what had happened.
I just nodded my head
sideways. He fixed the lamp
b]zsf] dfof
and we started doing our work
again. Then as time passed, I
too had urgency to use the
washroom. I got up and walked
towards the toilet in slow steps.
The echo of its sound made my
heart pound.
We had been working late Thud..thud..thud.. I had walked
night in the office. Everyone for a long time but I couldnt
had gone home after finishing find the washroom. It was
their work. The last one, darkn everywhere. My heart
named Harry wished me good told me to shout out loud but
night and headed out for his
xfdL ;a} xfF;s ] f xf}F 3fdsf]
no sound left my mouth.
home . So, there were just two Finally I saw a corridor and
em'Nsf] x]gn
{ fO{
of us, me and my Japanese went there to take some fresh xfdL ;a} afFrs ] f b]zsf] /Iff
colleague Kichimoto. There breath. My palms were all ug{nfO{
was a rumor of about the toilet sweaty. I didnt know why but xfdL ;a} ldn]/ cl3 a9\g' k5{
of our office building being at that particular moment I
hunted. Some people said it
xfdL ;a} ldn]/ ljZjdfem
started getting flashes of all g]kfnnfO{ /fVg' k5{ .
was possessed by soul of a horror movies.
dead guy who used to work Then I saw the toilet and
here as a security guard. He gathering some courage I went /fi6;j] f ug]{ c7f]6 xfdLn]
had hung himself to death in inside and sat for the business. uof}F
the ceiling of the toilet. Suddenly I saw some one g]kfnnfO{ lrgfpg xfdL cl3
It was already midnight and ahead with a cap, like the one
Kichimoto and I still had not ;of}F
worn by the security guards
finished our reports and staring at me with those hollow cfk"m klg dg]{ 5f}F b]zsf] /Iff
presentations. We were so blood shot eyes. That sight sent ug]{ 5f}F
engrossed in our work. After chill not down but up in my g]kfnnfO{ xfdL klg ljZjdf
few minutes Kichimoto spine. I was so frightened. I lrgfpg] 5f}F .
wanted to go to toilet to looked downwards and didnt
answer natures call. I was see any shoes or limbs. Then he
scared to be alone in the cabin marched towards me and
dfg'{ k/] dfg]{ 5f} xfdL kl5 ;g]{
but I pretended to be brave growled, Do you like the 5}gf}F
and continued doing my work. toilet? And when I saw him b]zsf] nflu dg'{ k/] xfdL klg
Suddenly I heard some eerie from closer view he was no dg]{ 5f}F
sounds and creaking noise other than
made by windows. I closed my
xfdL ;a} ldn]/ ;Fu} cl3 a9\g'
eyes, started praying and screamed and fainted.
continued doing my job. The The next day I was woken up xfdL ;a} ldn]/ b]zsf] /Iff
only source of light was a dim by Harry and I told him ug'k{ 5{ .
lamp and to my horror it everything and asked
started to flicker. I was %!!% /f]zg, sIff %
85 eGHof @)&#
Budhanilkantha School

;kmntfsf] syf l;kfxLx k7fP / pgL /fhb/af/

kms]{ . s]xLa]/kl5 l;dfxLxn] b; A Memorable
hgf dfG5] NofP . /fhfn] ;f]w]
ltdLx sf] xf} < lsg oxfFsf
hgtfnfO{ eufpg vf] h ] s f] <
To;dWo] Pp6fn] eGof] xfdL csf]{
b]z Pp6faf6 cfPsf xfd|f dflnsn]
oxfF of] 7fpF /fd|f] nfu]sf]n] oxfF
a;f]af; ug{nfO{ oxfFsf dflg;xnfO{
x6fpg nufPsf x'g\ . /fhfn] of]
;'g/] ltgLxnfO{ h]ndf xfn] / ;f]Rg
yfn] ca oxfF s]xL x'G5 xfdL ;ts{
Psfb]zdf Pp6f rla/ gfdsf] /fh x'gk' 5{ . /fhfn] ;a} l;kfxLxnfO{
lyof] . pm Pp6f 7" n f] dxndf tof/ x'g eg] . oxfF h'g a]nf klg
cfs|d0f x'g ;S5 . of] /fhfn] eGg] \\We were in Pondicherry
a:Yof] . ToxfF xl/of /mvx, 7"nf Chennai. I woke up, brushed
au}rF fx lyP . r/fxsf] cfjfhlalQs} Pp6f l;kfxL cfP/ eGof] my teeth and took a bath. I was
ufpFdf cfqmd0f eof] ;a} hgtfnfO{
lr/la/ lr/la/ cfpFYof] . /fhf lgs} ready to go to the paradise
dfb} { 5 g\ . rla/n] t' / mGt} ;a} island with my family. My uncle
g} bofn' lyP, t/ pgL cln drove the car. Paradise Island
l;kfxLxnfO{ n8\g k7fP . ;a}
cflQGy] . rla/ cfgf hgtfxnfO{ was 15 km far from my uncles
l;kfxLx aGb's af]s/] n8\g uP .
a]nfa]nfdf cK7\of/f] k/]sf] 5 ls eg]/ home. We stopped in the
b'a} l;kfxLx a/fa/ lyP . t/ lsg golden temple of Pondicherry,
;f]Wy] . /fhfsf l;kfxLx rf/ ;o took photos, ate some fried
hlt lyP . ;a}n] aGb's af]ss xf] rla/sf l;kfxLx 36\b} uP .
] f / fish and cold drink. Then we
ca xfb}{ uPkl5 rla/ ca csf]{
6f]kL nufPsf lyP . /fhfsf] Pp6f reached Paradise Island and
used one of the fastest boats.
7fpFdf a;f]af; ug{ hfg] egL lx8\b}
l;kfxL sdfG8/ lyof] hf] w]/}h;f]
/fhf;Fu} x'GYof] . h\unaf6 uP . hfFbf hfFbf /ft kof]{
Pslbgsf] s'/f xf] rla/ cfgf] / Pp6f u'kmfdf uP .
au}Frfdf a;]sf lyP . ;a} v';L ToxfF rla/ /ft sf6\g a:of] / laxfg
p7\ b f p;n] Pp6f dfs' / f Tof]
lyP . /fhfn] ;f]r] w]/} lbg eof] cfh
o;f] aflx/sf dflg;xsf] xfnrfnu'kmfdfly r9\g yfn]sf] b]Vof] . Tof]
dfs'/fn] hlt k|of; uYof]{ Tolt g}
;f]w/] cfcf}F . To;kl5 rla/ cfgf]
km]l/ tn emYof]{ . Tof] dfs'/fn] xf/
uf8Ldf s]xL l;kfxL;Fu /fhb/af/af6
dfg]g / k|of; uof] . t]xf| +} k6sdf
lxF8] . aflx/ hfFbf w]/} dflg;x b'MvL It was so fast that it blew my
Tof] r9\g ;kmn eof] . rla/n] of] cap and then we reached
lyP . /fhf bofn' lyP . aflx/ cfP/ Paradise Island and ate some
x]l//x]sf] lyof] . p;n] ;f]Rof] d t
tL b'MvL dflg;xnfO{ ;f]w] ltdLx sea food. After eating we set
lsg b'MvL 5f} < To;kl5 Pp6f Ps k6s dfq n8]F / xf/]F t/ of] off for swimming in the ocean.
dfs'/fn] olt n8] klg k|of; ug{ I was swimming near the shore
dflg;n] eGof] , xfdLnfO{ s] x L while other were swimming
5f]8g] / clGtddf k'u/] g} 5f]8o\ f] .
dflg;xn] of] 7fpF 5f]8 gq xfdL very far. Then we came back,
ltdLxsf ;a} 3/x cfuf] To;}n] d klg cem}+ k|of; u5'{ . took a bath,again ate sea food
and returned.
nufOlbG5f} eg]sf 5g\ . /fhfn] tL
dfG5]xnfO{ vf]h]/ Nofpg s]xL $!!# ;'hg, sIff ^ 4056 Shiwam, class 6

86 Bhanjyang 2017
a"9fgLns07 :s"n

hLjgsf kf6fx d} n ] afafnfO{ eGg ;s] s L Into another

lyOgF . afaf klg 3/
cfpg'eof] . d eg" ls geGf" h:tf] world
ePF . To; a]nf ;f}tg] L cfdf
kfgL lng hfg'ePsf] lyof] . Tof]
a]nf d'6' s;]/ # jif{ cufl8sf]
36gf d}n] afafnfO{ egF=] == of]
36gf ;' g ] / afaf d' / dl' / b} +
cfdfnfO{ af]nfpg nfUg'eof] .
d]/f] d'6' sfld/x]sf] lyof] . ;f}tg] L
eG5g\ k};fn] hLjge/ ;fy glbP cfdf 3/ cfpg'eof] . afaf /
klg ;DaGwn] eg] ;w}F ;fy ;f}tg] L cfdfsf] nfd} ;do emu8f
lbG5 . t/ dnfO{ hGdfpg] kof] . ;f}tg] L cfdf n'ufsf] kf]sf] Everything seems to be
af]s/] lxF8g\ e ' of] . dnfO{ nfUof] changed,
x'sf{pg] / cfgf] dfofdf afFw/] Everything seems to have
/fVg] cfdfn] g d] / f] ;fy ef]ln cfpg'xG' 5 xf]nf lg . t/ different colors in it
5f] 8 \ g ' e of] . cfdfn] 5f8] / Ps jif{, b'O{ jif{ ub}{ jif{x The world seems to be more
hfg'eof] t/ d eg] cFWof/f]df lalt/x]sf lyP . pxfF cem} kmls{g' peaceful and calm,
lgbfO/xg k/]sf] 5 . Pp6f g} ePg . Ps lbg d}n] afafnfO{ Because the world is free of
;DaGw lanfof] t/ cs}{ ;DaGwn] ;f]w,]F cfhaf6 d klg xh'/;Fu} conflict
d]/f] hLjgdf ufF7f]F afFWof] . tL :s'n hfG5' x} < x'G5, x'G5 egL
afaf v' z L x' g ' e of] . afaf The world is more beautiful
lyOg\ d]/L ;f}tg] L cfdf . now
d ;ft jif{sL lyPF . eG5g\ ;a} ljBfnodf k9fpg hfg] ePsfn] Its free of all disaster.
cfdfsf] h:tf] dfof ;f}t]gL d klg afaf;Fu} :s'n hfg Birds are singing and peacocks
cfdfsf] kfpg ufx|f] x'G5 c/]==== yfn]F . a]ns ' L k9]/ afaf;Fu} 3/ are dancing
t/ d]/L ;f}tg] L cfdf eujfg\ kms{ G yF ] . dfof, ddtf / The world had changed
h:tL lyOg\ . d ;fg} ePsfn] d :ofxf/;';f/ afafn] g} ul//xg' extremely faster.
afafnfO{ w]/} s'/f elGbgy]F . ePsf] 5 . eG5g\ ;a}n] cfdf
Trees seem to be happy
d]/f] afaf ljBfnodf k9fpg' gePsf] aRrf x'sf{pg w]/} ufx|f]
And the sun is shining bright
x'GYof] t/ ;f}tg] L cfdfn] afaf x'bF f] xf]nf . d eGg yfn],F hGd The world is good I can see-
ljBfno uPsf] df}sf kf/L kmf]g lbg] cfdfn] ;fy 5f8] / From the shining stars at night
ug'x{ G' Yof] . Pslbg ;f}tg] L cfdfn] hfg'eof] . ca d]/f] ;fydf afaf
dnfO{ afaf :s'n uPsf] a]nf dfq x'gx' G' 5 . d}n] eg]sf] s'/f But why cant I see people
ahf/df nUg'eof] . ToxfF Pp6f ;' g ] / lbbL / ddL p7] / around ?
cfpg' e of] . dnfO{ p7fpg' And I dont know what are
s]6f cfPsf] lyof] . s]6fn] dnfO{
these places are called
w]/} vfg]s'/f lslglbof] . w]]/} eof] . d emNofF:; lgb|faf6
Are you thinking that too ,
vfg]s/' f lslglbPsfn] dVv k/]F lapFlemPF . h'g a]nfdf d ;ft That I have entered into
t/ glrg]sf] dflg;n] lbPsf] jif{sL lyPF . another world?
vfg]s/' f vfg c;lhnf] eof] t/
$)$# ;[hgf, sIff ^ 4036 Nistha, class 6

87 eGHof @)&#
Budhanilkantha School

p;sf] kl/jf/df p;sL cfdf, ysfOn] ;tfPsf] lyof] . pm /flt

!* jif]{ s]6f] a'af / pm lyP . pgLxnfO{ 5fs Pp6f hndf k'Uof] / ToxLFaf;
6fg{ klg ufx|f] kYof]{ . pgLx a:of] . pm csf]{ lbg klg lxF8o\ f]
h;f]t;f] u/]/ 5fs 6fy]{ . 5f]/f / clGtddf Pp6f ufpFdf k'Uof] .
klg 7"nf] eO;s]sf] lyof] . Pslbg pm ToxfF k'Ug] lalQs} p;nfO{ ;a}
p;sf cfdfafa'sf] d[To' eof] . hgfn] 3]//] xfF:g yfn] . pm 5Ss
pm ca of] ;+;f/df PSn} lyof] . kof] . p;nfO{ ToxfF s f
ufpFnx] n] p;nfO{ x]Kg yfn] . ufpFnx] n] klg x]Kg yfn] . pm
p;nfO{ Psnsf6] eGg yfn] . o:tf] b] v ] / cfgf] a' l 4nfO{
pm ;w}F /mGYof] . p;n] Pslbg lwSsfg{ yfNof] . pm /mFb} Pp6f
ufpF 5f]8]/ 6f9f hfg] lg0f{o glhs}sf] hndf uP/ lbg sf6\g
Pp6f !* jif{sf] s]6f]sf] 3/ s'g}
uof] . p;n] emf] n f tof/ yfNof] .
ufpFdf lyof] . Tof] ufpFsf
kfof] . clg lxF8o\ f] . pm lbgel/
dflg;x Psbd} :jfyL{ lyP .
lxFl8/x\of] . p;nfO{ ef]s / #))! ;'gogf, sIff &

Class Riding through times

I got unconscious. When I woke growth had made food and
up, I was in a grassy land. All of water scarce. I felt really sad
sudden there was a rumble and sorry. Just then, I saw the
from the forest, then came in sun beginning to get dimmer.
sight a long necked animal It was the end of humanity. As
about 300 ft tall. I was scared predicted by the scientists of
when I discovered that it was a my time the sun was about die.
diplodocus. I ran for my life It did take place after 4.5 billion
imagining what kind of pickle I years. I was scared; I had
would become if I were Goosebumps all over my body.
stepped by the dinosaurs. Just Then I heard a loud voice
then, I jumped in the human wake up. Suddenly,
Relocator 4000. What an everything blacked out.
I am Professor Abhinav K. I am amazing experience it was with
the inventor of the time The next moment I found
the dinosaurs! Then I pushed myself in bed of my hostel. It
machine, the human relocator the future button. The
4000. I am trying to make this was my friend waking me. It
Relocator then started to buzz was an amazing dream. I found
success, by giving for the trial again. I got unconscious. Then
through time. the past good but the future
I was woken up by a war cry. bad. Thus the Human
I got inside the human There was a war going on
Relocator 4000. Suddenly the Relocator 4000 was a grand
among the group of people for success.
machine buzzed and then it just a tank of water. It really
twisted round and round until made me sad. The population 4059 Abhinav, class 6

88 Bhanjyang 2017
a"9fgLns07 :s"n

lgi7'/L k|d
] ;f]Wg] k|of; u/]F t/ pm l9kL ub}{ pgLxn] hlxn] b]Vg] uy]{ eg]/
dnfO{ ;'gfP .
al;/x]sf] lyof] . dnfO{ nfUbYof]
ls pm d;F u ylst ePsf] d 5fgfaf6 v;]em}F ePF . dnfO{
lyof] . ljZjf; ePg ls d]/f] ;a}eGbf
o:tf] dgd'6fasf] s]xL lbgkl5 ldNg] ;fyL Ct', hf] dnfO{
;~hLj sn] h cfpg klg ;~hLj;F u ;DaGwdf ga:g
5f]8o\ f] . d}n] p;Fu af]Ng w]/} k|of; eGyL . cfh aNn kf] yfxf kfPF
u/]F . p;nfO{ kmf]g klg u/]F t/ p;n] lsg dnfO{ e8\sfPsL
pm d]/f] kmf]g p7fO/x]sf] lyPg . /lx5 . a p;n] dnfO{ klxn]
pm o:tf] lsg ul//x]sf] 5 egL g} ;a} s'/f eg]sf] eP d}n]
;f] R b} d] / f] lbg/ft ;~hLj;Fu dfof ufF:g] lyOgF .
ltd|f] ;fy slxNo} 5f]8l\ bgF, lk|of laTbYof] . d k9fOdf cfgf] Wofg t/ Ct'n] dnfO{ e|ddf /fvL .
egL ;~hLjn] d]/f] ;fd' k|d ] sf] s]lGb|t ug{ ;ls/x]sL lyOgF . Tof] b[Zo d]/f nflu b'Mvk"0f{
k|:tfj /fv]sf] lyof] . slxNo} ;fy k/LIffn] 9f]sf 9s9sfpg} nfu]sf] xFb' g} Yof] olb p;n] dnfO{ klxNo}
g5f]8g\ ] hLjg;fyL kfPsfn] d lyof] t/ d eg] k9\gs ' f] ;f6f] eg]sf] eP t/ clxn] d cfk"mnfO{
cfkm}F v';Ln] ub\ub\ eO/x]sL p;n] u/]sf tL ;a} ld7f afrf ;DxfNg ;ls/x]sL 5}g .
lyPF . ;fyLxn] dnfO p;sf] / s'/fx ;Demgfdf g} Jo:t
;DaGwdf g/dfpm eg]/ ;'emfa x'Gy]F . tL emnsxn] slxn] v';L
glbPsf] klg x}g . t/ d eg] kfOGYof] t slxn] cfFvfdf cfF;s ' f]
p;sf] k|d ] df n7\7 k/]sL lyPF . vf]nf aUbYof] . d]/f] 3fF6Ln] y's
xfd|f] ;DaGw lbgx'F ulxl/O/x]sf] lgNg klg ufx| f ] dflg/x] s f]
lyof] . lyof] . dnfO{ 3fdsf] pHofnf]
lbg laTof], xKtf laTof], x]bf{xb] {} klg cf}z + Lsf] /ft em}F nfUg yfn]sf]
jif{ laTof] . xfdL cem} klg lyof] .
;DaGwdf /x]sfn] d]/f ;fyLx k/LIff cfpg Ps xKtf afFsL x'bF f
d;Fu /fd|/L af]nLrfnL ul//x]sf d sn]h uPsL lyPF . Tof] lbg Tof] b[Zon] d]/f] dgnfO{ 9'fem}
lyPgg\ . v} s'lGg ;~hLjnfO{ ;~hLj klg cfPsf] /x]5 t/ Tof] u/mf] agfPsf] lyof] . ca To:tf]
crfgs s] eof] . pm d;Fu sf]xL cs} ;~hLj eP/ . d}n] s'g} 7fpF afFsL lyPg hxfF dnfO{
/fd|/L af]ln/x]sf] lyPg . pm d;Fu sn]hdf b]vs ] f] b[Zo kTofpg p;sf] ofbn] ;tfpFbg} Yof] . To;}n]
/dfO/x]s} lyPg . slxn] sfxLF g;s]/ ;fyLxaf6 a'g k'u]F . d d]/f] hLjgnfO{ afO{afO{ ug'{
e]6 eP klg pm d;Fu ufx|f; ] uF ;fyLxaf6} yfxf kfPF ls ;~hLj kg]{ a]nf cfO;s]sf] lyof] .
af]NYof] . yfxf lyPg s] ePsf] / Ct' ;DaGwdf /x]5g\ . ;fyLx
lyof] p;nfO{ . s}oF f}F k6s p;nfO{ ;a}n] d}n] Tof] lbg h] b]vF] Tof] !!!& ;Ldf, sIff (

105 eGHof @)&#

Budhanilkantha School

Work Hard the advertisement from the

day before. He took it and g]kfnsf] df6f]
walked back home. He read it
as he was sitting on the ground.
It said:
"Number one, start a
"How am I to start a
business?", he asked his wife.
"Mmmoh! Try selling
your crops.", she said
"Okay, next Saturday
with the paper, Ill make a
basket and place my crops,
walk to the city and sell them",
the farmer replied with
Once upon a time, there lived a
poor farmer. That poor farmer
A week passed and it
had nothing but crops, a house
was Saturday. He made a
built from straw, pencil and
basket, placed his crops in
paper. Nevertheless, he had a
there and headed to the city
family that cared for him. For
with the basket tucked
him, everything he had was
between his arms. His first
enough. For water, there was a
customer wanted some
golden tap, that supplied fresh
pumpkin and wheat.
water. For food, he had a small gbL vf]Hg slt lx8\of] e]6fPg
He said, "That will be a
patch of land where he grew
hundred and ten rupees." af6f]
vegetables. He was thankful for
The customer handed kfgL vfg ltvf{Psf] g]kfnsf]
having a house that his
him the money. He then walked
grandfather had built fifty years df6f] .
around, shouting, "Vegetables,
ago. He was a father of two
Vegetables at low cost."
beautiful daughters and his
A crowd rushed af]ss
] f] 5 x[bodf k|ultsf] wf]sf]
wife loved him dearly.
towards him and in a couple of
One day, on a transmission
hours, he had earned more
c3fpg] sNkgfdf lxF8s ] f] 5
pole, there was an amusing ef]sf]
than seven hundred rupees. He
advertisement. In it, it was
written, "How to earn money
went to a supermarket nearby kL8f Joyf ;x]sf] 5 slt ;f]emf]
and bought some vegetables nf6f]
for dinner.
The farmer thought to himself, v8]/Ln] r'l;Psf] g]kfnsf] df6f] .
Slowly and slowly, days
"I have everything I need, so
passed. Instead of straw, he
why do I need to earn money?"
now had a house built of bricks. Hofgel/ lgn8fdn] 8fldPsf
He told his wife about what he
Instead of a paper, he had a kmf]sf
saw. His wife said, "Darling,
laptop and instead of a basket,
compare our life to that of the uxel/ 5g\ cfF;w' f/f ldx]gtL
he now had a shop to sell his
others. Of course, we need ef]sf
vegetables. His family became
money. Look at our daughters.
richer and happier day by day. ;w}eF l/ dfu]sf] 5 cl3 hfg]
In a couple of years, we will
This is the result when you af6f]
have to send them to school.
work hard.
Do you want your daughters to ;lxbsf] /utn] /\luPsf] df6f] .
be uneducated?"
5021 Karshini, class 5
The next day, he went back to
the electricity pole. There was $)*& lk|G;, sIff ^
106 Bhanjyang 2017
a"9fgLns07 :s"n

Childhood Times
5f]/Lsf] Joyf

When I was a child,

I would go to the woods,
I would search for berries,
Dreaming the stories of fairies. 5f]/fnfO{ ljBfno 5f]/LnfO{ 3fF;
d'l:sn;Fu 5f]/Ln] km]/s
] L 5g\ ;f;
I would play with dolls, 5f]/Lsf] hLjg lsg nfU5 ;a}nfO{ ;:tf]
And paint on the walls.
s;/L x]Kg clg s'6lk6 u5{g\ x]/ s:tf] .
I would take out a string from the woolen ball,
afnaflnsfnfO{ b]zsf] s0f{wf/ eG5g\
To help my mother to knit a blue shawl. t/ k9\g lbFbg} g\ ufnL dfq u5{g\
5f]/f 5f]/L eG5g\ t/ 5f]/f dfq uG5g\
I loved to bake cakes, 5f]/Ln] t k9fO x}g bfp/f 3fF; u5{g\ .
And roam near the lakes.
I read Cinderella, my favorite story book,
cleefjs eG5g\ 5f]/L xf]Og
5f]/f eP k'U5 dnfO{ c? s]xL klg x'Gg .
And helped my mother to cook.
5f]/f kfP /dfpF5g\ 5f]/L kfP b'Mv
5f]/L t cnl5gL ToxL kfkL d'v .
Sometimes I would do things very funny,
On a pleasant day which was sunny. slt ufnL u5{g\ clg slt b'Mv lbG5g\
Everything was fine, everything nice, vfg klg lbFbg} g\ / s'6L dfq /xG5g\
ef]s ef]s} al;/xG5g\ kL8f x'G5 w]/}
But only then, during my childhood times.
afa' cfdfn] x]bg{} g\ ;'v x'G5 yf]/} .

4029 Shreeshma, class 6 @!@@ cl:dtf, sIff *

107 eGHof @)&#
Budhanilkantha School

Magic ;dosf] dxTTj

The slanting chords of

moonlight pierce through the
window panes:
Only source of illumination
down the narrow lane, ;do xfd|f] hLjgdf Psbd} dxTTjk"0f{ x'G5 . o;n] ;fgfnfO{ ;fgf
Silhouettes are sketched all
eGb}g / 7"nfnfO{ 7"nf eGb}g . of] lg/Gt/ rln/xG5 . o;n] s;}sf]
over the path,
The bushes rattle and bough ctL{ pkb]z dfGb}g . olb o;nfO{ s;}n] /f]s eGof] eg] klg of]
begins to unleash its wrath.
/f]lsFbg} . of] s;}sf] wDsL / qf;df kb}g{ . o;nfO{ ;]sG] 8, ldg]6,
Trees whisper the poem of 3G6f, lbg, xKtf, dlxgf / jif{ cflbdf gflkG5 .
magnificent starry sky,
Wishing if they could borrow
some shimmering lights, ;donfO{ cgflb / cgGt elgG5 . of] cgflb sfnb]lv rlncfPsf]n]
The willowy stream wounds its
way underneath the bushes o;nfO{ cgflb elgPsf] xf] . of] slxNo} klg cGTo gx'g] ePsf]n]
They share the secrets of life o;nfO{ cgGt elgPsf] xf] . of] cfg} ultdf rln/xG5 . dflg;x
underwater and talk in hushes.
h;nfO{ kL8f eO/x]sf] x'G5 pgLxnfO{ cfg} ultdf rln/x]sf]
Silvery beams of light quivers ;do kL8fn] ubf{ l9nf] rln/x]sf] h:tf] nfU5 . To:t} dflg;
and shivers gliding along the
canopy of forest, h;nfO{ of] lhGbuL /dfOnf] nflu/x]sf] x'G5, pgLxnfO{ ;do
As the soft breeze showers the l56f] rln/x]sf] h:tf] nfU5 . t/ ;do cfg} ultdf rln/x]sf]
sleeping lives with trembling
kisses, x'G5 . v]nf8Lx klg ;dosf] dlxdf a'5g\ . To;}n] xfdLn] klg
Angles in the heavens sing song ;dosf] dlxdf a'em]/ lhGbuL rnfof}F eg] xfd|f hLjgdf afwfx
of this insanely magical sight,
Never a magic had worked so cfpg] 5}gg\ .
impeccably right.

7053 Shubheksha, class A2 %)($ d':sfg, sIff %

108 Bhanjyang 2017
a"9fgLns07 :s"n

Friend cFWof/f] /ft

Ps lbgsf] s'/f xf] . /fdsf]
sIffdf k/LIffsf nflu lzIfsn]
ljBfyL{xnfO{ l9nf];Dd /fv] .
ljBfnoaf6 /fdsf] 3/ hfg
sl/a Ps 3G6f nfUYof] .
ljb\ofnoaf6 l9nf 5fl8lbPsfn]
af6f]df /ft kl/;s]sf] lyof] .
cfwf af6f];Dd /fd ;fyLx;Fu aQL klg lyPg . pm Psbd}
uof] t/ ;fyLxsf] 3/ 8/fO/x]sf] lyof] . p;nfO{ PSn}
Whenever I close my eyes, cFWof/f]df lxF8g\ 8/ nflu/x]sf]
cfOk'u]sfn] pm rflxF cfgf]
Infront of me stands
3/;Dd hfg] PSn} eof] . p;;Fu lyof] . p;sf dgdf cg]sf}+
Somewhere in my mind, she k|Zgx cfO/x]sf lyP . hfFbf
is still there hfF b f p;n] dflylt/ Pp6f
To pray and support me
hndf af3 b]Vof] . af3 7"nf]
:j/df s/fO/x]sf] lyof] . clg
Whenever I feel sad, lgs} 7"nf] lyof] . p;nfO{ emg
She makes my mood good 8/ nfUof] / cflTtof] . clg efUg]
from bad
She is the one whatever I k|of; uof] . pm rfF8f] bf}l8g]
had k|of; u/]sf] lyof] . t/ af3
If she is with me I can do p;sf] kl5kl5 bf}l8of] . /fd
whatever I want
cufl8 / af3 k5fl8 bf}l8/x]sf
I am sure anyone can leave lyP . af3 /fdsf] glhs} k'Uof] .
me, af3 p;nfO{ emlD6g nfUbf nfUb}
But she helps me forever
She has promised me to help
pm em; eof] . pm lapFembf t
And wont be leaving forever pm p;s} la:tf/fdf ;'lt/x]sf]
Because she is my friend lyof] . p;n] dgdg} ;f]Rof], of]
t s] j n Pp6f ;kgf dfq
Because she is my friend
For whom I have prayed. /} 5 .

4022 Sandhya, class 6

#)$* clGhtf, sIff &

109 eGHof @)&#

Budhanilkantha School

rv]jf John and the Fairy

One day John and his father
went to a lake for fishing. When
/ rv]jL they were fishing John noticed
a frog trying to eat a fly.
Actually it was not a fly but it
was a fairy. Then he caught the
fairy and kept it away from the
frog. Then the fairy asked,
Who are you? John replied I
am John, a man from this
planet Earth. John felt curious
to know about the fairy so he where the God of all fairies was
asked, Where are you from? I sitting in his big sofa. Then the
am from the cloud, the fairy fairy said, Lord this man from
replied again. Earth saved me from a
John said that he too wanted ferocious creature. Then the
to go to the cloud. Then the god said, He is such a nice man
cfh Tof] /mvsf] xfFufdf 5g\ Ps fairy said excitedly Ok I will and he should be awarded with
rv]jfsf hf]8L take you there because you gifts. Then John replied, I
h] k|d
] sf] ;fu/df r'nD{' d} 8'as
] f saved me. Then the fairy dont need gifts sir. The God
5g\ mumbled some words and asked rather curiously, What
pgLxsf] ;+;f/ a]Un} 5 suddenly John grew smaller do you need instead of gifts
until he became the size of the then? John questioned, Can
hxfF v';LofnL g} v';LofnL 5 .
fairy. The fairy then caught you make my wish happen?
Johns hand tightly and flew up The god said that he could.
pgLx b'O{ afx]s 5}g sf]xL to the sky until they reached up Then John wished God to make
;+;f/df, g t 5g\ pgsf ;x]nL in the sky. They landed in a everyone happy on Earth. His
t/ b'O{ d} 5 xif{ clg pd\u ToxfF huge cloud. There were second wish was to abolish all
houses, green grass, and river. sorts of violence and the third
u5{g,\ cfgf s'/f xfF;/] lbn vf]nL .
There was even a big palace. wish John made was to give all
The air and environment there the living things the power to
dfofsf] cr{gf u5{g\ rf]vf] k|fy{gf was very nice. survive without eating
u/L The fairy led John to the palace. anything.
nfU5 o:tf] k[YjLdf s'g} k/L While they were about to enter Now, the wishes were granted.
em/L from the palace gate the John became very happy and
guards stopped them. They had thanked the God and the fairy.
kL/ 5}g tfk 5}g pgLnfO{ s]xLsf]
to explain all the things that Then, he came back to Earth
v';L vf]H5g\ pgLx h] klg happened on the Earth. The and lived happily with his
s'/fsf] . guards let them enter after family and friends.
that. The fairy led John to a very
@)%^ rfFbgL, sIff * beautifully decorated room 5066 Aashish, Class 5

110 Bhanjyang 2017

a"9fgLns07 :s"n

qf; cfpg yfn] . nf ca d s] ldq ePF . ;Fu} v]Ng] vfg] ;'Tg]

af6f] la/fpFbf uF < stf hfpmF < s;/L o:tf]
3g3f]/ cgsG6f/ h\undf afr"F
uYof}{F . w]/} /dfOnf] x'GYof] . dnfO{
Tof] xfQLn] cfgf] lk7\od F' f /fv]/
< dnfO{ t lkmtf{ hfg] af6f] klg h\undf 3'dfpFYof] . Ps lbg,
yfxf lyPg . aflx/ lg:sG5' eg]/ b'O{ lbg u/L xKtf dlxgf x'bF} w]/}
s;}nfO{ eg]sL lyOgF . d w]/} jif{ o;/L g} lat] . d 7"nL
/f]PF s/fPF lrRofPF . sf]xL dnfO{ eO;s]sL lyPF . Tof] xfQL klg
pb\wf/ ug{ cfPgg\ . d ca PSnL 7"nf] eO;s]sf] lyof] . Pslbgsf]
lyPF . la:tf/} /ft kb}{ uof] . s'/f xf] . d Tof] xfQL;Fu v]Nb}
:ofn s/fpg yfNof] . dnfO{ lyPF . Ps hgf cfOdfO{ ?Fb} 3Ff;
c;fWo} 8/ nflu/x]sf] lyof] . d sf6\b} lyOg\ . d glhs uP/
lbgel/ ef]s} lyPF . ef]s nflu x]bf{ t d]/L cfdf g} x'g'x'Fbf]
/x]sf] lyof] . d ;FS' s ;'SF s ub}{ /x] 5 . d] / f cfF v faf6 cfF ; '
dgdf qf; lnO{ lxFl8/x]sL lyPF . l6nlknfP . d cfdf eg]/ s/fPF
d ;fgL lyPF . &* jif{ w]/} cFWof/f] eO;s]sf] lyof] . d pxfFnfO{ cFufnf] dfg{ uPF . Toqf]
hltsL . hf8f] dlxgfsf] a]nf ?Fbf ?Fb} h\und} slxn] ;'tF] yfx} jif{kl5 e]6 ePsf] dnfO{ cfdfn]
lyof] . hf8f] labf eO;s]sf] kfOg . laxfg p7\gf;fy} xft lrGg'ePg . pxfF t kfun x'g'
lyof] . Ps lbgsf] s'/f xf] . d tGsfpg vf] H bf d] / f xft ePsf] /x]5 . pxfF olts} s]s]
cfF u gdf u6\ 6 f v] N b} lyPF . rn]gg\ . o;f] x]/F] d t u'kmfdf af]Ng yfNg'eof] . ;fob d x/fP/
;fyLx d]/f 3/df cfP . pgLx /x]5' . d]/f xft v'66\ f afFlwPsf xf]nf . d ;fgL x'bF f af6f] la/fP/
kf/Lsf] ufpFdf d]nf x]g{ hfg lyP . d]/f] cufl8 Pp6f 7"nf] To;/L d h\undf a:g yfn]sLn]
nfu]sf /x]5g\ . dnfO{ klg ;fydf af3 lyof] . dnfO{ vfg d'v / cfdf eg] To:tf] x'ge ' P5 . d
lnP/ hfg cfPsf /x]5g\ . d ld7\ofpFb} lyof] . d a]:;/L cfdfnfO{ cFufnf] df/]/ /f]PF .
klg v'zL eO d]nf x]g{ hfg] egL lrRofPF . crfgs u'kmfdf Pp6f
s;}nfO{ gegLsg ;fyLx;Fu 7"nf] lrn cfof] / dnfO{ l6k]/ $))$ cfef, sIff ^
lx8]F . kNnf] ufpF hfg] af6f] km]l/ p8fof] . t/ dnfO{ t Tof] lrnn]
s:tf] cK7]/f] /x]5 . h\un} h\un dfly nu] / 5f] 8 \ o f] . d
eO hfg'kg]{ . d pgLxsf] cfsfzaf6 v:g yfnF ] . d
kl5kl5 lxF8s ] L lyPF . lxF8b\ flxF8b\ } s/fpFb} v;]F . d e'Od F f n8]F .
d]/f] rKkn rFl' 8of] . d rKkn dnfO{ s]xL ePg . Pp6f 5fjf
agfpg yfn]F . cxn] dnfO{ xfQLn] dnfO{ arfPsf] lyof] .
kl5 k/]sf] b]vg] 5g\ . pgLx klxnf t d 8/fPF t/ kl5
cl3 a8\b} uP . d]/f] rKkn ag]g la:tf/} Tof] xfQL;Fu af]Ng sf]l;;
/ d rKkn xftdf af]Sb} hfG5' u/]F . Tof] xfQLn] ;fob d}n] eg]sf]
eg]/ p7]sL t d]/f ;fyLx sf]xL s'/f a'of] xf]nf . pm pk|m/] /dfpg
j/k/ lyPgg\ . d]/f] dgdf cg]s yfNof] . Tof] lbgb]lv d Tof] xfQLsf]

111 eGHof @)&#

Budhanilkantha School

Dreams efUo
Pp6f ufpFdf Pp6f cN5L dfG5]
a:bYof] . pm alnof] t lyof] t/
sfd ug{ dfGb}gYof] . p;s}
pd]/sf] ;fyL wgL lyof] t/ pm
bl/b| lyof] . l5d]ssf dflg;xn]
p;nfO{ sfd lbFbf klg pm ;Sg]
sfd gu/]/ 5fl8lbGYof] .
pm ;w}F O{Zj/nfO{ / cfgf] p;n] ;f]Rof] . wgL ePkl5 sxfF
efUonfO{ bf]if lbGYof] / ufnL o:tf] 5xf/Ldf ;'Tg kfOG5 . pm
ub{Yof] . l5d]sLxn] p;nfO{ To;df ;'Tof] . lgbfof] .
;DemfpFbf pm dfGb}gYof] . pm pm p7\of] . x]of] . 3fd nfu]sf]
Dreams are imagination, which cfgf] efUonfO{ a];/L ufnL b]Vof] . pm em6k6 ufu|f] / af]/f
dont have guarantee to be ub{Yof] . Tof] cN5L dflg;sf] ufnL
successful in life. There are two
lnP/ gbLlt/ nfUof] . Ps af]/f
types of dreams: one in deep ;'Gbf;'Gb} eujfg\ x}/fg eP . afn'jf / Ps ufu|f] kfgL lnP/
sleep and another in real life. eujfg\n] Tof] cN5L dflg;sf] 3/ uof] . pm 3/ uP/ To;df
When someone sleeps with k/LIff lng] ljrf/ u/] . Ps /ft x]of] . To;df wldnf] kfgL /
something in their mind, they Tof] cN5L dflg; ;'Tof] . Tof] afn'jf dfq /x]5 . pm Tof] b]v/]
might see many incidents in
that dream, which most of the /ftdf p;n] ;kgf b] V of] . b'MvL eof] . Toltg} v]/ Pp6f
time never occurs in life. It is ;kgfdf eujfg\ cfP . eujfg\n] l5d]ssf] dflg; cfP/ eGof],
not a true dream. A dream of p;nfO{ eg] d ltdLnfO{ wg ;'g t d}n] kf] kfP5' Tof] ;'g/]
that type cant be successful by
sleeping and enjoying. lbg] ljrf/df 5' . ltdL ef]ln p;n] cfgf] efUonfO{ ufnL uof]
Another dream is actually an
laxfg kfFr ah] lji0f'dlt gbLdf / eGof] s:tf] a]Odfg O{Zj/
aim of a persons life. Most of uP/ Ps ufu|f] kfgL / Ps af]/f dnfO{ ;'g lbG5' eg]/ cnfO{
the people have dreams i.e. afn'jf lnP/ cfof} eg] Tof] ;'g lbP5 .
aim in their life. All people
should have dreams to utilize aGg] 5 / ltdL wgL aGg] 5f} . Tof] /ft pm ;'Tof] / ;kgf b]Vg
their lifetime and make it ef]ln laxfg Tof] rf/ ah] p7]/ yfNof] . ;kgfdf eujfg\ cfP /
useful. It is good to have such Pp6f ufu|f] / Pp6f af]/f lnP/ eg] ltdL cN5L ePsf] sf/0fn]
a good dream but dreaming
throughout life is not good. It 3/af6 lg:Sof] . aflx/ uPkl5 ;'g kfPgf} . ta b]lv pm sfd
is necessary to put effort by a p;n] eGg yfNof] d ca wgL ug{ yfNof] / a'of] efUon] Ps
person from his birth to death
x'G5' . Tof] ;'g/] l5d]sLx of] k6s dfq df} s f lbG5 t/
to make a dream successful.
But always dreaming and not af}nfPsf] 5 eg] . af6f]df pm ldlxg]tn] eg] slxNo} dflg;nfO{
doing anything may cause a hfFbfhfFb} Pp6f 7"nf] /mvsf] wf]sf lbFbg} .
great problem in life.
5xf/L / 3fF;sf] la5\of}gf b]Vof] .
3061 Subarna, class 7 %!)( cf]d k|sfz, sIff %
112 Bhanjyang 2017
a"9fgLns07 :s"n

hfGy]F . slxn] sfxLF af6f]df v'f

cfg} syf b'Vbf klg lx8\yF] . olt w]/} b'Mv
si6 ;x]/ k9\bf jflif{s k/LIffdf
k|yd ePF . ljBfnosf ;Dk"0f{
lzIfsn] dnfO{ awfO{ lbg' eof] .
of] b]v/] d]/f] a'af cfdf ;fx|} v';L
x'ge' of] . d sIff ltgdf cfpFbf
klg Tolts} b'Mv si6 ef]Ug
k/]sf] lyof] . d ;fg} 5Fbf d]/f]
a'af / cfdfn] eGg' x'GYof], d]/f]
cfzLjf{b 5 ls ltdL eljiodf lg:sG5 ls lgl:sFbg} , of] s'/f
c;n / /fd|f] dfG5] aGg] 5f} . d]/f] dgdf v]ln/x]sf] lyof] .
d nueu ;ft jif{sf] pd]/df ltdL ;w}F /fd|f] afgL Jojxf/ /fVf, o;sf] glthf cfFpbf d]/f] gfd
xFb' f dnfO{ a"9fgLns07 :s"ndf c ;fyLnfO{ gcfPsf] s'/f lg:s]sf] lyof] . of] b]Vbf d v';L
5fqj[lTtdf 5gf}6 eO{ k9\g] OR5f atfOb]pm . l;sfOb]pm . d sIff t lyPF t/ dgdf w]/} b'Mv
nfu]sf] lyof] . o;a]nfb]lv d rf/df x'bF f d]/f] a'afn] dnfO{ klg nflu/x]sf] lyof] t/ s] ug'{,
kl/>d / ldlxg]t ug{ yfn]F ;w}+ lhNnfsf] ;b/d'sfd jL/uGh k9gsf] nflu aflx/ uP/
lzIfsn] lbPsf] u[xsfo{ ug{ Nofpg'eof] . dnfO{ >L lqh'4 k9\gk' 5{ . d ;w}F bz}F cfpg] lbg
yfn]F . ;w}F laxfg sl/a rf/ dxfjL/ k|;fb /3'jL/ /fd pRr uG5' . bz}Fdf xfdL 3/ hfg
ah]b]lv k9\g yfNy]F clg Ps dfWolds ljBfnodf egf{ kfpF5f}F . of] ljBfno dnfO{ :ju{
306f ;Dd k9\yF] . To;kl5 d]/L u/fpg'eof] . of] ljBfno klg h:tf] nfU5 . oxfFsf lzIfsx
cfdfn] eGg'x'GYof],ca uP/ Tolts} 6f9f lyof] t/ d;Fu xfdLnfO{ 5f]/f h:tf] dfGg'xG' 5 .
;kmf;Fu d'v wf]pm / cfgf] ;fOsn lyof] . af6f]df a;, 6s d ;w}F sIffdf lzIfsn] lbPsf]
ljBfnosf] n'uf nufpm . clg h:tf w]/} ;jf/Lsf ;fwgx u[xsfo{ u/]/ hfG5' . d}n] slxn]
d ;a} sfd uy]{ . of] b]v/] d]/L rNbYf] To;}n] d af6f] 5]pdf klg l8d] l /6 kfPsf] 5} g /
cfdf ;fx|} v'zL x'gx' G' Yof] / cfdfn] lj:tf/} ;fOsn rnfP/ k9\g eljiodf klg gkfpg] d]/f] k|lt1f
dnfO{ laxfgsf] vfhf lbg' hfGy]F . lj=;= @)&@ ;fndf sIff 5 / ljZjf; 5 xfdLn] kl/>d
x'GYof] . To:t} lbg laTb} uP / glthf cfof] . o;df d k|yd / nugsf ;fy s'g} klg sfd
sIff b'Os { f] jflif{s k/LIff cfpg ePF . @)&@ r} q #) ut] uof}F eg] Tof] sfd cjZo g}
nfUof] . d]/f] 3/ eGbf nueu a"9fgLns07 :s"nsf] 5fqj[QL ;kmn x'g] 5 . xfdLn] ;kmntf
tLg rf/ ls=dL 6f9f d]/f] ljBfno 5gf]6df efu lng d pkl:yt kfpg] 5f}F .
lyof] . d Tof] a]nf PSn} k}bn ePF . of] hfFr ;s]kl5 d]/f] gfd %!)% lzjd\, sIff %
113 eGHof @)&#
Budhanilkantha School

Blind boy Psfb]zdf a'9fa'9L lyP . pgLx

Odfgbf/Lsf] kmn
with desire Pp6f b'ud{ ufpFdf a:y] . pgLx
ul/a klg lyP . pgLxsf] Pp6f
5f]/f klg lyof] . pgLx h;f]t;f]
cfgf] u'hf/f rnfO{ /x]sf lyP .
5f]/f t]x| jif{ k'lu;s]sf] lyof] .
a'9fa'9L lgs} sdhf]/ eO;s]sf
lyP . pgLxnfO{ vfgf v'jfpg],
n'uf nufO lbg] dfG5] pxL Pp6f
5f]/f lyof] . lbgx laTg yfn] .
h8La'6L sGbd"n, kmnkm"n cflb
b'O{ lbg;Dd nuftf/ d';nwf/]
Clueless day and miserable cfP/ a:g] uYof]{ . p;n] hlt
night- kfgL kof] . pgLxsf] 3/
He is a poor little boy who lost b'Mv kfP klg s;}nfO{ 7Ug], 9fF6g],
his eyesight.
le/d'lg lyof] . To;}n] lzlz/nfO{
5Ng] , n' 6 \ g ] sfd eg] u/] s f]
cfgf] 3/ k'l/Pnf eGg] 8/
Desires of touching the endless lyPg . Ps /ft p;sf] ;kgfdf
sky is surged within lyof] . geGb} ef] l n kN6
Cruel world punishes the eujfg\ cfP clg p;nfO{ ltdL,
unfortunate boy for laxfg lt/ p;sf] 3/ k'l/of] . pm
uncommitted sin ltd|f] a'af / ltd|L cfdfn] /f]ks
] f]
t aNn tNn lg:Sof] t/ p;n]
Hated by many and loved by kLknsf] af]6d'lg uP/ vg . ToxfF
some cfgf cfdfa'afnfO{ arfpg
Sings his story and earns his ;'g 5 eg] . p;n] ToxL k};fn]
living in Rome ;s]g . p;n] cfgf cfdfa'afnfO{
7"nf] j[4f>d vf]N5 . Tof] p;n]
Speaks the truth but his words
vf]Hg yfNof] .
are tragic
p;sf afaf cfdfsf] gfddf
Melodious his voice, a true vf]N5 . To;kl5 pm v';L;fy
work of magic
a:g yfN5 .
Why am I not loved?he asks
The silence replies with voice #)@! ;':df, sIff &
of no one.

No one sees him, craving for

someone to hold him, care for
Ps dlxgf kl5 dfq p;n] cfgf
Blind but he sees everyone well cfdfa'afsf] x8\8L e]6fpF5 . pm
Wish someone was there to
see his black and white dreams 8fFsf] 5f]8/] /mg yfN5 . To;kl5
Add little shades of red, purple
and green to make those p;n] la:tf/} la:tf/} cfgf]
dreams gleam. hLjg rnfpg yfNof] . pm
1122 Sushma class 9

114 Bhanjyang 2017

a"9fgLns07 :s"n

r'xfpFb} cfO/x]sf 5g\, To:tf] ug'k{ g]{ ulxl/P/ ;+nUg x'g g;Sg] cyf{t\
cj:yf ;x/df cfpFbg} . ljleGg ;fwf/0f hgtfsf] xsclwsf/df
pks/0fn] ubf{ lj:t[t ;x/ klg /dfpg] hgtfnfO{ 3/ hUuf
;fF3'l/Psf] 5 . t/ pks/0fsf] lnnfdb]lv lnP/ ef]sd/L;Ddsf]
cefjdf ;fF3/' f ufpFa:tLx eg] lrGtfn] lbgx'F ;tfpF5 / pgLxsf]
cfsfz / kftfn;/x b" / Ldf hLjg Joy{ 5 .
5l/Psf 5g\ . xftdf s]xL gaf]sL ef}lts ;'v;onn] el/k"0f{ eP/
;x/ k;]sf slt dfG5] Jofkf/, kl5Nnf ;dosf cfw'lgs oGqxn]
Joj;fo u/]/ ca{kltsf] ;Ddfg a'lgPsf, uugr'DaL dxndf a;]/
kfpFb5} g\ . >d / /f]huf/Lsf nflu h' g j} e j kfOg] g] k fnLxsf]
;x/ k;]sf dfG5]n] cfgf] ;Lk, dfgl;stf 5, Tof] clxn] s f]
1fg / ldlxg]tn] ;x/ l;Fuf/]sf cJojl:yt, si6k"0f{ hLjgsf] d'Vo
5g\ . oftfoft Joj:yfsf ;'ud h8 aGg k'us ] f] 5 . k};fsf nflu
7" n f7" n f ;8s, cfw' l gs dfWodn] cf]xf]/bf]xf]/ ;xh agfPsf efubf}8 ub}{ dflg; ;x/df cfP/
k|0ffnLo'Qm pks/0f, uugr''DaL 5g\ . ;x/df d':tfsf] :ofp, xG8/ vfg k'U5 . ;'vsf] vf]hLdf
ejg cflb ef}lts ;'v;onsf Onfdsf] lrof, uf]/vfsf ;'Gtnf, dflg; ;x/ k:5 . ufGwLn] eg]sf
j:t'n] el/Psf] gu/nfO{ ;x/ kfNkfsf] 9fsf, ef]hk'/sf] v's/' L dfq 5g\, ;Rrf ;'v aflx/af6 xf]Og
elgG5 . hLjg eGgfn] dfG5]sf] geP/ ;f/f b] z sf ljleGg leqaf6 ldN5 . clxn] ;x/df
hGdb]lv d[To';Ddsf] ;do eGg] ;fdfgxnfO{ ;d]6g\ ;kmn 5g\ a;]/ ef}lts ;'v;onsf] cfefif
a'lemG5 . ;du|df ;xl/of hLjg ;x/sf dfgj . ul/x] s f dfG5] x n] hLjgsf]
eGgfn] ;x/df a:g] dfG5]xsf] aflx/L ;'vsf] hLjg dfq cg'ej
hLjgnfO{ a' l emG5 . ;x/df ul//x]sf 5g\ . hLjgsf] jf:tljs
a:g]nfO{ ;xl/of elgG5 . ef}lts g]kfnsf] ;xl/of ;'vsf af/]df pgLx c1ft 5g\ .
;'v;onsf] kl5 nfUg] afgL k/]sf h;/L dflg; k};fsf lglDt d5{
clxn]sf dfgj, ;xl/of hLjgsf]
kl5 efubf}8 ul//x]sf 5g\ .
hLjg To;}u/L pm cfgf] bIftfsf nflu,
xsclwsf/sf nflu n8\g] ePsf]
g]kfnsf] cj:yfdf x]bf{ ;xl/of t/ aflx/af6 x]/] h:tf] ;xh eg] eP cfh ;+;f/ ablnGYof] . ;'vsf]
hLjg eg]hlt ;xh 5}g / unt ;xl/of hLjg kSs} 5}g . ufpFdf ;|ft] xfd|f] x[bodf x'g] ub{5 . h]
klg 5}g . dflg;sf] ;xl/of hLjg au]sf] lr;f] kfgL snsn tLvf{ hlt s'/f dflg;n] kfPsf] 5, pm
k5fl8sf] efubf} 8 n] g] k fnsf d]6g\ ] u/L vfg] wf]sf] ;x/df k"/f Totfdf g/dfP/ cf}nf]F kfpFbf
ufpF x b' A nfPsf 5g\ eg] x'g ;Sb}g . w'jfFw'nf], k|b"if0fn] 8Fl' 8Ngf] lgNg] k|of; u5{ . ePsf]
;x/x df]6fpFb} uPsf 5g\ . el/Psf] ;x/df x/]s lrh hx/em}F s'/fdf ;Gtf]if hgfpFbf g} jf:tljs
eO;s] . cf}ifwLd'nf]sf oflGqs ;'v kfOG5 . dflg; k};fsf lglDt
;x/sf] ;'v;onn] ;f/f dfgj pks/0f gkfP tfklg ufpFsf hlt d/] klg Tof] Ifl0fs ;'v g
x[bonfO{ cfslif{t ul//x]sf] 5 . dflg;x ;xl/ofxeGbf lg/f]uL xf,] lanfP/ hfg] 5 . Ps k|l;4
sDtLdf Ps k6s ;x/ k:g] x/]s hLjg afFRg ;kmn ePsf 5g\ . JolQmn] eg]sf lyP, ;+;f/df
dflg;sf] dl:tisdf v]Ng] ub{5 . a9\ b f] hg;V\ o f t/ ;Lldt ;a}eGbf ul/a Tof] xf] hf];uF wg
h;/L ufpF3/df dflg;xn] kl;gf af;:yfgn] dflg;sf] /xg;xgnfO{ dfq 5 . cyf{t\ wg gePsf v08df
c;/ k'ofPsf] 5 . /fhgLltdf dflg; nf]eL x'bF g} / pm ;'vL x'G5
115 eGHof @)&#
Budhanilkantha School
;x/df ljleGg hfthflt, e]ife'iff,
/Lltl/jfh cflbsf dflg;sf] hd36 Helping Others
eP klg ;a} cfcfg} hLjgdf
Jo:t 5g\ . Ho'bF } dofsf] elg
gfpF s:sf] < pBd lagf laTb5
sfn h:sf] . sf]xL pBd u/]/
hLjg latfpFb,} 5g\ t sf]xL sfd
u/]/ cfjf/f ag]sf 5g\ . ;x/sf
dflg;df lhpFbfsf] hGtL dbf{sf]
dnfdL eGg] efjsf] cGTo
eO;s]sf] 5 . ;Lk / >d x'g] tNnf
hft 7xl/Psf 5g\ eg] k};fn]
el/k"0f{ dflyNnf hft dflgPsf
5g\ . ha k};f af]Nb5, ta ;To
df}g /xG5 eGg] egfO ;x/df
rlncfPsf] kfOG5 . One day a little child asked me
What helping others meant for me,
Then I replied,Dear child,
Your life has not stacked up piles-

Piles of misery and pain,

But, although someday you will have to gain.
The misery will be too much but it will increase
For me, by helping others some of it will decrease.
ctM h;/L dflg;n] egfO /
;'gfOsf cfwf/df a'em]sf] 5, Tof] Some day our life might take an unexpected turn
a' e mfO, Tof] u/fOsf] From that day onwards our heart will cry and burn,
jf:tljstfeGbf w]/} km/s 5 . People will be in helpless situation
layf]lnPsf] /fhlglt, eb\bf afgL and wish for the life to move fast,
Jojxf/ cflbn] ubf{ ;x/ 9ln;s]sf] I think helping others will bring them back
a'9f] ?vem}F ePsf] 5 . ;xl/of by forgetting the misery of past.
hLjgsf] ef}lts ;'v;onsf] kl5
bu'ge' Gbf ;Gtf]ifhgs /x]/ b]zsf Oh! Dear child, now that I have told you
lglDt of]ubfg lbg' a8f] sb/k"0f{ what helping others means for me,
x'G5 . ;x/sf ef}lts ;'v;onsf And I hope you help others at any cost
kl5 efubf}8 ugf{n] hLjgdf x/]; rather than letting it be.
vfg] cj:yfdf k'Ug'eGbf a? cfTd Now, that I have to take my way,
;Gt'li6nfO{ cfTd;ft ug'{ pko'Qm If you have any questions just stop by my way.
x'G5 .
2071 Sarika, Class-8
First in English Poem writing competition
()%& d'sz
] , sIff !)
116 Bhanjyang 2017
a"9fgLns07 :s"n

elgG5 hLjgnfO{ ;fy{s agfpg

eTs]sf] cf:yf dflg; cf:yf w] / } s' / fxdf cf:yf rflxG5 . cf:yflagf hLjg
/fV5 . lsgeg] cf:yf /fVg' eg]sf] s]xL xf]Og . ha ;a} cf:yfx
ljZjf; ug'{ xf] . dflg; ;a}nfO{ 6]sf]n] c8\sfO/x]sf] 5, ta c
ljZjf; ug]{ k|f0fL xf] . pm eujfg\df
gofF cf:yf s] /fVg" . d of] ;a}
klg cf:yf /fVb5 .cfgf] sfddf eGg ;S5', lsgeg] d]/f klg s}of}F
klg . pm cfgf] ;fyLdf klg cf:yf eTs]sf cfzfx 5g\ .
/fV5 . slxNo} glrg]sf] dflg;df
klg . d eujfg\df cf:yf /flVbg . xf],
d dlGb/ hfG5' t/ d] / f]
cfh k'/} sf7df8f}F hfu]sf] 5 . ljZjdf a:g] cfwf dflg;xnfO{ eujfg\kl| tsf] cf:yf elTs;s]sf]
k'/} ;x/sf] Pp6} dfu 5, xfd|f] b'O{ 5fs 6fg{ wf}wf} kg]{ cj:yf 5 . olb eujfg\ lyP eg] o;
OR5f k"/f ul/b]pm t/ of] dfu 5 . s] pgLx eujfg\dfly cf:yf ;+;f/df ef]sf] sf] x'GYof] xf]nf / <
;'Gg] dflg; t sfgdf skf; xfn]/ /fVb}gg\ xf]nf t < ha eujfg\n] olb eujfg\ lyP eg] pgn] tL ?Fb}
a;]sf] 5 . of] klxnf]k6s xf]Og\ pgLxsf] vfgfsf] dfu k"/f ub}g{ g\ u/]sf] a]nf tL o'jtLxsf] d'vaf6
lsgeg] ;anfO{ yfxf 5, sf7df8f}F Tof] cf:yf elTsP/ hfG5 . afFsL lg:s]sf] lrTsf/ lsg /f]sg] g\ <
kmf]xf]/sf] ;x/ xf] / o;df o:t} x'G5, s]jn w'nf] / df6f] . o; lsg dflg; Pscsf{nfO{ dfg{
7u dfG5] x dfq} ;kmn x' g b'lgofFsf] s}of}F dflg; sfd ug{ tlD;G5 < vf]O{ t sxfF 5g\ cf:yfsf
;S5g\ . Pssf] andf xhf/f}F hfG5g\ . pgLx cfgf] xflsddfly k'~h eujfg\ <
lylrPsf 5g\ oxfF . xhf/f}Fsf] cf:yf /fVb}gg\ xf]nf t < ha
cfzfx Pp6f dflg;df e/ k5{ pgLxsf] xflsdn] pgLxk|ltsf]
oxfF . ha eujfg\ g} b'i6 lg:sG5g\, bfloTj k" / f ub} { g g\ ta Tof]
eQmxnfO{ arfpg] sf] < xflsdk| l tsf] cf:yf elTsP/
hfG5 . s]jn w'nf] / df6f] dfq}
x/]s dflg;sf] Pp6f cfzf x'G5 afFsL /xG5 .
pm ToxL cfzfsf] ;kgf a'g]/
dflg;sf] cf:yf elTsg gb]pm .
afFlr/x]sf] x'G5 . Tof] cfzf a'Gg] Psrf]l6 eTs]sf] cf:yf km]l/ lgdf{0f dflg; cf:yfd} afFR5, olb cf:yfsf]
l;of] g} efF l rPkl5 a' G g] ug{ ufx|f] 5 . Psrf]l6 ;fyLaf6 lbof] lge]df hLjgsf] s]xL ;fy{stf
s;/L . of] sf7df8f}s F f] dfq Joyf ljZjf;3ft ePkl5 c s'g} g} x'g] 5}g . dflg;sf] OR5f
xf]Og, k'/} ljZjsf] xf] . k'/} ljZjdf ;fyLnfO{ kTofpg klg ufx|f] k5{ . ;'lgb]pm . tL lrTsf/ lg:sg
s/f]8f}F dflg;x 5g\ h;sf OR5f of] cu'N6fn] xf]gs] f] s's/' lah'nL gkfcf];\ . Tof] /utsf] vf]nf aUg
k"/f x'g ;s]sf 5}gg\ . tL ;asf] rDsFbf t;{G5 eg]em}F xf] . Psrf]6L gk/f] ; \ . s;} s f] cf:yf
dgsf] OR5fnfO{ 6]sf]n] c8\sfPsf] s'g} s'/faf6 cf:yf x6f];,\ km]l/ gelTsof];\ .
5 . clxn]sf] e"sDkn] c;/ kf/]sf] cf:yf /fVg ufx|} k5{ .
w/ftnem}F .
()@# /~hgL, sIff !)
117 eGHof @)&#
Budhanilkantha School

Ash Ketchum
(Pokemon )
;do eGgfn] sfn / a]nf a'lemG5
/ dxTTj eGgfn] To;sf] d"No eljio
a'lemG5 . ;do xfd|f] lzIfs xf] .
;don] ubf{ w]/} s'/fdf kl/jt{g
cfpF5 . h:t} afns a'9f] aG5,
df};ddf klg kl/jt{g x'G5
cflb . ;dosf] cGTo xFb' g} . ;do
hlxn] lxFl8/xG5 . o;n] s;}sf]
lglDt s'bg{} . olb xfdLn] ;dosf]
;b'kof]u u/]gf}F eg] xfdL cfgf]
Ash is a fun-loving boy . At the hLjgdf ;kmn x'g ;Sb}gf}F . ;do
age of 10, he owns his first cGwsf/df k5{ . To;}n] xfdLn]
pokemon from professor Oak xfd|f nflu w]/} g} dxTTjk"0f{ ;dosf] ;b'kof]u clxn]bl] v g}
named Pikachu which is
electric type pokemon .They go
s'/f xf] lsgls olb xfdLn] clxn] ug'k{ 5{ .
on a journey and catch many /fd|/L k9\of}F eg] xfd|f] eljio
pokemon as they can . It is a
famous anime series . It has a /fd|f] x'G5 / olb xfdLn] o; %)*! k|z;
+ f, sIff %
total about 8000-9000 ;dodf k9]gf}F eg] xfd|f] eljio
episodes . It is a very old anime
series .Ashs real dream was to
become a pokemon master .
Till now , altogether 19 Seasons
has come on Youtube . If 1 new
episode is released on youtube
, within 1 hour there will be
more than 2000 seen . This
animes popularity is growing
day by day . The most popular
season of pokemon now is
Pokemonx,y,z . It is the latest
season of the year . It comes in
the list of top 10 anime of the
world . There are many videos
and subscribers and Pokemon
lovers in the world are waiting
for new episodes to be released
soon . I am also the one of the
pokemon fans in the world who
is waiting for the new movies
and episodes to be released
soon .
4050 Aryab, class 6

118 Bhanjyang 2017

a"9fgLns07 :s"n

dg nfU5 ls olt g} d}n] cfgf] 3f]Rbf Psl5g kL8f t cjZo eof],

ljrf/zLn ofqf hLjgdf u/]sf] olt g} x'g\ tL
sfdx h;df d cfkm"dfly uj{
Psl5g b'Mv t cjZo nfUof] t/
Tof] Psl5gsf] kL8fn] dnfO{
uy]F{ . clxn] kGw| jif{sf] pd]/df hLjgel/sf nflu ;r]t agfof] .
cfP/ nflu/x]sf] 5 ls aNn d
cfgf] hLjg a'g yfn]sf] cg'ej xfdLn] s}of}F dflg;nfO{ e]6\5f}F,
ug{ yfn]sf] 5' . sltnfO{ lrG5f}F / hLjgel/ g}
xfdLn] c?sf] cfgf] hLjgdf x'g]
clxn] ; Dd d hLjgnfO{ h] cfjthfjtsf] ;fdgf ug'k{ g]{ 5 .
a'lem/x]sf] lyPF, Tof] t s]an e|d ;'?jft lbgdf ;a} s'/f ;sf/fTds
dfq /x]5 . hLjgnfO{ u'nfasf] x'G5 h:tf] nfU5 . Tof] dflg; g}
au}rF f ;lDemP/ h;/L v';L eO{ ;a}eGbf c;n / /fd|f] nfU5 . ;do
hLjg latfO/x]sf] lyP, Tof] t d]/f] laTb} hfG5, tL dflg;xsf]
e"n lyof] lsgeg] d}n] lal;{PsL cg'xf/af6 gsfa plqb} hfG5 .
hLjg s] xf] < s] xfdL hLjgsf] lyPF ls u'nfa;Fu} sfF8fx klg Tof] g} jf:tljs hLjg /x]5 .
x/]s kf6f] a'e\mg ;kmn ePsf cfpF 5 g\ . ha Tof] au} F r fsf] ;+;f/sf clwsf+z dflg; Tof]
5f}F < s] xfdLn] hLjgsf] x/]s ;f}Gbo{;uF } /Db} ubf{ dnfO{ sfF8fn]gsfas} e/df 5g\ . ha pgLxsf]
;]/f]km]/f]sf] cg'ej ul/;s]sf 5f}F < 3f]Rof] ta a'em] ls h] b]lvG5 Tof] Tof] gsfa plqG5, xfdLn] hLjgaf6
;jf]{kl/ s] xfdLn] ;fFlRrs} g} ;w}F jf:tljs x'Fb}g . Psknsf] kf7 l;Sg] df}sf kfO/x]sf x'G5f}F .
hLjgsf] dxTTj a'em]sf 5f}F < oL b[Zodf zf]egLo nfUg] hLjgsf] oL ;a s'/fxn] g} xfdLnfO{
;a k|Zg lgs} ;fdfGo ;'lgG5 . knx ;do laTb} uPkl5 dfq hLjgsf] ;fFrf] rl/qsf] cg'ej
ha oL ;a k|Zgxsf] jf:tljs cfgf] c;n rl/q b]vfpF5 . olb u/fO/x]sf 5g\ . ;a} dflg; c;n
cfzo a'g] k|oTg u5f},F ta dfq Tof] au}r F fdf d}n] ;do JotLt 5g\ h:tf] nfU5 t/ hLjgsf] o;
dx;'; x'G5 ls clxn];Dd h] gu/]sf] eP u'nfasf] ;f}Gbo{sf] dfq ofqfdf xfdLn] dflg;xsf] 5gf]6
ef]luof], h] cg'ej ul/of], Tof] t cjnf]sg d}n] uy]{ xf]nf t/ ;do ug'{ cl3 ljrf/ k'ofpg' kg]{
s'g} rnlrqsf] 6n ] / ;dfg klg JotLt u/]/ dfq dnfO{ cfefif eof] /x]5 .
/x]g5 . cem} k"/f hLjgsf] kfgf ls u'nfasf] ;f}Gbo{ k5fl8 sfF8fsf]
klN6g} afFsL 5 . hLjg o:tf] ofqf a]u0' f klg n'ss ] f] lyof] . sfF8fn] (!#* k|fy{gf, sIff !)
xf], h'g hlt cl3 a9\b} hfG5 TolQ
g} hLjgsf gofF kf7x cfk'm;fd'
v'n:t x'bF } hfG5g\ . Congratulation
hLjgdf Ps o:tf] df]8 cfOk5{
ha xfdL cfgf] hLjgk|lt ljrf/
ug{ ljjz x'G5f},F ha xfdL cfkm"nfO{
k|Zg ug{ afWo x'G5f}F ls s]
clxn];Dd h] ul/of], Tof] hLjgnfO{
Congratulation to prof. Hirnya Man Pradhan, the
;fy{ s agfpgsf nflu k" 0 f{ former chairperson of FOBS and Dr. Swarnim Wagle
x'G5 < cfgf] hLjg;Fu olb d}n] former student of BNKS for being appointed as the
t'ngf ug]{ xf] eg] ;fFlRrs} cfkm"kl| t member of National Planning Commission of Nepal.
F fO{ g} bof nfU5 . cfgf]
hLjg kms]/{ x]bf{ cfkm}nF fO{ g} xfF:g BNKS Family

119 eGHof @)&#

Budhanilkantha School

j;Gt Ct'sf] :jfut x'd]g/f]] 5pT;fx

. o;sf] nflu d]/f] kvf{O .
. d]/f] pd\u . d]/f]
j/bfg /x]5 h:tf] nfU5 . O{Zj/n] k|z;
+ f x'g] 5 . d]/f] cGtd{gdf
dflg; t w]/} yl/ agfP . sf]xL ePsf] ;Ddfg, d]/f] s[t1tfn] ;w}F
;Hhg . sf]xL v/fa . dflg;n] o;sf] :jfut ug]{ 5 . of] cgdf]n
hLjgdf Ps g Ps k6s em'6 Ct'/fh j;GtnfO{ ;b}j d]/f]
t af]N5g\ . Ps g Ps rf]l6 t x[bon] :jfut ug]{ 5 .
s' g } kfk u5{ g} . wGojfb
O{Zj/ . k|sl[ tnfO{ tkfO{n] o:tf] ()@) k|lti7f, sIff !)
lgZ5n agfOlbg' e of] . of]
j;GtnfO{ x]bf{ t st} klg vf]6
b]lVbgF . ;a} dflg; klg o;
Ct'/fh h:t} eOlbP s:tf] x'GYof]
Clash Of Clan
xf]nf .
Tof] p/f7nfUbf] jftfj/0f . j/k/
sxLF xl/ofnL 5}g . Pp6f km"n j;Gt Ct'n] ljZjaf6 x/fPsf]
klg d':s'/fO/x]sf] e]66\ fpFlbg . Tof] zflGt lkmtf{ NofPh:tf]
o;f] af6f]df lxF8b\ f t dnfO{ x]//] nfU5 . j;Gtsf] Pp6f ;'Gb/ km"n
xfFl;lbG5g\ ls eGg] cfzf af]sL d'lem{Psf] b]vF] eg] Tof] sf]dn x[bo
lxF 8 \ 5 ' t/ ;a} d' e mf{ O /x] s f Pp6f sfF8fn] 3f]kh ] :tf] cg'ej
x'G5g\ . jl/kl/ dfG5]x x]5{' . x'G5 . To;}n] d]/f] of] x[bo j;Gt
gfs r'Rr] xf];\ jf y]Kr] . df]6f] x]g{] kvf{Odf x'G5 .
xf];\ jf kftnf] ;a} hgf cf
cfg} tfndf lxFl8/x]sf] b]V5' . dflg;x j;Gt cfPkl5
pgLx cfg} sfddf Jo:t /dfpF5g\ . xfF:5g\ . v]N5g\ . d]/f]
x'G5g\ . dnfO{ eg] of] df3 dgdf j;Gtsf] nflu ;Ddfg
kmfu'gsf dlxgfx b]v/] jfSs 5 . s[t1tf 5 . nfU5 j;Gtn] Clash of clan is known as COC
nflu;Sof] . ?vla?jf gf\u} dnfO{ ;sf/fTds ;f]r lnP/ cl3 and it is the most popular game
x'G5g\ . sf]OnL klg stf x/fpF5] a9\g] k|/] 0ff lbFb} 5 . o;sf] s'g} of the world. I believe more
stf . c+zdf klg d gsf/fTds s'/f than 80% people of the world
b]lVbgF . v}, s;/L x'G5 j;Gt play COC. Clash of clan is
kvf{Odf x'G5' d ;w}F oL r}t o:tf] < strategy game and the
j} z fvsf dlxgfsf nflu . company that produce clash of
Ct' / fh j;Gtsf] nflu . j;Gt Ct'n] dfgjsf] Pp6f clan is Supercell. There are
csNkgLo ;'Gb/tf NofOlbG5 ;'Gb/ 5ljsf] :jfut u5{ . some updates in Halloween
o;n] . d]/f] dgnfO{ dfq xf]Og, dflg;n] of] s'/f a'b}g . pN6f] and Christmas. Clash of clan
can be played only online. On
s} o f} F n fO{ k| f Kt x' g ] Tof] pm k|sl[ tnfO{ g} xflg k'ofpFb}
Clash of clan we can join a clan.
cfgGb . Tof] xif{ k|fKt u/fpF5 lxF 8 \ 5 . lg:jfy{ k| s [ l tn] There are some useful things
o;n] . j;Gt Ct' t d]/f] lk|o dflg;nfO{ s';'dkydf lxF8\g] that are Gold, Elixir, Gems, Dark
ePh:t} nfU5 . tL b'O{tLg dfu{bz{g lbG5 . of] j;Gtn] d elixir and they are the
dlxgfdf k|sl[ tsf] ;Dk"0f{ ;'Gb/tf leqsf] dnfO{ hufpF5 . d]/f] produced and stored except
emNsfpg] of] j;Gtn] ;+;f/af6 efjgf, d]/f ;f]rfOnfO{ cfkm";uF gems.
x/fPsf] pd\u lkmtf{ NofpF5 . t'ngf ug{ afWo u5{ . of] So, this is a very good game.
dflg;sf] cf]7sf] Tof] d':sfgnfO{ j;Gtsf] :jfut eg]sf] o;
lkmtf{ NofpF5 . k|sl[ t t Pp6f Ct'sf] nflu d]/f] dgsf] efjgf 5043 Riwaj, class 5

120 Bhanjyang 2017

a"9fgLns07 :s"n

klxnfsf] cj:yf;Fu t'ngf u/]/ k/ efUg] dfG5] dgf]/~hgsf nflu

lj1fgsf] clxn]sf] dfgj x]g{] xf] eg] of] af3 h:tf] 8/ nfUbf] hgfj/nfO{
rdTsf/ ;dodf ePsf] rdTsf/ / k|ult klg grfpg ;s]sf] 5 . cfkm"nfO{
uGg jf n] v ] / cjZo g} sdhf]/ 7fgL kl5 x6\g] dfG5]
EofOb}g . cfgf] hLjg ;xh cfh ljZjdfly g} ljho kfPsf]
agfpg / slxNo} klg cfgf] 5 . lj1fgsf] rdTsf/n] ubf{ g}
sfddf ;Gt'i6 x'g g;Sg] k|jl[ Qn] dflg;n] cfh h' g kdf
ubf{ dflg;n] gofF gofF cfljisf/ ;kmntf kfPsf] 5 To;n] ubf{
u5{ . of] ;dodf dflg;n] cfh Ps ;dodf cg]s sfd
;kgfdf ;d]t g;f]rs ] f] k|ult u/L cg]sf}F dfG5]sf] cfjZostf
uof] . kftsf] n'uf agfP/ nfpg] PSn}n] k"/f u/]sf] 5 .
dfG5] cfh cfgf] OR5f cg';f/
of] dg kof] / of] dg k/]g egL
n' u f nufpF 5 . lj1fgsf]
lxhf];Dd 9'u\ fsf] k|of]uaf6 cfuf] rdTsf/n] ubf{ g} dflg;n] cfh
afNg] 9'u\ ] o'usf] dfG5] cfh h'g sNkgfdf dfq ;Lldt s'/fx
lsl;dsf] ;/;'ljwf / cfgGbbfoL cfg} cfF v f cufl8 cfkm} F n ]
hLjg latfO/x]sf] 5 . To;sf] u/]sf] b]Vg kfPsf] 5 . rfx] Tof]
sf/0f xf], lj1fg . ;dosf] ;'O{ rGb|dfdf k'u/] cfpg] xf];\ jf
cufl8 a9L /x]em}F dfG5]n] klg cfkm"eGbf s}of} u'0ff 7"nf] ejg
lj1fgsf] ljsf; / u'0f:t/Lo tof/ kfg]{ xf];\ . of] lj1fgsf] g} cGwsf/n] 3]l/Psf] dflg;nfO{
hLjgsf] ljsf; sfo{df slxNo} rdTsf/ xf] . h;n] ubf{ 306f}F pHofnf]n] k"0f{ ug{ g} dflg;nfO{
/f]lsg' k/]sf] 5}g . Ps k6s of] lx8]/ sf6\g' kg]{ 8fF8fd'lgaf6 lj1fgsf] cfjZostf 5 . lj1fg
k[ Y jLdf dfgj a:tL a:g /]n u'8s] f] 5 . kf/L hfg g;Sg] dflg;sf] hLjgsf] cfjZos
yfn]kl5, of] lj1fgsf] rdTsf/ vf] n fdfly k' n ag] s f] 5 . s' / f xf] t/ xfd| f ] hLjgsf]
g} xf] h;n] klxnfsf] dflg; hf] dlxgf};Dd lxF8]/ k'Ug] k/b]z cfjZostf g} lj1fg eg] cjZo
kfgLsf] nflu egL 306f}F afWo cfgGb;F u l;6df a;] / xf]Og . cd[t klg w]/} vfP ljif
eP/ lx8\g' kYof]{ . cfh b'O{ kfOnf xjfOhxfhaf6 k'Ug ;lsPsf] x'G5 eG5g\ . lj1fg dflg;sf
lx8]/ wf/f vf]n/] kfgL k|of]u ug{ 5 . jif{df Ps k6s dfq kmNg] nflu rfdTsfl/s s'/f xf] t/ of]
;S5 . dfgj hLjgdf ePsf] cGgafnL x/]s dlxgf kmNg rdTsf/nfO{ /fd|/L ;dfNg g;s]
;Dk"0f{ k|ult s] of] lj1fgsf] yfn]sf] 5 . Hj/f]af6 ;d]t dg]{ ToxL rdTsf/n] g} xfdLnfO{ lgNg
rdTsf/ g} xf] / < s] lj1fgn] dfG5] SofG;/ h:tf] eofgs ;S5 . lj1fgsf] k|of]u 7Ls ;do
dflg;sf] hLjgdf pHofnf] dfq /f]unfO{ klg gsfg{ ;s]sf] 5 . / 7Ls 7fpFdf ug{ ;s] dfq of]
NofPsf] 5 t < hgfj/sf] 8/n] b'O{ sf]; 6f9}af6 rdTsf/ xf] cGoq lj1fg g} xfd|f
121 eGHof @)&#
Budhanilkantha School

nflu clezfk aGg ;S5 . vf]nf
tg{sf] nflu lgld{t k'ndf Ps}
k6s w]/} dflg; uof] eg] k'n

r'lF 8P/ vf]nfdf 8'aL dflg;sf]
Hofg} hfg ;S5 . cGwsf/df
pHofnf] lbg] sfd t lj1fgn]
uof] t/ oxLF pHofnf] lbg] aQLsf] I have a pet,
gf\uf] tf/df 5f]of] eg] dflg;sf It sleeps inside a net,
nflu Psbd} 3fts klg x'g It is cute and white like a ball,
;S5 . o;}n] ubf{ g} rfdTsfl/s But much fat like a ball.
lj1fgnfO{ rdTsf/s} kdf
k|of]u ug]{ jf unt kdf k|of]u It likes to eat crunchy food,
u/L clezfk agfpg] eGg] s'/f After eating it always licks my boots-
It is mischievous and naughty,
xfdL dfgjdf g} lgwf{l/t x'G5 .
It tore the pants of my daddy.
lj1fgsf] rdTsf/ dflg;sf]
hLjgdf ct'ngLo / pNn]vgLo
It always likes to play with me,
5 . lj1fg gfddf g} s] x L
But is afraid and runs away from a
rdTsf/ 5 . ha dflg;n] bee;
lj1fgsf] ;xL k|of]u ug{ yfNof] I like my dog very much
tab]lv dflg;n] cfgf] cfFvf Hope it always does things as such.
cufl8 rdTsf/ g} rdTsf/ b]Vg
yfNof] . dflg;sf nflu lj1fg I dont like its habits at all,
o:tf] j/bfgsf] kdf :yflkt But I like its height because it is tall;
eof] h;sf] k|of]uaf6 dflg;n] It becomes sad when I leave him,
ug{ g;Sg] s'/f ;Lldt xFb' } uP . And comes following me with its
lj1fgsf] rdTsf/n] dflg;sf]
hLjgdf olt w]/} kl/jt{g cfof] 5008 Aadisha, class 5
ls ca dflg;nfO{ rdTsf/,
rdTsf/ geO{ ;fdfGo s'/f h:tf]
dfq nfUg yfNof] . dfgj hLjgsf]
k|ult eg]s} lj1fgsf] pTklt xf]
/ lj1fgsf] rdTsf/ eg]s} dfgj
hLjgsf] pGglt xf] .
*@)( ;'ne, sIff !!
122 Bhanjyang 2017
a"9fgLns07 :s"n

ljZjzflGt cfhsf] cfjZostf

xftkft ul/lbG5 . km] l / cfh cd]l/sfdf af?b k8\lsFbf
cf]OlnlG5g\ l5of l5of x'lG5g\ . g]kfnL d'6' sfFKg yfn]sf] 5 .
s] zflGt ca slxNo} cfpFlbgg\ l;l/ofdf uf]nL rNbf rfOgfdf
t < o; ljZjzflGt cfhsf] efubf}8 dlRrG5 . kfls:tfgdf
klxnf] cfjZostf xf] . klxnf] n8fO{ x'bF f clk|msfdf n'Sg' k/]sf]
;t{ xf] . 5 . s] dflg;n] :yfkgf u/]sf]
zflGt oxL xf] t < d t
dflg;n] laWgafwfsf s}of}F l;F9L dflGbgF . laxfg :s'n uPsf]
kf/ u/]sf] 5 . cfktsfnLg 5f]/f5f]/L a]ns ' f ;s'zn kms{G5g\
zflGt cfxf slt lk|o zAb . jf kms{bg} g\ eg]/ oxfF afa'cfdfn]
cj:yf;Fu h'Wb} cfkm"nfO{ ljsl;t
zflGtnfO{ dg gk/fpg] logL;Fu lrGtf ug'k{ /]sf] 5 . /flt ;'ts ] f]
klg t'NofPsf] 5 . ;fob of] g}
lk/tL ufF:g grfxg] sf] kf] xf]nf dflg; laxfg p7\bf afFrs ] f] x'G5
dfgj;Eotfsf] ;a}eGbf 7"nf]
/ slxn] sfxLF d d]/f j/k/sf of x'bF g} 6'u\ f] 5}g . cfh lbg
pknlAw xf] . t/ ljsf;sf]
cfxf/ l6Kb} u/]sf r/fxnfO{ sf6]sf] dflg;n] ef]lnsf lglDt
ult;F u } Psflt/ pGglt /
;f]W5' s] ltdLxnfO{ zflGt k|fy{gf ug'k{ /]sf] 5 . k|To]s laxfg
csf]l{ t/ cjgltsf] 9f]sf vf]n/]
dg k5{ < hldgdf hLjgsf] xTofsf08sf] va/ kqklqsfn]
;a}eGbf 7"nf] d"vt{ f b]vfO/x]sf]
lemgf] cfzfsf] TofGb|f] vf]lh/x]sf ;' g fpF 5 . afnaflnsfsf]
5 . ;fob oxL s'/fn] cfh
tL lgbf]i{ f k|f0fLx Psk6s 6Ss ckx/0f, r]nLsf] anfTsf/, xTof
ljZjzflGt ;fd' 7"nf] av]8f v8f
cl8G5g\ . gf}nf]kgsf] cfzfdf cfh ;fdfGo aGg yfln;Sof] .
u/]sf] 5 . b'M;fWo r'gf}tL yk]sf]
gh/ 3'dfpF5g\ / d]/f] k|Zgsf] o:tf] uGhfuf] n / eb| u f] n
5 . clxn];Dd gb]vs ] f / g;'gs
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hjfkm glbO{ k' g ;flass} ;dodf xfdLh:tf zflGtk|d ] Ln]
j:t'nfO{ d"t{ k lbP/ dflg;n]
cj:yfdf cfkm"nfO{ e'nfpF5g\ . zflGtsf] cl:tTj vf]Hg' k6d"vt{ f
;fy{stf / cjZo k|:t't u/]sf]
hjfkmsf] vf]hLdf clNemPsf] d ePsf] 5 .
5 t/ kbf{ k5fl8sf ;d:ofk|lt
km]l/ sNkgfdf 8'Ag afWo x'G5' . Psk6s Ps kqsf/n] cNj6{
cg'sn " tfnfO{ a]jf:tf ul//x]sf]
dgdg} zflGtnfO{ cfkm};uF /xg cfOG;f6fOgnfO{ ;f]ws ] f lyP /]
5 . oxL a]jf:tfn] g} lbgk|lt
cfXjfg u5'{ t/ ljr/f zflGt s] ca km]l/ t];f| ] ljZjo'4 x'G5
lbg dflg;nfO{ cGwsf/tkm{
cfkm"n] NofPsf] pkxf/ ;'lDkg xf]nf < To;a]nf pgn] eg]sf
ws]ln/x]sf] 5 . cflv/df zflGtn]
gkfpFb} lj:yflkt x'lG5g\ . dgsf lyP /] dnfO{ t];f| ] o'4 rflxF
g} 7"nf] Iff]e ef]Ug'k/]sf] 5 .
efj kf]Vg gkfpFb} cft\sn] yfxf 5}g, rf}yf] ljZjo'4 eof]

123 eGHof @)&#

Budhanilkantha School

eg] 9'u\ fsf xltof/ k|of]u x'G5g\

. o;af6 pgn] s] a'emfP eg]
olb dflg;n] cfgf] st{JonfO{
o;/L g} lal;{P/ o'4sf] l;h{gf
uof] eg] dfgj;Eotfsf] cGTo
lgs6 5 . p;sf] ljgfz cjZo
efjL 5 . d slxn] sfxLF cfkm}n F fO{
k|Zg u5'{ . cNa6{ cfOG;6fOgn]
P6d ad o'4s} nflu agfPsf
lyP / < uf]nfaf?b o'4 ;f]r/] } xfdL dfgj hfltsf] cfg} zflGtn] k'g :yflkt x'g] df}sf
lgdf{0f ul/Psf x'g xf]nf / < cl:tTj 5 . rfdTsfl/s ctLt kfcf] ; \ . :s' n k9\ g uPsf
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leGrLn] cjZo klg pgn] ;'gf}nf eljio lgdf{0f ug{' 5 . gk/f];\ . ;'ts ] f] dflg; adsf]
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ljkgfdf g} adjiff{n] cd]l/sf ql;t gxf];\ . *!$! cljgfz, sIff !!

124 Bhanjyang 2017

a"9fgLns07 :s"n

:jfy{sf] v]n xf] , :jfy{ s f] v] n df nfu] /

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w]/} /f]6L vfPsfn] aflx/ lgl:sg ePsf 5g\ . b'of]w{ gh:tf anjfg\
kfPg . If0fkl5 dflg;x ToxfF klg cfg} efOaGw'dfly hfOnfUg
cfP/ p;nfO{ dfl/lbP . tlD;Psf 5g\ . w[t/fi6h:tf
of] syfn] s] k|:6\ofpg vf]hs ] f] 1fgL dflg; klg c;n / v/fa
5 eg] Tof] afFb/ cfgf] :jfy{df 5'6o\ fpg g;Sg] l:yltdf k'us ] f
lnKt eP/ s]xL g;f]rL w]/e } Gbf 5g\ . dflg;n] cfkm} F lj?4
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v]nsf sf/0f pm cfkm} klg d[To'sf] ;a} :jfyL{sf] bb{gfs cGTo x'g
d'vdf k'Ug afWo eof] . ha of] k'Uof] . oL P]ltxfl;s 36gfn]
dflg;sf] :jfy{ dflg;leq n'ss ] f] /f]u dflg;df ;5{ ta Ps r]tg clxn]sf] dflg;sf] cfFvf vf]Ng
x'G5 . p;sf ct[Kt cfzf / dfgj klg kz'h:t} a'l4xLg x'g ;s]sf] 5}g . eujfg\ s[i0fsf]
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Kjfnleq} c8\ l sof] lsgeg] x'g\ . oyfy{ ;To t cem} klg
kbf{ k5fl8 n'ss ] f] 5 . *!$# gf/fo0f, sIff P jfg
125 eGHof @)&#
Budhanilkantha School

Mother eTs]sf] 3/
d}n] PsIf0f d]/f] Tof] eTs]sf]
3/nfO{ x]l//x]F . Tof] 3/df s'g}
v';L lyPg . ToxfF lg/f;f dfq
lyof] . ToxfF s'g} r~rntf
lyPg .ToxfF phf8 b[Zo dfq
lyof] . klxn] d n8La'8L v]Nbf
bfFt b]vfP/ xfF:g] Tof] cfFugdf
cfh cfF;'sf] wf/f alu/x]sf] h\unlt/ nfu]F . w]/} a]/;Dd /f]P/
lyof] . Tof] cfFugdf dnfO{ d]/L al;/x] F . kl5 cfdf lng
cfdfn] dfof / ddtf lbP/ eft cfpg'eof] / cFufnf]df a]b{} dnfO{
v'jfPsf] b[Zo lyPg . ToxfF g 3/ nfg'eof] . bf];f| ] lbg klg ha
Mother is my God, dfof lyof] g t ddtf . Tof] d lkv'jf vf]nf uPF . sfnf] afbn
Because she gave me cfF u g t dnfO{ qm" / efjn] cfsfzdf b]vf kof] . kfgL kg{
birth; x]l//x]sf] lyof] . 3/ dfl:t/sf] yfNof] . vf]nfsf] e]n a9\b} uof] .
She has a little dog, h\un, j/sf] lkv'jf vf]nf, d klg vf]nfsf] a]u;Fu} blIf0flt/
Whose name is Huckmok. d'lGt/sf] afF;3f/L ;a} lg/fzfsf] nfu]F . d 8'Ag yfn]F . d}n] s/fPF
efjn] dnfO{ x]l//x]sf lyP . d;Fu cfdf===== t/ d] / f] cfjfh
l/; kf]lv/x]sf lyP . dnfO{ cfdf;Dd k'ug] . xfjfn] g} p8fP/
Ps6s nufP/ x]l/x]sf lyP . l/; nUof] . d}n] Tolta]nf ;f]r,F] cfgf]
klg lsg gp7f] ; \ ldNg] ;fyL g} cfgf] nflu zq'
lar/fxnfO{ . d}n] 5f8]sf] b; xFb' f] /x]5 . lkv'jf vf]nf h:t} .
jif{ eO;Sof] . b; jif{kl5 d 3/ kms]s { f] 5' . g
cfdfn] srf}/fdf eft lnP/ dnfO{ ToxfF cfdfsf] cfjfh 5 g t
v'jfpg cfpg'eof] . d eg] dfof . dfYnf] 3/df uP/ ;f]wF]
My mother sweeps the cfdf vf]O{ < dfYnf] 3/sf
cfFugdf a;]/ u6\6f v]ln/x]sf]
lyPF . d]/f afa' d ;fg} x'bF f lat] dflg;x 5Ss k/]/ ;f]w]F sf]
With a long broom;
klg cfdfn] dnfO{ ;fx|} dfof cfdf d cho, d]/L cfdf
She cooks tasty dishes,
And buys some expensive u/]/ x'sf{pg' eof] . d cf7 jif{sf]
vf]O{ < d}n] eg]F . dnfO{F lrg]/
fishes. afns emg\ cfdfsf] dfofn] pgLx 5Ss kb}{ eg],F sfG5f
dflTtPsf] lyPF . cfdfn] eft ltd|L cfdf t==== d}n] km]l/
She has a red mat, v'jfpg NofPsf] b]v]/ lkv'jf s/fpFb} k|Zg u/],F s] eof] d]/L
And a little cat; vf]nflt/ x'l/{PF . lkv'jf vf]nf cfdfnfO{ < clGtddf pgLxn]
My mother is my God, d]/f] ;fyL lyof] . ToxfF ePsf eg], ltd|L cfdf t b'Oj{ if{ cl3
Because she gave me k| f 0fLx;F u /dfpF b } v] N y] F g} eujfg\ s f] z/0fdf
birth. cFufnf]df a]yF{] / slxNo} g5'l6g] hfg'eof] .
afrf uy]{ . d 3/ dfl:t/sf]
5027 Jeeya, class 5 @)*^ ;+ho,sIff *
126 Bhanjyang 2017
a"9fgLns07 :s"n

cfdf That day

Dear Daddy,
Im turning all the pages of
the albums watching all
the photographs with you.
My eyes are full of tears
remembering all those
past memories. When you
told me that you were
going to a faraway country alone in this big wide
and would return after a world. Daddy, please come
cfdfn] hGd lbg' x'G5 xfdLnfO{ few years, it was really back because without you
of] ;+;f/ b]vfpg'xG' 5 . hard to say goodbye. But I feel lifeless. Others advise
cfdf w]/} Kof/L x'gx' G' 5 now it has already been 10 me to stop waiting for you.
cfdf xfdLnfO{ dfof ug'x{ G' 5 . years that you have gone But I still have hope that
but still you havent you will come back one
cfdf geP xfdL b'MvL x'G5fF} returned. day. Daddy, please come
Daddy, I was just two years back soon. Let that day not
cfdf xfdL b"/ eP ?g'xG' 5 .
old when mother left us. be the last time I saw you.
cfdf xfd|L dfof x'g\ Your loving daughter,
You were the only one
cfdf xfd|L lbn x'g\ . whom I knew in this world Shreya
and with whom I could
cfdflagf xfdL afFRg ;Sb}gf}F share all my feelings and 4018 Shreya, class 6
cfdf klg xfdLlagf afF R g thoughts. That day when
;Sg'xG' g . you left, I felt like I was left
cfdf eujfg\ x'g\
cfdf nIdL x'g\ .
cfdf sdnsL km"n x'g\
cfdf xfd|f] dgsL lbn x'g\
cfdf ;+;f/df ;a} eGbf 7"nL
x'g\ .

$)#$ ;kgf, sIff ^

127 eGHof @)&#
Budhanilkantha School

;do Maybe were wrong!

Sometimes I wonder how
stupid we humans are! Why is
this real estate trade going on?
Today, I buy an acre of land for
a million dollars, and its mine.
The land is mine! The land, yes
the land! It was there for over
centuries even before humans
evolved. And once they were
evolved, did humans buy it
from nature or what? If not,
how can it be my land? How
can someone own land? Our
way of living is stupid itself. For
a moment, lets consider that
;don] kv{bg} To;}n] x6fpg'k5{ we are allowed to own land,
8/ but I dont think we can be that cant ignore the foundation of
slxn] cfpF5 slxn] hfG5 5}g foolish to kick someone out of your success. The grassroots
o;sf] e/ . afns klg dfG5] a territory that he/she virtually cant be neglected today
x'G5 dfG5] klg a'9f] owns. And the reason for this because you dont quite realize
hNg'eGbf cl3 x'G5 v/fgL klg exclusion, oh not much but the contributions of the pillars,
rather, just the feeling why once you are at the top. This is
d'9f] . they need to let others in their when the whole system
property. fractures.
;do klg zq' x'G5 ug'x{ G' g cfz Why dont people understand You cant be the man that you
;don] ubf{ g} xfdL lnG5fF} clGtd that all people in this planet were supposed to be just
;f; . come from same family called because every CEO supports
xfd|f] b'lgof lyof] xl/of] x'GYof] humans. Problems can be you. You are not going the right
} f] af; solved, dont mess it up in the track without having the
t/, ;don] ubf{ eof] w]/}sf] name of clearing it up. Just like buffalo soldiers in your team.
ljgfz . land, problems are virtual too. Ignoring the teammates who
It becomes messy and tedious helped the human civilization
when we pass our problems to bring to this position means
;don] ubf{vl] / :ofnn] b]vfpF5 others. When you pass it along you are content with what you
wtL{ to somebody, they do the have now. This means that you
To;}n] g} ubf{ v]l/ lhpFbf] x'G5g\ same- its not how it works! think that all the world needs
dl"t{ . Today human civilization has now is a wall along the Mexican
cfsfzdf h"g tf/f klg x'G5g\ evolved from stone-age to this border and nothing else. Of
;don] ubf{ g} dflg;n] lognfO{ modern era and we cant really course, there are positions
5'G5g\ . ignore the fact that everyone when you as the CEO need to
has been an essential part of fire your employees. But when
this victory- every religion, your decision is to fire all your
;don] ubf{ x'G5 ;Demgf / every gender, every creature employees, probably you are
la;{gf and everyone else. This was a wrong.
;donfO{ xfdLn] ug'k{ 5{ k|fy{gf . holistic phenomenon! A Mr. Trump, problems are not to
;do xf] xfd|f] ldq kfOFbg} ;w}F company cant only contain pass along, they are to be
3fd5fof supervisors and managers; solved. So dont Trash them up!
;donfO{ d ub{5' w]/} dfof . there are also a dedicated
group of grassroots! When you 7147 Suman, Class A2
%)*# Ctn, sIff % become the manager, you

128 Bhanjyang 2017

a"9fgLns07 :s"n

Friends forever a'af

I hugged Saren goodbye. I didnt know if I could

survive without her. She wasnt my only friend
but she was the best friend I ever had. I had k|fon] cfdfnfO{ dfq 7fG5g\ /fd|f]
met Saren in my school. No one ever treated sf]xLn] a'afnfO{ 7fG5g\ g/fd|f]
me like Saren, she treated me like I was an hltsf] cfdf hftL x'gx' G' 5
equal, not someone from the streets. In an
elite school, full of rich kids, she didnt care Toltsf] a'af x'gx' G' 5 .
that I was a scholarship student. Now, I was xfdL k|foM cfdfnfO{ lbg] u5f}{ ;+;f/ ;f/f
moving to the UK to the college which had a'afnfO{ rflxF glbg] u5f}{ of] lbnsf] dfof
given me a scholarship while Saren was staying
at home. xfdL b'an } fO{ dfof u/f}F
When I fell down while playing on the school
xfd|f] kl/jf/df v';L Nofpg] u/f}F .
ground, Saren used to pick me up. She used cfdfn] hGd lbg'eof] a'afn] hLjg
to make me laugh and smile when I was sad. z"Go x'G5 a'af lagf xfd|f] hLjg
Saren was my hope, my inspiration. One day
a'afn] xfd|f] lglDt ldlxg]t ug'e { of] .
when I was sad because I had caught the flu
Saren was the one who came to my house and dfof ug'e { of] hlt cfdfn] ug'x{ G' 5
tucked me inside my blankets. She made me d}n] cfdfsf] ckdfg ug{ vf]hs ] f] xf]Og
hot soup and took my temperature several
t/ a'af klg sd x'gx' G' g
times. I used to do the same for her. As her
parents had to work late from time to time, I cfdf / a'afn] a/fa/L dfof
used to keep her company and remove her t/ xfdL rflxF lsg u5f}{ ;w}F PstkmL{ dfof
loneliness. I am moving oceans away from my
cab]lv u/f}F b'an } fO{ dfof
best friend but I know that our friendship will
not disappear. It will be eternal and live forever agfcf}F ;a}n] v';LofnL hLjg .
because the bond we have is very special.

4019 Omsubha, class 6 %!@% cg'isf, sIff %

129 eGHof @)&#

Budhanilkantha School

d]/f] b]z ls/0fxn] lxdfnnfO{ :kz{ u5{ d]/f] b]zdf jL/ dfG5]x klg
ta o; b] z df pHofnf] ghGd]sf xf]Ogg\ . oxfF /D3fsf]
kf]lvG5 . ha ;"os { f ls/0fx df6f]df efg' pbfpF5g\, cf}; F Lsf]
lxdfnaf6 labf lnG5g\ ta b]zdf sfnf] /ftdf df]tL rDsG5g\ .
cFWof/f] kf]ltG5 . o; b]zsf] j]b Jof;sf] u'kmfdf b]jsf]6f
cToGt} dL7f] ctLt 5 . o; b]zdf u'gu'gfpF5g\ . d]/f] b]z wtL{dftfn]
a:g] ;Dk"0f{ dflg;x g]kfnL x'g\ kf;f\ Nxfd' z]kf{, nIdLk|;fb
. b]jsf]6f, k[YjLgf/fo0f zfxh:tf
xfdL g]kfnLsf] ld7f] ctLt 5, jL/ jL/f\ugf klg hGdfPsL
lj:dosf/L jt{ d fg / l5g\ .
rfdTsfl/s eljio lgdf{0f ug'{ d] / f b] z df ljsf;sf] gofF
5 . ctLtnfO{ ;fIfL /fv]/, sfofsNk x'g] 5 . s[lif k|wfg
lxdfnsf] ;]tf] km]tf, kxf8sf] jt{ d fgnfO{ l;/fgL /fv] / b]z s';L{ k|wfg b]z aGg] 5}g .
xl/of] ef]6f] / z:oZofdnf rfdTsfl/s eljio lgdf{ 0 f o; b]zdf kfx'gfxnfO{ eujfg\
t/fO{s F f] kx]n
F f] s5f8 km]//] a;]sf] ug{nfO{ 7"nf] Tofu rflxg\5 . ;/L k" h f ul/G5 / ;Ddfg
b]z d]/f] g]kfn xf] . ljwftfn] g]kfnLx k|f0f klg Tofu ug{ lbOG5 . g]kfnLx kfx'gfsf] ;]jf
;+;f/s} ;a} ;'Gb/tfnfO{ hDdf ;S5g\ . o; b] z df a:g] / ;Tsf/ ug'{ g} wd{ 7fGb5g\ .
kf/]/ 3KNofSs} vGofPsf] d'ns ' dflg;x sd{7 5g\ . d]/f] b]z z'Sn kIfsf] rGb|df h:t}
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b]jLb]jtfx klg leGg leGg d"n km'6s] f] 5 . oxfF /Tgkfs{ nfUg] klg 5} g . d] / f] b] z
kdf hGdg dg k/fPsf] d'ns ' glhs}sf] dl:hbn] :joDe"gfy;Fu ;u/dfyfnfO{ dfemdf lnP/
xf] d]/f] g]kfn . jL/ k'vf{xn] 8fxf ub}g{ . oxfF k'/f0f k9\gn ] ] xfF ; ] s f] 5 . o; b] z df
cfgf] Hofg ck{0f u/]sf] d'ns ' xf] s' / fg k9\ g ] x k| l t b' e f{ j em/gfxaf6 uLt l;Sg
d]/f] g]kfn . Clifd'lgxsf] /fVb}gg\ . o; b]zdf d'l:ndsf] ;lsG5 . kj{t:tgaf6 lg:sg]
s| L 8fe" l d, jL/ of] 4 fxsf] dg kf]Nbf lxGb'sf] dg /;fpF5 . lgTolg/Gt/ b"wsf] ;x;|wf/f
sd{el" d xf] d]/f] g]kfn . d]/f] s[i0f wd{ dfGg]xn] qmfO:6 wd{ lkP/ afFrs ] f] 5 .
b]zsf] rf/ lsNnf leq :jod\ dfGg]xnfO{ cK7\of/f] kbf{ ;xof]u d]/f] b]zdf ljleGg lsl;dsf
k|sl[ tsL b]jL 5d\5d\ ub}{ gfr]sL ug{sf nflu h'd/{' fpF5g\ . bz{gsf dflg;x a;f] a f; u5{ g .
l5g\ . nflu 56\k6fpF5g\ . ltgLxsf cfg} efiff, ;+:s[lt
of] e"d08ndf ;fgf] b]lvP klg hft 5g\ . d]/f] b]z g} d]/f] nflu
d]/f] b]z d]/f] d'6s ' f] 6'sf| xf] . ;j{ : j xf] . g] k fnLxn]
l;Gb'df x/fPsf] ljGb' h:t} of] c\u|]hx;Fu b]vfPsf] jL/tf
b]z . ;fgf] 5 t/ cToGt} /d0fLo cltLo / clj:d/0fLo 5 .
7fpF 5 . of] b]z d]/f] x[bosf]
w8\ s g xf] . ha ;" o { s f !!)( ;lrg, sIff (

130 Bhanjyang 2017

a"9fgLns07 :s"n

klZrdL k|efj 5 ldlg:s6 . kxf8df a:g] g]jf/,

a|fDx0f, If]qLxnfO{ klZrdL
xfjfn] 5f]Psf] dfq} xf]Og, 7'n}
c;/ kfl/;s]sf] 5 . slt t Tof] klxnfsf sf]dn jnL . l;w}
klZrdL xfjfn] k|b"lift klg ;fls/f xf] ls s] kf] aGg] /] .
eO;s]sf /x]5g\ . 9fsfsf] 6f]kL, uLt t uLt} eof] . csf] af/]df
;'tLsf] ;6{ nufO{ sfnf h'Qf klg o:t} eGg} nfh nfUg] tYox
6NsfO{ lx8\gx] clxn] tfn' b]lvg] afFsL g} 5g\ . d'Vou/L g]kfnL
Sofk nufpF5g\ . udL{ eof] eg] /Lltl/jfh, k/Dk/fnfO{ klg
xfjf l5nf{ eg]/ xf]nf slt klZrdL xfjfn] p8fO;s]sf] 5 .
sk8fdf Kjfn klg kf/]sf 5g\ . ljb]zsf km]l:6enx g]kfndf
xfjf ;kmf 5}g, ToxL k|b"lift a9L k|Voft x'g yfn]sf 5g\ .
stf stf GofpnL r/L======= klZrdL jfo' . Tolt dfq xf] / df3L, df3] ;\sf| lGt . h:tf
ufpg]x clxn] cfpm, cfpm d}of h'Qf sf6L rKkn agfPsf 5g\ . rf8kj{x xfjf;Fu} pl8;s]sf
xfdL;Fu cfpm==== eGb} u'gugfpg lsg eg]/ d}n] ;f]w+] . km];g xf] /x]5g\ . v} s] s] xf] s] . s]
yfn]sf 5g\ . ;ft, cf7 hf]/ lg of/ eG5g\ . lqm;d;, h:tf v]nx df}nfPsf
tf/ x'g] jfb\o jfbg NofP/ gfgf t Roft] / t' g f, d' g f /x]5g\ . c klg egf}F egf}F nfu]sf]
8f]h/n] vg]sf] h:tf] cfjfh agfO;s]sf 5g\ . cem}F uLt, lyof] . af]Nbf af]Nb} slxn] sfxLF
lgsfN5g\ . xNnfpF5g\, cfgf] ;\uLtdf klg To:t} kl/jt{g g]kfnL la;{G5' . ofG8 oL c\uh]| L
6fpsf] s/]G6 nfu]em}F . nufpF5g\ 5 . klxn] klxn] 8fF8fkfvfdf af]N5' . x/fO;s]sf] /x]5 :jb]zL
cfwf sk8f . wg sd kg]{ eP/ ofp/] uLt ufpFgx] clxn] aQL df}lnstf . ;Eotf . ;g;gL
xf]nf . stf x/fof] g]kfnL ;Eotf, o'h ePsf] 7fpFdf uP/ of] of] km}lnPsf] klZrdL xfjfn] a]rg}
sxfF lanfof] Tof] ;f/]ud . stf dfnf] of] of] u5{g\ . uLtdf klg agfPsf] 5 . 7"nf] k|efj kf/]sf]
x/fof] g]kfnL cl:tTj . efj 5}g, ToxL klZrdL xfjfsf] 5.
k|efj xf]nf . hDd} uLtsf/ of] ctM g] k fnL klxrfg, xfd| f ]
klxNo}bl] v lyPg of] hGde"ld of]] afx]s s]xL ub}g{ g\ . uLt lrgf/L xf] . x/fpg nfu]sf g]kfnL
/fi6 To:tf] . st}af6 r':; /fd|f] gufP klg sk8f t /fd|f] 9fsfnfO{ dfbnsf] tfnn] af]nfpg'
l5/]sf] lyof] Tof] xfjf . clxn] nufpFgk' 5{ . ToxL z/L/sf] Ps k5{ . hf] u fpg' k 5{ , cl:tTj
;g;gL km}ln/x]sf] 5 . cn] h] rf}yfO efu 5f]k/] cfpF5g\ . ToxL xfd|f] . x6fpg'k5{ kL8fbfoL s|Gbg,
uof] ToxL ug{ rfpg] , sfo{sd | df Ps uflosfnfO{ d}n] Nofpg'k5{ cf]7df d':sfg . cfg}
b]vfl;sL ug],{ afgL ePsf xfdL, ;f]w,F] lbbL kl5 uP/ sf] h:tf] :jb]zL kfgL v'jfP/, p8fO ljb]zL
s] x L b] V g} x' b } F g . To:t} ufos aGg dg 5 < kmsf{Og xfjf . tfsL x6f];\ klZrdL k|efj
rfxfG5f}F . dw];df kljqtf kfPsf] pQ/ lbbLn] a|f] kl5 uP/ of] /fi6df .
Tof] wf]tLn] cs}{ k kfPsf] 5 . ;fls/f aG5' . crDd nfof],
cln dfly ;/]sf] 5 wf]tL / ag]sf] km/Ss kmls{of] of] tg stf uP !)() ljj]s, sIff (
131 eGHof @)&#
Budhanilkantha School

A scary gLnf] cfsfz


gLnf] g gLnf] of] cfsfz /fd|f]

o;n] ;f]R5 slxn] /fd|f] g/fd|f] .
slxn] 3fd nfU5 slxn] kfgL k5{
It was already dark
I ate my dinner, ;"o{ / afbn ToxL gLnf] cfsfzdf n8\5g\ .
Brushed my teeth nice and
well slxn] kfgL kflb{G5 slxn] 3fd nfU5
Then I went to my bed.
3fd nfu] afbn Ps}l5g\ efU5 .
I saw a dream; of] gLnf] cfsfz afbn 5'g cfpF5
I was lost in the forest
Inside the forest was a small hlt dfly uof] Tolt dfly hfG5 .
house beside the river
Twinkling like stars and glitter. u8\of u'8' x'G5 clg kfgL k5{
An old man opened the door ;a} kfk cfsfzsf] kfgLn] aufpF5 .
And then I went deep into
the woods s;}nfO{ yfxf 5}g, cfsfz slt;Dd 5
Suddenly some monkeys
o:fsf] / kfgLsf] oxfF 7"nf] d"No 5 .
And they carried me. gLnf] cfsfz hlxn] gLnf] /xG5
Until the end they held me- s;}sf] 8/wDsLb]lv
Finally, threw me from the
height 8/ 5}g| / 8Ub}g
I screamed and yelled for
help- gLnf] cfsfz geP dfG5] afFRg} ;Sb}g
Waking up to find myself in
the bed. ;"o{ klg ToxL gLnf] cfsfzaf6 g} pbfpF5 .
4016 Shavona, class 6 %!#@ k|ldnf, sIff %
132 Bhanjyang 2017
a"9fgLns07 :s"n

Abeautiful farewell gift

of never being able to invisible thread that bound us
overcome. I saw a community was getting stronger. These all
that was like a family and I happened in a blink of an eye
always asked myself if I could and now that I open my eyes, I
ever be a part of that family. see time flowing at its greatest
Days passed and
responsibilities grew. We This family gave me so many
started involving in different memories that I never want to
activities. We faced obstacles let go of. Without even
that could not be overcomed by realizing, I already found a
Time is the most powerful our combined efforts. I found home here. While packing my
medicine. A medicine that can that although we had different bag to leave this home, I find
heal even the deepest of perceptions about things, only myself adding big packets of
wounds. My wound was not the blend of both our memories into my bag. The
really a wound, so maybe, time perspectives could make things lessons I learned here are
decided to change the rhythm of happen. invaluable and I could never
the pain the wound gave. learn them elsewhere. These
We laughed together. Even the packets are never ending and
Entering the gate of thought of Chicken Curry or my bag is getting bigger and
Budhanikantha School, I saw a Fried Rice made our day. bigger. I can never thank my
group of people of my age but Previously, Leave Weekend was Budhanikantha School family
the thing that filled them was the best thing that could ever enough for these beautiful gifts
different from what filled me. happen in Budhanikantha that will guide me in every step
Maybe that is why there was a School but gradually long leave of my life.
border-line between me and weekends started getting lonely.
them. A line that separated us. I found a certain force pushing 7174 Prasiddhy, A2
A difference which I was afraid myself to this family. The

cGwf uN5L vf]rx x]g{ 5g\

g]kfnsf] jftfj/0f nfos
af6f] lj:tf/ u/Lsg agfpg' k5{
x/fe/f :jR5 jftfj/0f oxfFsf] kfos
ljz]iftf htftt} ljsf; u/L b]znfO{ cl3
/fd|f hldgdf v]tL u5{g\ nfe ;f/f}F
lnO{ otf ljZjs} /fd|f] xfd|f] b]znfO{ kf/f}F .
3/x k'/fgf 5g\ ljsf;sf] vfFrf]
5 oxfF g]tfx olt s'/f a'g'xf];\
ePsf ;+/rgf dd{t u/L a:g' 5 bIf hgzlQmnfO{ g]kfnd} /f]Sg'
ToxfF . xf];\
oxL df6f]df lvofpg'k5{ kl;gf
;a} hgf ldn]kl5 aG5 oxL dxn oxL aufcf}F
b]zs} nflu u/fF} ca xfdLn] g} ljb]zL x:tIf]knfO{ 6f9}af6 eufcf}F
kxn ] uF a'g} k5{ s]s] 5g\ o; .
;+;f/s} /fd|f 7fpF 5g\ ko{6sLo leq .
If]q $)$! cldzf, sIff ^
133 eGHof @)&#
Budhanilkantha School

d g]kfnL ;Sg' k5{ . d clxn] w]/} of]ubfg

Paper boat
k'ofpg g;s] klg d]/f] b]zsf
nflu elQm b]vfpgsf] nflu d
d]/f] b]znfO{ cl3 a9fP/ 5f8\5' .
clxn] d hlt ug{ ;S5' Tolt
u5'{ . d cfgf] b]znfO{ w]/} dfof
u5{,' . d cfgf] b]zsf] uf}/j a9fO
/fV5' . x/]s g]kfnLdf b]z elQmsf]
efjgf x'gk' 5{ . b]zelQmsf] efjgf
d Ps g]kfnLsf] gftfn] ;a}sf]
dgdf NofP/ 5f]85 \ ' . d]/f] b]zdf I am a paper boat,
w]/} dgdf]xs s'/fx 5g\ . tLdWo] I never wear a coat,
ljZjdf c/af}F dflg;x 5g\ . s]xL x'g ljZjsf] ;a}eGbf cUnf] All of the kids know how to
make me-
x/]s dflg;sf] cfgf] b]z 5 . lxdfn ;u/dfyf, kz'kltgfy, I can float in brooks till far in
To;}u/L d]/f] b]z g]kfn xf] . d :joDe"gfy, a"9fgLns07h:tf the sea.
g]kfnL x'F . d]/f] b]z g]kfn blIf0f /fd|f dlGb/x, w]/} jif{ cl3 ;d|f6
Pl;ofdf k5{ . czf]sn] agfPsf czf]s :tDe,
g] k fndf nfvf} F dflg;x ;]tL, dxfsfnL, lqz'nLh:tf
a:5g\ . x/]s g]kfnLn] cfgf] 7"N7"nf gbLx . d'/nL, afF;/' L,
clwsf/ kfPsf] 5 . d}n] klg Pstf/] , 9f] n sLh:tf /fd| f
cfgf] clwsf/ kfPsf] 5' . g]kfnL afhfx . oxfF ePsf Onfd, I dont have any feet,
/ g]kfnLsf] lar em}F emu8f eP w/fg, ;f]nv ' D' a'h:tf 7fpF cflb I even cant withstand punch
tfklg d]nldnfk w]/} x'G5 . g]kfn a little bit,
x'g\ . g]kfndf olt dfq geP/
I feel shy because Ive got no
ljsf; x'bF } u/]sf] b]z xf] . of] s}of}F /fd|f 7fpF 5g\ . g]kfnL x'gdf clothes.
b]znfO{ cufl8 a9fpg x/]s ;a} g]kfnLn] cfgf] b]z dfly But I know very well to float.
g]kfnLsf] of]ubfg x'gk' 5{ . Tof] uj{ ug{ ;S5g\ .
ePg eg] b]z cl3 a9\g ;Sb}g . o;/L g} xfdLn] cfgf] b]zsf] I travel all around the world
staying awake day and night:
d h;/L g} x/]s g]kfnLn] cfgf] k|ltef a9fO /fVg'k5{ . xfdLn]
I see the wonders and
b]znfO{ cl3 a9fpg d2t u/]/ cfgf] b]znfO{ cem} ;'Gb/ / ;kmf amazing sight,
cfgf] uf}/j a9fpg' k5{ . d agfpg' k5{ . oL ;a} sfd ug'{ Fishes in lakes see me and
g]kfnL x'F . d d]/f] b]znfO{ dfof xfd|f] st{Jo xf] / xfdLn] xfd|f] chatter,
u5'{ eg]/ dfq xFb' g} . b]zsf] nflu st{Jo k"/f ug'k{ 5{ . I want to reach in the
wonderland full of water.
sfd u/]/ dfof u5'{ eg]/ b]vfpg
$)$* ljej, sIff ^ 4011 Gaya, class 6
134 Bhanjyang 2017
a"9fgLns07 :s"n

LAST DAY We continued for half

an hour but it seemed as if we
ul/asf] kL8f
had cleared the debris only a
little. I was hungry, so I started
fishing my pocket. I got it!, I
exclaimed. I took out a packet
of biscuit. I was so desperate I
would be happy even if I had
gotten only a single piece. I
shared the biscuits with my
dog, my only companion. He
s'g hGdsf] kfkn] ubf{ ul/a eP/
munched on them and wagged hlGdP5'
his tail in happiness. gx]k x} ;fyL dnfO{ b]zsf] nflu
After an hour or two, s]xL ug]{ g} 5' .
we made it outside. I was lsg 3[0ff u5f}{ dnfO{ eljio s:fn]
BANG a cup fell down. I knew happy to see light and know b]vs
] f] 5 <
it was my dog searching for the that I was alive. Outside, ul/an] s]xL ug{ ;Sb}gg\ egL s'g
bone nearby the cup. Lets go people were weeping. Without zf:qdf n]vs ] f] 5 .
for a walk Brownie!, I said to hesitation, Brownie and I
my dog to take him away from rushed towards our home.
sf]//] aN5 lg ;fyL cfuf] afNg]
getting scolded. He wagged his
Suddenly, a car hit the two of
ul/a 5 egL ;w}F x]nf u5f}{ lsg
tail and followed me. We went us. I opened my eyes to see dnfO{
to roam around the city. that I was lying on a hospital ul/anfO{ t ;a}n] ug]{ /x]5 lg
On our way, our feet bed. I was injured but 3[0ff
suddenly started to shake. The Brownies safety was my 3[0ff xf]Og ;fyL dnfO{ cfjZos
ground was shaking. The biggest concern. 5 ltd|f] k|/] 0ff .
houses were shaking too. Alas!
it was an earthquake. Brownie ul/adfly bof ug]{ 5}g / oxfF sf]xL
and I stood startled for a while. ;8s 5]pdf a:g' kg]{ ;w}F /f]O{
Just then, a house collapsed
Ps 5fs dL7f] vfg kfpFbf v';L
over us and we were trapped
dfG5 of] dgn]
in the debris. It was dark and I The doctor said that my Pslbg d/L hfg], k'Ub}g x} ;w}F wgn] .
could hear only the voice of leg was fractured and I couldnt
Brownie. The house that fell walk with it for at least two ul/a dfly p7] eg] x]Kg] u5{g\
was a two-storey tall house, months. He also added that wgLx
five minutes away from my Brownie had passed away. k};feGbf 7"nf] c? 5}g eG5g\
house. Brownie started digging Tears rolled down my cheeks. I pgLx
with his paws, removing the felt really sorry for his death
x]nf xf]Og b'MvLnfO{ dfof ug{ l;Sg'
dirt to make way. I joined him,
and that was my last day with
/x/n] ul/a ePsf] xf]Og d ;a}n]
determined to get out of that Brownie. of] a'g' k5{ .
dark place.
3127 Bibhusha, class 7 %!)@ kjg, sIff %
135 eGHof @)&#
Budhanilkantha School

The Turning Point of my Life cfdf ltd|f] cfF;'

me quite a moment to take it
all in.
(After two weeks)
I drank some water and tried
to sleep. In my dreams I saw a
big school. Around at 6:00 am,
I arrived at Kathmandu. I
wanted to go to my school but
I had to wait for one more day.
My brother, my mother and I
stayed in my uncles house.
The next day we all went to my
ltd|f] ux leHbf d]/f] dg v';L
On a windy night while going new school. After we entered s;/L xf]nf / cfdf <
to Kathmandu from Myagdi, I the gate, some boys were ltd|f] dgdf 7]; nfUbf of] dg
was thinking about my new asking my name and one boy lsg b'Vb}g xf]nf / cfdf <
school which is regarded as came and told me that he dnfO{ cfFvfdf ;hfPsL 5f}
Nepals best school. It would be would guide me in the school. km]l/ tL cfF;s
' f l9sfn]
a new place with new people I brought my things and we
for me. I thought what I would went to the house. I found the
aufOlbg] xf] ls
do after arriving to my new school exciting. I arranged my a;]sL 5f} Tof] la/fgf] 7fpFdf
school, what answer I would things with the help of my b'Mv kL8f ef]uL .
give and most importantly how brother and my parents. After
would I present myself. Such half an hour my parents had to dWo /ftdf p7\of} cfdf d
thoughts made me nervous. go. I was staying at hostel for rflxF lgbfPsf] h:tf] dfq uy]{F
the first time. I was sad. I felt
(Before two weeks)
like crying.
n'sLn'sL 8fFsf] 5f]8/] ?Gyf}
I was playing with my iPod.
cfdf d ltd|f] k5fl8 a;]/
(After two years) ;'Gy]F
Suddenly, I was called by my
mom. She seemed to be so Now, I am here writing this dnfO{ ;w}F cfgf] 5ftLdf 6fF;L
happy. I asked her the reason. article with great happiness to ;'gfpFYof}+ b'Mvsf sxfgL
But even without looking at be at this school. I enjoy every dgsf] kL8f yfDg g;s]/
me, she ordered me to get single day with my friends kv{GYof} ;'gf}nf] laxfgL .
sweets from the hotel by our having the joy of school life. I
house. She gave me the money feel proud to be at the centre
and I went to the hotel and of excellence, Budhanilkantha a? ltd|f] bf; ag]/ ;]jf u?Fnf
bought some sweets. When I School. This school has been ca gemf/ Tof] cfF;'
came back to home, my mom my turning point of life. lbgx uGb} a; x} cfdf
and my brother were standing Nofpg] 5' ltd|f] cf]7df xfF;f]
beside my bed. My mom made 3115 Abhijeet Class 7
v} eujfg\n] klg s'g h'gLsf]
me eat sweets. I asked them
why they were making me eat
kfksf] kmn lbP hltv]/ kg]{
sweets. My mom told me that ?g
she had received a call from the k|of; ubf{ klg ;lsgF slxNo}
school. And I was getting an cfdf ltd|f] b'Mv / kL8f w'g .
opportunity to study in the
best school of Nepal. I couldnt #)$& ;lrgf, sIff &
believe it for a second. It took

136 Bhanjyang 2017

a"9fgLns07 :s"n

With a beautiful season of premiere league ongoing, the year
2016 started. In the beginning of the year, the whole world was
excited, curious to see the upcoming season and leagues in 2016.
Europeans were already in the seat with belts for euro cup 2016.
Nepalese were also excited because at the end of 2015 Nepali
football players won Bagabandhu Gold cup and were ready for
South Asian games. South and North Americans were ready with
their flags for 100thCopa America titled as Centario Copa America. ljBfyL{ x'F d k9\g] n]Vg] d]/f] sfd
So, the leagues were ready to pick out the winner. English 7"nf] eO{ OR5f d]/f] /fVg] b]zsf]
premiere league was over with Leicester city standing at the top
and taking trophy to their home. Then there was a big battle in gfd
la liga between two biggest clubs of the world, Real Madrid and
Barcelona. Barcelona won the match. After the ends of all seasons b]zsf] ;]jf ug'{ d]/f] Pp6} 7"nf]
all players returned for national duty.
u5'{ ;w}F of] sfd lbG5' 7"nf]
bLIff .

cfdf elG5g\ k9 gfg'

k9\g' ltd|f] sfd
k9L n]vL 1fgL agL
/fv cfdfafa'sf] gfd .
Similarly, Copa America, it was a beautiful league. Two finalists
were headed to the final of last season. As the defending
champion, Chile returned with trophy again.
France was the home team to play final and as an opposition ljBfyL{ x'F d k9\g] n]Vg] d]/f] sfd
team of Cristiano Ronaldo, was ready for the final. Both teams ghfg]sf] l;sL lnG5' lzIfsaf6
could not score till the full time so extra time was added. After a
long anticipation, the Portuguese lifted the trophy by a beautiful 1fg .
long ranger from Eder.
Lets see what turn football will take in upcoming days. Hope
other years will be as memorable in the history of football as
this year was. %!#) tflgof, sIff %
3062 Sujan, Class 7

153 eGHof @)&#

Budhanilkantha School

The world of anime: one piece g]tfsf] sfd o:tf]

Manga. Some of the famous
writers of manga are: Masasi
Kishimoto, Akira Toriyama and
etc and some of the famous
manga are: one piece, bleach,
Naruto, dragon ball Z. Among
the entire one which I like the
most is the :one piece
It is originally written by Echiro
Oda. Its a story of a boy named
Luffy who consumes a devil
fruit and has got a power of a
rubber man. His dream is to
conquer the sea and find the gu/ g]tf xf], ;Qfdf tfgftfg
Not many people know about greatest treasure on the earth, gu/ g]tf xf], cf/f]k / xfgfxfg
the world of anime but those the one piece, hidden by
pirate king and become the
;do x'Gh]n a;]5f} 7"nf] e"8F L
who do never abandon the kmsf{O{
world because it inspires awe second pirate king.
in people. If I was a little He starts his journey alone and ;do x'Gh]n a;]5f} Ps csf{nfO{
younger I would say that my tries to find his crew first. First t;f{O{ .
lifes ambition is to promote of all he finds the pirate hunter
Japanese anime. But now that Roronoa Zoro and later Sanji,
Ussop, Chopper name, and 7"nf] tfn' s] u5f}{ <
Im older and know better I get
that anime does not need to be Robin joins his crew and heads sfd u5f}{ ;w}F cfn'
promoted. People who are to find the greatest treasure on lvrftfgL ub}{ cfk"m
sensible will find anime and the earth. He also becomes one
of the most wanted pirates all
aGg vf]H5f} 7fn" .
enjoy it sooner or later.
Personally Im glad that I over the sea.
stumbled into the world of Besides one piece, there are dlxgf e/sf] vfG5f} eQf
anime sooner. also other more anime that ;8sdf vf]H5f} ;Qf
It originally started from Japan could be enjoyed. Some of
them are Naruto, detective
s';L{ l6sfpg vf]H5f} ;w}F
from a series of books called oqf] ;do;Dd u/] s f]
Conan, death Notre and many
more. If people realize that sfd vf]O{ <
anime is not a single genre but
a different world of
entertainment that has
s';L{ hfnf eg]/ a:5f} bx|f] ;dfO{
different sub genres in it, then gofF g] k fnsf] hnkdf eof]
Im sure they would be more ltdLx?sf] /hfO
willing to try it out. So, I would cy{ g jy{sf] efif0f lbO{ g?jfcf]
like to encourage everyone to
clear their misconception that
anime is cartoon and give it lvrftfgL ubf{ ltdLn] lhNn}
a try once k/] hgtf .
3056 Prashant , class 7
$)&) ;"o,{ sIff ^
154 Bhanjyang 2017
a"9fgLns07 :s"n

Money rich and prosperous and

wants to have a luxurious life.
slxn] ;lsG5 u[xsfo{ <

This is all normal. Its human

nature to wish for more riches
and luxurious life style. But
above all people are those,
who earn money and help
others. Those cases are really
rare but important to all of
If anyone wants to be one of
those people he/she has to
try it from his/her heart. u[xsfo{ uGg vf]Hbf cf}n
F fd} c6]g
Some people become rich by Ps 306f;Dd u/] cem} 36]g .
deceiving others in an illusion
What is money? Some say its aNn lj1fgsf] u[xsfo{ ;sL
that may have a happy and
everything. Some say its just ul0ftsf] u/]F
prosperous life. But will they
a piece of paper. What many x] O{Zj/ slxn] ;lsG5 d]/f]
be really happy? I doubt that.
think is that this little piece of u[xsfo{ .
People who help other even
paper is very precious.
when they are poor are
People think it is worth killing happier than the rich ones. u[xsfo{ sfkLxsf] lzv/ x'g nfu]
people for money. Everybody There are bad guys who are ca u[xsfo{ ulb{gF eg]/ snd
wants it so badly making greedy for money. They d}n] kmfn]F .
normal people greedy. Some cannot control greed but
peoples goal is just to earn greed controls them. People t/ u'?sf] ufnL ;Dem]/ em;
money and become a are ready to do inhuman ePF
millionaire or a billionaire. activities just for money. Are clg km]l/ snd l6k]/ u[xsfo{
Some people have an illusion you one of them? ug{ uPF .
that if you have money, you d]/f] cfFvf lemldslemlds ug{
can buy everything, even a yfNof]
life. Everybody wants to be 3035 Bideet, class 7 /ft k/]/ xf]nf dnfO{ lgb|f kf]
nfUof] .
laxfg u[xsfo{ ug]{ lgwf] ub}{ d
s]xL a]/d} d ulx/f] lgb|fdf k'uF] .
afa' :s'n hfg] a]nf eof]
cfdfsf] lgs} rsf]{ cfjfh ;'lgof] .
lg/fzfsf ;fy d vf6af6 em/]F
x] eujfg\ ca slxn] ;lsG5
u[xsfo{ .
@)#) lg;fg, sIff *
155 eGHof @)&#
Budhanilkantha School

Boat on a ride

Dark brown is the river

Golden is the sand
It flows down forever
With trees on either land.

gf}gf} dlxgf sf]vdf /flV5g\, x'sf{plF 5g\, a9fpFl5g\

leaves are floating
Castles of the foam cfkm"df b'Mvsi6af6 x6fpFl5g\
I row my boat in the river ;fg}bl] v x'Sof}, a9\of}F cfdfs} sfvdf
Wishing to be back home soon. 7"nf] eO{ 1fgL x'g] /x/ 5 cfdfsf] cfFvfdf .
On and on goes the river
And waving good bye to the xfd|f] pHHjn eljiosf] nflu ;f]Rg] g} cfdf x'g\
trees and mill
Away down the valley, xfdLnfO{ c;n dfu{ b]vfpg] g} cfdf x'g\
Away down the hill. km"n h:t} km'n elG5g\ r/f h:t} p8\g
km'n/] jf:gf 5g{ / 7"nf] eO{ cfsfz 5'g .

} l/ lrGtfd} x'lG5g\ d]/f] eljiosf] nflu
;w}F k"hf ul5{g\ d]/f] pHHjn eljio dfuL
cfdf g} x'g\ tL gf/L h;n] w]/} dfof ul5{g\
g;sL g;sL klg xfd|f OR5f k"/f ul5{g\ .
I row my boat harder and
For we need to travel miles and pgsf] x/]s cfF;s' f] yf]kfdf d aUb5'
Finally I will find little children, pgsf] x/]s xfF;f]df d d':s'/fpFb5'
Who shall bring my boat cfdfs} ;kgf k"/f ug{ /fd|f] dfG5] aGb5' .

3046 Pramisha, class 7 %!!( cl:dtf, sIff %

156 Bhanjyang 2017
a"9fgLns07 :s"n

Clash of In this android game,

we have to earn purple-
coloured liquid -ELIXIR,DARK
d]/f] b]z
Clans ELIXIR and GOLD. Train your
army of powerful giants,
handsome wizards and
beautiful archers. Raid other
bases of different players all
over the world or Get those
Goblins in your goblin map,
crushing their defence and
town hall. Be sure to crush
them into pieces. Dominate
other players, upgrade your
defences and do protect your
village from invaders. And Yes!
Play friendly challenges with lxdfn, kxf8 / t/fO{ ldn]/
your clan mates without having
to lose any elixir, dark elixir,
ag]sf] d]/f] b]z
gold, trophies or troops. ;a} dflg;xsf] 5 cfcfg}
efiff / e]if
Loved by millions of people, x/]s 7fFpdf 5g\ ;fgf ;fgf ufpF
COC is a strategy-based game ;a}nfO{ Kof/f] nfU5 cfkm"
and is famous all over the
world. Be it Nepali or be it x'ss
{] f] 7fpF .
Russian, all love playing Clash
of Clans. A war full of
barbarians and archers
alongside other troops, with
amazing specialties has made
this game so addictive. Not to
forget, the defence comprises
of mortars, cannons, archer
towers and so on.

jl/kl/sf] jftfj/0f x]/ ;a}

xl/ofnL jg
Ending it up, do not ToxL xl/ofnL x]l//x"F eG5 d]/f]
forget to play this game. I am
Town Hall level 8 and in the clan
NepalNike. Do visit as you are wfg} wfgn] el/Psf] 5 db]z
invited to my clan. Lets play cfxf slt ;'Gb/ xfd|f] b]z
COC together.

3039 Nihal class 7 $)$% l;vf, sIff ^

157 eGHof @)&#
Budhanilkantha School

The Story Untold

dormitory. My heart started
pounding and I remembered
telling my friends such
stories, pretending I was not
afraid. However, that it was
happening for real, I was
I hid myself inside my blanket
out of my instinct. The
footsteps suddenly stopped. It
had reached the door to my
I woke up on a freezing cold
dormitory. The door creaked
winter morning. I was lying
open and I trembled with fear.
in my cozy bed of my
Shaking, I heard it walking
dormitory. I looked around
towards me. Just then, it
and realized there was no one
pulled the blanket off my body,
but me. Not a sound was
making me scream, AH! To htftt} rn]sf] 5 e|i6frf/sf]
audible. A chill ran down my
my surprise, it was only my
spine. It felt as if I had slept in hfnf]
Head House who woke me up
an abandoned castle. Suddenly,
from my sleep saying, Babin, x'G5 8/ nfUbf] sfnf] .
the sound of footsteps
you are late for breakfast.
drummed my ears from the g]tfx 3'; vfO{ hgtfnfO{
staircase, coming closer to my 3038 Babin class 7
snd lhTg ;s]sf] 5 o;n] ;asf] cfkmGtnfO{ eg] dL7fdL7f s'/f
dg . v'jfpF5g\ .
snd clt g} d"Nojfg\ 5
xfdL ;asf nflu of] 7"nf] wg 5 .
cflv/ sf] x'g\ oxfF e|i6frf/L
b]vfpgsf nflu snd xf]Og
sndsf] sfd n]Vg] afx]s eg]/ lrlgg]
xf]Og .
cfgf] b]zsf] dfof a]rL hf] x'g\
sndn] ubf{ ePF d 7"nf]
g ;f]Rg'xf]nf sndnfO{ n'nf] . k};fdf lslgg]
sndn] xfdLnfO{ 1fgsf] wgL zflGtsf] k|tLs uf}td a'4
agfpF5 hlGdP hxfF
n]Vg / k9\g rflxG5 snd o;n] xfdLnfO{ ljZj /Rg
nufpF5 o;n] ;flxTodf dnd . l;sfpF5 . t/ klg e|i6frf/ h:tf] s'sfo{
sndn] ubf{ d}n] n]Vg ;S5' sndsf] ug'k{ 5{ dfg /f]lsPg oxfF .
Ps} 7fpFdf a;L ;+;f/ b]V5' . o;sf] cufl8 gb]vfpg' ;fg .
snd xf] ljBfyL{xsf] ;fyL snd xf] ;flxTosf] ;fg
o;sf] u'g 5 ;a}eGbf dfly . n]Vg l;sfpF5 cIf/af6 ufg .
snd d]/f nflu xf] wg #)@* lasNk, sIff & $)&^ cle, sIff ^

158 Bhanjyang 2017

a"9fgLns07 :s"n

lgbfO FbfFb} . xfdLnfO{ eGbf

6'x/' f] klg b'v nfu]5 p;nfO{ t/ xfd|f]
dgdf rflxF b'Mv eGbf a9L 8/
l6 eL
g} lyof] . l6eLn] l5g l5gdf
elg/fVYof], dfcf]jfbLn] e/v/}
rf/hgf k'ln; dfof] .
lbpF;f]e/L xfdL 56\k6fO dfq
/fVof}F . alxgL t lgGb|fdf klg
afaf hfgL, afaf hfgL eGb}
lyO{ . xfdL rflxF kl;gf r'xfpFb}
lyof}F 8/n] . hlt /flt x'g yfNof]
Tolt g} 8/ pTkGg x'g yfNof] .
afaf gkmls{g] kf] xf] ls h:tf]
afaf ghfg';\ g cfh d]/f] t
klg nfUg yfNof] c lbg cfpg]
afgL g} eO;s]sf] lyof] afafnfO{
u/]sf] ;do;Dd klg cfpg'ePg
clkm; hfg] a]nf /f]Sg] . ;w}e F m}
afaf . ca t emg\ sxfF hfpmF /
To; lbg klg lh4L ub}{ lyPF d .
s;f] uF dfq} eof] xfdLnfO{ .
ev{/ af]Ng yfn]sL d]/L alxgL x]g{ klg ;lsg]
s'bf{ s'bf{ xfdLn] t vfgf klg
klg tf]t] af]nL /mFb} eGb} lyO{, d ;'Gg klg ;lsg]
agfpg e'n5 ] f}F . x'g t agfP
lg hfgL . c lbg t xfdL sf]7fleq a;]/
klg s] g} ug]{ xf] / < vfg ;Sg]
lh4L ubf{ ysf{pg'xg' ] cfdf To; ;+;f/el/ b]lvg]
t xf]Og .
lbg t cfkm}F eGb} x'gx' G' Yof], cfh t/ w]/} x]g{' x'Gg
8/}8/df al;/x]sf lyof}F xfdL .
/flt d}n] ;f/} g/fd|f] ;kgf b]vs ] L /dfOnf] dfgL
ToxL a]nf xfdLn] 9f]sf 9s9s
5' . dnfO{ Psbd 8/ nflu/x]sf] v]/ hfG5 ;do
u/]sf] ;'Gof}F . cfdf / d t cfFv}
5 . auL hfG5 kfgL
gx]/L s'b5 ] f}F 9f]sf vf]Ng . cfdfn]
xfdLn] hlt u/] lg afaf rflxF slxn] sfxLF va/
9f]sf vf]Ng'eof] xtf/xtf/ .
dfGg' ePg . cflv/df /mFb/} mFb} g} slxn] xfF;f] 76\6f
9f]sfdf a'afnfO{ b]vk] l5 xfdL
labfO ug' { k of] afafnfO{ hfgsf/L a6'nf}F
cfdf 5f]/L b'jn } ] Ps}rf]l6 nfdf]
xfdLn] . alxgL t cfdfs} sfvdf sf6'g{ sf] ;6\6f
;f; tfGof}F . afafn] klg nfdf]
l6eL x]bf{ cfFvfsf]
;f; tfg]/ eGg' efof] cfhsf]
Vofn /fVg' k5{
nflu rflxF afFrF] . dnfO{ t kL/
glhs a;L x]g{' x'Gg
kf] nfUg yfln;Sof] ltdLx l56}
6f9f a:g' k5{ .
6'x/' f x'g] eof} eg]/ .
$!!( chdn, sIff ^
@!@^ s[iff, sIff *
159 eGHof @)&#
Budhanilkantha School
d]/f] 5ftLdf cfP / dnfO{ xNnfpFb}
d]/f] ;kgf cg'k p7, cg'k p7 eGg] cfjfh
cfof] . ha d}n] cfFvf vf]nF] d}n] d]/f] ufpF
cfkm"nfO{ la:tf/fdf kfPF d]/f] ;fyL
dnfO{ p7fpFb} /x]5 .

#)($ cg'k, sIff &

;'vL hLjg

Ps lbgsf] s'/f xf] d, d]/L alxgL,

d]/f a'af / d]/L cfdf uf8Ldf
ufpF uO/x]sf lyof}F . af6f] w]/}
g/fd|f] lyof] . To}klg h;f] t;f]
xfdLnfO{ k'Ug' lyof] . xfdL HffFb}
lyof}F . crfgs xfd|f] uf8L v;]/
tn k'Uof] . ha d xf];df cfPF
d}n] d]/f afaf, alxgL / cfdfnfO{
p7fpg] w]/} k|of; u/]F t/ pgLx
p7]gg\ . /mFb} s/fpFb} ;xof]u dfUg
uPF . xFb' f x'bF } /ft kl/ ;s]5 . d otf x]of] xl/ofnL ptf x]of]
8/fpFb} hndf efu]F . efUbf efUb} hLjg xfd|f] ;'vL xf];\ ;n;n au]sf] vf]nf
d}n] Pp6f 3/ b]vF] . To; 3/df
af; dfUg uPF . To; 3/df Pp6L oxL x'G5 xfd|f] OR5f o:t} t xf] d]/f] ufpF w]/} h;f]
a'9L cfdf dfq al:yg\ . a'9L cfdf hLjgdf ;'vL xf];\ jiff{sf] a]nf .
dnfO{ af; lbg dflgg / d leq 7" n faf6 cfzLjf{ b kfpF 5 f} F cfkm"nfO{ nfu]sf] s'/f Ps
uPF . ysfOn] ubf{ d e';S' s
lgbfPF . /flt d lk;fa nfu]/ xfdLn] . csf{nfO{ eG5g\ 8/ gdfgL
lapFlemPF / aflx/ hndf uPF . ;'vL hLjg wg ;DklQn] dfq Pscsf{nfO{ ;xof]u u5{g\
lk;fa km]bf{ d}n] Pp6f /f]Psf] x'bF g} cfg} dflg; 7fgL .
cfjfh ;'gF] Tof] cfjfh ;'g/] d ug'{ k5{ kl/>d
8/fPF / d 3/leq k;]F . d slt dg nfU5 dnfO{ hfg d]/f]
8/fP/ a'9L cfdfnfO{ p7fpg klxn}bl] v kl/>d u/] ufpFdf
uPF . t/ ToxfF d}n] TfL a'9L cfdfsf] ;'vL x'G5 xfd|f] hLjg . b;}s
+ f] a]nf hfg] u5'{ d ;w}
3fF6L k\vfdf eml'G8Psf] / z/L/ d]/f] ;'Gb/ 7fpFdf .
e'OFdf b]vL d 8/fP/ 3/af6
efu]F . efUbf efUb} b'O6{ f xft %)!) cgf]df, sIff % #))( ;dLIff, sIff &
160 Bhanjyang 2017
a"9fgLns07 :s"n

ls;fg ltd|f] ;kgf

cfdfn] k9\g eGb} x'gx' G' Yof] t/
d}n] dflggF . d dHhfn] l6eL
x]//] al;/fv]F . d}n] gdfg]sf] b]v/]
cfdf b' M vL eP/ sf] 7 fleq
l5g'e { of] . d s] ug'x{ G' 5 eg]/
l6eL aGb u/]/ sf]7df l5/]F . cfdf
w]/} b'MvL x'gx' G' Yof] . pxfFnfO{ b'MvL
b] v ] / a' a fn] s] eof] eg] /
;f]Wg'eof] . cfdfn] 5f]/LnfO{ eof] eg]/ ;f]Rg' eof] . /flt a'afn]
8fS6/ agfpg] ;kgf lyof] t/ dnfO{ v'a ufnL ug'e { of] . pxfFn]
ca Tof] k'/f x'g] ePg eGg'eof] cfgL cfdfsf] Pp6f ;kgf t
a' a fn] lsg x' F b } g < eg] / k'/f ub]{ t]/L cfdfn] t]/f nflu s]
;f]Wg'eof] . cfdfn] pm k9\b} u/]sL 5}g / clg t}n] cfg}
k9\lbg s] ug'{ eGg'eof] . Tof] cfdfnfO{ b'vL agfO; d}n] a'em]F
d]/f] ldlxg]tsf] kl;gf lbg dnfO{ w]/} kL/ kof] s] ug'{ / w]/} ldlxg]t ug{ yfn]F . o;/L
vNvNtL au]sf] 5 eg]/ . csf]{ lbg d km]l/ l6eL d]/L cfdfnfO{ d pxfFsf] ;kgf
t/ oxfF x]g{] sf]xL 5}gg\ x]l//x]sL lyPF cfdfn] b]Vg'eof] / k'/f u5'{ eGg] ljZjf; eof] .
dfq dfq oxfF Psbd b'MvL x'g'eof] . a'afn]
cfF;s ' f yf]kf em/]sf 5g\, cfdfnfO{ b'MvL b]v/] ca clt %)@$ ;lTesL, sIff %
ct[Kt cf:yfsf] ltvf{ d]6g\ ]
csf] esf/L eg]{ d,
dnfO{ x]g{] sf] < dnfO{
;xof]u ug]{ sf] <
d lar/f] ls;fg .
d]3dfnf cfsfzel/ lkmFlh+P/
ha ltvf{Psf] wtL{ c3fpg]
u/L cfpF5
ta d :jKg af]s/]
;a}sf] ef]s d]6g\ cfpF5'
ha d zLtn ;GWof cufl8
;fFemsf] nfnLdf
sf]bfnL / s'6f] af]s/] cfpF5'
d cfzf u5'{
cfpm sf]xL t cfpm
/ d]/f] ef]s a'em
d]/f] ltvf{ a'em
/ cfsfzdf kf}l8g]
c;Dej w[i6tfdf
cfg} Olt>Lsf] lgDtf vf]h,
eg]/ eG5' d ef]uL ls;fg .
@!@% ;+:s[lt, sIff *

161 eGHof @)&#

Budhanilkantha School

When I was a Child g]kfn cfdfsf] j]bgf

cfFvfaf6 cfF;' emfl5{g\ pgL

g]kfnsf] xfnt b]v/]
clg, e|i6frf/L g]tfn]
When I was a child, g]kfnnfO{ gi6 kf/]sf] e]6/] .
I used to wonder why the sky was so high
pgL, g]tfnfO{ eGg] ul5{g\
And the oceans; navy- blue.
gu/ g/fd|f] sfd
I used to wonder how the stars shine so bright, g/fd|f] sfdn]
In those long and dark nights. u5{ cfgf] e"ldsf] ljgfz .

pgL km]l/ dgel/ ;f]Rg] ul5{g\

When I was a child, a'4 hGd]sf] b]zdf
I used to wonder why the Earth is round, cfh lsg zflGtsf] cefj 5 <
And birds make chirping sounds.
cfFvfaf6 cfF;' emfb},{ km]l/ pgL ;f]lR5g\
of] ;'Gb/ b]zdf cfh lsg
I used to wonder why two and two isnt five, o:tf] o'4 eO/x]sf] 5 <
And how on Earth we came to life.
pgL km]l/ g]kfnL hgtfnfO{
;Demfpg] sf]l;; ub}{ elG5g\
When I was a child, of] xfd|f] dft[el" d, hGde"ld xf]
Circuses and The Jungle Book gave me a thrill. x] g]kfnL hgtf xf] .
I used to stare on the tub as the water swirled. dft[el" d hGde"ldsf] ckdfg gu/ ltdL
I used to run through alleys and cycle down the lane;
t/, cfh g]kfn cfdfsf] j]bgf
I dont know why but friends called me lame. g cfd hgtfn] a'em], g g]tfxn] g}
pgsf] cfFvfaf6 em/]sf] cfF;s
' f]
cfh s'g} df]n ePg .
1054 Saujanya, class 9
#)$# /l:dtf, sIff &
162 Bhanjyang 2017
a"9fgLns07 :s"n

;kgfsf] lzv/ d[To'

kvf{Odf a:5 . cfgf] ;kgfnfO{
k|fyldstf lbg .
cfh bf];|f] lbg, laxfg}b]lv pm
cfgf] kfOnf cufl8 ;f5{ . ;fb}{
hfFbf pm lbpF;f]lt/ lzv/sf]
cfwfefu sf6\5 . p;df ;fx;
5, lxDdt 5 / ;kgf ;fsf/ kfg]{
OR5f 5 . pm cfh v';L 5 lsgls
p;n] nIo r'Dg nfu]sf] 5,
dflg; hGdG5, d5{ . of] Pp6f cfFvfaf6 cfF;' em5{g, cfF;s ' f] vf]nf
lgod xf] . Ps dfgj, h;n] ;Fu;u} cfh bf];f| ] lbgsf] cGTodf
hLjgdf k|sl[ ts} k|yd b[Zo dgdf pm ;kgfsf] lzv/ ;Fufn]/ ;'T5 . Ps g Ps lbg ;a} d5{g\
/fv]sf] 5, h;n] cb\et' s'/fsf]
cjut ub}{ 5 / cfh Ps 7"nf] t];f| ] lbg p;n] lzv/sf] r'r/' f]df dflg;xn] dg' { c l3 w] / }
;kgf b]Vb} 5 . clt g} 7"nf] . pm kfOnf 6] S 5 . cfkm" n fO{
Tof] ;kgf ;fsf/ kfg{ rfxG5 . cfTdljZjf;L bfjL u5{ . cfh pm sfd u5{g\
lzv/df kfOnf 6]Sg] ;kgf / ljZj;fd' k| V oft xF ' b } 5 . dg'c { l3 ;a}sf] Ps g Ps OR5f
;u/dfyfsf] lz/ r'Dg] ;kgf . of] clj:d/0fLo aGg uO/x]sf] 5 .
p;sf] nIo xf] . ha pm lzv/df x'G5
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163 eGHof @)&#

Budhanilkantha School

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d]6fOlbG5 .

164 Bhanjyang 2017

a"9fgLns07 :s"n

xfdLnfO{ ToxfF k'Ug Tolt w]/} ;do af]sf sf6\g uP . d t crDd

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165 eGHof @)&#
Budhanilkantha School

cfdf afaf d]/f] :s'n

cfdf / afaf eujfg\ ;/L

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eujfg\ d]/f] cfdf / afaf . d]/f] :s'n d]/f] nflu dlGb/ xf]
u'?x d]/f eujfg\ .
@!!& gL/f, sIff * %)*) lh1f;f, sIff %
166 Bhanjyang 2017
a"9fgLns07 :s"n

g]kfnL ;+:s[ltdf cfw'lgstfsf] /;

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xfdL p;sf] afpsf] lax] cr]n xfdL lax] kZrft\ ug'k{ g]{
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s;nfO{ ;fnf] elgG5 . To;sf ;+:s[lt lal;{of} eg]/ < ;do
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d'nf a9L x'bF f] /x]5
167 eGHof @)&#
Budhanilkantha School

The silvery moon vft]sf] Joyf

Every night before going to bed

;8sd} x's{] a9]F ;8s g} 3/
I read a story where it is said
The moon is the place where fairies are
d]/f] cfgf] eGg] c sf] g} 5 /
kfP vfG5' gq ef]s} x'G5'
Where you get to listen to all the most
cfdfnfO{ ;DemL /ftel/ ?G5' .
Beautiful sounds.
5}g d]/f] s'g} 3/ /ftel/ a:g
The full moon is the best moon, kfpFlbg x} d s'g} 5fgfd'lg k:g
And it is coming soon,
hf8f] udL{ d]/f nflu ;a} Pp6} eof]
Among the stars that are shining bright
Wow, the full moon is coming soon!
hlt hf8f] eP klg vKbfvKb} uof] .
vft] eG5g\ dnfO{ ;8sdf lxF8g\ ]
Every night it comes in my dream Ps ufF;sf nflu ca lbg le8\g]
And its shadow touches the stream.
dnfO{ vfgf lbGgg\ a s's/' nfO{ lbG5g\
Earth is proud that it has got the moon
Wow, the full moon is coming soon! s's/' nfO{ dfof u/L dflg;nfO{ lk5{g\ .
d eGbf t s's/' /} 5 w]/} efUodfgL
It shall dance in the air with the shining stars,
x]nf u5{g\ xfdLnfO{ cGokz' h:t} 7fgL
Far from the pollution of bikes and cars
d]/f] h:tf] b'Mv xh'/nfO{ s] yfxf
And then a time will come when the moon
Will not be there. ca s;n] a'emL lbG5 d]/f] dgsf] Joyf .
I will keep looking for it in my dreams and
1125Neeta, class 9 !)(& wd{/fh, sIff (
168 Bhanjyang 2017
a"9fgLns07 :s"n

km];a'ssf] ;fyL lbPF . /flt gf} ah]lt/ d]/f] kmf]g

aHof] . kmf]g cg u/]/ x]bf{ dgf]h
8\uf]n ;]G6 o' c d];h ] eg]/
b]vfof] . d];h] x]/s] f] xfO{ eg]/
k7fPsf] /x]5 . d}n] klg x]nf]
eg]/ k7fOlbPF . Ps}l5g kl5 km]l/
d];h] cfof] .
s] ub}{ xf] <
d ev{/} vfgf vfP/ a;]sf] .
clg ltdL lg <
clg d}n] t ltdLnfO{ lrlgg
lg .
s]xL 5}g, ca lrghfg u/f}F g dgf]hn] dnfO{ xftdf RofKk
t ;dfTof] . af]s/] nUof] . d eg]
a];fxf/f s]6L em}F lrRofO/x]sL
d k|ult x'F . km]l/ ljsf; eg]sf] P eOxfN5 lg eg]/ d}n] eg]F lyPF . ef]lnkN6 laxfg} p7\bf cfg}
h:tf] rflxF xf]Og x} . d]/f] gfd t/ s] yfxf, ToxL Pp6f kl/ron] sf]7fdf lyPF . lxhf] a]ns ' fsf]
xf] k|ult . cfdfafa'sf] PSnL d]/f] lhGbuL g} phf8 kfl/lbG5 36\gf ;kgf h:t} nfUof] . cfdfn]
5f]/L To;}n] klg xf]nf olt eg]/ . km]l/ p;sf] ;+jfb ;'? tnaf6 5f]/L gf:tf vfg cfOh
k'Nk'lnPsL . cfdfn] eGg'xG' Yof], eof] . p;n] ;f]Wof], egL af]nfpg' eof] . tn hfgsf]
5f]/L ;+;f/ lgs} 7"nf] 5, w]/} s] ltdL ef]ln lk|m x'G5f}F < nflu lxF8g\ nfu]sf] lyP kmf]gsf]
k9\g] u/, k9]/ 7"nf] dfG5] x'gk' 5{, 3G6L aHof] . o;f] x]/s ] f] dgf]h
a'lem;\ . a'em]F eGb} 6fpsf] cF, a]ns ' f rf/ ah]kl5 rflxF 8\uf]n ;]G6 o' c d];h ] eg]/
xNnfpFy] t/ a'em]sf] eg] slxNo} x'G5' . lsg / < b]vfof] . cg\ u/]/ x]/F] . x]/s ] f]
x'Ggy+] . ljBfnodf ;fyLxn] xfdL e]6f}F g eg]/ x]/F} ePF . cfgf] z/L/sf] cZnLn
dnfO{ km];a'ssf] sL/f egL tl:a/x b]Vbf 5fFufaf6 v;] em}F
luHofpFy] t/ d eg] g;'gs ] f] em}F eOxfN5 lg . sf7df8f}F dndf nfUof] . cfgf] OHht t d}n]
u/L r' k rfk nfu] / a:y] F . x} t u'dfO;s]sL lyPF . ca dfG5] dfq
cfkm}n F fO{ klg slxn] sfxLF nfUYof] x'G5 . x'G5 . afFsL /x]/ s] sfd . cfdfafaf
cfkm" ;fFRr} g} km];a'ssf] sL/f dfkm ul/lbgf];\ . d xh'/xsL
x'F eg]/ . olt eGb} xfd|f] ;+jfb ToxLF 5f]/L eP/ tkfO{xsf] ;kgf
6'l\ uof] . ef]lnkN6 jfg]Zj/af6 k"/f ug{ ;lsg . d afrf u5'{ ls
z'sa| f/sf] lbg To:t} rf/ ah]sf] /Tgkfs{ hfgsf] nflu a; :6kdf
lyof] xf]nf, d}n] cfgf] kmf]g lems]F csf]{ k6s tkfO{xsf] eP/
s'l//x]sL lyPF . uf8L cfof] r9]F hGdg] 5' . tkfO{xsf] ;a} ;kgf
/ nu Og u/]F . s]xL ;dokl5 / uf8Lsf] k5fl8 l;6df a;]F .
;]tf] k[i7df lgnf] /]vf ePsf] k"/f ug]{ 5' .
s]xL ;dokl5 d dnsf] cufl8
d] / f] kmf] g sf] l:s| g df b] v f lyPF . dgf]h / p;sf b'Oh { gf c;xL ;fx]a . of] lr7L clkm;df
kof] . o;f] x]/s ] f] t, jfg k|mG] 8 ;fyLx cfPsf /x]5g\ . xfdL k7fOlbg'xf];\ / Tof] dgf]h / c?
l/Sj]:6 eg]/ kf] b]vfof] . d}n] ;a} hgf ldt]/L af/df uof}F . b'On { fO{ klg vf]Hg'xf];\ .
klg of] sf] /} 5 t eg]/ x]/F] . /S;L lkof}F . gfRof}F . sf]xL klg
sf]xL dgf]h 8\uf]n eGg] /x]5 . xf];d \ f lyPg . ;a} hgf /S;Lsf]
glrg]sf] eP klg PS;]K6 ul/ dftn] r'/ ePsf lyP . !)!# /]gL, sIff (
169 eGHof @)&#
Budhanilkantha School

It was the day; of the most
started to cry. I could not
understand the reasons behind
her tears. So I asked her where
my friend was. Then she
heart wrenching days of my life.
instead of giving me an
She never told me but answer , invited me to the
somewhere I knew she was hospital. I had this mixed
feeling uneasy and
feelings kicking butterflies
uncomfortable. She was not inside my belly. Without
the same person she used to be further delay I ran to hospital
before. She used to listen to all
to find my life lying lifeless ,
my wacky jokes and untrue wrapped up in tubes and
stories and laugh but then she oxygen mask in hospital bed.
hated it. She changed. I wantedShe did not even bother saying
Looking behind the window to know reasons behind it but me she was a cancer victim. She
panes, I see rain drops falling she never let me break down was in the last stage and I could
by. I feel cold and look at the her walls. She kept on adding do nothing to save her. The
pretty alone girl next door. I ask those bricks setting us apart pain surging inside was
to myself Are they born just to and our relationship. She unbearable as I cried with her
be alone? Then I think of started to walk alone which hands in my hands. I could see
myself and thoughts strike in both amazed and annoyed me. her eyes all swollen up and
my mind. Those jolly old days It turned out to be six months could listen her heart beat. But
when I used to walk happily since she hadnt spoken to me. then her heart stopped beating
past the street with her. She Suddenly she stopped coming and so did mine.
meant everything to me. For to school too. I was terrified. So
me happiness was synonymous without thinking more I called 3020 Akshata, class 7
to her presence. Her laugh her mom. When I called her she
made me laugh, her silly
nonsense jokes made me go
crazy,her smile made me smile
and her pain made me cry. But
all of sudden one day she
disappeared, far away from this
world leaving me alone in
darkness . I wish I could have
been gone with her tooThose
days, those beautiful moments
pinch inside my mind. She
indeed was pretty flower
blooming among the life of
thorns. She could do
everything for me and so,
finally did. She died..
170 Bhanjyang 2017
a"9fgLns07 :s"n

gfddf zflGt t/ 5g\ t 9f]u+ L
a9L km}lnG5 s|flGt h:tf]
hxfF :g]xsf] gfddf k"hf/L
afFl8G5 3[0ffsf] Hjfnf h;n] k"hf / cf/fwgf
o:tf] Hjfnf clg k|jrgsf] gfddf o:tf
h;nfO{ 5'bfF kf]Nb}g 3[0ff / kL8f x'G5 .
kf]N5 t s]jn clg k};f
sf]dn x[bo . k};f k};f k};f
htftt} k};} k};f
hxfF cfFvf cufl8 hxfF dflg;;Fu k};f eP
cfg} lgGbf x'G5 ;a} dflg; x'G5g\,
clg oxfF ljBfsf] wgL eP/\
k|hftGq clg efjgfsf] wgL eP/
lxhf] x'Gg
P]gf x]/F] d}n] ;a}df ax'dtsf] ljho dflg; t wgL s'a/] x'gk' 5{ .
clg b]vF] lsg
of] ;+;f/sf] /fhf / /fhtGq rn]/ /] P
lrq0f oL cfgf gogdf . ldn]g sflGt clg Gofo
hgtfdf ljZjf; k'ug] /] Gofo klg lslgG5
b'Mv kL8f / eo nf lbP
oL ;a}n] el/Psf] t/ eg] h;/L lbOG5 .
Tof] lrq . x'g klg xf] GofonfO{ cGofon] k/fho ydfO;Sof]
xf]nf < of] t slno'u xf], .
cfof] Tof] o'u s;n] s;nfO{ ljZjf; u5{ / <
h'g oL d]/f zAb klg s;}nfO{ c;To t/ of] slno'u xf] .
xfd|f afh]n] xfd|f k'vf{ kl/0ft x'G5g\ xf]nf oxfF s]xL klg w]/} nfdf] l6Sb}g
hxfF x/]s o'lwli7/df t} klg /
ldl;Psf] x'g5 ] b'of]wgsf] /Qm slndf t ;TonfO{ c;Ton] bafPs} cfzf /fV5' slno'udf slno'u klg
5. gl6sf];\
kl/>d dfly efUosf] ljho
clg clg elQm cx+sf/n] ag]sf] /fj0fsf]
d'VotM ;Todf c;Tosf] lht k"hf cf/fwgfdf klg h;/L
clg o'usf] gfd 9f]\ a9\g yfln;Sof] dof{bf k'iff]Qd /fdn] jw u/]
slno'u ld/f / ;a/L x}gg\ u/f];\ s;}n] o; slno'usf] klg
cfzf/fd / t]hkfn a9] clg
gfd} sfkmL 5 slno'u dlGb/df elQm x}g To; lbg dgfOg] 5
lgbf]i{ f k|f0fLsf aln r9fOG5g\
ldqtfdf zq'tf dlGb/df >4f xf]Og c;Todfly ;Tosf] ljho,
clg bfg blIf0ff afFl9G5g\ . kl/>dsf] ljho,
O{v ;f 8fxf Gofosf] ljho,
oxfF ;a}eGbf a9L dxTjk"0f{ x'G5 elQmsf] ljho,
htftt} /f]usf] dxfdf/L b|Jo ljBf / efjgfsf] ljho,
clg ca 5}gg\ k|Nxfb / ljeLif0f jf:tljs k|hfsf] ljho,\
o; o'usf dflg; ;fdflhs k|f0fLdf g t 5g\ s'g} xg'dfg ljhof bzdL .
ljZjf;eGbf lgs} a9L ljZjf;3ft ca
clg ;dfh ()%$ hgs, sIff !)

171 eGHof @)&#

Budhanilkantha School

Just a Dream
But I am getting a strange
feeling that we will get into
trouble if we miss our prep,
Harry said
Stop acting like losers and get
ready. Go fast! We are getting
late already, I said.
They felt a bit angry as I called
The sun was setting as I was them losers, but after hearing
getting ready for my evening to what I said, they
jog. I was to be accompanied immediately went to their
by my mates Dan, Thomas and dormitories and came back
Harry but, I couldnt find them with their pants on
anywhere. After searching for
Our daily route was the track
a long time, I found them
of road race as usual; we
playing football and
started off from the middle
summoned them. When they
pitch. We were running at
arrived, I said I was searching
mederate pace when we
for you all this time and finally
reached the black gate, to my
caught you playing football taken to another dimension.
surprise, Harry was missing.
outside. Now without any And before me, appeared a
Lazy fellow he must have run
delay lets go to jog. I want you gigantic monster! He was so
away. Anyway, lets continue,
all to go for a jog with me. huge that I couldnt see his
I said
I was acting a bit bossy at the face. I started to cry, Have
We started off again. This time mercy on me! Have mercy on
moment so seeing my cocky
before we could reach the me!
attitude, Thomas said Who
telephone booth, Dan
are you to order us?
disappeared. These guys are I had never cried so loudly in
Come on! Im just joking. too much At least you are my entire life. Just when he was
Cant I even joke with my here, Thomas, I said but I was about to kill me, I felt
friends? I said starting to feel that something something. Somebody had
fishy was going on. slapped me! I closed my eyes.
Of course you can. But I am When I opened them I found
too tired to go for a jog today. It was the second time we had myself lying on my bed. I saw
Dan said stopped, so I didnt want to my friends standing in front of
stop anymore. So with full me. They all said that I was
Me too, Harry added
speed, I reached the LCR. When shouting very loudly while I was
And prep time is about to I turned back, to my surprise, asleep. Oh! It was just a dream.
start. What to do about that? Thomas was also not there.
Thomas said What the! I muttered to
myself. Before I could say 3034 Amogh , Class 7
You guys are such losers! Who anything else everything
will even find out that we are turned black. It was as if I was
missing? I said

172 Bhanjyang 2017

a"9fgLns07 :s"n

MIDNIGHT Theories and hypotheses

At any point of your life, you
must have heard about the
Black Hole. For those of you
who have not, Black Hole is a
region of space where matters
are squeezed so intensely that
its gravity becomes irresistible
where nothing can escape, not
even light. You might wonder
that if it neither emits nor
reflects light, how can we detect
it? Well, there are its effects on
Knock! Knock! My eyes opened its surrounding matter that temperature of the universe
upon hearing the knock. Knock! make astrophysicists confident rises gradually. Stars move
Knock! I heard again. The clock of its existence. To put it simply, almost as fast as light around the
had struck 12 am. I thought Black Holes are monsters of the hyper galactic center, black
that it was my mom and called universe that suck in all matters holes grow as temperature rises
out. Mom, mom? No one and nobody knows what even higher and then Bang! The
replied. I got scared. I removed happens inside the giant (!) universe collapses into a tiny
my blanket and moved towards hole. point just like the beginning of
the door. I asked who it was Big Bang.
The interesting thing is that
with a shaky voice. I was going When will that happen? Relax
there is a hypothesis, which
to open the door but I was so because this will still take
explains how we can time travel
frightened that I could not. billions of years to occur and if
through Black Holes and that is
Suddenly, there was a sound of you are wondering if that ever
by moving in an opposite
running water. I moved towards happens. Will expansion begin
direction of the motion of the
the bathroom. What I saw was again? Well, that is the greatest
Black hole with a speed greater
not water but red blood black box yet to be resolved.
than light. The speed of light is
running through the tap. The
299 792 kilometres per second
bathroom floor was flooded 1132 Prashansa, class 9
and it is not possible for a
with blood. I fell to my knees
human to achieve such speed or
and started screaming. I cried
else our body will be stretched
for my mom and dad but no
like a spaghetti due to the force.
one came. After a while, the
tap stopped running and it was Explaining about the beginning
silent for a moment. Then, a of our universe, the Big Bang
soft voice called my name. theory is quite familiar to most
Mary, wake up. I opened my of us. Still, what about its end?
eyes . I was on my bed and my The theory of big crunch
mom was beside me. I was so explains the process where the
relieved and happy I gave my universe stops expanding and
mom a tight hug as I thought instead starts to contract,
about the nightmare. causing clusters of galaxies to
fall together and merge as the
3017 Niyati, class 7

173 eGHof @)&#

Budhanilkantha School

Deforestation in Nepal g]kfnsf] dfof

their personal use. People cut
down the trees for settlement.
People also cut trees for
firewood. The cattle are over
grazed in the field because of
which new plants are not able
to grow. Some people also set
fire on the forest areas because
of which many kinds of species
of plants and animals die.

Nepal is rich in natural Deforestation further leads to

resources mainly forests. casualties of thousands of lives
Forests are very important for through occurrence of
catastrophes such as flood and
d hGd]sf] wtL{df 5'
us. They provide us with many
valuable herbs, timbers and so landslide. So, forests should be slxn] 3fd t slxn] 5fof
on. But nowadays, forests are preserved at any cost. Everyone
being constantly destroyed should realize the importance ;a}eGbf nfU5 dnfO{
because of various human acts. of forest and start conserving
The prime reason for the it in a sustainable way so that g]kfnsf] dfof .
destruction of forests in Nepal our future generations would
is increase in population. also enjoy these green hills and d]/f] b]zdf 5
Because of accelerating healthy environment. After all,
population growth people are prevention is better than cure. ?vxn] el/Psf] 8fF8f
occupying the forest areas for 3010 Swornima, class 7 hfGgF d t 5f]8/]
cfgf] b]znfO{ 6f9f .
d]/f] b]zdf 5
ufpFeGbf yf]/} ;x/
dnfO{ Kof/f] nfU5
d]/f] ufpF / d]/f] 3/ .
hndf b]V5' d t
nfnLu'/fF; bfofF / jfofF
;a} eGbf nfU5 dnfO{
g]kfnsf] dfof .
$!)( jL/]Gb|, sIff ^

174 Bhanjyang 2017

a"9fgLns07 :s"n

Blooming Out Of Bruises

Even though I was famished, wanted, she would take me to
I managed to eat something her family and make me a
that made me feel like a part of it. She would provide
human and not a beggar. me with a small space. Just for
a moment I was bewildered
As I walked towards the
but then I gladly accepted her
shady corner of the garage,
courtesy. She told me about
which had been deserted for
my school, my
quite some time, thinking
responsibilities and small
those torn seats of damaged
works I needed to handle in
cars would probably be softer
her house. Few years later, I
and more comfortable than
was well educated and well
the paper-thin mattress I had
settled with her. I used to read
been sleeping on. After taking
as well as do the laundry and
a short nap as always, I settled
I am standing alone, and, as a minor house chores while
myself and started my work. I
very independent person. I am staying in that house. She kept
grabbed a piece of paper from
under the spotlight and me so close to her heart and
a copy and started painting on
everyone is cheering for me. did not let go of me. I surely
it. I used to get copies from a
My life would have been very should be giving something
nearby school stationery
miserable and I would have back to her. My life is no more
store. I loved painting but
been left like a street dog a trash. I never imagined such
rather than the passion for
wandering in the street of dream could become a reality.
doing it, it was to earn ten to
Atbara. Today, I am here Still, it did. I think about the
fifteen pennies that
launching my journal as a people of my town who were
pedestrians would offer me
book. Everyone wants me to in similar situations as me. I
out of pity.
recite my life story in the was fortunate, but what about
auditorium. My assistant One unusual day, my life had them? I feel a peculiar pain as
hands me the microphone turned the other way round. though I had betrayed my
and I speak. The words float An angel was sent to me from people for my own paradise.
out like delicate swans. heaven. I remember it was If only I could help them in one
New Years Eve and it was a way or another
My eyes opened and the sun hectic day. A woman saw my
had risen and the rays seeped Now that I am standing here
painting and offered to take
through the crack in the alone, no longer the one
me out of my miserable
broken glass of the window on dressed in rags crestfallen
situation for she had pitied
my thatch-roofed house. I about my own life. Instead, I
me. I was completely
realised that I was shivering am proud of myself that I did
surprised, as she held an aura
in the cold as I was sleeping it. I succeeded in exhibiting
of a wealthy and sane person.
over a thin mattress with my talents and now I am
Nobody sane would do such
nothing to cover myself. standing out. And I thank
thing to a stranger. Would
Today was a grateful day. It her
they? We talked and then I
was grateful because after so shared my life story with her.
much of hunting for food and She was kind and conducive
shelter, I finally found one. in nature. She told me that if I 1070 Aakriti, class 9

175 eGHof @)&#

Budhanilkantha School

d]/f] ldlxg]t

u/]kl5 ;kmn x'G5 h] s'/f klg
ug'k{ 5{ ;a}s/' f ;lhn} dfgL
;lhnf] dfGbf ;lsG5 ug{ h'g;'s} sfd
ufx|f] dfGbf ;lsGg /fVg s;}sf] gfd .
Well, it was a tiring day with all the work piled in
my schedule and I had to do every single one of
them. Nevertheless, after a tiring day, it was an
5'g cfgf] nIo cfgf] ug'k{ 5{ >d enchanting night. I was lying on the garden looking
To;sf ;fy} a'g'k5{ ;a}sf] dd{ at those millions and billions of twinkling stars,
glimmering over the sky.
w]/} lrGtf 5 cfdfa'jfnfO{ d]/f] af/]df
The nights looking at those stars always gave me
5f8L g/fd|f sfd nfU5 /fd|f sfo{df .
pleasure but this night gave me more. It was a very
magnificent but I dont know why I felt so. Maybe
because I was tired or the sky was much more
u/L /fd|f sfd, k'uL cfdfa'jfsf] ;kgf starry. Whatsoever, looking at the stars gave me
eGbf dfly pleasure. I loved watching those little stars which
gave a pattern and I got a message as well.
/fd|f] dfG5] 5fgL, agfpF5' To;}nfO{ ;fyL
uj{ agfpg'k5{ cfgf cfdfa'jfnfO{, /fd|f Today, it was from Orion which made me feel
sfd u/]/ brave and that I was ready for every battle of my
life. So, every night I gaze at those stars and try to
Pp6f p2]Zo /f]hL To;}df nflu k/]/ . get a message which fills my heart with awe and

#)%! ddtf, sIff & 3007 Smarika, class 7

176 Bhanjyang 2017

a"9fgLns07 :s"n

Thank God! It.... ;u/dfyf

I did so accordingly.
The next day when dad was
already out for his office and I
was taking fresh breath of air
from my balcony, my mom
screamed. I hurriedly went to
the hall to find that someone
had attacked my mom. She was
trying to say something, but
before that, she closed her
eyes. I couldnt control my
emotion and burst out in tears.
I cried wildly, holding my mom
s body in my hand. The man
It was a chilly morning when I came towards me with a knife
felt like someone was in our in his hand. I tried to run away.
yard. I rubbed my eyes and While he reached me and was dfg;nfO{ lxdfnsf] ;f}Gbo{n]
looked again but there was no just ready to kill me, I heard my cfslif{t ub{5
one. Then I got fresh and went moms voice. tLdWo] ;u/dfyf
downstairs. My mom was
waiting for me. We had our Lisa! Come for breakfast, she g]kfndf kb{5 .
breakfast together and got on said.
to our own work. She was o;n] g]kfnnfO{
Then, I realized that I was in bed
preparing lunch while I was holding my pillow and was
ljZjdf lrgfPsf] 5
playing with laptop as well as crying. I was extremely happy.
o;n] ubf{ g} cfh
watching T.V. After sometime, g]kfnsf] lbg cfPsf] 5 .
the phone rang. My mom I said, Thank God! It was just
received it but there was no a dream. kf;f Nxfd' z]kf{ ;u/dfyfsf]]
one. Again, after sometime cf]/f]xL lyOg\
there was a call but it
happened again, no one spoke
pgn] g} g]kfn / g]kfnLsf]
2115 Kunjinee, class 8
kl/ro lbOg\ .
That day my mom went to our o;n] g} g]kfnLsf]
relatives and went the whole lz/nfO{ cUnf] kf/]sf] 5
time there. Then, after
o;n] g} g]kfnLsf]
sometime, also I got up and
went to meet my friends. I
zfgnfO{ cl3 ;f/]sf] 5 .
really enjoyed the time with
them. I returned back home in o;n] g} g]kfnLnfO{ lrgfpg]
the evening. My mom as well sfd u/]sf] 5
as my dad were there. I was o;n] g} g]kfndf ;'Gb/tfsf]
happy. We had our dinner and Hof]lt 5/]sf] 5 .
talked for sometime. Then, my
father told me to go and sleep. %!)$ wgs[i0f, sIff %
177 eGHof @)&#
Budhanilkantha School

My experience in the k':ts

journey of life

k':ts xf] 1fgsf] e08f/

kfgf kN6fO{ x]/
Dreams are the trailer of reality,
zAbx a'emL k9,
Tears are the pearls falling from eyes,
Determination is the road to destination- gkmfn x} v]/
Parents are the signboards on the road
dfof u/ k':tsnfO{
Foes are the hurdles in the way
Hard work is the limo ride to our destination. To;n] klg u5{
uftf nufO{ lstfadf
Person in car is the engine of the vehicle,
Calmness is the steering in the vehicle, ;kmf /fVg'k5{ .
Optimism is the gear of the vehicle,
Progress is the wheel of the vehicle,
1fg lnpm k':tsaf6
Perseverance is the seat belt in the vehicle, 1fgsf] Hof]lt km}nfpF5
Advisors are the sound system of the vehicle.
cfkm" k9L 1fgL eO{
Civilization is the eye of the person, b]znfO{ 1fgL agfpg'k5{ .
Persistence is the ear of the person,
Knowledge is the mouth of the person, k9L k':tssf] kfgf
Education is the hand of the person, kl5 7"nf] dfG5] ag
Patience is the leg of the person,
Finally, the spirit is the soul of the person that gives 7"nf] dfG5] agLsg
Strength to experiences the journey of ones life. b]zsf] ljsf; u/ .
2077 Sophiya. , class 8 @)^$ gf]ldsf, sIff *
178 Bhanjyang 2017
a"9fgLns07 :s"n

September 8 2015
lzIfssf] hLjg

Hi dear. Oh! Hello How
are you my girl?
Well Im fine. But
Is there any problem?
Ishu asked as if she saw
a tiger infront of her.
Not exactly but Ive lost
my ri no no something
precious. Ohh!!!
Dont take stress. Youll find it soon. But for
now go to bed.
Ok Ishu.
November 8 2016
Sissy, where is my bag? I had kept it on the
table last night. Its not here now. Im getting
late. Ive taken it to put your lunch
box,replied Pretty. Now hurry up its getting
late and Ive to go to my office. Ok there,
said Sia.
laxfgLkv ha ;"os
{ f] gf}nf] ls/0fn] dnfO{ 5'G5 After two hours of driving finally she reached
To; kl5 aNn d]/f] gofF lbg ;'? x'G5 . Bye Pretty, said Sia. Again?Pretty replied,
Bye and take care. Talk to you later.
She drived for about one hour and finally
gofF hfFu/, gofF pT;fx, gofF ;f]r / ljrf/ lnb}F reached her office.
Good morning maam, greeted the staff
d 7fFp 7fFpdf lx8\5' d]/f] 1fg ;a}nfO{ lbb}F . members. Pretty just shook her head and went
inside her cabin.
A few hours later, when she was attending her
d]/f] st{Jo xf], sfd eg]/ ulb{g meeting she received a call. Without enforcing
anyone she just went.
k};f sdfpg] nf]edf u/]sf] d elGbgF . Doctor -> Her heart is too weak. Thats why
she got an attack. We cant do anything until
we get a new heart.
;+;f/sf ;fd' d]/f] OHht a9\of] Without thinking anything she decided to give
her heart. She messaged her best friend Ishu
o;;Fu ;Fu} ;+;f/df clzIff klg 36\of] . saying, Please take care of my sister. Ill be no
more now.
Hi, Sia. I'am your sister. Knowing your
nfUof] dnfO{ d]/f] st{Jo k"/f eof] problem Ive given my heart to you. Dont cry
and dont feel that I am not with you. Im
o;};uF d]/f] dg]{ a]nf klg cfof] . there, always in your heart. Ive left this ring
that carries all the memories of ours.
PS Dont use it :)
Good Bye
d v'zL x'bF } d/]sf] lyPF After going through the note Sia dropped tear
d}n] d]/f] st{Jo k"/f u/]sf] lyPF . onto the note and smiled.
Oh no. Ive lost it sorry pretty. Ill find it out.

2076 Smile, class 8

#)!* cf]h:jL, sIff &
179 eGHof @)&#
Budhanilkantha School
exhibition tomorrow to
Robot Vs Human have called you today, dont
you? If not then let me tell you prepare for war.
again that we have gathered to Next day,Lee was followed by
fight against the superior two of his followers.The
creature on Earth, so called the exibition hall was enormous.
Humans. Well, how many of Every robot was showing their
you have realized that we are abilities with great
all serving like a slave? They just enthusiasm.Some of them
use us without realizing our were unbeatable in Karate,
value. They throw us when they some of them were good with
are bored with us. They dont their weapons.After the
realize that we have got exhibition finished, they were
feelings just like them. They all asked to prepare themselves
dont show any concern to our for the war.
feelings. Well, how many of you
know that almost 100 robots Lee sent a note to every human
committed suicide this month which was like this: Get ready
because of the human torture. for war humans,now no one
At the height of technical will be worse than us;Robots,
So, friends we must take gadgets and computers. But
development, all robots,
revenge for our friends who the humans didnt have any
computers and various gadgets
committed suicide.They must idea.But , a scientist from Nepal
declared a war against all
be able to rest in peace.Well,if asked to have a meeting. Then
you have any enquiry let me he shared his ideas, Dear
Lee was head of all robots and know.Please! Friends,we all know that
gadgets who lived in Tokyo, robots,gadgets,computers
Then, from a corner of the hall
Japan.He was annoyed to cant survive without electricity
a tiny robot stood up and said,
serve, facilitate and work as but we can.We can use
"Master Lee, I am Cho from
slave of his human master. firewoods,sunlight,water etc
UK.Although you are true that
Then, to take revenge for it he Humans are torturing us but whereas they cant.So ,lets
gathered all the robots, still, you know we are created cutoff all the electricity
computers and gadgets. And a by them. They worked days and supplies. Everyone agreed
meeting was held in China. The nights to create us and do you with his idea.
humans were surprised as they feel good to betray them?" On the other hands,all the
couldnt control any of their robots were in a very pathetic
Cho was going to speak more
gadgets, devices or robots any situation due to cut off of
but someone terminated her
more. electricity. Lee survived by
wire connections and she was
On the other hand, great unconscious. taking others energy.Yet, felt
gathering of all robots, weaker and weaker each
Then, with a feeble smile in passing day. So, he gave up his
computers and various gadgets
Lees face ,he spoke, "I dont spirit.And a time came when he
was taking place in China. After
know what you all are going to was about to kick the bucket.To
the participation of all robots
do ? You all are under my nose. his surprise he was feeling a
and gadgets Lee marched upto
Well I mean under my control.If little energetic than
the stage. And then he spoke,
you deny my request then you before.Feebly he turned his
Hello everyone present in this
are going to suffer like Cho head and he saw his master
hall,I am Lee from Tokyo.
did.So, lets start our ability who was full of tears. Lee,I
Hmm Do you all know why I

180 Bhanjyang 2017

a"9fgLns07 :s"n

never thought that you would

turn your back on us. I forgive
uGw] Confess
you but others wont. They will
destroy you.I didnt sleep for 5
days to create you and you are
the one who is destroying all
my happiness. Why Lee?,he
was sobbing.
Then Lee replied, Sorry master
for my deeds. Sorry master!
Forgive me! It was a mistake of
mine, my red chip that you
created.But, please master
dont create any sort of thing
like this and dont torture
anyone, you will have a pious
life. I-am-dying-. Okay! Now I confess, listen
Yes,Lee terminated his wire Forgive me for whatever Ive
connectons himself.And again slt x]K5g\ Tof] uGw]nfO{ done
the HUMANS won but with To;sf] klg t Tof] ;'Gb/ k xf] I have been honest after all
guilty and shame because of It is best policy as it is called
their deeds.Lees master
slt x]K5g\ Tof] uGw]nfO{
realized his To;sf] klg t dg b'Vbf] xf] . I was the one to break the glass
And I did the mischief in the
mistake.However,he was sent class
to jail for his invention. And he It was like then, thats long ago
also realized that, If there is
kmfF8 km'8F ub}{ kmf8\5g\ Now I am good for everyone to
development,then there will slt x]K5g\ know
be someone to destroy too gkmfF8 dnfO{ eGb} Tof] ?G5 I was the one to break the plant
because of the greediness, Yet, it had time to grow.
selfishness that lies in the core
I was the one who collected the
of the heart of every humans." t/ To;nfO{ ;Demfpg] sf] 5 / . trash
Which was meant to throw.
2058 Ekta, class8
h\unh\un 3'Dbf s'lNrG5g\ Now, Ive realized as my poem
First in English essay writing halts
competition dnfO{ Honesty is the best policy, so far
P]of cfdf P]of a'af sf]xL 5}gg\ As Ive confessed my faults,
It makes me trustworthy and
eGgnfO{ takes me far.
dnfO{ gs'Nr eGb} slt s/fpg] As said, I won't repeat the
d}n] mistakes
And make excuses which are
s;}n] t a'em d]/f] kL8fsf] fake.
;fu/ My life will be cheerful now and
dnfO{ klg km"nsf] cfwf/ dfg . With honesty in whatever I
speak all the times.
@!@& /Llt, sIff * 3005 Jenisha, class 7

181 eGHof @)&#

Budhanilkantha School

The two lost souls One day, an aunt came and

offered us some beautiful
day. We thought that Allah clothes to wear and as per her
would never show up that day. request we went down stairs.
We were not allowed to remain Lily and I were very happy to
outside due to the clashes. We wear those clothes. We even
were totally engulfed with fear. wore make up and made a new
hairstyle. I wonder there was
And some kind of Dawat and Lily
One Saturday, while we were in and I happily came down. A
the Masjid, there came man was there with our uncle
screams. We saw the Hindus who bought us here. That man
with the weapons cutting our stared at me and pointed his
friends, Khana, Khali, Ami ,into finger towards me. I was
pieces. We ran as much as we literally shocked and didnt
could. Then came a safe land. know what was happening.
Lily dont be scared, I said. Then the man took me to the
We cried remembering our room. And once the door was
shut the screams started
Never thought a day would mothers corpse and her face.
coming out. After an hour the
come, when me and my We didnt have guts to go back
man left. I was shocked at what
shadow would be there finding home.
happened to me. Lily came
for two lost souls. Yes, I am Our life was totally changed. At
running for me from outside.
controlling myself but dont home; which was home sweet
We hugged each other and
mind if some drops come out. home had become a dumping
started crying. It had then
So let me begin. site. Eating the leftover was our become duty. I had five
daily routine. The beach and customers daily. I was the most
1895 November 10th the dumping site didnt smell beautiful and many other men
Life was beautiful free with any that bad. Me and lily were admired me. And I thought
kind of anxieties. My sister and among the street children. Allah was there to help us. I
I were playing near the pond. But one day, we thought life just wanted to cry everytime I
Born as a wedlock, I never offered us a favor. A group of saw Lily.
found bad about it. Grown up men approached us in a van. And the day came when I gave
in a poor family without a They offered us food and drinks birth to my child, my Grace. My
father, my momma worked as to eat and drink. They promised own blood, my daughter,
a maid to support our us to love like their own happiness filled the air.
livelihood. As we were grown children. We were too happy Although it could resist much,
up we were given hijabs to and thanked Allah. We went my 8 years old daughter and my
wear. For us, it was totally new with them. The first month was sister Lily had no work there.
and mom made it compulsory very enjoyful. We were given One day, the uncle took my
to wear it. Never thought such food to eat, clothes to wear and sister and daughter outside.
a bad and dark side would games to play. Then suddenly But the other day they came
come in our life. a man came and injected me home blind. I ran for them and
Every night watching TV and and Lily. That injection caused started crying and hugged
hearing about the clashes our physical structure to look them. I cursed that uncle a lot.
between the Hindus and the similar. He said that from the following
Muslims made us scared day by

182 Bhanjyang 2017

a"9fgLns07 :s"n

day onward, they had to go for

begging at railway station. Influenced by You
Weeks passed by and I was not
allowed to meet them. They
took my daughter and sister
away from me. And the saddest
day of my life came when I got
news that Lily and Grace were
killed in a train accident. I
couldnt control myself. I
realized I would never be able
to see them, hear their voice. I
was heart broken and
depressed. I even thought of
committing suicide. I ran away She was not an Einstein, nor Newton. She was a normal person
from that place, cursing it a lot. who lived a normal life but has greatly influenced my life.
I went searching for those two.
She was born on 16th December, 1992, in Kathmandu.
Two months later, I heard of She was born on a Saturday so her name was after her birthday,
that uncle because of whom I Sanita. She was a very hardworking girl from her childhood. She
had to face this day had a very liked to study and tried . She joined her school when she was
bad accident with the train two years old. She loved her parents very much and so she was
itself. the dearest to her parents. Since she joined her school, she
It has been four years now. I am always was the topper from her batch. In class eight, she became
married to a man who loves me the D.L.E. topper in Kathmandu Valley. In class 10, she was the
with all his heart despite my S.L.C. topper. She passed her B.A., M.A. and all her other degrees.
flaws. He also owns a big shop. She got a scholarship to complete her PhD in Japan in the Kyoto
I also have a little baby growing University. She studied there for 6 years and finally completed
inside me. But still I am in her study. She was one of the best students of her level at the
search of those two souls who university. She set herself as an example there as well.
were my life. And I will never Then, she was summoned to the USA to work for them.
stop searching for them. She got a free visa. She became a scientist and published many
I would like to thank this of her experiments that some of the students couldnt even in
channel for interviewing me many years. Her professors were very much impressed by her.
and listening to my problems She earned a lot in the USA. She is still there working, putting
and I promise that I will return her best efforts, earning well and living a comfortable life.
back once I get my life back 2061 Luniva, class 8
with my Grace and Lily.
( the interviewer runs out of
the stage with the eyes full of
2060 Jigyasa, class 8

183 eGHof @)&#

Budhanilkantha School

Believe it or not cfdf

feeling of someone behind
him. He did not dare to
look back and went on.
Later somebody called
him. Well, it was his friend
who had decided to
accompany him. They
started their way back

It was one dark night with

no moon; wolves were cfkm" lr;f]df a;]/ dnfO{
howling and birds were Gofgf] sfvdf af; u/fof}
sleeping. A man was cfkm" ef]sef]s} a;]/ dnfO{
returning from his work ld7f] vfgf v'jfof} .
place late that night. He
On the way back, the man
had bought himself a gift, cfkm"n] b'Mv ;x]/ dnfO{
explained how strange he
a watch. While he was ;'v lbnfof}
felt while walking through
walking through a street
the streets and how he felt cfkm"n] kL8f ef]u/] dnfO{
he had a strange feeling of
that the God was calling v';L agfof} .
someone following him.
him. To justify to his point,
He thought within himself,
he told that he even heard cfkm"n] 3fF; bfp/f u/]/ dnfO{
Could it be a ghost? Or
the footsteps. Then, his
even worse a burglar? k9\g k7fof}
friend explained
Without looking back he cfkm"n] d]nf kft u/]/ dnfO{
everything about the
started walking briskly. He 1fgL agfof} .
lightning of the streets and
felt a bit relaxed.
how it scared people with
A bit later, he was walking their shadow. Then the d]/f nflu ;Fwe } l/ dg{ kl5
by a vacant building when man tried to start an xl6gf}
he started humming a argument about the zq'x cfP klg n8\g kl5
tone it would repeat itself. footsteps. Then, the friend
This made chills run up his explained that it could be
spine. He felt like his watch. Believe it or not
dnfO{ 1fgL agfpg] ;kgf
someone was calling his something was wrong and /flv/x\of}
name from above. After a the man couldnt find out. ;wFe} l/ d]/f] lglDt nl8/x\of} .
few minutes of walking, he
2033 Rabin, Class 8
again had the strange #)$! lgsLtf, sIff &
184 Bhanjyang 2017
a"9fgLns07 :s"n

When water gurgles down solemn rocks,

When ships lift their anchors from docks, I hear you
When cats wail in patches of night,
When in the noon the sun burns bright,
When clouds patch white the heavens blue,
When blood picks up the reddest of hue,
When greenery envelopes the hills brown,
When tigers tear the jungles down,
When trees whisper life into air,
When birds chirp in the glee of morn,
When roses glow deep red amidst of thorn,
When lions roar in pride of the day,
When flowers smile in the first ray,
Till the day they shall always do,
I will hear, i will hear you.

7116 Biken, class A2

201 eGHof @)&#

Budhanilkantha School

Life goes on The Awareness team got into

action and started dispersing
ourselves, tending to the
back would be greatly different individuals. We had
achieved where the elderly interesting conversations with
would receive significant the elderly and gave them
benefits from our program. entertainment of Nepali folk
When we made our entry into songs to enjoy for the
the Ashram, our hearts sank beautiful occasion of
when our eyes made contact Christmas. The elderly were
with the environment of the happy seeing us as well, some
place. At one corner, an old were eager to give us advice
man seemed to be lost as he on life while some wanted to
wandered into thin air. At read our astrological charts.
another corner, another old Some taught us to make
woman, perhaps having a dhoop from cotton, while
joint-related disease, could be some taught us to make
On a beautiful Christmas
seen sitting on the cold gundruk from radish leaves
morning, the members of
bench, rubbing her knees as and the others were asking
Awareness Club in the
she silently cried helplessly when we would play the
leadership of 7053
for she could not enjoy a walk madal for them. We
Shubheksha gathered to
around. Old men were being strummed our guitar with
execute a program that we
given a mass bath by the genuine joy and shook our
had planned a week prior to
volunteers, while the women tambourines to get the
that day. It was the first
were busy making batti. We elderly dance along to the
official event that the club
almost dropped down and felt beat of the music. Time past
had made and anxiety filled
hopeless with the thought by so fast that we didnt even
the hearts of the organizers.
that nothing could be done to realize that it was getting
Despite much confusion and
help. How cruel were those dark. It was time for us to
uncertainty, we strengthened
people who sent their parents return back to our school.
our will to make it a grand
away? How could they Telling goodbye was the most
success. Henceforth, the club
abandon those people who difficult part for us, but the
members paid a visit to the
gave them birth? Questions elderly home had taught us
music room of our school and one important lesson, a
proposed to borrow the like these jammed our minds.
Just then, a grey-haired man lesson whose moral was- Life
musical instruments. Along goes on.
with the instruments, we grabbed a madal and
carried a dozen of thick started beating it That day we realized how
blankets that would be handy energetically with his lips materialistic our lives were,
for the cold winter and a few making a shape of a how we only focused on the
dustbins and buckets for watermelon slice, exposing a not so important things in
donation. Our destination, few of his remaining crooked life. That day we realized what
Briddha Ashram is an old- teeth. Suddenly, the diseased true happiness was. That day
aged home located in lady and the mentally lost we learnt to want what we
Pashupati. We thought that it man seemed to forget their have and have what we want.
would be the most woes and were instead
7042 Samita , class A2
appropriate venue for our excited by the enthusiasm of
event as our vision to give the grey-haired man.

202 Bhanjyang 2017

a"9fgLns07 :s"n

"The" mancoffee wafted through my nose, I continued to stare at him,

bewitched by his peculiar
piercing through the foggy veil appearance. He was drinking
of grogginess, with the smooth, from his mug when the waiter
rich scent of roasted coffee who had served me my coffee
beans. When the hot beverage approached him and gave him
ran down my oesophagus, it felt a white slip of paper which I
like I was sitting on the Eden supposed was the bill. His
garden and was taking a bite of hands which were as white as
the forbidden fruit. the heaps of snow lying on the
I was rummaging through my pavement were shaking. When
red leather hand bag searching the waiter returned to the
for my notebook when I heard counter, the man suddenly stood
the sound of the wind chime up and started striding towards
which was hung on the door of the entrance, with the bill still
the caf. Clink. It always does clutched in his palm.
It was a chilly winter day.
this whenever someone open When the waiter saw him
Snowflakes resembling the
the door of the caf. Walking exiting without paying the bill
shredded pieces of white tissue
through the opened wooden he requested him to return and
paper were falling from the
door was a man. His entire body pay the bill. But all was in vain.
bright aquamarine sky. The
was covered by thick woollen The man continued his walk
usual ephemeral cotton islands
duster which obviously needed and once again the clink
of clouds floating across this
some dusting. I could not see his sound of the wind chime was
aquamarine sea were nowhere
face as it was shadowed by a heard when the man opened the
to be seen.
weird black hat on his head. He door and went away. The waiter
I was sitting in my favourite
sat on the table next to mine. I ran after him but he returned
caf, waiting for my coffee to
pretended to look at my black after a short while. He was
arrive. It was a very small and
leather notebook and going fuming with anger when he told
crammed place with quite an
through the list of surgeries I his fellow colleagues that the
unusual name; Ammamaa
needed to attend. I removed my man had disappeared in to the
Caf. But when the mouth-
eyes from the notebook and thin air. My eyes were glued
watering scent of freshly
thought of getting a glimpse of towards the door where the
brewed coffee enters your
this mysterious man. And bless mystery man had made his
nostrils, teasing and enticing
my karma! He had put down his dramatic exit. I could not
your olfactory nerves, you will
hat on the table and I could see fathom what had happened to
forget about everything else.
his face. the man who could not even pay
I pulled the sleeves of my blue
His face looked emaciated. It his bills.
hand knitted sweater trying to
looked like there was no flesh I turned my eyes towards my
cover my naked hands which
only a layer of skin barely antique watch which showed
were on the verge of getting
clinging to his skull. His face quarter past seven. I was fifteen
frostbitten. I was trying to stop
were covered with scars; old minutes late for my shift. I
my chattering teeth when I saw
and new. There were so many grabbed my belongings along
a waiter dressed up in white
of them that I could barely make with my plain white coat, paid
chiffon shirt and plain black
out his real face. His eyes were my bill and headed for my work.
pants with a white ceramic mug,
lifeless, so dull, and so grey. He After all I had lives to save.
marching towards me. He put
down the mug on my table and looked like a person who had
went away. The aroma of black been a part of an Armageddon.
7167 Nyaharika, class A2

203 eGHof @)&#

Budhanilkantha School

The transition sky. The sun lost its invading

rays behind the clouds. This
had its stem broken and
injured. The small pond no
slow act of nature remained more remained calm and quiet
unnoticed children. Solitude but was covered with garbage
seeking couples enjoyed each that got there along with the
others company beside the wind from far away land which
peaceful pond. Ecstatic hid the pink lotuses and
teenagers and youth in small attractive water hyacinths. The
groups scattered around the auxiliary serenity had totally
park enjoyed their picnic and been destroyed. On the broad
mini celebrations. Some leaves, now lay the dead
gleefully shot badminton miniature insects.
racquets whereas some went
seeking for their hidden friends The sky had now become clear
in the game of hide and seek. after the downpour along with
the massive storm. This furious
The most passive remained the unpredictable act of nature had
The cherry blossom tree old and the elderly. But more been witnessed by each and
boasted its beauty radiantly. passive than them were the everyone - even the most
The birds resting on its moss-covered greenish looking passive moss covered greenish
branches relished the warm stones which were smooth and stones. The park, where once
rays of the sun. The soft breeze shiny grey long time ago. They gay and innocent children
that blew brought shivers with observed everyone and jumped with excitement,
each of its sway. Sputtering everything and noticed even where couples cherished each
lawnmowers whittled and the slightest changes, both the others company, where jovial
sheared the plush grass. The stones and the wise elderly. youths lived their youth days,
salubrious, spring perfumes They watched the branches of was now deserted.
drafted and swirled from the the cherry blossom gently
flowers. Yellow dandelions accelerate their to and fro However, the most passive
attracted buzzing bees to draw movement. They saw the ones still remained. A helpless
up the nectar and quench their resting birds fly away to their elderly couple couldnt escape
thirst. The paradise-green nests. They witnessed the sun this terror of nature. Struck by
meadow that resulted from the being completely hidden and osteoarthritis, the old lady
mowing proved to be a flat the grey clouds steadily couldnt move her legs and
conquering the soft blue sky. they remained stiff as
comfy settee for the visitors. A
diamond. And the old man,
small pond signified its
The cherry blossom tree stood passionately in love with his
existence at one corner of this
naked and now could no more lady even in these later days of
recreation ground. It stayed
be called a cherry blossom tree. life, couldnt leave her as he
calm and quiet and added
It had completely lost its promised to die if she did.
auxiliary serenity to the
radiance. The wind that blew, Holding each other tightly, they
environment of the park. Little
this time brought dreadful sat on the bench crying for help
water hyacinths and pink
shivers and not soft ones. The and cursing the nature for its
lotuses on broad leaves peeped
lawnmowers sat together, inhumane act. The nature did
out of the water and aligned
horrified and holding each not respond. It never did for
themselves at the edges.
other tightly. The sight had the time have come for the old
Miniature insects colonized the
been covered with leaves, soul to calmly rest in peace.
water hyacinth and lotus leaves
twigs, and rubbish that the
and savored their leisure time.
wind brought. Flowers were 7163 Aabhashree, class A2
Grey clouds shaped like tufty withered and gave no pleasant
pillows slowly glided across the scent. The yellow dandelion

204 Bhanjyang 2017

a"9fgLns07 :s"n

My path towards my destination

National school of Nepal. My I was able to understand the
Headmaster in the school asked language and grasp the
me if I wanted to sit for the plentiful opportunities
entrance exam of the National provided to me. I actually
school of Nepal. Even though I started getting attention from
wasnt a topper of my grade, my friends and teachers like I
my Headmaster had his faith on used to get back in my village. I
me and he selected me to started playing football,
appear for the entrance exam swimming and participating in
of Budhanilkantha School. many extracurricular activities.
I knew right away I had made it Actually it was a way difficult
to the school, when my back then to compete with so
Headmaster came to me with many of my friends however,
a newspaper in his hand and with persistent hard work and
congratulated me. That was the never give up attitude I
During my childhood, my first time I had my name in a started winning too. When I
mother often told me youre a newspaper. A poor chap who reached grade six I had already
lucky chap, your wish has hailed from Kalikot, one of the been recognized as one of the
always turned to reality. Turns remote corners of Nepal, had best sportsman in my batch.
out my mother was quite right. received full scholarship from Hence, I was appointed as
I did procure many things that the government of Nepal. It Sports Captain of Dhaulagiri
I wished. It was in my early was an honor to be the first House. A kid from nowhere had
childhood that I realized I had student to receive the started to carve his own path.
few special talents in me, scholarship from my locality. He knew he had a long way to
which really made me lucky. When I first entered the school, go and he never gave up.
My friends were fond of me a heavenly sensation stroked Years rolled on, when I reached
and many of them tried to me right away. The indefinite grade 10, I was appointed as
impersonate me, because I view of the serene hills nigh the House Captain of
could do many things that they above me along with the Kanchenjunga House. I was no
wouldnt imagine of. I immaculate brick clad building longer confined to the spheres
somersaulted from the cliffs and the countless other of sports. I had become a
where as my friends never had facilities of the school made me leader. A huge responsibility
guts to even jump from it. I realize that I needed to do upon my shoulders to guide
used to run 100 meters in 14 things to justify my scholarship. and direct my peers to the right
seconds while my friends could A child who could barely utter track. Challenges of being a
barely finish it in 20 seconds. I a single English word now had house captain included
remembered the tables up to to spend his nine years in an rectifying misunderstandings
20 within a week where as my English medium boarding between teachers and
friends would struggle for school. Of course, I missed my students, dissuading fellow
more than a month. Well, I home and longed to return friends on certain issues which
certainly was someone back to my good old days. would annoy school authorities
everybody could look up to. However, things started and addressing the concerns of
But I always wished for more. changing. It took me nearly a house members. Even though
Finally when I was ten, I had my year and half to be able to there were moments when I
shot to get a placement in the communicate in English. After knew my decisions wouldnt

205 eGHof @)&#

Budhanilkantha School

favor someone. I tried my best but gradually things turned out and achievements-will help me
back then to convince them to be in my favor and I built a in my journey to become a
that my decision was good relation with them. I had successful human being.
appropriate. The responsibility many responsibilities, be it Furthermore, I wholly believe
which I took forged me into a comforting grade five junior that lesson I learnt in the school
completely different person. It who was constantly tormented will help in my quest to become
taught me some important with homesickness or the person I always aspire to
skills such as garnering support counselling them to maintain be. Budhanilkantha School has
and persuading your fellow the basic etiquettes. Likewise become an important platform
mates, juniors and teachers. suggesting the catering for me to exploit my talents and
Likewise, it taught me to committee to provide the abilities. I know I will have to
discern things from different meals students wished for or try hard and work hard to
perspective, it enhanced my be it familiarizing the parents enhance my potentials to the
decision making power, and guardians about the school next level and I believe I will
interaction skills and milieu. Or, be it discussing with harness the opportunities
confidence level. I believe this the Principal and teachers. presented that are out there to
role made me a more mature Nevertheless, I learnt to lead contribute something
human. them and I am still doing the meaningful back to my society.
It was in the month of January, same. This January my Finally, at Budhanilkantha
2016, I was appointed as the responsibilities was over but I School I learned to embrace
School Captain of the National have walked out with loads of diversity that has allowed me
school of Nepal. I will never memories that I will cherish, to envision beyond my general
forget this day because that lots of experience that will have acquaintances. I learned to
was the utmost success a significant impact on my life. A think wide and see wide.
student would dream in his child with a simple upbringing Diversity here has truly
Budhanilkantha school spell. had his own image and identity prepared me for the real world.
School management had in the school. He became I can now take a stance At
trusted me with responsibilities someone he always coveted to Budhanilkantha School on a
and I had won the trust of my be. However, my responsibility subject and be able to voice
friends and teachers. Until now, doesnot end here. With the what I think while considering
I had the experience of experience I have gained I must other s opinions.
handling 80 students in a house aspire to lead a larger group- Budhanilkantha School, every
but I never had the thought of the nation. day, teaches me to struggle
leading 1000 plus students. I I believe that my nine years more and achieve more. Thank
was a shy guy and the idea of stay in Budhanilkantha School you BNKS!!
students from grade 5-12 -where I acquired major skills
(including girls) demoralized 7005 Tilak, A2
me, to make matters worse my
council of prefects comprised
of girls. Forget about knowing
girls, I rarely talked with them
in my school life but now I had
the responsibility to interact
and deal with them and convey
their problems and suggestions
to the school management
committee. Of course I had the
difficulties in the beginning,

206 Bhanjyang 2017

a"9fgLns07 :s"n

The Image into the blank page on the as always, looking right at me.
As I close my eyes, a different
screen and my mind ,
thinking. As I try to write feel comes over me, starting
down whats going on inside from the chest, up the neck
my mind, I realize that it is full and onto the lips and cheeks,
of things but those things are which they fail to fight and I
hard to put into words, let get a smile on my face, gentle
alone in a systematic order. yet saying a lot.

I see an image, an image that I wonder how the brain is

pleases me. Purple, Blue, able to do such things, when I
White, Pink, I see the image in realize its not the brain that
all of them, in every shade of dictates this, but something
them, and yet its the same else that is there, which I
image, and it pleases me. The doubted, existed for purposes
piano is playing a familiar other than mentioned by
music but, I cant say what it science.
is and I dont bother, because I see the image. My thoughts
I am sitting here, with just I am looking at the image, and
black thermals and a half vest get more tangled and feelings
it pleases me. too complex to describe, yet
over my body, thinking. Its
cold, but I am warm inside. I look out of the window, and there is the image, as perfect
Its silent with only the sound see two pigeons, sitting as always, with so many
of a grand piano being played together on the ridge, one things to say, but not a single
from a keyboard, coming from turning its neck towards the way to tell.
the room opposite to me. I other, cooing. I blink, and dive 7139 Abhishek, A2
am on my bed, my laptop again, into my thoughts.
over my lap, my eyes staring There is the image, wonderful

k|sl[ tsf] gofF /rgf sf]b{} 5' .

d}n] gofF ;'Gb/ ;[li6sf] cfudg u/fPF
cfgf sfo{f/f hgtf ;fd' nf]slk|o ePF
lglis|o ljZjnfO{ k|ultzLn agfPF
7"nf7"nf kl/of]hgfnfO{ ;fsf/ k lbnfPF .
cGwsf/nfO{ piffsf] ls/0fdf kl/jt{g ub}{
x/]s If]qdf cfd"n ;'wf/ lgDTofpFb}
si6k"0f{ hLjgnfO{ ;xh t'NofpFb}
a|Xdf08df cfgf] 5fk kfb}{ .
d}n] ;+;f/df cfw'lgs o'u leq\ofPF
;a}nfO{ cfkm"kl| t lh1f;' agfPF
k|sl[ tdfly ljho xfl;n u/]F
d lbg k|ltlbg sfFrn
' L km]b{} 5' d x'F lj1fg
ultzLn ;do;Fu} ;+;f/df h/f uf8\b} 5'
b}jeGbf zlQmzfnL sxlnFb} 5' ()$@ lj1fg dl0f, sIff !)
207 eGHof @)&#
Budhanilkantha School

Living the Not so good Further Guy

chapters still give me I remember leaving classes
Goosebumps. Money has no with awful I understood
distinct attraction to me, so I nothing feeling. Sometimes in
never thought of joining the the middle of lesson, I felt that
Business or Economics group. I was not looking in the black
And what choice was I left board. Rather, it was a vast
with? I choose Further emptiness. The class works
Mathematics. Was I sure?-I would be like auction bidding.
didnt even want to think about Friends often announced and
it. tallied their answers to check
who made it. The angles were
And that was it. I was always deceiving. The sign
introduced to three dictionary errors, the formulae played
sized Mathematics books in my bloody Catch me if you can
Sometimes we make choices very first lessons. Having been game in my head. But I was no
that we often appear to be firm flipped through some pages in Tom Hanks who could capture
about. Embedded inside our the initial days, the complex that. I seldom got near
hearts, we find ambivalent problems were literally Chinese answers. Above all, it was bitter
feelings that question our to me. I couldnt reveal what for I didnt meet the
judgments. We stumble on fear meanings under lied in them. expectation of a teacher who
that we dont actually wish that But I could at least deduce that resembles true Mathematical
it rises. The moment is the days ahead were not going brilliance.
imperative and we make to be lively.
choices in a blink of an eye. But Then came the exams. For my
as we roll on with time, things Every lesson would increase entire life, I had never felt the
dont go as we expect. But who our conceptual dimension by uncertainty and fear on
shall we blame? magnanimous degrees that entering exam hall that day.
nobody was accustomed to. The saga of despair caught me
This feeling had become an Mathematics was in the air. in her arms. The paper required
integral part of my And the sense of rigor evoked instant intelligence. But I,
Budhanilkantha life. And that by the volume of problems obsessed with just hard work
feeling, prevalent every haunted me every moment. and hard work, could narrowly
second, could come only from Every day would pile a new manage pass marks. And that
a choice that relates to the ever stack of homework. It was fine has continued for all of exams
accompanying aspect of my life to most of my classmates who since then.
Academics. Well, it was my were truly in love with the
subject choice- one of few beauty of Math. But I was a I think, Further Math requires
most prominent decisions that tortoise who took abnormally three core principles to an
one has got to take in life. long to grasp things in classes. extraordinary extent-interest,
And for the home work, I have intelligence and hard work. The
From my juvenile years, I was a spent innumerable prep time first one-I am not sure about it.
mediocre Math student. But and quite time trying to crack I never was. The second one-I
deep down, I felt I possessed a a single question like a code hate it. Our education judges us
secret love for numbers and breaker toiling to decipher an upon how fast we can think and
Science. Not Biology though- enigma. I will not support this in my
diagrams have always been my entire life. Till today, the third
worst and the diseases principle is what I am holding

208 Bhanjyang 2017

a"9fgLns07 :s"n

on to. This is the beacon that

shined in my life and thanks to After 10 every thing else but not silent.
it for I have come this far. And I So, as soon as we tuck ourselves
have progressed. inside the bed all the desire to
sleep gets compressed and
These days, often, puzzled by something urges us to speak. If
the complex traps lying you ever happen to eavesdrop
beneath the problems, I peek our rooms you may be
through my window to steal a astounded about all the critical
view of lively soccer games that thinking we do. Basically the
my friends are indulged with. topic would be about How
The moment is pressing and I much we miss our cell phone?
must sacrifice my leisure to And would probably start
keep strides with the class and comparing and rating our
its progress. But in mid of these siblings
home works, when I stare at The best moment of everyday Not only this much, we also
those soccer games I think that life for me and my roomies gossip up to late night about the
my decision to study Further begins from 10 at night to 6 in
dishes we can cook and end up
Mathematics is perhaps the the morning. This is the period
making poems, ball and ditty.
wisest decision that I took. I am
provided for us to get some rest
However the best topic to
dazzled with what hard work but usually gets invested in babble past night is Is our
has actually brought to my life.gossiping. school really coeducational? Is
I am baffled looking at the fruits
Every night after 9:45 all theNepal truly rich in water
that hard work has really bore students in the dayroom will be
resource? Will the status of
me. This has inspired me to staring at the wall clock, trying
Nepal economy ever improve?
work even harder, fly even to avoid even a single extra By the time our gossips come
higher. This has taught me to blink in dayroom. At night youto a halt, some of my
think a thousand times before could even find some joining roommates would be whineing,
I make a decision. their hands, with their eyes snoring, drooling and even
closed, may be praying to the sleep talking. Whereas the small
But even today, the first two God to make the hands of the
hand of the clock will be
principles dont apply to me. I
clock run faster. All the 98 eyes
striking number one reminding
hate the way that education
would be expressing their desire
that we need to wake up after
judges my intelligence. I hate
to sleep. After a whole 360 only 5 hours.
the way that people judge me
seconds long wait we are finally
Our gossips may usually start by
on the basis of my performance
allowed to go to the room. Allmocking someone or you may
in mere three hours of exam.
And believe me- I may be the the students travel hurriedly to even find it to be a typical
only PCF(Physics, Chemistry their rooms as if they were women gossip but we end up as
and Further Math running away from a a responsible, earnest and
combination) in ages who hates psychopath with a gun. By the intellectual politician
Mathematics. time all the work is completeddiscussing about how to
it would be around 10:30 and develop the boundaries and
But Bhais and Bahinis! If you we tuck ourselves inside the security system of the country
think that the three principles warm, cozy and pulent beds. and the school itself. This is
really apply to you, Further My room is composed of all how we invest our night. What
Math will be your right choice. type of people but none can beabout you?
defined as silent. We may be
7140 Abijeet, class A2 giddy, noisy, lazy, clumsy and 1006 Unnati, class 9

209 eGHof @)&#

Budhanilkantha School

The Dark Night

random shop, he sat down. The
yelp, the boy came to a
stone was cold and made his
realization that he was lost.
whole body go numb as he sat
And here he was alone,
thinking about his conditions.
trembling not because of the
He pondered for quite a while
cold, but from fear. As he slowly
but the answer was clear- he
sank into despair, a silver light
could go no further. He was
fell on him. When he looked up
taking heavy breaths, watching
to see its source, he beheld the
his breaths turn into mist right
sight of the magnificent moon,
in front of his eyes. And a pang
parting the clouds to bring its
The boy closed the gate of regret sprouted inside his
silver light to the hearts of the
behind him as quietly as he heart. As he sat beneath a
hopeless and the lost. And the
could, and ran. He ran as fast as starless sky, the only light
boys spirit awoke again. When
his legs could carry him on a coming from a streetlamp far
he heard a crackle from a nearby
cold winter night, paying no down the road, he broke into
alley, he ran towards it. It had
attention to his bearings. The sobs, uncontrollable sobs.
to be . . . fire! The boy saw the
wind whooshed around him The boy thought he
fire and rushed towards it.
cold and freezing the surface of could run and survive away
Beside it was a homeless man,
skin where his tears had trickled from those who seemed to hate
his ragged clothes barely
down his cheek. But, he heeded him, but now he lay trembling
covering his chest, warming his
not to his own bodily needs and in the cold; hungry, tired and
hands above the warm fire
instead chose to follow his freezing. A sense of guilt ran
flickering at the bottom of a
heart. The darkness was where down his stomach as he stood
trashcan. The wood, paper and
he could let all his feeling out, up, his feet still aching, his
whatever dry tinder he had used
even when there was nobody to hands still shaking and his
to build the fire were crackling
listen. His own jacket could do bottoms still numb. How stupid
to give a pleasant light and
nothing but slightly decrease the he had been! He should never
comforting warmth. The man
effect of the wind that brought have run away. And now, run he
looked up and spoke. Who are
the freezing cold along with it. did, but towards that place he
you, boy?
As the cold slowly crept inside had run away from. The dark
The boy remained
his jacket, he reduced his pace buildings towered over him,
silent, but replied after a while.
to a walk. making him feel insignificant,
Can I sit down here with you?
He had run without taking away his hope. He
When the man nodded, the boy
realizing how much time had stopped to look around,
sat down on a pile of bricks
passed, or how much distance threatened by the hopelessness
beside the man and thrust his
he covered, but he then realized induced in him by the towering
hands over the fire. And he
how tired his legs had grown. gloomy buildings. As some cats
finally asked, Can you take me
And, on the cemented staircase purred from one corner of the
back home?
below the gloomy shutter of a city and a dog barked a shrill
8045 Siranta,Class A1

210 Bhanjyang 2017

a"9fgLns07 :s"n

The awakened moment of my life but it taught

Tof] Ps ldg]6
me to work harder. But in the
life in BNKS end I learned, all the things are
not as I wish for. I worked hard
to lift myself higher and wished
to put out the destructive fire.
We did not do new things each
day but we learned different
lessons. What I realize now is
that we dont need to have
materials to be happy. Now, I
thank the same God since I do
well in my academics these
I live in a world run by desire
The teacher was not in the but I know that we have to take g]kfnL gful/sn] /dfpg kfpg] Tof]
classroom. Everyone was decisions not based in desires lbg
moving here and there. One and work hard to achieve what ;a} dflg;n] cfgf] kl/jf/;Fu
shouted, Three minutes left. we want. I know if the one latfpg] Tof] lbg
I had been waiting for this whom I love doesnt want my x'g t dg k/fpF5g\ ;a}n] Tof] lbg
moment the whole day but those love, then I wont cut a deal with t/ Ps ldg]6n] ubf{ elgof] sfnf]
three minutes were like an love and run. After all, love lbg To;nfO{ .
eternity. contains the meaning of despair.
Love and despair are the turning sfFKof] hldg, p8] r/f, 9n] w]/} 3/
This was our life in BNKS; wait points in our life. o;} lardf k/]/ dflg; uP Psbd}
for the last bell on Friday so that k/
we could be free. The movie Now, its already been four
show and cultural programs years since I joined dflg;x slt d/] sltn] kfP b'Mv
were worth waiting a long with Budhanilkantha School. I have To; Ps ldg]6n] ubf{ kfPg s;}n]
supper time. I woke from learnt and grown and known ;'v .
worldly dreams every day and many things due to my new
lived my day. I still remember family, BNKS. g] k fn k| x /L lbg/ft v6L
cursing God when I was in
dflg;xnfO{ vf]h]
demerit list. It was the saddest 2029 Nirmal, class 8 ljkt\sf] ;dodf pgLxn] /fd|f]
sfd /f]h]
dflg;x ql;t eP 3/af6 efu]
/flt/flt rf}/df klg af; a:f] .
w/x/f elTsof], dlGb/ eTs], 36\of]
xfd|f] lrgf/L
a:of}F xfdL k|bl" ift 7fFpdf dgnfO{
df/L df/L
lyof] xfd|f] ;fd' of] Pp6f 7"nf]
s;n] a'lemlbGYof] / xfd|f] dgsf]
Joyf .
cfcf}F xfdL k|fy{gf u/f}F Tof] Ps
ldg]6 gkmSof];
{ \
o; b]zdf k'gM lgdf{0fsf] sfo{
cufl8 a9f];\
ca xfdL Ps eO{ g]kfnsf] ljsf;
Tof] Ps ldg]6 la;]/{ gofF hLjg
;'? u/f}F .
@)*( clehLt, sIff *
211 eGHof @)&#
Budhanilkantha School

d]/f] ljBfnosf] jftfj/0f

Oh no! Again
Once again the moment
had come when there
would be zeroes in the
paper. And you might have
guessed it as well. Yes, you
are right its exams;
frightening experience as
tough as climbing Mt.
slt /fd|f] 5 x]/
Everest. And to my
xfd|f] ljBfnosf] jftfj/0f
amazement this time there
w]/} ;'Gb/ ePsf]
would be no names on the
paper instead we would be
/fd|f] 1fg lbPsf] .
I entered class eight after
using symbol numbers. The u'?x5g\ w]/} /fd|f
long vacation with pride. I
was glad that I had made it. idea made me excited. ;fyL ;a} /fd|f xfd|f
Moreover, to leave my k9\5g\ w]/} ljBfyL{
Finally, it was the time of
memories of class 7 back ;a} x'g\ xfd|f ;fyL .
exams. The exams were
and to look forward to my going down in turn as if we
v]NgnfO{ 5g\ d}bfg 7"nf
life was a hard time for me. had bowled in a pub and hit u'?xn] l;sfpg' x'G5 1fgu'gsf
It gave me chills when I
a strike. And the words that
remembered the days back u'?xn] lbg'xG' 5 cd[t h:t} 1fg
used to stick in the mouth
prior to the exams. ;fy} a'emfpg'xG' 5 s] xf]
of every student was Oh
no! I spoiled it again,
hLjgbfg .
It was such a fun in class
eight. Everything was symbolizing how worse kfOG5g\ w]/} lsl;dsf
interesting and a new exams were for them. As /ftf ;]tf km"n
experience to be the most the days passed on, the ljBfnosf] lgod tf]8/]
senior batch of the Lower exams were finally over but gu/f}F x} e'n .
Secondary Level. Even not to forget many more to xl/of 5g\ tL kft
though there were some come. After six months snd ;dfpg] tL xft
difficulties, I was pushing there would be another u'?n] lbg'xG' 5 1fg
myself through. And then, one.
To;}n] u'? xfd|f eujfg\ .
the moment came, which I
was afraid of the most.
2004 Abhinam, Class 8 $!)% xl/rGb|, sIff ^

212 Bhanjyang 2017

a"9fgLns07 :s"n

eujfg\ k|ltsf] cf:yf Secret of Happiness

pd]/ ;fg} eP klg Jojxf/ eg]
p;sf] kfsf] g} 5 . ;fob
kl/l:yltn] g} o:tf] agfPsf] xf]nf
p;nfO{ . /f]uL afa'nfO{ h]gt]g
d2t ug{ cufl8 a9\5] pm .
afa' n fO{ eg] 5f] / L ljBfno
uOlbof];\ kl9lbof];\ eGg] 7"nf]
OR5f 5 . l/gfnfO{ klg t k9\g
n]Vg dg gePsf] xf]Og . 7"nf]
x] b]jL km]l/ klg wf]sf, km]l/ ;kgf af]ss ] L 5 . eljiodf 8fS6/
klg ljZjf;3ft\ lsg < 3/ agL cfgf] afa'sf] pkrf/ cfkm}F
glhs}sf] b]jLsf] yfgdf uP/ ug]{ ljrf/ / ;kgf 5 . t/ kl/
l/gf cfh km]l/ s/fO/x]sL 5] . l:yltn] / eujfg\sf] ;xfotflagf
p;sf] ;kgf ;kgfd} ;Lldt The ultimate goal of human life
uxel/ cfF;' eb}{ b]jLsf] dlGb/df is to attain happiness. Since the
cfgf] sf]dn x[bosf s'gfaf6 /xnf . history of civilization, man has
lg:s]sf zAbx a;f{pbF } 5] . cfh To; ;ft jif]{ aflnsf dlGb/ been striving for happiness.
kfFr jif{sf] pd]/df g} cfgL cfdf df uP/ lbof] lgefpFb} 5] . ;w}F Animals, birds, fish and other
u'dfPsL l/gfn], hLjgsf] 5f]6f] cfkm}n] hnfpg] tL ;'Gb/ lbofx creatures including human
cjlwdf g} w]/} ;+3if{ ug{' k/]sf] cfh ltg} sf] d n xftaf6 enjoy full contentment and
lgle+b5 } g\ . afa'nfO{ /f]un] Rofk]/ happiness. But, most of the
5 . 3/df afa' / pm dfq} To;dfly time Human beings struggle
t emg\ afa' a]/f]huf/ . laxfg emg} a]xfn 5 . d2t dfUbf
for happiness. People think
a]ns' fsf] vfgf k]6el/ gvfO{ lbg ;f/f ufpFn]n] j]jf:tf u5{g\ . that happiness always runs
latfO/x]sL 5 To; ;ft jif]{ pkrf/ ug{sf nflu k};f 5}g . after everybody like a shadow,
aflnsfn] . To;}n] klg xf]nf lar/f l/gf ;w}F but they do not see or feel it.
afa'sf] 6fpsfdf C0fsf] ef/, cfgf] cfdf dfGg] tL b]jLsf] Its just that some people dont
d"lt{kl| t cfgf ;f/f l/; / Joyf recognize the real essence of
To;dfly klg SofG;/sf] /f]uL .
kf]lv/x]sL 5 . elg/x]sL 5 x] happiness. People think the
lar/f s:tf] cGofo To; ;fgL way to find happiness is
aRrLnfO{ s:tf] x'g] xf]nf p;sf] b]jL d]/f] Psdfq ;xf/fdf klg expensive houses or cars or
eljio < s;n] unf{ p;sf] lsg cfFvf nufpF5o\ f} < lsg < other things. But the real
kfngkf]if0f < aRr}b]lv x/]s v}, cfh t b]jLn] klg To; lgw{g happiness is when people
y/Lsf afwfc8\rgsf] ;fdgf ub}{ aflnsfsf] k'sf/ ;'lG5g xf]nf . learn to reduce their desires
cfPsL To; aflnsfn] s:tf] af6f] ;'Gg' klg k5{ . eujfg\kl| t /x]sf] and to be in harmony with one
tL gfaflnsfsf] cf:yf, p;n] inner self and with nature.
/f]HnL lhGbuLdf < o:t}o:t}
ljleGg k|Zgxn] el/k"0f{ 5g\ ef] U g' k /] s f] kL8f / p;n] Happy are those who
ufpFnx] . t/ To; aRrLnfO{ em]Ng'k/]sf] ;\3if{ b]v]/ cfh dream and are ready to pay the
Ps ufF; vfgf lbg eg] s;}sf p;nfO{ kSs} d2t ldNg}k5{ . gq price to make them come
To; aflnsfsf] cfF;'sf] >fk true- is rightly quoted and it
xft cufl8 a9\bg} g\ . d'v dfq sums up the essence for a
rnfpF5g\ tL lgi7"/L ufpFnx] . eujfgnfO{ klg nfUnf <
happy life.

*)^@ gd'gf, sIff Pjfg 2028 Lujin, class 8

213 eGHof @)&#

Budhanilkantha School

eujfg\ ltdL sxfF 5f} <

;}of}+ k6s dlGb/ wfPF, xhf/f} k6s luhf{3/
sof} k6s dl:hb uPF, kfOg d}n] ltDnfO{ t/
a|Xdf eG5g\ c/] ltDnfO{ sf]xLn] rflxF dx]Zj/
cNnfx, oz' k'sfbf{ klg xh'/ eg]gf} ltdLn] t/ .

uLtfdf klg ltd|} gfd s'/f0fdf lg ltd|} u'0fufg

afOandf klg ltdL g} /} 5f}, lqlk6sdf ltd|} avfg
lxGb", d'l:nd, O;fO{x, w]/} 5g\ ltd|f ;Gtfgx
a'l4i6, lhph, l;vx ltd|} Kof/f vfgbfgx .

xhf/f}+ kf]hn] kmf]6f] lvr]5f}, kmf]6f] klg yl/yl/

;tLsf] b]zdf klt km]b{} lx8\5g\ oxfF gf/Lx
} f s|;df em'lG8P5f}, s'gd } f n8\8' xftel/
dxfb]jn] vfg] wt'/f]n] el/G5g\ oxfFsf af/Lx
uf8L ltd|f crDdsf d';f, u8, af3 c/] .
;Ltfsf] of] hGdynf]df zLnfxsf] 3FO' rf] nfUof]
jfg lk; nufO{ lx8\5g\ oxfF, ;f8L eg] e"OF d} /Xof] .
dlGb/ hfpF of luhf{3/ b]lvG5g\ ltd|f d"lt{x
;a}nfO{ cflzjf{b lbG5f} c/] eQmhgsf km"lt{x
;+:s[t k9L sdfOg] wd{ klg lahg]; eof]
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b]psL agfO{ dlGb/d} r]nLxsf] lsga]r eof]
k'/:sf/ kfpF5g\ logLxn], logLxn] g} dfg sdfpF5g\ .
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logLxsf] g} hLt x'G5, km/km/fpF5g\ emG8fx .
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eujfg, eujfg, gfd dfq} u'lGh/xG5 htftt}
k};fn] kl08tsf] RofltG5 uf]hL, kfpFbg} vfg levf/Ln]
/fw] /fw], ho s[i0f, x/] lzj, x/] /fd
ufnL unf}h levf/LnfO{ g}, k};f rf]g{ l;sf/L /]
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d"lt{df emf5{g ln6/f}+ b"w, kb}g{ yf]kf] 6'x/' f]sf] d'vdf
afnaflnsf gf\u} otf, bf];Nnf ptf kLknsf] vdf .
eGg} k5{, cfh ltdLn] ltdL s'g nf]sdf 5f} <
ltdLnfO{ b]Vg gkfpFbf xfdL ;a} zf]sdf 5f}F
ltdLn] ubf{ eujfg xfdL ;Gtfgx t8\lkb} 5f}F
;Too'udf b]lvGYof} c/], slno'udf stf x/fof}
eujfg ;ujfg x'Ggg eGg] cljZjf;df e8\lsb} 5f}F
ls otf cfpFbf lar}df kf] af6f] la/fof} .
l9nf gu/L eujfg ltdL k[YjL d} cfpm a
v'nf x[bon] af]nfpFb} 5f} xfdL ltd|f eQmhgx .
slt n's/] a:5f} eujfg k[YjLdf cfpg ltdL
;Too'udf h:t} ;anfO{ z'4 agfpg ltdL
d]/} 3/df a:g' ltdL vfln 5 3/df eujfg sf]7f
sxfF 5f} dfq eg] k'U5 lng cfpnf d g} a
ltdL cfpg afFsL 5 oxfF kmf]6f 5g\ ltd|f w]/} cf]6f
wd{sf gfpFdf ltdL gx'bfF a9\b} 5g\ oxfF kfkx .
;Fu} a;f}nf, ;Fu} afFrf}nf, u/f}nf w]/} wd{x
;+;f/af6 kfk x6fpnf, u/f}nf /fd|f sd{x .
ltdLn] ufpg] ehgx hfGb}gg\ ltd|f k'qxn]
ofk ufO{ ofk x'g] hLjg afFRg] ;"qx /]
em} lng cfpnf a, ltdL hxfF 5f}
olt cfpg] af3sf] 5fnf, sk8fsf] oltdf ;/]sf] 5
eGg} k5{ eujfg ltdLn,] ltdL sxfF 5f} <
tf08j lgs} ofp ef] /], lognfO{ lxkk dg k/]sf] 5 .
(!)! l/jfh, sIff !)
214 Bhanjyang 2017
a"9fgLns07 :s"n

Whatever may betide ;'Gb/ b]z

I tried hard to forget those days;

The days we had been together,
The memories which I thought would
last forever. htftt} xl/ofnL 5, 5}g s'g} vfnL 7fpF
But Alas, I am always a failure jL/ uf]/vfnLxsf] d'ns
' egL lrlgPsf] ;fgf] ufpF
Failed in the past, and jinxed at the
present. x/]s g]kfnLsf] /utdf au]sf] 5 g]kfnsf] dfof
Failed to recognize what friendship
means 8fF8fkfvf, 5x/fn] lbG5g\ g]kfnLnfO{ 5fof .
I would sacrifice my happiness,
For his single smile, :ju{ h:t} 5M e]if, efiff / ;+:s[ltn] ;lhPsf]
I would accept hatred
Rather than our departure. pTs[i6 5 ;a} s'/fdf, ;+;f/el/ km}lnPsf]
I had always been a friend to his
sorrow wfgsf] afnf em'ns
] f]
And a stranger to his faults.
Yes, a complete stranger to his r/fr'?Lsf] ;'dw'/ :j/
I was driven away by the fake lxdfnL e]u gj/\uL 8fFkm] d'gfnn] ubf{ lrlgPsf] 5 .
friendship we had,
And now the world is crumpled up Pp6f ;femf 5fgf] 5, :jR5 / lgnf] cfsfz
faking to be a star.
Sorrow and disloyalty is all it has, ;+;f/el/ km}lnPsf] 5 1fg lj1fgsf] k|sfz
Had I known what friendship means
Watching tears in ones eyes, cgluGtL kljq 7fpFx 5g\ ljljw 5g\ xfd|f e]if
I would have never said
Whatever may betide, we are friends oxL kl/ron] ubf{ lrlgPsf] 5 ;'Gb/ zfGt b]z .

1128 Muskan, class 9

@)&# ;]Gr]g, sIff *
215 eGHof @)&#
Budhanilkantha School

Ps cfdfn] cfgf] 5f]/fnfO{ ;fgf]

cfdfsf] rf]6 kbf{ klg slt lrlGtt x'gx' bF' f]
/x]5 . d t s'kq' } /x]5' . b]jLkL
dfof cfdf;Fu t/sf/L ld7f] ePg, l6eL
x]g{ kfOg, k};f k'ug] eGb} ems]/{
l/;fpF5' . cfdf t ;xgzLntfsL
d]/f cfFvf /;fP . lgs} kl/jf/sf] k|ltd"lt{ g} x'gx' G' 5 . laxfg hf8f],
Gof;|f] nflu/x]sf] 5 . o; ;Dk"0f{ lr;f]sf] kjf{x gu/L kFw/] f] hfg],
;' l jwfhgs ljBfnodf klg lk9L+ lnKg], e}; F L b'xg' ] / lrof
x'g' x'G5 . xfd|f x/]s kfOnfdf
dnfO{ s] x L sdL nflu/x] s f] tof/ kf/]/ xfdLnfO{ p7fpg]
;fy / xf};nf lbg] / g/fd|f
lyof] . cfdfsf] :g]x /flt p7]/ hf8f] x'G5 ls eGb}
kfOnfnfO{ c;n dfu{ b z{ g
l;/s cf]9fOlbg], 6fpsf] 9fsLlbg],
u/fpg] cfdf x'gx' G' 5 .
e/v/} Ps 306fsf] nfdf] nfOgdf o:tf eujfgsf] eGbf dxfg\ efj
a;]/ 3/df kmf]g u/]/ cfPF . cfdfdf afx] s cdf x' g }
olt w]/} dxfg\ u'0f / nIf0fn]
cfdfn] d]/f] xfnva/ ;f]Wbf d}n] ;Sb}g .
el/k"0f{, cfdfnfO{ dfof u/f}F
xn'sf 3f / vf]sL nfu]sf] 5 ;Ddfg u/f}F . pxfFnfO{ b'Mv
eg]/ s] dfq} eg]sf] lyPF, cfdf cfgf b'Mv / kL8fnfO{ n'sfP/,
glbcf}F . pxfFnfO{ a[f>d xf]Og
t lrlGtt x'g'eof] . pxfFn] 5f] / f5f] / LnfO{ s] x L b' M v,
ls dgsf] cf>ddf af; lbcf}F .
tftf]kfgL vfpm, 6f]kL, yd{sf]6 cK7\of/f] 5 ls eGg] efjgf
tft] tft] u/L lxF8g\ l;sfPsf],
nufpm cflb OToflb eGb} dnfO{ cfdfdf x'G5 . cfgf] Ps :jfy{
;Fu} ;Fu} ;fgf]df v]ns ] f], cfwf
ctL{ lbg'eof] . klg g;f]rL s;/L 5f]/f5f]/Lsf]
k]6 vfP/ v'jfPsf] / cfgf] Gofgf]
enfO{ x'G5 . s;/L pgLxnfO{
/ ;+;f/s} Kof/f] 7fpF sfvdf
cfh aNn d}n] cfdfsf] dfof v';L kfg]{ h:tf s'/f ;f]Rg] /
a;fPsf h:tf If0fnfO{ cfgf]
dx;'; u/]F . dfof ug'x{ G' 5 kSs} ;w}F cfgf 5f]/f5f]/Lsf] enf] rfxg]
dl:tisdf 7fpF lbP/ cfgL
yfxf lyof] t/ olt ulx/fOdf cfdf g} x' g ' x ' G 5 . cfgf
hggLnfO{ ;bf v';L / ;'vL
;f]rs] f] lyOg . olt dfof ug]{ 5f]/f5f]/L gx]lkpmg\, kl5 gkg,
/fvf} F . hggL hGde" l dZr
cfdfsf] dfof cem;Dd ulxl/P/ ;w}F cu| k\ltdf /x"g\ eg]/
:juf{bkL ul/o;L
a'em]sf] /x]g5' . lrtfpg] cfdf xfdLn] vf]h]/,
lsg]/ kfpFbg} f}F . xfd|f] b'Mvdf /f]O
!)*( lalgt, sIff (
csf] nfv eGbf cfdfsf] sfv lbg], ;'vdf ;a}eGbf a9L v';L
g} Kof/f] x'G5 . d}n] yfxf kfPFM x'g] cfdf xfd|fnflu eujfg g}

216 Bhanjyang 2017

a"9fgLns07 :s"n

efUo p;nfO{ lbPsf] dfof p;sf nflu

lgs} dxTjsf] x'GYof] lsgeg] a'jf
lr7L n]Vg nufO{ 5f]/fnfO{ lbgsf
lbg slt lr7L k7fpFlyg t/
;x/df sfd k/]/ w]/h } ;f] ;do xs]n{ fO{ ;x/sf] k|bl' ift xfjfn] olt
5f]/f;Fu latfpg g;s]sf] eP/ 5f]O;s]sf] lyof] ls p;nfO{
klg cfdfn] g} a'jfsf] k|/] 0ffbfoL slxNo} lr7Ldf s] n]lvPsf] 5
e'ldsf v]Ng'kYof]{ . xf]nf eGg] lh1f;f k;]g . cem
ufpFs} gbLgfnf, vx, 5x/f p;n] t otf ;x/sf] ;+;f/df
kx/f / z}nx;Fu} pm klg a9\b} olt aflx/L ;+;f/nfO{ e'ns ] f] lyof]
uof] . pm hlthlt a9\b} uof] ls p;n] k| j ] l zsf k/LIff
Tolt g} 3dG8L klg aGb} uof] . EofPkl5 ;Fu} a;f}n F f / /dfOnf]
cfdfsf] ddtf p;sf nflu s's/' u/f} F n f eg] / a' j fn] eg] s f]
sf nflu l3p;/x eO;s]sf] egfO;d]t lal;{;s]sf] lyof] .
lyof] . p;sf] o:tf] Joxf]/fn] Pslbg ;a]/} ufpFsf d'lvofn]
cfdfnfO{ slt lrGtf kYof]{ eGg] xs]{sL cfdfnfO{ Pp6f gld7f]
s' / fsf] cg' d fg g} nufpg va/ eGg eg]/ lxF8] . xs]s { L cfdf
;dosf] clj/n k|jfxdf tf]/LkfgL ;lsFbg} . Ps dfq tg'h / Tof] laxfg} kFw]/f]af6 kfgL Nofpg]
ufpFdf sof}F dflg;x d[To'sf] klg cfkm"af6 o;/L 6fl9Psf] b]Vbf uly{g . d'lvofn] xs]s { f] a'afsf]
d'vdf k/] . o;/L lbgfg'lbg Tof] cfdfsf] dg Hofb} GYof] . t/ a; b'36{ gfdf k/]/ d[To' ePsf]
;fgf] ljs6 ufpFdf d[To'sf] ;+Vof klg pgL lxDdt gxf/L 5f]/fk|lt va/ NofPsf lyP . clg xs]s { L
a9\g' eg]sf] rfgr'g] s'/f klg dfof hgfO/xlGyg\ . cfdfaf6 cfdf eg] kFw/] f]af6 3/ kmls{/
lyPg . zfGt kl/j]z / ;'/Do efjgfTds 9\un] cnu x'bF } uO/ x]sf] a]nf dgdf 5f]/[ fsf] ofbdf
kof{j/0f Tof] ufpFsf] laz]iftf dfq x]sf] xs]n { ] a'jfsf] ;f]wvf]h klg 8'a]/ h\unsf] af6f] kms{b}+
geP/ klxrfg klg ag] s f] ub}g{ Yof] . o;/L lbgx lalt/ lyOg\ . pgsf] ;fd' crfgs Pp6f
lyof] . o:tf] cd/k'/sf] 6's|f xFbf xs]n { ] cfgf] k|jl] zsf k/LIff 7"nf] af3 cfof] t/ pgL 5f]/fsf]
h;/L /x] s f] Tof] ufpF d f kf; u/]/ ca cem k9\gsf lglDt ofbdf olt 8'as ] L lyOg\ ls pgLn]
dflg;xn] df; 5g{ uPsf] va/ ufpFaf6 ;x/ hfg] lg0f{o uof] . lrRofpg gkfpFb} af3n] pgLnfO{
;'Gbf ;a}sf] dg lvGg x'GYof] . cfdfn] p;sf] s]xL s'/f 6fg{ ;Sg] k|xf/ u/]/ ToxLF 9fNof] . pgLnfO{
To:tf] x[boljbf/s 36\gfn] ;f/f lyOgg\ . Psflt/ t 5f]/f cfkm";uF yfxf lyPg kFw/] f]sf] af6f] ufpF
ufpFdf qf;sf] jftfj/0f l;h{gf l/;fpnf eGg] eo clg csf]l{ t/ kms{gs ] f] ;f6f] pgL 5f]/fsf] ofbdf
u/]sf] lyof] . 5f]/f ;x/ uPkl5 slxNo} gkmls{g] efjljXn eP/ ToxLF 3gf h\un
ljut b; jif{ lalt;Sbf klg s'g} xf] ls eGg] lrGtf x'bF fx'bF } klg hxfF dflg;x w]/} dy]{ ToxLF uO/
JolQmn] To:tf] d[ T o' s f] / pgLn] xs]n { fO{ ;x/ hfg lbOg\ / x]sL lyOg . otf cfgf] kltsf]
x:of]b3\ f6g ug{ ;s]sf] lyPg . xs]{ Ps tl/sfn] k/b]zL eof] . d[To'sf] va/ ;'Gg gkfpFb} pgn]
ToxL ufpFdf t pm Tolt axfb'/ xs] { n ] kf] v /fdf cfO;s] k l5 d[To' u|x0f ul/;Sg' k/]sf] lyof] .
klg lyPg t/ p;sf] :jefjdf cfdfnfO{ Ps sn kmf]g ;Dd klg
slt klg eo gemlNsg] ePsfn] u/]g lsgeg] p;nfO{ slxNo} ptm ;x/df 5f]/fn] df]hd:tL ub}{
p;nfO{ ;a}n] lg8/ 7fGy] . cfdfsf] PSnf]kgsf] s6' cg'ej ;do latfO/x]sf] lyof] . p;nfO{
a'jfcfdfsf] PSnf] ;Gtfg / x'g ;s]g . cfdf eg] otf 5f]/f] cfgf afa'cfdfsf] s]xL jf:t}
To;dfly klg 5f]/f] ePsfn] laz]if slxn] cfpF5, sxfF a:5, s] u5{ lyPg . Pslbg sf]7f ;kmf ug{
u/]/ pm cfdfsf nflu wgdflysf] eg] / ;f] R b} cfgf] ;do nfUbf p;n] cfdfsf sl/a %)
/ftf] u]8L g} ag]sf] lyof] . cfdfn] latfpFlyg\ . cfdfn] x'nfsLnfO{
217 eGHof @)&#
Budhanilkantha School
kqx km]nf kfof] clg p;n]
kmfNg'cl3 cfdfn] s] g} n]lvg\ Internet: Curse or Boon
xf]nf / eGg] ;f]r/] Pp6f kq relatives. Next thing is we can
apply for different jobs through
k9\of] . Tof] kqdf o:tf] n]lvPsf] online applications. In similar
lyof] lk|o 5f]/f, ltdLn] dnfO{ manner, internet is one of the
5f]8/] uPsf] lbgaf6 dnfO{ ef]s major sources of
entertainment. During our idle
/ lgb|f nfUg 5f]8s ] f] 5 . ltdLn] time, we can listen to music or
k' u ] k l5 PskN6 va/ klg watch a video. Although there
u/]gf} . ca ltdL a'g] eO;s]sf are lots of advantages of using
internet there are
5f} To;}n] a'af / d}n] lg0f{o disadvantages too.
u/L ePhlt ;a} 3/hUuf ltd|f] Firstly, not all the information
gfddf ul/;s]sf 5f}F . ca cfpg] in the internet is correct. There
zlgaf/ ltd|f] a'af klg ufpF are websites giving out wrong
ideas which are being blindly
cfpg] ePsfn] ltdLnfO{ klg followed by people. With
cfpm x} eGgsf nflu of] kq Internet is a worldwide increasing use of internet cyber
n]vs ] L x'F . t/ ltd|f] k9fOdf c;/ network of computerized crime is also taking its toll. It has
devices and servers. Around especially, bad impacts on
x'G5 eg] ltdL gcfP klg s]xL the world, about three billion growing children and
x' F b } g . dg nufP/ k9\ g " , people use internet. More teenagers. Many people get
cfdfa'afnfO{ slxNo} 3[0ff gug"{ importantly, internet is one of addicted to the use of internet
the most popular mediums of especially, various social
x} communication. The networking sites forgetting
o:tf] kqn] p;sf] kfiff0f x[bonfO{ organization that provides the their responsibilities and
efnfn] xfg]/ kmf]/s ] f] 9'u\ fh:t} internet facilities is called duties. Many kids and teens
internet service provider. nowadays, rarely have life they
agfPsf] lyof] . leqaf6 g} p;nfO{ were supposed to have; playing
There are many advantages of out with friends in field, soccer
cfdfk|lt s0ff hfu]/ cfof] clg internet. First of all, internet in parks and so on. All day their
pm ufpF kmSof]{ . ufpF kmls{Pkl5 provides us information on eyes are glued to laptops,
a'afcfdf b'js } f] b]xfj;fg ePsf] almost every subjects. mobiles, tablets. Similarly,
Whether its science, plagiarism is another negative
va/ ;' G bf p;nfO{ efpGg mathematics or other subjects, impact of internet. Nobody
eof] . To;kl5 p;n] cfkm"nfO{ internet has all the information bothers to do their work when
;/fKof] , cfgf] efUonfO{ and we can use it to gain Google and Wikipedia do it all
knowledge. Moreover, with for them. In fact internet is
lwSsfof]{ . cfdfnfO{ e]6g\ cfPsf] rising trend of online business making us lousy and enslaving
xs]n { ] a'afcfdfsf] nf; hnfpg' we dont need to visit crowded us.
kof] / ;+;f/df ca PSn} afFRg' store especially during festive
season. We can make online Yes, its true that internet has
kof] . To; lbgaf6 xs]n ] uF
{ ] /fd|f; purchases at bargained price. both bright side and dark side.
a' of] k| f /Awn] dflg;sf] Before making any purchases But we are human we do have
we can check online for users intellect to make smart choices.
hLjgnfO{ v]nfPsf] v]nfO{ u5{ reviews of products we intend We should not allow internet
eGg] s'/f . efUo / lgoltn] ubf{ to buy. Thus, this really helps to hamper and distract our
cfgfaf6 6fl9g' t kof] g} clg to save our time and energy. mind. Rather we should use it
Similarly, we can use social in a way that brings harmony
lhGbuLe/ 6' x ' / f] hLjg media application on our in our life.
latfpg'kof] . mobiles and other electronic
gadgets. In this way we can 3114 Shristi, class 7
connect with our friend and
*!%% bLlIft, sIff P jfg
218 Bhanjyang 2017
a"9fgLns07 :s"n

;dosf] dxTj sf]bfnL ;dfP/ v]tdf hfg], sfd

ul//xg], cfgf] sfd slxNo}
Wings or Limbs
gEofPsf] h:tf] nfUg] dflg;sf]
nflu ;do 5f]6f] / s';L{ 6]andf
a;]/ sfd ug]{ dflg;sf] nflu
;do l9nf] lat]sf] h:tf] nfU5 .
jf:tadf eGg] xf] eg] of] ;dfg
kdf rln/xG5 . ;don] g} ubf{
Ct'df kl/jt{g cfpF5, df};ddf
kl/jt{g cfpF5 eg] o;n] g} ubf{
afns a"9f] eP/ d5{ .
pbfx/0fsf] nflu M of] Ps
alu/x] s f] vf] n f h:t} xf] .
;+;f/df w]/} cd"No j:t'x h;/L alu;s]sf] kfgL kfpg I wish I had nice little magical
5g\ . tL dWo] ;do klg Ps ;lsb}gF , To;}u/L g} uO;s]sf]
;do km]l/ kfpg ;ls+b}g . Instead of these wobbly limbs
xf] . ;+;f/sf] ;a}eGbf d"Nojfg\
j:t' ;do g} xf] . o;sf ;dosf] ;b'kof]u ug{ g;s]df To fly in the bluest sky
ljz]iftfx zAbdf a0f{g ug{ of] xfd|f] nflu af]em x'g ;S5 . With birds like eagle and kite.
;ls+bg} . of] cgGt / cgflb ;do g} xfd|f] 7"nf] lzIfs xf] .
5. h;n] jt{dfg ;donfO{ dWogh/
To go to the sky how fun it
;don] xfdLnfO{ ;kmntfsf] u/] / ;dosf] ;b' k of] u ug{ would be !
lzv/df k'ofpg'sf ;fy;fy} ;S5 . To;}n] g} kl5 cfpg]
All the clouds and mountains I
k|ultsf s'/fx l;sfpF5 . ;dodf ;kmntfsf] lzv/ 5'g could see.
hLjgsf] ;xL uf]/]6f] ;dfTg ;S5 .
I would take a tour to
of] sfd ef]ln u5{,' Tof] sfd klg
rfxg] dflg;xsf] nflu of] Ps beautiful heaven
clt cfjZos rLh xf] . ;dosf]ef]ln u5'{ eGg] afgLn] xfdLnfO{
And meet the gods , fairies
dxTj a'em]df / o;sf] ;xL g} kl5 kf5{ . jt{dfg ;dosf] and make friends.
;b'kof]u ug{ g;s]/, ;a} sfd
;b'kof]u ug{ ;s]df xfd|f] hLjg
;kmn x'g ;S5 . o;sf] ;'jft;fg] { dflg; slxNo} cfgf]
Then I see my limbs
hLjgdf ;kmn x'g ;Sb}g . ;a}
slxn] eof] / cGTo slxn] x'g5 ]
sfd kl5 u5'{ eGg] dflg;nfO{ And think they are better than
eGg] s'/fdf s;}nfO{ kQf] 5}g . the wings;
;do cfg} ultdf rln/xG5 . kl5 uP/ k5'tfpg'k5{ . To;}n]
xfdLn] jt{ d fgsf] ;b' k of] u Walking with wings is so odd
o;n] s;}sf] klg 8/, qf;
ug'k{ 5{ . oL sf/0fxn] ubf{ g} This is why limbs are given by
dfGb}g . s;}sf] nflu ;do l56f]
o;sf] 7"nf] dxTTj 5 .
rln/x]sf] t s;}sf] nflu of] l9nf
rln/x] s f] h:tf] nfU5 .
laxfgb]lv a]n'sf ;Dd s'6f], %)(& lzlz/,sIff % 4023 Sangya, class 6

219 eGHof @)&#

Budhanilkantha School

d]/f] b]z d]/f] dgdf ef}uf]lns sf/0fn] tLg efudf eP/ nflnu'/fF; k'mln/x]sf 5g\ .
ljefhg ul/Psf] 5 . pQ/tkm{ g]kfnsf] t/fO{ klg ;'Gb/tfdf sd
lxdfn, dWolt/ kxf8 / blIf0flt/ 5}g . htftt} xl/ofnL 5fP/ afSnf
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g]kfndf . d]/f] b]z g]kfn !$ cjl:yt 5g\ . g]kfn ljZjd}
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220 Bhanjyang 2017
a"9fgLns07 :s"n

d]/L ;fyL
This paradise

For many are the pleasant forms which exist

;a} s'/fdf ;fy lbg] pgL in numerous sins,
For many are the happiness which exist in
b'Mv ;'vsf s'/f ;f6\g] pgL those luxuries,
For many is the victory which exist in the
dfof uly{g\ ;w}F dnfO{ klg wretched platforms of the war,
For many are the applauds which exist in
stf x/fOg\ cfhsn yfxf ePg s'lGg . their homely actions,
Which people embrace only when they
become sober,
Of the mistakes that theyve committed,
vf]hf}F eG5' e]6l\ bgF st} klg And they will ascend to the resting place,
Which no one regrets nor forgives,
cfFvfaf6 gbL aU5 d]/f] cem}F klg But first,
Lets make this world alone a paradise
;Fu} :s'n hfGYof}F clg ;Fu} v]NYof}F xfdL . Which for many will be the pleasant forms
Existing in numerous deeds and delights,
For many will be the happiness existing in
only escapisms,
For many will be the victory existing in
ltd|f] ofbn] t8\kfO/xG5 dnfO{ ;w}F el/ The competitive platforms of the peaceful
d klg ltdL;Fu cfpg rfxG5' Tof] gbL t/L For many will be the applauds existing in
The honor of the deserved,
lsg uof} ltdL dnfO{ PSn} 5f8L < Which the world will embrace and forgive,
And they wont rest,
d klg cfpF5' ca kv{ x} ;fyL Until they shoulder the endless work
That are to be done in
d klg cfpF5' ca kv{ x} ;fyL This Paradise .

#!!! k|1f, sIff & 1017 Shreya, class 9

221 eGHof @)&#

Budhanilkantha School

How does an entrepreneur think?

analyzing the state of the
as their motivator. According to world, examining the larger
my knowledge of works and stories that are playing out on
some research by talks with a macro/global level.
some successful entreprenurs Change: Any entrepreneur,
of Nepal. Here I got something would like to be the change
that could be interesting for maker.
people intersted in this topic. Accomplishment: Sense of
When I write about
accomplishment is what truly
company culture, I often note
that once money is off the makes people happy . Thats
because they are paid enough, why entrepreneurs do what
its no longer a stress point or they do every day, to
constantly on their mind accomplish their goals, and
because theyre paid enough, that means being successful.
they become driven by Control: Some entrepreneurs
autonomy, mastery, and are driven by the sense of
Nowadays youths like us purpose. security that comes along with
whore still in their late teens So what are entrepreneurs being in full control of their
aims to be an entrepreneur. driven by, if not money? work or as some people like to
Who is an entrepreneur? Why Opportunity : People are call it, security which drives
are people so interested for motivated simply by doing their entrepreneurial efforts.
entrepreneurship trainings? great work. Thats the
difference, all the other stuff is Im a big believer that money
According to the is not what drives people to
definition made by google, gravy, but as an entrepreneur,
they can decide what the work work hard. If you want
Entrepreneur is a person who
sets up a business or is like. What they get to do. And successful, happy workers, take
businesses, taking on financial thats the mecca for a clue from what drives you.
risks in the hope of profit. Is it? entrepreneur. Freedom, flexibility, social
Let me give you my Autonomy: Some responsibility, the ability to do
definiton, An entrepreneur is entrepreneurs simply want to great work? Provide your co-
a person who organizes or avoid the daily grind that workers with opportunities to
manages any enterprise, comes along with a career that thrive in these areas, and you
especialy a business, usually isnt self-sustaining. Fear of wont have to deal with
with considerable initiative of failure is what motivates them workers who are motivated
ideas and risk of failure. to keep going. Theyre scared
only by money.
What it is that makes of going back to corporate and
entrepreneurs work so hard. being a robot again.
Though I am just an Alevel
Money? Success? Autonomy? Freedom:Freedom is the
student to be so sure about
Or do entrepreneurs just have driver, as they say,
entreprenurship, but still heres
big egos? entrepreneurs will always
a quick business tip: Throw
As a will of being an wants to be able to call their
your money haphazardly
entrepreneur myself, I wanted own shots, be in charge of their
because its guranteed that it
to know why others work with destiny, and have the ability to
will come back to you, need not
such persistence and set their own life.
worry. Though this tip is quiet
dedication. Surprised? Dont Responsibility to society:
confusing, I am hoping that I
be. I know that for me, its not For other entrepreneurs, there
will be able to prove it some
about money. Money is just a are bigger societal issues
day. Hahaha..
by product. So is it the same for driving their work. But for
others? some, its also about an
7077 Nayan, Class A2
Not all of the alignment of story. As an
entrepreneurs mentions money entrepreneur, we are always

222 Bhanjyang 2017

a"9fgLns07 :s"n

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cfdL{ klg t lbgsf lbg cfpg] n8]sf] b]v/] d klg a]xf]; eP5' .
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cem} ;Dd Tof] sxfnLnfUbf] 36\gf /df
223 eGHof @)&#
Budhanilkantha School

nIo /fvf}F ljzfn

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;fg}bl] v /fd|f] / ljzfn /fVg'k5{ nIo cg';f/ cufl8 a9\gk' 5{ . $!@) c0f, sIff ^

224 Bhanjyang 2017

a"9fgLns07 :s"n

k5'tf] cfdfsf] ddtf lbJo 5 . cfgf]

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hLjgdf s;n] rfxG5 xf]nf / vfGglyg\ . *!*^ k|sl[ t, Pjg

225 eGHof @)&#

Budhanilkantha School

Farewell Budhanilkantha
completion or swimming Kanchanjunga under the
competition or any others. Even leadership of Homnath sir, I
though it was quite scary being learnt to study for fun. I felt
away from family, it was in liberated and also a little
Dhaulagiri House that I realized mature! With all the wins and
that surrounded with friends, I glories, memories that we
was never going to be alone created at Kanchajunga
this soon became a place of definitely holds a special place
comfort and my second home! in my heart.

The world of Budhanilkantha is Gaurishankhar welcomed us as

filled with endless possibilities. budding youngsters. We were
Along with the academic no longer the little ones in the
growth, early on we learnt to crowd, we had responsibilities
dance, sing, play and participate and most importantly, our
Life as a student in juniors looked up to us for
in numerous sports. We also
Budhanilkantha School is a guidance just like we did when
managed to add fun to all our
series of milestones. We spend we were younger. This is where
chores. Having spent majority
the first phase of our life we cultivated the sense of
of my developmental phase in
overcoming homesickness, independence and thus, began
Dhaulagiri, the memories
learning to eat with fork and our foray to the real world that
conceived there became an
spoon, getting to know our we must face in the near future.
integral part of who I am today.
classmates and adjusting to this This phase also came with a lot
Sadly, our stay there came to its
unique world within its majestic of lasts our last dance
inevitable end and we had to
walls. It feels like yesterday, I competition, last events along
move along to our new phase
started my journey from with last cultural program.
Kanchanjunga! My experiences
Dhaulagiri house where I met Those were the moments when
in Kanchanjunga have been
my friends and learnt to eagerly I really want to stop the time I
memorable in many ways. I was
wait for Mondays, Wednesdays wanted to stay just a little
in my seventh grade when I first
and Saturdays also famously longer. Here I stand a few
moved to the house. With an
known as Chic en days Being months away from graduation,
exception of eighth grade that I
a part of this house I learnt to preparing for multiple final
spent in Nilgiri, I collected
appreciate team work. It was exams, I cannot help but recount
many memorable moments
where I got introduced to my all the wonderful memories the
from my stay at Kanchanjunga
very first overwhelming feeling school has given us. Countless
House. It is at Kanchanjunga
of house spirit lets face it; pictures and endless stories,
that I learnt to learn. Up until
there is nothing like an Budhanilkantha has been quite
sixth grade, I used to study
opportunity to wave your house the journey.
when needed. But after joining
flag after winning a dance
the study sessions at

226 Bhanjyang 2017

a"9fgLns07 :s"n

Who is she ?
Being the youngest of the three DayandLife
children in my family, I had the
opportunity to watch my
siblings go through the process
of graduating from
Budhanilkantha School. Both
my siblings are now a members
of Society of Ex-
B u d h a n i l k a n t h a
Students(SEBS) and pursuing
their career. But even now when
we all sit together for our dinner
conversations we share fun
stories about growing up as She gave life.
Budhanilkantha students. She is mother and she is a Morning is a new chance,
Despite our age differences and friend. The opportunity will dance;
unique experiences at school, No problems and tension,
She is a sister, survivor to
we all share the same affection Its just a start, I forgot to
the end. mention.
towards our respective houses
and their memories. Hence, Appreciate her, love her,
Afternoon is a bit difficult,
from the very begining of my and care her.
Work hard but it may be your
journey I knew that my Since she does all these to fault,
education along with all other us Lots of new things you will
milestones at school was going discover,
She is the beauty and
to define me in the future. I feel Till then your problems will
fortunate that I got the creation of god; recover.
opportunity to experience my The elixir in desert to
life in Budhanilkantha. I am quench our thirst, Night should be time to be
very grateful that I was a part She cooks, cleans and For all the accomplishments
of this distinctive world. I am
works; and the crowd;
thankful to the entire team of You know it is going to end,
Budhanilkantha family for these She is the one who wipes
You and your memories will
magnificent memories. Like my our tears. defend
siblings, I am sure 10 years She is a mother and she is a
down the line, I will still be friend. There is relation in life and
smiling at all the memories we day
She is a sister , survivor to I can confidently say,
created here. Farewell!!
the end. Life is just 10%,
But how you see it is 90%.
7041 Swornim, Class A2 8187 Nikita, class 11 3135 Dikshya, class 7

227 eGHof @)&#

Budhanilkantha School


where people are still fighting itself to be the act of adding
against terrorism even after fuel to the smoldering flame,
decades of the so called turning it into an incendiary
effective and indispensable conflagaration, which has
method WAR. So what did the robbed the lives of millions and
war against terrorism do in devoured the dreams of many
these cities? One obvious more. Children have become
answer would be that it further orphans, people maimed,
added to the plight of the entire cities have been
people with more bombs, destroyed, large areas of fertile
more guns and more tanks. agricultural land have been laid
Secondly, the war against barren, many have become
terrorism sucks the countrys refugees, large numbers have
economy to the fullest which lost their livelihood and sunk
In a gloomy night of June, culminates into the into poverty. These are the
scintillating search lights and establishment of the stringent legacies of war.
vile rattling of stealthic financial policies strangling its I believe the only way to resolve
bombers were noticed in the citizens to death. For instance, terrorism is by having peace
vulnerable sky of Raqqa. Habib at present the defense budget talks and coming to a logical
Abdul and his four year old son of Syria is 80% of its total end because the same peace
were bombed down to death economy which means paltry talk had ended the Maoist
by the inhuman air strike of US 20% of the annual income of terrorism in Nepal, terminated
against Islamic States. There are the country is used for the the Naxalist terrorism in India
many Abdul in this world-of- nations development, or it is and Khurtiz rebellion in Upper
unrest who have been losing better to say reconstruction, Ukraine. These examples are , I
their lives for no substantial and the rest goes in such a field believe, apt to show the world
reason. I repudiate the act of which hasnt been able to yield that war cannot negate war as
war against terrorism as it takes the desired output, that is, it can only create enmity,
many innocent lives, leads to extermination of the terrorists jealousy and hatred. The only
perennial unstability and group. Instead of spending way to curb its effect is to act
creates a strong feeling of large sums on defence and rationally.
hatred which further escalates nuclear weapons, they could If heads of State and religious
into worsening of the have spent it on fighting out leaders sat face to face,
condition. poverty, hunger and illiteracy. thrashed out the problem,
Firstly, the crusade against This would have made a real made a genuine and sincere
terrorism, just like a spinning difference in the lives of the effort to find a solution, made
wheel, does not have an end. It people the necessary compromises
creates unrest for decades or so On the contrary, opponents without having any ego hastles,
which is a huge amount of time may say that the only way to then most of the disputes
in the life of a citizen. And those extirpate arsons is a tit-for-tat would be solved. It is better to
people who have been policy- which means war spread the language of love,
suffering can do nothing but against war. But turning the peace and understanding
hope for a sunny day which pages of history and instead of sowing seeds of
would possibly mark the end of rummaging over the black hatred and violence.
the turmoil. The world has seen days, the act of war has proved
cities like Tripoli and Islamabad 7145 Shreehar, class A2

228 Bhanjyang 2017

a"9fgLns07 :s"n

Dashain Redefined
playing cards, people get restaurants . Moreover, the
gratified by counting the places like Whoope Land and
number of likes and wows in Fun valley will supplant the
their photos of "playing peoples liking towards
cards". Instead of refreshing Dashain ping . Now the only
themselves by flying kites in thing that remains is the
the open air, they kick their family gatherings. For that, I
heels high on winning firmly believe that an eight
trophies in the raid in their hour sleep with a sweet
newly installed mobile games. dream of getting together
Yes, gone are the days when with your connections will do
colorful speckles of kites used the job.
What comes in your mind It depends upon us, if we
to conquer the cloudless skies
when you hear the word really want to enjoy the
above your house. Gone also
Dashain? Probably, the Dashain in its original way or
are the days when the open
Malashree Dhun starts ringing to redefine it and forget its
ground nearest to your home
in your head, taking you back true value. If we want to
used to be filled with people
to those childhood days celebrate Dashain the way it
waiting for their turn to swing
when you would spend whole shouldve been then its the
on the Dashain Pings. All
day flying kites counting the right time to turn off the
these happened, as far as I
number of chaits youve router, switch off our mobile
can remember, within the last
made in a single day-and phones and spend plenty of
ten years (probably these
enjoying whole night playing good time with our friends
changes used to occur before
cards hoping to scrounge and families. Who knows if
me too, but I cannot
every single penny in your the coming year we will be
remember this happening so
friends pocket. But is it the able to meet them or not!
same today? Do we still
And with this pace, I see
remember that the festival of 8140 Nishant, class A2
Dashain more redefined in the
Dashain is meant to enjoy
decades to come. After twenty
together rather than alone?
or thirty years, I see people
I was rummaging these
sitting in their cozy rooms, in
questions in my mind and
front of their new laptops,
finally did I come to a
putting tika to their relatives
conclusion that since the past
on their laptop screens. With
few years Dashain has taken a
the presence of popular
new look. In other words, I
gaming apps like Teen patti,
see a modernized and a
we dont need to worry about
redefined Dashain.
the extinction of the tradition
Today too, the people enjoy
of playing cards . Kites, not to
Dashain (Who say they
be forgotten , will definitely
dont?). But the way they
be present but limiting
celebrate has utterly
themselves as mere
superseded those old school
decorations in hotels and
ways. Instead of enjoying by

229 eGHof @)&#

Budhanilkantha School

Serenity touches. The whispering blade

of grass and glossy leaves add
infinitely rich flavour to its
grace. Most of all, its the Escape
millions of shade that has
magnetic power to attract
every soul dwelling in this

Nothing ever in this earth can

beat this majestic creation. Not
even the strongest power in
this entire universe has ability
Nature: a word full of to modify the way its actuating
transfinite flavour. Its beauty on simultaneously. It makes us
and its grace can neither be fall in love with every part of it.
No matter whether its a dark
It was my 10th birthday. We
hidden nor can be shattered
were having our exams. I
into pieces. Like an immortal nimbus or sparkling sunshine,
thought my day was going
character in any fiction, it we get to cherish each one of
to be good. I went home
remains confident with its ever it till our last breath.
after my exams. I got fresh
charming beauty which can So isnt it worth billion dollar and was getting ready for
never ever get exhausted. The treasure? Isnt it providing my tuition.
more we see it, the more we everything we wish for? Has it My mom stopped me and
realise it, the more our love not become your best company said, Better you go after a
towards it gets deeper. in every hard time? Then why while, the weather is not
Sometimes, it gets into us so are we so desperate to get good.
much that we completely get everything out of it all at once I waited for a while, but the
engulfed in its mesmerizing without realising its glory? weather was getting
bond which possesses the worse. I went near the
ultimate power of turning the Lets think as human, not as window and suddenly a
chaos into incredibility. The irresponsible greedy soul roof of a house flew away
majestic creation leads a soul tempted to grab everything for and was coming near me. I
oneself. Lets love nature
to eternal satisfaction; it fades got scared. The wind was
loneliness away and grants a because it will love us back getting slower. Finally the
reason to move on to picking more than we do as it has been wind stopped and the roof
up the pieces. doing all along. Lets realise its fell somewhere else.
power, its in our hand whether I thought, What a narrow
As the spectacular sun makes to keep it forever or let it go. escape.
it way to the horizon, it pours
down glimmer wherever it 5017 Alju, Class 5
7089 Sakti, class A2
230 Bhanjyang 2017
a"9fgLns07 :s"n

The War Hero

Weeks before the men came that could brighten anyones
to bear the news, he had left, day, his eyes deep blue as if
dressed in camouflage and a there was a bigger meaning to
large cylinder pack hanging off his being, his hair a deep
his shoulders the terrible war brown mop that could never
raging outside our small town. be entangled. I laugh a little,
He left with a war smile still sobbing under the tree. I
reassuring words. then stopped laughing,
"I love you all, and I will be remembering his casket,
The wind broke the silence. back. I promise" draped in beautiful blue, red
The echoing crunch of the His last words. His very, last, and white. Our flag,
leaves compressing under the words. Were a lie symbolizing our freedom.
weight of my foot was the only I sit on the damp leaves of the
Freedom. What a word to use,
sound I heard as I trudged forest floor, a stones throw
when we are fighting for this so
through the
forests away from a small creek. I put
called "freedom" at this very
surrounding my desolate my hand in my pocket and
moment. Thats where he
hometown. I look up at the wrap my fingers around a small went, the war. To protect his
trees, lush with green, looming porcelain figure. I yank out of family, his home, his rights, our
over the town and taunting as my pocket and hold it between rights. The most important of
if we have nowhere to go but my fingers all, he was protecting this
out here. A figure, dressed in camouflage country. The country we can
The smell of pine suffocates just as he was hanging from a call home.
me, wrapping its cold hands chain. Looks just like him. He My idol, my hero, my best
around my throat, never slipped it into my hand, just friend, the shoulder I could
dulling or holding back. My hot before he had left us to protect lean and cry on, the person I
breath hit the cold air, locking our country. A small figure on thought about on everything.
as I was breathing out smoke. I the keychain had his hair, his He disappeared, he left us. He
wrapped my arms around eyes, his everything. It was truly left me. Murdered, by the
myself a little tighter. My head, him. people who claim theyll rule
spinning and crashing like I sob, squeezing my eyes shut, the world .
hurricane, recalls everyones as I hold the figure tightly
sobs as the men in black gave remembering him. His laugh 7156 Satish, class A2
us the news.

231 eGHof @)&#

Budhanilkantha School

lies a jovial sorcery for the because the victory of yours is
easiest way to grab it- not the component of your
happiness. successful life as you are not
happy with it. So the best way
Talking about achieving
for a happy life and ultimate
happiness there are a couple of
success is to be a slave of your
things to note for. Taking into
heart. From outside you may
account some issues seen in
look different. You may seem
real life, there are different
Before taking the plunge, Id shy and silent or crazy and
kinds of people who have never
like to recount the write up bigmouthed. People may mock
experienced happiness. There
below. The section below is you, badger you and even bait
are people who barely follow
just gathering of my views you but you only know how you
advices of other and later
towards success. Its for those actually are. Thats what should
regret over the loose choices of
people seeking success. If make you happy. Following
them. There are people who
anyone convinced with each and every crazy
set about things they never
themselves as a successful commands of your heart will
want to do and finally leave it
person may skip the article. make you a happy winner, a
undone. There are people who
real winner-a successful
Youre reading further; that follow the track of others
means youre not a successful diverging from their interests
person in your perception. OK, ultimately leading to a painful Summarizing the bizarre truth,
firstly what I want you to do is loss. And, there are people who I can assure that if you really
to think how ravishingly big wave a hand of erroneous want yourself happy then get
the universe is claimed. Now, I victory with an unwatched ego mad and follow your heart-
want you to compare its still boiling inside. Even the your passion. If you love
importance to you; with winners are unhappy if they reading, read all books that you
yourself- your life. Which do cant do what they prefer. can lay your hands on. If you
you give more preference to? Happiness is met only by those love writing, write till you are
Obviously, your life. Isnt it? who follow their heart. out of spaces to write. And if
Thats it. To you, your life is you love singing, throw away
If you are heading for some
much more important than the books and pens and thrill the
choices of yours and are
most enceinte thing ever stage, rock the world. Follow
resisted by distractions,
claimed. So, the course is your passion leaving everything
distractions which defy you
simple. If you can lead your life behind and move on. One day
and kick you away towards
as you wish; it will then be Im sure, youll be astonished
something else, and you;
successful, else youre not. to note that you dont
without thinking anything
There is hardly anyone who remember any sad days youve
scolding the guiltless heart of
hate success and want to avoid spent. Then you can call
yours, go to that something
it rather than going for it. yourself a successful person
else. Then even if you end up
Beside every attempt ever and the world will do so too.
a winner, you cant claim
attempted to attain success
yourself as a successful person 7002 Amrit, class A2

232 Bhanjyang 2017



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